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Stabilizing Theraband

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Stabilize using simple movements in this Mat workout with Amy Havens. She uses the Theraband to give you feedback about where your ribs are placed. She includes creative variations throughout the class in exercises such as Saw, Side Kick, and many more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Hello ladies. So we're just doing a bad class, kind of simple today. What we're going to use the theraband and I want you just to hold it first in your fists and then start with it. Just your arms straight in front of your shoulders, but your arms angled just a little bit so you're not straight in front of your shoulders, but a little bit there. Okay. And then just lower the band down. So we'll get to that in just a minute. But I want to just start this with a couple standing roll downs.

So just take a nice deep breath through your nose and I'll do the best I can with that. And then as we exhale, just start to roll your head forward, your shoulders forward, and shift your weight slightly forward also of your ankles. And just feel yourself drooping forward over your legs. Let your head go as best you can upside down here. Take an inhale, try to widen your back. And then as we exhale, start with the abdominals and really think a pulling those upward toward your spine, towards the ceiling. You're going to start to rebuild yourself all the way back up to a standing tall posture with no tension, no, just nothing excessive. Here, take a deep breath and exhale again. Think of Glean over something.

So if there were maybe like a pedestal in front of you that you're going over the top of, that's right. So the abdominal muscles are the front body, right? They're not resting on your legs at all. Good Nicole, inhale. And then that's what initiates you to start rolling up since the abdominal muscles in up and there's a constant in up. Yeah, that's it. And then the spine begins to build tall, tall, tall. And let's do it one more time. Take an inhale and exhale.

And over that same idea, maybe that there's a pedestal right there in front of us and we're going over the top a prophet God. Now we're going to add a little something with our body here. Put your hands in front of, you can put them pretty far in front so your palms are flat. Lift your heels and crouch down into a little squat position. Sometimes their toes get left out of of workout.

So once you put your hands flat, shift weight into your hands and rock weight forward and lift your heels up. Exactly. So you're really gonna just bend across those toes and then shift back. And then keep doing that. I want you to now take your eyes and look at your toes so that when we do this rocking forward and back, you can already start to check the alignment of your feet. And as you're rocking forward and back, you can bend right over those metatarsal heads.

You want to go as evenly and straight as possible. You watch it for a couple and feel free to go pretty far back on your heels to get a calf stretch. Good. Yep. And then one more time and then just settle back there. Good. Take a breath and we're going to start standing back up again. So you want to reach your arms more forward, lift your hips, dive your head, and then as you can start to straighten those knees and once again, abdominals start to initiate and you begin to roll yourself up.

That sense of articulation or at least bone by bone. There we go all the way to a standing tall. Got a little blood rush. Okay, now reach your arms forward just in front of your shoulders again with that little bit of angle. And then I want all three of us to shift our weight again slightly forward. So we're lighter on our heels so we can keep that feeling of the abdominals in and up. And let's just take a nice chest opener. So pull on the band and then release it. And let's think about the breath. It's an inhale as we stretch the band. That could be our stretching lungs.

And exhale the air goes away from the lungs. Inhale, filling up and exhale. We're going to do that four more times. So it's easy to get a little bit up in the shoulders when we do theraband works. So think about just resting the shoulders down, kinda relaxing across the collarbone. Good. Haley. Now think about where we're working from the back of the shoulders, the back of the chest wall. Really good, Nicole. Yeah. And one more time.

Here we go. And then easy arms forward and we're going to just bring him all the way down. So the next pattern, just a big arch from bottom all the way up over the head of full breath cycles. We inhaled to the chest level. Exhale as we come all the way up and inhale, chest level and exhale all the way down. Okay, so that's it. That's the simple choreography or simple movement.

But where we're wanting to do is work on stabilizing collarbone, keep the body tall, good opening through the chest without pushing the ribs forward, which is kind of tricky to do. There we go. So the abdominals still are working. That's right you guys to hold the ribs relatively still and lift. Can you start to feel your back muscles though? A little bit. So our arms really relating to the back body. Let's do two more here and then we'll stay up on the second one and lift.

