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Advanced Reformer Sequencing

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Alycea Ungaro teaches an advanced workout on the Reformer, which she calls "the quintessential piece of equipment." While maintaining the flow of the traditional Reformer order as created by Joseph Pilates, Alycea takes moments to highlight why the exercises were designed in their particular order, and why this sequencing is important. This workout is intended for practitioners who know the names of the exercises and their setup.
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Jul 10, 2014
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Welcome to our reformer workout for today. Um, this is, uh, the quintessential piece of Palladio's apparatus and so there's a lot of fun to be had and a lot of variety to work with. Uh, some of the questions that often come up around the reformer is why are certain exercises before or after certain other exercises. So I thought as we go today without disrupting our flow, I would just like to draw your attention to some of the reasons that may or may not be for the sequencing of the reformer. What's interesting to note is that sometimes it's not what you think. It isn't always that a muscle group is setting you up for another muscle group. Sometimes it's, it is and it is a deeper muscle or to a superficial muscle or the other way around. Sometimes it's lengthening, sometimes it's stability before mobility.

And sometimes as you'll see, it's about the base of support that you're on. So we'll play around, I'll try to give you some things to think about and that will hopefully set you up for the next exercise. So as we go, I just do want you to be thinking about what exercise comes next and how is what I'm doing right now going to influence that exercise. Okay. Uh, the footwork is the first thing we do on the reformer, but I'd like to start standing up and sort of set you up for that with the floor, which uses gravity in a more effective way. So standing foot work one is heels together, toes apart, hands behind your head. I'm sort of foot work obsessed these days. So I do it on every apparatus and I think that's a good thing.

Give me a little ballet class demi play. And I really want your heels flat. So dig down into the floor and then go all the way down. So you're sitting on the heels. Body is upright, no bending forward. This is hard for some people. You might want to hold onto a chair at home. Come halfway up, dig your heels back down and all the way up and we'll take it up to tempo.

Halfway down, full way down, halfway up, full way up. Keep going halfway full way. No bending forward, halfway up, all the way. Couple more down, all the way you're going to be using springs, right? That's coming next. So think about that Alaska city as you move halfway up all the way, abdominals are working even here cause they ain't gonna need them for port on the reformer and oh one more time. Take it halfway then full way halfway up and all the way and then we'll come round and we'll mount our reformers home onto your carriage. Take your feet onto the bar, balls of the feet on the bar.

Make sure you're centered and not off to one side. So abdominals had been fired up, legs have been fired up. Take some of that Alaska city into the springs and take the care to all the way out. Pausing at this first one. Just hold a moment and just think about what you're doing. You're moving the springs, you're opening the springs.

Where's all that movement coming from? Abdominals working. Don't make them harder. Make them drawn in pole and then bring it all the way in people. A little of that for each rep all the way out. Bring it in, heels high out and in again, upper inner thighs, pulling together and attention to this springs. Take it out and, and use your breath and in all the way out and in. Let's take three here to n and one come on in and pause before you change to the arches. Toes are over, heels are down, legs are tight together.

Abdominals working to take the carriage away. Stay there a second. Good. The heels are a little bit down. What's happening to your springs? Just think about them and then pull all the way in. Press away and in. Can You keep them quiet and, and I know some apparatus they say the springs like to sing, right and press, but you actually in control of that noise in and out. And then couple more easy ribs, long arms out and in on more and in and out.

Come on and change to your heels and know right now that what's coming up soon, not just next but soon is your hundreds. As we thinking about how is this preparing me for a hundred take your carriage out, pause a moment. Really digging into the heels. Digging in little baby toes are pulling back and draw the carriage in. Press away and pull. Press away. So a little bit of scoop and the abdominals. Nice. Lengthen the legs.

The legs pretty much hit that height at a hundred right? So you're practicing that angle knowing right here. What's coming up next, right? You're getting ready. Court right here. Take three and pull in to stay on that bar and on. Come in and pause a second. Good. Walking down for the test for tendon stretch. Toes part heels together. And you're there.

Go keep a fist with between [inaudible]. Lower two three lift. Lift. Lift down to three. Lift two, three. So I like to think about this exercise really not happening in the ankles at all. Do the exercises though. You have no feet, right? Come all the way down and stop. Where would you move the carriage from if you had no feet? Pull up, pull up, pull up less ankle, more abdominals. Lower two, three, move this springs from your center. Lift, lift, lift.

Also prepping you for 102, three, lift to three. So if I pulled your heels down and you had to lift me up with your abdominals, what would you do? Good question. Lower, lower, lower pole with the belly lift. Lift. Thank you. The feet are just a reaction. One more lower. Two, three, make it happen in the center. Stop at the top of this time. Hold it. Hold it. Massive scoop. Bring it all the way in. We get to transfer it to a hundred can you lower your foot bar?

Grab your handles. Good. Make a little space behind your shoulders just so you're not squished. We have the Uber classical legs on bargaining position. Let's take arms down. Scoop into the belly. Good. And just think about it. You were here, you were kind of here in your footwork, right? Arms low, reach them off the shoulder. Block starts to pump in with the air. Exhale, two, three, four, five in with the air. Exhale, two, three, four or five. Low and high. Go Up. Up. Yes. Every time.

And in two, three, four, five, bigger arms. Why not? And in with the air. I'll be nice. Exhale and inhale. We're going to do overhead after this. Just so you know. So thinking about what this position is and what it means for your overhead, you actually hit this position in the transition except for the head, so that makes it just a little more advanced. Reached the legs all the way out. Couple more into three bigger arms. Exhale, they don't get smaller.

