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Restorative Full-Body Mat

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Madeline Black leads a restorative yet effective full-body Mat Workout. She teaches some preparatory work for exercises such as Swan and Single Leg Kick. You will also work through Hip Circles, Push-Ups, and a Cumulative Teaser while experiencing Madeline's wonderful cuing.
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Let's begin. Let's stand on the end of the mat and we're going to cross it and sit down. Okay. And then take your legs. And we're going to bring the inner edges of your feet. I want you to imagine like you have a piece of Velcro that runs from the tip of this toe all the way down and we're going to stick the velcro together. Great.

And you can have a soft pointed foot. I want the knees open in a little bit of a v and I want you to just bring your arms around. It's kind of like a rolling position, but we're not going to roll and I want you to squeeze your feet together firmly. So if I walk around and try to pull your feet apart, I shouldn't be able to. And at the same time, push your knees against your arms. Yeah. So you feel the activation in your pelvis and your legs. And now take an inhale.

Okay. Helen, lengthen your body up, lengthen up and keeps squeezing. Good. And keep finding that position. Excellent. Good. And now what we're going to do is extend the legs down, but I don't want you to forget that feeling and you're going to roll down. I'm going to face this way and just roll back and lengthen the legs out. Okay. Now we're going to bring the legs up to that Small v position.

So get the velcro going. Nice. Slightly Open. So we're going to feel it lying down and you can push your shins down a little bit. Squeeze the left feet together, push the knees out, take an inhalation, feel nice long spine. And as you exhale, start to look at the ceiling and then follow your eyes across to the wall. Lift your head up and fold your knees as much as comfortable and just find the curl. Breathe in hold. Exhale, lower your head down again, scanning the ceiling chest open again, right this active in the legs. So again, I want you to pay attention through this whole sequence about what's not moving. How are you working in the parts of your body that's not moving? So squeeze the legs by bringing the feet in and pressing the knees out. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, start to look at the ceiling curling, breathing out. Good. And then reversing down.

Inhale, lengthen. You should feel the upper back and your neck getting longer. We're just lengthening out. One more time, squeezing the legs. Inhale, exhale, curl. So I'm actively pressing my toes in and my knees out and we're going to lower it down. Okay, and the next one, we're going to hold the head up. So here we go. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, scanning the ceiling. Curling out the last time. So we're going to hold this position.

I'm going to straighten the legs out and reach the arms and just hold this position now. Breathing, press your feet together. Press your far thighs outwards. You're squeezing in down there, widening through here, drawing in, narrowing through the pelvis, reaching just breathing. Hold, hold a little shaky. He's good. And bend the knees and come in and rest or neck down. We can do that two more times. Take a breath in and exhale. Now let's see if you can work. The legs are in parallel, so you're really drawing the legs in at the feet.

Working the hips here, narrowing through the pelvis, reaching. I'll try to lower your legs a little bit, a little more, keeping the back on the mat. Inhale, exhale, and bring the knees in. Ooh, I'm getting warm. It's a one more inhale. Exhale. Now go to that place where you lower the legs. That's it. Keep breathing. Exhale, legs are engaged. Pressing in hell was narrowing. Good. Now this time slowly lower your legs all the way down. Keep the curl, rest them on the mat and lower your head down.

Arms by your side. Keep your legs working together. And now in this position you might find with the legs pressing. So press your legs down on the Mat and as you press the legs down the Mat, you might feel your spine lift a little bit off the mat. So we want to keep the legs down, but now counter that lift of your spine off the mat and try to bring your pelvis back a little bit so you'll feel a little stretch opening through the front of your hip. And what we're going to do is going to take an inhale. We're going to lift the legs up so you're engaged in the legs and lift up.

Exhale good. And now you can use your arms a little bit. Let's relax your back and roll over. Roll over. Good. Open the legs. Flex the feet. Roll down very slowly. Relaxing the back. Really relaxed the back. Good. Bring the legs together up here, and we're going to lower down.

