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Meredith teaches a Reformer workout to her friend, Heikki Lempiäinen, who has returned to Pilates Anytime from Finland. She works on linking the mind and the body through breath and precision. This is a great opportunity to just let go and to focus on your movement.
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Feb 16, 2014
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Today's a very special day because we have my friend [inaudible] in house from Finland. We're going to give him a reformer workout. So Heikki what I want you to do is just stand and face the ocean and we'll start with a couple of roll downs. So just organize yourself so that you're standing up, right. Okay. Just take a breath in for nothing and let it go. And rounding the spine, letting the head just drop forward and working to keep the pelvis just over the feet. Taking a breath in to hold. And as you exhale, begin to move the Powell, this before the middle back.

So the pelvis toxic comes just over the knees and the spine stacks just over the pelvis and the head is the last thing to lift. Inhale again. And as you exhale, allow the head to go and just allow the spine to cascade forward. And as that happens, lift and support through the abdomen. The knees can be slightly soft if you wish. I prefer soft knees for the first couple of myself, I feel like it gets a, it's a nicer lower back stretch for me personally.

And then feel again that pelvis move, continue moving the pelvis, continue moving the pelvis even more so that the spine comes right up over the top and just one more. Inhale and exhale. So this is your opportunity to let go, to focus on the moment, the movement moving moment. Inhale, lengthen a little further forward and exhaling to the left is linking your mind and your body, your breath, and your movement and come all the way up. Lifting tall. Nice. Okay, so we have got all the springs set up for hiking. Yeah, on the reformer for his foot work. But first we're going to start with a little bit of a warmup. So High K was sitting right at the front row. We'll start with a roll-up.

So school, you're going to have to be right at the very, very front of the carriage or you're run into the shoulder block. So keep coming right there. And then your legs are going to stretch out straight [inaudible] and then just reaching your arms forward, starting with in a long gated spine. Sit forward just a little bit for me. Perfect. From there. Create a rounded spine. So drawing back.

Don't drop the head quite so much and then cruel through the spine. Feel the low back. Come down. I'm just going to give you a little resistance here. Good pulling against me. Drawing the shoulder blades down. There's not going to be room for your arms to go over your head, so just finished by reaching up towards the ceiling. Nice. Inhale, bring the head and chest up and exhale.

Curl yourself forward and just end when your spine is on that knife. Long Curl. Keep the head just above the arms a little bit more right there. Inhale, exhale to curl down. So feel that there's a little bit of pressure, like you're holding something between your upper arms. You're peeling your spine down, you're moving one vertebra at a time. The head is the last thing to come down and inhale, lift the head and chest and exhale, curl.

Good creating. So the back extensors are doing a little bit of work. You're holding that elongation of the spine. We'll do two more. Excelling as you around feeling the movement of the pelvis, pressing down with the legs, feeling that each vertebra has a chance to come down individually. Nice, beautiful movement. Inhale to lift. Exhale to curl creating. Keep the arms a little bit more narrow and inhale and exhale. This is a beautiful mover you're seeing here.

Beautifully done. We're going to come up and down. One more time. Excelling to left anchoring. Nice fluid movement of the spine. Arms a little bit more narrow just in line with your shoulders and all the way down. Okay. I keep a reach back for the pegs and hold onto them with your hands.

Drop the elbows nice and wide. Bend one knee and lifted up and the other knee and lifted up for the spine. Twist supine. So we're holding the knees together. We're going to anchor with the opposite arm as we take the knees over to the right. Breathing in and now as you breathe out, feel the scapula bone. Connect into those side ribs or ribs. Connect towards the center of the spine. Inhale as you reach over, keep going, keep going, keep going. Yeah.

And exhale as you breathe your way back to center. Inhale. As you reach over, nice and exhale. Feel that whole relationship, Scapula, ribs dropping in and down and finally the pelvis and inhale as you reach over and exhale as you pull back, just creating, letting those legs be rurally heavy. They're just a natural weight. Let the feet drop just a little bit. Let's do one more reaching over and then going deep as you draw back through center. I mean here, don't let this hip hike. Yeah, better.

So it was happening. Well maybe we'll take it one more time. What was happening was the, the pelvis on that side specifically is lifting up towards the ribs and are getting a little shift. It's good on this side. This side doesn't do it and back. So just instead of picking the pelvis up towards your ribs, just lifted off the mat. That's it. That's it. You've got it. Exhale to pull back to center. Bring your hands to your knees. Curl up into your double leg. Stretch position. Hands on the knees. Yeah, getting ready for the double leg stretch. Inhale to reach arms and legs. Exhale, activating through the arms. Bendon inhale to reach.

