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These days, people spend too much time in flexion while hunched over their computers and texting on their phones. To combat this, Cara Reeser created this innovative Tower workout to give you ways of working the core without flexion - through extension, lateral side, and lateral hip work. You'll feel the difference in your body from spending less time in loaded flexion in this class, and more time in side body and extension work.
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Hi, I'm Carrie, sir, and I'm, I'm here with Mary and Amy and Christy. Um, we're going to do a tower workout and I've got a little theme going on right now, my practice ladies. So I'll tell you. Um, so this is inspired by, uh, my own thinking and my own observations also. Um, of course I took with, with Amy also took, uh, with our endowed this year, um, when she was at my studio and just a sort of general feeling I have about how much time we're spending in our forward bend posture in our culture today. You know, I even watched the kids and they're like, you know, already with the posture down, right? And so I've been playing in my own practice, my studio, my staff. So a lot of this is inspired by the women who work at my studio, um, to bring a little bit more attention to other ways of working core. So lateral hips as core legs as core side, bending as core extension as core. Um, so this, this pool class I've designed, um, to really spend a lot less time in loaded fluxion and a lot more time in the other positions. Um, so we're going to be getting our, um, our, uh, side bodies and extension bodies on.

All right, so you take care of your bodies as you go, um, modify, you know, out there, those of you watching modify for yourselves. Um, you know what we're gonna do is move around through the system, but we're starting with the roll down bar and we're going to do a series with the roll down bar and we have it on the, the third islet down on this system. But all of your systems are different, so you should, you should set it up so it supports the exercise, right? So we're going to begin with your feet against the Poles, your hands on the roll down bar and let's have your hands on the inside of these springs. Yeah. And they can be together as a matter of fact. Okay. So one of the things I want to say about this idea of keeping the spine longer on these Groll downs guys, is that the pelvis is going to rotate regardless, right? So when I'm saying keep up your chest wall lift, lift, lift, which I'm gonna say a lot, that doesn't mean that you're not rotating your pelvis fully to get down, okay? So just once you start, put your two hands together and let's start with some breathing and aligning, right? So you're going to just breathe in and out. And I really have been using the Kathy grant ball breathing a lot lately.

So this idea that you can inhale with the abdominal cavity coming way in, and then as you exhale, you can have a sense that your, your back is lengthening around. And we're going to go into a side lateral right away. So you're going to remove your right arm palm up and we're going to roll down the right side of your body. You're going to roll down with a long spine, rotating your pelvis. Great. And then your arm is moving over to the side there, Christie. And then you're going to do a side bent. Now, once you made it to your side, but I want you to rotate, which means you're going to look, keep your head down and just let your body rotate. Keep your head down, and then come back around. Come back to center, come up through center, and then take a rotation sitting upright. Good.

Let's do that again. So you're keeping a long spine. You reach out towards the ocean, you go down the right side of your back, you go to the center, you do a side vent. Once you fully side Bend, you leave your head down and you just let yourself rotate. So look over your shoulder for that rotation and then come back. It feels good. You want to let that rib cage move and then come back up. Keep going.

And then take another twist. Aha. That's it. Now lift your nipples up, ladies. Yes. And one more time. Take it back. Go down this side of your body. Yup. Come around to the side. Vent your heads down. Then to rotate all a little more, Mary. There you go.

And around. Then you just keep sweeping through to come up. Yeah. And then that arm goes under and then you length into go back. Other side. Take your arm on and let's do some ball breathing. Inhale, take it out. I like to take my palm up. Here we go. Yeah, so it flows. You good down side side bend, rotate. Inhale, come out. Acts Hell all the way up. Inhale, rotate. Tall spine. Exhale, center again.

Inhale, take it all the way back. Find your side. Bend first, then rotate. Use your cervical spine to help your ribs rotate. Nice. That was good. And all the way around and up.

