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We are so excited to have MeJo Wiggin join Pilates Anytime with a dynamic Mat workout. Her wonderful spirit will motivate you to keep your energy up and to keep working hard during the entire class. MeJo teaches a traditional Mat workout, but she adds in a few Reformer exercises like Pulling Straps and Rowing. Welcome MeJo!
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Sep 22, 2014
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Hi, I'm me, Joe with [inaudible] any time and we're going to take the meds today. So, um, those of you at home, if you come into an exercise that just doesn't feel right for your body, just skip it. Leave it out and join us on the next one. So that goes for you guys too. Okay? Except for teasers, we're all doing teasers. Okay, let's walk to the front of your mat. Everybody go cross your right over your left. Draw your abdominals in and up and stand as tall as you can. Good note. Easy controls your body down to the mat. As your body gets long and tall, don't look down. Energy up.

Control all the way down and roll down into your mat. Yeah. Good. No crash landings. Okay. Draw your knees deep into your chest and feel your back fully down in that mat. Keep it in the mat as you lift your head and shoulders up. Powerhouse in. Can you see it? Oh, it's easy to pull it in here.

Pull it in deeper as your legs float right out for the hundred scoop and hundred into the air out with the or. The a hundred is a breathing exercise. Your back stays grounded in the mat and the arms are pumping to get your circulation going. Something needs the pump. When you do the hundred bump those arms in the air. But on that exhale, try to draw your abdominals even deeper so your eyes should be down on your powerhouse. See what it's doing. Breathing in DBA are good.

Now those hands try to keep them up a little higher than your hip bones. Give me a good scoop and the base of your shoulder blades. They still stay down on the mat. Yeah, in with the air out with the air. What's that? 50 out there? Pump those arms. Long, strong arms tight fingers breathing in. Push the air out. One more breath in.

Exhale all the air out and lower your body and stretch. Make your body long and skinny in the mat. Reach tight Pilati stance and you peel to come up smooth rolling through your spine and stretched forward. Now imagine you've got a great weight in your hands. I want you to pull that weight back with you, one vertebrae at a time into your mat and then go reach those arms.

And again, smooth to peel up and exhale, stretch forward. Your stomach lifts. As you roll back and pull me with you all. I'm heavy. Pull me and drop those shoulders and reach again in with the air stretch with a deep center. Lift your powerhouse in. Roll back. Keep going. Smooth, constant motion. One more breath in the air up. Exhale, reach beyond your toes.

Get up off your seat and roll down one vertebrae at a time. The shoulders are anchored and let's take your right leg up. Give it a good stretch. Reach for that ankle length in your other leg. Now lift your head and shoulders.

Make sure your other foot is on your center line. Don't let it go off to the side and then take your hands down at your side. Nice, wide, collarbones a long neck, and you cross your body and pick up. Really Cross it and exhale the air. Inhale, cross. But then Xcel back up. Good.

Now hold those abdominals deep inside you and one more scoop and take the reverse in. But exhale back up. A little breath in, but a good exhale up in. Exhale more than you take in and empty those lungs and up one more and stretch that leg. Draw the powerhouse in and feel how the breath on this goes with the rhythm of the exercise. Switch legs lengthen. Hold your powerhouse in the other foot. Stay Center and your hands are down at your side.

So breathe in and hold crossing, crossing hold. Now the rest is a big exhale. Round back up in. But exhale that air scoop. Get the air out. Exhale, scoop in. Push out the air. One more and take the reverse.

Nice deep ribs in your mat. Yeah, Nice. Wide collarbones with long beautiful arms and up. One more. And let's stretch. Reach for that ankle. Draw those abdominals deep in and take two feet to the mat. Take another roll up. So lengthen out again. Tight seat, tight feet peel to come up and we're gonna roll like a ball.

So sit to the front of your mat, grab your ankles, and make your body as small as you can. Head right down between your knees. Now I know you guys can get smaller. Pull your heels close to your sit bones. Open the knees and put your head in. Zayde. Now go in with the air. Pick it up. Okay, those hands again. You don't want them here. Reach under and pull or cross over and hold this way.

