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With the feedback of the Magic Circle, emphasis in this Mat workout taught by Amy Havens is placed on strengthening the abductors, adductors, arms, abs, and hips. To get deeper into the class, Amy wants you to feel volume and play with the idea of filling up space to a molecular level. Enjoy Mermaid into Teaser, side-lying exercises, Rocking, and prone glute work.
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Jun 26, 2014
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Hi everyone. We're here for a magic circle workout and we'll be doing a little bit of ad abduction, abduction, some arm work, some ab work for sure hips, you know, the usual. So we're gonna start with the ring on the outside of the knees and let's just right away. Yeah. And depending on how your hips feel right now, you can either walk forward or a little bit closer in, but put it in the hands right underneath the size and pull out with your legs out into the, the foam padding there. And as we just start to kind of transition into class, taking mind and mode check on your feet, we're not checking, you know, rolling out, rolling in and take up some space within your body. And I've been thinking a little bit about molecular space. Uh, I took a workshop a couple of weekends ago that kind of suggested why not fill up molecule space within your body and that I just chewed up and had a great time with that. Uh, and then that led me into more three dimensional thinking about my body.

All right. So playing with that a little bit today, it can be just the breath. It can be every single joint that you can think about through your body. Just all of that fluid and all that. Um, energy. Really having more, taking up more space inside. Okay. So let's take about four deep breaths and letting the air go.

So very often when we start doing contracted type of movement, there's a tendency to shorten or bear down or lose that volume and lose the height. So today let's challenge ourself with staying long, wide open, even during a contraction, even if it minimizes how much effort you're putting into what you're doing. All right, a couple more. Filling up your spaces, widen your back nice and high up on your sit bones. And this should be a lot of work already in your app. Yep. So let's take another breath on this exhale, we will start moving and we'll rounding over the magic circle, kind of look down at the bottom edge of it. And I want you to then to exhale again and pull your, pull this then back away from.

So we're going to go back into little bit of a curl back, a little baby curl back, and think about your pelvis really mostly moving away from the magic circle. Take a breath and then as we curl forward, keep that c curve. Keep those abdominals active as you bring that round shape over the ring, but then returned to sitting tall. We'll do it three more times. So this is a breath in keeping that Lincoln heightened space. Exhale. As we round over, let's pause and breathe in again. Take in more air.

So the bottom of the pelvis, pull that back away from the magic circle or the ring to really intending right away. Yes. Good you guys to open up our low back pause. Inhale, take the shape over the ring so we have to lift it and pull it forward over that ring and come up to sitting tall. Hopefully a little taller than you started. Two more to go. I feel better already. And exhale, lift and curl over. It's okay to use your arm. Pause, taking the air, pulling the pelvis back. Think the lowest part of the pelvis. Sacrum. If you want to go back a little further, you might want to. You guys are getting warmer. Inhale, take this whole shape. Keep the abdominals very active.

Lift yourself up over the ring and return to sitting. Open up your collarbones. One more. Exhale forward over the ring. Inhale, stretch the back rib cage. Good. Exhale, pool back. Inhale more space. Exhale.

Bring that shape over and inhale is come to sitting tall. All right, moving in a little warm up of our arms. Reach your arms forward, palms face up, and organize your shoulder blades. Open up your arms, out to your t position. And just for a second, let's connect to this. Press out in the ring more and feel that energy also come around your back muscles without thrusting the ribs. So it's really going to, I want our shoulder blades to really join together in our back and then breathe them forward. Either breath, actually you can do inhale or exhale state hall. Remember where we're thinking three-dimensional right now? And as you can track your muscles, you don't have to get short.

Does change length in some places, but okay, contract. Now bring your arms forward. Then we'll do a little bit of circling, lift, open and down. Just easy circles for each direction. If your legs are getting tired, you can release the engagement or the pullout a little bit or just fight through it and keep working. Circle the arms forward, less reverse directions. Four Times. These don't have to be too precise to continue to think about lengthening up through the head, the abdominal muscles engaged back into your lower back and one more and we'll stop with the arms reaching forward to breathe in.