Keep going. A pelvis, working back against the lowering of the legs. Once you touch, we go again. Lift and relaxers. Fine. Don't use momentum. Open and roll down. Slowly control it through your trunk. Close the legs and lower down and coming right back up. And exhale and open. Flex and roll it down. Good. Close the legs and we're going to lower. I'm going to do one more time and up.

Roll over. Open and relaxing the spine close. Now hold the legs here in this position and we're going to lower only the left leg, so lower the left leg down and I want you to press firmly down with that left leg being very active with that leg. I'm going to do the leg circle. So we'll start by going across the midline. So go across circle and up and across.

Circle up and uh, cross circle up. Two more circles. And what's your standing leg do? And this, the one that's not moving so it's still active and reverse and out. Cross up and you can let your hip and move a little bit up and out. Make sure the standing legs not rolling in and out. One more and how it's very firm on the mat. Good. Hold it.

Flex your foot. Lower the leg, point the foot, lift the other leg. Before we go, press your right leg into the mat. This is a leg I don't want. Rolling in and out. While you're doing the circle, here we go. And a cross circle and uh, Eh, cross circle. Oh, cross circle. Oh, cross circle. Cross circle. One more. Circle and cross circle. Reverse and, oh wow. Oh and out, around, up and out. Up. Very nice. Out around last one. And uh, around and up. Good. And flex the foot lower down.

Okay. We are going to bend the knees. All right. Bring the knees to your chest. And I'd like to do is hold underneath the thighs under the knees here. And I want you to straighten your arms. So you're going to push your legs into your hands. And I want you to start to curl up and rock.

So push with your legs and come back. Push, push. So you're kind of keeping your shape. That's it. And I'm going to come all the way up standing, sitting. I mean we are going to stand now. We are going to stay. I got one step ahead of me so we can bring the feet down.

Hold the front of the Shins. We're going to do three rolling like a balls. And at the fourth one we're going to land in. Stand up and go back down. So three rolls. Here we go. And one at two and three. One more cause forth. We're going to come and stand up. Oh, okay.

And Jeez and go back down. There we go. And one, two, and three. Number four is our stand up, get momentum and get your feet gone and stamp. Huh? Good. One more time and down. And one and two and three. And here we go. I need to come up.

Excellent. Stick it down. Okay, now hold this position of the ball and I'm going to roll down and do the single leg stretch. So we're gonna start to roll down. Bring your right knee to your chest and extend the other leg out and go and breathing out each time. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Right.

Double leg stretch. Bring it in now. Squeeze the legs and reach and pull it in. Squeeze your legs together and reach and pull it in reach. See, even keep your trunk at the height that it's at. The curl. Good up in. Go ahead.

All right. All right, good. Two more to go. Hey, and bring the legs in. Hold the right knee and we're gonna do a criss cross. So hold the hands behind the head. Look over to your right elbow and switch. Wow.

One more each side. And bring the legs in. Take a breath, breathe out. Okay. And we're going to roll up again. Roll Up. Great. And let's sit with the leg straight. Take the width of the Mat. And I'd like you to rest your hands on your knees.

Really pull your feet back so your Achilles tendons getting long, really bend at the ankle, not just the toes. Full ankle, hands on the knees, sitting upright. We're gonna do a spine stretch, so feel the whole spine in one movement. Come into a bow curl. Reach past your toes if you can, but keeping the bow. The legs are actively pushing down on the mat and then curl it and come back up. Keep working your feet and again, find the bow, the spine and exhale, reach past your toes. Legs are active and curling and sitting up two more times and both [inaudible] rich.

Curl back and up. Last one and go reach coming back up and then bend the knees. Let's bring the legs up. Now you can hold your ankles, you can hold behind the knee. You could hold your feet. That's your choice. Hold the position. Here we go. Open like rocker and back. Up and back. I like sound effects.

Back up to more. Back up, back, [inaudible] up balance. Good. And bring the feet in and just balance. It was feel that position. I'll get up on the pelvis here and feet down. Slide them out, open the legs with again, arms up. We're going to do sa and turn and look behind you with the hand behind you and it says if someone's pulling you from behind you to lift yourself up.

