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Unleash your inner cat in this special "Cat-illac" Workout with Amy. She works on articulation and spinal mobility to prepare you for Cat Walkover. Amy includes variations of Mermaid and Parakeet, Swan, Reverse Monkey, and of course, Cat. We hope you have fun in this playful workout. Happy Halloween!
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Oct 31, 2014
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Happy Halloween, everyone. So I'm a calf this year for Halloween. Today's Cadillac workout is all about articulation, lots of spinal mobility, and a climbing preparation. So let's get going. We're gonna put our feet at the end of the table. Grab a hold of your roll back bar. Start with your knees bent, round your back. Nice deep breath. Lift your spine.

So you'll hear me talk a lot about the spine in this workout. And cats really do move easily through their backs. So we're going to channel the cat, breathe in, and exhale, roll lap. Really let yourself mobilize. Let yourself be very mobile, less stiff. Think a little bit less muscly in this workout, a little bit more articulated.

One more time. Plain old rollback. We're going to add three arm pulls here, or chest pull. You'll be doing some upper body to prepare for a full body suspension at the end. Use that pool. Cruel up all the way when you go on the a oblique side. So tilt to the left, roll down the left side of your spine, all the way down to the head and shoulder and roll back up. Remember you wanting to loose it up and feel the articulation and the mobility of your back and your spine.

And one more on the left. Feel the obliques. All right, right side tilt and roll back. And we know kitties are very playful, so have some fun. Just let yourself move, feel and concentrate on the mobility. Last one and rolling up. Now I'm gonna rule back and let's arch on the way up.

So I'm going to bend my knees, lift my chest up toward the bar and up to the crown of the head and keep coming all the way up and roll back. That's really slither bend. Move through your spine. One more time in this direction and then we'll be reversing it to really pull onto those back muscles there. Now the arch press down in the bar, slightly arch the back. Push the heels in the frame. You want to lightly come to the crown of the head and roll your way up. Press down, lift your chest. Good Kitty.

Just dumping right over the end of the sofa there and a rule and curl. One more time. Press and lift, lightly placed the head and rule all the way back up. Now go ahead and bring the legs together. Knees bent, roll back. You'll need to adjust your feet slightly apart and slightly towards you. Press the bar with your lats and release three times.

Press. So feeling how those strong shoulders, strong lats and triceps holding that bar. All right, so hold it, uh, just straight in front of you and let's go into a pelvic curl bridge position. What I want us to do is join the thighs and the bar together by pulling the bar to the legs, but also pressing the hips up to the bar and just hold. Feel the work in your back, your glutes, your hamstrings, and then unroll. Try to keep the bar where it is. Take a breath. Two more of these. You're rolling up trying to bring the hips to the bar. Inhale and exhale and unroll with length in your abdominals length in your spine. One more, we'll add a little extra movement at the top, so that's right up and down the spine.

Let's move a little bit on the the twists side of things. So I'm going rotate my pelvis one side down, but the other side is still staying up against the bar and then center. So if I take my right hip down, away from the bar, left hip stays up and both hips come up trying to keep the knees pointing toward the rollback bar end of the table so they don't splay a war around. Just really think of this as the pelvis twisting or rotating. Let's go for more twist center, user back muscles. Use those spinal muscles and your tummy.

Now last one, twist and center. Breathe and rolled down from here. Keep a good strong hold on that bar and we're going to do three more of those. Chest polls. One, we need that later. And two, you'll be pulling yourself up so you want to get that now, pool yourself and lift and we're going to roll all the way up.

Okay, finishing with that bar. Let's turn around to the other end. Reverse push through. I'm going to use a red spring from the top, so we're sizing it up. We're pulling the bar down and try to place your bar near the uh, push through other, push the bar at the frame, maybe a little bit in front of it and wrap your hand palm face down, legs together, squeezed and take a moment to rotate the shoulders open. All right, so if I had a long tail and part of my costume and I was holding it underneath me here in my heels, right, I'm going to really try to aim my tailbone that way through the flection. Here I go and I'm rolling back. Reaching the arms behind me. I'm not leaning on the elbows, trying to stretch my arms, stretch my chest, also the spine. Now from here, exhale, dive for relief. The stomach let the bar helps.

Sweep your shoulders up and really almost like you're hanging from the bar. Suspend for a moment, let the head drop and lift the stomach. Now lets flat back then the elbows and come up in a flat back. We'll do another variation in a moment. Take a breath round back again. Reach the bar, really long abdominals, lungs by breathing in.

