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Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


Niedra teaches a Reformer workout which focuses on stimulating your mind and body. She includes many challenging variations using the Magic Circle like the Hundred, Teaser, Elephant, and more. Niedra encourages you to use the method to service your body so you can enjoy the movement and get out of your head.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Magic Circle

About This Video


Hi there. Today I'm going to do a reformer with magic circle to tone the legs in and your bat. And uh, I am working with a balanced body reformer, which is different for me. I'm used t...


i just love your enthusiasm and's all fun and games! Thank you for the inspiration.

I just love your routines. So original. I use a lot of your routines on myself and clientele. Excellent. Thank you.

Thank you Ladies, so happy you enjoy the spirit of play, and the commitment behind them. always makes me smile to know someone else is getting the spirit and vision.
Thank you Niedra…amazing verbal and energy! Flow and precision is so inspiring! Im looking forward to delivering this class to my clients!
Thank yo Lois, I can just see the fun you will have teaching this. I see you are a new studio owner and I can feel your enthusiasm for your work in your bio.
How fun and insightful you are. I am so glad that even though you are classical trained, you can be open to trying s new reformer and see the outcomes. I think the more we leave are selves open, the more we can receive.
I decided to watch this because of the amazing still shot from the video on the home page, and I am so glad I did--I've never watched a video by Niedra before, and I really loved it!
Thank you Alicia, So glad you enjoyed the video. I must say, I LOVE to move, Love to teach and share, and love to communicate with like minded people, so welcome. PA is an amazing resource for people.
Niedra, thank you for your teaching, I love the leg workout.
Wonderful! Thank you!
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