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Explore your Fascial Body

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Explore your fascial body in this whole body Mat workout with Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle. She focuses on creating awareness so we can have a wider perception of ourselves in relation to gravity. She also uses Therabands as part of the body so we can understand how fascia, breath, and gravity support us.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband


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Hi and welcome. I'm here with these wonderful, beautiful teachers. And today we're going to explore our functional body together. Ooh. So what does that mean? You know, we hear a lot about the Fascia. Fascia has become the new trans versus the new. So as, but uh, you know, fashion is not a thing. It's not something that does something to us.

It is who we are. It is our connectivity with ourselves. When we get in touch with how our facial system, which is the connective tissue web that supports the muscles, bones, the internal organs, everything moves more smoothly. C, know that muscle atrophies as we get older, that's why we get weaker. But if we're engaging our fashional system, which is what happens when we relate to gravity and we allow gravity to support us, we move differently. And yet we're still working our muscles, but they're supported by the Fascia.

So isn't that an interesting way to think about how we can move from a whole body perspective, which is what we look for in [inaudible]? What is that? So something that we're going to be, um, another, another distinction that we'll be, um, moving from is how are we moving less from core control? Core control is pulling the belly in, pull my shoulders down, move. And actually that's a pieces and parts way of moving ourselves. It's actually puts us into tension before we move.

I have to do something to myself and then I have to try to let go of the tension. But it's not how the body thinks. When we study bio intelligence, we study how our body thinks things like a baby. It thinks, how does I, how do I come up from opening and winding my back and going for something? So I get flection in the front connection, support, widening in my back and actually say open and my belly falls back toward my, so as, and it just feels yummy. It feels wonderful.

And how do our arms and our legs get routed to our spine to breath? How does breath support us? So let's start with first of all, placing the theraband around your back. So get the feeling of, first of all, since your feet, how's sense of how is your diaphragm? Here's your whole diaphragm, the back of your diaphragm, the front of your diaphragm. How is your diaphragm? Where is it living? Is it one to push forward? When you straighten your arms, can you release the back, soften your back, and allow your tail to really bless you.

So soften your knees. As you inhale, feel your tail heavy. Feel your back wide. Exhale. What's your tail release down as you begin to straighten your arms? How do your arms watch connect with the waterfall of your down the back? Here's the beginning of your down the back. Why do you have your clavicles, the release of your shoulders down the back?

So how does the widening create the release down? Yeah. Now pause there for a moment. Puts your band stand on your band with your right foot and put the other half of it or other part of it over your shoulder. So this is simulating the widening, the widening of your clavicle and the drop of your shoulder blade and feel how as you straighten your leg, you see how you get more of lift. You get more lift through the inner ankle because you're getting the down. The down creates up.

How do you soften your knees and how do you feel? Lift from inner ankle to inner ear. Lift your toes and feel how the lift happens with the release. Do that. Notice how it feels on the other side and play with the feeling of the band on the outside or the inside of your foot. See what it feels like doing other side.

What do you notice as you have the band round one side of your foot. Can You keep the lift of the inner ankle? Can you feel the outer border of your whole foot and you feel the lateral part of your foot? The last two toes are connected to the lateral foot, which connects to our lateral body, which connects to our elbow and two last fingers, which connects to the lateral head. And that of why Nang gives us uplift gives us the internal lift from inner ankle to inner ear.

So it's just a feeling of how the down creates lift. See that? Don't worry if like we're playing with this, don't worry if you don't feel something right away. It's not about doing it right. It's about getting in touch with what is this and how do you create awareness around it. And over time it just becomes, you begin to feel something new. That's what's most important.

How are we waking up our body's awareness of itself in relationship to gravity? So let's go back to now here and how do you straighten your arms without tightening your elbow? So watch what it looks like when I tighten my elbow. There's the knee tightening and see how that tightens my back. Here's the elbow tightening. You see if I tightened my elbow, I get shoulders, jaw and neck tension. When I feel the waterfall of shoulder blades down the back.

As I straighten my arms, I get showed a blade to deep belly. I get internal lift along the front of my spine. I get connection to my hamstrings. It's very interesting. It's a powerful, powerful way of being with ourselves in relationship to gravity. Yeah. Beautiful. So these are numbers of explorations.