And then you're going to have that head lengthening as you rotate your ribs around. Yeah, let's like moaning on that. Rotating, right, because it feels really good and maybe we're not doing it enough and let yourself rotate. Yep. Ribs around. That's it. Meredith. You can keep your head down ladies. Yeah. And then back around all the way up to center and then rotate again. Staying very, very tall. Great. Put both hands on the bar. Good. How's that? Feel?

Good. And you're going to take your knees over this bar and we're going to get our abs cooking a little bit. Okay? So you're going to start with your arms down by your side. And I want you to notice right away where your pelvis is on the map. Because what you're about to do is put your inner thighs together, Flex your feet, and you're going to float your heels two inches off that mat. No cheating without arching your back. Okay?

So you're going to have to tack into your ball breathing. Keep your heads down and lift your heels two inches. Good. Take a deep breath in, take the ball in and exhale. Pull the bar in a teeny bit more. Chin up a little bit off the throat. Take a deep breath in. Flex your feet, Amy. Exhale, pull the ball bar in a little more. Inhale, take a deep breath in.

Wide Acts. He'll pull that bar in a little more. Inhale, take a deep breath in. Exhale, pull that ball in a little more. Good. And then inhale, lower all the way back down to the mat. Good. Right? So notice how you're using your shoulders and head to brace. Let go of that. Let's take your arms like this. Ribcage, arms, float them back. Interlace your fingers a little just to keep them out of the way here.

And again, flex your feet. Good. Inhale, exhale. Take the feet up. Two inches right now. See now you took away your brace. Inhale two inches. Inhale, two inches. Nice. Everybody. Inhale two inches. Good. Inhale, two inches. Now put your arms, reach them towards the bar like this with flex risks. Good.

Maybe over the bar. Since you guys are so strong. Inhale, lift your head. Exhale, go up two inches. Inhale, exhale, two inches. Inhale, exhale, two inches. Take the legs down. Keep your upper body where it is and legs come in two inches. Lay your upper body back slowly. Legs come in two inches, two inches, two inches, two inches.

Good and legs all the way down. Nice. So again, just figuring out variations where we're not staying in a big flex position, but opening and closing along, right? Beautiful. Take your legs. Oh, take your arms down by your side of the two shoulder bridge now. So you're going to curl your tail and you're going to lift up into a bridge. That's right. Chin off your throat, Mary. Now all of you need to think of pulling your heels back towards your sits bones, reaching your knees for the White Wall in front of you right now. Again, you're bracing with your arms to take your arms back into that. This is one of my tricks for not over bracing. Take them over your head like that, right, and then roll your spine down, but don't push your thorax down. Yeah, exactly.

So you can curl your tail as much as you want, but I don't want you shoving your upper thoracic spine down. Here we go again. Inhale. Now move your arms to your pubic bone. As you breathe in, lift your hips way up. Yeah, these are wave arms, Cathy grant, turn your palms, acts. He'll roll down without pushing your ribs down. Do it again. Inhale, pinky to pubic bone. Lift up. Nice.

Hold that for breath or to lengthen through the crowns of your heads. Great. Reverse your palms and reach back as you bring your spine down. Great. Take your arms by your side. Roll up to seed it. Oh yeah, baby. [inaudible] Woo.

And take your feet out. Hey, it's worth trying, right? Good. Um, we're going to do a little biceps. Ah, arms now. Okay. With the roll down bars. So we're gonna go palms facing. I think Mary inside that Hook is better. And we're gonna, you're gonna have to find your own position here. You're gonna tip back. So I'm on a flat back playing with my body, right? And I am in a pull that bar to my forehead and straightened my elbows.

Inhale. Exhale. Nice job. Inhale, good. Taking that ball. Breathing in that deep abdominal feeling of in, in, in. Great. Now you're going to bend your elbows, hold that there, and you're going to take your body away from the bar so your elbows will straighten. That's it. And then back up. Keep the bar in the same place. You can have your chin slightly tucked, but you are going to let your pelvis rotate. Amy, but not your thorax. Yes, I love this exercise. Take it back. That's it.