And exhale as we flex over, let the bar sweep. Remember it's like is picking you up. Don't resist. Really let it go. Stretch [inaudible] and try to articulate this time as you rule up and open the shoulders. We'll take it one more. Choose the variation of the return that works best for you. Lengthen and exhale and lift and lift. Lift. Okay.

And rule up and pause. All right, moving on. So come around, face the bar, make sure you release it carefully. And we're going to lie back on our back here on the at the very end. So how did the end rather than the a right angle underneath you, wrap the hands again, space the feet, heels are in line with our sit bones. We're going to arch and curl again.

So I want you to take that flection of the spine into a nice sit up relatively easy. Sit up cause the spring is above us, but go beyond your setup and really push your chest forward and then roll yourself back to more like that easy curl and lift and lift and open up those shoulders. And then roll back. I want you to Tuck your tail in and Tuck your head in and round yourself back and length in one more. They're rounding up, moving that spine. Inhale and exhale. So the next one we're coming up, arching up, rolling down. So I'm going to arch my back again, lift my chest toward the ceiling and get forward on my sitting bones and lift. Let the bar pull me up.

I'm going to keep stretching beyond and now I'm pulling back into the curve. Remember this is all about mobilization of the back. Moving your spine may feel your neck muscles working and that's healthy there, part of your spine helping work that cervical spine and lift and let's roll back all the way and rest. All right, moving onto our next exercise. Go ahead and lift the bar and turn around and I'm gonna move into a mermaid series and we'll see a start sideways. First I'll look at you and I'm going to have my hands on the bar, pulled it down. Try to square my shoulders to you. It's not going to feel really easy and have your head center. So first thing is side cervical flection.

Remember you're moving your spine and move that side flection to forward flection with a twist. Okay? Keep moving. Rock onto your hip here. Lift your feet, lift your legs and Swish out onto your hip and square that pelvis. Long abdominals, long spine. Breathe in. You've got to come back kind of swiftly for you to kind of come swishing out. Get on your sit bones curl and extend.

Lift trying to reach up to the top of the table. And as we pull down, we'll start again. Side flection of the cervical spine into around forward. Flection left. You're now you're diving toward the bar, the keep yourself in control. Use those strong arm connections into your back. Stretch along through your abdominals and your spine and exhale and come back. Get it on those sit bones come into extension.

Let's take it one more time. Okay. Reach and come back and up. Other side. Lift your legs. Turned herself right around. Sign cervical flection. Take your time. It may feel like you need to slow the first one down to kind of unwind the first side. Reaching through that flection.

You're reaching out into extension and stretch re then strong arms in your sockets. Come on back at on that sit bone. Move that spine into a rotated extended behind. [inaudible]. Lengthen in-reach solid arm connection and get on that opposite at bone rotation and extension. Let's go one more. Let me take a listen to the bar.

Lengthen and stretch and stretch and stretch and exhale, rotation and extension all the way up. Okay, let's send her our spine again for going up the middle. Middle of it. Parakeet. Gotta have a strong feet. Let's have a strong feet. Alright, so I'm standing on the bar on the balls of my feet. A little space between, I'm working my abduction. Unless you do three kind of preparations, just extend in Benz. You get a sense of what the bar feels like and how much to use from your back legs. Stretch out of your hips.

[inaudible] keep moving your feet. If you feel as though they're starting to cramp up, those are your arch muscles, the muscles in your feet that are healthy to work. Sometimes they need a little bit of a specific exercise, something like this. So if you feel the are cramping, it's okay. All right, so we're going to stay with strong straight legs and we're curling again. Nice mobile spine. So you've gone against the spring tension there for a second.

I want you to keep preaching your hips toward that bar and reach and plug those shoulders back and let's lift alternate lift without dropping the seat. One more. Each leg, press and press. Hold their breathe. Exhale, articulate down your spine. Lots of mobility level, the pelvis pressing down. Reconnect to your feet. Let's go up for a little variation.

So the same beginning, we'll take us up. Rolling through a single leg is kind of fun. It's a lot of challenge on your hamstrings. Bend your right knee towards your chest. Keep your hips square. Let's roll down the spine, keeping that straight leg and a strong leg on the bar. And as a lot of work on this single leg press as you stretch it through a stretch. This leg, it doesn't touch the bar. It could, but it doesn't. Now as you roll back up, we're going to scissor this leg all the way. Reach, place it on. We come down the normal way, which is right down the middle of this fine transitional moment of bending and extending other sites are going up the same way. Right up the center. Here it goes. There your left leg into your chest.