Let's roll back all the way known guys to our lower back and then all the way through and I want us to take the arms in that little circular pattern from overhead out toward the t position. Sweep them toward your hips, curl your head, neck and chest, and we're rolling up as to just one large circle. They'll come back around the front, we breathe in to do it again and exhale. Pulling those abdominals away from the ring. Nice smooth articulation. Arms come around by the hips. Curl up, look out over the ring. Lift your focus, lift your gaze. Let's do that three more times. Lower belly, middle belly, upper belly. Nice. Smooth articulation and left.

It's still thinking spacious. Two more you can pull out on the ring and rolling up one last pattern all the way and roll back. Well actually one and a half more. Sorry. Come all the way back up because they want us to do one more roll down. And in doing a roll down, we'll slide our heels toward us and get ready to some for some pelvic curl. I'm gonna move my body a little bit in. All right, so keeping the ring on the outside of the legs, continuing to feel those abduct abductor, excuse me, take a breath and let's go ahead and peel up to a bridge position and then just hold there. Okay.

If we put our arms over our thighs and just kind of put the palms there. Yeah, that focus for a minute that your hipbones are pressed up towards your forearms pressing out on the magic circle. We do this choreography quite often. As we roll our back down, our arms will go overhead, so we'll just take a full breath cycle. Remember we're stretching, we're spacing things out. Lay those arms back [inaudible] than there. Roll back up, arms. Return to the thighs. Inhale, exhale, return back over, roll down your spine. All the while pulling out on the ring to let the arm bones just really fall back to the floor. Crow up, and one more time.

Roll down sequentially massaging the spine. And then as we come back up, bring in our pelvis and forearms together. We don't really have to stay here with our arms, but I want us to, you can do it if you want. Open up your collar bones a little more so that the chest is wide and I want us to dip a hip. So take your right hip pelvis and rotate it. Dip it down toward the map.

It's still pull out on that magic circle and then press both hips back up. Alternate sides. Inhale, rotate left pelvis down and exhale press up. But as you take the right side down, the left side shouldn't come down. You want to keep it pressed up into that forearm alternate again, so it really probably helps to keep that on us. Let's go for more. Inhale, rotate. Exhale, press eyes right to the ceiling. One more each direction.

I hope you're feeling some glutes now and lift and twist the hip or pelvis and left. Hold here. Rise up onto the balls of the feet so you're in a little Relevate and let's do a little sniff. Sniff, blow, blow pulse, the ring open four and three and two and hold. Now keep the heels lifted. Let's rotate the pelvis again to the right and exhale. Lift might feel more intense in the glutes.

With the heels lifted and lift and upper body remains square left side, how are we doing? I think we're fine to do four more and press. Keep it a little. One hip stays up as the other one rotates down or back and center. Last one guys, last time. Lift. And once again, lower the heels as we roll out of our bridge. Open the arms overhead. Keep feeling spacious. Lengthen, lengthen and lower. Okay, let's take our hands behind our head.

Elbows slightly lifted off of the mat so you can really hook your shoulder blades onto your rib cage. And let's breathe in. We're going to take an exhale up to a chest lift position just for basic. Jeff's lifts. Nothing fancy yet too. Allowing that head to stay just held back into the hands three and last one up on four. I'm going to have a stay there and just reach to the magic circle.

You can put your hands on the outsides cause you're going to answer. Take it off without losing your chest lift. Put this right at your ankles, lift it to your ankles and lower your head and chest down. So now we've got these long leavers of ad with working our ab doctor's. Let's do a tiny corkscrew over to your right hip. Really small. Exhale around center.

