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Eclectic Reformer

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Amy Havens draws from her varied experience with different types of Pilates education to teach you this "eclectic" Reformer workout. Much emphasis is placed on breathing, rotation, core stability, strength, and weight-bearing exercises. Enjoy this mix of traditional and not-so-traditional exercises!
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Hi everyone. It's Amy and I have my friend Andy today. We work out together. We're unbalanced body reformers. Full body workout today. Uh, probably a little more emphasis of abs and weight-bearing. So I hope you, you know, you're ready for that. Get your shoulders ready, get stabilized. My, my background is varied with a lot of continuing education and Fletcher Program. Uh, some Bassey work study with Pat Gayton, uh, physical mind, lots of different things. So a lot of my classes tend to be fairly eclectic, which is what today's going to be. Have some fun. We're going to start with some footwork and there'll be we on three red and a blue is what I'm on Andy's on all springs. We're gonna start prehensile wrapped feet completely.

Adduct the legs. Just take a couple of deep breaths to just get centered. Feel your pelvis drop into level, shoulders, press back with a little bit of engagement in the back of your shoulders. And I want us to work with palm space up right now so that we can complete that rotation all the way down. And we're going to get into the movement. Inhale as we stretch and return and stretch. So I want you to think about wrapping the foot, not so much about gripping the toes, but activating the arch of the foot up into the end of the foot and ankle and lengthen and even feel that full extension all the way up across your hip flexors last to stretch and in and stretch.

Or we're going to do a little bit of pulsing with a sniff, sniff, blow, blow, push from the hamstrings and the hamstrings all the way up into the Tush. And last one, nothing else complicated there. Let's just lift the legs up. Flexible thing goals, place the heels onto the foot bar. We'll do eight extensions and then some pulses. Really pulling the toes, all 10 evenly up toward the shins. So way up high in the back of the leg is pushing, but you're also still think of pushing the foot bar away.

A lot of push and five hands, six we feel the abduction of the legs work the middle line. Last one here and the pulses wrapping the shoulders back, pushing against that bar and four, three, two and one. Nothing else. Extend the legs. Now keeping that nice long line externally rotate the femurs, flex the feet. Let's place the balls of the feet to the foot bar. A little more turned out today in your hips and heels lifted. Same thing.

Inhale, stretch. And so with a little more turnout in the legs, be careful that that pelvis doesn't slip back into that pelvic tilt. And I want you to really think of the inner closing together. Really squeeze from the back of the inner thigh last to last one and pulses. You can make yours a little bit bigger if you want.

Four and three and there we go. Two and last one. Nothing else heals. Wide One said here, same thing. No more turnout. Now those of us that have it, lets use it, flatten the pelvis and push and and push. Hey now feeling that nice long stretch up into the abdominals, underneath the rib cage, making yourself longer and for shoulders open. Palms face up. Last two, last one that we post and think about bringing the inner thighs together. Inner thighs, inner thighs rather than just straightening the knees. Three, two and hold here. Alright, now lift the feet, come back into the middle. Bose a feed in, a high Relevate and extend.

And we're going to take both heels down underneath the bar twice and then do four prances. So we're going to go down and rise down and rise and a walk and a walk. Just some variations. That's all. And again, both heels twice. Lift twice and lift and alternate. Alternate. Let's do that a few more times.

Both heels go down and push lower and push. Alternate. Alternate. One more. Round and down. Press up, down. Press F and alternate. Alternate. Now we're going to go back to just putting the right heel underneath the bar.

Hold a little pulsing here. That sniff, sniff, blow, blow. And for three, two up to the other side. And [inaudible] pushing against the bar with the bent leg. Foot. Other side for four other side. [inaudible] two's now. Okay, repeat the twos. We're going for 16 singles.

[inaudible] well up in those ads. [inaudible] eight more and four, three, two, last one. High. Rella they bend the knees and come home. Okay. And shake it out. Let's come on up. I'm going to drop my springs, Andy Down to two. So dropping it down a little bit. Hold on to red.

He's choosing something for himself. We're going to do some single leg with some rotation and some hip stretch. So yeah, let's do not sure what he chose. He's working himself out here a little bit. So I'm on Rella balls. A feed parallel.

Slowly extend the carriage because there's not that much spring left down there. Okay. Want you to take your right leg and across your ankle, over your left knee. Take a quick peek, look up and make sure that the foot that you're standing on during this next move is not gonna spin or spiral or pivot. So you're going to bend the knee and come into the foot bar. You want to keep your standing foot parallel and then push back out as you push. Lower this thigh down. So it's kind of like our figure four stretch, but moving it with the figure four. Okay.

