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Mindful Mat Flow

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Start this Mat workout with Kristi Cooper by setting your intention, and then get ready to move! Much of Kristi's cueing throughout this class brings your focus inward, asking you to find your deep muscle connections and creating more resistance in the movement to further challenge your workout. Explore Single Leg Rolling Like a Ball, Rollover, Side Kicks, Side Planks, Boomerang, Seal, and more.
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Nov 11, 2014
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Hi there. Let's start by sitting down on your mat, but stood up right where you're right up on your sits bones, your feet as flat as they can be. Holding up behind the legs and just collecting yourself. Taking a moment. Is this the hardest part? For me, it was really the hardest part is stopping to start, but that's what we're going to do, so I'm holding on and I'm using my arms because I need to feel like I'm doing something before slowing down. I'm pulling up and I'm using the intention of working and being productive by pulling up and then slightly out with my elbows as I grow the spine to the ceiling, but at the same time feel rooted into the ground through the spine or the tailbone. Taking a moment, I'm pushing into my heels just a little and just to almost round my spine and then I'm going to almost drag the soles of my feet toward my heel or toward my glutes to sit back up. Very subtle, just trying to find my ground. I'm pushing down to give myself a little bit of tilt backwards and then I reverse it with the feet slightly down to pull up and activate the hamstrings.

Finding my tension. I'm gonna do a few more of those. You could even just rock your pelvis back and forth. It's sort of just setting the intention and I need to find sort of all sides of the body here. All right, holding up tall, still working through the arms, gently pulling outward with my fingers so that my ad actor's innercise. Have to gently hold in. Take a deep breath, stay here, and then just to exhale, mouth open or close, but soften as you do it. Don't sink. Just soften your intention.

Do that again. Inhaling maybe through the nose this time. Let it fill you up. Exhale in the easiest way. That lets you let go without changing your spine. One more time. We'll move after this. Still firm in your intention, but softening your drive a little bit. From here. Just inhale. Exhale, keeping the knees pointing straight up. Start to tilt or roll the pelvis backwards.

His spine of course follows. Everything follows, straightening out the arms, keep your eyes forward, spread out your collarbones a little bit. Inhale, start the exhale, imprint or press the spine down into the mat or maybe just think of it as you round forward when your shoulders are over the hips, stack your spine. Inhale and xls. I still have that little bit of a grip with my arms or hands when I can. Right now I have to loosen it so that I don't overdue. Inhale, start the exhale. Maybe you'll feel the bones of the spine go backwards and somehow that propels you forward. Sitting tall. Inhale, just going to upright as possible. Exhale, rolling back. Healing the body, sir, to move. Almost like a wave. Inhale and exhale.

You just noticing at this point optional, I go the arms or not. If you're feeling kind of like you want to hang on a little longer, do cause you. You will in some way. If not with your hands. Inhale, start, exhaling and I'm going to try letting go a little bit this time. Exhale, roll back, but my arms, my energies going forward. I'm not just giving an inhale. Exhale, reach forward. As I stack my spine, the arms will go up alongside the ears and exhale back. Your arms will reach forward. Be Mindful that you don't shrug the shoulders forward. Either.

Inhale and exhale. Just do a couple more. Now just finding a rhythm for yourself. Feel the growth on the inhale. Find some space for yourself. Exhale, take it back. I'm going to stay here for this one. Keep this posture of the spine. Open the arms out, just pushing with a little firmness as if the air were solid. Exhale, bring your arms back towards your thighs and roll up. Sitting tall and exhale. Starting to feel better already.

I think didn't feel bad before I started. Just felt dread growing tall. One more. Do what you need to do and this is where you set your tone, right, pushing them, acting like I'm pushing water or something even heavier or away. Not collecting tension in the neck, but just finding different areas of the body coming all the way up. This time we'll go all the way down. Exhale. Just reach the arms forward though. You'll find your arms to the mat.

Slide your feet in for just a little bit more wave like action. Inhale here. Find the whole back on the mat, meaning the backside of your arms, your bottoms of your feet. Exhale, PLF rolling through the spine. Challenge it. Stay up here for a moment and just check in. What are your feet doing right? Are you rolling in or out? Try not to be aware of that. Know this.

If you are thinking of your own alignment patterns and going for straight ahead toe, straight ahead, knee, straight ahead, hips as high as they can be to create a straight line ribs not getting higher than the hips. Chances are you'll feel kind of what you need to work when it feels right. Take your next inhale, exhale, roll down. So I'm just exhaling as I go up. Inhaling to roll down word all the way at the bottom, taking that lovely, nourishing inhale. Exhale, taking it up.

I'm noticing my arms can work for me. Let them, I'm letting them push the back of the arms into the mat. Try to get the fingers together in the palms, fully down. Exhale, come down. Try the next two without overdoing the glutes. You have to use them. Do you want to kick in the hamstrings? I do that by kind of thinking heals toward the glutes as I roll up and make sure I'm not over committed to the glutes.

