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Spine Corrector Exploration

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Explore the possibilities on the Spine Corrector in this Level 2 workout taught by Meredith. Strengthen with Chest Lift from Extension and Stretch with Scissors and Bicycle. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Theraband

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Jul 30, 2011
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All right, so we're going to start with our bands today and then we're going to spend the majority of the time on the step barrels. So at the moment I'd like for you to just reach your arms down the front of your body, give the band a gentle pull and inhale. As you exhale, just allow your mind and your body to connect with one another. This time as we inhale, we're going to gently pull the band, feel that the ribs expand in the direction that the band expands, and Exhale, just let the ribs relax down where to as the band relaxes. Back to center. Inhale, allow the band to stretch, feeling the ribs move in that opposing directions as well. And Xcel, we draw the abdominals and the ribs come together.

The abdominals are working to stabilize the spine. Inhale, annex. Yeah, and just two more times in here, opening up the ribs, working through the upper back and exhale, feeling a sense of expansion and contraction deep within and from there, just let the band be heavy in your hands and let it rest for a standing roll down. Looking down at the feet. They're in parallel. Reach tall through the spine before you begin moving. And with that we exhale. Bring the chin into the chest, hollow in, scoop out the abdominals. As you reach your body forward into the ground, the further you go forward towards the floor, the more your abdominal muscles pull in. Inhale at the bottom. Exhale. Feel the center of your body contracted you.

Stack your spine bone by bone over your pelvis. Let's inhale and roll. Raise the arms as the head comes up. Exhale and bring the band. Stretch the band behind you. Inhale as the band comes back and an exhale, just let the arms be soft as we take it forward. Focusing on this support through the front, the relaxing of the spine, downwards. XO working your way back up, stacking the bones symmetrically over one another.

Inhale, raising the arms up. Exhale, taking a back for the stretch in how lifting the arms behind you and forward. We begin to echo when we need to folding forward last time. Nice big breath in at the bottom. Look for a little bit more flexibility if you wish to annex heel to come back up, bringing the arms forward, bringing the arms up, exhaling through the stretches. We Sup. Oh the shoulders. Wendy's too strong for the band is too strong for our own good.

We're gonna keep the band just in front of our shoulders here. We're going to give it a little pull so we exhale out. Deb, you're leaning back just a little bit. Bring your ribs in a an XL. Yeah. You didn't know your own strength, did ya? So what we're doing here is bringing the shoulder blades down and slightly together as we stretch the band, warming up the upper back. Exhale, stretch and inhale, release and exhale, stretch and inhale, release. And exhale, stretch. If you're holding on narrow, you'll have a little more attention.

If you need more attention, you'll go a little wider. We're going to take the band, no overhead, not a lot of stretch on the band. Inhale as you take yourself towards the ocean. Yes, lengthening over into the side. Exhale as you lift up through your waist. Inhale as we take ourself over to the opposite side. Exhale as we lift up through the waist.

Now this time as your body goes towards the ocean, let your pelvis go towards the other direction. You get a bigger stretch when we've got more work to come up. And then we inhale and go the opposite way. The pelvis moves to the side and exhale to come on. And with that we're just going to bring the band down.

It's going to come with us, so keep it close by and come have a seat on the barrel. So we start with just a little bit of back extension, reaching the arms forward. As we exhale, we're going to curl backwards, allowing the barrel to support your back in a stretch over the top of it. Bring the arms up overhead, allow the arms to circle around to the sides. Let the head come forward and roll back up as you exhale. Go back all the way again.

If it doesn't feel good to you to arch back all the way, just pause in a straight back position and take the arms up right and then we roll forward lifting tall Xcel, curling back, feeling the feet anchored into the ground, the stretch to the spine supported by the front of the body, reaching the arms around forward and curling back up. We got one more to go excelling as we go down, reaching the arms back, allowing the big stretch to happen as we stabilize our shoulder joints, arms come forward, and it's the abdominals that work to bring us up to sitting. Okay, so from here you've got two choices. Choice number one is hands behind the head. If that's a little bit too challenging, hands in front or across the chest is maybe a better option.