But think about can we keep the same amount of work? Alternating sides? Yeah. Same amount of work going in both hips while you circle. Okay, let's do just one more each side. We don't need many live nice work open around center. Bend your knees, lift the head chest. It began, but it in between the angles for our 100 all right, so if we start down with our body, knees are slightly bent. Heres fine. I want us all to just slightly externally rotate the femurs, the knees and the calves and shinbones just lightly so that when we go ahead and lengthen up, here we go.

We're in a very slight external rotation to hook the back of the leg muscles into the groin. And here we go. Inhale. Three, four, five. Exhale, two, three. So we've done a lot of workout here. Change your focus now into the inner thigh. Squeeze your ring a little bit. There's still length through your head or the upper part of your upper back and spine. Arms, fingers, inner thighs, too. Big Toes. Anyone wants a little more so that energy down the seams of our legs out that ring. Yeah.

Nine maybe XL three, four or five and 10. Exhale, three, four, five Ben. Okay, let's go back to the abduction out on the ankles for rollover and because you, yes, we all have this. I'm going to have this, put our hands at the back corners of our mat. If your shoulders allow for that, if you're watching at home and this doesn't work for you, that's fine. You just go to your regular position here. But what I want us to feel again, even work on both sides of the hips, pulling out, sometimes we have a stronger side, so we want to keep that in check and keep that in balance. Eyes right up to the ceiling.

Resist the urge to look at yourself with your head. Here we go. Breathe. Lift your tailbone up to the ring first up and then take it over. You can flex your feet if you'd like here. Breathe in. Now as we roll down, keep lifting the waist line up away from, you know, add up to the legs so you're feeling long. We're pretty warmed up. I think we can take our legs a little lower than 90 pay me to her 45 if you want to go all the way down. And guys, you can, I thought you would. Inhale up and over so that lengthening is still happening in your waist.

Nice. Haley up with the hips, almost there. Breathe in. And then as you roll down, there's an energy going through the top of your head. Away from your tail. Okay. Just two more of these beautiful long and spacious and exhale. Take yourself. Ooh over.

I had to Tuck my shirt in. Flex your feet. Inhale, pull out on that circle. Make those hips work. Connect that with your abdomen. Roll yourself down. Keep looking right up to the ceiling so your profile of your Chin and jaw is nice and uh, easy to see. Lengthen. How are your hips feeling? Good over. Flex the feet, pulling out, breathing in there. And then here we go.

Up or back melting or articulating, massaging, mid back, low back, tailbone. And I want us just to bend the knees. You can take the ring off of your ankles and let's go ahead and just roll ourselves up anyway. That makes sense for you. Okay, good. You guys all face you, but you can see like that. Let's go into a diamond position and skid away from our hips for a second just to let those kinds of relax. Hold your circle right out in front of your chest, shoulder level long fingers and risks and press in on the ring a little bit and our shoulder blades nicely set right on our backs. Let's just easy chest pulls four times and exhale.

You can actively press your feet together for more work in your hips. If you're looking for that inhale, we're still spacious. We're still connecting to three dimensional energy all around like this thing. Okay, now let's just do easy rotation to the right. First you just breathe in and exhale return.

We'll add the chest pull on the next layer. So can you still live to, I still find volume in space if you've been through the knuckles, possibly. Good. Yes, and it Kinda slows us down when we do that. Now let's pull it to the chest and in and reach long, come back to center and it will probably slow us down, which is fine with me. The more breath we are taking and pressing away. Good you guys. And, and feel your back muscles.

Move your arms. I'm going to have us do four more of them. Okay. Let me watch you turn. Use your back muscles to gather the arms to the chest. Nice. Elisa. Good. Yeah. So clear guys. And so the back is what collects the arms.

Good. Haley? Yup. One more each side and or the chest reaching to the ring. But we don't want to thrust the rib cage of course. Yeah. And Center. Last one. Well I just, it's a simple pattern but one of my favorites in a seated position. I think you guys know that. Okay. Unrest. Let's roll back again.

