Class #1876

Mat Workout

50 min - Class


Kyria Sabin Waugaman and recent graduates of a comprehensive Fletcher Pilates® training program bring you this special Mat workout performance. It consists of 36 Mat exercises performed in the Fletcher Pilates® style with synchronized breathing patterns and transitions created by the students. Great job to these students who give us a wonderful demonstration of precision and concentration throughout the Mat work.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hello, I'm curious Savan I'm thrilled to be back with [inaudible] anytime and we have a very special performance for you today. At the end of each of our comprehensive programs, our students perform a...


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Wow this is great!!
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Always glad to see more Fletcher classes!
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Wow.l Love the smooth transitions. Thank you from Australia
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That was great.. can't wait to do this in the morning... ! xxx
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That was great! I can't believe I did this advanced class. I love the Fletcher style. These girls were fantastic!
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Thank you Kyria for this great class. I just did it !! love to see more& more Fletcher work .
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Reminds me of the art of motionish stuff
Nice. I have been looking for something like this here,
Good stuff. I'll do this. Make pilates very interesting
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Great class! So happy see more Fletcher classes. I really liked the pace and the cueing.
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