Two more inhales, two more exhales. Final one into three, four, five as strong like it's your first one. Pause. Push your springs out a little further cause you can and then bent everything good. Swing yourself up to drop two springs for your overhead. You can swing yourself back down. Take your legs onto the bar, your arms up to the ceiling. I've already lowered your head piece. Make sure that's down as well. Arms at to the ceiling. Heels together. He made a little bit of a squeeze in the legs and a little bit of tension on the springs and take everything overhead. Arms down, legs go over. Stop there.

Press your legs up in a nice jackknife all the way up. All the way up. Heels together, toes apart. Now I want your arms to get longer and roll down the upper and then the middle, and then the lower back. Lengthening the arms, lengthening the arms, lengthening the arms. Now you can reach your arms up and float your legs down. They barely touch the bar and go over. Exhale. Take it up. Nice and roll down. Upper middle, lower back.

Start thinking about the next exercise. How is this preparing you? I like to think it's the arms and press on with the arms up with the hips. Press the hips up higher, higher, highest roll down like someone's pulling your feet up, feet up, feet up. That was better. Reached the arms even longer. Here's your very last one. We just have one extra and go over the head.

Press up with the hips and like someone's pulling your toes to the ceiling. Reach the arms even longer. Oh, to a three. You're ready for coordination. Bend your knees, lift your head, bend your arms. Good. Stay right there. Scoop into the belly. Slide your elbows down a little further and put your fist just over your elbows.

So there's an inch attention on your springs. You with me? Straighten your arms and legs out. Thank you. Open-Close knees come in, you curl up, higher arms come in, you curl up even more so you never get to rest. Ready? Take it out. Open close. Knees in, arms in. Where's the curl? Take it out. Open. Close. You curl up. Bend the knees. You curl again. Then the arms, you come more. One more. Take it out. And even Steven, bend it in and rest. Take the hands. It handles into one hand.

We're only going to do the front rolling. So come on up to sitting. If you like two springs, you can stay turned around facing front. What? We're going to leave out the back rowing for today if you'd like to springs, leave them on. Otherwise we take one. Sit to the back end. You just did coordination. That's a nice prep actually into your rowing, whether you're going front or back, cause you take all of the arm, you really working the straps and you're working your curl here. But there's maximum length in the legs and arms for this. So inhale, take everything up and stop at the top. Just reach out through the hands.

Reach through the top of the head. Good. I want to see that action amplified Poli. Arms down and get taller. Get Taller, get taller, get taller, make room for your arms at beautiful. Inhale, take it up. Stop Ear. Lean a little bit forward. Open it all the way around. The first one will set you up for the rest. Arms and changer. You've got [inaudible]. Inhale up. Exhale down. It wasn't sure about your handles there, but we fixed it. Inhale up.

Stop at the top. Abdominals are in. Think about leaving off the blocks just a wee bit and then open two, three. Bend the arms. Take it up with the inhale down with the exhale up with the inhale. Stop at the top. Hold it there. Reach two, three. Open all the way around.

Flex your feet. We're going from the hips. Hands on the mat. Round over on one. Press out on two. I need to see your hands come down right to your heels. Roll up to sitting. Arms over legs, arms over legs, arms over legs. Do what you hear, not what you see. You reach. Lift and circle around and take it over on one.

Press it out on to drop your hands right off the edge. Roll all the way up, arms over legs and lift and circle. Take it down one more time, round it over. Press it out, stay there. Drop the hands down, down, down, down. Then you can roll up arms over legs, sit tall. Press the arms forward, lift and circle around. Can you cross your legs please? For next rowing arms, come out to the side. Then all the way up for your solutes and just think about this. I'd love to have your lower back a little bit away from the blocks. Keep your eyes on your knees and don't let them move.

Then the elbows wide to salute down and everybody's up and out. Don't let your knees move. Elbows wide. What do you have to do to keep your knees from moving? In my book at the powerhouse movement, so the deeper the belly goes, the less the hip flexors will fly her up. Yeah. For us. Our first drop of sweat. I've seen bend elbows, press it out.

[inaudible] and elbows. One more breath out. Take one more elbows down, press up and stop on the extended part. Open the arms to the side and switch legs. No help from your hands. Sit up tall and straight. Still trying to come off those blocks. Inhale, pull together. See if you can get the spring to move a little more when you open out. Not Bad.

Inhale, pull together. Nice job. Exhale, open away. Excellent. Pull together. Resist any movement from the spring as you open to three, reverse your breath. Exhale. Inhale, lift. Exhale. Inhale, lift tall. One more to go. Exhale. Inhale, lift tall. And we're onto our box. Beautiful.

So you can keep two springs or you can stay on one. Set up your handles so you can get them. We'll get the long box for now. So you did a beautiful rowing series. If you need to tell, this is a good time to grapple and put your long box on using the straps. Until now we've had a pretty wide base of support, so bringing this box in, it's suddenly making things a little bit more challenging by making your support base just a little bit smaller. We're faced down. Grab your straps. I'm a little bit of a stickler about this exercise.

I think it's misunderstood and I am. Since we have few upper body things, I really like to take my time with this one. Sure. Your shoulders are at the edge of the box. We'll come way down. Come way down. Even you sir. A little bit more good hands are just off the edge of the frame outside. I'm going to ask for six counts.