Get extra small. Yeah. Now all we have left is your breast to help you. Here we go. Breathe. But the next day I'll pick it back up. Yes, the smaller the better. Breathe in and exhale. Scoop to get up there. Yes. Good guys. Breathe it in. Exhale, bring it up and stay small and blow out the air up. One more. As small as you can. Breathe. Pick it up. Beautiful. Now sit back for the stomach series.

Draw one knee very deep into your chest. The other leg really lengthens out, but don't let that foot fall on the scoop. Your Power House. Keep it up and change. Pulling in scope, pull deep. Make it rich. One in one long, deep and rich and reach. Breathe in. Exhale, scoop it out. Scoop deep, center, Scoop. Take your time. Doubles, grab your ankles and get nice and tiny again. Get grab those ankles guys, let your shins grab those ankles.

Now go breathe in and hold body long open now. Exhale, get small again. Inhale, lengthen and reach and keep lengthening and then exhale gets small. Inhale, feel your lungs reach. Exhale, nice and tiny. One more reach. Now go. Exhale, make it tiny. Make a tiny, beautiful scissors. One I got and change and change and Paul and scoop. Pull, pull. Good. Reach out for that angle. Now don't move your hands.

Bring the light to you in scoop. Palladian in deep powerhouse poop and scoop and scoop for the doubles. Hands behind your head. Draw those abdominals in as you lower and XL back. Breathe in and hold. Exhale, good, no momentum, control and lift. One more control.

Chris Cross. Yes, big twists. Go touch that knee. Keep twisting, keep twisting. Good Kristin and change made twist. Try to touch your knee and go. Big Twist and go twist. Now take that elbow all the way. Bring money to you more. Pull it in. There you go. And then take it around.

Really go off to the other side of that knee. So you're not just twisting your shoulder, there's twist your whole waistline and change. Big Twist and pull the knee to you. There you go. One more. Pull it to you and then you can rest. Nice. Take your feet down. Lengthen and roll up.

And let's sit up as straight as you can. Give me a tall lifted back. Flex your feet and reach forward. Scoopin now give me a tiny little waistline. Inhale, lift up off your seat, drop your Chin and round forward. And exhale. Exhale, exhale, exhale and roll to come up.

So this is a breathing exercise. Really get the air out of the very bottom of your lungs ready. So take a big breath in, drop your Chin and go. Exhale, exhale more. Exhale more. Exhale more. Get all of it, and then roll to come up again. Inhale, fill your lungs, drop your chin. Now go push the air out of you. Push it out, push it, push it out. Get all the black dust out of the bottom of your lungs and then roll it up.

That's better. Draw your power house in. Roll to the back of your sits bones and bring your legs right up for open leg rocker. So we've got nice long legs deep in your center. Here we go. Inhale. Take it back and pick it up and hold your balance. Yes, smooth and up. Good. Nothing changes in your body. Just roll down with long arms and roll up and hold. Now, ideally, Joe wanted us to hold our ankles, so can you go up another engine and grab your ankles?

Take your feet a little wider. Kristen's here a little wider than your shoulders. Now stay on your ankles and do it. Roll back. Ooh, that one inch makes a difference. You feel it. Hang on. Scoop and energy. Back Up. One more scoop and keep it up.

Zip your legs together. Closed leg rocker. Now go try to held onto those ankles and lift up. Smooth right on your center line. Oh, this is a beautiful exercise. Align your spine with your pelvis. Everything is long in square scoop and you keep it reach for the ceiling.

Keep your feet. There is your slowly lie down one vertebrae at a time and we can corkscrew. So again, we want nice wide collar bones. Powerhouse in your hips are gonna stay down. Draw your abdominals deep. Shift your weight to your right hip and smooth. Exhale, scoop around to the left.

Reverse in over on the left and exhale. Good. Now it's very tempting to just swing your feet. Scoop, shift your weight, your legs will follow for the ride scooping over, and a good exhale around and back up. One more scoop into the nose and take it over on the left, down over on the right and your feet come down to the mat again. Take another roll-up. We keep coming back to this pl. It should start getting easier.

Now you're warming up your spine for the saw so rich, the arms. Flex your feet and give me a nice tiny little waistline holding your ribs in. Let's twist, right big twist. Go stretch, reach, and reach. Now your hand in the back. There should be lifted up. Work that tricep in and up, and then sit yourself up tall and then twist left and go reach beyond that pinky toe and reach and stretch and lift. And then everything comes up and we go to waste and stretch over there.