Inhale, exhale, lower. And this last time, let's keep the arms above us just for a few breasts. If we can sustain this position. Think about your legs now. What do you think about your inner thighs? And that they're contracted toward each other. That might make your glutes feel a little bit like they're working. Okay.

Now let's try to pull the band again with an inhale and you'll probably notice your arms can come behind you. Yep, I know you too. So you can do this. If you're at home doing this and you can't get the arms to go that far behind, don't worry. Just go as far as you can. It's more about moving with ease. So that might be as far as you go, like where I'm at or where Nicole does stock, that's fine. You can also go all the way back over. Let's do two more. Inhale above the head. Open the chest to stretch the band.

There we go. And reach behind you all the way up and down by the thighs. And one last time. We're going to keep the band behind us now and do a fun little trick and that's not a trick. Roll your hand in there. Elongate your arms straight. Okay, so that just helped us Kinda taught the band a little bit.

Now I'm going to step forward just a little bit. You guys, this is the chest expansion sometimes takes place on the reformer. So let's open up the chest a little bit more with the collarbone long arms and then just easy move your arms behind you only to the place you can keep your ribs quiet or no put pushing through and then arms by your legs we can exhale. And so it's long arms down and back, feeling some muscle work in the back of the shoulders, back of your arms. Work to keep the risks nice and straight. Good. So these are kind of isolated arm exercises right here that we building strength for harder mat exercises where you need triceps and he needs strong arms.

Yep. And reform will work into your work and all the things, but sometimes it's nice to do classes with just more isolated pieces like this rather than the full repertoire. Okay. Couple more long arms return and long arms back there. Now notice how tall you both are. I can, you're taller than you started, at least now unwrap your hands, reach the band. Don't think of going up for school back first. Back as far as you can. Keeping your cylinder of your torso nice and tall. And then the arms come up.

I'm going to have this do two more large arm arcs. Inhale above head and exhale, open the chest to bring the arms behind better. That's it. And reach back. Feel the work in the upper back a little bit between the Scapula one last time. Keeping those ribs can track [inaudible] in or the abdominals contracted in.

Yep. And last one reaching back and up and hopefully we feel a little warmed up. Good. Okay. Let's hit the mat so you guys can face each other. I'm going to face this way. Let's start. See too with the band across our feet. And I'm going to have my, my feet a little bit apart. And if you're not as used to working with a theraband, um, in certain exercises when you have your hands really close to the feet, like for this one, it's helpful. Yeah.

And because you get a lot of support from the band and certain exercises, we won't want as much support. So you'll probably, you'll hear me kind of talk about that. Alright. But for this one kind of moderate position by sitting very tall. We're going to take a breath and easy, easy guys. We're going to roll back all the way, so tailbone, Tuck, sender. I'm going to keep my knees bent today. Please go ahead and do the same.

Just feel yourself long. Shoulders are open now. We roll up in a full breath. Inhale, head comes up. Let the band help you. Let it help. Pull you up. Said Tall, breathe in, and then high debt belly button in and back. Just feel like you're smoothly rolling over your spine and coming up. Inhale lifts ahead. Exhale and pull yourself up. Open through the sternum.

A couple more and I can say, yeah, that nice quality of movement. Inhale, head lifts, belly button stays hidden in. Good. Lift up out of the sides of the waistline. Let's take two more exhale, roll back the sense this is a little massage or maybe even the back of our lungs. Exhale, good daily. Yeah, that's it. Nice control of your shoulders, both of you enrolling back down. So fuel. Okay. Pretty easy and in heel, head, chest and exhaling. And all the way up. Okay, so I'm going to keep my knees, but I'm going to choke up quite a bit more now and then just do some easy rows of the arms up. Palms are going to stay, uh, start flat, turn them face up and then bend your elbows and pull your elbows pretty far behind you. And then reach forward. Let's do eight of those. So exhale, we pool.

So I want you to feel the work in the abdominals a little bit just to kind of hold that naval in, but easier across the collarbone working your shoulders. Just go for more if you can actually build the tall chest. Three and two. Let's add a little bit of work in our oblique muscles now. So I'm going to pull my right elbow behind me and turn to the right. So you guys do the same thing. The other arm is going to probably just go a little slack right there. Good.