Press and in. I'm going to do eight of these. So here's our fourth one. You're really trying to widen the pelvis, keeping things square if you need to. Every now and again, take a peak at that foot bar foot, making sure you're staying parallel. It easily wants to rotate out at the ankle. [inaudible] harass. Keep pressing that knee open. Let's take two more with this. Press Open.

Hopefully it feels okay in those hips and prs and return. We'll just simply change legs, cross [inaudible] pressing the knee open. Here we go, and press away. Think of that opening up five down toward the floor, keeping it open as you fold. Inhale [inaudible] just a nice easy glide of that pushing leg. So we've slowed our pace down just a little bit so that we can get some more of the stretch focus here. Try to keep that pelvis wide and level. Last three, last two and we're going to build on this next with some rotation, and I've done these before. Let's go back and put that foot on the foot bar.

Okay. And push yourself all the way up. Now I've got my feet. A little bit of a space between, I want to take this of right leg or foot, toe by the knee, hands across on the shoulder blocks and just hold and we're going to take our to our pelvis and rotate. I'm going to go over onto my left hip, but not to sacrifice a parallel standing leg. All right. Hopefully also shoulders are square. We're going to pulse this knee down toward the reformer with the double grieving. You can think of hiking this hip up off the mat.

Getting more onto the left side. Give a little more movement. Yeah, yeah. Break some of that connective tissue there. Last one and come back over to your back. Extend the leg and just flex the foot and lower to the bar and you can point. That's fine. Toe to the knee. Ready, rotate. But try not to come off of a parallel standing leg on the foot bar, so might have to minimize your rotation. Here we go.

Lifting the hip up off the mat. [inaudible] when a loosen up your hips in your low back and inhale and four, three, two and one and rotate. Lift the leg, flex the foot and come down. When to bend the knees. Let's do the whole thing again. Usually the second round trip, we're a little more warmed up, a little more mobile. Here we go. Press toe to the knee. Inhale, exhale, turn. Before you pulse the leg, try to read the parallel, the standing leg.

Here we go. Hip, hip, lift the hip ad yet and you want to feel also some use in those old bleaks, which of course are rotating muscles. Helping the trunk rotate for three, two and one and come back to center lega and to the bar. Left foot onto the right knee. Spin or rotate to the right Harold l standing leg and we go [inaudible] can get some ringing out in your abs with this and four, three, two and one come back onto your pelvis. Lift foot on the bar and then just coast yourself all the way in.

We're going to come up for some ABS. Now I'm gonna take the foot bar all the way down and I'm going to work on two reds for this, for the 100 can, some rollover and some variation on coordination. So let's begin with our knees and tabletop arms straight up to the ceiling. We're going to keep the knees just here for the first set of the pumps, so we'll breathe in and exhale, curl head, neck and chest up. I'm going to stay with that same rhythm of breathing. Here we go.

Three, four. Now on this fifth set we go into a next place which is vertical. We hold it there for four cycles. Collarbone pulled back and y down a few inches. Holding there. You couldn't be in piles. V or parallel down a little lower. Here we go whole and again.

Okay, looking out. Pass those toes. We've got one more layer down. Here's our last [inaudible] set three, two, and last breath cycle. Bring the legs all the way up and down again. One more time down with the legs. Now hold the legs. Their arms are going to just do three of these arms up, press down more flat abdominals. Inhale up and exhale, press and left would lift and press.

Fold your knees in, chest down, and then just bend your elbows and hold the straps with one hand so that you can take your head rest down. We're going to go into our rollover or overhead. Legs up, arms straight up. Let's take your breath, pulling the arms all the way down to the mat. First. Tailbone lifts in. Roll smoothly overhead. Okay, so today if you want a larger circle, flex the feed. Well, I'm thinking of going as wide with the legs, inker those arms and as you roll down, really stretch the legs open. Roll down with wide apart legs. Circle down to the foot bar, arms, the legs come up, arms will go back down, up and flex the feet and open. Wide Circle opposed by reaching through the top of the head.

Drop the legs, arms and legs up. Last one here in this direction, but we're going to reverse the direction today as well. And Circle. All right, so let's take the arms and legs down. Open them from the bottom, roll level, legs apart. Pull them together, flex those feet. It really connect. Arms into straps. Push through the heels, articulate down your back, stabilize the collarbone and you can point the feet and lower. Let's keep our arms down. Legs are going to go open. Been around blacks and rolled down, and one more time.