And a tip that tells I might be is when my knees splay to the side. Exhale down. So if you, if you go up and your knees have to pull apart, a couple things could be happening. Might be you're squeezing too hard to the glitz. It might be that the front of your thighs are tight. That's good information. Let's stay up on this one or when you get up here without anything changing, check first of all that you're level. Let's push into the feet a little higher.

Go higher with the pelvis, not so much the ribs. Next exhale, pick up your right knee. Nothing else changes in hell. Put it down, but it's coming up against it. Don't let go of it. Exhale, bring it up. Doing three. Inhale down, excess. Scoop the belly, even though it doesn't change the spine. Inhale, downward changing sides. It's seamless. Exhale, transition other leg. Inhale down. What'd you do at the bottom foot? Did you turn it out or in? Up and down? Notice what you do. Nothing right or wrong, just notice it and maybe aim for straight ahead. That's it. Foot down. Inhale.

Exhale all the way down. When your hips are down, bring your knees up, take your arms out to a tee position, slide them further along the floor of the mat and you think you can hover them off the mat. Reach a little further. Think maybe, I don't know. Maybe you need your chin up, maybe down, but trying for almost straight ahead with your gaze. Then set the arms bound, but keep them active. Rotate toward the front with the knees. Inhale, check it out. Your knees are lined up. You've gone so far. You're about to pull the back elbow shoulder off that you don't exhale. Come back in. How the other way, just waking up, right to kind of prepare ourselves for extra action. Inhale to the front. Exhale.

Sometimes I think of pushing the bottom knee into the top knee, letting the top knee go for a ride. Not sure quite where they transitioned. Probably here in the middle. Inhaling over ultimately working together, teamwork, those inner thighs drawn, glued together and up. I'm going to do one more only each side to the front. Hebrew reaching through the arms, a bit of a soft point through the feet, but some energy there to and from there, take the arms overhead, let the feet come down for a moment. The arms float off the ground, the feet are slightly apart for one more pelvic curl. Here we exhale, roll the hips up, press the arms through the air, really getting the sense of reaching the arms along the ground.

So before we do anything else, take another inhale on your exhale, slide your arms further and imagine you were going to pick up one or both legs. Know going to obviously perhaps, but you're not going to. Just the idea of what would you have to do and kind of get that awareness around the middle of your body on your next inhale. Well, don't do anything, but on the exhale, roll down, the arms can go overhead again on drilling the reach and back, reach and back. Take a moment and allow yourself to go into a little bit more of an arch of your spine and reach the arms. Shrug the shoulders, enjoy that stretch. Maybe wiggle the hips if you need to, and then settle back into what feels like a level pelvis, arms floating off the ground.

Slide your legs down onto the mat and keep them or put them together. Zip up through the inner thigh. We're not lifting the legs yet, but inhale, exhale, curl the head, neck and shoulders up. As you reach the arms forward from here, reach a little further toward your pelvis, meaning you don't have to necessarily come higher, although you might. Inhale on your next inhale. Exhale, pick up the right leg. Just pick it up. Think about it. Nothing else had to happen. Inhale, the arms go up, up, up.

Keep reaching the leg further away. Exhale, the arms go down, down, down. Same thing. Inhale up, up, up like doesn't move and exhale down, down, down. Keep the leg down, put the leg down and arms go overhead. Gently pressing both legs together, but also slightly into the mat. Inhale, exhale, curl, head, neck and shoulders only reaching forward. Check your collarbones right. You're not hugging the front of your body with your shoulders there. Level.

If your curved and I hope you are, it's because you've dropped the spine into the mat and rounded. Inhale, whole Xcel that opposite leg. Think about it first. Think about picking up. Then do pick it up and now just inhale two, three, four, five and exhale. Keep it reaching arms can go up to three, four, five and down. Push that opposite leg. Let's do one more here. Two, three, four, five and down. Two, three, four, five leg goes down, arms go back. Reach all the way. Nice and levels still engaged in him. Exhale, curl it forward from here. Think about picking your legs up. Don't do it yet. There's a difference. Sometimes we overthink, right? Not me. Just think about it. Now, once you know you're almost did, you can with ease, pick them up and arms go up. Two, three, four, five and down.

Two, three, four, five. Again, go up to three, four, five and down. Keep pressing those heels together. Parallel or Pilati, Z, either way and down, but your long, you're focused. And now two, three, four, five. Again, reach up, up, up, up, up, down, down, down, down, down. Two more. Two, three, four or five and down. Squeeze from back side of the body. Last one, go up to three, four, five and down. Two, three, four, five. Everything goes down from there. You're going to think about picking up those legs again. It's exactly what you did before. You can always modify to get into this. Otherwise, pick the legs up, bring them up and go over for rollover up.

Over legs are parallel and to the floor as well. Flex your feet, separate them lower to the ground and roll down the spine. Really stretch. You can nourish yourself through that circle. Close Ma. Uh, pay attention to how low you go there. Up and over. Flex. Push apart and make that an action, not just a courtyard, graphic style, right circle around. One more up.