And then face your feet. Other way. Exhale as you turn. Inhale tall and XL. Other way. Good. You can think about this as turning the whole chest. Ribs and naval everything eyes too. Perched right up on the sit bones and center.

Let's take four and center three. He only knows all arms last too. Good. That's right. Last time and center. Take a deep breath and then roll back all the way again thing. Okay, good. Now, just mindfully.

I'm not going to say careful cause there's nothing really neat to be careful about this, but mindfully bring your feet towards you and your legs towards you. Yeah. Okay. This is where I'm going to choose to lighten up on my tension on my strap. I'm going to take it down a little bit lower. Let's make a v shape with the feet.

Sometimes we know that as the Palladia Zvi heel squeeze together, toes are apart and I'm pushing the balls of the feet into the thera-band. I'm going to start with my legs. A vertical. We're doing the hundred. Okay, so I've got my arms, no long by my sides. Take an inhale through that nose. Exhale, lift the head, neck and chest. Reach your arms long like we did in the warmup. You can start to lower your legs forward if you'd like.

Reaching into that theraband and we gently pump the arms. Two, three, five and exhale three, four, five in four, five and exhale three, four, five, three. So all that a warm up we did to standing and try to put those connections in your body here. Yeah. Nice guy. So what broad chest abdominals in and up. The work of the arms against the back for added challenge. If yet you can go lower with your legs if you like. You can also go up.

You can also bend your knees. That's it. Two, three, four, five. Let's say nine. Exhale, three, four, five and 10. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five and sometimes the Keach teacher doesn't count perfectly. That's okay. Good. Okay. Just rock yourself a little bit. Side to side. Okay. For the, we already did a little bit of Roll-up so I'm not going to do it now. I want to do leg circle, but so let's keep our right foot in this strap, left leg all the way down on the mat. Or you can have your knee bent.

Either way, it's gonna kind of depend on what your hamstrings feel like in this, like here. Okay. And what I want you both to do with a theraband is put your fist pretty wide on it and maybe all the way to the very end. And let me see what happens if you pull the the fist all the way to the floor. Okay. Exactly. Huh. That's really given you a good stretch, Huh? Okay. So if for this, I'm gonna say for Nicole, lower your leg a little bit. Is that better?

Yeah, that's it. So that you get a stretch, but not like a yanking because really it's about where your pelvis is going to be. Can you put this leg flat? Nope. Bend it. I think it's going to be better. Okay. So what I want you both to start with is instead of circles right away is just arguing the leg. So let's take the leg over your midline and then out towards the other side. Okay.

So you can kinda think of that as that windshield wiper cross over and across the midline and over the midline is what I meant to say there. And away from the midline and over. Good. Give it one more time. Over your midline and away. So let's now go to full circle. You're going to crossover circle around and hit the center cross circle around in the center.

So I want you just to keep reaching that foot into that theraband. Let it the, the elasticy of the band kind of inform, you know, the arc you're making. Does that make sense? Can you kind of, yeah, you can feel that. Now go the other way for five good. Nicole. Nice strong shoulders into those arms, holding that theraband on the floor open. Beautiful. [inaudible] should feel pretty good. Last one, open down around lift and then just bend your knee and relax. Do the other side. Good. So windshield wipers first, but get yourself set up. So I'm going to have you a foot up in this strap. Other leg long or bent. You had a bent. Yeah. So those shoulders nice and strong back of those shoulders. Kind of what?

Her holding that, the attention of the theraband. Good. And you can flex the whole foot. Ooh, let me help you, right? No, you're good there. Yeah. Okay. Now take a moment. Just feel the set of, feel that pelvis nice and anchored. Exactly. Getting a good long leg. Sorry. No, I'm not smashed that leg down. Okay. For both of you on this, like this is nice. The leg that's up in the air reach your sit bone more towards the other heel.