Now from here, get a partner. This is something that you can do by yourself by just putting, let's say if you have a doorframe, you put it around either side of the door knob to create partner. And what you're going to do is each hold a theraband. Each one hold the theraband. So hold, share a theraband on with each arm. Right? So here's your fashion [inaudible] relationship.

How are you allowing your partner to have your arm allow your arm to go back and move your body? Move your body back, move it back, move back, move back more. Yeah. Right? So you're actually releasing back. Let your hip move back away from your hand. So as your left hand goes forward, right? As you right hand goes forward, your left hip moves back. You see that? So you get the connection of your arm through your shoulder blade to your spine, to your opposite hip and foot. Feel the opposites.

Feel how your opposite hand connects through your spine to your opposite foot. Yeah. This is a huge fashional connection. It's a way that your body releases tension. It's a back opening, a chest opening, a spine release, and it routes your arm through your spine and your legs or your spine to center. You see? No, you just want to feel whatever feels good to you and you're moving back and forth just back and forth.

Okay? Yeah, yeah. Wonderful. Beautiful. Now comeback, comeback to your own place with your own theraband and now from here, just feel what's just enough. Softening and widening. What is it? How can your arm be heavy from your back? How does your waterfall release your shoulders so that as your arms go out, you can feel the shoulder blade release down? How do you, you're not doing anything.

You're just feeling how the lateral support gives you release. You see how that's not a big stretch for your shoulders. And as you go out, feel the down through your feet, give you lift. Once again, this is talking to your body's bio intelligence. You're talking to your body's innate ability to connect. That's all it knows. It doesn't, no shoulder stretch.

It doesn't know theraband. What it knows is connection and support and foot to hand, foot to head. And as you begin to rotate, feel your opposite foot to your opposite hand. Let your eyes lead you. Your eyes are leading you gorgeous. Feel the spiral of your spine. Notice that as you spiral now, stay in your spiral. Outer spiral and look back.

Inner spiral talks to the outer spiral. Yes. And then go to the other side and feel each side's going to be very unique. Feel your outer spiral and then feel your inner spiral look. Yeah, and even feel how the back heel can go down. And that's a whole other support and internal conversation.

If your body is going, I like this, this is nice. And then come back. Beautiful. And then from here, just begin to soften your knees. Release over. Let your hips release up as your head goes down. Feel your feet now. Weight shift from foot to foot. Lao, your hips to open. And then from there look up.

And as you look up, soften your knees and feel the lift of your inner ear. Ah, you float up. Ah, good, good, good, good. Yes. Now put your theraband down for a moment. And from here, just inhale to float up. Exhale, come over and notice where do your hands one. Okay. The maternity, the side. This, where do your hands want to be and where do your feet want to be that you feel your hips, your tail go up as your head goes down.

So you'll notice that they want to be in a particular place as you cite, as you forward bend. Now put your right hand in the middle onto your chest and your left hand on your back with your palm down. Bend your right knee as you bend your right knee. Look to the left. Inhale, exhale and again to straighten that leg and keep looking to the left. Inhale to bend and look and notice you'll go deeper into the spiral.

Keep relaxing your shoulders. Exhale, straighten that leg a little bit. You're not fighting your sacrum, you're just playing with your hamstrings, relationship to your spine. Inhale and exhale, and then come back to center and change. Left hand down, right hand on your back, palm down. Then that left knee as you bend your knee. Notice it spirals you the right inhale, Eh, exhale to begin to straighten that leg. Keep looking to the right inhale. Feel the opening you'll how you're talking to your fashional body and you can let go of what you don't need to be doing. How can you keep finding a deeper place, a deeper spiral, eh, to come back to center and pull yourself into your seat to stand up.

Beautiful. Yeah. So come down on your mats in a toe set. So can you, this is what you're playing with is what is resting down. What is allowing yourself to sit more deeply. If you find that it's really hard for you to sit on the metatarsal heads, roll your mat up a little bit and just put so you can feel like really set.

You're not putting too much pressure on your toes. Does that feel okay? So from here, inhale, exhale. And we're going to wake up the gravity based muscles of your spine. So we're looking along the wall along all the way the floor, and we're coming down into an embryo pose. Come all the way down into rounding.

