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Cultivate the energy that you have within you for this Wunda Chair workout with Amy Havens. She continues on from her previous class with Nicole and progresses her with what's appropriate today. She encourages Nicole to strengthen her relationship with her mind and body so she can find a successful connection to the apparatus and the springs.
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Hi everyone. Amy here teaching a wonder chair to Nicole and Nicole and I did a class on the one to chair two years ago on this chair in this room two years ago or so, year and a half ago. Uh, and Nicole was in her practice. Now she's been studying and going through training and progressing. So that's the whole point. Of course, learning our practice and going through our practices progression. Have a seat. So we have some energy today. The, the, these two women right here.

So we're going to use that. I want you to kind of cultivate your energy that you have within, you use it to our advantage. Go ahead and push the pedal down to start. Um, so when we talk about progression and we talk about pacing, sometimes things need to get quicker for pace improvement. We don't want to sacrifice control of course, or safety or any of that matter. But we do want to feel like we're working and sometimes letting go of the brain and getting embodied. Okay. So I'd like you to put your hands behind you.

Let's open up your collarbone, open up your chest. Just feel the back rib space right here and breathe in for a moment. Exhale, close the spring. We're going to go 10 times up. Inhaling down, exhaling up. Inhaling down. You keep going to count to 10. I want you to fill this up though. Puffier back into my hand. Use these muscles to push into my hand a little bit. There you go. Do you feel that?

Pilates Stance

So the reason I gave you that hand cue because you were arching a little more than you probably know you need to do. [inaudible] and three and two. Good Nikola. Awesome. Stay right there at the bottom. Okay. Change your arms to different place that works for you. Whatever you want to do. Prehensile your feet. Yep. And I want you to go all the way on those arches. Now actually get a little more light. That's okay. No worries.

All the way together. Ankles. Okay, so pretend your feet a little hands. That's what they're doing. They're on the pedal, right? You're holding that pedal in. Inhale, prepare for it. You're going to exhale. Pick the pedal up with your feet. Inhale. Push it down with your feet. Guys exhale, pick it up. Inhale, press it down. There she goes. Yes.


So for all of you watching and you're, yeah, you can see the change. You can probably feel my hand on your back too, I hope at home and your studio, this is such a beautiful place to s to widen and give energy to and give focus to and it's a lot of work to do that. And it's not that. It's not about the abdominals. I think she's feeling your stomach more now than she was a moment ago. I don't know what count we're on.

Let's say nine and hold at the bottom 10 step to your heels now and let's go kind of good old Jeanie and I want you to actually pull this down a little bit. Yes. As you pull that down, you lift up into that shape. Good. Nicole. Exhale the pedal up. Inhale Dow excelling up, right? And again as if you're picking up the pedal just with your heel bones, which have a direct relationship to our hip muscles like you're doing beautifully push and lift who can't sacrifice the height of our spine?


Yeah. Good. Let's say four, the three beautiful two and one you're going to stay down. I want you to put the balls of the feet on the pedal, but the hands back behind you. Again, this is a little more challenging position to place yourself. Now pick the pedal up just a few inches. Okay, now this is what's going to stay consistent. Okay. I only want you to do is move into flexed ankles and then extending ankles. Flex your ankles could extend your ankles. Yeah, so we're basically keeping 90 degrees of knee flection and hip flection. This is really hard. I've got, oh I'm sorry I didn't tell you all like pumps I have are high and low.

Tendon Stretch

Yeah. So on the flection ankles there's a tendency to drop the thighs cause that's why I've got my hand underneath here so she can't drop her thighs. She's got to move in the ankles. Three more. This is hard and the shaking is good work and nice. Nicole. Last one. Good. Okay. Awesome.

Step on down and when you stepped down, you're good. Turn it around and face the pedal. Reach your arms up. Take a nice full body, stretch the arms nice and high. Deep Inhale, rounding down and place your hands on your pedal. Okay, cause I'm kind of playful. You guys know that. So you know over this, like you gotta go over that. Now as you push the pedal down, I won't step underneath you. Pretend I am right. So you're going to move that pedal down.