Wow. Wex and roll down, and then what's next for us? We'll pause when we have our legs in tabletop. I'm going to reach our arms back up in. Once again, come to the 100 position and reach the arms between close and come back down. Just five of these and exhale, reach it, reach open three, reach in, reach open, trying to hold a carriage stable when you're reaching last time in and out.

And let's take a rest. Okay. Hook the straps down with come all the way up off her back. Drop your springs to a single. I'm going to go blue, but you can probably go more than that. Reverse knees and reverse abdominals. Head rest comes up. All right, getting into those abdominals even more.

So knees right against the shoulder rests, hands on the frame. If you have a mirror next, you can see that what we're lining trying to get lined up is shoulders. Right above wrist flection. Look between your legs and I want you to press your shins and feet down. There's a, sometimes the fee will start to lift here, so you want to anchor that right now.

Take your tailbone under even more like it's going to come all the way through to your head and exhale as you pull the carriage towards your hands. Inhale, fade back. There's a real sense of abroad, upper back shoulder blades, a widened spread. [inaudible] think of the exhale happening just slightly before it actually exhale slightly before you [inaudible] Paul, there's a push down of hands into frame as you pull up with your belly away from the ground last too, and that's a fantastic exercise for my body type. I have such a flat spine, has really worked for me to flex is a great exercise for all those kinds of spines. Oblique, same thing. So you've just taken your shape and just put your right hand over there with your left. Tried to keep pushing, making that hip. Pelvis Square. Let's do five, Andi. Exhale and so we don't pull with those arms.

They're helping us stabilize. Yes, belly up, Paul, belly up and flex the low back. Last one, hold it out there. Added challenge to transition your arms without having that carriage move. Inhale, ferry faded back and here we go. Lax and pool shins down. That's it, right hip forward. [inaudible] last time, add up five and rest. Okay, I'm going to have a stretcher. Shoulders out and when they want us to do now is walk the hands as far out on the frame as possible. You're not going to pull the reformer, just drop your chest down into the well.

Make sure your size are right up against the blocks and this is just kind of a shoulder stretch, a butt up moment. Lift those, sit bones high. Walk a further if that's easy for you. Never thought I'd say this, but I'm going to take this down so I can get more range. Feels good. Okay. Holding that position. Just take about three to four deep breaths. Let your shoulder blades really wrap the back of the ribs and try to aim your breastbone to the risers. Two more. All right. Slowly walk the hands back in.

Great. Okay. That's a good one. Yeah. Okay. Alright Marie, a little mermaid here. So I'm going to turn to face you. So that's going to put my left leg closest to the shoulder rest. And you can stay on a blue or red or even a yellow depending on how your shoulders feel. But that big stretch was a prep for this next piece and we'll see where I'm going to start. The strap you want to use is the one that's near the back foot.

So change your steps. There you go. Okay. Okay. Turn your torso toward the risers. And just for a moment, put your left hand than on that shoulder block right at hand is out to the side and turn your palm face back and switch hands with your straps. Here we go. Yeah, this is a new. All right, so what's gonna Happen? You pulling with this right arm? I want you to lift the arm up, start to rotate toward the foot bar.

The other hand is just going to come along for a ride just like that, and trying to square your shoulders. Okay, now lift the upper arm right arm with the strap and return to facing back at the risers we are doing and here we go. Inhale, lift the spine into your rotation. Lift a little more and spiral. It's okay if the carriage moves on this exercise. They want you to feel as some opening up your chest, rotating your shoulders, turning your ribs. That's it. Up and around a couple more times. It's almost like the butterfly on the Cadillac, kind of a single arm version and one more turn open Lyft.

Beautiful and rest. Okay, that's it. The other side strapped down. We turn around. Okay. Okay, so it's the going to be the opposite hand. Now start facing, here's your risers firsthand here. Other arm press palm out. Now, depending on your thoracic rotation and shoulder flexibility, here you go.

Ideally that arm can go up easily. You turn underneath it, tried to get square and lift and minimize. The range of this working arm. It doesn't have to go so far behind the body back there. If you're feeling any strain, I would keep it kind of on that diagonal. Remember, lift, try to create space between your discs. That intervertebral strength, trying to get more mobilization. Ease, breath.