We're going to go all the way back into that extension. So we lay back over the barrel and then we exhale lifting to just a straight line. So I found my shoulders in line with my pelvis and then I inhaled to go back. If I wanted to, I could do this on the ground. This is the chest lift from the mat in healing as you stretch back.

Keep in mind that as you go forward and back, obviously you'll feel work on the way up, but you also want to stay engaged as you stretch the abdominal wall, going back in Xcel to lift, finish the exhalation to get more work. Inhale to go back and exhale to the left. Good and feeling that contraction to the front of the body. Last five we come up and we go back stretching the back over the barrel and we come up. Let the head be heavy in the hands so we tend to want to pull on our neck to lift us up. Let's not do that. If the head stays heavy, the abdominals have to work even harder to pull the spawn into place.

Last two times we go over and we come back on last one time. Finding your way to the top. From there, we're going to go through a round shape, so it's a hollowing of the abdominals and NGLs. Go back a little. I think about it like the crest of a wave, so it has a wave comes crashing into the beach, it curls in and around itself. That's kind of the image I'm looking for here and again, you can always do the arms across the body, which you may enjoy more than the hands behind the head. We'll do four and three and two one coming all the way up this time sitting up tall. Take the hand furthest away from me to the leg closest to me.

Hold onto that leg, hold onto your barrel somewhere, anywhere and just lift tall and gently guide yourself around into a bit of rotation. And then we come back through center. Taking the opposite hand to the opposite knee. Wherever the hand makes sense to you is where it goes on the barrel behind you. Lift up as you turn and then we come back one more time around. It's an XL to find the stretch. Don't force it.

Remember to stay engaged to the front of the body and change to the opposite side. Worry. All right, we're coming back to center again. Hands across the chest or hands behind the head. I'm an I like to support my head, so that's where I'm going. Find the flat back position from there. Arch back a little turn towards me. It's an exhale.

Inhale to go back. This would be the same exercise as chest lift rotation on the ground. The further back you arch over the barrel, the harder it is for your abdominal muscles to work to bring you up so you can use that information to your advantage. However you wish were coming up and across and back and up and across and back. We're going to do three more to each side.

So there's one feel a Chris Cross sensation right across the body. So as I turn, I'm taking one rib to the opposite side of my pelvis and as I come back I take the opposite rib across to the opposite side of the pelvis. Last time to both sides, one and across. Coming back to center, let's reach and roll all the way. I feel the spine elongate rising up as the arms reach overhead ribbon, the elbows, bringing the hands behind the head for a spine twist, gently turning the spine without the use of the hands this time.

And Inhale as we come to center. Excellent. We turn across to the opposite direction. Feel that you want to, it's almost a sense of leaning a little bit forward to keep yourself totally vertical and turn and center and turn and center. Remember that with twist and we want to really make sure we're engaging through the waste, right? It's the old bleaks in combination in a partnership with the spinal muscles that allows us to do this movement last time to both sides and one more too little back. And then coming back to center. We're gonna take it back. Come to the place where you're in a neutral spine.

Okay, so from here we're going to go do another rotation. Come towards me for us. Pick up the leg that you're turning to, bringing that thighbone up into the chest and back to center and turn cross across and back to center. So the rib cage now reaches across to connect with the thighbone that's lifting and across and back and hollowing out the ads. So the action of lifting the leg is determined by the action of drawing the abdominals back. So it's not the thigh that you're working, but the deep abdominal muscles or the hip flexors, the deep hip flexes. Let's do two more to both sides. Here's one.

And here's to coming back to center. Reach the arms forward just like we started with. We're taking it all the way over the back, allowing the arms to stretch overhead, allowing them to circle gently to the sides, feeling the rotation of the shoulder blades of bringing the head forward and roll all the way back up. All right, we're going to give our habs a break from it. Thought you were going to get the band. Keep the knees bent, but allow the be on to wrap around the feet. Well, you can determine how much, um, pull you on, on your band by how close you hold to your feet. Okay. Sit and tall. We're gonna do a rowing exercise. So the palm start face down.

