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Not only do you get a fabulous workout with Mari Winsor's Mat class, but she will have you smiling and laughing the entire time with her witty cues and imagery. She plays with timing to give each exercise it's own dynamic, and she reminds you to let your breath guide your body. Welcome to Pilates Anytime Mari!
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Oct 02, 2014
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Hi everyone. I'm Mari Winsor and we are going to do a polities mat class today and I want to introduce you all these beautiful women from the Santa Barbara area, aren't they? Lovely? Wow. So it's always sometimes kind of fun to pick one and follow them. Pick the one you like the best and follow them. That's what people do sometimes. So everybody that made you gotta look your best, right?

So find the middle of your mat and lie down. Good. And let's bring the knees into the chest and stretch the legs up. We're going to go for the juggler heels wheezing together. When you squeeze your heels together, you feel your upper inner thighs and your glutes, right?

That's an extra added bonus. So lift up your head and shoulders. Squeeze your heels as if your back is strong. Lower your legs down to a 45 degree angle. Pump the arms and inhale smoothly. Exhale, good. Inhale, take the warm air to the muscles. Warm Air, oxygen. If you do like quick, short, low breath to match the beating of your arms, you will not be taking the warm air and oxygen to the muscle and you will not be warming up the heart, lungs. So Nice, deep, relaxing breath so your muscles can perform their best.

That the breath pull the tummy in. So when you exhale, push down. Good. If your legs feel tight, imagine me holding your legs and you reaching your legs to me and pulling into me and deeper to lengthen the legs. Try not to grip in the thighs. One more set. Inhale and exhale. Breathe out all the every [inaudible]. Bring your knees into your chest. Good. Feel your lower spine glued on the mat and put your feet down on the mat.

Keep your lower spine on the mat as you lengthen the legs out. Beautiful arms are by your side. We're going to do the moving one. How'd you just in case you didn't feel you're telling me now, you will lift up your head and your legs. Inhale, exhale up and inhale down 10 times. Exhale up and down again. There's that Comey, right? Xcel up, three [inaudible] down, still squeezing your heels together so you keep that connection of your inner thighs and your growth and down and for regional long with the arms. Pull your armpits down and um, and lift up.

Bought beautiful ladies and come down. That's it. And again up, read out all the tummy muscles then and come down. Very good again, up fresh your arms down past your heels. Reach long and come down two more times. Exhale up good and come down. Nice controlled, beautiful movement again and up.

Remember control is the name of the game and come down. Beautiful. Now go ahead and sit all the way up for me, which your they together and your bottles or your feet on the mat and take your hands underneath your legs. Legs are squeezing together so you still keep that connection. Press your feet down for weight on the foot and try to slide the heel towards you. Without it moving, you'll engage the back of your legs more. If you want to lift up your brothers, give it a shot.

Now pull the tummy in and keep your back curved. Lean back until your arms are straight. Inhale, exhale, pull the tummy, inject them up. Good again. Inhale, roll back on the tailbone. Pull the tummy in, ribs in, and exhale, pull up. Now let's go ahead and walk the hands all the way down the legs and roll down Vertebra by Vertebra, articulating the spine. Using your core.

Lengthen the legs out. Take your hands back on your thighs. Chin dear chest, and walk your hands along your leg and sit up. So now we have a little bit more help if you need it. If you find you're okay there, roll down using your hands to help you. Scoop under the hips. Pull the big heavyweight into. As you go down, reach your fingertips to the ceiling.

Feel the connection of your ribs falling to the mat as you rip if your fingertips are reaching up so we have a two way stretch in the body up and down. Now reach your arms back as far as you could go and still keeping your ribs in. Reach your arms back up to the ceiling. Inhale, change your chest, pick your head through your arms and exhale forward. Woo. Yeah, there you go. If you find this hard to do, go ahead and use your hands to help you. There's no reason to feel uncomfortable and roll down. Pull a big heavyweight into inhale and exhale come back.

Nice. Inhale to come up. Ribs in. Good. Exhale forward. Nice. If you have trouble with this, try squeezing your inner thighs and your buttocks together a little bit more to see if you can get that scoop [inaudible] in your pelvis. One more time. Inhale, come up and exhale forward. Reach with your fingertips. Pass your feet if you can. Don't stress it and roll down.