Now from here, look along the floor solo as silk thread. Look along the wall, but keeps sitting down, keeps sitting down, keeps sitting down and look along the ceiling along. Let your arms be heavy. Let your hips be heavy as you look all the way to where you can finally see, and then just drop your Chin and look forward. So notice that was really deep.

Now you're going to go into hero position. Same thing. Inhale, exhale. As you begin to breathe normally and look along the wall along the floor long all the way to come to center, looking at your knees. And then we look along the floor. Don't miss anything.

Follow that silk thread along the walls along the ceiling. Keep allowing yourself to sit down as you look along the ceiling. Keep letting yourself be heavy, heavy, heavy as you look, as far as you body wants to look. And then drop your Chin and look forward. Notice how you're getting deeper and deeper in your spine. One more.

Inhale and breathe normally as you just allow your spine to release all the way to the mat. And then you look following that silk thread, lounging yourself to see and rest down, allowing the rest down. And then drop your Chin and look forward. Now we're going to do it side to side, oblique directions. So it's just like this watch for just a second going down.

And then we'll weight shift weight shift from side to notice. My head is following the weight shift and then from there I weight shift to the right and I look up feeling the heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy going all the way to the final challenge point. And then from there looking forward. So begin, you're looking down, waiting up the gravity based support for the spine, and then just gently weight shifting through your legs. Do two or three to each side and then you pause, you wait, shift to one side and you look up to the side, other side, and you look up to where you feel like you're sitting all the way down.

And then you just look forward and we'll do three to each side. We're looking [inaudible] and releasing and feeling the down. Give you lift. How do you feel your arms connected to your spine? How do you notice your breath is changing? You're changing your nervous system more that we relate to gravity. The more our body, the shift in our body, the release and the grounding changes your mind changes your mind in relationship to stress creates a wider perceptive field.

So we're able to take more challenge because we're grounding ourselves. We're creating a wider perceptual lens. We're creating a wider perception of ourselves in relationship to gravity. Yeah. Noticing that each side is unique.

How do we sense the down that gives lift, right? And notice how each time, each time you go to a deeper place, each time you're waking up a deeper fashional connection to the deep muscles of the spine, to the relationship between your head, your upper middle, lower spine, your legs. There's just an awakening that's happening. Yeah. Beautiful. Good. So from here, lie down on your back with your knees bent and you're going to notice where do your feet want to be in relationship to your sit bones. Feet are parallel. They put one hand on your low ribs, the other hand on your low belly.

And just notice that as you exhale, feel your feet and allow your tail to curl slightly. Inhale, release. Notice if your feet want to move, do they feel like they want to move to a deeper place that allows your exhale to be more natural? What's just enough effort for the movement? Not something you've learned, but what's your direct experience? That's what we're studying. How is our deep bio intelligence guiding us to know where our feet want to be in order to curl into a bridge?

What's the natural flossing of your spine rather than a learned experience of bridge? How does the the down to the feet begin to curl your tail towards your feet and your pubic bone towards your inner ear? Feel how the breath is the mover. That's what's moving you and play with your natural bridge. What's the natural curl and your hand that's on your ribs, on your low ribs? As you curl up, allow that rib, allow that arm, the hand on the low ribs to soften the ribs so that as you curl up, those ribs soften down. They don't. You don't push and often your back, you feel how the softening of the ribs allows the widening of your chest and how the softening of your front ribs allows lifts through your pet pelvic floor. Naturally.

How does the natural bridge happen from inner ankle to inner ear? As you release down the back, also begin to notice that as you're curling up, there's a deep relationship between the front of the ribs and the back of the leg. The front of the spine relates to the hamstrings. So you'll notice that by softening your ribs, you get a deeper relationship between the back of your leg and the front of your spine. Just notice how the softening yes gives lift and connection, right?

And how does that natural lift, how does that internal lift that softens the rib and Lifts Pelvis from the feet? How does that allow you to stay up this time, this time as you come up and do your bridge, stay there and check out a sense of your leg connected to your spine. So inhale and lift your right heel. Just an inch. Exhale it down. Just your heel. Inhale, left heel comes up. Exhale it down, right? And just marching. Inhale, exhale.