This reaches up two long arms. Reach them and go again. Big Twist to the left. Exhale, stretch one further to further three and set yourself up. Twist, right. Exhale, reach one further to scoop three and up. This is it. Big Twist and really roaring it out of you.

Ring out your waistline and reach and then sit tall. Yeah, let's turn on your stomach. Okay. Single leg kicks, Huh? Powerhouse in and up. So lift your gaze, sip your thighs, your fists. Press down in the mat while the shoulders draw back. Lift your days and we go kick, kick, kick, kick with tighten your thighs, zip them together. Keep them tight. Good. Try Not to let your tail wiggle stomach up off that mat. Draw those low abdominals. Very deep. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick and release. Hands behind your back. High on the back of the double leg. Kick. Take three kicks. So kick one, two, three, stretch.

Lift your chest and easy. Come out of it and kick and two and three. Now your feet are planted as you lift and you live more. And lift those hands up off your seat and let it go. And kick one, two, three and let's live tight together. Up. Look up there. Yes, one more. Give it a kick. One, two, three inner thighs together. Your bottom ribs.

Stay down as you lift and let it go. Good. Sit on your heels. Round the back. Stretch your arms long and draw your stomach deepen and up. Entered for the neck pole so your feet come forward. Nice flexed feet about hip width. And give me a good lift through your body.

Tall lift with a tight seat. Pull in, roll one. Vertebrate a time. Feel the push through your heels the whole way down. And inhale up. Exhale, stretch forward. Sit Up nice and tall. Flex your feet. Use your seat and control. Smooth one vertebrae at a time. Yeah, in the air. Now exhale as you compress forward. Inhale, sit straight up.

Now. Pull those ribs in. Take your time. Smooth. No crash landings. One more breath in the air. Exhale, stretch. Sit Tall and lift and curl to come back deep. And those abdominals. Yeah, last breath.

Inhale up. Exhale forward. Let's take a spine twist. So bring your legs tight together and flex your feet. You've got a pull running through your spine and I want your arms out to the side. You've also got a pole running from this middle finger through the shoulder, all the way to the middle fingers. Keep the feet flexed. Try not to move your sits bones and twist to the right tall hole.

Did you break the line in your shoulder? Keep it straight. Keep it straight. Head back a little. Lift your head and come to center. Get up off your seat. Lift and twist your waist, twist your ribs, lift your sternum up, twist, reach and back to center and up. Don't let your feet move. Hold those arms in a straight line.

Draw your shoulder blades down your back and lift your chest. And one more shoulders down. Kitten grounded. Hold the line. Hold the line as you twist and easy, let it go. Yeah, let's lay on your right side for sidekicks. So line your body up with the edge of your mat. Your feet come forward. And we want this elbow all the way back here. Okay.

The top leg up only hip height and swing front, but then lengthen to the back. Okay, front kick length into the back and front kick. Reach behind you. Front kick. Reach for the back wall, up, up length and the leg front kick. Reach behind. One more. Up, up. Lengthen and bring it together.

Kick up now make it long to get down. Kick up. Reach it from a deep center. Make your leg reach longer than your bottom leg. Kick light, but I want the reach one more. Kick up length on it. Keep it that long. Tiny circle. Two, three tiny circle. Reach, reach, circle, circle, and reverse.

Back to three tiny little circle and circle and circle and circle. Now together. Okay, front, back. Take your leg to the front. Lift to the back. Lift front up, dig motion up front. Lift back, lift front, lift everything together. Bring your legs tight. Take your hands down in front of you, draw your ribs in and both legs. Lift up and let it go. Did your feet fall back? Keeping forward scoop and then lift and let it go.

Scoop up and keep it. Little says your back and forth. Reach two, three, go. Go, go. Now make it bigger. Big Scissors, swingers, legs. Reach length and out those size and reach. Big a big reach and then come together. Yeah. Take your feet down again. Collect yourself. If your elbow moved, your for feet fell back and take those legs up once again. Deep stomach, little bicycle, bicycle in the air, bicycle in the air. No bigger. Big Bicycle.

