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Standing Workout

55 min - Class


Diane Severino joins Pilates Anytime with a Standing workout that will make you stand tall and proud when you're finished. She uses her witty humor and wonderful imagery to teach movements that are simple, but effective. Diane makes sure you are ready to move before you even begin, and then proceeds to work your entire body, even your fingers and toes!
What You'll Need: No props needed

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what beautiful lines she makes with her body! thank you!
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Just started to watch this session Diane you are amazing and funny too, it's got humor really got me smiling!! Love the way you teach and explain in a fun way x
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Ahhh !!! Your years of experience bringing wisdom along with wonderful humor! Love the way you encourage us to laugh a little at ourselves while challenging us to be a better version of ourselves. Thank you, Diane
Love the humor Diane.. sometimes we get way too serious..
also thank you for showing what 'not' to do. Making this video a 'pre requisite' for my barre student!!
Thank You :) Love standing work !!
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Thank you so much! You are fantastic! I would love to do more classes with you.
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She is a breath of FRESH AIR!!!
What a joy to have this video. I feel as if I am taken back in time and in a dance studio with those that I dreamed of ever meeting!

Love this gal!!!! Keep teaching us!!! Please.
As you might expect, Diane is not one to be on the computer (or this forum) often. We will make sure she knows of your appreciation. In fact, we can't wait to remind her, through your words, how wonderful she is. For more of her perspective, be sure to check out her discussion on Ron Fletcher in the Pilates Legacy Project.

Diane on Ron Fletcher
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Really enjoyable class! What a fab teacher and personality
Thanks Diane and Pilates Anytime xx
'm astounded, delighted and humbled.
You get me! You like me! My nine year old grandson showed me what you all wrote. I'm going to watch my class for the first time now. Thank you all! PS I hope I kept my abs in!

Diane Severino
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