So turn, look behind you. Reach towards the little toe and I'll use the back hand to pull. It's a nice way to kind of extend and rotate and reach. Curl, pull, lift up and reach. They're not to lift. Let's do one more. Each sigh and reach.

Oh, free speech and [inaudible]. Excellent. Okay, so we're going to bend the knees. It's come onto her side set for a moment. Okay, very good. Let's do a little stretch here. Let's switch sides and stretch.

Okay. Okay. Now we're going to pivot to a kneeling position. Okay. Feet flat and come on up into a kneeling position. All right, we're going to just start hitching back slowly. So I want you to just lean back.

Your hands can reach for your toes or your heels and then press your pelvis forward. So we're working on just opening this up before we do some swan. So breakage. Good and up. If that's too much, you can flex your feet and bring the heels closer to you if you'd like. That's one choice or the feet flat makes you go lower each time. See how low you can go. Good. One more time. Good.

Right. And let's come down and reach out. Okay. So we're going to work into swan. So bring the arms out with your head down and let's just start with a leg lift. So double leg lift. So just lengthen both legs and lift up and lower.

And now with the trunk, arms and head. Just float up. Lift up. Very nice you gals and down and legs lengthening up. Beautiful and down and arms up. Great. And down here we go. Together both together. And inhale, lift up and exhale down. And Inhale, lift up. Easy.

Feel the length between the toenails and the fingernails. And back down. We'll do one more time and up. Excellent. And down. Okay. Rest there for a moment. Don't change your body position. Let your back relax in this position though. Okay, now come up onto your elbows. Okay. And we're gonna. I'm going to do a single leg stretch, but I have a little pre-think to do.

So what I'd like you to do with your legs is I want you to Tuck your toe under and kind of spin your leg in and then place your femur, your thigh bone down onto the mat, untuck your toe, and then put your toe down and then do the other side. So kind of wiggle yourself so you can get a real internal spiral. Yeah. Can you feel that? Okay, now feel the top. Now you're going to just first length and push down with your elbows and really lengthen your waist on both sides. Yeah. So you should feel a nice opening in the belly. Really stretching in, lengthen and the front of the hip. And then just slowly bend one knee. Okay?

And what I want you to do is bring the knee, the toe out, feel that stretch, and then bring it in a little bit and a little bit out. Hmm. Keep lifting up in your torso. [inaudible]. So we're doing a little rotation here in the hip. Yeah. Mm hmm. Yeah, that's a good one. Yeah. All right. And I'd like to finish with that out cause it's, we have to internally rotate more than an externally rotate. Okay.

And come back down, especially as we get older. Okay. Leg Up. So feel the length from the hip through the knee and the toe goes away from the center. Keep your body lifting up. If you sag in the waist, go across, you're going to do a little compression and you're not gonna be happy later. So you have to work at to keep the body long and across and out and cross. And one more time finishing out and then place it down. Okay. Rearrange your legs. We engage your torso and here we go with the foot to point and flex and stand and point and flex and lift the body.

When you extend and point and flex and extend and point. Flex and extend. And again, flex and extend. Keep that torso lifting. One, two, and rest. Okay. Lower down. Turn your head to the side. Bring your arms behind your back. Bring the elbows down in, in. Excellent. So first just bend your knees again. Both of them this time. Ben. 10 hold it. Okay. Now can you reach the length from the front of your hip through the knee as if your knee is reaching long away? Nice. That's great Hailey. Yes.

So you've got a nice long line. The front good. And as you extend your legs, reach the chest up, pull your arms long behind you. Look at the floor. Lengthen. Go ahead and turn your head the other way. Bend your knees, elbows down, length in the front of your quads. Reached the knees out. Good. And extend and look at the floor. Breathing in. And exhale. Turn your head, elbows come down. And we do it in a rhythm of two kicks now. So we go kick, kick and extend. Breathe in. And exhale. Exhale. Good extend. Breathe in. And exhale, exhale and extend. Beautiful. And exhale. Exhale and extend one more. And XL, XL and stand and lie flat again.