Big reach for your neighbor. Make it as big as you can. Move those legs and reverse back. Yes. The side. Bicycle, bicycle, and then relax. Turn on your stomach. One Hand on top of the other lengths in the legs and lift and little beat. Two, three, four. Anchor down those shoulders. Inner thigh as long. Use that seat, beat, beat, beat, PPP, and relax. Good.

Bring your thighs together this time with your arms out to the side, just like you're on the reformer. We're gonna pull straps so your feet are down. They're planted in the mat. Your shoulders are drawn back, your hands are up off the floor and from your shoulder blades. Draw them back as you lift your head. Lift your chest right up off the floor. Squeeze those inner thighs together. Look up, lift your gaze, and then easy to come back down. Yeah, those feet never moved and in with the air. Lift your head, lift your chest, reach wide to the side.

Bring this up here and easy return. One more tight, long legs directly. Side shoulder, back and lift here. Up and up. The bottom ribs are going to stay on that Matt. That's it. And then easy. Let it go. Good. Roll over to your other side. Nice transition feed fry quick transition line, your body up top leg lift and we go right kick Lang from back front.

Kick Butt, a long beautiful leg back front kick reach, reach back there. Front kick. Come on John. Back here. There you go. Front kick. Reach behind you. One more up kick length on it and bring it together. Okay. Alight. Leg kick up. But now lengthen it down.

Kick up. Imagine it getting longer and longer and longer as it comes down. Kick up. So show me that. Reach, reach, reach. Keep your head high up. Get Taller as your leg reaches out here for me.

One more kick up and make it long and it stays this long. Head-High make a tiny circle. Tiny three circles. Circle Short, but quick, tiny, tiny, short, quick and reverse to the back to circle. Circle long but low. Dany and then together, let's go front. Back. So to the front, kickoff back up. Excellent. The up, back lift. Front lift. Don't look down.

Is your head still high? Stay tall and lifted. Oh, kick up and up and together. [inaudible] both legs together. Draw your ribs in your feet or forward. Hold your power house in and those legs lift. Hold them up and easy. Let them go. Powerhouse first and you lift and keep it and let it go. One more scoop in to lift those legs.

Little scissor back and forth reached which no big scissor, big swing. Those legs come on. Reach. Move those size. How big can you get them? Reach. Lengthen a big motion and everything together. Yeah. Collect yourself elbow back. Don't look down.

Draw your ribs in and if those legs once again, little bicycle, little bicycle, stay off the mat now. Big, big, big bicycle. Rich. Very good bag and reverse. Go back a little bicycle and go reach all the way back for your neighbor's Mat. A big bicycle behind you. Yes. Good God. And then arrest. Nice. Lets turn in. Lie on your back for some teasers.

Okay, let's take a teaser. Let's take a little variation here. You're going to bring your knees into your chest, your head down with nice long arms. Okay. We're going to keep those legs bent. You are going to round forward through your spine. Scoop the powerhouse and hold your balance.

Hold your powerhouse. Stay in your powerhouse. Now your arms and legs, they just float right up without having to grip any legs. They come back, stay bent and roll back down one vertebrae at a time. Yes. Take it again. Reach forward to come up nice and smooth. Once you've got your balance, everything floats up.

Bring it back. Beautiful. Control it down. Now stay down and take your legs long now into a full teaser. So your legs are up. 45 degrees. Reach your arms straight back behind you and from here, inhale round. Forward. You get up now lift up and control.

Roll your body down. Reach for the back wall and inhale, scoop to come up the legs. Don't move left now. Roll down and reach away from me. Your legs. Stay right here. Yes and scooping the come up. Imagine your legs are sitting on a shelf here. Live. No. Keep your feet on the shelf. Look up. Drop those shoulders. Enroll. Reach for the back wall. Roll back. Roll back. One more.

Scooping to come up. Then lifted. Now reached the roll down hat. Turn in, lie on your stomach. Let's swim after that. Beautiful. Lengthen out long arms and long legs. Make your body long and skinny on your stomach for swimming. So lengthen out. Draw the shoulders in your back and make sure your hands are open, shoulder width.

Everything lifts right up off that Mat and we go slip. Good. Now keep your head up out of the water. Breathing in. Blow it out. Head out of that water. Get a breath. Yes, arms open. Get those legs straight, Kathy. They're all bent behind you. Come on straight arms and straight legs and sit back on your heels.