Take your breast, square your hips, roll yourself down. Feel that strong articulation till it gets to the mat. Use those calves and hamstrings to stretch. Now remember both legs straighten, reach out of your hips and both knees. Then woopsie they do, and this one comes through and we articulate up as this leg scissors. Take both feet to the bar. Breathe in.

Now let's take your arms back and just simply unroll all the way and finished with your legs straight. Okay, so getting out of that, you might want to put one foot on your mat, lift yourself up, and bring that bar towards you. With that hand, we're going to go into the cat. So if we come onto our knees, hands on your bar, full arm, link, strong arms into their sockets. Take a nice breath and we're rounding forward over into c curve, trying to get my head right in between my arms without sitting back and my hips. Now I'm going to exaggerate this extension a little bit because after all, I'm kind of working on more mobility in this class. So really stick up your tail and really reached through your chest. Rock the bar three times. If you've ever watched a cat and they're ready to pounce on something to Kinda get ready for it, right? And then, yeah, roll back up.

Now let's do a little oppose and stretch for the front of the hips and reach two more times round over, helps to press the shins and feet there. Lengthen. And then go a little bit more into your movie ability and stretch. And three. I'm thinking I'm stretching my shoulders and my thoracic spine and rolling. Carry that bar up and stretch one more, a little bit more into it if you want.

Am three and she go and one [inaudible] wrong. Abdominal, strong hips and all the way up. So if you've noticed, I've chosen some exercises, not only that have articulation but some names of little creatures along the way. Parakeets. We're doing Ms Swan. We've done a cat. So let's bend the elbows and feel strong behind your shoulders in that upper back. You could stay here. You could also go into this next phase which is lifting your back of your head.

I like to touch the bar. I'm going to start lifting my chest higher and reach the bar up. I have already prepared for this one. Ready? My glutes and hamstrings are helping support me as I lift up. I have a strong back and shoulders.

They pull the bar and I linked in to take a breath. Do more times. Lifts this a little articulation. Yes. Rolling through and left long front of the spine lengthening. Let's go one more time.

Stretch. Pick up that stomach and those elbows and use that strong back. Come all the way down and I'm like, okay, let's do a little reverse monkey stretch. So what I want to do is have a seat. I'm going to undo my spring first. Everybody. No, put my feet on the bar.

[inaudible] I'm going to pull it, see if I can get myself up there. Yeah, feet on the bar and I'm going to stretch my hamstrings. I'm going to try to round my spine a little bit for assisted counter. Does the feeling that was in my back in the swan. Now if you've been juniors toward your cheekbones and stretch the bar forward and lay on your legs, but still scoop up that belly and reach. Let's do it two more times. This time might be more of a flat back.

I'm gonna lift my chest toward my toes. Little slight pull down of the arms on the bar. Externally rotating the arms and my shoulders are in their sockets correctly and I'm using my upper back. Now let's go into flection as we roll forward. Push it length and hold the abdominals and hips back.

Okay, let's do it one more time and then we are almost ready to finish our articulated workout. It wouldn't be one without the catwalk over. So we've gotten everything all stretched. We've got our arms ready to pull us up. We've got our hamstring stretched is pretty good. I think. Let's see what we've got.

So climbing up and I've already spaced my hand wraps here. I'm going to go on each side. A lot of extension in the spine. Crawl up arch. You can put your foot under or over.

I've been going under lately cause I wanna pull my hips up to the ceiling. Now I'm going to look what to look where I want to go. This split then needs to come in. We did that in the parakeet. Set the foot down and stretch so that foot should have stayed up on the frame there, but that's okay. Other side, one last walkover you can go under or over and try to feel that split look. So I wanted to, now I'm going to try to do something with my foot that's up on the frame.

I want to push it into the frame up there as they stand here and try to open my chest open, open, open. I could always do another one that I could do that on my own. I hope everybody has a happy Halloween and thanks for taking class with me.


Amy you are definitely a cat!
Natalia P
Amy, you are adorable!!!
Perfect for today! All treats and no tricks! Thanks, Amy
Cathleen Murakami
LOVE the decor.....oh, and the workout!!

Lynn G
Super cute set up - love the skeleton on the SC! Parakeet was fun! Thanks!
Good one Amy! Meow!
Loved how it was a break from flexion based workouts. Liked the creativity and how you flowed more.
Lovely flow . can't wait to try it tomorrow. Delicious
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Thanks everyone....this class was fun to do and I do love Halloween so the cat theme seemed like a good one to follow. It felt nice to flow and move! Glad you enjoyed it! :)
Love Halloween too! I just can not wait to do this class! Will let you know when I do, but I am sure I will love it! You are the cutest!!
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