I don't know if everybody else does it that way, but I do. I want you to take two counts to go to the floor. One to pause. I want you to take two more counts to get to your hips. One, two to the hips. I want you to take two more counts to lift the head, the chest and wrap the shoulders back. Fire up your latch, push into me, push into me. There she is, and then bring it all the way down. Two and three. Got It. Two counts to the floor. One, two, two, counts to the hips.

One to two counts to come up. I don't know if I can lay hands on you. Lift. Squeeze your lats. Come on, bear. He is and bring it all the way down. And two and three. One more time. Pull to the floor and two to the hips and to and up and up. Beautiful. Bring it all the way down and back and change your hands.

Slide them down on the leather. We're outside to side for your tea gap and pull. Same idea. One, two all the way to the hips. Four, lift the head, lift the chest and reach. Easy on locked elbows. Don't lock those guys. And then open, open, open. Take a second. One abdominals. Please pull back to reach to the feet to open the chest. Six and open all the way out. Final one, bring it back. Two, three, four. Lift up.

Five and six. Hold open all the way out to the side. Take your handles in one hand. Step off to one side with your free hand. Add a spring if you need it. If it's already there. We're onto backstroke swimming. How can pull strips help us with backstroke swimming? Let's find out.

Step forward with one foot on the bar. Sit at the very edge of your box. Use the tension on your straps to lower yourself down to three. You guys are so fancy. Make sure your forward, you know I got yelled at by Romana all the time for this that I should have my tail at the very bottom edge of the box. So this exercise is prepped for teaser. This is your prep for teaser, so use it. Stay forward. Stay forward. Everything from the transition to the tension on the straps pull a little forward. Pull a little forward. Good. So we use that six counts exactly.

Now for your backstroke, right? Inhale up. Exhale, open. Inhale, pull everything together. Hold it, hold it. That's a little high for me. I know. Hold it. Bring everything back in. You only have three counts to hold it there, right? Inhale up. Exhale, open. Inhale, pull together. Hold your breath. Deepen, deepen, deepen, good.

Fold it all the way and try again. Inhale up. Exhale, open. Exhale, pull together. Stay reaching fingers long right over the legs. Go get them. Go get them. Go get them. Bring it in. Take one more. We'll be done. Inhale up. Exhale, open. Inhale, pull together. Can you climb up? Bend into the sternum, into the sternum. That is a nice one. Bring it all the way. Enhancing one hand. Thin yourself up. Drop a spring for teaser and lower yourself back. It shouldn't have to be said that. Baccto says what? Perfectly for teaser.

Right? So you moved back a little bit. A favorite saying here, timing is everything. So I'm going to ask you to take your head up first. That's step one for me. Lift your head. See your feet. Lift them just off the bar. Hold it. Everything should be charged up. Now sit up in one. Easy move. Don't fall down. Hold it. Nice. Let me see your arms go down and up one.

I'll take that down and up to a little breath isn't a bad thing. Down and up. Three stop at the top. Hold it there. Good. Roll down your spine. Let me see. Your head stays up until your feet are on the bar. Head is up until you see your feet. Touch the bar. Then you can put your head down in your arms back. That was beautiful.

Lift the head up. It works every time and legs up and then sit up. That's it. Head up, legs up. Sit Up. You're there. Take the arms down to the hips. Maybe they go up to the ears, down to the hips, up to the ears. Nobody circles. So the arms are up to the ears, down to the hips, up to the ears. Just one big one. Big One. Big One, big one. And lower the legs to the bar, to the bar, to the bar, all the way to the bar.

You gotta let the arms go a little bit to let that happen and then you're down. You still with me last set, bring everything up and just for short range. Bring it out all the way up. Head, legs, sit good. Don't let your arms go below this level. Stay where you are, up to the ears and then down to the shoulders might not happen, but it's something to work for up to the ears, down to the shoulder, easy up to the ears, down to the shoulder. Good. Watch your leg, send them out. Try not to let your spring move. Try not to let your spring move, roll back, roll back, roll back. Then you can lower everything down and out. Okay.

We have the horseback. Take your handles, drop them behind you. Swing yourself up, grab some pads if you need them yet. Well knock, drop, but relocate. Grab your pads, set them up at the back edge there in a little triangle for you. So the teaser for the horseback is really perfect because it's the same angle. You just flip it forward, right? You were already here in this teaser and when you see yourself in horseback, the only thing that happened is you lowered the position.

You even still have this drops in your hands. Yeah. So you're going, that's the reverse one. We're going to do the front one. I like that one too. Have a seat and face forward. So you do get to straddle. After all straddle that bogs, it's your only time and look. So the legs are open. But the angle again to the body is going to be just like teaser, which is kind of fun. So try not to externally rotate or turn out your legs. You really want them turned in for this.

The idea is that somebody punched you in the gut. You went flying back and came up off the box. So extending the arms up point, the feet hover. I should see lots of light underneath the groin. Hold it there, hold it there, hold it there. That's plenty. Open the arms around and sit back down and do that two more times. So what happened to my parallel legs? Go again. Inhale, you're up. Drop the shoulders. They're down in teaser on they.

So they're down in horseback. Palms are up, palms are up, palms are up. Take it easy. Circle around and come back down. Try One more time. It's good for you back. Bring the hips over this way a little bit. Hold it, hold it. Hold it. You're there. Stay and then come back down. Y'all give. Just do one fancy one. Okay, everybody's up. You stay up and we'll take some circles with the arms while you're there.