Nothing worse than overstretching and feeling your muscles get real tight. Now let's pick up the temple. Here we go. Inhale up one and reach forward. Exhale down and back. Inhale up and reach.

Exhale down and flat. Inhale up and reach. Exhale down and flap viewing. Muffle. I like the timing of all this. Take your arms down by his eye. You girls are doing a great job and I'm sure you are at home as well.

I wish I could see all of you. Take one leg straight up. Good. Feel as though the legs like an Arrow coming out of your hip socket. But don't lift your hip off the mat. Keep both hips squarely on the mat and isolate the leg in the hip socket. Take your hands behind the leg and give a little tug, a little stretch.

Be Nice to your leg. That's it. We're gonna warm up the hips and isolate the leg in the hip. Soccer without moving the torso. So we find stabilization in your torso, arms by your side. Cross the legs, sweep it down. Bring it back up.

Now let's pick up the temple and cross down. Up. Cross down, up, cross down and up. Keep your hips still everybody. I see some talking hips over here. Hips are quiet. Cross now reverse it down to keep your hips still.

Your arms are nice and strong by your side and your tummy is pulled in and up. Your posture is important no matter if you're lying on your side or on your back, and especially when you stand up. One more. Good. Now switch legs like scissors, right? Take that leg and pull it towards you. Gently. Don't overstretch. That's it. Do it with the breath. The breath guides the body.

Move with the breath. Good. Arms down by your side. Nice and strong. Leg is stretching up to the ceiling like an arrow. Here we go. And Cross down, up. Cross down it up. Don't forget to smile. It's the only exercise. Remember, it's important though.

Good cross down, up. Cross down it up now reversing down, crossing up, down, cross and up. Down. Crossing up. Two more. That's it. I might've done six on one side. I didn't know, but we're all right, aren't we good? Take the leg and pull it again. Now we're going to do a DAB bug transition. I want your legs both legs to be up, both arms to be up like a dead roach and then come up in one piece.

There you go. Bend your knees, put your hands by your hips and scoot your biotics forward to your heels. This is rolling like a ball and I want you to really try to engage your powerhouse when you do this. So grab your ankles. If you have bad knees, you can take your hands underneath your leg. If not, see if you can grab your ankles and balance just like Monica, pulling the Tummy in, rolling back on the tailbone, then your elbows and bring your upper body for more good. If you have bad knees for our series, you're going to follow her and do what she does.

If you have good knees and a strong back, let's go for it. Rolling like a ball and back and come up. Exhale. Inhale to go back and exhale up. Now we're going to go back and come up and stand back up and stand. Use Your hands if you need to. Nice or follow her and again, back down.

We'll back and up and stand Tommy and nice tall back. Now we're going to stand, jump. Don't cross your ankles and there we go and down and we'll back. Upstanding jump balance. If you have bad knees, go back down, come up, stand, jump. That's it. And back down and go back to a balanced position. Good.

Now let's be careful. That's all right. Let's be careful that when you do this, so we're going to do it again. Don't roll up and jump like this. Okay. I think I love the way you did it with the nice strong jump. Would you mind showing it right? Yeah. Do the whole thing. Okay, here we go and we'll back and come up. Stand, jump. Good. It was beautiful though. It was so graceful, right? So you want to push, push off on your feet, use your feet to help you and stretch your back.

Pull your Tommy and you get there. Let's try one more everybody. And again, if you have bad knees, balancing is good. Pulling your to tell me in deeper each time you come to the balance. Here we go and roll back and come up. Stand. We'll see. Go back down. That was a little bit better. Don't you think? Now put your hands by your hips and scrooge back.

Lie down on your back and draw one knee into your chest. Probably. You're right. One good. That's good. And lift up your head and shoulders. Take your outside hand, pull it to the ankle, your inside hand on top of the knee. This keeps your leg in alignment. Very important. Lift up your other leg to a 45 degree angle. If you have a tight back, you can take this leg up a little higher, but I think everybody here is good.