When your hands come to your knees, actually touch your legs and push down. Yeah. So you can actually give yourself a little bit of work there in your arms. Reach and then push and hold firmly and reach and open and circle and five more, a little bit quicker. It's good. Inhale and pull. Don't drop the feet in here. And Paul in here en Paul. Good. Two more. And Paul, you're doing okay in here.

And Paul take both hands to the left leg. Single leg stretch. We are going to reach this one out. So what we want is we want this like to high-key. I want you to bring it more to vertical and then keep the spine lifting to it. And now switch. Beautiful and switch. Good.

So you see the feet, they reach out onto that. Reach out into the, just that same line, right? The feet are lined up into a bowls. I use my hands or your bullseye and reach. Good. And push down. Use Your hands. Use Your hands. Good. Don't drop this like quite so much better. So reaching to my chest too.

One more. One more. Both knees in. You're ready for the Chris Cross. Here we go. Hands behind your head. So nice clean legs. One leg straight right there. Good. And then lifting up to the other side, reaching up and across so I can keep the head back in the hands. Keep the elbow from coming across. So it's a rib to hip, rib to head. Rib to hit.

One more time on the other side. Bendon rest for a second. Then both knees, just bring them into your body and rest for one moment. Okay. So what I want, what we're going to do here is we're going to bring the legs back to tabletop. We're going to, we're going to perfect the position a little bit. So lift yourself up or you can actually put your hands on your knees. [inaudible] and so let's start by turning this way. So you're going to take this hand to the outside and this hand to the outside.

Now stretch this leg out straight. So what we were getting is a little bit of elbow moving. What I want you to think about instead is rib, hip, and then this rib is going to pull in and with that pulling, and that's going to give you a little bit of height right there. Now I want you to hold that, take this like away from you a little bit more. Bring your hands behind your head and does a memorize that feelings.

Three, two, one, bring it to the center. We're going to switch sides. So hands to the outside of the thigh left and actually really strongly use your arms. Come up, come across rib hip, and then this review one that we won't do on lateral flexion, that size is I that guy in. That's it. And then curl to it and then this leg is going to straighten and then we're going to bring the hands behind the head and you're going to memorize three, two, one, three more repetitions with that precision. Go One. Oh, don't drop that foot. One, two, lift your body too. There we go. Forward, go forward, go forward. And three arrest. Oh yes. Bring your knees into your chest all the way.

All right, I'm going to put the bar up so just [inaudible] move our feet a little bit. How are you feeling? Is a high bar good for you? You want it on the low bar? You're happy, you're happy. Do you want your head rest up? Um, this is okay. Okay. All right. So we have the feet, the feet, the heels on the bar. We're going to reach out, stretch the legs out.

Pause for just a moment and feel that the spine is Ilan gating. The tailbone is dropping and then as you bend and bring the carriage back in, keep the spine long. Good. You can come in, right, good. And then stretch away. And then try to keep the springs long for as long as you can, as you're [inaudible] coming in. Good. This is good work. Keep a little bit more after work happening.

Pull back and stretch out and pull in and stretch out. Beautiful for keeping the pelvis neutral, the arms long and straight. Nice. And one come all the way back. Great job onto your toes, please. Okay, nice. Let's just move this foot over just a little bit. Here we go. So our reach out.

So here's what we want from the feet. The foot here is in maximum plantar flection and as you bend, your feet are going to stay right where they are. Yup. And stretch. So don't drop that left foot. Keep the left foot a little higher. High-Key that's it. And bet and reach. And as you're reaching in and out, I want you to feel that you're putting a little bit more pressure on the inside of your big toe. Nice. Good.

Pull back stretcher, pull back, stretch out. That left foot. Really wants to draw. Keep it lifting. That's it. Three more reach and Paul. Nicely done. Reach and Paul. One more time. Reach and bend. Beautiful heels together. Toes apart and pull back. Hang on just one second, Dr. Yep. Hang on just one second. When I drop this side of the pelvis out, that's the same side that was hiking in the, in this, yeah. Spine twists. Yeah.

I reach out and Paul, go ahead and reach out and I reach out and draw. And so there's equal energy on the end and on the out the heels pressed together to activate the inner thighs and we'll do four pull yourself yet and three and pulling in and too nice and one. Then all the way back in. Very good. Bring your heels to the outside of the bar please. [inaudible] so we're just flexing from the ankle joint then relax the toes forward a little bit as though you're just standing on a wall. Lovely. And press yes and bend.

Good here just as much as with, um, what do I want to say? Feel that there's an adductor focus as though you're trying to sly the feet towards one another or the thighs towards one another without actually moving the size in. This is good work. This is good work. He's working hard. Good. Beautiful. For three beautiful feet. It's perfect. Last two, one more time. I love it. Good. Switch to your toes wide. Yeah, you look good and let's go reach out. And then so in the straight leg position we get that maximum.

