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Clean Up your Transitions

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Adrianne is joined by Alejandro in this challenging Mat workout. She works on clean transitions between the exercises and precision during the exercises. Adrianne also adds variations to Double Leg Stretch and Teaser that will give your abdominals a great challenge.
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May 06, 2014
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Hello, I'm Adrian. I'm going to be teaching an intermediate back class today. Alejandro is my student and has a fantastic body and strong, so this should be go very nicely and for you as well. So He's great demonstrator. He's going to start with his knees into his chest, extend his like straight out. Head comes up, arms are long. Nicely done. He's already put a shoulders down. He's done this before. Let's curl you in a little bit. Squeeze your seat and keep reaching.

So arms are stretching. Legs are stretching into the hundreds to drop your Chin just a little bit. That's it. Four, five, six and breath in. Long breath out. Really inhaling. Really exhaling. Excellent. That's it. One more time. Nice.

Deep breath in. Keep the leg lengthening and the seat tight and then bend your knees. Alejandro, normally he'd been this neesen and then rest he's advanced so he's used to doing a much more strict workout. Reach out. This is as hard workout though. All right. Especially if done properly, I'm gonna to shift you a little bit. Arms started 90 degrees. Shoulders are down, imprint, pull in and nose drops between the legs and come back down. So I'd like you to get your head all the way onto the legs. Arms up, relax those fingers. Pull in Shadrach. There you go.

And calm down now a little bit quicker and up and over. He's doing five. This is three. Relax your toes. That dancer in him wants to point. Do you want to keep those feet soft? Use your seat. Tight seat, soft feet. That's it. One more time and it's hard for him and up over head between the legs.

He's going to lie down and bring one. Knee intuition. Chest hands can arrest at your side, going into a leg circle, bring your right leg in. Normally you'd bend the knee and then stretch. That's it. There you go. Now place your hands down and take the right leg up and he can go as big as you want. You can drop your heel all the way, brush the other heel and then lift five times. But keep those hips from moving.

Don't let your hips move five times all at your back arch. You want to keep that back strong. Fill it up. Three, four. I see some hip movement and five. All right, go ahead and bend the other leg in. Give it a nice little stretch. Then take your leg up. Chest is open, but your back is down. One, two, over. Pull in here. Three. Squish my hand. There you go. Four and I'll reverse that.

Stay in there. One up to the nose. Two, three, four. Keep lengthening this leg long, left leg and five. All right. He's going to arrest that leg. He's to sit up, lift his hips, and sit at your heels. So straighten those legs straight your legs. Lift your bottom and sit at your heels. Ah, there we go. And now grab your ankles. Drop your head. One Hand on each leg, and now roll. That's it. Following the midline, pulling in to grieving.

Now he's got a little more advanced by grabbing his hands. That makes it a lot more challenging. Nothing wrong with that. Two more. You always want to challenge yourself and do one more. Drop your feet, lift your seat and stretch back. Getting ready for single leg stretch. He's gonna lie down with one leg in.

Let's go ahead and do that again. Drop your head. So he's just come out of the rolling like a ball. He's now down. Now he's going to bring the right leg in. He got into the position in a very advanced way, which is fantastic. So keep your head down, bring your right leg in first.

Then you're then lift your head. So just the leg. Now lift your head another leg. Yeah, don't whip up. So control it and around that didn't. Now he's doing a nice job at stretching by pulling that leg in three, four. I'm going to have him do eight sets. Four pull deeper into that back five but getting that naval to pull down six and six, stretch the legs away. Seven. One more.

Eight double leg stretch. Arms and legs out together. Deep breath in. Big Circle. Come back in one reach. Let's add a little step to lower the heels. Brushed the mat, then lift the legs and come back in. So heels down, up and come in. Heels down, lift and come back in to more stretched down. Lift and come back and keep your sternum up. Don't let your chest drop. And now scissor, one leg up. Single leg pole, pole, pope, and one.