Washer Woman

Do you won't drop this out. You're going to keep a lot of negative space between now as you pull the pedal up, move your pelvis, almost like keeping your ribs here, then your pelvis gets the focus and then upper body. So almost you'd, we're going to do that again. Keep the pedal down unless see your pelvis move just slightly before you lift that pedal there. And then that's what's picking up those springs. Very nice.

And again, pushing it down. So kind of delay moving the springs a little bit. Move the pelvis before the springs. There you go. Pause right there. Narrow your elbows for 10 armed pumps. Ready and pump and pump each time before you pump.

Pretend them crawling underneath their Linde. Make sure there's enough space. Exactly. Enough space. Yes. Five more and one and two. Good. Nicole, three and four. Beautiful. Last one. You're going to hold your arms nice and straight. Take a breath. Remember, delay the springs. Pull your pelvis underneath.

Stack each vertebral one at a time. Light hands are going to lift your arms all the way back up. When I want you to do here is this. Lower your arms. Lift him back up again and do one more full washer woman. Just flow all the way through. Just press it down.

Good and bring it back up. Bring the close out of the Bin and then reach your arms back up to the ceiling and then you'll transition to spring in your arms all the way down. Fantastic. Do this with your hands. Every one index, finger thumb plays that diamond shape on the edge of the Mat to the chair pad. A little lower. So you're going to go right on. Yeah, like that edge or, yeah. Now put one knee cap on that, but before you do a kneecap, think of your single leg stretch in the mat. One knee in one Meehan, do just a couple of knee marches, basically this one knee and then change to the other side. So you start to get a feel for this movement, how you advance your foot forward up on either the pedal or up on the chair pad.

Okay. And then pause this one. Whichever one you're going to do and hold that everyone. Hold it. Make your abdominals work. Now keep them active as you put your knee cap right in your diamond and you'll step your foot onto the pedal. The ball of that foot. Exactly. Oh, okay. Now stay in your c curve.

Push your hands onto the chair so you're actually activating your arms and in opposition, activating your stomach away from your arms. That theme, that will come back into class a few times. Okay, so we're trying to square pelvises. It's useful within it. There's a teacher nearby and I want you to move the pedal with your ankle. Press with the ball of the foot and flex and press good and flex. So throughout these pumps you'll do 10 of them. Keep pushing your arms forward and abdominals back.

Achilles Stretch

Yeah. Arms forward, abdominals back. Nice. Nicole, four and three. So we're all whole body is active in this exercise, not just foot and ankles. Everything arms tummy. Good. Now she brings a pedal up. You bring your pedal up to take your foot off. Yeah, do that. Need a chest. Okay, now put that foot back on there again and say, okay, push it all the way down. I want you to step the other foot to the pedal. Everybody. Okay? And just rise. Move your hands over to the side of the chair and rise up into what I would say a tip-toe position is rise up into the tippy toes.

Tendon Stretch

Hold this position and breathe. Guess what I'm hearing again? Right, so there's that beautiful space. This is our pike position. You'll get back to that in a minute. This is your washer woman that you've already done. I want you to do five times, just lower both heels down, rise both heels up and as you do the heels, the weight stays the same on arms over shoulders, arms over wrists. That's why I put my hands on her shoulders so that she doesn't rock back off those arms. There's for you changing it. Hell, this and lumbar spine again.

Yeah. Good. Now step down with your right foot because that was the first one you used. You'll diamond your hands. We're going for the second ankle press. Okay. She sets the knee cap there and get, take a time. Everybody to push with your arms. Pull your stomach back.

Achilles Stretch

You can contract your seat muscles together. Exactly. Use your whole body. Inhale, move the pedal. Exhale. Bring it up. Inhale. Press the pedal. Nice. Nicole. Yeah. Inhale. So how can you keep coming back? Use your energy. Use your stamina. Use your endurance. Use your zest. You know, push with the arms. Pull with the stomach.

What's really nice about Nicole's position, and you guys can, I think you can see this kind of this circle of shape, that the outline. Yeah, it's just a revolving movement. A revolving movement. One more press. Now hold there. Step the second foot up. Move the hands again to the side of the chair. You're up on your high tip toe position. Everyone. Take a moment, contract your butt, hold your butt from, okay. Now the shape here, arms over wrists, nothing changes.

