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Join Meredith outside by the ocean in this wonderful Reformer workout. She flows seamlessly from one exercise to the next adding short bursts of cardio with the Jump Board. At the end of the workout, she teaches the Breast Stroke which will make you feel like you are flying through the air!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board

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Mar 25, 2014
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Hi, today we're going to do a jump board class in this beautiful wintery Santa Barbara Weather, so standing on your feet, closing your eyes and reaching your arms down the sides of your legs. Feel an axial elongation of the spine. I heaviness through the arms and a heaviness through the bones in your body. Inhale, lifting the arms up, opening through the chest, lifting the chest just a little bit. Exhale, press the arms wide and down and take time to feel that stretch. Open the chest, elongating the spine even more in how we take the arms up, rising upwards as the arms reach down and wide the spine.

He elongates and floats through space. Inhale, lift the arms up. This time we'll dive down into the floor. Bending the knees as we go. Exhaling drawing in and up through the waist. Pause to inhale, keeping the knees bent. Exhale, curl the spine. Send the arms down the sides of the thighs. Straighten the knees, reach the arms up. Inhale, exhale. Diving forward, allowing the knees to bend, reaching over, over, over, over, allowing the head just to hang in here. Exhale, keeping the knees bent, lifting the spine, straightening the legs, reaching the arms up this time, exhale, but then the knees in, just reach your hands to your knees.

From there, deep in into that round position, and then Ilan, gate the body. Press back on the thighs with the hands as they stretch the spine forward. And then XL, draw backwards. Feel the hands almost. Slide down the legs as the shoulder slide down the back. Inhale, reach the spine out. So we're just getting a little gentle spinal movement. Exhale, drawing inwards, pulling in and up through the waist.

And one more. Inhale, Ilan Gaye, pressing back with the hands and exhale, curl the spy and continue curling the spine all the way up. Straightening the knees at the top. I've got my gem port already set up and I have a blue spring connected to the reformer. Let's sit down. Put the feet out on the headrest. I like my feet to be kind of far away from me on the rest and make sure you've got a little bit of space behind you reaching for the straps and taking the arms out straight. Inhale, bend the elbows. Exhale, stretch the arms, lift the chest. Inhale.

As we take the arms forward and exhale, drawing back through the center body. We roll back on the reformer. Pause. Breathing in, breathing out, drawn deeply, almost like you're resisting being pulled up from the round position. We inhale, bend the arms. Exhale, stretch the arms, lift chest, inhale, arms come forward. Exhale, draw, creating a rounded spine, but keeping the collarbones open. We roll back against the roof form or positive in here. Exhale, we curl back. Shoulders over, hips. Inhale, bend the elbows. Exos, stretch the arms. Lift the chest. Inhale, arms come forward. XOP. Curl backwards. Rolling back, back, back, pause.

Inhale. Exhale, curl peeling off. Inhale, elbows, bend spine, Ilan Gates. Exhale, stretch the arms lifted chest. Getting a little back extension there in between our moments of flection. XO, curl the spine. We're going to stay down this time. Going to draw and then just cruel a little bit and inhale back. Working through the lower spine where it's generally for most of us, challenging to be in this position without a little s without a little help from some springs. One more time. Exhale, curl.

Inhale down. Exhale, lift the right leg curl, inhale down. Exhale, lift the left leg curl. Inhale down. Exhale, lift the right leg curl. Inhale down, and the left leg curl and, and now we curl the spinal. All the way back to the top. We bend the arms and lifts the back. We stretch the arms out, lifting the chest. We bring the arms forward, round the spine down the center of the reformer. Then rotate towards me. Feel that inner rib slide towards the spine while the outside rib comes across, and now we pull up and a nice easy are very focused through the middle of the body.

Here's three of five and two of five and this time lifts the leg. We're going to stretch the like out and go down. We're going to bend and pull back a stretch like out and go down. Then didn't pull back a stretch like out and go down. Bend and pull back up. Hold your height, lower your leg, return your body to the center and roll.

Bending the elbows, lifting the back in, joining that beautiful extension. Take the arms forward. Roll the spine backwards, keeping the collarbones open. As you rotate away from me, feel that inner rib that you're rotating towards. Slide inwards while the outer ribs slides over the top. And now we crawl five and down and draw in four and down and breeding and uh, and two and uh, uh, lifting the leg on the last one. We take the leg out straight and lower.