Can you lift your heels a little bit more when you're in your straight leg? Yeah. Yup. Good. I guess. I guess you're doing your best, Huh? Yeah. Yeah. Good. So we'll take it. We'll take the best that you've got. A little bit higher. Um, not necessarily. Let's see what happens if you try for hire. Yeah, I feel like you're good.

The last three, make the left leg straighten all the way. Yeah. And last one, very nicely done. Coming onto the toes in the center of the bar for some calved raises. So lining up, we stretch out, the heels dropped down, but the rest of the spine elongates. And now lift, reach, lift from the hip and all the way down. So I want you to think about this lift coming all the way up through the backside of the leg and as you're lifting, I want the little bit of pressure into that big toe joint.

So you're working against your foot's natural inclination to go into super nation. It's [inaudible]. It's good, it's good. Oh, I love how you're getting that full range, that full pull. That makes me really happy and left. So many people skip the stretch and that's so important. Three more please. Two more. Go ahead. Last one. And then lifting onto the feet and straight into prancing.

So we le I drop one left. Change as the knee is bending, I want you to think about a little bit more inward pressure and feel that you're active on both feet, not just the pulling foot but the pushing foot as well. So one's drunk, one's pulling and one's pushing into the bar. Lift and change, holding the pelvis steady. I've got four lift, switch for three left. Switch three, two left and one up and down.

And just drop one heel and just hang out there for a second for me. Okay. Heikki keep reaching your heel down, but allow your knee to bend quite a lot. Yup. Just hold right there. Changing the focus, the muscular focus of the stretch here. That's given him a little love. Okay. Switch.

Yeah. You want a ton of Dorothy flection and not much plant our flag, Huh? Okay. And then starts to start to bend the knee. Yeah. Good. Right there. Right there. Right there. Stop. Eh, great. So you're going bend your knees. You're going to come all the weekend. Um, help yourself. We're going to skip single legs today. Okay.

Okay. So we're going to move, we're going to go down to one spring for legs and strapped. So it's an abdominal reversed. You're gonna sit facing that way and you're going to get them to put the straps right over the tops of your knees. So the position that when you lie down, as you want to be able to touch with straight arms, the shoulder blocks. Yes. The scoot back just a little bit more. Yeah, there you go. Okay. You're right. Bring your hands behind your head. In fact, bring your hands to your knees to start. So we're just gonna let you use that hole to get an a nice high curl check.

The positioning of the pelvis, it should be a neutral position. And then reach back. High-Key keeping that height and bring your hands behind your head. Fully interlocking. The fingers I had is heavy in the hands. Breathe in as your legs. Straighten in here.

Exhale from deep within you. Pull, inhale, reach. Exhale from deep within the abdominal. So truly this is an exercise which works to strengthen and use the deep hip flexors, right? So the movement of the light comes from there. We'll do five more. Nice. Beautifully done.

And for just keep curling forward at the ribs. And three, go ahead and too, and one hi Kia is your knees. Come back and reach for your knees with your hands. Hold on again. Re-Establish that nice high curl position. We're going to work on perfecting that crisscross movement. So hands back behind the head. So the legs are gonna straighten as you inhale.

And as you exhale in Ben, reach up and across. Let's go this way. I've been in the less head, less head. Keep your head straight and inhale to center and Exhale, reach, uh, go forward instead of over. Yeah. And then center. So think less about going around so much and more about going up there. I love it. I love it. Watch that. The knees come in straight. Good.

Last head. High-Key last head. Look just to the outside of your thigh right there. That's it. And Center. And just to the outside of your thigh as you lift into that thigh. It's so good now. So good. And just to the outside of that pie, we're going to do two more. I need side. Here we go. Oh, center and one good center. I love the head.

Now keep it just as it is to center and to up and rest. Good. So you can get 'em rescue yourself from the strap. Yeah. Good. And Rock yourself up. Turn all the way around on cheer back. We'll do some hip work. So I think if you are in that crisscrossing, like if you think less about having to go, go, go, go, go as far over as you can and focus more on [inaudible] and the up and just looking onto the outside of that leg. That'll really help you to get that solid.

Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So all the way down onto your back, we'll put the feed into this straps. Oh yeah. Okay. Alright. So stretch out with your legs. Lower your legs towards me for just a moment. Me.

Just want to look at your alignment. Okay. So we're going to start with circles cause we're going to do the extended frog today. So lift, press down, separate, reach out and draw that. Nice. A con centric circle. Is it a concentric circle? I don't know. It's an even circle. Nice. Beautiful. Using the hip extensors.

So what I want you to think about as your legs are going down is delay the feet, get the backs of legs to start firing, and then the feet has to come along for the ride there. Good. Beautiful. Let's just do two more. Try taking the legs a little lower. I think that you have the core strength to do that, right? So to see that, that creates a little bit more challenge. Last one. Nice. And reach out. Lovely. Good. And then separate. Reach down.