And rest for a moment. Just let your back relax first like of your hands. That's fine. Excellent. Okay. So I don't want you to flex your back. So what I'd like you to do is put your hands onto your chest and you're going to push yourself up into a flat back like quadriped position. Okay. And then we're just gonna turn around. Keep your back long.

So tempting to want to flex. Yeah. And we're going to set face each other. Yeah. Okay. Legs straight. Now I'm gonna bring your hands behind your head. You're going to reach the elbows here. So hold your skull on the back and spiral your arms. This way the elbows are kind of kind of coming in, but not moving in space.

So see it and then get that reach through your elbows. Yes. If you're being hung up, yes. Someone's hanging you up from your spine and you're getting the length that actively reached through those arms. Right? So we're opening and stretching this whole side body. Can you feel that? Flex your feet long Achilles, strong legs. We're just going to lean back.

Just lean back and come back. Keeping it the length in the reach of your arms when you go back. Don't shorten in the armpits. Try to keep the reach up through the elbows and back and you can look up a little bit and alright, go ahead. Keep working your legs, reach to the arms, and heck, go ahead. I'm going to do two more. Reach back, last one. And then from here, start to curl. Curl, curl.

You can let go of your hands and flat. Excellent. Now slide your feet up. Bend your knees, adjust your shoulders so that are kind of tucked under a little bit. I sometimes roll down and my shoulders get slid up, you know, on the Mat. So kind of make sure they're down on the rib cage. All right, and let's start doing a curling bridge. So we're gonna start to curl the pelvis, reached the knees over the toes. You can adjust your shoulder blades if you need to.

And then reach through the legs. Nice long thighs again. Press the pelvis up, feel your feet now inhale here, and exhale. Start to lower down. Keep your shoulders wide and open. Allow your spine to relax. Let it relax as you curl down. And again, inhale, exhale, curling. Reach. The knees over the toes, right? Get your weight onto the shoulder blades and neck as easy. Reach the knees actively. So if someone's pulling you in that direction, inhale there. Exhale, relax. Your shoulders not collapsed.

So relax may not be the perfect word, which you're letting go of your tension in your back. Let's do two more of these and inhale. Exhale in, up. Reach those knees. Excellent. Lengthen. Inhale there. Exhale, roll it down. Great. Then do one more time and up.

Rich Prs. Good. And Roll it down. Excellent. Great. Alright, so bring your legs up, all the back of your thighs again. Let's do a little more rocking. Press into your legs. And you just did some extensions. So be gentle here and just start to work your back up, down, up, down.

Last one up and sit. Excellent. Okay, so we're going to do a spine twist. Okay. So we're going to flex this time. I'd like you to do it with your legs together with that, Dorsey flection really work the feet. I think we don't work enough in this flex position. We point an awful lot. So let's see if we can keep working the Dorsi flection arms reaching out long spine. So we're going to inhale, lengthen up, exhale and twist two times and center.

Inhale and exhale two times. And inhale. Now feel the energy going through both arms. Reach both arms, good and center. And we should both and center reach. Now you guys are doing such a good job, but I want people to be aware that your legs actually don't shift and move, right? So that rotations happening in the thoracic, the rib cage, let's do one more. Each side rotation is always good and com center or in the arms down. And we're going to roll back and we're going to go into Jack Knife to make sure you have enough room behind you. So we'll start to roll down. Legs are flat.

Good. All right, so what I'd like you to try to do is instead of going roll over to Jack Knife, I want you to try to roll up into the jackknife position. So here we go. Going to take an inhale, exhale, lift the legs and go up and then start to roll down. [inaudible] keep as much space between your chest and the thighs as you can and lower down. Okay. Again, remember the work that pelvis in opposition of the legs going down. And here we go again and bring the legs up and start to go up. Lift and roll it down. Keep the chest open and lower the legs down.