We bend in Curlin Lay, it goes out straight as the spine comes down. Bend in Curlin. One more to go. Bend and curl and hold the height. As the leg returns down. Find yourself all the way back to the center and roll the spine. Bend the arms, lift the chest, stretch the arms, lift the back. And from here, if you've got it in you, we do five pulses, one and two and three and four and five.

Reaching the arms forward. Hold this strap so you can fly back a little bit. Opening the knees out to the side for a little spinal rotation. Arms out straight. Inhale. Exhale. Bend the arm closest to me and reach the opposite one forward. As you rotate, inhale to come to center. Exhale. As you rotate, reaching the opposite arm out. Inhale as you come to center. Excellent.

As you rotate an elongate the back and inhale to center and exhale. As you rotate an elongate the back, it feels to me like a bow and Arrow energy. One arm pulls in, the other arm stretches out so far and center and [inaudible] and center. Last time here, both sides reaching back and center and reaching and center reached down. Place the straps on the ground. That's just my personal preference.

I don't like to hear them jangling around. You can keep them on your pegs if you wish. We're gonna set up a some, um, a fairly heavy spring tension. Let's do, I'm gonna put three reds and a blue on just for a little bit of warm up for the legs. So we're going to come all the way down onto our back, settling in and listen. Head rest up and we're going to press the legs out. So from here, just walking the feet so that they're right underneath you. We're going to bend the knees.

Feel that the heel stay on the jump jumper and press to stretch. Inhale, bend, feel the heaviness of the ribs against the carriage in, he'll bend and press. So you realize here that you have a limitation in terms of range of motion in terms of, or a range of motion as far as how flexible your calves are. So take that stretch but try to melt into it every time. Melting in.

This is going to be our landing position or wanting the heels as we once we start jumping to come down every time. Lift the heels up now. So feel here that the heel stay very still as bet. Got Full range of motion now and stretch and in here drawing the ribs down as we reach out and in here and drawing the ribs down as we stretch out and bet and feeling the connection not just with the front of the legs but also with the back of the legs and reach and just two more here and reach and last one and reach and then swivel the heels together, keeping them exactly where they are. We're going to bend and stretch and bend and stretch and bend and stretch. So let's add a little foot movement. Lower the heels, then the knees until the heels can't stay down any more than lift them and press lower the heels, then the knees until they can't stay down any longer than lift them and press draw bent lift, elongation.

Draw that lift elongate last time. Then lift elongates. Swivel the feet back to parallel. We'll do the same patterning there, but this is very similar action to what happens when we jump. We press row a lift, bend oral through the foot, find the heels and press lift onto the toes. Then the knees roll through the foot.

You have to monitor how low you come in knowing where you'll need to be to be able to drop the heels down against the jump port. Last to bend, heels down and press one more. We want that movement, that rolling action in the foot. Going to bend the knees and come all the way back in. Help yourself up and then adjust your springs for jumping.

I'm choosing a red and a blue spring for me. You could go little heavy or, or a little lighter. That's a spring. That's pretty good in my opinion. So finding that same positioning with the feet. The feet are right underneath your body. Arms are at your sides. It will start jumping in parallel. So we're going to bend. Find that. Find that flat foot position, reach and land every time rolling through the foot so that the heel comes flat against the jump board. Breath.

Exhale as you jump, feel that your body, it's almost suspended in the air longer each time. As you come back down onto your feet, we'll do three. Two. What? Posits the bottom. Swivel the heels to first position or small, the position finding it and we press oh and [inaudible] rolling through the foot to lay. Using that to absorb the shock of your, of the body, pressing the heels together and feel that energy fly all the way up the inseam of the leg. So as her jumping, we're pressing the legs together, squeezing from the hips, and we'll do five, four, three, two, one. We're going to alternate those positions. So we jumped land in parallel. Landon turnout parallel turn. Certainly get a little warm warming up the body.

If you feel that you're not getting all the way down onto your feet, just limit your bend. Limit the bend in the knee and five five. Check in with your arms. Check in with the support that you're offering from the front of your body to hold a body suspended in the air. Last two and two and one and one and parallel.