Excellent. Exactly. Okay, now your pelvis is more square. Now let's just windshield wipe across the midline and away from the midline and cross it and away. And as you cross still work on that placement of that law. The working like sit bone that's in Hayley k one more for five I think. Five and open. No, just make it go right into circles. You've crossed it over your midline.

Then arch down, reach around and make the center. You're fine. And if your arms get tired, holding the strap way out there and go ahead. Feel free to put them down lower towards your body. Cross circle around and center. Let's go one more that direction and then reverse it.

It's very tricky sometimes to hold the pelvis stable. Hmm? You're fine. Yeah. Maybe just a little smaller circle just so I won't hit that leg. That's all right. That's better. Hold that naval onto the floor. Good.

Nice. Nicole. One more time. Open down and you're fine. Around and center. Okay. Then do you knee rest, rest, rest, rest. So I want you to go through, just rock yourself up. Good. You have tight hamstrings. I didn't know that. That's good for me to know. Or short whatever. We'll stretch 'em out. Okay.

Fold your band in half now and we're going to put this band behind her back. [inaudible] and I want you first to sit with your feet together. Sometimes we call this a diamond and the theraband just right behind the base of your rib cage. Yep. I've got two perfectionists here. Look how beautifully they folded their strap. My Gosh, I just tossed mine together. Oh dear. Okay. So huge you guys.

Okay, so diamond, which is this, you're going to just put your feet together, open up those knees, let those knees drop out. And so where I have my band is, is right behind the base of the ribs. Not In the low back, but yeah, so you can feel that we want the uh, theraband on the rib so you can push into the rib cage and push it into the band. So take a deep breath and your elbows, you're just kind of resting in towards you. And as you exhale, we're just doing an easy spine stretch. So I am rounding forward, but I want to still feel the back ribs reaching backward into that, to city of the band there. And then let's roll back up to sitting tall and you can notice the band kind of presses in against us maybe to help us sit upward, up upright and exhale as we see curve. Yes, you would engage your abdominals in, but it think about spreading the rib cage wide against that band. Exactly. And then inhale as you sit nice and tall and feel the feedback of the band coming in against your body to lift you two more times and exhale. So we want to wide back. We want a nice tone stomach.

Inhale as we roll up to sitting tall, let the band help lift the space of the rib cage. And one more time. Exhale as we reach the rib cage back. Inhalers would come up to sitting tall. Okay, now rolling like a ball. I want you to bring yourself into a more of a hugged position with this nice tot band. Okay, so I'm going to put my hands just right down near my ankles and lift my feet. Knees are slightly apart and just before we go rolling back and forth, cause you know you guys know what it is. Focus on the back of your ribs, reaching back into the elastic. Okay, let that inhale initiate it. So we inhale, we roll back. Exhale, good luck. Come back up and try to hold the brake.

Put the brakes on. Beautiful. Inhale, reach the ribs. Exhaling, good control. Inhale, reach back. Hips go up. Exhale. Keep your ribs back on the van. Three more. [inaudible] that's right. Looking down is useful. Keeps the curve of the neck along with the low back. There you go.

Last too. I'm good at, I remember my first rolling like a ball was not nearly that successful. Awesome. Okay, relax. Let's go back into diamond though. Okay. And I think with the band, let's go this way. Take it away from your back. Put it in your hands in the front of you here just in front of your shoulders. Similar to how we started. And I have a gut feeling.

Both of you could stand some hip opening right now. Maybe a little bit of work in your hip joint. So flex your ankles. So you're going to pull your toes. Yeah. So what they've just done is like a pear position or open a prayer position. Okay. Now, right here at your hip joints, I want both of you to lean forward, okay? Yep.

And then where are you can focus with your eyes as maybe just look right at your, at your band. So your head and your neck are fairly well aligned. There you go. Okay. Now I'm not going to be too mean here, but I am gonna put my knees right against your back and lift your back against my knees a little. Exactly. Okay. You feel that more than your back muscles and then I know Haley very well. I'd love for both of you actually get your pinky toe size of your foot down on the mat. You at home too if you can. Took her tagging and is because with our feet, we want her ankles in her hips and her knees to match.