Kevin can do two more and lift and straight up bed. Um, down. Yeah, lower. And last one. Here we go and up. Push the legs up and lower down. Great. All right, so that spring, the arm facing me overhead and I'm gonna roll onto your side and we'll get it to one sidekick. So we do want to bring the legs a little bit more in front. Okay.

And you can support your head or if you'd like, you could come up onto your elbow if you're, if you're good with your neck. I don't like this position. A lot of times people are sagging in the chest. Can you see what I'm doing? And then I'm completely compressing this side of my neck. So you actually think about the rib cage on the top going up to the ceiling.

Yes. So here you go. So you can keep one hand here if you'd like. If you can keep that rib cage up, use your hand here. It's a challenge to keep the lift of the ribs. All right, here we go. Kicking forward and kick, kick and sweep back. Inhale and exhale and sweet and try to keep that rib cage from collapsing, especially when you kicked forward.

Reach, reach, good. Reach one more and reach. Great. Let's bring your legs together. We're going to pivot, so we're going to bring the legs in, pivot around. Go ahead and position legs forward now. Rib Cage, lift the rib cage towards the ceiling here. If you have to put your hand here if you have to to keep it from collapsing down. So keep that left. Keep your inflation. Here we go. And kick and reach. Nice Hailey. Good up, up and reach and reach. Reach, reach, reach, kick, kick. One more. Reach back and we're going to swing and pivot again at this time. Face side. Okay. We're going to do a little cumulative teaser thing.

[inaudible] not too bad, just don't worry. Okay. And it's a cumulative one. Okay. So first what I want you to do is bring the legs up and hug yourself. So pull the knees into your chest. All right? And bring your torso, your shoulders over, and have a little curve in the back here. But can you feel that cause pull in so you feel your abdominals here right when you're pulling in. So now we're going to take a breath in. As you exhale, just come to Bentleys and hold. Keep thinking.

That idea of hugging your knees into your chest. Good. And now we go straight legs and hold. Keep breathing. And then bring the knees back to the vent knee. Think of hugging your knees and you get to hug your knees. Okay. And just breathe. Ready and knees bend. Keep breathing.

Hold to three. Straighten legs hauled to squeeze those feet. It really helps three and knees. Pull in two, three and hug your knees and rest. You can even rock forward a little bit. There we go. And knees. Hold two, three. Straighten the legs left.

Squeeze your legs to remember your Belko three and bend. Pull your knees in three and hug two, three. One more time. Bent. Knees two, three. Straighten two, three. End of the knees to three. Hug the knees, two, three. Okay. Now their knees reaching arms behind you and my natural narrow so you can go wide or all right, but hold the mat behind you.

It's going to be a little difficult. Okay? And I'm going to stand the legs up and do hip circles. So look in the opposite direction of your hip circle and, and look around at twists. Look over your shoulder. Turn and up and look around and lift two more and look around and lift and out. All round and left.

Bend the knees and rest. Woo. Very good. Okay, good stretch. All right, so let's go to roll onto our stomachs again. I'm going to pivot this way. Okay, great. You guys like we're going to do a little bit of swimming. We're going to start in a slow and we're going to build it up into tempo. So bring the arms out in front of you legs here. What I'd like you to do is start to inhale, look up, lift the right arm and left leg.

But can you actively push the left hand down in the right leg down and reach long and come down other side. Left arm, right leg, right arm. Push it down, push your leg down. It actually helps you come up and down and lift and push at the same time and down. Lift and push. And Yeah, let's do one more each side and lift down. One more time and lift and down. Now just do a little hover lift and we're gonna do a little beat. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 01112131415 1718 1920 and rest.

Excellent. And come push back. Okay, just rest for a second. Okay, so we're going to do a little bit of a front support. So I want you to come forward. All right, legs here. Now reach your heels back. Kind of push back in that Dorsey flection. Find the plank position nice and long and going to hold the position hold. Keep reaching the heels back. Long Body.