Whooo. Lifting the left leg off the jump it holding that leg in a tabletop position. We pressed with the right leg and land. Nice soft landing. You don't want your reformer sliding across the room, reaching through the foot.

Four more. Three. Two. Here's our last one. Switching in the air and ten nine absorbing the impact. Seth feeling the ease in the rest of the body. Four, three, two and alternate so the legs meet together, stray, meet together, straight meet together, stray and then one leg lands. It's a match and a bet.

We've got to really figure out where those clean lines are. That clean tabletop position, the legs touched together in the center, reaching together in the center and four, four, three, three, two, one and one landing on both feet. Rolling to this side, helping ourselves come in for our second abdominal series, taking the blue spring away, turning around, taking the straps, sweetening up close to the shoulder blocks and placing the straps over the tops of the knees from here. Hands on the tops of the knees, lifting the feet up. So we're just in space and we roll back, roll back with control with control. And we hold here and we do the double leg stretch, reaching out and our and our reach and our stabilizing the spine as the arms and legs move and we're each and around and reach and around and four pooling back and three pulling back and two pulling and pulling back. Hands on the knees, see if you can roll. Use Control, rolling, controlling, coming just to that round balance point.

Holding here, deepening your contraction. And now we roll back again. Finding our way down, controlling that movement. Yes. And now we reach up, hands behind the head and the legs go out and we rotate. As they bet and the legs go out, the body stays lifted in center. Rotate and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and really worrying out the lungs here.

How's the knees are coming towards the body and reach across and reach and across. We're going to go four more times to India and exhale last time. Oh across. Find Center, straight legs. Bend the knees, reach for the knees, curly controlling, pushing the knees into the hands. We roll back, we roll back up. Now I'm going to challenge us with a little rolling like a ball. And by us I mean me, so we'll see. We'll see what happens.

We were rocking back and rocking and rocking back and rocking. Finding the balance and that is really, really tricky. From and rocking up and two more back and almost didn't make it that time and back and and stretching out, taking the straps off the feet, placing the straps back down. You were going to go straight into a little arm work here. So we're going to come up.

We're going to remove the red spring and put a blue spring on in its place and take the strap that's closest to you. Yeah, little side arms, Neely. So we take the strap in the hand. Opposite arm is down. We'd take the arm out and we reach and bend and come back. The upper arm moves there were lower arm moves, lower arm, upper upper arm, lower arm, lower opera, keeping the hand and elbow moving nice and seamlessly and bend and back and one more dent and that taking the strap in the opposite hand.

Oh, I did that backwards. I'm not used to it. Okay. And then we just slide that arms straight up. Oh that's Abby Sprake. If you have a yellow spring available to you, that might be a better choice and reaching up, reaching up, you got to hold onto the side waist of the arm. That's moving to keep the trunk stuff. One more reaching.

When we come back, positioning your body across towards the opposite side of the carriage. Take this strap in the opposite hand, reached down, place the hand down, pretty wide stance with the knees and then setting the elbow right up over the shoulder, locking that shoulder in place, feeling the alignment of the pelvis. And then we take the arm straight up and Beth straight. Don't allow the upper arm to waiver and straight and Ben and stray and, and to, and Ben and Ben and come up chains hands again. Arms reaching. Yeah, and we, we take both on ah, and why and up [inaudible] try and allow the arms to move at exactly the same pace up and why tumor?

Oh, this is the hardest one for me. And Open and uh Oh and yeah, let this drop come down onto the ground. Turn yourself so that you're facing the shoulder blocks. Now have a little hiatus here. Take the hands on the frame. Okay. Bring the shoulders in front of the hands and inhale there.

We're going to start by rounding the spine. Exhale. Now draw the knees underneath you without losing the round shapes. And then continue under. Almost as though you're going to sit down on your feet. You pull so deeply in and then we reach back just to rounded shape and then we Ilan and again, curl the spine first, then start moving the legs underneath you. It's as though you're trying to round your spine evermore, evermore, evermore.

And then we meet release and straight and or and draw in and release, but see rat and flatten and around this and draw and keep drawing. Keep coming, keep coming. And then release just to the rounded knee stretch and extend. One more time where you were rounded. We draw underneath ourselves, deepening, deepening, deepening.