I want you to feel that your entire arm bone turns in the socket. And then we pull back and then we reached forward allowing the uh, arm to rotate down and it's exhale to pull and inhale to resist the arms coming forward and exhale to pull and in heal to resist the arms coming forward. And as you pull, keep the abdominals engaged. So we're not overarching the middle back. We're getting a lot of work through the backs of the shoulders through the upper back.

You don't want a lot of low back engagement or strain. I'm going to do that five more times. Here it one and two and three and for remember that, so resistance. So your shoulder blades pull back as the arms reach forward. Here's our last one. And then bring the arms all the way forward.

Unhook the band from around the feet for now. Set it back down. You're going to bend your knees, you're going to be right on your tippy toes. So this is um, the variation on the roll up. Okay, so the arms go forward. Go ahead and, and heal. Helen if you wanted to. This is the roll up from the ground. Okay. Exhale. As we roll back over the barrel, the legs stretch out, the hips extend.

So I'm actually picking my hips up off the barrel and I reached back. I'm not going into upper body extension, so let ribs in Deb and lift up just a little bit right there so you're still super engaged. And the next I'll hollow out the ABS. We curl the body forward towards the legs. Here we go again. Inhale, exhale, stretch out. Keep the ABS working. No overextension and exhale to pull back. And India. Exhale, we reached allowing the legs to stay strong as we lift the hips up off the barrel, Xcel pulling back, hollowing out through the waist and and bring it home and reach and bring it home. Last two times here, stretching the body long and rounding the body in and stretching the body long and rounding the body in. All right, from there you want to scoot forward a little bit so you're right at my tail bins right at the front. And I'm going to lift up my legs.

So be sure here that you're in a comfortable position. Your low back may or may not touch the barrel totally, but you want to pull down with the abs as though it would. Okay. Double leg stretch. Inhale, reach the legs out. Exhale, circle in, pull. Inhale, reach the legs up. Exhale, circle input. So we get a little bit more legwork, hip work, or hip flex or work anyway here than we would on the floor.

But we want to really focus on the same amount of abdominal control. Last for pulling deeply into bring the knees in. Three, two, and one bringing the knees back, reach the arms forward, stretch the legs up rather than down. And then pump the arms. Exhale, two, three, four, five [inaudible]. And exhale, two, three, four, five. [inaudible] pulling the abdominals back into the backside of the barrel. And for two, three, four, five and in and at five, two, three, four, pumping from the back. And six, two, three. Okay. And seven breathing deeply, an eight. Feeling free to bend your knees if you wish. If it feels like more abs, that's the way to go. Last too.

And last time, one, two, three, four, five, hug the knees in towards the body, right in towards the body and then place them down onto the ground. Help yourself up turns so that you're facing in my direction. This is a side exercise, a lateral flection exercise. Got the front foot, just touch right in front of the barrels edge and the other legs reaching out. I'm gonna go all the way over the top. So again, you have another couple of choices here. Um, you can go one hand behind your head, which is a bit easier and one hand out. Or we can go both hands behind the head. Whatever you choose.

We're going all the way over the top to begin. So as we exhale, we're going to lift back into a straight line. So just contract through that sideways. It's like you're going outwards rather than coming up higher than straight line and any to go down. Exhale, pulling the abdominals in me, rise up and inhale to go back. And again, lifting, feeling the head, being supported by the hands. The focus is that upper oh bleak. But as we all know, it's never just one muscle working on its own. Right and back and left.

Good and back. We're going to do four more. Here it is on stretching over the top and two and last too, and last time. Then we go all the way over the top and just take that arm and stretch it over as the arm reaches. Reach the leg oppositionally so you get a nice big side stretch. Um, if you're not at the front forward edge of your arch, do come forward a little bit for this next one.

So we're going to take the leg and reach back. So it's inhibit since you want to feel your glute working back there. Bottom arms gonna stay on the ground and gonna bring the leg up, turn the body and reach outside the leg. So there it is. And then anywhere we go over the top and into the stretch. Exhale. Feel. For those of you who know the side Pike on the chair, it's a similar feeling to that for me anyway though. Rotation into the leg.