So for our hips do more than our feet. Then you know we've got to equalize it somewhere. Okay, now round over. Relax. Just round and relax for a second. So the, the diamond work is pretty interesting for your back muscles and your hips. I think what I'd like you both to do is come up to sitting tall with your feet together. Let's take your breath. Exhale. As you flex hinge forward, you're going to just do a little sniff, sniff, blow, blow rhythm. Sure.

And round all the way over. We're going to do it several times. Ready? Come out to the hinge and you go, you're leaning, opening the hips. Exhale good, and exhale and round over two more patterns. Here we go. And lean hips open. Hips Open. Yes. Good. Round over one more round Rico and exhale and exhale round over. Okay, enough for your backs with that one last thing. Put this back behind you.

Let's do a little bit of rotation with the band on your back. Feet ready? Sit Tall. Inhale, rotate toward me up here toward the table. So we're all going to rotate toward the beautiful ocean right now. Now I could rotate further like this and then this backside of me and that rib cage is no longer connected to the band. So I've turned too far right now. So I want to only have you rotate as far around as you can.

Keep both sides of your back evenly against the band. Do you feel the difference? There could be a little cheat that happens where the shoulder takes you further. Okay, go back to the front and check it out once on the other side and be honest, if you want to do more of something, think up rather than around. There we go and let's find center.

So we're going to add a little fluxion with it. We're going to inhale to my side. Exhale round over that side. This is kind of a saw. Inhale to up and exhale to center other side and exhale round. Keep your ribs against the band. Inhale up. Good correction.

Nickel Center again, twist rib, stay against the band and roll up and center. Just one more and we rotate. Good lace corrections, you guys center and all the way front. Alright, good. Now we can take that away. Let's just take herself back. I'm wondering, we've done a lot.

We probably can do a roll over at this point and I think the options I'm going to give you for rollover are like this. Take your feet up. Center of the band again. Okay. Now Haley, I'm just gonna use you for a moment. I bet you can take your arms out to the side for rollover. I think. Do you think you can, if something tells me you can, um, yours truly here cannot. So I'm gonna put mine down here. I just know I, I'm not able to, that's just something I know. Um, and I think Nicole disad probably be a good place for you to start to. Okay.

And in fact for Nicola, take you into a little knee bend right now. So we're all three. Going to take your breath together. Here we go. Inhale. And as we exhale, we're ready. Rolling up over our shoulders. Yep. And you can feel free to use your hands and quell if you'd like to cause have you done that before? Okay. Don't look at me. Take a breath. I'm going to help.

No exhale as you start to roll down your back. Okay? Yeah, this is a toughie. So I'm going to help you take a breath first. Think of lifting your pelvis towards your feet and then rolling your legs overhead. I got Ya. Their arms are long by your sides. Beautiful. Now take a breath and then I'm going to help guide you down. You're going to keep looking right up to the ceiling and you're thinking bone by bone by bone. That okay. Okay. Just one more time, maybe two. Oh, overhead. There you go.

Did they help you too much? No, that's good. Okay. And rolling down. So here's what I'm gonna do, numbness spot from this side. So as you roll over. Ah, Gotcha. Yup. There. Inhale and exhale and slowly we'll bend your knees. Good. You guys good? All right. She did a roller. Awesome. Kind of hard with this too, in a way. Um, onto another day. Okay, let's turn over.

You guys can face me and why don't you lean on your right elbow and our heads. We'll face the ocean. Okay. Do a little hip work and maybe let's go that way with your elbow. Yeah. What the heck? What the heck? And I think I want to have you bend your bottom. Me? Yeah, get into our hips a little bit. Okay. So there we are. Elbows right down underneath our shoulder or under arm. You can make a fist with the, the right hand or flat fist feels kind of Nice.