Just sense. What is that like to feel the float, to move the leg, right? And from there begin to float. One leg, one leg comes up. Reach out with one leg and down, right? Reach out with the other and release and feel the fashion connection. You're really exploring.

What is that relationship of my leg to my spine? How does my leg relate to my spine? This is what we need. And teaser this understanding in order to not have the legs fight the spine. How does the leg become one with the spine? How does your foot connect with your inner ear?

Yeah. Beautiful. And then slowly released down, right, right. Arms out to the side. Floating and widening, right? Allow the opening and widening. And from here, allow your arms to just hover off the mat one inch and with the hover, notice what's holding my arms in the hover. Since that, how is your arm connected to your spine? It's the breath connection. Allow your inhale.

Exhale and like you're hugging a ball in front of you. Inhale and open and just hover. Exhale. Right. Inhale, open X. Hey owl. Yes. Good. This time. Inhale Open. And now take your arms down towards your knees and go across like you're taking your shirt off. Inhale to float up.

Exhale down. Inhale to float up. Feel your feet connected to your hands. Moving. Curl gently into a bridge. As your arms come up, press down through your feet. Curl up. Keep that up, ex hell as your arms come down. Inhale to float up.

Exhale. Now put the shirt back on. Inhale, float up. Exhale, release. Yeah, and just play with it. Play with in your body what feels good. Just stay up or roll down. What is your body asking for? What feels interesting? What is useful? How often do we ask that question? What would you like right now? Body will always tell us.

It will tell us what it wants. Good. Yes. Great. Beautiful. This time, clasp your hands behind your head. Have you had in your hands? Allow your inhale wide elbows. Exhale.

Bring the elbows in and keep your head heavy. Feel your shoulder blade to deep belly. Inhale, open and widen the elbows. Exhale and feel the waterfall down the back. Bringing the elbows in. Inhale, open. Exhale.

The glide of your shoulder blade moves your arms because you're exhaling. Allow your inhale. Exhale as you come forward. Now keep the forward movement. Allow your inhale into your back. Exhale, begin to curl forward as you curl, feel that shoulder blade to deep belly, right. Allow your inhale. Exhale. Good.

Now stay up and play with what feels good to your body. Does it feel good to inhale and open one side? Exhale, back to center. What is your body asking for? What feels good? Yes. What does it feel like to press gently into your feet? As you do that, does it feel better for one foot to press more?

What do you notice? How was your lower body grounding to help your upper body lift? These are all things that are huge questions. The change your relationship to your body. It's looking for this kind of conversation.

Even in a traditional workout. You ask it how far it wants to go, how long it wants to be there when you play. That's it. Yes. Good. Now, from here, allow your inhale. Exhale. Feel your feet as you curl down. Notice how in your in your seat and allow your hips to be heavy. It allows your neck to soften. Allow your inhale there.

Exhale as you curl forward, floating the elbows, feeling the shoulder blade to deep belly. As you come up there right there, feel the lift of the inner ear, inner ear floating up. Curl your toes. And with the lift of the tone, notice that you've ignited. You've woken up the lift of the inner ankle, inner ankle to inner ear. So from there, feel the float of leg. How's your leg floating from the lift of your inner ear, the lift of your fashional spine.

Feel that lift floating one leg at a time. Play with that play with what is interesting to your body. How does it feel? One side, other side. What do you notice about that? Yeah, that's it. So interesting, isn't it? Yeah. Fascinating.

We are fascinating. And the thing is that we're usually looking at the rivers, the trees, the sky, and we forget to look at ourselves and wonder how fascinating we are. Beautiful. Yes. Gorgeous. And lie back down. Great. Good. Yeah. Hold your right knee.

Hold behind the knee or in front of the knee. See what's useful for, you're going to extend your left leg long on the mat. Now connect your right sitting bone with your left standing foot so you're standing on your left foot, right. Keep that connection of right. Sit bone to left foot. Allow your inhale. Exhale. As you send that leg away from you, straighten your arms and feel the waterfall down the back. Begin to curl you forward so you're curling forward into one leg. Roll up, bend your knee, keep your legs bent.