If you want to make it more challenging, go both arms. You're right to have your hip. We're going to one more time here, reaching up and around and bringing it all the way down. Take that top arm. The legs going to reach slightly behind you. And we're going to go for a shoulder stretch. So we're going to lean back.

Don't be afraid to let your body go with you. Bring your arm around to the side. This should feel gorgeous. Down to the leg forward in front of you. Up towards the, here we are in our straight line and then back again. Yes. And again I'm reaching out and circling back.

The more you hang onto your abs and the more you actively reach the leg for me away from you, the more likely are to stretch to your waist. So last to and our last one. And then we're just gonna come, just put the hand on the barrel and come up. I'm going to turn mine around so I can still see. But if you just turn your bodies around, you'll be good and I'll be able to help you. So just I would just face the other way or turn it either one.

It doesn't matter. Good. You'll face me double face away and you'll be on the other side. All right, so now you're on the same side, I think that you were before. So just make sure that the side that you already haven't worked is the one on top. And here we go. Hands behind the head or one hand behind the head on one arm forward or you could even push off this bottom arm and we exhale making a long line in our spine. So we're reaching the chest forward as we come up.

And then we go over the top as you go over the top, reach the leg to see if you can find a stretch to the waist as it lengthens in healing down and exhale, reaching long through the spine, keeping the neck long. So another common thing is wanting to lift with the head here as well. So we want to make sure that we're nice and strong and still in the neck area and just using the obliques to bring us up and down. You guys look great. We're going to do four more here. So it's Ah, and then down into the stretch and again, up and down into the stretch last two times. Staying engaged in both directions is a good thing to think about and one more, and then we go all the way over. Take the right arm or the top arm overhead, reach to the leg that's on the ground.

So you're stretching in two directions with your fingers and your toes. Here's the one where we turn the body and lift the leg so the leg starts to come up. You rotate the body, reaching the arm outside of the leg. Perfect. Perfect. You would be here if you're using both arms and then go over the top and we left reaching past that leg and we take it back. You could also choose to pull the knee in with a bent knee, which works just as well in my opinion. Here's where I added both arms in.

If you're not already doing both arms and you want to, we're going to do four oh one and working deeply through those oblique muscles last too, and last one. Oh, there it is. We get to go for a stretch now. So you want to be at the front edge so that you can have somewhere to lean back on. And we just take the arm and reach it up and around. Let the body go back as the arm takes it goes behind you and then pull the abdominals back in opposition to the arm as it reaches forward. We did five of these. This is our last three coming up and around and last too. Okay. And here's our last one. Coming. Reaching around, letting the spine open and then coming back. All right, help yourself up.

So this is the place where we go over the back. How many get us to do that is this way. So you want to start by just sitting in that little crease in the chair and basically this line of the barrel, that's what's going to support your back. So we're going to, there should be handles. Are those those, those little m? Yep. You got it. And then slide back. When you get your pole, this right over the top, that's where it needs to stay.

So let your feet come up onto the barrel. You're good. And then slide yourself all the way over the back. Follow Windy. Just keep going. You're going to end up with your shoulders in your head on the mat and it should be pretty comfortable once you get there. Yeah. So keep pushing with your legs.

How into slide back more so your neck and shoulders are comfortably down. Yeah, I would keep going. Keep going. There you go. So it's comfy. All right. And then from there we're going to take the legs straight up. All right, let's externally rotate the hips and then we'd take the legs away from us. Now notice here that you'll only be able to go so far before your ads start to kick in. As you exhale, pull back up. So the back of the legs work has the legs reach forward. We are never going so low that we have to arch the low back to do it.

The handles they're on. The sides done are there for you to hold on to if you want to. There's little handles on the inside of that barrel. If you're happy, just stay where you are. Okay, let's do a couple more like that. So challenging the extension of the hips and then pulling them back to vertical. Just one more. Take the legs here down to the point where you feel your abdominals working, but it's no strain on your back. Flex your feet, bend your knees, pulling your feet towards you and press your legs away. This is the frog, right?