Circle the arms around one. Stay up, circle the arms around to squeeze harder with the legs, legs forward. So cuddly arms around three stay forward, holds it and bring it all the way back down. Not Bad, something to work on at home, but if you think of it in light of your teaser, it totally makes sense. We're done with the straps. Let's turn the box, lose the pads. So we make our base of support, which was now quite long. Get split sideways and now it's even smaller. All of the Ab work you've done is ready to prepare you for your short box. You're going to need your black strap. Grab a pole if you have one.

Okay, so I like to see the legs really working in this exercise. They work the strap, the heels are coming forward quite a lot because what comes after this is that this, this series is sort of like a on resisted, right? It's almost assisted. Your, the muscles aren't really loaded. It's just your body weight. And what comes after this in our long stretch series is everything's loaded. You're fixed against both ends. So use this to set up for that. Okay? Take arms around for the hug and I do want to see fingers under and all the way around the waist.

Drop the head and then pushing the legs forward and out on the strap. Curl yourself back if going upside down is your thing. You're welcome to do so. Lift the head up to begin and then roll yourself forward. And again, take it back to three. It should feel like you have to push your heels forward, push your heels forward and come up and push more. Push more, push more. You don't need me to do that. That's all you. Okay. Go again and take it back. Two, three. Come on Christie. Push the heels forward. Forward, forward.

You'll get a better scoop. Take one more, take it back to three and then exhale it forward too. And your uptake, your bar. We're ready for flat back. Don't go dive bombing backwards. I want more length and height than I want back. So squeeze your seat to get everything charged up. Let me see. Up to go back a second. Count up to go back.

Even if you have to pause for it up to go back. Check your hips that you're even, and go against. Lift straight up. Take it back. One easy. Neck and shoulders. Two more length. Three more. Stretch. Spring up. Nice and light. Good. No work at all. Lift an effortless session.

Reach to three and bring it up. If you want to rest your arms a second. Otherwise keep them there. We're going to go twist. So turn ready. Turn to the right, go back to the corner of your apparatus. Reach out, reach out, reach out and come back home. Don't overshoot to the center line. Lift. Then twist other side. Go right to the corner. So you'll do go over a bit to the three and then come back up better and lift and terms. Stay seated heavily. Hips stay even. Two, three, four today. Bring it up and again, lift and twist.

Take it back to three and come up one more set. Just paying attention to the two fixed places. Lift, twist feet going forward, arms going back the farthest point you can kind of bring your attention to hands and feet and then snap up in the center and one more lift like a rubber band. Twist. Hands go out, feet go out. Hands and feet go out and snap up in the center. Beautiful. Drop the bar there. Starting to get the glazed look in the eye.

You might have that. Bring a like up per tree. What was that? It's slightly, there's water coming out of spaces I didn't know could come out. Stretch the leg. Stay on this hip even though it's up. Stay on it and down. Take it up and hold it. Lock the leg up. You don't like to turn out? Yeah, I know. Tip back.

Leave your foot on the ceiling. Walk all the way down and hang upside down. Just hang out. Just hang out. Just stay. Then lift your head. It's a good place to kind of catch your breath and bring it all back. Right and one is plenty. It really is. Then the knees and switch legs. I could do tree all day.

You don't want to get caught in that trap. Lift it back up. Lift your backup. If you do it well, you just need one. Stretch it up. Bend, stretch it up. Use your arms bend, stretch and hold. Walk up to it and bring the head forward to it. Beautiful tip back. The whole thing in one unit moves. You're still working that bottom leg right.

Walk down, hang upside down, and the stretching like this guy can open up even more into the hip. Good head comes up first and walk your way up. Level level. Stay up nice, tall, back, tall, back. Lift the leg a little higher. Use your arms to do so. Stay on this other hips or your even and be done. Good, Ben, we're off. Take the box away. Take the poll away. That beautiful short box series with showed demonstrated you getting longer in the middle as you stretch out at opposite ends is now ready to add some resistance to so we'll take our long stretch series. Take your head piece up, take your foot bar up, you're onto springs.

You need a pad for your foot bar to stand on. I'll make sure the board is locked forward and that you're dry and safe and step on. We go hand, foot, hand, foot. You're on your beautiful long stretch plank series. Good look to the floor. Abdominals are lifted, heals up over the toes, send the carriage away, exhale and bring it forward. So this is not really unlike your short box, especially the twist and reach or just the flat back where you go except the hands of fixed and the feet are fixed. So you're pushing away at the distal ends, right the farthest points again, reach away, bring it home.

Take two more big breath in to push. Exhale it all out. Expel all the air and final one. Inhale, press away. Exhale, bring it all the way home and come down onto the knees, feet in front of the blocks for your down. Stretch, eyes up, chest forward, hips. Stay there. Just a moment. Take all the weight, almost off your hands. You're floating up a top. That bar. Lock your heels into the blocks and push away. One. Push away to push away.

Three. Don't let those springs stop moving. Exhale it all out and come up, up, up, up, almost a back bend. Really opening the chest to go again. Push, push, push a little more with the heels and then back. Bend it up to three. Not Bad. Last one, take it out. Come on, heels. Two, three, big. Exhale. Exhale. Stay up. Where's the heels? Where's the heels? Okay, double up. Stay down for your up stretch. Heels are halfway up the blocks. Gather yourself. Ribs are up.