So you're actually feeling a sense of how is my leg heavy? The leg becomes a weight. You see, feel the weight of your leg, which then gives you more waterfall, more lift. And how is your right foot floating towards your left foot? So there's a feeling of rule up. And then as you go back down, inner ears floating up and notice how it's just a melting of your spine that your back is opening. Your belly is dropping back towards your, so as in midline naturally. That's beautiful. Yeah.

Feel how it's just natural. Soft jaw, soft neck, soft tongue, soft throat. How does the down the back curl your head? How does the waterfall floats you up with just enough effort for the movement? Lao, the inhale there and feel the release with the floating of your inner ear. You curling, releasing down.

Good. This time as you curl forward, straighten your leg right there. Now you're going to walk up that leg, press the leg into your hand, press the leg into your hand, seal the heavy, feel the heavy. How does that allow you to float up? Very nice. Yes. Circle your foot. Hold your leg so that you're just letting your arms be very heavy and you'll feel a little fashionable. Pull around your ankle, right and point and flex.

It's like a little mini massage. Yeah. And then walked down, sending that leg away from you and just allowing yourself to, oh, and again, walk up. Press leg gently into your hand as you curl, curl, curl. And then this time, whichever opposite hand on the outside so that you can spiral in that direction. Inhale, soften your knee and feel your heavy hip. Exhale as you straighten the leg, but feel long through your spine. Inhale, soften. Exhale. Need to notice each time your spiral is getting deeper.

Inhale, soften. Exhale, deeper spiral. Now keep the spiral, the outer spiral and look back towards your foot and look back towards you. Back hand and look back towards your foot. So notice how you're doing deeply talking to your gravity base muscles as your supporting through your external muscles and then coming back to center and walking down that leg. And once you get all the way to the bottom, arms long by your side and you leg circle. Inhale, exhale, back to center. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale over and reverse down, across and back. In. Inhale, exhale around.

You can even put your hands on your low belly suspenders and feel the fashional lift through your low belly as your leg moves and then bend that knee, fill the hip heavy, straighten that leg. Then the other side, beginning with one leg, rule up. Allow your inhale. Exhale as you send that leg away from you. Left sitting bone to right foot. Feel that floating up. Inhale, lift, exhale, and feel. The lift of your inner ear releases your tail. Nice, very nice.

It's very interesting to Thiel how the lift gives you release and the release gives you lift and again reached through your foot. Send your foot away from you. You see the down gives you lift. That's it. How's the back of your leg? Enlivening the lift through your spine. Inhale, float up, eh. Exhale, release, release, release. And again, inhale, exhale. As you curl this time you straighten that leg and you walk up your leg.

[inaudible] pointing, flexing. Circle. This side says, thank you so much. Wow. It's having some difficulty. [inaudible] yes, exactly, and walked back down, but it has a great attitude and walked back up. Curling, curling, curling. And this time we go on the outside of that leg, spiral and turn. Soft knees, soft elbow. Inhale, soften your knee. Feel your heavy hip. Exhale, go deeper into your spiral and open your hands.

Okay. When your feet inhale, exhale. What does it feel like to flex your foot? Reach through your heel. Notice that's a whole different experience than just pointing all the time. Inhale, soften. Exhale. Go deeper into your spiral. Good. Now keep that outer spiral and look back to your foot.

Breathing gently and look back out. Notice how each time you go deeper into your spiral and look back, Eh, look back out. Whoa. [inaudible] those waves are such a great metaphor for our Fascia. Yay.

And coming back to center and walk down. Put your hands low belly to feel the low belly suspenders and inhale across your body. Exhale, circle back to center. Inhale, exhale, center. Inhale, exhale. See, feel how you can sense the connection of the down through the foot and the lift through the inner ear and reverse. Inhale. Exhale. Soften your ribs. Lift through your deep belly. Feel how the exhale is a natural lift. Nothing more to do.

Just feel that natural lift last one and come back up to sitting. Yes, and from here, rolling like a ball. Press the legs away from you. Put your feet on the mat for just a moment and allow the waterfall down the back to give you lift. And then keep the feeling of waterfall as you lift your feet.