We reach out and then Ilan eat the back. Turning to the other side. Pick up your strap while you're at it. Starting with the strap in the opposite hand. Here we go. We take the arm and reach, elbow, upper arm, upper arm, feeling the back of the shoulder working. Try Not to dip the elbow under as you're reaching from reaching out to stray, reaching out and you're taking a sword out of a belt and back to, yeah, and back. Last one and back.

Let me take the strap in the opposite hand. The hand closest to the shoulder block, elbow just out in front of the strap. And now the arm goes straight all the way and that's straight up all the way. And and holding onto that side body to keep the body from shifting across and reach. Ah, and then, AH, two more. And then drawing the scapula down as the arm stretches up and take the body to the opposite side of the carriage wide stance with the knees reaching down, aligning the pelvis. Upper arm is just over the top of that shoulder, locking the shoulders in place.

And now the upper arm just reaches up and Ben and reaches up holding the pelvis level and Ben and it reaches and Bens and three too. And Wa become back taking the arm down in the front, changing hands, arms out to the side. And we take the arms overhead and oh yeah. Oh, overhead. Trying again to hold the alignment of the spine and reaching out and open.

And last two. Okay. And open at last one and turning again. Okay. I'm going to leave my straps on the ground. We're going to go back to jumping. So he come back down onto the reformer setting the springs.

I'm going to go back to a red and a blue spray lying down. Finding your positioning. Starting with the fetus. Small v position. I'm going to do some leg openings so we start knees bent, heels down, open and land open and land. So it's a wide and quick widen. Quick reaching out, reaching, reaching, keeping the legs low, keeping the spine under control.

Three, two, one. We're going to cross the right leg over the left and land. Left leg, right leg, left, left leg, right, right leg left. Keep breathing here. Keeping the energy in the body. I love these little short cardio births. So we go five, five, four, four, three, three, two, two, one and land lifting one leg just out to the side, bending that leg.

And we got John and John were jumping in rotation, keeping the pelvis firmly planted. Last three, two, one. We changed sides, reaching out, drawing down through the reds. [inaudible] last for three. I'm gonna change legs and alternate together like little Leprechaun, hops, breathing all the time. Last four, four, three, three, two, two.

One and landing on both feet coming up. Okay, so we're going to come up onto our knees again. This time facing forward, taking a hold of this straps. I'm going to take us down to a blue. Again, a light spring. I'm going to do a little extension, so you're going to reach and hold onto the ropes. From there, starting with the arms just at the sides of the body, we take the arms back, holding that position, take the arms out to the sides, holding the body strong. We press the arms back a little further without leaning back. The arms come down and they come back to the side of the body.

Go back a little, reach out, feel the shoulders dropping. Take the arms back, lower the arms back down and reach forward again. Press back, lift, pull back a little more arm. Slide down the sides of the body and forward last to back a little reach. Press back, more arms. Come down, bar, arms.

Come forward. One more time. Pressing back, taking the arms, reaching the arms back, arms, lower, arms come forward. Yeah, so now we add a little rotation. We take the arm closest to me, your reaches down the body and we turn, take that arm and reach down the back of that thigh, lift back up and return to center and rotate using the other arm and then take that arm down the side of the site. We go into a little bit of a back extension. We come back up and center and rotate and reaching through the upper back and center and home and rotate and keeping the upper spine as your main focus and lift and center. One more time to each side return. We [inaudible] down the side of the body. We lift back up and center and turn and reach down the back of the body and lift up and return to center. Taking the straps away from your hands and setting them back down onto the floor. I'm a climb off.

Climb on the frame until we arrive at the risers setting up in a long flat back abdominal supporting the spine in the arms, pulling the body forward and then stretching and Ben, yeah, sliding the shoulder blades down the back, keeping the spine in an elongated position. And Paul drying and on the waist and hurry cha and Paul [inaudible] and poor [inaudible] and Marie Cha. Yeah, Paul. Yeah. And the inhale elongate shoulders down all the time. Last two and back.

Last one and back. Carefully bringing the hands back to the frame. Walking ourselves in. I'm gonna turn ourselves around. Turn ourselves around. Hands on the jump board. I'm gonna light a heavy up my spring a bit. I'm going to change to a red spring instead of a blue.