And then just take a little moment to lift as much of your body up away from the mat as possible. Yes, especially this side body, and then lift your leg up and here's another one you may want to choke up on the strap. I'm going to give myself a little bit more taught. Okay, so slowly for the first couple I'm going to have you just sweep your leg forward and as you take your leg forward, we're trying to keep both sitz bones pointing to that wall there and lifting the bottom waist up off the floor. Good, and then move the leg behind. There's a lot going on actually in this exercise that as you come forward, notice there's a moment where the ribs may want to drift down, still lift up and reach it back. Good and move it forward. [inaudible] and reach it back. You guys keep going and reach it forward. Here comes the hands and reach it back.

Good and reach it forward. It's like you're sitting that working legs. Sit Bone in a chair. Sit it down. That's it. And back. Keep going. Here we go. Like that. It's going to probably feel different. You can make a smaller movement. Yeah. Stomach in, stomach in to carry the leg up. Good. Nicole and back even smaller.

Squeeze your toes. Two more. Yeah, Better Haley. Okay. And then just bend your leg in and just rest for a second. Could you feel the difference a little bit? Okay. Sometimes the hip likes to get a little high-key, which is kind of hiking it up toward the ribs or we want to keep it long there. Okay.

Slightly bring your leg forward just a couple degrees forward and then that same thing and take your top hip and reach it. Long. Beautiful waist is lifted. I want you to do five little circles out here, here and to and three and four and five. Let's go the other way for five and one and two and three and four and five. Not too hard. Yeah. Move the leg behind us. Lift here off the floor. This is going to be a little more work and five circles in one direction. One, you'll probably feel the tush too. Three, four and five and reverse.

Five and four. Three and two and one and pause. Okay. Now we're going to do a large arc of the leg from the back. Lift your leg large might not be exactly the word, but that was, that was like, and then the other way up and back like a rainbow. Yep.

All with concentration here on this base side of your body seeing supported and lifted. Yeah. So when the leg moves, you don't want to drop your waist down, keep yourself lifted and up and back and up. Better control. Let's do one more. Each direction. Up and back and up. And then pause in the front. We're going to stretch the hip. Then that knee put in front of the other knee and come all the way up and just kind of give that stat Phi. A hug feels good after that. Yeah.

Right into that. All those hip muscles. Yeah. And with the, the harder, um, Matt Repertoire, those are the focus on most of all this. Anything sideline, lot of sideline in the mat. Even when it's on the hand, we want the hips to be, to be working. So, okay, let's do the other side. You guys, so we'll put our put that way. Good. Sometimes do with a little support like this on the band. Actually feel the muscles a little more directly anyway. Okay, so on her elbow, bottomy bent and choke up.

They lifted. We're fidgety today. Raw fidgeting with all of our staff. I've got my clothes straightened down my leg. Okay, so lift your thigh. Shoulders are set. We've got a good sense of organization in our center body. Here we go. Now it's front and his back.

Good. And it's hip flection and his hip extension. Trying to maintain a stable torso with a moving limb, front and back. Sometimes the exhale leg front feels pretty nice. You can get the abdominals to tug in which may move your leg further forward. So stomach in, stomach, in stomach in and stretch the Tosha little bit and reaching back.

Could you lift your ribs up off the floor a little bit more? Yes, we can. Let's take two more repetitions. Front with the leg and back with a leg. Then front and back. We're going to bring it to the front. Again, not quite as far forward keeping it parallel. We did five circles. Two, three. Okay, good.

Four and five. Reverse the circle. Five oh one. And to keep the waist long on both sides of your body. Four and five. Now the leg goes behind in a hip extension for circles. Here we go. One to build a little coordination back here. Three, four, five.

How are you doing by four three [inaudible] two and we have one. We have one more big set, which is the big arch. So from the back of the leg lifts and comes to the front and lifts from the front and Arcs to the back. Remember the control of the torso so that the torso remains still. You just arking your leg. Three more up front.

Naval goes up and back. Good. Haley, lift, front lift and to the back. Last one we're at, actually, we have to do one and a half because we ended in front here we go all the way to the front and then we've bent the knee and we hugged and we stretched. Yes, that's good. Okay, so one more. Well, several more, but I want you to face down, face each other this way with your heads. Okay. And just take your theraband long and just in your hands this way. It's kind of like that. [inaudible] yeah.