Lift before you even get to 90 or think about it. Push apart. Down we go. I'm going to reverse it, but finish it. Commit up and over with the V. This time when you get here, squeeze everything together. Flex the feet you want to touch the floor. Do but keep reaching out of the heels. Pull the whole foot back, not just the toes. Tuna, go up and over.

List to go and close. I'm following a breath pattern that matches my movement, but basically it's inhale, circle around. Exhale, lift up over flex, squeeze, close coming down. We're going to leave the right leg up. Keep it flex today. Left leg to the floor, cross the Midland. I'm doing a full breath here. Inhale around now. Exhale around. Just change it up. If that's different, inhale and exhale. Find a rhythm.

Pips as stable as possible, and exhale. One more, four in and out. Go the other way. Try to stay pretty parallel. Little turnout would be all right. Inhale, two. Exhale might not be as big this way. Inhale and exhale. Two more rounds in two. Exhale. Inhale. Oh, and exhale. Just bend the knee. Hug it in.

Yes. Stretch the bottom leg. Even as you have this one in, it doesn't mean hike the hip. Switch the legs left leg up, flex foot, heavy through the hip. Cross the midline. We inhale same direction. Next, hey, inhale, stabilize x hair and in and out and in. This is it, and out. Go the other way in hell around pap, XLR around up. Put a little control that also some rhythm and up. One more set around and around. Fold the hug it tight. Bring the other knee to match it.

Slide your hands down a little at least to the Shin or maybe ankles. Curl your head up. Push your shins or angles into your hands. Tuck the pelvis. Keep the knees together and get a rocking action without changing the shape. It may take a few. Inhale back. Exhale. Inhale back. Exhale. Inhale back. Exhale up. Next one. We stay up for the moment. Here we are.

Can you make a tighter ball? I've got my knees together today, but you could separate them. I suggest you do what? Challenges you fold your spine more than you think you can. It's not just at the hip flexor, right? Pull those hip bones back. Let's go. I moved my hands down to back and uphold in heels back uphold. Remember how we use the back of the legs before it still happens. Even here.

And one more back and a both hands to the right leg. Left hand on the right knee, right hand on the right ankle. Slowly roll yourself down. Rock yourself up. Switch legs. Control it. Slow down. Rock yourself up. I should say. Control yourself up to roll back or slow down and it's not super slow, but pretty slow where the fog is coming in. It's kind of trippy. And after, let's go back to the first leg, right leg holding this rock back and forth three times. Keep the shape, go back.

Nothing changes. Keep the distance between the foot and the leg again, hips up, hips down. One more time. Up, down. Hold Pelvis doesn't change our spine. Switch for three, go back up, back up. Nothing changing, right? You're in control. Up. Back to the first leg. Roll down. Hold it down. Bring the knee in real close today. High clip of that same side, so the bent knee hip comes way up. Try to keep the knee and close like that, but reach the hip back down into place. Switch leg hold, hike the other hip up. Left hip, way up. Try not to pull the foot out like I just did.

Hip goes back down just so you know where it is. Now we'll change. Let's go. Inhale, switch. Inhale. Now exhale, pull it in. Come on in. Enjoy the stretch out out. Come on, pull in, pull in like your spine is trying to reach an opposition. It's in, in and out. One more set. Full breath in, in. Here's out double leg, both legs in tight, tight, tight. Go ahead and let your butt lift. Go ahead. No Sudanese, try it.

I didn't think I could [inaudible] I'm going to try to get my butt down, not there, but I'll try. Double leg stretch. Reach out and hold. Inhale, hold arms, circle all the way around. Then pull the legs back in. That was an exhale. Pulling back in. Inhale out hole just there. I'm circle all the way around. Start exhaling and drag. The legs in. Inhale out, halt, sweep through the air and then drag it in. Inhale out. Circle, pushed through that thick, thick air. One more and out. Four more. Quicker.

Normal, normal arms. Just out everything back in and two and in. Keep it stable. Three and in. Here's four and head down. Hug It in from there. Crawl your head back up, right like up. Take a minute, take a little stretch. Press the hip, both of them into the mat. Stretch the other leg out. If you couldn't reach them out, do today.

Stretch the top like even closer to you. And now it's all pulse. Pulse switch. Hold for a second. Stretch the opposite hip away. Bottom leg into the mat. Now it's pull, pull. Now we go. Time pull, pull, switch. Anticipate this switch, right? So you're ready to go. It's not moving you around on that mat. Pull. Pull. Top leg is pulling, pulling. You can press the leg into the ground, but it doesn't actually pulse. Two more.

One. Here's two. Both legs up. Hands behind your head. Pressure. Head back into your hands. Like if this were the exercise, you want to rest your head. Lift the tailbone up, let the telethon go down. Can you do that without your head moving? Lift up, down. Can you do it without your leg coming toward you? Just two more. Lift legs longer down. One more time. Head still pressing back. Now I'm in a turned out V or Plots v but you could do parallel. Squeeze through the whole leg. Inhale, reach the legs out. Exhale, scoop and bring it up. Inhale out Elvis pretty wide and up. Not so wide.