Feel the legs come together and up and separate. Yeah. Good. So the left leg is coming into the center a little bit faster than the right leg. That's it. You got it. Good. So we just have to [inaudible] focus on that nice. Even movement. Standing in the straps on both feet. And we'll do four more.

I love it. Now it's a really good and lift open. Fill the backs of the legs and then challenge your height, right. That you can drop them just a little bit. Last too. Good. One more. Okay. So we're gonna bend the knees. Stop there.

From there, reach the legs out. Straight a c w sorry, I stopped. You reached the legs out straight. Go ahead. Go ahead and go the way you want it to. Yup. And then open. So you're gonna straighten your knees. We're going to go into the extended frog. So you're going to straighten your knees, sorry. And Open your legs. And now keep the thighbone still keep a lot in our thigh.

Activating a lot of hip activation. Hold. Inhale and press forward. So as you open, feel that the heels go along this straight line and then, then yeah, bringing the heels together. Yeah. Don't let the side ones get any closer to you. And then press and reach out. Draw the straight line. This leg is dropping. It's here. Yup. And Bend and press. So what I want you to think about on the last, to go ahead and open, don't let the right leg drop and then try not to let the thigh bones move.

If you keep the thigh bones still, your carriage will stay still underneath you. And let's try for that one more time. Keep the thighbone stuff, the femur stuff. Yeah, that's it. That's it. You got it. Push out. And then again, so now you're from there. You're going again. Draws straight line with your heels as your legs.

Extend to your sides. Nice. And inhale and press work this side. Work this side together. Then and open. Keep the carriage still hold. Inhale and press together. Good. Bed and open. Nice.

High-Key and squeeze. Good. Creating that strong, energetic pull together and [inaudible]. I love it. One more. Reaching out, pressing together. Beautiful. Let's do the long spine today. Okay, so from this position, that's pointed feet. So what we're doing is trying to keep the carriage still wants to get to vertical with your legs are going to be an external rotation of your hips.

Inhale, lift your legs to vertical right there. As you exhale, starts your roll up, keeping the carriage still underneath you. I love it. Open slowly. Roll the spine down. What's Nice here is that you can watch the front of your hip line making sure that the pelvis comes down evenly. So I would drop into that right hip a little bit. That's it. Good. And once you come down, press so to, in order to keep the carriage still, we've got to have a little bit of balance between enough hamstrings and not too much hamstrings, right? And lots of back extensor work. Inhale to lift.

You did beautifully exhale. There's a slight forward pressure into the straps as a spine elongates. Inhale, open, exhale, articulate the spine all the way down. Drop down into that right side pelvis. Yeah, good pelvis comes down. They'll let the carriage move until your hips are all the way down.

Let's do two more. So there's kind of a fine line between how much you can use your legs and how much you can't use your legs. I love the back though. High-Key I really do. Rolling Dep will push towards me a little bit with your legs. That's it. That's what's going to hold your carriage. Still keep that forward. Pressuring just a little bit. Not Too much now. Yeah.

So just play with that. Play with that dynamic. One more time. Left. Rola. Okay, good. Elongate Ilan gates separate. And then again watching the front of your pelvis, watching that right hip. Feel that right hip dropped down into the mat. Yep.

Beautiful. Bring the legs all the way together. Bend your knees and take your feet out of the straps and just set the straps back. Good. Go ahead and come all the way up. Okay, so we do the full lunch. Yes, the full end. Okay, so you're going to step up here. We're taking it to one spring now. One red spring. So high-key set one foot back on the shoulder block. About halfway up.

Yeah. Okay. So this hill wants to be a little bit more lifted. Yeah, there you go. Okay, so you're good there. And so what I want you to do here is to just drop down into the front of that hip a little bit. So let the character move backwards so that the body comes down a little bit.

And then what we're going to also do is work towards an elongation in a forwarding direction. Okay. Of your spine. So, and then we're just breathing, inhaling and exhale. Very strong through the back leg. Inhaling and just you. You're not going to get a lot of thoracic extension here, but you're just, just that effort of going there is is enough. Kay. So high-key now we want the tailbone to tilt upwards. As the leg starts, that set front leg starts to stretch. So almost think of arching your back. Yeah. Bend your kneel at all. All right, stay there.

Tilt your tailbone up towards the ceiling. That's what I want. Now you can straighten your leg more if you can keep your pelvis where it is. I would stop. I would stop because that's where you're starting to go. Posterior breathing in and out. This is the intense stretch. Okay, so we're going to come back through. Yeah.