You've got a lot of scoop in your stomach or contraction. Walk in place. Good. So I'm going to have you speed up your tempo and we'll go up and down and up and down, up and down. Focus on the up, the up and the and the up we go and up. Keep going. So we've changed that tempo. Making sure that you still have your arms pushing down because you're gonna need the arm push when you pull your hips up. And just four, three, two and one. Okay, hold right there.


Now ready for Pike or pull up if you need to move your hands on that cherry. Take the moment to do so. Start with pushing your arms down. The rise will happen. Oh, that is amazing, Nicole. Good. Yeah, good. Started again. We'll do five reps so you know what's happening. Okay. Or more.

Pull Up

If you want at home, push first, pull the hips up second, then you don't have to go very high. For this to be successful. What makes it successful is how you're connecting yourself to this chair, these springs, your body, your mind. That's it. One more for five. Push to pull. Fantastic. Turn to face the front of the room. You're doing so good. Much, much earlier than that. Last time we did this together, which is great. Okay. Yeah. We've got some body heat here. This is great. Hands for a side.

Pike or side pull up. Let's do one hand here. Uh, let's switch them this good. This guy here and this one here. Okay. All right. I would love for Nicole and you all can take your outside leg off and set your feet side by side. Okay. Different. You don't have a floor for this foot, but pretend it's still on the floor. Everything is still the same. I want you to Nicole, round your spine.

Side Pull Up

We'll do five. Remember you don't have to go high. It's the organization. Push with the arms to pull with the hips. That's beautiful. And that's it. Push first. Pull up second. Yes. You don't need me. And pushed a pull last to push to Paul. Nicole. I'm so impressed.

Push to pull and then push the pedal down. Hold right there. Hold, hold, hold. Now what I want you to do now, I'm springing this on you. Everybody take your outside leg out to the side pretty high. Make your glutes work. Lower the leg down five times. Lift your leg up, lower your leg down, lift your leg up, lower your leg down. Last two lifted up, lower down and lifted and hold it.

Side Leg Lifts

Imagine doing a pike right here cause that's what you'll be training for next. But today's not the day. Put the foot down. Okay. Turn to face the chair. Step down. Yeah, you can step off. Checking in. Good to do the other side. Okay, good. Alrighty, so she steps on the pedal. Everybody Pedal, pedal with your feet.

You get to do a pivot turn toward where we don't have a shark sighting today. We might have some dolphins. All right, so same idea. Yeah, the outside foot is just, it's going to be a floater. It's out to the side, but your feet are side by side. You've got this wonderful curves still. Yup. You're pushing first. The pool follows your push. Notice. I don't need to even be near her. She's so connected.

Side Pull Up

You're working with your body, your mind. This apparatus. Two more. Nicole pushed a pool. Much improvement. Oh my goodness. Last time. Okay, now I am going to stand here this time just for camera purposes, the leg lift, it's for glutes. It's for body. You're still pushing with your arms. Three. You're doing so great and for, you're going to even love this last moment. Hold it up there. I'll be nice to you for a second. Okay, so visualize doing the pull up right here. You might even do a little baby one.

Side Leg Lifts

Yup, that's it. Good. Okay. And then set your leg down. Turn to face the chair and step off, but keep that foot attached. Okay. Snuck it in on you. Everyone. Keep that foot that's on the pedal there. Go up into like a high stiletto shoe though. Okay. And then bring your body up. Right. Okay.

So we're in some glute territory here before we push the pedal. We know that's coming for single press. Challenge yourself to contract first. Your standing leg butts so much that it's just such an easy thing to lift your pedal foot and then put it down. You might even be so into it that you can put your hands behind that thigh and just focus on the standing leg glute and how strong that is.

When you put your foot back down, it's super light and your hands will come here. Good. Five repetitions. Inhale this, spring down. Woo, and exhale it up. High Heel. Inhale. That's the way so it's just as much about our standing leg as it is. This one.

Single Leg Press

It doesn't feel like it is, but it should be for Nicole. Amazing. Last one, five. Now step that foot down. Yeah, shake it out. Okay, here we go. Second leg. Notice we haven't changed the springs at all. We're still in high. We still on one low, so we're working with our Samarna. We're working with our strength, getting stronger with all of that too.