So lift up your head and shoulders top one, two, switch to switch. Three, switch four. Good. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, nine, 10. Now bring both knees into your chest. Grab your ankle. Good. Stretch your arms and legs out. Inhale, feel the two way. Stretching the body. Exhale, pour in again. Inhale, shoulders down. Exhale, pole in, pressure, armpits down. When you reach the arms on the fly here and pull in.

Good. Remember, you want to feel elegant and graceful. One more time. Inhale, hold them. Feel elegant and graceful. Shoulders down, Tommy and ample in good. Put your head down. Give it a rest for a second. Right leg straight up. Left like out. Take your hands behind your right leg. Left leg is long. Target twice. Lift your head one to switch to do this 10 times three. Make sure your legs are long when you do that. Switching. Good.

Come for me because I'm losing my count. God, Y'all, anybody counting? Are you counting? Some 40 1847 46 god, that's enough. Take your leg straight up. Take your hands behind your head. One Hand on top of the other and lift up your upper body ribs, his shoulder blades down. Good. Now again, turn your legs out. Don't compare parallel. You go into your hip flexors and your cause.

Squeeze the heels and lower the lace down. Inhale. Exhale. Use Your abdominals to draw the legs back up. Inhale and exhale. Good. Again, inhale and exhale. Make sure you don't let that lower back come off the mat. The tummy stays in and supporting the lower back. One more time and up.

Good, right knee into your chest and twist from the waist. Then hold that one and twist and hold it too and twist and hold the three and twist and hold the form that everybody stayed there. One second. Pull your ribs in and imagine my hand underneath your head. Pull you up a little higher. Now stay up that high as you twist the other side. Oh, Mama, Sita. That's it. And twist, right. He feels a difference. Yeah.

And one more time for good luck. Good. Come back to center and down. Now stretch your arms and lace up to the ceiling. Come up again in your dead Barb. Transition and up. Good. Open the life. Good. Flex your feet and arms are out. Your feet are right on the outside of your mat.

This is called spine stretch forward and so on. The most basic important movements that we do in the, in the pilings workout, because anytime we've curved the back is spine stretch forward really now. So if you imagine rolling back on your tailbone a little bit and then pulling up on your upper body and lengthening and here reaching forward. So you have a lifting here. Drop your shoulders. Yes. Strain your arms. Nice palm down. There it is.

And sit up tall and inhale. Don't just go round you back and do it wrong. Back like this. Is that okay? Or just drop your body forward. That's not it either. You need to create that two ways. Stretching the body always. This falls back and this pulls up and this drops down.

It might take you a minute, but when you get it, you get it. Good. Sit up tall and inhale and exhale. Nice. And inhale up. [inaudible] exhale for no forward. Pull away from me with the upper body. Pull away. Come on and give me some juice, girl. Pull away. Come forward.

Yes, and set up one more time and exhale. Yes, there you go. And sit up tall. Inhale. Good. Now come to the front of your mat. We'll do a little open like rocker. Take your hands on the outside of your ankles and stretch your legs up into a v not too wide. Some of you who have a lot of flexibility, stay inside the frame of your body. Don't show me all this, I don't want to see it. There we go. Drop your head down, pull your Tommy's in and rollback and come up and you're welcome to put your hands behind your knees, behind your shins, whatever you can get. And down and come up not so wide. Come back up for me here.

Good. Everybody has this problem. Oh, you tell me I'm not. Yes, no, go back. Keep your tummy and, and come up. Keep it in. I got, Gotcha. Come up. There we go. Okay. And back again. Oh, you're telling me not too much course called onto those legs. Come on and get those legs up you to tell me you did tell me and I'm now bringing it like better. You are almost okay. So when your legs together, get your lower abdominals working. Yes.

You can't let go of that when you let go that you lose control. Remember that? Okay. When you let go those lower abs, you'd be all over the place. Walking your hands down your legs and articulate your spine Burger bought by Burger Bra. Legs are straight up in the air. If your back feels tight, take your hands and put them underneath your seat to protect your lower back. If your back is fine, then have your arms straight down by your side. A little corkscrew.

You're going to move your legs about the size of a watermelon to the right and center to the left and center to the right and center. Good. [inaudible]. That's the tiniest watermelon I ever saw. Okay, so check yourself a watermelon is about like that anyway, and that's it. Good. Now from there we'll do another Dev bug transition and come up for your salt. Here we go and up. Open your legs outside your mouth.