Are we locked? Locked, and loaded. This is it. Press your carriage out. Drop your hips down. Pause here. Don't complying and come and slow. Calm and slow. All the way forward. Over the bar, over the bar, all the way over the bar and then knows to knees double up and stop. Go again. Out and down. Pause here. I want to see the springs open. Open, open, open. Now you can bring them in. Bring them in, bring them in and double up.

Try it again. Take it out. Dropdown down. Stop there and sail forward to the Rory and double up you. Okay. You can take one last one. Take it away, drop down. Let me see your glutes working. Drop down. Hips, hips. There she is. Bring it in. Two, three and double up dropdown for your elephant.

Heels come low. Good. And just unweight your hands for a split second so you're ready. And then retake your bar. Ribs come up, heels, dig down all 10 toes off the mat. Push your carriage out for a count and take three counts to pull home. Take it out. And three counts to pull in and under, out, in and under again, in and under.

Push in and under. One more pull. Pull. Stay there. Heels are down, hills are down, heels are down. Sold. Step off. Long back stretch. So you did that. Beautiful. The upstretched. We now invert the entire pose. Hands are fixed on the bar. You're ready and know what's coming up. Next is our stomach massage.

And this really prepares you so well. So bend the elbows and go down. Push the carriage out. Here's that stomach massage scoop that you want. Lift the hips and pull yourself back. Eyes up, Christie, take it down with the elbows. Press out with the carriage, lift the hips up. You don't need to look down. Just lift and then pull all the way back. One more. Be Very clear. Each step is honored all the way.

And now reverse the whole thing. Bring it out, bring it down, pull it in, press it up again. Take it out, push the carriage lower down, pull it in, lift it up. One more time out. Take it down, pull it in up. Make sure the heels are the thing, gripping the blocks. Take one foot to the floor and step off. Not Bad. Grab your pad and slide it forward for your stomach massage. Traditionally we start on four, then go three and two.

If you'd like to start on three, that's fine with me. I'm not a big fan of loading the lumbar spine in this scooped position. In fact, I teach it slightly differently, typically for the first, uh, for the first variation. So it shows on the bar. Take your normal tripod position, hands to the front edge of the carriage. And I know we're in that nice scoop that our long backs are set us up for by why? To kind of come out of that at the lower end and let your spine kind of let your pelvis kind of tip back just a little bit. You still can be hollow up and over, but I don't want you to push the carriage back with your low back.

I want you to push the carriage back with your sit bones. So push the carriage back like you're almost extending. That's not bad. And then lower and lift the heels and bring it back in and try that every time. So scoot the carriage back with your sip on so that a little better. Take it out, drop up in. So when you go back, really lift up almost into extension. I want to know, wipe out, drop off and again, drop up and use the underside of the carriage.

Really pulling up with the arms. Drop up into more out. Drop up in. Don't get lower. Get higher in your hollow. Yeah, it's not about getting lower. One more drop up and an f three springs. Good. Take hands back and remember that your goal is to not need those at all. So even though your hands are there, you don't want a lot of weight into them. Push out and take it down, up in. Bring it out and down, up and stay even on your hips, out, down, up, in and out, down, up, in and out. Down, up in two more. Out, down, up in one more. Out, down, up in everybody.

Stay good to springs. Hand through the legs, drop one and reach forward. Heels together. Good. Same ideas. I want you to almost feel like you're sticking your tail out to push back. That'll almost bring you into a straight spine and come forward to three. Again, sit bones, do the work and then bring it in to three again with your tail. Oh, that was amazing. Bring it in. Do it again.

Lift up out of it better. Can you maintain, and again, lift. I'll take it, bring it all the way in. And final one, go with the tail and bring it in. Let's do it with a twist. Go to the right open and bring it home and open and bring it home again. Take it back and bring it in. One more back. Everybody stay in. Hold it there. Lift up, lift up, lift up.

We can make little circles. One, two, three. Don't move your carriage. Hold it. Reverse. One, two, three. Everybody stop. Bring the carriage and bring the carriage and lift up. Hold three, two, one. You can get off. Ooh, guilty smiles. Take your pants, slide it forward for tendon stretch.

So this you're going to stand on and we're going to want it sideways. Yeah. Comfortable with this. So we go hand, foot, hand, foot, and you're, I'll stay here. Okay, so actually as a test drive, and I do this for everyone, I strongly recommend you try this. Bring your weight all the way onto your feet. And for just a moment, let go of the bar and put your hands either to the mat or to the blocks or somewhere. So you know that's the worst that can happen, right? Your hands will come there. Now retake the bar. Good. Keep your weight on your feet.

Don't let your hip sail back and just see how far you can push the carriage forward. Push, push, push, push and swing back up. Nice and easy. That part's easy. Bring your head to your knees, head to your knees. Stay. Push the carriage in front of you, in front of you, in front of you. And then hips come up. Just think about the hips coming up, up, up, up, up. Beautiful Button. Do it again. Push to three and let me see the hips higher, higher, highest you're there. And one last one all the way out.

And now you're a big one all the way forward. All the way forward. Kiss your kneecaps one, two, and done. You can step off. That was great. Take the bar down. We have semicircle next. Let's take the pad. If you need it for your feet, it can be here. If you don't need it and you want to use bare feet, that's great.