I'm using my knee against the shoulder rest a little more on this side. I realized to help me get a little leverage for this shoulder. This happens to be my less mobile side. Are you doing it? Feels okay. Up Turn. We've got two more. I had Lyft last time and rotate. Squaring the shoulders.

Good and up and around. Okay, so let's go ahead and hook that strap. [inaudible] gonna come into sure box. So short box with no bar or dowel. I happen to like on these reformers, my box right against the blocks, but you can go back if you need to. Okay, so as we have our feet in, okay, we'll have our feet flexed, feed pulled apart. So the acting of aid activating outside the outer edge of your hip. And let's just go ahead and have our arms in front here.

Palms facing and shoulders your set. Let's take a breath and going into the round back. Just a small one because what I want to do from here is that, and then move into articulate into a flat pack, hinge breeze. You're going to go back into flection from the there. Take your arms up, back in front of the shoulders, and then we'll come back up. So it's a little bit more of a pattern and tall.

So we round back kind of a small c curve from there. You could be holding a pole if you wanted. Extended to a flat back. So you've articulated to it. Now lift a bit more space in between the disks as you come into flection. Hold that abdominal wall.

Inflection there and arms come up and forward. And there we go. Alright. Okay. Take a little more fluid, fluid, fluid motion. Articulate to hinge, lift back into flection. Hold flection. Arms are coming up.

They did that in the 100 already now and seeker. Two more round tips. Really mobilize this undulate. Move that spine arms. Now inhale, keep the c curve forward. Forward, forward. Last one. Really motion. Lots of motion in the spine.

Rock onto those, the front portions of the sitting bones. Good Andi, lift into flection. Hold that arms come up, arms come down. Breathe and roll all the way forward. Okay, let's put our hands behind her head now. Just easy, flat back. Take it to where you want. We'll do maybe four full breath. Inhale, exhale to return. Inhale, feel in their head. Press slightly against the hands. Lift more to come up. So I want us to squeeze our glutes and one more.

Okay, rotate. Let's hinge. You don't have to go very far. No matter the hinge. Back to facing front. Do the other side. Inhale and hint. Looking out in the distance that the head stays nicely organized on the spine to the first side. Right side. Pull out on those ankles, stuffs. Return Center to our left.

We twist and hinge. We're going to do one more each side. Lift into the twist. Lift into the hinge. Lift. Return. One more. [inaudible] kicking it around the world. So rotate again and you may want to not go as far as, stay back there and pivot all the way around to the left. Come up, center back on the left, keeping even weight on the sitting bones here, even weight, even weight.

And again even wait, leave open the chest tr last one here and hinge and around woof and center. Okay, let's release her left knee turn and we're going to taking our side over zone is to hook our foot today behind our right knee. So that's gonna put us much more on the site, the hip and probably right more in the middle of the box here. So Hook that foot and let's go ahead and put her hands behind her head and pull the, press the head back into the hands. Opening up your collarbone. Let's just do five and then we're going to go over to the left. Bend a lot, almost bending your elbow to the ball. Head rest. There we go. And then come up on the diagonal hold.

Bend over flection of the spine, side flection and lift side flection, opening up the right side body to the sky. And center an open [inaudible] last one. Exhale right before you come up. Okay. Lyft and other side five times. So the hooking foot, get your way out on that hip.

Hips are stacked. Hands behind the head. Here we go. Big Side flection. Exhale and left. So you're trying to stretch, create more space between your ribs. [inaudible] lengthen out the top of the head and last one and finish. Okay. Take both feet out. And then just one more figure four stretch ankle over knee.

And what I want us to do, let's use this term of straps on the outside of the box. Hold on and then forward. Okay, the foot that's down here on the Mat makes sure that the heels right underneath this knee and we're in a good straight line. And then even on the sitting bones, Ben, that body over the leg, deep breaths during the press, the right side down, stomach, back [inaudible] and let's just go ahead, come up and change [inaudible]. I'm always tempted to do the two two thing and come over. So the using the arms a little bit, just a pool and get yourself over that side. Pressing the left, the eye down stomach. Way Back, a few more breaths. Okay.

So we're going to move now into some long box work. So just switching the angle of the box. Okay. Yeah. And Swan. So first one, I'm going to do one red spring and a high bar mid bar on these reformers. Alright so on we go and let's have our chest line right at the edge of the box.