And then as we rolled back, um, yes, yes. Spirit, a roll back, step in and yes, it's a little hamstring stretch. We're going to add some uh, pure for ms stretching or glute complex. All that is ab doctors that we just worked, uh, deeply. So you can flex your foot here to start reaching the right hip, sitting bone toward the opposite heel. So there is somewhat of a downward arking or angling that we want to connect to. And let's do four please. With this leg, I don't want you to drop the ring.

In fact, keep pushing up into it when you bend the knee and even when you straighten and three more, we bend. So it's kind of a space. It's an a space hold there in the sky. Press the back of the leg out. You want those hamstrings a little over. Eat your way from the torso. And one more. Okay? Take your leg into slight external rotation and I'm going to detail this.

Put your right hand on the handle or peddle. Bend your knee. Aim that right knee towards your armpit. If I can be so clear about it. And then left hand on your heel or the magic circle pad. I'm either way if you can. Yeah. So what? I'm flexible in this particular position in my hips so I can squat pretty deeply here and yeah, but w we want that.

I want everybody to have a little more freedom back here in the back of that hip joint. So let's just hold, but we can do two things while we're holding. I want us to pull with the right arm, but also reach the heel into the hand. So we've got two different things happening on pull and a push. Okay. You guys are feeling that. I think if a little shake happens, that's all right. We welcomed that shaking. There might be some tissue releasing and things.

Okay. So you can stay here or if you want a little more feeling out of it, I'm going to go for it. I want to move my leg a little more over my mid line so I'm gonna aim my heel. So if I drew a line, it would be more above my left hip. Right? Exactly. Okay.

And then if there is a little more external rotation of your Femur, Haley's like, no, not right now. Okay. And we're still pushing and pulling, probably more pushing through the heel at this point. If we want to try one more than the other. Okay. Now let's do this. Release the heel, but keep your leg in external rotation and just straighten the leg to this ceiling, keeping it turned out and then rebend it in. And three more extend and rebend.

I'm going to actually use my hand and try to get that leg a little more to me and press up and pull. Last one. Let's press up and pull and then we're going to take the leg into parallel. More of a co, kind of a classic hamstring stretch position. And now start to lower your leg until your arms are straight. We're all going to look different cause their arms are different lengths. Mine are quite short. Pick up your head when there are no whatever.

Head and chest. Okay w concentrate on the abdominals now. Okay. And hopefully your low backs are very well in the mat. You too. Probably more so than mine. Lift your lower leg, add duct, your legs. Think of bringing them more to the center and let's start a little rocking. Pressed your leg into that magic circle and smoothly roll through your bat.

Three more. So we've basically taken that opening shape from the warmup and put it in here. One more time and left. Now stay back on your Seagram, bend your knee and extend your knee. Three more been the knee.

Try to stay back on your sacraments a little kind of where we would be for a teaser. Upper back can be extended, but the lumbar spine, a little curved and just one more [inaudible] roll all the way back down. Okay, lets change legs. Hopefully got some stretch in there. All right so long left leg organized the pelvis. So again, checkpoints, sitting bone and pelvis, angling toward the right heel. Flexing your top ankle. We did four please. Right now. Inhale trying to space hold where the ring is and extend.

So really it's the hip joint, knee joint that are moving but not the ankle. Ah and last two. Inhale bend and Exhale, extend and inhale, bend and exhale. Extend. Okay. Externally rotating the femur. I used the whole leg actually. Again, just do that. Left hand holding. Then the knee right hand holds the heel. Oh okay.

Maybe feeling different on this side. And then just take a moment. You want to pull with the left hand but push through the heel into the right hand. Flex the hip deeper. Bend your knee deeper and enjoy deep breathing. Okay. And then the added layer, if you're wanting to move into it, is taking the leg a little further over midline. Yeah. So the heels really more above the right pelvis now.