Actually we should do our, uh, our short spine and then our semicircle. So go ahead and get your straps. You're setting up for some InCircle for after. Take your head piece down. Thread your leather through the handles. It's fun to work on. You get to work on all different pieces of equipment, right. Okay. Go ahead and take your feet up and into the stats.

So in tendon stretch, if we think oh shorts fine is next. Let me help. Yes, you didn't need any help at all. Uh, there's a moment here and and t shorts fine is taught so many different ways, but at least for the moment we can just indulge our little theme here and that your tend stretch can really set you up for this quite well. So take your legs out on the high diagonal. Normal your head pieces down. Rick and Steve, just checking, just checking. It looked awfully perfect.

We go up and over the head. Normally we lift right here at the soonest moment, right? The hips come up and over. Then the knees down toward the blocks. Roll down the spine. Whoa. Every single vertebrae and then bring the heels down. But there are other ways this exercise is taught, right? Press all the way out. One of the old ways is to bring the legs all the way over the head, like a big stretch. And this we just did intended stretch, right?

Folding over past 90 stay down. Then we'll do that again. Come on down. Try that again. So come past 90 in a big stretch, in a big stretch. And then with barely any, uh, tension on your springs, it all just float over. Float over. So you're here, this is really old school. Then the knees towards the blocks stop there, barely any tension and that really does set you up.

Then your attendance edge did something for you. Roll Down with the power of your stomach, the control of your power house, all the way down to the base of the spine. Bring your heels in and try it again. I might talk a little slower, pushed out, come to 90 with the legs and then pass 90 into your biggest stretch. That's something you probably wanted to do today. There's your tendons stretched position, right? Come over the head.

Don't let the springs help do it with your own control, your core, your center, whatever you want to call it, your powerhouse. Bend the knees toward the blocks and let the feet kind of dangle back there and be a counterweight to what's about to happen now. Roll down deep abdominals, deep abdominals, deep abdominals, and pull your heels all the way in. And let's do one more. Press away. Come to 90 and then pass 90 and credit to Deborah. Lesson for teaching me this variation, which I appreciate and come all the way over. Yes, so bending the knees, the feet are weighting you down that way.

Don't even let the straps help you. Make your stomach do all the work to roll down, roll down, roll down, and then you're done. You can toss the springs on the straps off your feet into the well. We move into semicircle, so lift your head piece while your hands are back there. Take your feet onto the bar and then slide yourself down. Good.

That was a great sound. Heels together, toes apart. Walk out your arms. I'm always saying locked and loaded, right? You're locked and loaded. Hips are up nice and high. There she is. Bring those springs in. Good. Roll yourself down. Upper middle, lower back. Go to the spring, go to the springs. Feet are good. Take the carriage all the way out. Oh, lift the hips up very high and bring it all the way in and send your knees right over your feet. The heels can come right off there. Is that okay? And Roll.

Roll into this spring. Take your time, press all the way out. Good. Lift the hips up. That's a nice roll through and bring it all the way forward. All the way forward. Knees going forwards. Okay, in the groin. Just checking and roll yourself down. We're going to do three more the other way after this one, press it out.

Take the hips up nice and high and sail forward right over the tip toes right over the tip toes and reverse. Stay up high and go back. Roll down low. Stay on the spring. So the last possible second, come all the way in and all the way up and all the way forward. Beautiful. And take one more out. Roll it down to three, bring it all the way forward and bring it all the way up. Heels are high, heels are high. Then let the heels go. When you go back, they drop. Beautiful. Roll it down. Guys are on fire. Bring it all the way in, all the way up and all the way forward. Release the blocks with your hands. Grab hold of your ankles. Give yourself a little love. Oh, even in this position, if you kind of drop the heels and let them hang back, just the opposite of what you're doing right there. Ben, just let your heels go down and then your hips go up.

Feel that that's a little different, right? Than when you come in. It's different. Oh, then I get that purse lip. Exhale, reach back for the blocks and slide yourself back on. We have to come up onto the knees for our chest expansion, followed by thighs stretch, so if semicircle, now we're coming off again. Changing base of support over and over, and this time we're only on the knees, right? The moving part that we're in charge of gets sort of small and more challenged. All of a sudden you have just straps to hold, so kneeling in the middle of the carriage, your feet are hooked around the back end to make sure you hooked solidly.

You're good. Do you want to add for later on this spring? Maybe we'll see. Take a deep breath in on the exhale. Press and pull the arms back. Now you did this already. You did this earlier, right in your long box. Turn your head to the right, but still pull the straps back. Turn your head to the left and continue to pull. Look straight ahead and let me see your spring's move. Come on now. You can bring it all the way forward. That is a very commonly cheated exercise.

Pull your springs back. There you go. Turn left. Pull the springs to the right. Pull straps more. Look ahead. Let me see the moon and then release to the way you've got two more to do. Pull the straps one, they go behind the hips. When you turn right, you pull. When you turn left, you pull again. When you look ahead, you pull one final time and release and give me one last one.

Pull back up or back working and look left. Pull, look right, pull, look ahead. Come on. Last chance. Pull the straps and release all the way. Nice. You're going to sit back and add a spring and then come forward for your thigh stretch better if you sit back first and then come forward later and then choke up on your straps like the reigns of a horse for me. The knees are cranky, so I always take heels together in this position. If your knees are healthy, you can keep them parallel. Give a little lift to the springs to start and then hinge back. Keep your chin to your chest as you go. Ribs in two, three give me a little lift on the rains before you come up.