Hands on forehead, just right over the bar and as if we're trying to pull the bar side to side and looking to keep the chest down. Let's just do three presses. Andy, just nice and long. One stomach is lifted, legs don't have to be too high. Good. Last one, we're going to stay out there in three and hold. All right, so as we come up into the swan, the carriage is going to be drawn for you because we pull it forward by using our back extensors and as we push out the chest comes down five times full breath to come up. Allow the shoulder blades to glide around the back rib wall. Lift the chest there and flexible back muscles. And last two, my last one. [inaudible].

I'm gonna stay up here for single leg kick from the mat. So pull all the way in. And here we go. Kick, kick and down. Kick, kick and down. I'm going to keep my heel flexed down half a level. I'm going to bend my elbows a little bit. Yeah. And kick, kick and kick. Kick and kick. I'm going to come all the way down to my chest. Correct. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick and kick. Kick. Let's take four more cramping in my calves too.

Last one. And then all the way down and just rest. Okay. Hands on the box. Move Up. Yup. And we're going to put just about a fist with behind here. Lift your legs up and bring them fairly narrow onto the box or close to the box. I'll back up and let's make a fist and put her fist right here in between the inner thighs. And so this is a little prep for horseback.

I want you to contract your dominoes. Go into c curve, push the arm straight. Lean onto the straight arms. Yep, exactly. So if you want to try to hover, you got an Andy your hips up back down and take a little moment now with a little more fluidity. Here we go. That's flex her feet. Push tailender and down. Good.

Two more. Ready? So keep thinking the tailbone underneath us. Kinda like they're gonna come. The tail is going to come right to the wrist. Morrissey curve. There you go. Okay, one more. Yeah, you will probably, you could probably get it quite a quad cramp here. Wow. Okay.

Okay. Right on that going forward, you may want to drop your bar down one level for this next little bit. I'm going to keep mine like this. So Rick, going onto our back for some teaser. No straps. Get your tailbone kind new close to the Zen. Not so close that you can't come up to teaser legs. We'll be just slightly rested on the bar. Barely, not even rested, just touching arms are going to be back overhead and fingertips together here.

Okay. Here we are. When a light long stretched out line arms coming out. Jeff's coming up, reaching along through our legs. Mm. And full breath to roll down. So we're still reaching toward our toes but our stomachs pulling way back and let's take arms out. Exactly and overhead. No resting [inaudible] then the opposition limbs forward. Stomach back. Yup. And you can take your arms higher above your head if you'd like to.

Like Andy is showing. I'm going to take one more. Okay. What I want us to do is take a leg down and up. Another leg down. Do that again. Leg and leg. Now both legs down. Pull into those abdominals. Now I'm going to do my arms up and down.

Arms up and down. Let's open all the way out again. Come up one more time. Any uh, hold. Okay. Little arm circles. Open, open, open other way. One, two, three. We're going to do it again. Palms face up. Cause if I were in the straps, I have them up here two and three and around my know my quads are gripping two one, two and three cause the next thing is going to be lovely fold in. We'll get, we need to move our hips forward right onto the edge of the box and I'm okay with my head being like my occipital notch is right on the end of the box. Feed on the foot bar. Carriage may move a little bit. I'm not going to get angry if it does, but try not to.

Let's stretch out the quads and hip flexors into a bridge here. You're just going to stand on the bar and lift as if the inner thighs are slightly spiraling in toward each other. Let's take a breath and exhale. Roll down out of this position. Curl. Pull your bum towards your heels. Okay, do that again. Inhale and bummed for the heels, long quads out toward those knees.

Breathing in and exhale. Chest unroll and let's go one more for number three. We certainly could add bridging with the leg kicks, but I don't think we need to right now. Inhale and roll down. Stabilize that collarbone, roll it back. Roll. And we're coming up.

Good box away. Let's come onto our back foot bar down two reds. We'll get into a long stretch in a second. So feed in straps for a bit. Alright, [inaudible] can kind of use this as a little cool down. Maybe we'll start our legs in an externally rotated position and kind of down midway, whatever. We'll get to what that might mean in just a second. And we're going to do our extended frog. So from here, let's go ahead and start to open the legs out toward a straddle flat. Bend the knees and without moving the carriage, bring the heels across together. And let's do that several times.

So we're going to push out and open. So what I want to concentrate on is not having anymore, uh, rotation happen at my hips. Simply bend the knees and add. Docked. Yeah, and push and open. Then the knees, he'll slide across and extend. I want to think of keeping stable right here behind the hips as high hamstrings, right into the glutes and use those to push the legs out. Ah, in the turnout. Let's take one more. Repetition.