Going back into that feeling of thoracic just there, where the knee is over the ankle, back into that thoracic extension of three full breaths. Strong back leg. [inaudible]. So as you're going back, right, right now you're biasing towards kind of a post here. You're still think about going the opposite direction, almost creating an arch in your lower back. I love it. I love it. Yep. Yep. Wait, yeah, go a little slower. Get a little bit more Archie. There it is. And then breathing dropped the head just a little bit right there.

This is very well done. This is not easy. Oh No. Okay. Come all the way back and help your foot down. Very good. Let's bring it, yeah. Is it, can you bring this foot over a little bit this way? Yeah, that's fine. Okay.

So reaching down and breathing in and are thinking about thoracic extension. Just holding that strong back leg and then tilt the pelvis. Yep. Start to reach out through that front leg. Yep. Arch more this way. That's it. Oh my. Okay. Okay. So we've got a little bit more tightness on this side it seems. And that's okay.

We all have a side that's more tight and not so tight. So we just work with lift this hip work with what we have. K high-key going back into the hip flexor stretch. Extend through the thoracic spine. That's fine with the knee breathing in and out.

Strong pushing through the knee ahead and then thinking not just to pushing with the front leg. So get the pelvis to move first. So you're thinking, okay, I like it a lot more. I really do this hip hop. There it is. Okay. Stay there and try for a little bit longer movement here. [inaudible] holding and breathing. Holding and breathing. Good. And last one. Good. Great job. Bend your knee and step in.

Yeah. Nice. Very well done. Okay, so we're going to go into the app stretch one, stretch two, which you know, and then we're going to add on the app stretch three. Okay. So finding the up stretch positions at an okay. Spring. I have high town, one red and one blue spring. Okay. So what I want you to do here is let your torso come down a little bit more good, and then feel that there's a little bit of extra rotation in the shoulders and let your head lift back up again. Push out with your legs just a little bit for me.

High-Key stop there because what we want as a longer lower back. So it's not super important that the carriage comes all the way back for me. This, this positioning of your spine is a primary importance. So from there, inhale the legs go back, stop Xcel, tilt the tailbone up and bring the legs underneath. Yeah. Beautiful. Beautiful. Stop. Inhale. As you reach up and exhale, tilt the tailbone up and bring the legs underneath you. You and I have very similar tightnesses in our back and then just give me a little bit more. So think about this, who were doing two more as the legs come underneath you feel the scapula slide into the pelvis. Nice. I love it. Oh my gosh. You got in closer too.

Awesome. One more. Okay. Okay, so up stretch to the arms. Stay exactly as they are. The head's going to come towards me as your legs. Press out. Yes. Don't push on me. Yup. Just drop the pelvis. Keep dropping the pelvis and lifting the head. So we want this alignment to stay. And now drop the head.

Drop the body and lift the hips. Yeah, try to keep the arms just here. Beautiful. Stop there in her head. Comes up, pelvis goes down. It's kind of like a teeter totter feeling. Beautiful. I love it. And now lift the pelvis. Shoulder joints stay little bit longer here, right there. And one more. It's very, very well done.

Holding strongly through the ABS and left. Okay. Beautiful. Beautiful. We're going to go into the long stretch. You're going to come back into your upstretched too. We're going to do three long stretches. So you're going to come forward, come forward over the bar, come down and go back. Go forward. Drop the pelvis just a little bit. Tuck the pelvis just a little bit.

So try to wrap around my arm. Yeah. And now push out. Stop there. I not slide. And keep your stomach working. Pulling in. Good. Come in as far as you can in towards that stopper. And one more time. [inaudible] the up stretch three is a combination of long stretch, which we're doing. And the up stretch too. So from here, high-key lift up into the up stretch. Beautiful. Beautiful. Reach back into the AB stretch to Yup. Keep the arms here, drop the pelvis, lift the head, talk the pelvis, a little, come through the long stretch over the bar. Nice.

And lift the hips. Keep the carriage style into the up stretch too. So it's that same at stretch too. Yeah, you got it. This time Elvis down. Head Up. Pull forward over the bar. I love it. Lift the hips. So he, we're getting in that long stretch.

A little bit of winging, a little bit of winging in the shoulder blade. So I want a little bit more serratus anterior. So think about, push the bar into the ground. Pull up away from the bar with your ribs. Push the bar into the ground. Pull up away from the bar with your ribs. You're there, you're there, it's great. Lift up. Lower your heels. Yes.

And just take a stretch down. Nice work. Okay. So bend your knees. Let's go into the down stretch. Yeah. So the feet, try to get a little bit more, yeah, a little bit more of the toes tucked under. Okay. So into the down stretch positions where you have a little bit of the same thing. Here we get this, I want you to think of spreading the shoulder blades and pushing away from the bar, from the front of your body. This way. Okay, here we go. So we go down and then don't put in the left. So don't pull the shoulder blades back to lift. Keep them wide and broad, but bring the cares all the way in and back and left. Good. Pulling away from my hand with your ribs. So don't, uh, less, less arching here. So go the other way, actually.