Could also choose to use our red and a blue whatever feels most appropriate to you. Let me go into the down stretch. So we've had the hands on the foot bar or the not the foot bar, the jump board and then feel they are trying to push up away from the jump board. And then we press the spine app and I feel the body lift. Feel the energy rising through the body all the way through the spine and press, ah, drawing and using the backs of the legs and the front of the body to support that nice elongated spine and reach out. Glide the body, lifting, lifting, lifting and reach out. We'll do two more. Keeping the head of line with the spine all the time.

So don't look down when you're going back. She was continued to look straight ahead of you all the time and back. Okay. One more routine. Yeah. Ou lifting and then once you come in, taking the arms off, reaching up, feeling the energy, travel out through the fingertips, lowering the arms wide.

Hey, can that stretch arms just come all the way down and we're going to come back and do a little more jumping. So back to a red and a blue are going to lie on our side. I'm going to take my headdress down so I can put my arm there lying down on the side. It just getting organized so that you can lay down with a fairly, with that, not a fairly with an elongated spine. Full Stop. Not fairly straight back. Here we go.

We jumped out and out and again you get that rural through the foot and Ah, ah, drawing up through the bottom weighs out and out. And four, three, two, one. Come in, take that leg, stretch it out in front of you. We're going to reach up. We're going to clear the jump board and reach back and lift up and come forward. So we just make a big arc in that leg. Lift the leg, press the pelvis forward as the leg reaches over the top lifts up and, and reach up and then press forward with the hips as you reach way back with that lay and lift and to the front and three more. Oh the way back she is opening and moving in that hip joint lift and center and up reaching back and lift and center and up and reaching back in this time.

Just hold there, reaching the opposite arm out in front of you, taking that beautiful stretch. Bend the knee back in. Turn onto your back. So got that one red and one blue spring, which is going to be quite a challenge for this next thing, but I'm sure we'll make it. We'll say we'll survive. So we're going to bring the arms down the sides of the body. We're going to roll the spine up, attempting to keep the carriage totally still.

From there we take the carriage out and bring it all the way back in and take the carriage out and bring it all the way back in and take the carriage out and bring it all the way back here. Lifting up to come in last two all the way in and last one, feeling those hamstrings. And now from there, roll down almost all the way. So the pelvis is just hovering off the carrot and from there press out and pull, pulling down into the spine with the abdomen and pull and press out, keeping the tail curled under and Paul [inaudible] and reach out and poor [inaudible] and last to recheck and Paul [inaudible] and reach out and pull [inaudible]. Now just taking the body all the way down, turning over onto your other side.

I mean the pelvis back. We're in a nice flat back head is on the arm. Got that leg right underneath us. Got The bottom side of the body lifted up. We just jump out and two and three nice light land reach. I don't reach, I don't really to rolling through the last four, three, two, one and we come back, not like just stretches out in front of us. Now it's going to trace a big circle. It's going to come up and Ah, AH, rolling through the hip and fo keeping the body as still as we can and back and lift and fold and up and reach and lift and forward and three reaching way back and all the way forward and two way back and all the way forward.

I don't know, way back all the way forward. And this time we take the leg to the back, we reach it out and back and retake that arm. We stretch in opposition and then we bend and come back. Let's turn back onto our backs. Do One last jumping series. But before we do that, let's just hold onto the hold onto the outside of, sorry, hold onto the handles.

Lift the legs that are just over the jump port and we spiral through the waist, stripping the knees over to one side, feel the rib, press into the body to bring the legs back to center in house. We reach over and XLC pull back. Okay. In house he reach over. Okay.

Excellent. Whole back in. How's he reach over? So this is what we're going to be doing when we're jumping and I just want you to try to navigate the jumping around this sensation, this work through the waist. Last one. Inhale and exhale and placing the feet down. I liked my head rest up. I'm going to put it up, but the feet underneath us arms at our sides getting nice and aligned. We won't come to the center again until we're done. So here we go.

We jumped left and right. Letting the pole this shift, but feel my support through the waist. As that jumping occurs, press up and land and land and land and land and land. Ah. Feel that again. Creating that feeling of suspending in space, suspending in space, working from the glutes as well as from the front of the legs. We'll do four, four, three, three, Su, Su.