Push and opens. A stick keeps stable in the back of the hips. Hold your frog now reversing it. So opening here, straight legs, add duct. Hold those heel strongly together and pull them into you. Concentrate on the back of the hips. Straight legs come together and frog and three more.

Extend [inaudible] and pool carriage stays nice and still. So I'm really concentrating on those muscles of external rotation last time. Now let's keep the legs together here and let's see what happens if we kind of relax our feet a tiny bit and start to move the legs lower, couple inches hole and do some heel taps right there. Hello. Hold it. See if you can go take the legs just a little bit lower.

Find your challenge point. Yep. And Tap. Ah, if you tend to be a hyper extender in the knees. So to just break that a little bit there. Hold. Take the legs just an inch lower possibly. So getting a nice reach out of these hip flexors. Good. Andy. And tap the heels.

Ten nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and come all the way in. Feel okay? Yeah, that's great. Legs circles now. So let's start at 90 degrees without locking and pushing in the back of the knee. Use the belly of the hamstrings and we'll pull the legs down. You can go low if you want, like we just did externally rotate thing to be careful of. Keep the geared still as we add doctor, here we go. Taking it down, take five circles and the belly of the hamstrings and way up to the back of the hips. [inaudible] and three just letting the back.

We've completely supported by your mat down [inaudible] around and reverse for five circles, keeping the carriage quiet and still use those strong hamstrings and adductors. Hell, this is level. Okay. Energy through the arms. Shoulders are open. Fairly basic alignment there. Last time [inaudible] okay, that's plenty. Let's come in and just drop that head rest.

We'll do like three short spines just to roll our spine out. So extend the legs forward. Parallel. I'm going to go classical version. I just liked that. I'm going to start lifting my hips. As soon as I begin. Legs coming up and over. It just feels good for me. Flex the knees down to the shoulder blocks.

Keep the feet there like you're holding the ceiling fan and roll your back down, opening the back of the hip joint and then contract. Press through, lifting those hips to heels. Bend down and ruled out. Last one. Inhale and unroll the spine. Massage does feel like one today. And then from here, just put this hands at the loops. Take them off your feet and now we'll go into some long stretch work.

Okay, I think we're sufficiently ready for some weight bearing. So here you go. So I'm going to go back down to red and blue. You can do whatever you'd like handy for your front support head. Rest up one hand, opposite foot on headrest. Second hand, second foot. And for just a moment we're going to stand there.

Oh, and we're pushing out, pulling in. Let's just do four now we'll add a little sub to some thinking of pushing the foot bar down toward the floor. Pivoting my shoulder blades class time. Now pick one knee up towards your chest and do two like that. Not a really big deal, but just a little less support from that single lay transition. Hell Yep.

One more with both just to recenter and, and step off to the floor. Good tendon stretch. So I want us to stand in a little Palazzos ve. Take a nice deep breath. And as we exhale, coming up at over straight legs, dive your head towards your knees for a second and try to get those heels to drop down. Three to four, three to five times. So it's the drop of the heels again, the stay inflection stay flections deflections, deflection. There you go. And the pull your abs way back and you push.

So it doesn't have to go too far. I want you to stay deep reflection. Oh, I owe myself a quarter. Quiet carried. Let's redeem ourselves. Dandy. Two more time. Quiet carriage. On that return, you've got to modify control or strength a little bit. Yeah. Okay. Even teachers sometimes make mistake. Sounded the carriage. Okay.

A little variation on reverse long. Backstretch so I'm going to sit on the foot bar for a second and put my hands right by my hips, feet underneath me, and just slide off and just hold. So it does kind of look like some traditional dips, which I'm going to have us do. Okay. But what will happen also in this, this some articulation of the spine into kind of a bridge from here in just a second. All right, so let's just do three depths. Elbows close, chest wide and push. Inhale, look straight out and push. Last one. Inhale and push. Now arm stay solid but not locked. Curl the tail, send the knees toward the shoulder rests.

Open those hip extensor hip flexors and you can look up to her. The ceiling meets the wall or a little higher. Freed like to squeeze the glutes, open the chest a little more and breathe and let's come all the way down and just do that again. One more time through with the dips down and push and elbows back and push and last one back and push and articulate. Push, push, push, push, push open, hold in the chest and then come back down. Now I want us to the articulation piece one more time.