Here we go. High Heel. Now before you do, you can lift it right? No problem. Put down, do another one and do so focus like this. You could do that. Good job. Set the foot down, lightly. Fold the arms. You're taking a breath in. As you push it down and you exhale, control it up. If we can stay in a high heel, she did it.

Amazing posture. Nicole, you're right over your leg. You haven't leaned forward. You definitely have an arched yourself back one last time. Pushing down. Good. Lift the foot. Stepping to the ground. Okay. Shake it out. Walking around. I would love for you to have a seat on the chair facing out. Knees can dangle right over the edge. Both knees. Okay, so we're moving into seated side bend.

Get Cozy on the chair or you right in the middle of it there. Yeah, right in the middle of the chair. Okay. So we still are in a heavy spring and I'm using that for two reasons. So there's enough support for you to push the pedal down, but also where you kind of have to muscle a little of the pedal movement and uh, work the control of that spring. It's a lot going on. Raise your right arm up by your ear. Okay. And for a moment, let's allow this shoulder blade to walk its way up. Okay? Yeah. As long. Yeah and no.

Seated Side Bend

So what's going on here is sometimes with that allowance, ribs will start to shift a little outside to sigh. So I've got her ribs now. I want you to go inhaling up over to the everybody start exhaling as you move that spring a little bit. Okay. Stay there. Enjoy the breath. Inhale. Exhale. Bring your body up. Yeah, you had it. No, and again, I'm allowing this shoulder to go up because I want Nicole to feel like she's getting stretch along this outside line. As long as we do that on the other side, we'll be fine. Good. Exhale yourself up. We're going to add to this.

I'm going to challenge you to straighten your legs in front of you like a pike. This changes the game a lot. Inhaling. Good. Exhale. So the reaching arm helps reach in the direction we're going. I've got you here. Good. Nicole, that's an inhale. Exhale yourself up. Okay. One more like this.

Grow ever tall. Ever stretched and the legs are shaking. They should be. There's a lot of work going on and he had his body. Good. Bend your knees for just a little moment now. A little, a little extra knees extended. One more thing. Breathe in. Going over to the side. Now you could certainly just stay here, but let's check in. So we, I want you to tip over onto your left hip a little bit so that you have to keep it there. But drop your right hip down, down. There's your stretch. Do that two more times. Lift your hip. Good. Exhale. Lower your head, reaching that arm. That'll help you lift your hip. Excellent. Lower this hip.

Take one more final breath in and exhale yourself all the way up. Okay. We have the other side. Woo. Okay, good. Perfect. Yeah, so the, the leg extension is definitely a lot. And you know, sometimes I'd like start shaking. We've done a lot of quad work, legwork and shakings. Okay. It's all right. All right. We're bodies are alive talking to Ya breeze. Okay. Remember, I'm okay with this shoulder going up. We did it on the first side.

Inhaling here, going over. Yep. No, I'm just going to keep this hip down. I know my friend here, and this is sometimes what I we want to work with. Inhale. Exhale. Bring yourself all the way up. Inhale, grow tall. Even Taller. Yes. Take that height into the side flection. The underside is still reaching along as well. Underneath they're good and all the way up. Two Times, three through legs extended in front of you. Breathing in. She's got an amazing sense of reach here. Yep. Okay. Yeah.

Good. Exhaling up ever long. Yeah. Nice. Right on Nicole. All the way up. Okay. Rest your knees for just a sec. We've got that extra little thing right with the knee and hip lifts. So inhaling, legs go long. Exhaling over or inhale over.

Rolling. Okay, so lift your hip on an inhale. Exhale, set it down. Stretch more. This arch. Inhale, lift it up. Perfect. Exhale, stretch it down heavier. One more to go. Inhale, stretch. Nice concentration. Exhale. Now juice out the inhale. One more. Look at that stretch. Exhaling all the way up and rest.

Woo. Come up and stand facing the chair behind it. Hamstring stretch. Two arms come up high. Good. Exhale. Rounding over. Guess who's here? Yeah, my mom played with me when I say I have a memory of her doing something like that. Uh, anyway, it's fun. Good memory. Okay. We have those springs. Inhale, exhale and pull the springs back in in case, same as, keep going.