So what I want you to think about as you're coming up over that bar, keep your head up, is the body's coming up at the rib cages pulling. I like it more, a lot more. [inaudible] [inaudible] oh my gosh. I just realized that I yell a lot more when I'm teaching than I am when I'm teaching my than I do and I'm teaching myself. Okay. Come all the way through is going to be our last one. Find this stretch.

Find this stretch. Come all the way into that stopper. Good. Sit back on your feet and rest. Okay. Okay. Arms kneeling. [inaudible] yeah, so a chest expansion to start. So you'll be on your knees facing the ocean. Reach up on the to the road.

So you're going to hold on up here. Good. Your hair, that getting there? Yeah. Okay. So what I want you to do at the moment high-key you're leaning back quite a lot. So I want you to organize yourself so that your pelvis is over your knees and now it's going to feel a little bit of imbalance. Bring your body forward right there.

So now you've got to use your abdominals a lot to hold this position. So begin to move the arms yet and then bring the arms forward. Stop there. Don't lean back as your arms are going backwards, I want you to create a little bit of external rotation in your shoulder joints. Meaning try it. You can keep going. I'll talk. Keep try to roll the rear underarms forwards and the elbows backwards.

Yeah, I like it. And as your arms are going back, you keep thinking about just teed area on that balancing position, right? Finding where you are not leaning back at all. The mini lean back, just the littlest bit. It just becomes, just becomes, well, it's great for the arms there, but if you, if you find that rurally aligned place where you're having to work against gravity, then you'll get a lot of abdominal work and balance work as well. I like it. Let's do two more gorgeous and last one. Well that was the best one. That was the best one of all. Okay. Set the straps back. Spin around. Are you fine?

Do you want to go do a lighter spring for circles? Are you happy with that red? Maybe a little bit, yeah. Okay, so we'll go to blue. Yeah, that's what I would choose. If it were me. Probably. Okay. So in this position, find that same kind of line, right? Starting here, going to reach your arms forward, holding the body upright, bring the arms all the way up, and then the shoulders rotate and their arms reach. Feel that you're trying to touch the ocean and touch the back of the room and exhale left and rotate and reach.

Feel the stretch through the chest. That nice opening through the front of the body. That's beautifully done. Reach up. I'm just gonna see if I can pick on you from some different angle. Yeah, looks great. And reaching up to come all the way to here.

And then we get the shoulder rotation. [inaudible] let's do two more. Reaching all the way. Feel the whole spine elongate into the springs and then reach out through the straps. And last one. Uh Huh. Okay. So we're going to take it in the reverse. So we're gonna reach out, keep that carriage moving, drop the right shoulder just a little bit.

Bring the arms down the front of the body. Inhale and [inaudible]. Yeah. And in here failing and again reached touching the sides of the room. I think you actually might be able to reach out and touch that window. Maybe, maybe not. Nice. Good. And then just the right shoulder is just wanting to, as you're lifting your arm, it's wanting to elevate. So just monitor that so the shoulder blade goes down. Oh, got it. The shoulder blade goes down as the arms reach. Yeah. Good.

One more time. So we're gonna do this full circle and then we're going to take it into the triceps. So you're come through the circle again. Reach out first. Fingers, thumbs, hands behind the head. Yeah, bring your elbows high. Keep just a little bit forward, and then bring your head back into your hands. And from there you're going to point straight, not forward, not forward.

Straight up and wide. Elbows and point. Straight up. Good. So feel the head reaching back for the hands and straight up. And as you're bending your elbows, feel that the elbows are reaching eastern west. They're trying to separate the hands, but the hands will are unseparable good and near you. Starting yet. Let your head come back just a little bit.

That's it. Like Elvis. A little forward. We'll give you room, we'll give you space for that one more time. Bent and stretch, reaching up, open all the way around for that beautiful chest stretch I have at a red and a blue for some biceps. Okay. So reaching the arms behind you. Yup. That's good. Can you lift your arms at all? Yeah, but not squeezed. So turn the albus this way a little bit. There we go.

And you're going to bend your elbows. Okay. So I want you to hold that for just a minute for me. Lift your arms a little higher and now keep the points of the ELLs exactly as they are in heel. Reach back to get that beautiful shoulder stretch and exhale bend and inhale, reach back using the abdominals. Right. So keeping the body aligned in your reach back.

Exhale, Ben, lean back over your knees a little bit with your trunk. High-Key are leaning forward at the waist. Uh Huh. Good. Keep the elbows reaching out a little bit. The hands continue to reach in three more. I love it. Watch that guy.