We squeeze creating energy in Neal to bend. As you do, go through this movement. You want to really connect into the heel so you want to feel the heels pressing together. Feel the inner thighs working the glutes, working your head and shoulders should be relaxed and happy on the ground. Suppressing and bending. So we get going through our hip work series and bending.

We're going to do four more here. Getting those glutes to turn on and pulling back and 30 working strongly through the center of the body. Two and one from there. Points the feet. Bring the legs just back to vertical. We're going to take them away from you again. Separate them a little.

Bring them all around and up to the top. There's our circle. Xcel. Press down and yell around and not exhale. Press down it Neil, around enough and again a little quicker. So feeling this rotation within the joint in the hip, Dan around and app as the legs go down, make sure the back feel supported around and up last two times and last one and then we go the other way. We open, we reached down, bringing the legs back with the apps. Open field, the hips, working as you stretch the legs away and off. And again, pulling the legs around, pulling them back from the weights. [inaudible] last two times here and one more from the top when you arrive there. Here comes our opening.

So we're still in turnout. We're gonna point the legs and open them nice and wide flex and squeeze them back together. Point to take them out. Flex to bring them home. Inhale as you open. Exhale, pull the legs together from the abdominals as well as from the inner thighs, which you should feel a great deal reaching on for a stretch. And then pulling back. When did you too warm?

And one more. All right, coming into parallel alignment in the hips. One of my favorite things to practice on the barrel is the scissors in the bicycle. So we all know what it feels like to have to support ourselves with our hands. But here we've got the barrel supporting us. So let's go right leg down, reaching it away from you, push it down, and then let the left leg come back just as much as it can. And then we change. So it's a pole pole and in here and a pull pole. As you inhale, the legs meet together in the center. We'll pull, if you work the backside of the bottom leg, you're likely to get a good stretch to the front of that hip.

Couple of more reaching, reaching reach, reach. Let's say two more here. So that'll leave us one more to each leg. And then coming back to the top, here comes the bicycle. You're going to take the right leg down again, bend the right knee, reaching it done. Tap the tip of the chair, bring the other leg down. So you want to find that scissor position and then fund the bicycle reaching down. Don't be afraid to use the hip extensors.

That's what's going to open up the front side of the pelvis. Cycling through, stretching the hips. Pause here, take the top leg and bend it. Reach it down as the bottom leg comes straight up. So we've reversed our bicycle and hurry each and reach that bottom leg as reaching, aiming into the ground. The top leg is straight until the bottom leg comes straight and that's where it begins to bend.

Reaching down, reaching down. Let's say one more on each lane and bring both legs back up. Going back into external rotation for the helicopter. So we're going to take the right leg down and the left leg back again, the right leg goes to the right, the left leg goes to the left, they hit that opening position and they continue to spiral around until the right legs over the chest and the left legs out. And then back. Same thing again, right leg down, left leg up, spiraling, open through their hips, feeling that beautiful rotation that the hips allow.

And again in [inaudible] exhale through rotation and back. Inhale to center as you go through the rotation, hit all points of the circle simultaneously and backlash to reaching her and uh, and last one and back. We're going to reverse it now. So we go right leg up, left leg down, left leg to left leg chair, right circling through all the way on, then back, left leg down, right like backwards. Smaller barbecue does and small barbecue [inaudible] summertime and a cat IHG movement. Such a nice fluid move in such a nice opening exercise.

We'll do two more here and this'll be our last one. All right, with the legs back up, they go back to parallel. This is our rollover. It's the, it's similar to what it would be on the mat. So from a vertical position, keeping the middle back against the barrel, you bring the legs over the chest. From there, our, when you get horizontal flex, separate the leg, shoulder distance, use the abdominals to place the lower spine and the pelvis back into the barrel. Point the feet at the top, let the legs come around and together. Inhale up. Exhale, hauling through the waist, the legs come parallel to the floor. We flex and separate the feet. Exhale as we place the spine, bone by bone, back onto the barrel, point the feed and allow the legs to come down. And together, let's do three more. Excelling over flexing, separating, working the stretch to the backs of the legs as we work the ABS to move the pelvis last two, exhaling over, separate and roll through. Last one here. Flex and separate.