So curl knees toward the shoulder, rest open, push the reformer of bar down, breathe in. And then exhale. This time we are going to come out of it and pull so much back with your hips that you can sit right on the foot bar. Okay good. So let's come onto our knees, Andy, pretty close to the carriage edge and I want us to do his side, Ben from here and actually walk forward. So our needs are going to be closer to the front frame for some side bending arms are going to come out to the side. So be a little preparation for side plank.

So we're gonna breathe and side bend toward the shoulder rest. But your hand down on that shoulder block, lean onto a slightly other hand behind the head. And I want you to lift the outside leg and hold it out over the foot. Bar all go down a little. No, you can go down with your leg a little lower over the bar. Straight leg out over the bar. There we go.

Just to make sure we won't hit okay. So as you're leaning onto that straight arm here by their shoulder block hole, we're going to take the leg up and down. Five little pulses, one and two, head back in the hand and four and five. Hold it up the or rest if you want. I'm going to take a little front back with this leg one and center and back and center. Two more for rent and center and back and center.

Last one, front center and back and center. We have to bend that knee. Come up off of that side. Bend position, arms out to the side and you can take your arms down. Okay. Space the other way. So your knees come pretty close to the front, would arms to the sides. We breathe, she ends your anchored and we side bend. Hand to the shoulder. Block other hand behind. Hand. Lean onto that arm just a little bit.

Enough that you can take your leg over the foot bar. Okay, five littlest, but this arm, it makes it makes a difference. Push down with that shoulder blade lift, lift head is that three, four. Keep it up there. Five front little flection of the hip. It's more important for me to be stable on my knee and my hand. Then the range of this working leg last time for rent and back and the knee and come out of that side position and arrest.

Okay, so side plank. What do I feel like today on my springs? I'm going to try red and yellow. See how I feel? All right, so we're going to take that little leg bit that we just did there into this kind of a prep for star. I suppose if you want to think about it that way. Hand just dividing center sits on this side of center inside foot, right on the edge and try not to move that carriage as you step up and I want us to take the other ankle right on top, lightly.

Okay. Now this hand is going to come by in their head. So many head forwards in our, our posture today, so bring the head back. We're going to do three little pushes away from the bar. One push down on the bar to push away. You can keep going with that. Guys, if you're at home doing this are in the studio. Now we're going to take this arm and put it by your hip. This arm comes forward as our leg comes forward as we push a little, let's do it again. Little the arm still does it.

The leg goes behind. Arm forward, leg behind his little. That's right. Okay. One of each. Good. Last one. We're going to dismount so cleanly we won't, or our theraflu corridor. Okay. Other side. All right. Yeah. We're not sliding too much. So hand, but right on the edge of the foot. Get onto that arm. Plenty warm.

Other leg. Now we've got to make sure not to let those hips droop into the spring, so lift up and behind head. Push that arm down onto the bar and push away. Keep the tiny head back too, and three come all the way into home. Arm comes by the hip. Okay. The arm goes forward, leg goes forward as we push little little arm. Does the same thing. Leg goes back, no drooping, hips, leg goes back, leg and arm forward.

One more of each like back [inaudible] and we come down and we quietly bring our carriage in. Okay, all the rest around control front. I'm going to stay on my red and my yellow hand foot secondhand. Now before you stuck the second foot up, get all the way out so the back leg is totally straight. It makes it much easier just to step right up in.

If you want to look back and make sure you're standing in the middle of that foot bar and let's just hold our plank for a minute and let's push the carriage toward the riser three times itty bitty, you're going to go bigger than me probably of course to lift the stomach before you push three you can keep going guys or let one foot up. One, two, three side and one try to square out those hips. Two and three and we're going to step to the floor. Carriage comes back in and resign. Yeah, we're resting there. Stretches. Let's get ready for some stretches I want us to do facing back.

Step up on your mat. This is a little bit of the Russian split kind of deal. So I'm going to stay on my red and yellow hands on their shoulder rests. We could have transitioned right into it, but I didn't choose to do that for the back on the foot bar in a turnout and then the front foot on the way up to head rest in parallel. Okay. And before we get going too deeply into this exercise, this is a little odd with this back lake turned out. Um, you know, a lot of times we teach it parallel, but let's just play with it today.

Turned out. So what I want us to feel is the power in this glutes to that foot. Okay? Walk your hands onto your thigh street in the front knee, arms out to a tee and just hold for a minute. Now let's bend the front knee again.