Okay. Pushing through your heel. Do you guys feel that in your hip? Yeah. How did I know? [inaudible] alright, so releasing the heel hand and just extend the knees. We did four times. Extend trying to keep externally rotated in the leg and bend down and you can push up. Keep trying to organize the linemen in your pelvis so that left hip, not hiking, upward angling down toward the bottom.

Heel and down. Last time we straighten and bend. Nice you guys and Ben. So this way, if we wanted to go into leg circles, we could. It would be a nice warm up, but we don't need to today. Extend your leg. Oh, rotate it back to parallel. No start to lower your leg toward the other one until your arms are straight. Shoulders are set.

Ring your head in your chest up before we float the bottom leg. Or lift the bottom leg. Deeply. Contract your abdominals to get the Lumbar to release to the mat or drop or connect. Now long bottom leg and float contract. Your abdominals primarily then start to reach into the ring and start a little rocking. Add duct your legs toward the midline. It may bring us more success in a smooth roll.

Good for three [inaudible]. It's a way to do openly rocker, only different way to open it. And we can come all the way up saying back on our sacred and flex and bend the knee. So we had four times one and extend upper back. Nice and open and proud. Spacious.

Lower abdomen pulled in and up. Last one. And then after this, let's go ahead and roll all the way down and you'll roll onto your side. Um, let's have you guys switch positions with, so your heads are at the top of the Mat. We don't need our ring for this section so we can just put that off to the side. Okay. Yes. And so what I want you to do is as you're lying on your side and it doesn't really weird, sure that's fine. Is Tuck that arm under.

This is a new little setup for me. So what you're going to have is your arm folded right at your waistline. You can make a fist with your hand and you're in a 45 degree angle right there. Yeah. Okay. And straighten your legs out. Nice and straight first. And I'm going to just make sure that you both have your well divided down the middle of your mat.

So maybe Haley move a little more toward the middle of your mat and you guys can flex your feet. Okay. What this is what I want us to focus on is pushing that arm down onto the mat. Okay. And bring your pelvis forward on the mat. There you go. That's it Hailey. And if you don't mind, Nice Elisa, you can float your head up off of the mat unless that bothers your neck. But this is also part of our lateral body that I want us to strengthen. Now, if it's okay with you, and in fact I'll just do with both of you guys, is put my hand on your head and reach out through your head, push through your head. That's it. Out Your tail and out your head.

You could also do this a hold on yourself with your available hand, so I don't need to do it that way. You give yourself your own feedback. Okay, now relax for just a second and maybe put your head down on the mat. Let's do that again. Okay. Before you do that, I want you to pull, uh, awareness into your lower abdomen to support your low back. Here we go. You can push down with the bottom elbow arm exactly hand on head if you want. Or You could just rest your head on the mat ad lifting your or bridging your bottom hip up off of the mat so you aren't going to work your obliques right there. Good. And then hip down. Let's do eight of those. Exhale hip up.

And then you can do whatever you'd like to with your available hand. It doesn't have to stay on your head. Good. You can put it over your hip, bex, heel press. But I do want you to try to get your hip off of your lower arm and press, but at the same time you are pushing down with that forearm and your hand more the forum than anything up. How are we doing guys? Feel your obliques and push six. Open the chest. Remember we're taking in good Elisa, taking it a lot of space through the body. All this volume around you.

One more time. Beautiful. Okay. And raft. Now arm stays there. Bend your knees though. And so what we're going to have is the, the torso to knee line is still long and straight. It's just we've been her knees 45 and our feet are behind us. Okay. And then yeah, so you guys get a great, exactly a great view and same thing with your bottom elbow.

Forearm. Bring it back a tiny bit. Exactly. And push that. Push that down. Okay. If you want your head floating up, it might be a little bit easier. You guys love clams. I know. Clam from this funky new arm position. Here they go. Exhale and clam and close. Belly, first, clam, second. Good arm, belly and clam. It's all of those good primary PyLadies muscles going and press good.