Roll through the spine, point the feet and bring the legs down and together. All right, so, um, I think what I'll have you do, take your legs back into the rollover position. If you're able to slide your barrel out from underneath, you do it. If not, I dunno if that's gonna move dead. So I'm going to come and help you and Helen, you're good. Good. Okay. Come up.

We're going to come onto our hands and knees. [inaudible] well, not on our hands and he's been on our forums and Rtvs. Yeah, I think he'll be fine right where you are. Um, you don't no longer again. Yeah, I think he'll be fine. As long as it's not going to wiggle on you. You're good. Okay.

So here's our hip extensor work. Just going to Tuck in here so you can alright. Uh, forearms on the chair on the barrel, on the spine corrector, palms up, feel here, the shoulder blades drawing down the back. Now we're going to take the right knee and just bring it back so it's a little bit further, but it's in a 90 degree angle. That leg now is good. Just going to lift straight up and reach down and tap the knee as a leg lifts in space. You want to keep the knee rotated inwards towards the other leg.

So we've got glutes, hamstrings, working here, shoulder stabilizers, abdominals, lots of stuff to think about. Flex flex usually helps me. I didn't, hadn't thought to flex it, but I feel more when I flex. What you shouldn't feel is your lower back. So if anyone does, let me know and we'll do four more and three and two and one. Now that leg, same leg is going to come back in. It's going to go to the side. Keeping the angle of the knee consistent. We just reach straight out the hard part about this one, straight out to the side and in and straight out to the side.

The hard part about this one in my mind anyway, is keeping the pelvis from shifting and out and in an RV waiting for me and that we'll do four more in three who could feel a little bit of work through your supporting leg as well. And one that leg is going straight back. It's going straight up from there, up and down as it lifts. Reach it away from the hip or reach it long out of the pelvis, engaging through the back of the leg. If you feel a lot of tension behind your knee, you might want to just work with a little softer knee. Nice. Last four here and three, keeping those shoulders plugged in.

Two and one. Bring the knee all the way in. And then if you just, let's see, could we do it? Take your foot up on the barrel. Well, we'll start to just heel toe it across to the side and then you just lean to stretch. Okay. I would use my hands to help myself back. Bring the light down onto the ground and I'll go to the other side.

You've got Elvis back on the barrel, lots and lots of shoulder stabilization work. Here comes the left knee. We just move it back a little. Take a minute to look down, check the pelvis, and then we use our hip extensors to pick that bed. It goes down and up and back. Keeping the abdominals engaged to support the spine in the hip. Working incredibly hard when do form one and two and three and four and then here comes our hip abduction, Ab duction.

It goes travels to the side and under and to the side. When it's going to the side, make sure you've got some weight on the opposite arm, keeping the ribs, porter, the shoulders, nice and level. I'm to do four more last two and last one and then take that leg and stretch it back behind Ya. From there. It's just going to go down to the ground and out. So you don't want to lift it so high that the backbends but instead just to hip level, maybe slightly in your mind beyond that level. That's a feeling, that nice strong work through the backside of the leg.

[inaudible] here's our last four, three, two and one. And then we just bring that knee in. Let yourself back. Allow that light to come up and it can kind of just go wherever feels okay to you. And then I'm just heel towing my foot in allowing my knee to drop open to the side. Even just that would be a good stretch I think. And then we just lean in. Okay. Help yourself back with your arms.

Slide the leg out and we're going to use these as a, uh, we're going to put our feet on it. So what I'm going to have us do is lie on our backs and come all the way down. Do you need to push it away from me or just slide back? Basically we're good. We're going into the pelvic curl, so we want to feel a comfortable distance away for that movement. I think you're good, Helen, and you. Even if flat fee didn't work, you could just go heels on the top. All right, so we've got long, straight arms.