Push the back leg firmly against that bar. That's our stability so that we can straighten the front knee and rebend the front knee three times total. Here's to push down to push out. Now push out one more time. So that's really for keep the legs straight as you come up. Straight to go out. But push the other foot back on the foot. Car. Pull up, push out. One more. Up and out. From there.

Bend the knees carefully. Set your hands on the shoulder rests. Bring the carriage back home and step off the foot bar. Okay, changing sides. So place your foot, bar foot first. Head rest foot second on the ball of the foot. Nice and planted on the s on the foot, on the foot bar. And for just a moment, feel that flection knee over heel, the contraction of your hip to your foot and solid.

And then as you take your hands walking up, extend the knee. Arms can come out. We bend your knee, square the shoulders, but of course your hips are not square. And three extensions. Keep pushing the foot bar leg to the foot bar too and three and extend one more time. Then back it in with straight legs is close in the bumper as you can and back out [inaudible] and out. One more time in out rebend the knee. Descend, lower your body to the sh.

A headrest shoulder rests back it in and step to the floor. Good. Alright, now let's stretch the hip flexors. So we're coming forward probably the same springs or maybe red and blue, but we'll find out. Let's go left foot back. Nope, right foot back turned out and then the right left foot up on the foot bar. Okay, because so similar stuff, but what I want us to do with this is put your hands all the way on that bar back lake turned out in the heels right by the shoulder block. Good.

And then drop your chest down over your leg, contract your right glutes and we're gonna push the carriage a little bit again is not too far and drag it in. Just allow your chest to drop. Good Andy, great. When to stretch the quad hip flexor on this long leg. [inaudible] Katie, you can keep going with that. Or if you want add a little more work on straightening this knee.

Just be careful. We're really warm and kind of sweaty and pull in and stay low for two more. Stay low. Nice. Andy, n n. K last time. Strong back. Glutes. Nice. Excellent. Okay, we're not done.

We're going to pivot this right back foot. Lower the knee down. Carefully. Reposition the foot against the shoulder block. Okay, we're almost done with this side. So now we're in deep hip extension. Let's go ahead and take our arms up cause we can don't have to, you can hold onto the foot bar and I want us to do a little swan in the upper back or big swang. Keep lifting, lifting, lifting up out of the pelvis. Big Breath in and exhale. Circle the arms around and we have the other leg. So down flipped and up.

Get the back heel. Place of heel right by the shoulder block, right foot forward and trying to stay home at that bumper as you flex this front knee and get this hip down. But not to sacrifice. You still want a lot of contraction on this back glute. Okay, so it's that contraction that squeezes with pushing the carriage back and pulling in and push stomach still pulled up away from the floor. This is also a really nice ankle stretch. Keep that pinky toe down. If all is going well, you want more range? Go for this split. Good.

One more here. Excellent. Okay. All the way in. Lift the back heel pivot. Set the knee down. Reposition the foot. Now we're really opening this hip joint toward the foot bar contracting glute hamstring. Reach the arms forward and up. Press Down with the front foot to leverage a little bit of balance there and lift up through the chest and ribs arching back.

Keep that carriage home. One more deep breath and exhale and come all the way around. Feel pretty good. Feel worked out. Let's just stand on the floor. Do Nice, easy standing. Roll down, kind of put it all together. Take a nice breath in. I'm sweaty in a roll down and take a breath from the bottom. And lastly, roll all the way up, starting with the tailbone and restack. Thank you, Andy. You're welcome. See you next time.


Thank You for a truly awesome class Amy !!
I felt very centered throughout because I knew how deeply my core was going to be soon as I see Level 3 I breathe in and repeat to self 1 hour its only 1 hour, I can do this ;) So the smooth transitions really helped.. and thankfully I could take a few needed breathers because I wasn't Andy !!!
Holy teaser!! That was awesome Amy! Your cues were great I did this on my phone so really just listened, only had to look a few times. by the way you look awesome!!
Lauren Ashley
I loved your mermaid with the strap! That was such a feel good motion for my thoracic spine and well needed after a long day. Thanks, Amy!
Great class! Loved the mermaid :)
This is a favorite!!!
Really enjoyed this workout!!!
I like "Eclectic". It keeps the mind alive! Thank you!
Susan H
after 2 weeks vacation this is just what I needed. Thanks Amy
Thank you ALL so much for your feedback!!! Glad you're enjoying this class. It was so much fun to workout with my friend Andy! :)
Sharon O
A wonderful session! Thank you Amy
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