Washer Woman Over the Chair

Same as the first washerwoman we did. Or hamstring stretch too. Before you close the springs or pull the pedal up, move your pelvis back around your femur. Heads. Pull, pull, pull, pull. Now keep the pelvis there as you stretch the springs. Okay. There, there might be a little referred movement, but when you return it pelvis before springs, it's like a fraction of a second, but you can feel that I think, right? Okay.

Three more times glued. Should be pretty active right here. Nice. Nicole pelvis and then springs last two. Here I am. It helps. I tell you one more and you're gonna add some arm pumps. Stay there as you exhale. Now shave the do like think of shaving from reformer.

Good and pump. Let's go a little faster. Bend and pump. Bend and pump. Good pump and close. Two and three. Four, three, two and one. Hold it. Breathe in. And exhale. Roll all the way up. Closing the springs. Now this'll be fun right there. Get your weight on your legs, lift your hands off the chair, reach your fingernails for the patio. Roll yourself up to standing. Roll, roll, whirl arms come up. Arms come up yet. And I want you to take a moment and just wretch and reach.

Good and pause. Okay. Beautiful work going on here. I'm going to reach in and take off one spring. I'm going taking off the low spring. All right. We're all headed into prone land now. Alright, so on your stomach for swan and we'll also be adding some pumping. Good. So I want you to set up, Yup.

Push the pedal down arms and be straight underneath you. A wrist straight down below from your fantastic and for a moment get organized again. Okay. Where we've got all this energy, you've definitely gotten body heat. We've got some temperature rise and without a lot of force that you don't need or uh, yeah, just settle your shoulders into where the, you know, they need to go. Okay. Put some focus on these two front hip points and raise them up off my fingers a little bit. Wonderful.


Now I want you to inhale your all the way up to swan. It's an inhaled breath looking toward the ocean. What's happening out there today? Exhaling down. Just breathe in the movement. Inhale. Yeah. Exhale.

Three more times. Inhale your shoulders together. Exhaling Down Nicole. Lovely work. Two more times. Inhaling. Yeah. Exhaling. Moving the body, moving those springs. Inhaling up. Exhale. Halfway down. Time for some pumping and right before you pushed Tom, he goes, yeah, that'll give you a little more like just rhythm to pump.

Stomach before arms stomach me four arms. You've got four. Good. Three and two and one. Everyone finished with your arms straight. Fantastic. Okay. Bring one hand onto the chair seat. Put your feet down behind you to close that spring safely. Yeah, just round your spine. You might want a little counter stretch.

You could wiggle your hips and tail. Okay. I have a couple more things planned for y'all. So come on. Why am I like, you know southerner today come all the way around. But before we go into this next exercise, I will have everybody add in their low spring against. So we've still got the one on the high and now we're back on the single low own k. Now come into some marching for me and Nicole. And let's just think about this.

You are about to do the exercise going up front. Okay? And we won't put the foot directly on this pad. It'll come onto the pedal first. But I want you to think in your mind when you're climbing mountains or outside hiking, this is a huge boulder, right? You want to have enough clearance to get that leg up. But for now, put a foot on pedal hands on the side of the chair. So when you step to the Mat, the pad part lift and step it up.

Yes. So there's an abdominal moment there. Okay, I'm in front of you as your spotter. If you're at home, you can go to the neuro wall, you can hold your handles if you have handles what I want to say. Think for three things are pushing down each hand and this front heel, there's something that's lifting up and it's the back heel. Your Butt's lifting up, your stomach is lifting up and your spine lifting up. Lots of up, only a few things down. Go five times. Inhale your spring's down. Inhale, exhale up. Inhale down.

Going Up Front

Exhale. Yes. Use that strength. Use that power. Use that stamina, that endurance. Yep. And your vigor. One more time cause there's a little more coming at you. Okay. You're going halfway down. You're going just to where your pelvis in your thigh or parallel line. Okay.

Awesome. Put your hands on your front knee. You don't need me. I have you pull your stomach away from your thighs and see curve yourself. Okay. Yeah. Here I am again. I won't crawl under you, but I'm with you here. Pumped the back leg. Ten nine, eight. Can you make more c curve here? Five. Four, yes. Three, two and one.

Mountain Climber

Push the pedal all the way down. We're going to transition like this today. Okay? Yeah. Put your hands on the chair. We could also go all the way back up and down. But today's this day. Okay. Now to step off that leg. Chest, beautiful to the peddle, other leg to chest and up to the mat. Got It. Anytime we can involve those abdominals, right.