Exhale. One more time. Yeah. Beautiful control you guys all the way up and rest. Beautiful. Okay, so we're going to go to cat on the roll down. Bars come up to your knees. This is often not taught. Um, I like this cat. Probably the most. It's up to you where your shoulders are. If you want to be inside or outside those springs. Um, yeah, and you can change it. I like to do a tight grip on my bars, especially when I'm doing something as volatile as this.

Cause if I lost that bar, I might really get a bloody nose or lose a tooth. That wouldn't be fun. So here we go. You're going to scoop back a teeny bit. Now we're going to have the same focus where we're not going in for big flection through the upper thorax. So you're going to drop your head number one, two head. You're going to s make fis and pull that bar right under your shoulders as you roll down. Once the bars almost touching. Move to extension. Ten nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two head looks all the way out. Nice. Control it.

Take a deep breath in with the belly in. Take a deep breath out with the belly in. Curl your tail, drop your head and roll up. Pulling the bar under you. Drop your head, Mary, and all the way up, right? So what I said was curl your tail and drop your head. Not Push back here. Right? Let's go down again. Inhale, take it down. Yeah, straight arms acts. Hell.

Gimme extension from the butt all the way through. Now let's add the arms. Stay there. Inhale. Pull the bar towards your thighs. Exhale away. Oh yeah. Inhale, don't change where your blood pressure shins down. Route your shins down. Richardson's down. Yeah. Super Hard, right? Ugh. Great. Now bar. Now head down. Everybody. Drop your head.

Roll up by changing your pelvis in space. Go ahead. Coming up. Coming up. Coming up. Pelvis is moot. Good. Shins done. Name, come on. I know, I know. I know. Good. One more time. You guys got it. Good. Rolling down. Go. I'm going to help out my friend Amy over here. I'm going root her feet and she's going to give me extension from the lowers to the middles to the uppers. Eyes up, Christie. Yes. Now pull those arms in.

Inhale and exhale. Good belly breathing. So you're pulling in through those Edda dominal wall. Yeah, right. That's gives you a hard time, doesn't it? Amen. It's interesting. Yeah. Now drop your heads. Move your pelvis to come up. That's it, Christie. Keep coming. Keep coming. Keep coming.

Keep coming. Stay where you are. Chest expansion. Inhale, pull, wrap. Yes, you can scoot forward if you need. I know. Sorry. I've done it myself. Inhale. Yeah. Hamstrings. Exhale. Inhale. Hold it. Look to the right. Look to the left. Exhale, recover. Inhale, pull. Hold it. Look to the left.

Look to the right and center. One more time. Pull it this time. Hold it there. Look up, look down, center and arms away. Back up for thigh. Stretch or stay in the flow. We're going to do a couple different tricks in our thigh stretch today. Okay. So let's just, let's just take the let go of the bar for one second.

Just so we can be honest about thigh stretch. Something I've been playing with. Let's do a couple thigh stretches with no bar for a second. And let's just figure out what, who really has to come to the party. Yeah. Which is going to be Essentra quadriceps. So you're going to tip back one inch and pause two inches and pause one more inch and pause. Oh boy.

My front body has to work one more inch and pause. Stay, look up, look down. Center your head and come up. Right. So you feel how that fires up the front of the legs to take that with you with the bar so you can, don't just hang on those springs is what I'm trying to say to you. Here we go. Take it back. Good. You're going to keep that body in one line. You guys. That's it.

So once you're back there, you're going to pause for a second and I want you to take your gaze up without collapsing in the back of your neck center and come all the way home. That's hard not to collapse. I think we've had this conversation before street and your elbows. Here we go. Come on. Back. Fixtures thing. There we go. So here she is in one line. I want her to look up and back, but I don't want her to collapse the back of her neck.

So she's got it essentially control the front of her neck. Yeah. And then I [inaudible] and then home. Good. You guys all get that. Yeah. Right? So there's a difference between calm and really being able to look up. Right. And control that with the front body.