Lift and then everything comes back up. Try again and hinge two, three. Let me see it stop and then a little lift to bring you back home. Don't do that at the expense of the hips here. Take it back to three. Clean this up now. Arms up course. Tips, follow better, much better. If you want a back bend, this is your chance to take it back to three. If not, just do another. Open the chest, look behind you, and then head comes up first. Lift the straps, lift the hips, and you're done. We have arm circles. Next, take the handles and one hand step off with your free hand.

Take some springs off, ideally two and step back on for your arm circles. Ah, good. Yes heals are firmly into the blocks. This is a great opportunity to work on the powerhouse control. So take your springs just a little forward straps come a little forward.

I want to see you lean into it just a little. Let's just start with up and down. Come straight in, straight up with the arms and lower down. Lean into the straps. Straight up and straight down. Now bed one more straight up and straight down. Turn it into a circle. Take it up, circle around, and again, up circle around. Can you leave it in front of your body? Take it off.

Don't come past your hips a little different. Take it up and around. Reverse. Take it out and up and bring it down in front of the hips, out and up, not behind and down. One more. Out and up. You still with me? Go ahead and one more. Take it out and up and stop at the top. Lean a little forward. Lean a little forward.

Take a little salute here cause they're good for you. Back and up. You can go to the top of the head or behind the head, up to you. Take it down, exhale it up and down. Exhale it up. One more and you're done down. Exhale it up to stop. Two, three, open your arms to the side and be done. Nice dismount. So we're set up for long spine, which is coming after corkscrew. Your strap should be hooked on the eye hooks or around the blocks, whatever your equipment permits.

And then we're going to lie on the back for corkscrew. So, uh, hold the pegs behind you or the handles depending on whichever equipment you work on. The elbow should be flat. Head rest is down. If they're not already, you're still on two springs. Likes to the bar. Let's come all the way over into a pike over the head to start. So legs are parallel here and it's, it's hard when you're upside down to see for yourself. But just make sure you're parallel. We're going to twist to the right side legs. We'll spin left a little and roll down that side of the spine. Roll down, swinging the legs down around and up and over your back in your pike and twist the hips coming down the other side of the spine. Spin the legs down around, up and over.

Don't let your elbows move and twist and hips roll down around, over and up again. Twist the hips other way down around, over and up. You've got one more set and twist the hips spin one side of the back only to go down, one side to come up. And last one, your snake set you up for this. Your twists set you up for this cause you got all that rotation. Roll yourself down one vertebrae at a time and reach for your straps. You're great. You're all set for long. Fine.

Take your feet into the straps you've done that supported over the head with the help of the hands. Now you won't have the hands anymore. Take legs out on a long, high diagonal. Good. And just for fun because it's nice to do. Bring your legs just to 90 degrees and try not to move your carriage at all. Go straight up, straight up, straight up. Beautiful.

Open the legs and then melt down one vertebra at a time. Two, three. Now at the bottom you can push the legs forward, close them, and come back up just to 90 just to 90 straight up with no movement from your springs. Maximum control. Beautiful Open melt down control, control, no movement, no movement, no movement. Push the legs forward. Close the legs and back to 91 more. Set like this. Straight up and open.

Take your time on the descent. Take your time to three and now let's do it the other way. Legs can push close together. Lift up right away with the hips. So no reverse. Just straight up, straight up and then push the feet way far away and pull two, three all the way out. Ben, all the way out. All the way out. Mm. Glorious. Open and lift right away. Close the legs and push the legs out in front of you.

Out in front of you. You're going to need this push to three and one more. Open and lift like together. I need the hips higher and the feet in front of the hips for the whole descent. Yes, Madame. That is it. Ms. Cooper. Roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll and done.

Reach behind you and lift your head rest and do a couple of circles each way. Four to five maximum. No more than that. Take one no wider than the frame of your machine. If you don't mind to circle three, circle four. That's plenty other way. Don't go too wide. Don't go too far.

Keep them small and controlled. Three and four. Good. You can take the straps over your head and toss them off into the, well. We don't need them anymore. We're going to do knee stretches. Swing off to one side. Take your foot bar up. You're still on two springs and mount. Let's just go straight away to knees off.

So come all the way up and I'm going to ask you to come down from the top rather than coming from the bottom. So stand all the way up on your tip toes. Take your heels up high on the blocks and I want you to try just for today. Keep your shoulders a little higher than you normally do. And then bend the hips, bend the knees, bringing your hips just a little bit, just a little bit lower. Good. And I want to show you something. Shoot your legs all the way out and lock the carriage out all the way, all the way. Cause this position you were really just in, in your long spine.

Hit this every time. Bend the knees and pull them forward. Do it again. Shoot out, pull them in, shoot out. Pull them in, shoot out. Pull them in. Keep going out and in, out and in, out and in. A little higher out and in. Show me the out, then in out then in, stay up, out and in. Stay on out and then you've got five more. Don't slow down. Oh my goodness and one more and you're just going to hover in, hover in and you can nail down. Excellent, right where you are.

Add your two springs for running and quickly dismount and come right back on toes on the bar. Stretch all the way out or together, feed parallel and go away. And then start to drag it out. Just trotted out restorative breathing, right? This was the moment you're supposed to be out of breath. When you do your knee stretches, why? The time you arrive at running. This is to restore the rate of the heart and your breathing.