Scooch back a little bit if you need to. Take your arms out to this side. Good. I liked how you guys are zigzagging. You've done this before, so now you're going to twist from your waist. Take your little finger to little toe and reach forward to the right and one to three and sit up in your twist and back to center. Let's make this better. Everybody so whole up here. Squeeze your butt cheeks and lengthen you.

O c now twist from you waist. Take your little finger towards the Roto. Hover over as you went. Spine stretch forward, right. Reach reached a little further. We slow further. Now you come up in your twist up in your twist rank and then back to center.

Okay? Don't Mush it that well. Be Clear about your positions. Positions are everything like Sir to widen money. There you go. Sit up tall. Flex your feet. Let me see some energy in these bodies. Come on you also. Beautiful. Flex your feet. Thank you.

A little paramecium twist from the waist is a private joke and little finger to you. Little Tall and Rom. Forward reach. Opposite hip is down. Come up in your twist and back to center and fun to lap and twist and reach it. One, reach it to reach it. Three come up in your twist. Oh my gosh, that's so much better. And again, twist one more time like we did last summer and reach one.

For those of you who are over 50 you'll know what I'm talking about and come up and center one more time to the left to where I, you see, you don't have to be over 50 to remember that. Okay. And come up in the twist and back to the center. Now you have three counts. Just turn them over on your tummy. So great. Oh my God, that was good. Much better.

Are we having fun yet? Okay, so now push yourself up and lift your chest. Squeeze your butt cheeks. Pull your tummy and arch your back. You can keep your elbows slightly bent or keep your elbows down on the mat. It makes no difference. Do not strain your back and don't let your tummy hang down.

If your tummy is touching the mat, there is something you need to do to change the position. I e pull telling me it looks you right. Drop Your Chin down around to your left and center. Good. Look to your left down, around and up and center. Oh, they're all doing it. Good now. And look up and down, around and up again and look and down around and n. Now pull your tummy in.

If you can't coordinate that with sliding your elbows down so your elbows are underneath your shoulder pole, you're telling me you make your fist right there like that. Good. Lift up, single leg kick laced together, but sight good. I got a bird's eye view up here. I can tell are they tight or are they not? Bend your right knee and tapper twice. One to switch, one to switch, one to switch, one to goods, which now everybody put a little bit more life into that. This was one of those exercises where we go. Okay, one, two, one, two. Let's park it up a little bit. Okay, here we go.

One, two, one toe, one toe, one toe, two mark. Last one. That's right. Much better. Now push your hips back to your heels for child's pose. Take a deep breath in and breathe out. Stretch those arms out on the mat. Good. If you have bad knees, a little bad knee girl, you can put a pillow between your seat and your heels so that you can relax your upper body a little bit easier. Okay? All right. We don't have a pillow here to show you, but that's okay.

Now everybody true around on your back. One, two, three. Go ahead. Flex your feet and open your legs a little bit. [inaudible]. Good. Now I think that we'll use our hands to go sit up on the first one. So lift up. You had this called your neck pole. Lift up your head, grab your legs and roll up. Nice.

Keep your back curve the whole time. Come forward now sit up tall and take your hands behind your head and let the hands be an extension of a nice long neck. Lean straight back. Pull your tummy in and scoop onto the hips and roll down school. But scoop it, skip it, and I'm good now. Even though your laser not right together, you can still squeeze your inner thighs together and that will help you.

Here we go again. Pry with the hands behind your head. If you can't do it, use your hands. It's fine. Here we go. Inhale and come up. Exhale over. Inhale, sit up. Tall, knees right back and contract him. Roll down his eyes. Monica, that was better again and laser a little too wide. Lovey. Flex those parameciums. There you go. All the way over. Sit up tall, lean straight back and lengthen back.

Pull your tummy in, chin to your chest. All no good. One more time for good luck. Flex your feet. It will help you. And over. All right. Now that's lying. Your side face. Everybody faced the front and two wees. Exactly.