Last two [inaudible] and one more super. Uh, let the arm straight, lower the arms down and you can just set the straps back. Sit down, set the straps back, and we'll do the long back stretch. Long back stretch. So you're gonna turn in a sit on the bar red. You've got a red spring. Alright, so reaching out. Sit down for just this.

Is it possible for you to keep your thumbs on forward on the bar? Yes. Is that okay? Okay. It's just when the thens wrap, we get a little bit of internal rotation patterning. If it makes you feel safer, it's okay, but that's better for me. Okay, so now we're going to step up into those straps. You're gonna lift your body off. Good. Lift your chest up, stick your butt back. So as reaching for the foot bar. Yep. And now bend your arms. Inhale, elbows go straight back. As you exhale, curl through the spine. Reach now as you curl back and go, you're gonna keep using the hamstrings. Lift up out of the, out of the shoulders, lift up out of the shoulders and Elongate the spine.

Round the spine and left. So it's like a pelvic curl. It's a spinal articulation. And now curl deep curl. Keep pushing up with the legs and pushing off the bar with the arms. Don't bend your arms yet until you reach back to a straight back. Nice. Nice. Two more. You have two more in you. Exhale as you articulate.

So less arms on that is going to be your last one. You're going to curl in. Kerlin lift up out of those shoulders or you're trying to push up off the bar and sit. Yeah. Yes. Nice. Good balance. Control Front. So how you're going to do that? Just going to stand on the reformer. Yeah. And so how I want you to get into that is step one foot forward. Yeah.

And then set your hands and then this knee is gonna bend. And then this is going to go on the bar. Okay. So what we're going to do here is we're going to stretch this leg out and bend this leg. And then I want you to point this foot. Yeah. So your maximum plantar flection. Okay. So now high-key with what? When you're ready.

Bring your hands underneath your shoulders a little bit. Bend this knee a little bit more so you're low in that position. Okay. So what you're going to do, find your shoulders, stabilizers, nothing changes as you step and bring the pelvis down. Stop right there. Good. And then as you exhale, send the arms forward and inhale as you come back, pulling back with the back and exhale. Feel the shoulders drop to send the arms forward and inhale to come right underneath you. Drop your pelvis down just a little and talk a little. Yeah.

And then reach beautiful and back and shoulders down. Arms forward. I love it. It's great. And back. One more. Only reach. When you're ready to come back, you're going to come back the way you came up. So once the foot drops, then we bring the carriage again, and then you can step onto the carriage and then you can step down onto the ground. Yes, yes. Just like that. [inaudible] okay. We're gonna do a little hamstring work. Okay. So what you'll do here is you're going to lie on the box, on your stomach head that way, and then take your arms and reach around the front of the box and then come up with your body so that you're in a um, say like the single leg kick position on the mat. That's a beautiful position. I'm going to give you your straps for your feet. Here's one, here's the other.

Okay, so what we're going to do a couple of, we're going to do this two different ways. The first thing that you're going to do is you're going to bend your knees. You don't have tension yet. You'll catch the tension, keep the feet separate and the knees close and pull towards you. Good. High-Key now I want you to keep using your hamstrings. You're going to lose tension. Your legs are going to straighten all the way.

Let me just find that. So what? This is a mark of a beautiful mover where it's go ahead and bend again, where it's seamless, the catching of the springs and the losing of the springs. There's that seamless transition there and then reach out. Feel the arms, press into the box, feel the spine elongate forward and we'll do two more bend. Yeah, let the right leg catch up with the left leg a little bit. That's it. And reach out all the way.

Get that full extension. Lift the right leg and bend. Okay. I'm gonna change the movement just a little bit. So I want you to do a little half curl. So just to their attention range. So back and n five I feel the arms pressed into the box for, I love it. It's so good. And three and too, and just think about that, right Lee? Just make it work. That's it. And reach all the way back. Cow.

Let the legs draw. Let your spine relax. Let's take that moment. Still allow the spine to relax just a little bit. Okay. And then when you're ready, you can step off to the side. And if you would please turn the box for a side overs. Okay. Yeah, it looks great.

So let's start facing the audience. Your audience. I'm going to move this tidy away. Okay. So this is how I want you to get into this exercise today. You're going to reach over and put your left hand down on the headrest and we're going to turn your foot high-key so it's less turned up and more turn parallel with even a slight bias towards internally rotated. Get. So we're good. We've got bull, we've got that long line.

I want the elbow to go just a little bit forward and you'll feel, yeah, just let your elbow come into my fingers. The other fingers, that's my thumb this way. And then drop. So you're there. Okay, so now the body is going to stay right where it is. The other hand is going to come behind the head and then feel as though pulling your spine this way with your own arms. And now inhale, as you take your body into the frame, go, go, go and exhale as you pull your body on that long line. We're looking for a straight line. Come down a little bit and lift up with this rib and then inhale as you go down. So it's less about coming up into like a us, a bend.