It causes tension. One more and up from there. Twist and turn toward the front. Chris, Cross hold. Pull the knee in more. Get up to it. Switch. Get up to it. Oh, she says a little quicker now he go. Inhale, switch. Inhale and exhale. Turn the spine, not the shoulders in. In. Exhale out out. Two more sets in. In. Here's out.

Here's out. One more set in. Pull it in. Breathe both knees in. Be go down. Reach the arms overhead. Theatre slightly apart and bent. I'm sorry, the knees are bent. Feeder of pur shoulder bridge. Exhale, peel. Peel. This is what I need right now. How about you? If not, go for it anyway.

So take a second. Release the hips a little. Just sort of let them hang out, but try to leave the size where they were as best you can. Retack or round the pelvis for the low back. Feels longer. Check that you didn't splay the knees and Kinner thighs. Now push into the feet. Use your butt a lot to lift your hips higher. Find the back of your shoulders and let them precedent of the Mat.

See if your risks are flat. They may not be, but you're working towards that and your arms aren't as aren't real wide. They're near you. Right leg up. Exhale, kick down. One flex up. Inhale down and three rested. The body's still five. One more. Here's six. Stay up with it. Flex foot, my fault. And now just lower the hips. No rolling, no articulating. Pushed back up. One and two and three. Let's go. Here's four out of 10. Five, six.

Keep the hips level seven get up there. Eight, nine, hold 10 pointed toe. Return the leg roll halfway down. So you find almost the bottom of your rib cage, but nowhere near your sacrum can you curve around the spine. More inner thighs. Use that same action to take you back up. Careful of the ribs. If you feel anything in your low back, you're probably into an arch. Left leg up. Point down, flex up. Let's go down like up to three lung, neck, four. Hang on, here's five. One more. Six. Stay up. Flex foot.

We lower it down. We press up one out of 10 to use the back of the arms level. Three more the arm, not the hand. Five, six [inaudible]. Come on. Eight, push nine, 10. Return the leg right back where we were or close to it. Exhale, roll it down. Reach the arms back overhead less. Do you think I forgot? Walk your feet away from you. Not maybe all the way but close feet together if you can. Apart would work. Inner thighs together for a roll up like this.

Inhale, reach forward. I've got my palms facing each other. Exhale, curl up when you get to the top. Just like before. We're going to straighten the spine, but put our hands on the knees for some extension. Exhale, let go. Roll down. Just leave the knees where they are. It could be done on stair. It likes to in him. Might be harder, might not be. Exhale, hands to shins in. He'll grow tall. Check where you started as a fill any different yet. Just harder. Maybe I dunno, and roll back. We'll add a slight change. Inhale, exhale forward. Once you're there, start to straighten your legs if they're not already in as you straighten your spine and extend the spine first to straight, but then digging a little further into some thoracic extension. Palms up, reaching back, looking up a little. Watch the low back. It's a small move.

Exhale, rebend the knees and roll down. Reach back. Inhale, reach forward. Exhale up. Finish the coming up first. Then as you straighten the spine, you can straighten the legs, turn the palms up, hit the straight spine first, then go further into upper back extension. Maybe the arms that go further back and roll back, dragging the legs in or again, you can leave them straight the whole time. Not a whole lot of extra reason for doing that other than it's a little harder to roll up sometimes when the knees bent. For some it's easier. We'll sit up, straighten the legs, palms up, and since we're already here, we'll flex the feet and keep the palms turned up. Rotate to the front, the feet.

Don't move state. Just go through here. One, take a moment and pay attention. Here's two, three that you don't move the hips as you come through. Middle Check to see that your feet are level and now as you twist, you're not reaching one hip more forward is all spine. Two, three we'll do that. Slow again. Said Tulsa reasonable. It's lifted out of your seat to reach arms further. Three and center one, two, three. Now we'll go pulse, pulse, switching sides. It's a little quicker. One, one, inhale, switch, exhale, exhale. But again, the, the breadth is really almost being pumped out because of the action on this one.

See if you can feel that. Twist, twist, inhale, tall, twist, twist. So the exhales are when I'm pulsing and pumping it out, giving you two more to do that on and fabulous. Take the arms up, round forward. Enjoy. I'm going to do the next one out of order too, cause it somehow feels right today. Sit yourself up. Bring your legs in closer to you, but knees apart, making sure you have space behind you holding onto the front of your shins first. Find that sit bone or tail bond. So you feel as upright as your pelvis will allow using the arms and kind of recognizing this circle of resistance that you can create throughout your exercise. Tilt the pelvis back. So in fact you're rounded, right?