Go ahead and bend the knees and come back. All right, so just your position if you need to. [inaudible] all right, I'm going to adjust my hands a little bit so I had my shoulders a little more over the hands. Alright, and here we go again and reach the heels back. Long Body. All right, we're going to stand on the left leg. Lift the right leg, one to three, flex and come down. Find your good position and lift. One, two, three. Flex. Good position at one, two, three and flex. And last time two, three and flex long. Bend the knees and sit back again. Excellent. Rest. Good. Alright, come pivot on the side.

Okay. We're going to cross the legs a little bit. We're just going into mermaid. It's nice and easy. Just the side position, not the curling. So here we go. And gonna stretch the legs out as you go and lift. Go ahead and then bend the knees and come down. The first one always sets my feet up, right? Yeah. So we get good feet now. All right, here we go. And lift and down.

And when you lift, think of lifting your rib cage up the ceiling and over your arm. So don't be pushing with your hands so much. Ready and lift the rib cage up. You see, look at that. Very good. So then you're not straining in the wrist and the shoulder. All right, so rib cage, lift the rib cage up. Nice one. You're like easy. So I tried it. I do try to make some things easy. I try.

I do kind of one more and up. That's beautiful. All right, let's do the other side. Remember the first one gives us a good positioning for the feet. So let's just give it a go and lift it. Adjust mine and lengthen and bend.

Good. And here we go. Lift. Yeah, lift down. It's different, isn't it? When you lift the rib cage up down last one. And uh, okay, now we're going to turn this way. We're going to do seal, but we're going to take the seal into a cross legged standing up. She's like, okay, what does that mean? Okay. So if we're here, let me just, I'll talk you through it for a second. So if we're here, you don't have to do it. You can just watch. Okay, so I'm going to do, I'll do one roll. I'm going to come forward or no, you'd have a choice. You could just plant your feet like this and stand up. That might be easier.

I was thinking we could go from seal to cross leg and stand that one. You like that one? Okay. So all right. I don't know. We'll see. All right, so you understand what we're going to do? Let's do three roles. Okay. So that way we get some momentum going and on the fourth they end of the fourth one. Okay. Ready? Here we go.

Yeah. One, two, three. Hey, get ready and stand up. Oh, didn't make it. I didn't cross light. I flat. I did it flat. You Cross Cross was hard. Okay. You crossed. I didn't. All right, I'm doing crass. Let's do cross. Alright. Cross and sit again. Alright. What the work on that one. All right, here we go. One too. Sorry. And get ready to cross your feet so that you can stent weight easier. All right? Yeah. Okay. That's kind of fun. All right, we're going to do, I'm going to finish with the pushup, so it's rolled down into the plank position. Hold it.

We can do three little pushups. I want you to have integrity in the upper back, so it's not about a big range of motion. I want you to keep it connected in the back. All right, here we go. And rolling down. Three big elephant steps. One, two. And now get into your plank. And here we go. And one to the right.

Curl back and walk back. One, two. [inaudible]. Rolling. Pull it up. Inhale. Exhale. Roll it down and walk out. One, two, three. Good plank position. And one, two, three, and corral. Clock back.

How many times do you want to do that, gals? One more. Sounds good. And exhale. And I'll add one, two, sorry. And Curl back. [inaudible]. Okay. And just stand and breathe. I know.

Just close your eyes for a moment and feel the bottoms of your feet nice and wide. Your heels grounded you, your tail heavy, no gripping anywhere and feel the crown of your head floating up. Okay. Thank you very much.


Wow, this an awesome mat class..Thank you Madeline !
Love it!
Really nice class! And a perfect transition back for me after a week of milder restorative pilates (injury).
Thank you!
Lovely! Nice length of class too.
Great class. Thank you.
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Wonderful class!!! Thank you so much! I truly love your style and ease of flow. Such a joyful experience!
Great for someone like me - strong, but new to pilates.
Really liked some of your verbal cues!
Loved your preps especially for single leg kick, hundred and teaser. I love your style.
Great class, thank you!! I'm a big fan of yours, Madeline!!!
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