And more about just creating a beautiful long line. I'm going to do six. Nice. Keep this pelvis reaching forward. I want you to challenge your stretch a little high-key. Ah, great. Yeah. Last one. Ah, okay. This is where it gets mean. Hold right here.

Arms overhead and just holding, reaching arms and narrow arms, narrow arms narrow and reach. Oh, okay. Yeah. Oh you okay? Yeah. Could you back just pop? I don't know. There was a sound. I thought it was like he's fine. No, no, no, it's true. It was a strap.

Okay, good. Help yourself up. Switch sides. So it's like, I know I never get anyone to give me a stretch like that. Yeah. Or rarely. Rarely. It makes everything worth it, Huh? Okay. Yeah. Beautiful. And you don't have to drop in that arm. I wanted this shoulder to drop on that side. That's it. It's a good position.

We go over the top and less so on this side. We're getting a little bit of hit back, get go and reaching this way. Good. And I, you can I give myself like a little head traction. So pulling up on your neck with your hands as your shoulder strap. This is really good work. Beautiful. Don't rush away from the top please.

Oh, find it. And now down. And here's your number one. So hold right there. Hold her right there. Arms Narrow, narrow, and Oh [inaudible] way down with beautiful control. Good. I just did this with that arm and then it'll drop a little bit. Uh, [inaudible]. Okay.

Help Yourself, Huh? Yeah, let's do pulling straps. Okay. So if you could turn the box for me again, that'd be awesome. It's a whole crooked. Okay. Hop on. And then reach for your straps. So I'm going to, how do make wrap the strap around your hand once. Yeah. Okay.

Alright. So bringing the legs together, this keeping the legs just as high as that box and just know that this guy works harder than this guy. So there you go. Okay. All right. So from here we're going to allow the head to start to left. We're going to slide the shoulders down, the back here, reach out, and then lower the arms down and the spine. Duh. And then reach out. So high-key this time, keep going. This is good. This is like your head com. Don't go higher than your body with your arms, but instead go close and get a little bit of elbows. This way.

A little bit of external rotation of the shoulders. That's good. And then create resistance on the way down. Create resistance. We'll do two. More like that. So head, let the head come before the body. Yep. Reaching at reverse articulation. I love it. It's great. One more. Allow the gaze to start to lift. Shoulderblades.

Sly reaching God and then lower down. Okay, so unwind your hands and then hold up here where that rubber part is and we'll do two. Okay, so bring your arms a little bit higher than that right there. Turn your palms to face down. Your elbows are going to point backwards. Yeah. Good.

Lift your back a little bit right there and now the arms sliced to the sides of your body. Beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful. Keep the palms facing down and reach out and bring the arms back. Keeping the palm spacing. I love it. This is a strong, strong man. My friends and reach back. Don't let the arms go too high. High-Key keep them low. Keep the lungs a little lower and then get more external rotation. That's it.

One more time. Nice. And then reach out. Reach all the way over your head, keeping your body lifted. Lower your body down and put the straps away. [inaudible] let me give him a little love here too. Everybody needs a little love sometimes. Okay, you can just step down to the ground. Let's again to stand on your feet.

Face the ocean. Nice. And let's just take the Amazon and then push the arms away is a strong r. And then as the arms push away all at the head. Come down, reaching the spine down, rolling the spine down. Releasing tension in how allow the body to Elongate a little bit more towards the ground. Let's soften the knees and exhale. Curl the spine. Baca.

Rolling. I'm reaching the arms. Ah, we'll go one more time. Pushing me arms away. Letting the head go forward. Rolling the spine, allowing the knees to soften. Inhale there and laugh.

Is that good? And then one last time with the arms taken, the hot, reaching and open, and that's it. Yeah. You could just stand right there.


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Love. love love! :)
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Amazing as always. I felt every move wish it was me lol.
Absolutely wonderful and your friend indeed is a strong man.
Great job both of you. Keep these videos coming.

Thank you so much!!

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Dear Meredith, you are great!! Heikki was reacting to your correction like you were shaping his body! wonderful to see!!!
KIsses Ilaria
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Loved this
You are A-mazing!
A big thank you to my dear friend Heikki for filming this class with me. I had a wonderful time. And thank you to you all for watching and taking time to leave your comments. I appreciate it so very much!
And to you, Ilaria my sweet, it is always so nice to connect with you here even though the distance between us is so great. Love to you and hope to see you soon. xxoo
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Wonderful class, Meredith - beautifully illustrated through Heikki. Thank you both!!
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Great class Meredith! Love to watch your hands on cues!
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I would like to be your friend Heikki and do this wonderful class with you...Thanks.
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