So now we're going to go into a drop back into a backbend. So we're going to start with that head going back. I'm going to spot you and straighten your elbows and then she's coming back, right? And she's going to keep controlling the front of her neck. Right? This is a great way to tone the neck. Good. And then all the way home. Keep your head back. Yes.

Meredith. That's it. It's a lot more work in the front of your neck than you think. Yeah, and in front of the neck should work. It's part of your core. Let's go on back again. Straight your all those ladies like super duper straight. Yeah. Nice. Now we're talking gorgeous. Let your head go back there, Mary.

You've got it. That's it. It's just a new place for you. And one more time. Breathe in Christie's moaning again. Up. Take it back. Here we go. Let it go. Let your head lead. It's fine. It's fine. This is camel pose in Yoga. Yeah, it's wonderful expression of extension, body.

Beautiful and rest good. You're going all the way down onto your bellies for swan with the roll-down bar now. Okay, so the bars are pretty high. If your shoulders are tight, you have to recalibrate. Maybe drop it down a little bit. But these ladies have a lot of range, so we'll stay with it. So first let bring your heads up guys to their floating a little bit. Yes, exactly. Now you better tone the back of the legs and pick up your ball.

Breathings your belly pulls back. And as you inhale, pull the bar down, lift your eyes up and keep your elbow straight, right? And pick your thorax up. Oh boy and down. Yeah, the Barb will move towards you cause you're moving backwards, right? So don't pretend that that's not happening, right? Yeah, that's always a weird thing when we pretend, pretend things that are not happening that are okay, let's try that again. So the bar will come towards you because you're going to move back and space.

Yes, that's it. Now tone back here sweetheart. Yes, and back down. Gorgeous. You guys. Good. So let's add something to the extension here, which is going to be more hip extension. So you're going to come up again, stay with me, bend your knees. Don't fall into that Spring and straight them. Let's do that again. So that spring is going to tell you everything, right? So you see it, bend your knees and don't you hang onto that as you're bending your knees.

Don't you hang on that spring. That's gorgeous you guys. And all the way down. Good. Let your bar go pull back into a child's pose that does not have flection in the spine extension. Child's pose. Yes, exactly. Exactly. I like to think of my lower ribs as the sit up for a second thought. I give you this image.

I like to think of my lower ribs as the bottom of a bell. You know, so like a bell goes like this, right? So when I go into these extensions, I can pick the, the front of that belt up and really let my rib cage expand. I think one of the problems with doing a lot of abs is that we shorten the distance between, right? And then we try to go into extension protocols and we're like, oh, I can't get up, but you actually have to let your abdominal cavities stretch and go to do extension. Right? So we're going to do full expression of water wheel now.

Okay. So, um, we might know different versions, but we'll all start kneeling up with our roll-down Barner hands. So you can do a lot of stuff with the roll down bar. Right? I mean, it's pretty amazing. So what I like to do is grew through my shins. Crazy deep here. Okay, I'm going to roll down first. Inhaling, taking that ball and I'm going to bend my Elvis. I'm going to come all the way back onto my heels. All the way back to the mat. All the way you guys have it.

Straighten the arms and come up into that full expression. Beautiful. And again, go down, pull that bar all the way across your legs, all the way up to your chest and lie back. Yes and good. Reverse it. Fall back, bend your elbows to the chest wall and then rake it down. Nice. Make sure you're not pushing up and loading through the bra line.

It's Meredith. That was way better. And again, take it back, fall it back. You know where your head is in space. Pull the bar in, take it down. Super great ladies. Woo and rats. Hallelujah. All right, good. You can roll down bar down just in case it's in our way.

And we're gonna go to doing some side leg sprints. So one of the things that I feel really strongly about with back-bending is that it's also really important to have strong post cheerier lateral hips. Because when I'm back bending I need to have support here. Right. So you want them when you're doing something that's apexing towards big back bending like this, you want to think about your, your hips a lot.