Our math for psychic. I, we're going to kick each other. We'll be all right. Good on your side. Bring your legs front to the corner of your mat. Good. Put your hand in front. Now the hand in front is to help you so that when you're kicking your leg, you're not moving like don't do that. The purpose of this exercise is to get trunk stabilization and strength in your hips and more flexibility in your legs. Report.

Use your powerhouse. Good. Now lift up your legs or as high as you have been. No more. Let's all point the feet showing. Good. Let's kick you to the front and see how far you can go. Kick it and back. Kick it and front kick and back and front and back and front.

Good and back. Now bringing likes together. Let's rethink it. What are we doing? We're kicking our legs. We're not gently placing it there we are kicking the leg. So let's put some energy into that leg. Let's say means something that's just kind of, Huh? Huh, Huh.

Huh? Pretty soon. Like won't be like this weight and be up. Put some energy into these bodies. Come on. My mom always used to taste weaves the you solve it. Here we go. And kick one kick, get back, kick and back. Thank you. Kick and back. Kick and back. One more and back when you like together, if you approach the exercise in an energetic way, you will change your body a lot faster than if you approach it in kind of a lackadaisical way, if you know what I'm saying. Alright, now let's rotate the leg. So the kneecap is facing the ceiling and again, you're going to give me a kick now, right here we go and kick it up and flex it down.

Point up and flex it. Nice. Obviously everybody's scared now and up and flex to down and up and flexing. Very good and up and flexing down. This is beautiful posture right here. One more and up and down.

They'll point your foot and give me a little bit of circles. One, two, three, four, five and reverse. One, two, three, four but good. Like together. Now. Let's try a couple of bicycles. Bring the legs straight front. Bench your knee into you. Keep that shape and shifted to the back from your hip and your powerhouse and then lengthen your legs long to the back. Bring it straight front. Bend the knee given meaning. It's not just a little shape. It has to have meaning. Good.

This leg should make me cry. I was so beautiful and threat. Now stay there. Keep your slice. Still. Bend the knee. Bring it to the front and social. They're all doing beautifully. Back. Bend the knee and Berea Front.

One more time back. Bend the knee and bring your front legs together. Good. Now I want you to push with this hand and lift up both legs together, up and come down. Glue your legs together. Squeeze your heels and your edifies and your good up. Good.

Tell me in up state lord the bottom leg one and up two and up. Three and up. Four and up. One more good scissor kegs and one, two, three, four. Pretty good. Okay. You had Charles put both hands behind your head. One, two. Uh Huh. Three works. What happened? Paul, your Tommy's in it works every time. Good.

Lace together and turn over on your tummy. Make a diamond shape with your hands and put your forehead in the diamond shape. Squeeze your buttocks and lengthen your lower back. Pull your tummies in. Lift your legs off the mass or your thighs are off and beat the legs open. Close to three.

Good. Alright, now what I'd like you to do, these people that are here is turn yourself around so you're still facing the camera and everybody at home. You're still gonna. Wanna face the camera as well, unless you know this by heart. Okay? Bring your legs front. There we go. Tommy's in hand is down in front of you. The hand in front of you. We'll help you maintain your balance.

Lift the leg up as high as you have for the back. Now remember energy. Here we go. And one and back to and back. Three and back. Four and back. Five. Keep it even with your hip. That leg back and legs together and down. Good. Much better. And you feel better when you do it that way too.

Don't you other ways. Kind of like, okay, we're doing lays now. When's this going to be home? I know. Okay. Don't try it with me. Now turn the light out. You're going to kick it up and down. Here we go. Kick it up. It's like sit down and up. Flex it down and three, flex it down or energy. More energy in that leg. Come on. You can do it up.

Thank you Tommy. And up. Yes, up and last one up. Good point. Your feet do a little bit. He's fearful. One, two. With control. They give you leg like a screwdriver and you're screwing in that nail. So the leg is longer reversed. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. Good, beautiful and like down. Now both things come on. We gotta do bicycle first. Bring the leg front, then the knee shifted to the back and swatch.

Good front bend the knee shifted back and stretch. One more time. Front bend the knee. She did math and stress. Don't have me so hot. For those of you who are in home, your need for the bags should not be high like that. Should be. Even when the hands, it will be safer for you. Okay, now reverse it.

