Class #1795

Mat Workout

30 min - Class


Monica Wilson teaches a basic Mat workout for those who wish to strengthen their weak or stiff lower backs for healthier movement patterns. Go step by step through modifications of beginner Mat exercises and accompanying stretches. Feel the tension release from your back after taking this class!

Please note that this class is not intended for those with acute back pain or herniated and bulging discs. As always, please make sure you obtain a Physician's clearance for movement after experiencing any injury or chronic back pain.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

About This Video


Today, I'm going to lead Rebecca in a basic real basic mat exercise mat workout if you would have a bad back. And when I say a bad back, I'm not talking about someone who needs surgery, um, very soon ...


Love your teaching Monica. Can we please have more apparatus class from you???
Excelente, como siempre
Really great since I do have extremely tight hamstrings due to a weak lower back. More please!
Thank you so much everyone! I will keep another one in mind
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Wonderful for me with tight hamstrings and my. 55+ students!
Love this video. Monica your technique, key phrases and coaching are tremendous! Thank you from one teacher to another!!
Super class Monica- I loved the imagery of the wheels of the car- it really helped me, thank you so much.
Great for a tight lower back!
So many great cues and imagery for beginners and unconditioned clients!
Thank you everyone! If you would like to see anything specifically in future classes I am all ears:)
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