What an ah, so that's about the all the jumping in that my legs can handle for it today but we're not quite finished so we're going to get up and grab our box, placing the box sideways on the reformer for some side overs. So grabbing, getting out the strap. I tried to organize mine when I set up so that I wouldn't have to take the jump board down and I think it's going to work. It's going to work. Lucky us. If you need a minute to set up your strap, go ahead and take that now. I'm going to take that head rest down, lining the body up, reaching the Arma, then behind the head, taking the other arm up, feel the length through the spine and then inhale over and reach out and in you and reach out. Energetically reached that straight like down to the jump board in here and left and reach out and left last too.

Will you reach out and left? We reach out and left. Woo and then placing the hand down, lowering either to the elbow or placing the hand down onto the floor, reaching that opposite arm overhead, the settling into that stretch. One of my favorite things to do here is to take my hand in Wa. I'm sweet. Certainly I'll need a stretch for the front of the hip, so hold the front of the reformer and then allow the pelvis to just start rocking backwards.

Allow the foot to slide backwards in the strap until you find the stretch for the front side of the leg, front side of the hip, and then starting to help yourself out there in a rotate the opposite direction and just long gate the body, Ilan and then just using your hands to help you come back to the box and we'll switch sides. The opposite foot goes under, turn on the box, holding the body aligned, reaching the hand, setting up the other hand and we just reach over and then reach out, creating a straight line at her. Reach over in here and create that lovely long straight line and reach and lift and reach and lift last to keeping the head pressed into the hands. It stays still bodies, not shifting forward or back. It's going right up and placing the arm down, reaching either to the elbow or down onto the floor, taking the opposite arm and just stretching it overhead, feeling that stretch to the whole side body, pressing the foot in opposition. And then taking the hand to the front of the reformer and allowing that top hip to just roll back, opening, opening, [inaudible] and then coming up. Turn the body. Let me reach out.

Ilan gating the spine and then coming all the way back on. I'm gonna turn the box once, just finished with a little bit more back extension when I do the breaststroke today. So we take this stabs, um, oh, I guess I never changed my spring. If you, um, change your spring cap lock in the short box, you probably want to take some spring away. I'm going to go to a one red. So holding the straps with your thumbs, pulling onto, pulling the box. And then getting on in between your strap. So bringing the arms out to the side and feel that the elbows are just reaching down onto the straps. The legs are long and strong. From here we lift the back, bringing the arms overhead, keeping the back lifted, bring the arms all the way to the sides of the body. And as we lower the spine, we feel the elbows dropped into the shops where we started finding that rotation in the shoulders. Inhale, reach open all the way and x and to come down and in you rage.

And then just following your breath and making it fluid. We even gay or and and young gay feeling the in the chest. I'm personally right now feel like I'm flying through the air cause it's breezy. It's an amazing feeling. Reaching, reaching and then and last one, fly through the air with me and Ben and then just resting the spine. Allow the knees to soften, allow the spine to just rest and then press the pelvis into the box and tread around is lifting the abdominals off the box.

Giving the lower spine a little bit of a rounding Che, and then really bringing the hands back up to the box. We step off the box and bring the box safely home. We'll finish where we started. Just standing up on our feet. [inaudible] feeling the energy in the body, taking the arms, reaching overhead. I'm from here. Die Forward arms reaching out to your sides.

Bend your knees, reach for the floor and roll. Taking the arms overhead, feeling at one with your body. Press open, diving forward, feeling that elongated spine. Then the knees around the spine roll. I don't. One more reach and press. So falling forward, folding inwards.

Hold here for just a moment and stretch the legs straight. Then the knees again, roll through your spy to stand on your feet. [inaudible].


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Very nice class Meredith, like always ;)
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Great solid class--even more inspirational overlooking the ocean with you! Thank you :)
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Super great class Meredith :) Thank You.
I really enjoy the variety in your classes…
realized I was going to say routines but that was my point.. your classes are anything but routine. I look forward to your next one.
do you use ring or oveball for classes on Reformer, I would to try one of yours ????
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As ever another winner. Thank you
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Great class. Your creativity keeps me motivated. Thank you!
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Great class. How can you possibly speak while jumping? :) thanks Meredith.
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Awesome! Thanks for a great workout!
Thanks for taking class with me, ladies, and for sharing your wonderful feedback! It was fun to teach outside on that beautiful day.
Yugonda, I will try to incorporate a ring or a ball next time I film.
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Really lovely class Meredith!!
thank you I sure enjoy your classes!
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