If I lean my shoulders back, my pelvis would still have done the tilt, but my back might appear straight. That's about what we're doing there. So let's just for the moment, think of that again. We're upright. We've got ourselves all engaged. I'm pulling in on the knees, but not letting them actually move a tilt back. So if I didn't move my shoulders backwards, I probably got round, right? So now I'm going to allow this expired to stent. Extend backwards, dragged the feet in a little closer and to pick them both up or one M it doesn't change his spine. So let's do that. Extend your right leg up, hold onto the ankle if you can.

If you need to hold under the calf and keep a bent knee, that's fine. Other leg up holding on. Now it's the same thing, right? Your inner thighs are pulling in and you're resisting the actual motion of it. And you can also say they're pushing out and you're resisting the motion of it. Let's roll back. Inhale, it's the spine. Exhale, finding the place. Inhale.

So we you do kinda end up relatively straight, but in fact, I never go into a neutral spine or neutral pelvis, meaning I'm not trying to get that normal low, low back curve. It's staying rounded there at the end. Let's do two more. One and exhale. Use the breath both sides of the body working back and up. Hold it. Hold it. Now just think, can you, without rolling back, without falling back, you may not at first. As you try and decipher, can you flex the lower spine more?

Can you bend at the waist a little more but not to go backwards to lift the legs higher? Let's see if that means anything to you. It's a thought more than what you would see so that the idea is that you could then let go and they would stay there. It might shake a lot, but they'd stay there. Then let him down. Sit Up Tall, get right back up on the sitz bones. Maybe feet a little wider now than your yoga mat or than you for the saw to the front. Sit Tall. Inhale, I'm keeping a flatter back today. Reaching forward as I saw off the little toe and reach the back arm. Inhale, sit up and send a little more mechanical than sometimes I do and exhale. Getting a little bit more of a attention with longer back and up and center.

So four parts. Inhale, one, exhale, reach to use the back arm in health. Sit Up three and home. Four. Inhale, one move. The air to move the breath and center. Inhale up, reach up. I am starting to feel good. How about you? I'm still determined. It may have just be with me up and reach and up center.

Rotate. K. The next one I'm just going to enjoy purely you get one more set. Go for it. I'm going to milk it all at all. I'll meet you back. Oh, last one, [inaudible] and center. All right, for now, just zip up the legs. Fingers. Either face your heels or side and you could go back, but I'm going to go forward. Engage the hamstrings. In fact, slightly. Bend your knees and flex your feet for the first bit.

It doesn't matter if the legs go straight, but you're pushing down with the legs. Arms are absolutely straight from the start and throughout. Lift up, push the heels down, find the glutes. Don't straighten the legs yet. Imagine dragging your heels towards you and then sit down. The only reason I'm mentioning that is because you have to use your hamstrings for this one to ever feel good or to go onto the next piece. Push down to lift up.

The arms are just like pillars of strength and not doing the work and down. Straighten your legs if you can, and point the toes. If you can lift up, it's the same principle and down up. [inaudible] no, no. Rolling. Get two more lift. Use the back of your legs. Watch the back of the knees. They might want to hyperextend if they consistently do the last one, bend them for now and have a seat.

Bring your feet and closer to a slightly part's probably better. Arms are straight. You're out of your shoulders, right? You're not sinking. Lift up again and then Tuck your pelvis just to get your bum out of the way and you bend your elbows and you lift. You Bend and you left. Three, four, press five. So much of our work is on our arms, so we're going to work them. Press, press, lift up your right, left leg for ten one, two, three. Watch your neck. Four look ahead. Five press six, seven. You know it's coming. Nine take your time. 10 switch legs and go down. Up. One, two, three and four. Five and six.

Seven here's eight. Here's nine, and Voila. No big deal. Set it down. Go ahead and stretch forward. [inaudible] all right, sitting up to come onto your side. Let's go down to the elbow, sort of the tip of the elbow. You could go all the way. Absolutely fine. There's, it's the same principle. You're going to draw the shoulder down, forward the the waist generally to get the muscle action you want. Otherwise, while you're still doing that, you're just a little more off balance here. Isn't that what we all want? Huh? We'll feel balanced when we're done.

Legs a little bit forward. Okay. You can bend the bottom leg if you need even more support. Top leg is up and straight off your hip from there, you're proud. Right? Here we go. Kick forward. Exhaling forward. Flex one, one, sweet back. Here's two, two, reach long. Don't go for the even the range so much. Three, four, four, reach. Use the bottom leg for help. Just one more.

Six, take it back there. Whole the back there, top on forward, but it's not meant to be pretty. I don't have that. Just press down on something with your upper arm, not just your hand. Push down on something imaginary and lift the top like it's way back there. It's not going to be high. Three, four, five, come on six. What's your bottom shoulder doing? Seven I'm doing ten eight, nine, 10 doesn't it feel kind of good? Come all the way down to that elbow.