Keep the down in the up. Reached through the ball of your feet. Flex your feet. Yeah, feel that and roll back. Inhale back. Exhale up. That's it. That's it. Play with the internal lift. It's the lift. The inhale, lift your hips. The exhale brings you back to center. Yes. The inhale, lift your hips. The exhale brings you back.

Yes. The inhale lifts your hips. Beautiful. Yeah. Fabulous. Last one, good. And row back down. Take your leg straight up, right rollover. Take your arms out to the side. Palm turned up. Feel the back of your arm on the mat and then bring your arms down by your side with your palms turned up.

So you've got the back of your arm on the Mat. Turn your palms over so it's just your f, your forearm. It's moving and you feel how your arms have more of a platform. Allow your legs to begin to roll toward your head. Keep your tail following your feet.

Allow your feet to follow and feel how you're pressing down. Just enough to take your legs over and then open. Flex your feet and roll down. Row, row, row. How can you peel off the mat and melt back down?

Feel the release and what's just enough to take you over. Open and release. Release. Release the three times in each direction over. Feel the down of your arms, the back widening. Soft eyes. See the sides of the room and release, release, release.

And then reach through your open legs and then reach through your heels. Just do two of those [inaudible] and then on your last one with your legs over, bend your knees, bring your hands to the back of your leg and bend your knees and just allow press your legs kind of away from your tail. He pressing away with your arms gently to release your spine to the Mat. Very, very, very slowly. Allow your chest to open. Allow your eyes to release.

Feel the gentle softening of your whole front body into your back body. Feel the relief. It's down. [inaudible] yes. Beautiful. Yeah. Bring your knees in. Hold your knees and rock side the side. Knees one way. Had the other way.

Great. Good. Send your legs up, reach forward and come up to sitting, sitting tall and reach forward. Actually get your thera-band and put your band behind your [inaudible] back. Have that same feeling of the fashionable arms. How do your arms relate to your spine? Inhale to float up.

Exhale and hover. Allow your spine, your upper spine is floating out of your heavy tail. Inhale to float up. Exhale and softening back, releasing, releasing, releasing over. Inhale to float up. Exhale, heavy tail flutes, your upper body, and then come back up. Let the theraband go.

Open your arms out to the side. And inhale, lift, twist. Exhale. As you go over, press your hand against your leg, your outer foot, your outer foot against your hand. Press out laterally and feel the open chest. Reach the arms heavy tail pulled back to come up. Inhale, lift tall, twist. Exhale, press out with your baby toe in gently with your fingers and let your spiral open up your chest and pull back to come up.

Inhale, lift, tall, twist, eh. Exhale your arms away from one another and pulled back to come up. Inhale, lift, tall, twist, eh? Yeah. Feel elastic. Inhale, float up, twist, Eh, xal deepening and deepening your spiral. Last one. Inhale, float up.

Twist, uh, exhale deeply, deeply, deeply release. And then come back up and turn over on your mat for Swan. Forehead in your hands. And from there, relax your hips into the mat. Relax your pubic bone.

As you look forward along the floor along the wall, feel the waterfall down. Move your elbows under your shoulders. Release weight shift. Chadley [inaudible] so I don't want to wait, shift, but we're asking. And then from there you're gonna have to keep your feet down. Or right now it's feeling really good for me to go into the toe. Sit position to release that little area that's feeling tight.

Feel that lift through the inner ears. You weight shift through your hands to once again. Yeah. See that's just talking right to it. And it's just going, oh, I love this. This is so good. Two little lizards outside playing [inaudible] yes. And then allow the inhale. Exhale, release, release, release all the way down. And again, look along the floor along the wall.

Feel the lift. Feel the waterfall move your arms should come up. And from there keep lifting through your inner ear cause you press you each foot, each hand weight shift. See how you're talking more deeply and from here, place your right hand in front of your right palm in front. Reach back for your left leg and lift that knee.

Open up that hip. Press back with that foot and lift up. Chest up, shoulder blade to deep belly opens up and release down other side. Look up. Come up onto your left forearm. Feel that lift breasts, back, shoulder blade to deep belly opening up and release down here. Sit back and round your spine. Okay.