Good. Okay. And as you have your arms extended, we did this in the warm of ball of earlier. There we go. You're kind of in that little diagonal with the Little v position. All I want both of you to do is lift your stomachs up off the mat as much as you possibly can. Like how much you know, suck up. Can you do with your belly off the mat and nothing else. I'm just making sure you guys are straight. Good.

And then relax your stomach completely. Relax your belly. [inaudible] that feels good. And then do it again. Lift your navel up off of the Mat. Beautiful. So what we're looking for is to try to hold that work underneath the front of us as we lift our arms above our head. So you're going to do like a little arm arc. I'm gonna. Good. Haley, you got it.

And as you lift your arms up, you can also lift your head up. Yup, and take your arms behind. Is this okay? Now, where's the navel lifted up? Off the Mat. You got it and then arms up and overhead and then you can relax your head down. So full BRAF guys. Inhale as you lift up. Remember that opening chest is what stretches the band.

We did that earlier and lift and then you can lower your head all the way down again. Left opening the chest to stretch the band. That's it. Lift and lower again, keeping the feet down. Yeah, this feet and legs like to help. I got it. Okay. I would have done it too. I lived good. Nicole. Yeah. Use your strong back lift. Lift, lift. That's it.

One warm and you just to Haley too and lift. That's it. Up and rest. Beautiful ladies. Good job. And they both have flexible shoulders, so that helps that they can do that with ease. If that wasn't for you, then we build to it. Okay, good. When do you make a little rest pose? Come back and just make a little shell. Tuck yourself in there. Okay.

We can do a few more arm exercises. I want you to face me again. You'll love this. Open up your band all the way. You can get it really straight if you want. That's not quite matter, but I do want you to aim right to the center of it like so. Okay.

And so we were just placed down on her or front and I was asking you guys to bring your stomach in as much as you can see. Feel that again. Yeah, so it's really easy to let go of that sometimes, but there's just never really a moment of letting go there. Okay. Picking up your band probably pretty far out to the ends and then just drop it down by your legs. These are arm circles, so we're going to reach the arms forward. Where's your stomach? Bring it in. Lift your arms up. Now when you open your arms, sit down to the sides. Go slowly.

Control the elastic control. The alas tricity good and sweet. Forward arms are lifted. Poems face front toward me as you lower your arms down and three more. If you want a little more resistance, you just choke up on your band and open.

Where's the stomach? Good. And it helps the spine stay decompressed. That's why I'm cuing it rather than just thinking naval the spine. We want to keep ourself decompress. No pressure in our disks. Last one, any way that way? No, we have five the other way. So keep your palms facing me. Reach wide and then as you come down, lower your palms. Face the ceiling. There we go.

Kind of mirrors the mechanics at the arm and shoulder joint growing tall. Last three here. Re sure. Got Taller spine to lower the arms and to last one doing okay? Yeah, looking good. Okay. Now I want us to choke up quite a bit. Got these little tails at the end. Put your elbows right near yours. We'll waistline. That's not what I wanted to do. Want you to cross them?

That wouldn't do enough resistance across them. There we go. Okay. And then do a little shape like this. This is external rotation of your upper arm. I like to do a little hitchhiker thumb. Good. And then bring it back to the front. We could do several of these.

Let's go for 10 think about what this is for the, again, the strength in the upper back, the shoulders, posture, your spine. Go ahead and mindful when we move the arms, not to thrust our ribs ahead of our pelvis so our whole cylinder stays organized. You'll get more out of the arm exercise that way. And for more good you guys. Three. It's going to get a little more intense, so we may have to lighten the band. I'm not sure too. We'll find out momentarily holding here. Okay, so I'm going to hold you open and now extend if it's too taut, let a little band away. Here we go. Exhale. Use the breath. Exhale and inhale. Nice.

Three more. Only sync your shoulder blades to float the arms. And in last to sink the shoulder blades float the arms and in. Where's the stomach? Needed to support the vacuum. Lift. Beautiful. And in. Okay. UNCROSS them. Put one side down. This sides.