Okay. Down to go up. He back. Heel lifted, butts lifted, spines lifted, stomach lifted in and up. Threading a f in the front of your spine, pushing to pull. Good, great breathing. No apology needed at all. You're doing such great, strong work, Nicole. Great flow. You've definitely progressed. This is a good time to make.

Going Up Front

No for all of us progression. You know sometimes it, you just have to get through it. Hold right here. Hands on your front thigh. I have you see curves c curve. Yeah, and when we're learning, when we're learning and making improvements, bend a little more. I have you. You're, that's okay. So this shaky moment is a real moment. Okay. Where do you want to pick it up? Back here. Okay. This is a student moment. Everyone has experienced this before. I know I have.

I'm coming around [inaudible]. Yes, I am one. That's it. So this body is saying Nada not happening today, so that's fine. That's a moment. That's a student moment. Yeah, because next time we do this, next time we have a session or you work out yourself, you'll be like, okay, there that was, and the next time you fly through it, you'll say that was then, you know that's how it goes. That's how it goes. Okay. Stepping down. I love it. One more thing. I'm sorry. I'm a senior. I know. I'm not sorry at all. Have a seat on that chair for me please. I look my way.

Mountain Climber

Okay. We're still in high. One low. I know our lanes are shaking. That's okay. I want you to give yourself a pelvic tilt. Reach your hands behind you and put your hands on the pedal like this. Fingers facing in. Okay. Bring me your legs.


Do you feel like you have enough room behind you? No. Okay. I didn't think so. I didn't even have to look. I just knew. Okay there. So I want you, you trust me. I have you pelvic tilt like crazy. Dana. Santee would say thank you Dana. Put your hip bones on the back wall. That's how she got me to help get a better tilt right now as you bring your pedal up a little bit. I have, you were doing going to do the t word. Let's do the t word. I'm Nicole, but your hands behind you and do it again. Hip bones will lead the way you tip.

Tip Tip. Tip. Tip. Tip. Tip. Tip. So I'm just gonna move with you. Yeah, you let me find some rhythm with you. Okay. Now teasing up I have you. I have you. Can you stay right there for me and bring your ribs back but keep reaching to me. Good. Can I let go? No. Okay. Hands back one more time. Legs down. Peddle down. I'm so proud of you. I'm so proud of you.

You've let me do a lot and we kind of plan this class, but I'm throwing on ton at are today. Say say, say, reach more to me. Do eight pulses to me. One, two with your tummy. Three you can cuss at me later for, she's cussing now. Five, six. We love each other. Seven one more and eight and her highest. Awesome. Great work. Nicole, you guys later.

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3 people like this.
Really good teaching. It was a pleasure to see how Amy worked specifically with Nicole, and how Nicole showed up that particular day.
1 person likes this.
Great work Nicole! Great teaching, as always, Amy! Just last week I was hoping you would film some more chair classes, so thank you.
1 person likes this.
WONDERFUL class! Thank you Amy and so sorry I missed you in London this time x
Kim W
4 people like this.
Holy crap! Nicole, you’re a rockstar. I appreciate you being real, in the moment, and true to your body. Thank you for keeping that bit in the class, because we as teachers have those moments all the time, and it was informative to see Amy model how to navigate through that in such a beautiful, thoughtful way. And, Amy, keep saying “y’all.” We Southern gals are happy to have you in the sisterhood!
1 person likes this.
I really needed that ankle flexion and straightening today! So many great cues ! Loved all that scooping work we did leading up to the pike. Thank you for a great class!
1 person likes this.
Great teaching, great student! Fun, fast and flow😊
1 person likes this.
Love love your classes Amy!
Terri W
1 person likes this.
Nicole you are a rock star! Great class :)
3 people like this.
Expert cues and outstanding effort all the way around. When I'm practicing at home, and I say "no, not today," I mean it. If we are to continue along this Pilates journey together and as individuals, we must have compassion for ourselves in order to find the willingness to keep coming back.
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Amy, I love you best when you teach - it's very different than when you are doing and giving the class. I also love that you used the appropriate body for the appropriate level class.
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