I go like straight back. Bend the knee. Don't move with by Yoga, but bring your front and stretch straight back. Bend the knee. Good. Bring your front and lengthen straight back. Bend the knee. Thomason for your front and Mike and Mike Together. Now pushing with the both ways. Here we go. And up and down.

Good up. Grew those legs together. Two legs on one leg. Good. Upstate their bottom like down and up. Five Times one, two, three, four and five. Ready for scissor kicks. Hold your balance and both hands behind the head. One, two, three. Nice. Monica. Very good this month or she's doing it well. Let's see. Oh, very good. Everybody better on the second side. I see the determination.

Good and I together. Nice. Beautiful. Now everybody turn around so your feet are facing this way. Lie down on your back. We'll have a little teaser. So teaser, if you have any back tightness, I recommend that you use your hands walking up your legs to help you. If your lower back is fine and your tummy is wrong, terribly strong.

Let's go for the juggler. Shall we bring your knees into your chest, stretch your legs up and out to a 45 degree angle. Don't take your legs higher, you'll never make it up. Lower the legs. Reach your arms up, squeeze your heels and do the bands. Roll up to a teaser position. Here we go. And up. Good and will down nice and again up. Squeeze those heels up.

You go and roll down. Good. Nice. And again, it keeps your legs up, MSI and up. They'll take your arms straight up by your ears, Lord the legs down, one and up. Lower down two. Don't move your body and three. Good. Now ball both ends down together at the same time and come up together at the same time and bring your arms up.

Now this time when you go down, try to get your arms to touch first in the back. I know that's me before your head. Yes ma'am. You can do it. I can do it. If I can deal with my als, you can do it. Come on. I'll put arms now. Less the arms touching back with you first arm to reach the arms back.

That's it. That gets your abdominal so nicely. Let's do one more time for good luck. Loving it. Here we go. Arms up now reach back with your arms and let your arms touch first. Get those upper of downloads working nice.

Gorgeous. Oh, if she lost it. All right. That's okay. That's okay. It happens. Do the best you can. I'm glad your heart's beating. Mine is all warm and fuzzy. So let's all sit up and pick up your seats and come forward on your mat. Put the bumps of your feet together. Spread your hands through. We will do the seal four times and then the fifth one you will stand up.

You be careful. You'll promise. Oh, he want some help? Alright, here we go. And one, two, three. I'm willing to help. I wish I could come into the camera and help you at home and back. One, two, three and up. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three. And this is four I think. And back. One, two, three. Don't stand yet. One, two, three. Now this one, you get to stand. One, two, three, and hello. Beautiful. Basically camera everyone.

Good? Staggered so everyone can see you and raise the arms up and inhale, reach the arms up by your ears and press both arms away and exhale and inhale to come up or thumbs up this way. Good. Now as the arms press open, imagine that you fall into a hole. Not really, but imagine and that the only way you can come out is by pressing your arms down and the body will come up. Now try it again, inhales and come up and feel it. So you could fly and press down and lift. Lift, lift, lift. Good. That's it. All right guys. Have a beautiful day.

We had a great workout and we'll see you guys. [inaudible].


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Nice class Mari, your relaxed style of teaching combined with challenging movement and precise cues is enchanting...thank you x
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Fab Class !! Thank You, and y'all know I will be taking this again and again :)
Thank you, Mari! You were the reason I fell in love with pilates! My sister and I would do your DVDs together. She's an instructor now and I get to take her classes.

It was so nice to see you here at PilatesAnytime.
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So great! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and talent and reminding us to have fun!

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My very first Pilates lesson was watching a Mari Winsor DVD. I now own my own studio. Thank you for the inspiration years ago! It was fun seeing you on Pilates Anytime. A lovely class.
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Great class!
Always enjoy the Mari style mat class:)!
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Please give us more classes Mari!
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Wow! It was great to watch you on Pilates Anytime I also learned from you and watched you many years ago as well. Love your humor and
Of course your reminding us that exercise should be fun and yet to put your best into it as well. Thank you Mari and please come back and give us more maybe nice reformer or tower workout.
Thank you

MaryJo Iacono
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I'm so happy Mari is here on PA. I have her dvds as well and even went to her studio years ago for a mat class. Look forward to more classes!! Thank you Mari:)
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