We shift from one side to the other, opening up your back. Lowing your arms to connect more deeply with your spine, your breath, and then curl your toes under, curling up and come up to standing. Wonderful. Yep. So take your band again and connect your whole hand, particularly the side side of your hand with each hip. Connect with each hip, with each foot, and then from there spiral and pivot. So you're rotating and, and come back.

Ooh Tate. How does your opposite hand connect to your opposite foot through your spine? What's resting resting in the band? You're using the band as part of your body. You're not just pulling on it, you're just resting out and feel how that talks to your spiral body.

And I'll put the band down and notice, just standing. Just look, follow up to the left. Look, keeping both feet grounded. Just turn and look and notice where you can see all the way. Where do you stop? Notice where that is. Allow your inhale there. Exhale back to center and looking.

Notice where that point is. Inhale there and exhale back to center again, looking. Notice you go beyond that point. Inhale there and exhale back to center. Notice how it's getting bigger. Inhale and exhale. Center. Last one. Now a XL center, last one to this side and coming back to set her beautiful. Yeah.

So feel your spiral. Thank you. Fingers up, going down into a squat. Press down into your feet to come back up. Hell, exhale. And pinkies up opens up your back. [inaudible] I would go deeper. I'm coming up opening, Eh, inhale, open and exhale.

It's Tom. Go all the way down, right. Be in that deep connection and [inaudible] down to lift up. Now Cross you to cross your right over your left and sit down. And then you reach forward and you come up and then you cross. And you sit down. Never. We saw Joseph [inaudible], he's doing this in the field and Mary bodes films and you go over and you come up and you cross and you sit.

[inaudible] it's so different, isn't it? So interesting. Okay. Beautiful. Wonderful. So be sure. Thank you so much. Playing with our fashional 10 Segretti the beauty of who we are and um, it's just always great to be with everybody, to be with you and be sure to look at the tutorials of the teaser and the backstroke I did with Jennifer and the reformer flow that did with Abby and, uh, have lots of fun. Keep exploring your brilliance, your deep bio intelligence, and just know that that's really what it's all about. Thank you.


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Great classes! Feel like every time I do one of your classes I'm able to go deeper and understand a little more. This classes was even more grounding .So happy to have you in my living room. You don't feel so far away. Love the connection
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Well, this may have just changed my practice and my life completely. Thank you very much!
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This type of instruction , which is not prescriptive but giving the participant the opportunity to explore themselves individually can be very confronting to those who are so used to being told what to feel. I am so appreciative to have had the opportunity to experience this with Wendy.
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Thank you all so much! Your feedback is so important...and as you are saying, it is challenging to begin allowing our bio intelligence to guide us in movement. We are all pioneering a new language for embodied Pilates!
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Really enjoyed the pace, allowing the body to process the movement. I couldn't help but think using the Tye4 in place of the thera band would give the body even more support and feedback.
HI MIchelle, I agree that the Tye4 could be excellent...and the Stretch-eze band also can give more suppor, so we are able to access the tensegrity of our body's fascial system to support the muscles, bones, internal organs, etc., in movement. What we are both referring to is not so much WHAT we are using, but, HOW does it help us to access our deep biointelligence when we move and workout.
Thank you Wendy! I love the Spirals and more and more I understand - my body feels - the deep connections and the meaning of gravity! So much has to happen to let the mind soften and really give into it.. Like always, - I love your work and I love to let your words get in my cells!
Hi Silke, it is so good to hear from you since you came for your Personal Intensive at our studio! Thank you for your thoughtful you are saying it is a consciousness shift to allow gravity to be our partner with "core coordination" from foot to head and hand supported by our centering breath, rather than "fighting" gravity with "core control", by pulling the navel to the spine. Spirals are the way nature forms itself, and we are part of nature, so it makes sense you would be experiencing a deeper awareness of yourself as a "cellular being". My studies with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen really brought that reality into my body and being. I miss you and would love to hear more about your Pilates journey in Germany. Email me to connect, xwendy
I really enjoyed the assistance in understanding your body, how it move and feels. Great class.
thank you so much, Jessica. This approach to moving and teaching Pilates is based on a more embodied understanding of our body's language and how, when we listen to our bodies, we are guided in how to help ourselves grow and heal in powerful ways, xwendy
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