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Reformer Workout

65 min - Class


If you're searching for a flowing, fast-paced, and challenging Reformer workout, try this class with Brett Howard. In addition to teaching advanced Reformer exercises not commonly taught (like Horseback), Brett mixes in interesting variations and commands precision in the transitions. Don't be fooled by how easy Alejandro and Tetsuo make this demanding class look!

The use of light Handweights and a Fitness Ball are optional for this workout.
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video


My name is Brett Howard. And today we are going to do a reformer and my body is today our Tetsuo and Outta hand drill. And let's start with the foot. So we're going to cross the arms and you're going ...


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I love the use of the handweights as well as the fitness ball. Adding the mixture of different adds fun along with challenge to the work! Brett teaches with flai,r and poise great work!
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Great flow, energy, selection of exercises, props and preps, connecting with participants, loved your q's! Thank you Brett Howard
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You made my Sunday with this workout! Thank you Brett Howard! The guys are beautiful movers :)!
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You guys were amazing!
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Incredible workout today! I loved it with mixture inside this workout. Thank you for adding the splits at the end of this workout! Super job everyone!
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Love the variations, pace, and energy. Usually I find classical style dry but not with this man.
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I loved this. More Pilates for men. I have been doing Pilates for five years and absolutely love it. Thank you.
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Classical at its finest!!!
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This is a great video, high energy, great form, imagery, cues and more. Rather than having both reformers in the same plane, I would very much enjoy seeing one reformer 90 degrees with respect to the other reformer, so we can see different angles of this beautiful work!!! Thank you for such a great video.
Hi Richard, Thank you for your important feedback about the Reformer position. This particular option was a change from our commonly used 90 degree set up. Is there an exercise you are interested in seeing from another angle, or a question we/Brett can answer for you based on what you aren't able to see in this class? Again, thank you for sharing your feedback.
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