You only get 20 counts to do it and you're on. Come all the way in. Take your feet onto the corners for your pelvic lift. Your hips come up and stop. Press all the way out. I won't take springs off cause I'm feeling generous. Come all the way in. You work so hard by this time, you don't need it and you still have to do your control, balanced pushups. So, and maybe a little split all the way out. Bring it in.

Show me that length again, that length that you did for knee stretches and the length you did for long spine, it was there. Go all the way out and stay. Push into all those springs and bring it all the way in. Nice. This last one will stay in and roll yourself all the way down. Bring your knees all the way in. Give yourself a little love. That's all you get. Swing yourself off.

We have two springs and the bar moves forward out of the gear for pushups. Make sure this space forward on this apparatus. It's much safer if you are here. Okay. Uh, the gear bar moves forward, so you're good. Yes. Okay. So we do foot, hand, hand, foot bent, foot facing this way. So you're going to come up this way. Push your carriage out and mount gently and we're up. Wait for us.

Then say in your pushup position, I just want to see the carriage moves. So push it forward with your arms. Pull it in and hold right under the shoulders. Push it out, pull it in. One more, push it out. We're going to take the right leg up, pull it in, take right leg up and just do to push out and in. Push out and in switch hands. Keep your leg up and then switch. Christy, keep the leg where it is and push out and in one push out and into.

Just leave it and then put it down. We'll do three pushups right here. Just bend the elbows and press up to more. Then press up one more bend. Press up and stop. Lift your hips pipe in and step down to the floor directly. Good spin round. We have to do the other way just for fun. So hands are behind us on the blocks. Arches onto the bar. Step Up.

I'll move quickly. Once we get there, just move the carriage out in. Two more out in one more out in. Now with the leg kick. Pull other like kick, pull two more. Kick and pull. One more kick. Pull. Step off dismount. You guys are great. Bring the gear bar back. We still want to do our Russian splits to finish cause you should do one big yummy stretchy thing. If you need a pad, it's Catechin Warner.

We'll start with the left foot. Catercorner you're going to actually step up onto the carriage. When it's ready, put your hands onto the blocks. The back foot goes catty-corner the front foot pops forward. Put the ball of the foot right between the blocks, the ball of the foot, right between the blocks. Good. Then bend your front knee down, down, down, down, down, down. The carriage will go out. That's fine. Just where you are. Nothing moves except the front leg. Stretch it forward. Pull it back, stretch it forward. Pull it back. One more. Stretch it forward. Pull it back.

Find your balance by coming up right and taking your hands behind your head. Hold strong. Same idea. Leg goes forward. Back. Stretch that back like then stretch it. Thank you. Pull. Take it out. Come in and hold it good. Find the blocks again with your hand. Hop Your foot forward on the head so it's a little more forward and take a nice big split. Go down, go down, go down, stop at the bottom.

You can bring your head to your knee and then fold up. Both legs are straight. Both legs are straight. Try again. Go all the way out. Turn your head sideways on the legs so you're looking out over the knee and bring it all the way up and stop. Good. We're going to switch legs. You can hop that leg back. Take the other leg forward, right light goes back. Catty-Corner hop the foot onto the ball of the foot. The carriage comes out, the knee bends. I should see your side parallel to the floor.

Thigh parallel to the carriage or floor even lower. Just what you can and then the front leg move and keep the weight in the heel of the front foot. Weight in the heel. Good. Push into the back one and and find your balance. Hands come behind. Head. Torso is upright, carriage is controlled and go push. Where's the parallel push. Thank you. And Ann. One more.

Push and, and find the blocks. Hop The foot a little more forward. Straighten out into a big split. Big Split. Big Split hands can come to the side of the blocks. Their elbows can bend just to the side on the blocks still. And then pull up hips come up nice and high. Go ahead.

So you can just hold this and go again. Press two, three and pull the right hip back. Come up, come up, come up, stay on the leg, stay on the leg, stay on the leg. Good. And you get to hop the foot back off the pet rest and stepped down. Beautiful. Well done you guys. So just, I want you to be always thinking about what is this setting me up for? How did I get here? What was that good for? So that your, your practice takes on a whole nother meaning. It isn't just a list of memorize exercises.

It's a practice that you get better at and that informs every other part of your practice. So thank you for loaning me your bodies and uh, keep up the good work.


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Would the first exercise on the floor in STANDING
hands behind the head, heels together toes apart and lower down and up be an effective exercise for rehabilitating a tight Achilles?
I love Alycea always and her relentless request to never stop working! This is a wonderful tool for thoughtfulness during our workout but mainly just a solid a$# kicking! I wonder if parts of the workout were erroneously omitted or to reduce time? Thanks guys!
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Enjoying getting to know you through these classes. Thankyou.
Benjamin Degenhardt
Such a phenomenal Reformer ride, and I get to do and relive it again and again and again (which is great because at the time I could barely see through the sweat in my eyes). Thank you Alycea!
Alison P
I put the workout on my favorite page before I even watched the video...because it's ALYCEA UNGARO! Your Pilates, Body in Motion, was my first text about 12 years ago at a "Pilates for Physical Therapists" course. Now I only teach Pilates in my home studio. Thanks for sharing such great cues and principles with us and PA. Loved the workout...nobody better!
Weeeee that was quite a ride. Love the explanations and attention to the details that matter.
excellent class thank you

Precision in teaching. Wish I could be in NY to study with you, Alycea. Thx Pilates Anytime for the opp. to study from afar.
Beautifully taught, beautifully executed!
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