Four more taking space. Good. Hailey. That's it. Your head position changed and your, your chest opened up a little more last too. Good. Alisa. Last time. Press and release. Okay. Relax all the way down before we do the other side. Yeah. So the neck, you did feel uh, I was, it's gonna work that neck a little bit.

Okay. Yeah. Okay. Um, for knowing for the other side, if it starts to get tired, maybe just put it down, but okay. Come on up guys into a mermaid position. Yeah. And you can still face that way and you can have your ankle stack, knees stacked, lean out onto your right arm or that arm and open up your hand and feel for a moment again across your upper ribs in your chest. Nice and open. The other arm is going to come into a diagonal. Now I should have been, I'm gonna warn you. Move forward towards your knees. We need a little space behind us for a tissue cause you're going to roll back in a minute toward that bum. So you need a little space behind you. Okay, so we're in a diagonal position with the arms were open and very spacious.

Let's breathe in. We're gonna rotate toward the uh, right arm chest toward the down arm. Here we go. And if you get your hand onto the mat, wonderful. It doesn't have to, but I hope it will. And Inhale as you open four times and just exhale and twist. Remember you lifting into the twist and inhale and look and see where you're going. Open a little more. Last two before we add a variation. Inhale, open and, and open. Now let's come back to the fern arm. Exhale.

As we inhale, we're going to open and rule back onto your hip and lift your legs into a teaser. Stay with that other arm down on the mat right now. When you return to the mermaid roll onto your right hip roll. Tuck your feet behind you. Inhale, exhale, rotate. We just have that four times total. Look up to the ceiling. Look up into space with that energy and your eye. Focus. The height, the hip lift over onto an exhale. That's fine to list.

Last you rod, your hip and wrist. They spacious there. Roll under your hip. Tuck your feet behind you. Exactly. Exhale, inhale, and last time. Now let's do a fancy transition. You come up with years to get to the other side. How did I know? Okay, you good? That's rollover. Awesome. Okay, I'm again you guys. So we're going long legs, long body on our mat, elbow folded. That actually really helps set that nice squareness in the chest and upper body position. Okay. And there you go.

So flexing through your heels and bring your shoulders back a little bit or hips forward. So you're dividing the mat a little bit, right? And so you're bending, bend the elbow and push down. Ready? There they go. And they're pushing your elbow down. If they want to reach out through their head, they can. I'm going to just do it again for you. Lower your ear a little bit there and then for you breath back ahead. Right? So also connecting energy behind the back of the head.

So I've got my hand behind her cranium now and out the top. So you're pushing in linkedin. There you go. Does that feel better? Okay. They can do their own hand if they want to. We're going to bridge the hips. Here we go. Exhale, n live, use those obliques. Inhale lower and exhale and lift and lower.

But it's primarily abs. Push the forearm down than the hip. If there's a primary belly, first forearm, second hips. Yes. And again, you, you're a little bit this way. Yeah. So it's not so much about lateral flection of the cervical spine. There you go. Does that make sense? Okay.

Hip forward on that right hip for Hayley last two. Yes. Hold it with those obliques and lift better and down and press. Excellent. Elisa am lower rest, everything completely. Then the knees though. So you're actually bringing you up just a 90 45 degree and go there and here we go for some clamming. Exhale, press the hips up, press down on that forearm and do whatever you need to do with your head. Exhale, clam, perfect. And clam is so hard.

Sideline to know where we are in space. I think it's one of the hardest for appropriate section where we are and very often we start to take flection in the upper spine and neck when we probably don't really want to be right. How do we know? So head back there. So that connects right into your back muscles. You feel that? Yeah. Yeah. She said, and one more I think.

Good you guys press and lower. Was that eight? Honest. Okay. And come all the way out and let's get them onto our mermaid. I think it was eight. Yeah. It's just really hard when we're assigned line, there's this, this tendency I think to drift right in through the sternum and the head comes forward. All right, so here we are and ankle and ankle. Knee. We're in a diagonal line. We've got space. We're taking up space, we're breathing it in and we rotate toward the arm. Use those obliques again rather than just moving the bones. Those are moving to, but muscles move on.