You're not collapsed, but you're down there and you are somewhat supporting your head. Top arm is down. Take the f like this already up forward as far as you can, but pull the hip back so it's as square as possible. Lifted up, circle it around and again, three forward up. Let the leg spin in the hip socket. Here's three up. Come back to the side, reverse it. Go back. Lift, circle in front. Police it. Keep adjusting the hip so it doesn't just roll around. Independent entities, the leg and the pelvis. Last one, take it back alongside and either it probably better for everyone just to lay your head down. We're going to reach for that top foot or ankle. You may have to pick up your head to look for the alignment on this one.

If your legs were exactly stacked, you'd have the knee, the top knee in line with the hip. Forget about the bottom leg, the top knee in line with the hip. Before you start talking on the foot though, Tuck your pelvis. Get the stretch there. For those of you who felt like your knees were splaying in the pelvic curl or shoulder bridge, then try not to let the Nigo high, but keep it nice and level. Then if you need more, first the action is to think my thigh bone is going to the wall behind me or the ocean and then I draw the heel in not letting it change my pelvis so you can't stick the blood out at the same time or nothing happens at best. Oh yeah, joy. Okay, get yourself up. I'm going to go to the other side. Same start. If you were lower on the initial elbow, that's what you should do. Now, of course, before you put all your weight on it and either direction though, you know you don't really want to get into position and then adjust right with weight on it. So your is careful. You're taking care of yourself. That's what we're here for. So shoulder, down gently.

It doesn't have to be intense. You're on the hip when you feel like you can balance there. Well first of all, move the flags forward. Then top like I'm other handout. We did six flex to kick forward. Ooh, check your shoulder, kick, kick and back. Exhaling forward to Ian. He'll stretch long three, three and reach. Here's four. Four. Think of lengthening out of the back of the leg two and finally to the back.

Hold it. Yes, reach the tough arm forward. Press down on that imaginary solid. Starting from up in the high arm and lift. Lift long three, four, everything working for you. Six, seven. Hang on.

Eight here's nine and 10 we went all the way down. Nope, we went to the elbow first. My fault. You knew that. I know. And from here it's those bigger circles. Take your time to come forward, lifted up, circled around, oh, loosening up three, here's two and spin the leg number three up. We came around to the side again, be conscious of words. Go on. You're pushing straight back first. Then we lifted, then we spin it.

We place it where we want it. We do it again. Maybe a little quicker in, but not a lot. There's two already three and lined it up. You can put your head down, but grab onto that ankle. [inaudible] check the, the knee doesn't automatically come in front of the hip. You might have to use 'em either hold onto a pant leg or a strap if it's too severe of a pole on the me, but we won't. We're really going for is this stretch here in the front of the hip and the sigh, so I think five backwards pelvis forward. If I have room left, then I draw the heel toward the glute [inaudible] and I made sure my knee wasn't going higher like it just was. I actually, you just have to check. Sometimes we're our own. Yeah.

Best teachers sometimes, but it's not always just through feeling it. Okay. Come on to your abdominals and your forearms. We're going into a single leg kick so your feet are together. Let's go. Elbows a little more forward today so we're not fighting the position so much. Um, even if you're flexible, go forward. Check it out.

Elbows pretty much right in front of my shoulders, maybe ever so slightly wider from here. I'm literally before even thinking about my legs, I'm almost gonna pull my elbows toward my body. Just a little, not all my energy. Cause then I have to think about stretching my legs in that same direction but away. Right? So they're getting longer but still on the mat. When I know that my glutes are engaged, my hips are pinned to the mat for lack of a better way of saying that. And I'm proud feeling in my upper body, meaning strong, then I can lift both legs, try to them together.

If that's automatic pressure, try lower or move your hands more forward or separate them a little. Right? Like first we're doing four inhales to four. Xcels passing the legs. It goes. Inhale, two, three, four. Now exhale, two, three, four. Devil pulse, two, three, four. And how can you lift your knees any higher? Inhale, two, three, four and outfits. Too much pressure. You can still go lower, right? You can get real low, but keep the sense of trying to work that upper back. And inhale, two, three, four. Here's XLT three both legs out.

Bring your face down, hands behind your back. Quite high up. Hold a few fingers or lace. The fingers can get as high up as you can. Elongate through the legs. Draw the belly up a bit, but don't use it to lift the hipbones right? Leave them down. Elbows are down, legs float up. And the kids three times. One, two, three stretch. I leave the feet off the ground. Most of time you can put them down and chain one, two, three and stretch. Try Not to let the kicking rock cue hold.

Still one as best you can to 3:00 AM and when kick to get those elbows down in between. Come on, come on, stretch. Last two, one, two, three. Oh, how much more space can you get in your low back and up? Hold it up. Put your feet down, still working. Lower your ribs a bit so you're not as high as you possibly might be in your back. Got a good grip on those fingers. Keep reaching your sternum forward. Look forward a little. Be Mindful of your neck.

You got to watch that now lift the straight arms up one for five. Push the feet down. Lift the arms up to three. It's constant pressure in the feet for one more hole. Five let go of the arm. Sweep them overhead. Get them above your ears. Look down a little and rest from here. Hands under your shoulders when it feels right, push up and go into a rest position.