So we're going to take the front fronts. You're going to lay on the edge of your Mat Kathy grant style. So not an a boomerang. Right. And they'll take that leg on. Great. Yeah. Yeah.

And I like this one where it's right. Like Meredith is doing, you know, if you want to challenge yourself, go right to the edge of this map cause it'll make it just more wobbly for you. Yeah. I think that maybe your hand should be on the post, Meredith, that you should come a little further away from that floating roll down. Come down. Yeah, there you go. Yeah. Yeah. You could do that or slightly bent, whatever works for you intention wise. But I didn't want her head to hit that. Okay. So we're going to go forward, kick and back. We'll keep it nice and fluid. Go.

Inhale forward. Exhale back. Now I want to point out that your life needs to stay at the level of your trow canter so it can't dip down like that and back. Inhale. Exhale. Now a little bit more. Chest up everybody. Thank you forward. Exhale, one more.

Now keep it there and we're gonna just keep your leg there for a second. Hello. Lateral hip. Whoops. I have long legs. It's harder. Keep your tro. Canter's stamped. Open this leg up. Pull it down. We're half Ron. John, bring it forward. Keep your tro canter stacked.

Bring it through down. Good. Bring it forward. Good. When you open it, keep think about bringing your pelvis through a little bit. Yeah. And now, now reverse it up. Forward. Paul [inaudible] right and up. Forward. Pull one more time and up. Forward and down. Lie On your backs. Keep that spring on. Control this center yourself. Now I want you to arm length away.

Single leg circles with the spring from the other side. One of my favorites. So now what you have to think about in your brain is where your tro canters are. Aha. They need to take your hands to the park bars. Take your hands of ours ladies. So your trope handers have to be uh Huh.

Like there. Uh Huh. So you have to externally rotate that upper leg. Yeah. Twist over here towards the cameras. Bring it around. Exhale around. Inhale, bring it around. Exhale. Inhale. Nice. Okay. So think twist for a second. Everybody. Where, where are your two hips? They want to be sandwiching. Yeah.

Now as you reach and you bring your leg out, don't let that right, but get heavier. So you have to use the right button. Yes, yes. And again, twist. So you have to use your butt cheeks. Yeah. So right now use both butt, cheeks, Marias. You take your leg out better and we'll just go in that direction. Bend that knee in. Take that spring off. Turn to the other side.

Right? So when I take my leg out, I have to use my lateral hips under, right to control. Otherwise I'm going to tip. Yeah. You can't stabilize that with just your abdominals. Yeah. So here or they go forward and back. You know Meredith's is working a little turnout. That's fine.

Some girls were working in parallel. I don't care. Whatever you prefer. Yeah. So here you go. Front and back. I'll say it. Inhale, straighten your leg, Christie. Exhale. Legs are super straight on this kind of work. Inhale. Yeah, I pretend I'm a soldier. Yeah, like a tin soldier. Whoa. Oh everybody come back to center. Inhale.

Exhale back. Inhale, front. Exhale back. [inaudible]. Okay, inhale front. Everybody pause. Now get those trow. Canters stacked. Don't lower your leg. Now when you come back, don't arch your low back until your leg starts to come behind you. You guys are extending your lumbar spines a little too soon. Okay, so right, so we should be getting hamstrings. Yes.

Then, but in Lumbar extensors, better and forward. Now hold it. Yeah, you got to stack those. Troll cantors darn hard and lift up and push down. How about that darn heart. That's like, that's like the most uncaring thing I've ever said. I suddenly became like Andy Griffith or something. I don't know what happened. All right. Give you legs straight. Yeah, like don't, don't take that away from yourself. Now go the other way up. Now.

It's still interesting here to lower the leg. Keep your trow candor stack. Yes. Amy [inaudible]. She's moaning and up. That's it. That's it. Meredith externally, rotate that up leg. Yes. Last one. And then you'll go to your backs. Release your jaws. Oh my goodness. Our grounding over here.