So use your muscles to move your body and open. Lift as you spiral. Good lift as you spiral and the shoulder blade staying nicely placed on your back. And then adding. Exhale, rotate. I should've warned you. I hope you have space behind you. Inhale into your teaser. Ooh, drinking good Elisa, and then roll onto your left hip beat. Goes weeping behind. And exhale, twist.

Inhale, open. Make those adjustments. Roll onto that hip and lift. Beautiful. Roll on to your left hip. Keep your feet up, then sweep them behind. Better twist and open. Last to roll and left onto the hip. Feet sweep and west.

End to open. I've gotten us a little off our breathing, but I think we're fine. So there's our teas or do you feel like you don't have enough space on your map to go into a teaser with both arms overhead? Gorgeous. You guys good, Haley? She's taken a risk right on the edge of the mat. Bend your knees and rest. Gorgeous, Liza. Okay guys, let's do some prone. So face down, let's bring our ring into it again so we could get fancy, but go ahead and put it between your ankles and I want to have you do a different support for yourself today. Very often pro. And we do our hands stacked and forehead down today rather than stand up, put your hands underneath you here on your pelvis.

Fingertips kind of pointing towards your pubic bone or lower abdomen and good, it's hard to do that. Okay. Now before you do any leg lifting, lengthen your chest and your sternum underneath here. If I could pull your chest out. Okay. Lift your stomach up off the mat a little bit. Now for you to think a little bit of, Uhm, can you add doctor, use your add doctors right now a little more to hold the ring. Whatever you want to do with your feet is fine with me.

You don't have to have points or flex, but I would like you to now exhale, engage your hamstrings to extend the front of your hip. So you'll lift your thighs a little and inhale as you lower. Let's organize it this way. Exhale. Belly first, size second. Inhale. Lower. Good. Again, belly first. The high second and down. So I'm going to do something with you. Haley, you're going to feel me to help you. Bend your knees more. You're going to hate me and left. Oh, it's actually better.

You got more lift belly first. Hamstring second. Good. And let's go for more. So I want down these last three guys almost think about using more of your medial hamstrings or your inner thighs to lift the legs. That helped Elisa. Yeah, so that we're not so turned out with have legs. Use those inner hamstrings till hover. Haley. Much better.

Okay, last one. You're going to stay up there and pulse. Eight little extras. One Tommy first to that Tomi Q, really important. So you don't crunch and compress that lumbar. Remember space, even if your range is small, six and seven and eight. Okay. Rest your legs for a moment. But keep the ring there. I would like for you now to take your hands back around your ankles.

Yup. And the rocking or the bow shape. I bet these two will be able to get into a rocking with no problem. Right? So underneath you again, his stomach first. Okay. Lengthen your sternum. Start to hover your legs by reaching back through your thighs and your knees.

And I always love the image for myself that my chest and legs are rising at the same time and hold that pose. Can you take that volume again? It's like what I'm sensing is you guys, it's around you. Yeah, right. Okay. Now the rock is just breathing. Really. The inhale rocks you up. Good. Yeah, you're going to love me. That's it. So you're in the hill rocks. You're not your head movement.

No ponytail bobbing. Good at Liza. Add duct squeeze. Last two. Gorgeous. This is, these guys are rocking. Well that's right. And no rest easily. Take the ring away cause that is a lot good. Come in magneto. Cat Stretch I think should feel delicious after that. Big back extension.

Okay. And last little bit before a nice stretch is thigh stretch. Although if I stretches a stretch, it's work. Hold your ring. Okay, we're going to have a good one. We're going to bring back in that chest pole, but we'll do it when we hinge. So here you are right on the top of your knees. And I like to check it this way.