Inhale, prepare. As we exhale, flatten out the lower back, peel the pelvis up off the ground, reach the knees forward for the toes and inhale. As we exhale, we start to bring the body back from the chest, feeling the upper arms pressing into the ground to stabilize the upper portion of the spine, releasing all the way down through neutral spine XL. As we peel out. What I love about this personally is that because you've got the little extra height of the barrel here, we come, coming down, you have the opportunity to really work through the lower spine, really flex, really stretch and excelling to come up again, making sure that each time you come down, you do move all the way back through neutral and exhale down and one more [inaudible] to left and [inaudible]. So we're coming up into the shoulder bridge here, rolling ourselves up all the way. Keep the left leg down on the barrel, but let the right lake come up.

It stretches to the sky. It's going to go down towards the barrel and back and reaching long out of the hips. See the hips stable in space reach and Paul watching that supporting leg that it stays right parallel to that side of the hip. We're going two more times here, reaching out, pulling back, reaching out, pulling back, fold the knee in. Take a moment to re situate or restabilize and let's pick up the other leg and it goes down and away and flex back and reach down and away. And Paul, keeping the pelvis lifted, keeping the backside of both legs working.

Here's our last two times last one time the light comes up. We fold the knee in. Taking one last breath here and exhale, just massaging our way back down into the mat. All right, and then just let's roll to our side. Let's turn over to your side so that you can help yourself up carefully from there. Okay. I'm going to do a couple of back extension exercises.

Sorry about the moving back and forth. I just want to be able to be seen. I think you'll be good there, Debbie. We'll just be facing that way. Unless you feel like you need, I'm gonna talk first. I'll watch. Okay. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna put yourself on top of the barrel. Okay. This can also be done on the ground a very easily. I'm not, you're F or you could just face out the window or you could turn perfect. Perfect.

Nope, you're going to be fine. You just need space for your arms. But Wendy's out of the way. It's a bit of a confusing class, isn't it today? Okay guys. So we're going to get on just like this. Okay. So, um, different people have different comfortable places, but I like to be just about my rib cage. If that's not comfortable for you, just slide back or forward until you are comfortable. What basically where we're bent, whether the apex of the barrel that's going to be where the work is concentrated in our backs. Okay. Let's go behind the head with the hands. We're going to take the body all the way over the top in the hair, pulling the abdominals in the feeder. Sing on the floor. We just lift the spine, concentrating, work into that middle back. Exhale, stretch the arms forward.

Any a ribbon, the hand, elbows, the hands come back behind the head and we exhale. Folding over the top. Neo reach the heels in the head in opposite directions, keeping the legs strong. Exhale, stretch forward. Inhale, rebend the arm and exhale to go over the top. Inhale to lift. Helen, if you wanted to, you could just go on the ground. It's not comfortable. Yeah, I got Ya.

So [inaudible] hands over and down. And then what you could do is just like a basics one. So it's just hands down [inaudible] and it's back. And let's do one more. Okay. And then the second part of this is a pretty significant, or it's a bigger back extension. So instead of just the upper back, you'll do the same thing with the upper back. There'll be an external rotation. As you raise the arms, the legs will raise as well, and you'll come into a back bend, hands back, and then we'll go everything down.

You guys with me? Okay, so hands behind the head to begin chest over the top just for basic back ascension, we do inhale to lift the chest. Exhale to extend the arms, lift the spine and the legs. Inhale, hand back. Exhale, legs down, body over the top. We'll do three. Inhale, head and chest first. Exhale, arms for the legs, up, back, extension in y'all. Hands back behind the head and exhale to go over the top last time, lifting up, stretching the arms forward, extending the spine, extending the hips, hands back behind the head and take it all the way over the top. And then from there, just carefully make your way back and then come all around so that you're sitting with your legs just over the top. Okay, so I'm going to use my handles.

You could also just choose to put your hands on the front of your knees. I like the handles so you just, you're sitting down in that little seat that the barrel gives you. I don't know if your handles are going to work, but we'll see. Okay. You too. Oh, that's dope. That's fine. You just pick. All right, we left. Use your arms, extend your spine from there. Exhale and just curve.