It does feel good. You know, so much of pelvic stabilization has to do with the posterior, lateral hip and not just the stomach or the back. All right. Take your poles in your arms. Think about those trow canters. Inhale, take it over. Ax Hiller around and up. This is your rhythm. Inhale. Take it down and off. Inhale.

Take it down Anna. Very nice. And again, you can actually twist more. Let's do one more twist. Go all the way to this tro canter. Yeah. Oh yeah, baby. Why not, you know, cross pull down and center and bend the knee and take the spring off. Nice. Roll up to seated please. Okay, good. So, um, we're going to do some arms springs. So come on up standing. Okay. So let's start with um, when I'm going to call airplane. Um, and then we'll go into the twist as well. And then we're going to do the squats.

Okay, so face me, I don't know about you guys, but I find arm springs sort of underused in my own practice. Like I don't tend to go to them. And then I'm all like, oh, I don't like the way my arms look. And I'm like, hmm. You know, so great way to work to tone the upper body and of course your core and your extensors. So let's inhale. Lean out front. Good. Stay there. Open, gorgeous. You guys close. Bend your elbows, come back onto the center of your feet again. Take it out and open, right and center and up. Good.

Now don't shift your way to open the springs. Pushed open the springs push. You will shift your way into the spring. Where I, oh, that was harder. Open. Now pause. Now you're going to twist to the orchids. Pull that back, arm back, use that, tries it and come back up to center. Twist, pull it up. But now rotate your nipples guys all the way around. Thank you. And up and twist. That's it. Good.

Lean in a little bit. Chrissy. Come towards me. Come towards me. Thorax up your flexing. Eyes Up. Yes. And back to center. One more time. Everybody thinking about extension right back to center and [inaudible] rest. Right. So when we're doing big rotation work, we'll often go into a flexor pattern cause we're thinking and working and that's, that's going to thwart our ability to acts. Twist. So you, it's much better to come into extension, to rotate then to use your abs this way and then you can't get around.

Okay. So now come facing the wall wall. Another thing I think we could do more of squatting. Um, so here we go. We're going to, I can't really do this as well without the springs, but we're going to come all the way down school. Yep. And up. So let's just make sure we have that part. So schoolwide, I have to see him from the side. Right? And straight up. Straighten your arms in between.

Yes. Squat. You're doing really nice. So you want to feel like you're, you're going against a wall here and now they're going to bend forward. They're going to turn their palms and they're going to do five pumps. One, two, three, four. Try not to flex your spine to make that happen. Five and Rola, take your two palms up and one more time. Take it down. Right. So this is a really strong arm workout all the way up. You Go. Good. Then forward. Let's keep the back longer than flexed. Yeah.

You can drop your head though. Yeah, yeah, I know. It feels weird, right? But yeah, it's nice for you Chrissy. It's good for your back rate cause it's making, use those back muscles that you hang out in a little bit too much sometimes and all the way up. Same here and rest. Good. All right. Go ahead and let go of those and um, put your push through bars up for me. Um, and we're going to do a little standing series and I think the one that up a little bit high. So I would say the second one. Yeah, we'll see how it feels. So tower classes are really popular in my studio.

I mean they just sell out constantly. So I get to watch my staff teach, you know, on the floor tower a lot. So I'm borrowing this one. Some of this stuff from, um, from Joey actually teaches for me. Um, who, who, you know, she gets these, these older ladies particularly really standing up, which I think is great. Okay. So we're going to start facing Meredith Meredith facing out, and we're going to go into a second position dance position. This is also the position for Gondola on the reformer, right? So we're gonna do a side bend with a plea. A, so you're gonna bend your knees a side bend, exhale home. The home means back.

Inhale side bend over. Nice. Bigger plea A's. Come on. Yeah, you guys end up kind of Bharti is this, take it over. Let's go. Gee, I'm going to do half of my pa right? And now we're going to add a little twist and you're going to go side bend right now. Rotate and center and recover. Good and take it over please.