Round your back out. Stretch the arms in front of you and let's all turn for mermaid like you did. Side kicks turned to your rights. You guys, this way you guys face me. You Bend your knees into your body here for a mermaid so your knees are right on top of each other and ideally bring them into there in the center of your sternum. They're not over here. Bring them right in front of you. [inaudible] grab a hold of your ankle and reach your arm straight up. And before we go, I want you to again, think of that short box so we don't go over, we're going up. Inhale, lift up and keep going up across the ceiling.

Stretch open the whole side of you. Open up those ribs and easy. Come back up again in with the air. Fill your lungs and as you go, keep lifting up and up across the ceiling. Now exhale and try to go another inch.

Push the air out and stretch and one more in the the air. Lift up across the ceiling. Turn your head and look at your feet and then bend that arm right over head. Try to touch your opposite shoulder and then reach to come up. Go ahead, take your other side. Take your knees to the other side.

Hold onto your ankles high. Not really. Stack your knees on top of each other. If you're, if your knees will allow that, pull those knees into your center more. Bring this one over here. Yeah, and now raise your arm. Inhale, you lengthen up your whole side in with the air up to stretch up. Head-High reaching up across the ceiling and come to center. Show me the lift. Inhale up and up, Ridge across that ceiling. Open your ribs open and lift up. Stretch through your waistline and to send her one more big lift up, stretch over. Turn and look at your feet.

Now bend that arm and exhale to go further. Lift a stretch and reach. Empty all the air and then easy. Let it go. Good. Sit with your feet straight out in front of you. We're going to take some rowing long, straight legs from your chest, your body slightly forwards.

You're not hanging back. Forward and up long loose legs. Here we go. Inhale rich, nice and tall. Now stay tall as you exhale down to the mat. Now, easy reaching out to come up and feel how those fingertips connect all the way into your back and slowly keep lifting as you open taller, keep lifting, growing inch. Keep lifting all the way down again from your chest. Inhale, scoping your center and exhale down to the mat.

Draw your powerhouse deeper as you come up. I want to see strong arms. Keep your hands shoulder with. Draw your shoulders down in your back. You know, slowly get off your seat and lift and lift. Keep lifting. Beautiful. Exercise One more from your chest. Reach in scooping your belly. Show me strong arms now. Strong arms, press, press. Press the touch. Now reach out to come up.

I want to see energy through those fingertips all the way up here. Now slowly open and grow taller. Shoulders down. Lift through the crown of your head and release. Yes. Flex your feet. Bring your nose down to your knees. Let's stretch. So reach along the Mat. Stretch long and low. Give me a better flex.

Really Flex now scoop your powerhouse in. Roll up like a spine. Stretch forward naval ribs. Chest hands are here now. Flex those feet and reach out to come higher. Push your heels and open tall. Dig those heels. Stretch your body again.

Nose on the knees round forward and reach beyond those heels. Flex those little pinkie toes back. Get a good flex now scoop your belly and roll your powerhouse up and your land parallel with your arms to the mat. Scoop and reach to come higher. Show me those beautiful arms. Now slowly open, tall and lift. Head is high. Keep lifting. Good. One more full than half.

Stretch reach can be a good flex. Here. Now scoop to come up and up tall through your body. Pull those toes back, reach to come higher. Your body is still on a slight angle. Forward and up. Now drop those shoulders for me. Feel your shoulder blades go down your back.

As you keep lifting up. Keep lifting, keep lifting, yes, and sit Indian style. Here we go. Take the hug as a breathing exercise. So give me long, beautiful arms. And if you guys can all see, this here doesn't look very nice, doesn't it? Yeah, so pull it up. Lift that elbow, pull up those arms, but keep [inaudible] holding your glass in your hands. Beautiful Arms. There you go. Now let's go. Inhale, pull in your stomach and press something heavy. Now exhale, press it away. Press resist in the air. Scoop head. Head-High.

Show me those arm muscles. Come on, let me see them. And Open. Open again in with the air. Scoop your belly and lift. And the next hail. Exhale right here. Now keep your hands here. Inhale here. Now exhale, push all the air out of the base of your powerhouse and then inhale, fill up your lungs. And then exhale. Exhale more XL, more Xcel, more scoop, and inhale, fill your lungs. One more exhale. Push the air out of you.