[inaudible] you might want to use your hands to actually curve your back. I'm not one of those Uber flexible people in the hip flexor, so kind of happens naturally that my back will curve here. But if you go into just an easy kind of collapse over your thighs, you may want to give yourself the assist of pushing into the ground, allowing your tailbone to come forward a bit and so you enjoy that [inaudible]. All right. Walk your hands a little more forward in straighten the arms, getting ready to go back to work. From here, just send yourself up into a almost of pad, but we're going to press the curl, curl the toes and come into a plank. No big deal. I could stay here all day.

I just saw on Facebook, man did this for four hours and 27 minutes. Good thing we don't have that kind of time to try. Take your hand that's furthest from me for this from your screen or wherever you're watching this. Put it in the middle. Swivel the face, the screen for La and you're up into almost a side, Ben, but before we do that, make sure your bottom leg is one you're really using, right? You could almost lift the top light, right? You don't have to lift the top leg, but know that you're using that bottom like the arm, it shakes whatever, but it's strong. It's not locked it strong from there. Push into that bottom.

Like you can use the top leg too. I'm just saying draw that shoulder armpit closer to the waist. Did you arc over looking down at that strong arm. Come back to the plank and then bend the knees to come down and slightly touch but go up again to, we'll just do three. Squeeze the inner thighs. Pushed yourself higher. It's not just, it's actually not the arm that's lifting you so much.

Come back to the tee bend. It's not a break. Use everything. Particularly the legs to shoot you up. Now push down with that bottom leg to get you up and over. Save your arm some time cause we got other things. Come back to the plank or the side plank.

Turn you're on back into the forward or regular plank. We can go for it. Back arm. You're going to, we're not going to look at each other. We'll be fine in the middle. Swivel, so you face the other way. You're in the side plank. That's all you're feeling. The bottom leg, maybe more as you pushed into it. Now inhale, hold. Exhale. Make the arch down. Make it big. Lifting up. You look down at the arm, just an aside bend. Just like you come back to the side bend or side plank.

I mean bend the knees to sit down. Barely go right back up. Number two, three. We're in the side plank. We exhale, we make the rainbow shape. Look down, make it big, make it big. Make it big. Stretch at the top side. Come back to the side. Plank. Ben, come down one more time. You're up. Push down to lift up and overcome on. Then when you think you're there, you look down and you just try to get away from the floor even more. Come back to the side plank. Rotate down to the lower blink again, lift up for an of stretch.

Okay. Or down dog or something like that. And really take a minute for me. I'm going to bend my knees and cause I can take this in my shoulders really easily. So I'm going to bend my knees and reach the tailbone up. Let your head hang. Looking for the long spine for me, I have to think not just if my tailbone reaching to the sky, but my forehead, my neck, whole upper back, reaching forward. And by forward I mean the direction I'm already in, bit toward the floor, not directly in front of me.

Yeah. Just toward my, the space between my hands. Then I'm going to try for straightening my legs. Hmm. I can see them so I can see where I want to adjust my rolling in or out.

And now that I've got my upper body kind of setting, now I can focus a little more on that tailbone, that sense of reaching up out of the floor from the middle of my body. Yeah. Okay. Let's just either walk or step forward to have a seat facing front. Again. [inaudible] do a little boomerang. We're going to start it sitting upright. So just go with me on this first bit. If you're right, like on top, squeezing inner thighs together, fingertips or fingertips by your side.

See about lifting the right leg up. But think maybe reaching forward, like slide it further down your leg and then try to lift. It doesn't really matter if it actually lifts. One more time. I know you didn't see it, but I promise you I did it. Reaching lift in. It's deep in the belly where this is coming from. Right. Switch the cross of the legs.

Adjust if you need to inner thigh strongly together. First, your column of Your Spine is upright. Fingertips can help you, but just don't push yourself backwards. See about first sliding the legs across each other more than further down with the top light to lift one. Oh, it's so much harder on that leg two that's enough. Go back to the first way. This timing of both legs, but we're going to make it slightly easier. Right after you think about doing it, you actually get to tilt the pelvis, roll back, legs overhead, switched across and legs. This part's kind of quick.

It's La La and now you're squeezing the left leg on top. We're going to roll up into a teaser. I'm just leaving my arms here for now. They're going to slide along the mat. My head's coming up. I slide into the teaser. Leave the legs, arms go up, circle around, grab on, lift them higher. The legs will go down. Stay curved. Round over. Let's do one more. Just like that. Kind of slow sitting up tall.

First fingers by your side. Eventually we'll skip this part of it. You're to think about lifting the leg so it's like the bellies getting sucked back and it pulls the legs up. That's how you go up and over. Switch to the cross in the legs. They're very strong. Slide yourself into teaser. Pause. Take the arms around, lengthen and lift. Then lower the leg, lower the body. Circle the arms around. Will do it from a rounded position. It's as if the belly gets pulled back.