[inaudible] and rotate and nice. It's hard and up. Good. And come to center. Take your hands to the bar and we're going to do standing. So you're gonna face the bar now. Sorry. So we're going to go rolling down and then you're going to go into extension.

You're gonna look way out now, right? So you gotta really lift that cap but up and then you're going to come back, drop your head, roll your pelvis. Don't push through your but still come up. Yeah, that was good calibration actually. Super Nice. Right now what I like to do here is once that bars up, press it down and take a really high backbend. Now I have to anchor here like crazy so I don't shift my weight and come back to center forward. Kat once again, try to not bend your knees. I know why you do that though.

But if you want to stretch your hamstrings, use your quads. That's exactly right. So if you use your quads against this, good, come back up. Yeah, yeah. Beautiful Ids. Uh Huh. I know you're, you're working hard not to hunker down there. It's working. Ring the bar all the way up. Now push the bar down to bring your chest wall to the ceiling.

Do not forward. Do it again towards me. Go ahead. That's it. Yeah, but go further. Yeah. And then back to center. Bring the bar up. So this is an exercise. Let's go over this one. So you pull down, you lift up, you come back to center, the bar comes back up. Uh Huh. Not Bad, Huh?

Oh, okay. Good. And arrest. It's not bad, but again, I'm going to just let me jump you. Let me get here a second. Okay. You guys are, are, are pushing your bodies forward and, and what I'm hoping you'll do is maybe you're too far away from the bar, maybe that, but I'm hoping that you'll actually push down and go backwards instead of moving into the space in front of you. So I'm getting this really big stretch, but I have to anchor, I have to anchor here, right. Or otherwise I'm gonna fall backwards. Yeah. So try that one more time. Just just cause maybe that's new for you guys in general.

So we're going to go backwards. As you pushed the bar, the bar doesn't go very far. It's, it's kind of like down stretch. Yes, that's it. Does that feel better? Super. Great. Good. And Center. That was it ladies. Good job. Yes. Same. Yes. Yeah. So that helps us also organize our scapula. Right? Cause if I move forward then my scapula's going to wing.

But if I come back into my scapula when I do that, I'm going to get my, my business together for my, for my down stretch more. Yeah. Great. Good. And rest. I'm going to come down onto your knees. We're going to thread. Oh, other side. We're going to show up her pleadings. Yes. Let's do the other side. So we're going to go side Ben, plea a and up inhale or maybe you want to ask, so whatever you like best for your breath and yeah, I love how your heads are staying on your spine. Take it over.

It's really great to see that nice line. Yeah. You want to be thinking about that and up. We're going to add the twist twice and go over. Now try not to flex too much when you twist better. Yes and nice. Right? So you want and back up to center.

That was way better you guys. So you're going here, right? And then you're reaching around and wait. Feel a little funky, but nothing you haven't done in an African dance class. Right? And all the way off and rest. Yeah. Right. Because extension allows us to rotate better. Yeah. So let's go onto our knees.

We're going to thread the needle Kat with the roll-down bar kneeling. So that seems confusing, but our hands are going to be to the center and you're gonna push the bar down doing a cat, and then you'll go out into extension, right? And then you'll come to almost like tabletop, right? And you'll take your right arm off and you'll rotate. That bar could come closer to you. At this point, it might help you. Yeah, that's right.

Then kind of push the bar away as you thread the needle. Oh yeah. Baby, another moan from over here. Yes. If you're moaning at home, that's great. Just let your, let your cats know why and come back up and twist. That's right. As right, you let your dogs and cats, no while you're moaning and go around, they might get worried and write. Beautiful. Right. So I love this traction I can get from here to here. Right. So you can, oh yeah, baby. We want to be taller. Yeah, that's right. I think we're all close to, or at least in into our forties. We want to get taller all the way out.

Here you go. And other side on about Meredith here. All right. Second side. Go down into your cat. Come up to your table and open it out. Yeah. Bring the bar into you more and that'll pick you up.