Get all the air out and take the seal. Yes. Massage your back. Hands come in and around your ankles. Roll through your spine, scoping down. Touch all those pressure points and rock down. Glad clap right back up. Yes. Keep it going. Scope down. Get a rhythm in your body and then out. Smooth rock down and it's up. Roll down.

Nice loose feet to clap. And then up and on that last one you're going to come and you stand up. Good. Walk to the back of your mat. Hold an ice. Pilati stands in. Reach for the ceiling. Make your body long and skinny. Pull your ribs in and around your body, down into your mat and walk yourself out in one line. One, two, three, and be there on four. Hold the line. Keep your head high.

Draw those inner thighs together. Give me up. Push up, down, up. Now pull your ribs up to the ceiling and walk in. Scoop to get in. Yeah, heels together. Toes apart. Roll yourself up again, one vertebrae at a time. Get long and skinny and again, pull your ribs in and go all the way down.

And tried to get your full hand down on the floor and then walk out. Walk out, walk out into a straight line and one push up, down and up and scoop your ribs and scoop to walk in all the way up and reach for that ceiling. Yes. One more scoop in the ribs and walk it down. Walk it out into a straight line. Tight seat. One pushup. Elbows in. Push up. Lift your power house and hold the line. Bring your left hand into the middle of it. Your side. Hold your balance.

Hand at your side. Chest high. Hold the line, yes and easy back into your pushup. Take your other side over to the side. Tight seat. Hand is down. Chest up. Drop the arm and lift your chest. Give you the lift of wide open collar bones. Yes. Back into your push up position. Yes. And then from here, take your right foot jumping forward. Oh, let's go and do some stretching.

Hold that back leg long and push through the heel. Feel the stretch in your hip. Hold in your stomach and easy. Draw your knee down. Yes. Kneeling, hip stretches like we do on the reformer holding your stomach. And if you can slide back and stretch [inaudible] and then come back forward and go slide back and stretch and stretch and stretch. Do what you can and come forward. [inaudible] one more.

Let's go. Pulling your stomach slide back in. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Reach your arms and stretch up balance. Yes. And then easy come back in. Switch your legs, take your left foot front, hole the hip stretch. Open up that hip. Hold your powerhouse in and up. Push energy through your back heel as you're still scooping in your powerhouse in and up. And then come down to your knee. Hold your stomach. Keep pushing your pelvis forward is your powerhouse lifts. Okay, let's walk back, walk back and stretch what you can and then come back in.

Walk it in and again, go back, stretch, stretch, stretch, and walk it in one more, but you can keep waiting your hands. Go back and stretch, stretch, stretch. If you can reach those arms up. Easy down. Walk your foot in back on two feet. Pull your stomach and walk yourself in. Walk in and stand tall. Up, up, up, up on your toes, up on your toes.

Nice Pilati stance. Come up on your toes. Squeeze your thighs together. Squeeze your thighs together. Stay on your toes as you slowly peel down into the mat again, stay on your toes as you walk out. God, walk it out. Walk it out. Staying on those toes. Now pull your ribs up to walk in. Walk in, stay on your toes.

Use your powerhouse to come up on your toes. Stretch, lifted the ceiling energy up. Stay Tall. Keep lifting as you open your arms nice and wide and control. Oh your body down to your heels and stand tall for the rest of the day. Nice. Thanks guys.


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Didn't this group of practitioner or perhaps some were Teachers, work nicely together! Nice work Ladies.
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Great intermediate mat .... nice full body challenge! MeJo is so energizing! Thanks!
Thanks MeJo and thanks group.
Was fun working with you all.
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Fun and engaging instruction. The stretches at the end were awkward on a sticky mat though!
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what an amazing class, great instruction. As an instructor i learned a lot from this class.
I really enjoyed this. Great energy! Would like more from you!
Loved this class. Didn't participate first time thank goodness. Watched it, will need to watch it again a couple of times to get the most out of it. Thank you.
Great class. Loved the stretches at the end.
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I love Pilates Anytime! I wish i could be in ALL these classes! MeJo teaches a great intermediate class.
Thank you!
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