The legs get dragged into the air and take you over in. He'll switch the cross. Exhale. You can float the arms up to the toes where right away. Circle him around in here. Lift everything forward with ease and release. Take it back and get those legs up before you get off the pelvis.

Completely switch. Exhale. Find your teaser. Keep going forward with everything forward to the feet forward and Fords with body. Take the arms around, lift them and reach full. Yes. [inaudible] from here going right into the seal. Yup. So you know what to do. Get behind the tailbone.

Find that circle of resistance or connection. Pick the feet up. Reach under quite far today pretty far. [inaudible] pressing me upper arm into the thigh, the thigh into the upper arm. You can round but don't do just from the upper body, right? Try not to around the upper body it will, but around the lower body.

More rollback. Clap three times. We go back. One, two, three. Do it from the inner size. One, two, three. Yeah. Back. Duh, Duh, Duh. One, two, three. Try not to look around too much. Throws you off. Focus one can be fun, but let's focus. I'm not gonna Dan, but I am going to do one more. Enjoy it. Inhale, La, la, la, la, la. Just when you thought it was over, cross your legs. Sit forward.

Come onto your knees. If you don't want to be on your knees, that would be the end. But I want to do just a little side hinge since we did talk about the stretch of the quads when you don't have to go far, but we'll get a little back extension as we do it. So from here, if this is neutral from me, which you can see, I could use this stretch by sticking my bomb out. I'm gonna look for the straight line or feel that gentle pole in front of the hip and into the quad right from the start. My inner thighs are drawn in, so I feel support to do the sigh hinge. I'm going to ask for a curve of the spine. So I've already tucked my pelvis a little bit.

Now I'm asking for a curve of the spine to it takes a lot. We can just keep your arms here, take the stretch, everything's still pressing forward and come up and again, recommit to the first. That sense of pull on the front, gently add a little curves to maybe your eyes go down. If you are looking, if you extended your arms would probably be on a low diag, you know, and up to more commit inner thigh. Exhale back, back, back. Inhale. Exhale up. One more time. Back, back, back. Everything brings you up a light change. Shake out the cramp. From here, I've got that initial piece. I'm going to take them from me. The right arm up.

I'm going to rotate without taking my pelvis, so I'm trying to do upper body first pelvis still forward. I'm going to reach back for my right heel, left arm up. Then I find my heel. I've got long arms. It's an advantage, so I'm going to try to keep the pelvis there. If I want more back extension, more of a stretch, I'm going to bend the elbow that's holding my ankle and take the stretch there, but try not to lean back much so that when I come back up to the spine, I'm almost right where I started. When milling the arms back to the start. So here we go again. Left arm comes up, I start to rotate the body. That'll bring my right arm up. I'm looking for the left heel.

I've already found it cause I got those long arms right. Arm is up. If I want more I'm going to continue thinking pubic bone and sternum up toward the sky so there's no compression on my back. I'm already where as far as I could go with my arms. So if I want more I'm going to bend. But it's just the elbow still thinking up with my spine and pelvis and circle without all the words. Right arm goes up when they'll find your foot hinge back, left arm up and back. So now, sorry, left arm up windmill, find the left foot. Either stay there or bend the elbow, but still, even as the pelvis moves, it's trying for more upwards and forwards.

And last one, each Wayne circle, little rotation of the upper body, not a allot and up pack. Last time and up. And with that too, all forth from here we inhale or just in a quadruped pet position, we round the spine, let your heads hang [inaudible] and then pass through level. Let the tailbone go up, let the sternum reach out, let the eyes go forward. Really stick your butt out. And then one more time round [inaudible] and then just sit back onto your heels. Do whatever you want with your arms. If you don't like this position for your knees, you could lie on your back just as easily. This is it. [inaudible] taking a couple of longer breaths if you can, just to bring yourself back into your body. We were driven. We were determined. You did it.

And for just a couple of breaths, we can just be here, shall we? And then just stay there if you want or find your way up to a comfortable position and now you decide what comes next. Thank you.


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No decreasing from the start until the end. Great and challenging class - thanks, Kristi!
Michele P
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Your classes are always full of wonderful cues and inventive combinations but it is your enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and vulnerability that shine through and make your classes so special. Thank you for the inspiration!
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Michele has said it so well Kristi. Your heart and spirit is palpably in each class you offer. Thank you.
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Love that hundred variation:)
Brenda B
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Nice pace, wonderful class. Thank you!
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wonderfully challenging class. Like the different variations of some of the exercises. Thank you!
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Thank you Kristi! I love the way you teach tons of ideas and info for a body nerd to ponder.

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Really enjoyed the class - feeling very energised!
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Loved your class and the way you teach is so passionate and natural. J adore!
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Really loved this class today Kristi! Especially enjoyed the cues for the side bend which made me do it better, and i loved the very last exercise, i simply loved the thigh strech with rotations and extension!!!!!
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