We're going to do a side bend of the torso. We haven't done that yet. We did some twists. We've done flection extension, so let's bend to the side. So I'm going to just take the arms straight up alongside the frame of my body. Okay. I'm going to look over that opposite shoulder and just do a very easy bend down to the side. But as earlier I was saying, think about your ribs reaching into the band. Let's do that here too.

So your left rib cage can expand to the left into the band and then as we exhale, bring everything vertical. You can just get to lower your arm to the side. We'll do two more so we can breathe. Yeah, using the band for a little bit of feedback. Reach your body against it. Even weight on both knees come through vertical and lower down with the arm. One more time. We breathe in and up and over.

Expand the ribs to the band and all the way up there and we just toss that with noon. Three on the other side. Good work. Okay. The little tails on the inside of the hand. I think that's how we did it. I don't know if it matters a whole lot. Okay. Thinking the shoulder as you raise your arm up, keeping steady on your knees.

Bend to the side. Good. You have a nice profile. Look with your eyes and your neck and your head. Feel the expansion of the ribs to the band. There we go. Nice. You feel that, don't you? And then all the way up. Lower the arm. Yeah.

So when the band isn't there next time or another time, you can remember what it felt to breathe in to the side body as if it were there. And then up. I want it one more. You guys. Inhale, reach the arms, sink the shoulder, lift a little bit more. Stretch the abdominals as you side bend. Good. Reaching into the bandwidth, the ribs and lift and lower. Okay. Last thing I want you to do, you can face each other again and take care of band and just lay it nice and flat that way. Put your hands on it.

Excuse me. Walk your knees back a little bit. So I have an angle in my arm from my shoulder to my wrist. Okay. Now we're going to do, do a little bit of a kind of easy tricep press or elbow pushups or a tricep pushups, so I wouldn't know. Lean my hips forward, lift my shins and feet, and just hold this position for a moment. Okay, think about those abdominals again, like always through this hour they've been lifted up off the floor. Look kind of forward to each other's band.

That's going to be a real nice place for your eyes and focus. That's beautiful. Now just bend your elbows. That's all we do. We bend the elbows, we straighten the elbows, we bend the elbows, we push the floor away. Say looking at her band, we bend the elbows. You're fine, you're fine. And push two more. Then the elbows bad. Nicole Bush, last one.

Bend the elbows and push and then sync back into a nice easy rest pose. Not letting you done yet. You're going to do another set of five. Okay. Do it again. Who? That makes sense. Okay, here we go. No worries with this. I got it. All right, so come on into your little pose there. Still look at each other's band. Okay, here you go.

Stomach, bratty, lean, hips forward. Yup. And Push. You're going to hate me. I mean, you'll love and hate. Go ahead and do it again. Go like narrow. Yes. Push Kate even smaller. I got gym right here. Then that's it. No, push there. Two more small. Good. Haley, get that Lek long. Yup. Last one. Okay. Now sift your hips back. Talk to your toes, and just lift yourself into one more stretch of your hamstrings there.

Nice work, ladies. You can walk your feet forward. You can just easy to just leave the band on the ground and easily roll yourself up to standing to finish. You made it way to go. Thank you.


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Having the arms stretched wide while doing the tick tocks and then the circles with one leg was a lovely new modification. So was the emphasis on the side body comformng to the band on the side stretches. I'll enjoy taking these with me to other band classes that I do! Thanks Amy!
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I always love your classes! Your cueing is so good and you always have new variations.
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Engaging and yet relaxing. Thank you so much!
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Feel so energize ! Thank you
Sharon O
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Really liked the focus of this class--going thru some deeper basics with a bit of band challenge. Thank you!
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My spine really feels more flexible the day after and my neck pain is gone. Thanks Amy! ps : I would recommend a lighter theraband, mine was too stiff
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That was great! Lots of ideas for class.
2 people like this.
Great class Amy! Felt very stiff before I began and now I feel great!! Always love your classes, enjoy all your wonderful cues. Thank you!
2 people like this.'ve made me smile....thank you SO much for taking the time to leave these comments. means a lot to me!
That class felt fantastic!! You are so lovely, Amy. Thanks for all you do.
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