Keep those shoulders down. And let me see this deepening, pulling in. Hat's it. Reach for your ankle more, more towards the heel. You've got that flexibility at it. Two clear pulses. Pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse. One more set, right, right, left, left bend. Or you can keep your legs up lower and lift the legs. Yeah, now don't go so low on the first set. And I want you to lift up here though to stay up here. Three, four, stay up there. Five.

Now go all the way to the mat and come back up. Stay up here. One, don't drop to Dab here and lift. Bend your knees and Chris Cross what now? Only to keep going and switch sides all. They go all the way down with those legs. If you feel like you're, you've got that strike, bring the knee in. Hell a hundred, really bring that leg and, and, and that's it. Two more sets, right? And now let's go ahead and have you sit up for your spine, stretch or legs apart. Breathing, that's good.

Arms forward. He's going to drop his head between his arms. His arms will stay up as his head drops between the window. Go ahead and go all the way down. This time as low as you had can try to get the top of your head on the Mat. Keep going, keep going. You got more. Watch more range.

Stop there now drop your shoulders, suck and colon and then come back up two more and go down. Pull the little toes back all the way down. Hang out there very good and come back up one more time. Up and over pulling and you should feel that lift into the ribs, into the stomach and lower back and left. All right, I'm going to have him. He's up on a table, but he's going to go into like rocker.

Probably move just a little forward just so you have that security behind you and be conscious that when you're rolling that it's clear behind you and that you don't roll onto your neck. You want to control it. So head forward, only roll to here, to the tips of the shoulders. That's it. Now hold that lift. Can you lift your back to go into the stretch? You're going to come up and you're going to stretch. Lift. Let's get this side forward a little bit right hip forward. Round your back. Said to yourself out deep in that scoop. Deep, deep, deep good.

And then go back. Nice and easy now and lift. Ooh, he's adding in a little stretch here. He grabbed onto his toes. Now only do that if you feel you've got that flexibility. He's challenged himself. Very good. Bring your feet together, lie down. Walk down your legs into corkscrews and now circle. Keep your hips still. Don't let those hips move. I want you to do the first set with the hips.

Very still. Now there's a couple of ways to do this. You can do just the first four vertebra. Okay, so circle to the right down and then he's gonna lift just the first four vertebra up and go left. Open your chest, go back a little with the toes back here. Then lift and how control. Now you can make these as big as you want. Keep your neck out of it. Keep the arms long, and he can go up and down. Go ahead and go higher this time. All the way up. If you want way up there, hips up, legs up, and bring yourself down. He's articulating his back.

One spine at a time and come on up for your saw. So move backwards. Ella Honda. So your feet, no, you're still gonna sit up. You're going into soccer and then you're going to move back. Keep your feet on the map. Yeah, take your arms out to the side. Pull those shoulders back, those wings. Good.

Staying on top of the hips and twist. Reach for the toe. Sod Off. Really stretched that arm and I'll keep pulling in as you come back up. Center out and churn and stretch. Keep your hip still. Don't let your feet move. Hip stays still. Center and turn. Enjoy that stretch. Hang out there for a second.

Add one more time. Stay down there. That's it. Now come on up. Flip over. Go to your next. Cool. All right, so he's going to push into the palms. Now you feel this out. If you don't like it, if it doesn't agree with you, leave it out. Push it into the hands and come up.

Most important thing is to keep that powerhouse up so you don't feel this in your lower back. Look right down around left center. Look left down around the right center and come on down and now he's going to go to single leg kick. So up onto your elbows, knuckles together. Now really get up through here. More. Lift more on the squeeze and kick kick. So I don't want to see you dropping here. You got to really lift.

I'm going to grab you loose those reps up. Squeeze and kick, kick. Feel the stretch on the top of the leg and that's enough. Lie All the way down for your double kick. Something to be worked on. Elbows down. Three kicks, one, two, three and now he's getting to reach. Now this is where you challenge yourself. You could really reach, reach, reach, reach and switch cheeks. And what?

Two three stretch all the way back there. Very nice. And one more set. One two, three, stretch. As you kick, make sure your bottom doesn't lift and switch cheeks. And here you go. So bottom stays down. You've got one more set just to stay even one to three stretch. And that's enough. Sit back on her heels and stretch out.