Allow the spine to be pulled backwards through the weight of contraction of the abdominals and inhale, let the spine grow along for us, supporting from the front of the body as we lift the chest and the eyes and exhale as we carve out the abdominals, rounding through the spine, taking the stretches. We go back. Inhale as we lift again, growing long through the spy, going into a little bit of upper, upper back extension and back to neutral and exhale curling back. Feel free to lean back a little bit into that stretch and inhaling to lifts, allowing the back to extend. We're going to do that one more time. So we curl back and then we left. And then see if you can keep your body this upright, this supported this still and stable, and just let the arms float down worth. I'm gonna take the arms forward over the top can hold onto the front of the barrel and just guide yourself forward into a stretch.

Okay. And then just carefully bringing your weight, making your way up. We're going to finish the way we started standing with the band. So you can take your band and you're gonna roar. I like to wrap my hands around a bit like this. It's going to go behind us, so I've got a little bit of tension on my band. Nod. It's fun and I'm just, you guys can just keep facing right out the window. I'm going to reach the arms down and then just give the band a little bit of a [inaudible] cool and release. And let's expand. Inhale, tipple expand the whole trunk and exhale. Let the trunk deflate.

Inhale, reaching out into the band and back. Think, not just of reaching out, but have a downward reach. So we get a lot of backward here and release and we're going to do about formless. It's just out and, and, and, and last too. And last one, the chest is expanding, the back is working. And then letting the arms relax. Unwind the hands. Bring the band around so that you can step on it.

So once you find your feet down on your band and just do some nice shoulders circling. So allow the arms to the shoulders first. Allow the arms to be heavy so the band will pull the arms down. Then take the shoulders back, let the shoulders come on, bring the shoulders forward and use your back muscles, but also allow the band to just you stabilize and pull them back into place. And it's just a gentle movement in the shoulder joint. Again, forward we go and down and can again, oh word mold, realizing the shoulder joint. It's going to be our last one. We're going to go the other way now. So it's forward first and Oh, us the Bandana. And for this, when you're lifting up, don't do it with a lot of forests.

Just kind of allow the band to give you a little tension. But the relative re Lee relaxed in that movement as well. Last two, opening up through the chest, allowing the van to pull the arms to the ground one. Okay. And then just again, let the arms be heavy. The band is doing its work. Now I'm gonna take the left ear to the left shoulder.

As you're staying there, just let the right side of the band be a little heavier. Pull that right arm down, and then bring the chin into the chest, rolling the right ear towards the right shoulder and lifting the head back up. And we're going to go the other way. So that left year, a right ear to right shoulder, staying there for a moment while the left arm gets a little heavier in space. Then bring the chin towards the chest. The left ear comes around to the left shoulder and the head comes up.

And with that inhale, oh, we fly. Exhale as we roll down. So just feel the upward lift through the abdominals as we, the band will let go, but at the moment it's pulling us down. When we get to the bottom, we're going to let go with the band. Inhale. Let the body lengthen forward. Exhale, peel up through the spine. Rounding up. Once you arrive upstanding, allowing the head to come up.

Raising the arms up overhead, making a circle behind us. As the arms come down, we begin to drop the head again, peeling the body down towards the ground, letting tension out the head, letting the arms be line. Exhaling as we come back. Huh? Bringing the head up, the arms, that feeling light and weightless through the body as the arms just draw all the way down to us. Thank you. That's all.


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Great class Meredith! This really helped me to tap into my abs! I am still trying to strengthen my quads and glutes since my knee surgery. The bicycle on the spine corrector seems to really make my knee feel so much better. Its so user friendly! Thanks so much.. and the stretch at the end was welcomed as well. Your wonderful!
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Fantastic....I can easily adapt this session to the bosu. Especially love the side pike that transitions to that great top arm circle stretch! Thank you - love it!
I enjoyed the tempo and cueing of this class very much. Love the Spine Corrector work.
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Great workout! I loved the flow! Thanks
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wonderful class! I really enjoy it!!!
Thanks for taking class and sharing your feedback ladies. It is appreciated!!
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Great class...nice flow...good job Helen!
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Wonderful. Thank you
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Thanks Meredith. Enjoyed the combination of elastic with the spine corrector. It sparked my creativity and i've come up with several more that I hadn't thought of before.
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Thank you!!!
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