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Mat Workout

35 min - Class


Amy teaches a fun Mat workout choreographed with the option to wear ankle and wrist weights in order to feel the work and a connection to the exercises more deeply. Emphasis is placed on the thighs and glutes through movements typically performed by dancers, as well as on arm work through exercises such as Rowing and Coordination.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi everyone, it's Amy and I have a mat workout plan for is kind of intermediate level. Nothing really advanced skills, but what I, what I've gotten on my body, I've got wrist weights a...


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Always a great workout with Amy with some new bits again, love it!
Great cue's. Thanks Amy!
Love it as always Amy. I see your low back is opening up. :) Too bad there's not a nice view behind you though. Haha!
Thanks so much ladies! :) Yes lower back and shoulders both are opening up. This Pilates stuff really works, eh?! I was also nice and warm out there....that always helps!
Delightful! Thanks for a wonderfully cued and connected class.
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So much fun Amy! What a great evening work out.
Thank you Julibeth and Francine! :) I appreciate you taking the time to comment!
Weel, if I cant be with you in SB, this is the next best thing! Loved the added weight. blessings
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too little energy to get to a studio, too many "to-do's" I'm avoiding.... your class was perfect! Thanks! My spirits are now salvaged. I didn't have ankle and wrist weights but I had 8 lbs of cat on my back for all the extensions....
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