Good. Yeah, you can have your hands down and just relax. That's it. Get a nice little stretch. And now he's gonna turn over for natural neck pole rather. So you'll lie flat. Lie Down to start.

First time, flex your feet. Open your feet. Hip width apart. Yeah, you could start up and round down, but there's variations. Put your hands behind your head. Keep the heels pushing away. Get your back down. So we'll try to get this down. Mountains, more ribcage. Okay. Bring your head up. Start to curl up. Bring your chin to your chest. Hold. Keep pulling in. Keep pulling in. Come on up. Come on up. All the way up. Pull in all the way over.

Stretch. Lift your back. Good. Pull your head back a little bit more. Yes. Beautiful. Nice line. Now round down. He'll do two more like that and then you can add the hinge. So come up all I'll, I'll tell you what to do forward. Push those heels out. Lift, start to round. Go down breathing. Don't hold the breath. Deep breath in.

Exhale that breath. That's the fire in the belly that Ramana talks about. And exhale, come back down. Now he's going to do two more with the hinge. Come up over [inaudible] tall. Stay Tall. Elbows wide. Now hinge, hinge, hedge. Stay Tall. Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going. And then round down. Move down a little bit towards your feet. You're sliding back. So I'm going to have him do two more. So elbows are wide.

He's gonna Round over to his knees and then he's going to sit up tall, flat back. It's like you do on the short box. Day Tall. Stay Tall. Push from the heels, and now curl down. There you go. One more time. Up over. Sit up tall. Now start to hinge, hinge. Use your seat. Push your heels away and now curl down. That's it. Beautiful. All right, lie on your side. For sidekicks.

So he's going to lie to himself, up hip, on top of hip. Just make sure that your hips line with your shoulder, that's important and that you got a nice long spine. Take the leg up, hip level and kick kick. Now if you want to challenge these a little bit, you can take your right hand behind your head. It's up to you or you can keep that hand firmly planted but really solid here. I don't want to see that arch that's happening a little bit in your back and kick, kick. Don't fall back. Shoulder on top of shoulder and tomorrow kick kick lots in energy in these stretch. One more time. Kick, kick.

Stay in here and now up and down. Lift the leg, reach it away. Lift the leg. Now your hand could stay back or it can come down. You listen to your body to reach, reach reached. I'll let you have fall back. Three more. One, two hips right on top of each other. And circles. One, two, three, reverse that one, two, three and go and do a quick bicycle three times forward. Bend and stretch tomorrow. Cause he's got such flexibility. It's nice to see it.

Just stay still up here. Not so much movement in your upper body. That's better. Now reverse back. Bring your knee to your shoulder. Touch your nose, stretch and back. Then the knee to the shoulder and stretch. One more time. Last one back. Just get out of those toes a little bit and that's enough. Alright, nicely done.

Flip over to four. Transition Beats Palma. Top upon and you're here. You're reaching your legs out. Legs are long and now clap. One, two for 20 counts, four, five, six. Keep stretching. Eight, nine, 10 and ten nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and over the other leg. He is going to feel this tomorrow. Both legs forward. You be careful here.

Not a lot of movement. Keep that still. Especially when you go to stretch back. You don't want this to happen. All right, kick, kick forward. Soft feet back into that. The seat right too. That's much better. Three. Okay. Stay in control for a little less here.

Five. Do One more. So six times and I'll go into your open down. He's getting a stretch when he goes back, which is good one. But stay strong. Stay Tall. Stay open to reach the leg. Stretch it away. Three, four. Keep pulling in. Five Walmart. Now circles five times two, three, four, five. Keep those hips from moving. Stay still quiet for, that's it.

Rest a little burn going there. Kick forward and stretch back. Good. Three bicycles each way by my three fingers and one more. Now reverse that. Bring it back and the knee to the knee. Knee to shoulder. Stretch. Careful when you go back, but you don't lift that knee too high.