Yeah. [inaudible] yeah. So you let the spring assist you, you know, that's what the spring can do sometimes. Then you come back up out of it. He moving. Yeah. Yeah. And let your hips move a little. It's fine. We're looking for movement, right? We're not looking for rules. Yeah. And up. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's exactly. And through gorgeous. Good.

And come all the way up and come on out of that exercise. Beautiful. Great. Last thing we're going to do today is flying legs springs. So go ahead and take this bar down and take your leg springs up to a place that will help you float. So depending on your body mass, your equipment, it might need to be up quite high. Um, but you'll know if you don't get your butt up, you're going to need more spring, right? Your bars stuck here. All right. Lie On your backs and put your legs springs on. All right, here we go. Take yourself up. Yep.

Now what you need to do is use your extensors in your back to be good at this. So please don't sink down. Chin off your throat. Good leg circles open. Pull down and pull down and up. Wait, I'm not seeing the pull-down part guys. Yeah. Pull down and up. Pull down and up. Pull down, reverse.

Pull down the open and up. Pull them down and use those hamstrings. Oh yeah, baby. Pull down and up. Pull down and up and hold. Roll your spines down. Great. Come back up for walking up.

You go straight leg walking straight down. So let yourself go down towards the Mat. Open the front of your hips. So don't you have to curl your tail when you do that? You guys, uh Huh. Yeah. And you have to breathe right? Oh, they're getting very serious looking. There we go. And arrest. Come back to center.

Roll your spine down. You want an airplane? You want to fly? So we'll go play a first position. Push out on the diagonal up. You Go. Bend your knees. Roll through the spine. Oh yeah, baby. I know, I know. I do it too.

She made a nasty face at the springs Bush and it's hard to make it through that moment. Bend your knees. Oh boy. I hear a lot of clicking. Clock-In and again, push. Ah, fly. Good. And roll down and rest. Good. Take your springs off, please come up to seat it. Great. So we're going to do just a little Swiss bars as I know them to finish.

Okay. Because it's also a wonderful way to work with your back muscles. So the way that's gonna work as you're gonna come to your poles like [inaudible] and we're going to just do a little bit of leg gesturing here. Okay. But because of this bar, um, just be careful. Yeah, just be careful. Does anybody need a sticky pad for their hands? No.

So my favorite thing about this is really trying to find that talk here and we all got stickies for our hands cause these bars were slippery. So here we go. Ladies, you're going to let your weight good. Pull both knees to your nipples and then just touch your toes back down and pull both knees to your nipples and touched his back down and pull both knees to your nipples and straighten your legs out and open and down. And one more time in and out. It's super hard open and now you can do and [inaudible] good.

Stand away. Yeah. And just close your eyes, you know, and just feel that stimulation. You know, I have this feeling about doing a lot of extension work that it really brightens my energy. It's very exhilarating. So let that be part of, of your day too. You know? Good, you guys. Thank you.


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Fantastic class and it wouldn't be Cara Resser without some lifted nipples and the odd squeak! Lovely way of getting more extension side bend and rotation into your practice.
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Thanks Jon, so fun to know you are watching with all that good inside knowledge :)
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Thanks Cara!!! I can't wait to try this class : )
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Yet another wonderful class by Cara! "darn hard!", lol! I always adore your humor, deep knowledge, spot on cues and movement attitude. Thank you also, for applying the Irene Dowd concepts to the Pilates method and exercises specifically. Love you!
Exhilarating indeed!! Love your classes!
So glad you all are pleased! You are welcome Laurel. I love learning and love sharing it on PA!
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Loved it! So fabulous!!!! Thank you Cara.
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Delicious ... I'll do this class over and over! :)
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Great class as always, loved the kneeling cat with threading a needle….felt amazing. I hope to do your Heritage Training one day.
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Very timely in that we do have a much older population that needs far more extension and rotwtion that is functinal. Thanks cara for your energy and fun!
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