If you are in the right place on your knees, you should be able to lift your shins pretty easily, right? And I don't. Yeah, right? Because if we're not, we could be hanging out back here and company land and sh small and short back here. So lift, lift, create that space. Trust what? Trusted talent it really trusted. Okay. Oh, I'd rather just do that that way than hang out there. Here we are. Arm Straight. Now as you hear new back, you're coming off of the knees. Don't go too far. Chest pull, reach, come forward onto the front of those knees.

Let's do that little Shin lift just to check and hinge back. Hold that shape. Chest pull. Lengthen and come back up and check it out. Two more times. Only open pull God you guys and Taller. When you come up in a little with your shins and last time and lean back, good chess pool or where you come up tallest, tallest, tallest, tallest, and lower yourself down. Good. Elisa, she redeemed it first though.

Okay, let's put that out there. You choose what leg you want to go back. It's all right with me. Either one and just come into a I. My front leg has been, I'm not a Yogi. I'm not a, you know, but I am. I want us to get some piriformis stretch on the hip. So if you want to take this bent leg and move the Shin, more horizontal. Good luck. Yeah, right. Okay.

But you'll get a lot out of it anyway if you just get down here and try to bring that long leg pelvis forward and reach your arms out long. So you take up the space again. Yeah. Good. That's right. And we know that the magic circle or the potties ring work can bring in some intensity just by holding it sometimes, but also some of the extra connection you find. This is just an additional hands-on cause. I want to know. So welcome.

Good. Nothing fancy. Always good I think, and come on up and you'd just do a transition to the other side guys. Yeah. Good.

Long arms. Take that space. [inaudible] I think you did a great job keeping space, specious movement, and then of course on a, on a class, if it were more, uh, you know, the pace was faster, that would be a lot more of a challenge to keep that connection while things are snappier when it's slower, it's easier I think, but yeah. Good. Just like in that climate tree stretch that we did earlier, it's the pelvis that's angling down toward the opposite heel. Right? One more nice deep breath in and exhale.

Destroy yourselves up. And I think the way we're going to conclude classes, just go ahead and bring your feet together and slows the feet together and just put your hands right on your knees and you can close your eyes if you want to. Just take a little inventory. We did get all of our body parts in. Yeah. And actually gives me an overt to you. You both are sitting a little more externally rotated in your hips and I didn't have to tell you too good to see.

Easy head tilt to restretch that neck and case, that sideline stuff. Gotcha. Nice work everyone. Let me know how you think, if you like that, if you'd like some of that new stuff that we did. I'm always interested to hear what you think. Thank you.


love the "dips" , thank you for a great Magic circle class Amy !
Great class.
I loved the mermaid into teaser and this class and the imagery of filling up space really helped me breathe deeper and fuller. thank you!
Wow-what a great class. From the warm up to the transitions and cueing - perfect. Beautiful choice of exercise. Terrific creation of mental and body awareness. I could feel the space in my body which allowed for perfect initiation and execution of movement. Thanks so much Amy!
Thank you ladies, I really appreciate your comments! Kati, I value your specific response also .....this helps me know which elements folks respond to and how.
Hi Amy, my torso and shoulder stabilization muscles, especially appreciated the feel of the mermaid, with rotation to teaser balance. Your attention to your students and hands on cuing noted, as a positive 'Pilates' instructor role model. Thank you.
Kathleen....your comments are so genuine, thank you! I am grateful for your honest feedback value your positive words!
Thank you for the class. I definitely feel longer. However, during the side lying series, the arm I was on kept falling asleep. I am assuming I was doing the movement incorrectly. Do you have any suggestions to correct this?
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Hi Seifelbeach....thank you for your comments. Yes, that side lying arm position can be tricky..... try really pushing the forearm and fist into the mat to unload the shoulder itself. If this is still too demanding and gives you the falling asleep response, hold off and try again another time. It could be that you need to build up some strength to hold your body in this way, but I would suggest the pushing into the mat with the fist and forearm. Please let me know how it goes, curious to hear!
wonderful direction! thank you!
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