Stretch Walmart time back. The knee stays line with your hip. Last stretch. Touch your nose and rest into your teasers. So you're lying there. Back Taser one. Okay, so intermediate, you can do anywhere from Taser one all the way to teaser one, two, and three. So let's do all three. So bring your knees into your chest. Are with your legs at 90 degrees. Okay? Take your legs all the way up.

So he's so advanced, he goes right into these advanced moves. Take your legs up here and then take your arms back and lower and LPL up. And now hold the legs there. Stretch and now bring herself down and cover right back up. Rich for the back of the room. Lift your spine, come back down and you've got one more up. Hold.

Now teaser to lower lift legs. Now do you want to take your arms up and stretch your back more? You could do that too. Or you can keep your hands to the toes and bring everything down per teaser. Three. Everything that I'm going to, I'm going to throw something at you guys.

Come on up. Hold. I'm going to have you twist to the right twist, right? Come Center. Lift tall, bring it down. Come back up. Whole twist left. Stay tall on your back. L 100 and keep those legs for buoy live. Come back down one more time. Up to the toes. Whole twist, right center.

Lift your back, lift your arms, come back down one more time. Everything up together. Twist, left center lift, bring it down. Alrighty. Very nice. Set up for your seal. Finishing up. You'll do six and then you'll be done. Head down. Really Curl into it as deeply as you can. Really get in here. Very good. And two, three back. One, two, three up.

So you know the further your hands are wrapped around the top of the ankles, so your fingers in, the more challenging this becomes so you can put those fingers in. That's fantastic. Que. That'll give you a nice stretch in the upper back. Two, three back. Now don't go so far back. Come on up. Only rule to here. Do two mark. One, two, three, back. Cop your heels, not your toes. Two, three up. Walmart. Time control it. Don't go to your head. That's almost there. Carvana drop your feet, straighten your legs and just move back a little bit. So sit up, move back a little bit, and just stretch forward. Yes. Good job. Take a nice deep breath in. Lift your arms up. Sit up tall. Ella a Honda, all the way up. Lift your sides, lift your back and exhale.

Shake yourself out to your dad. Very nice job. Thank you.


Dear Adrianne:
In the first of the SIDE KICK SERIES - FRONT & BACK, you asked Alejandro not to allow his back to arch a little as he kicked back, but to keep his torso solid.
Historically, Joseph Pilates did allow his back to arch as he kicked front and back. So his back was flexing with the moving leg.
Is there any evidence to suggest that Mr Pilates version of doing this exercise is unhealthy for the spine? If so, would you please reference it.
Thank you.
Hi Matwork?, in reference to your question, when I am teaching I am looking at the body in front of me, while at the same time keeping in mind that level 2 can be structured low to high intermediate. This means not all body's in level two are capable of the same fluidity or strength as a high intermediate would entail. I asked Alejandro, my demo body to keep his back from swaying and to keep his back long and powerhouse engaged. This does not mean there should never be any arch, but to protect your back while in the arch by engaging your powerhouse - ribs, bottom, shoulders, abs etc. keeping in mind the frame work that brought us to this level. Remember Joseph Pilates was the creator, the master of his own system that we aspire to attain. I go by Romana's training, a system that has been proven time and time again for me.
By the way thank you for the question! Excellent to ask!
Dear Adrianne:
Thank you for your reply and I have noted your comments.
I like!
The perfect class for a quick thorough work out.
Thank you, glad you enjoyed!
Such a fun class!! teasers will be the death of me!! need to practice teaser 3 with the twist. Very challenging!
I love the pace of this routine and how you include a good number of poses in 20 minutes. I'm looking for more direction when it comes to breathing throughout each routine. For example when do I inhale in the pose and when do I exhale. Do you have other videos where you address this or maybe a recommendation for another instructor who can guide me through equally dense quicker paced routines and directions coupled with breathing ques? Thanks!
Anjli ~ If you are looking for classes that move at a quicker pace, you can filter the classes by "accelerated" pace. Sometimes it is mentioned in the description when the instructor places emphasis on breath, so I would suggest browsing our accelerated pace class descriptions or watching a few minutes of the class before taking it to see whether or not the instructor is cuing breath.
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