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Quick Upper Body Strength

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If you ever feel like you need extra arm work, then you will love this quick workout with Meredith Rogers. In addition to strengthening your arms, she adds challenging movements to test your balance and coordination. This is a great class by itself or in addition to any workout!
What You'll Need: Hand Weights

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Okay. So we're just going to do five minutes of arm work it in case you ever feel like you need five minutes of arm work. Here we go. So bring your heels together and your toes apart and send the weights right in front of your pubic bone. And we're going to bend the knees and zip the weights up the front of the body. So the knees bend out to the side and we pushed the weights down in.

Stretch the legs. Inhale, bend the knee. So feel that the heels are pressing together. XL. Push the weights down. Feel in addition that there is um, a line, an active energetic line from the heels through the inseams of the legs up through the pelvis, up through the center of the spine, out through the top of the head, right. And we push and we bend. Hold here we're gonna rise up onto the toes and stretch the arms out. We're going to stretch the length. Bend the elbows.

Push the weights down. Lower the heels. Bend the knees, bend the elbows. Reach up onto the toes. Push the weights out. Stretch up, lower the heels. Lower the arms. I did it wrong. I don't know what I'm doing. Here we go. Let's try again. Bend left. Stretch, bend, heel down. Arms down. Ben, left heels, arms stretch, arms, heel down. Weights down. One more time, Ben.

Left. Heels up. Arms. Stretch the legs out straight. Bend the elbows. Push the arms down. Bring the arms out to the side. Lift the heels again. Holding our balance here in space. We circle the arms. 10 No. Imagine circling through something sticky. Six five, four, three, two, one as the arms and the heels come down, feel the spine rise up more.

Bring the weights out in front of you. Lift the heels again. We circle ten nine gathering energy through the center of the body. Five, four, three. Remember where you're circling and arms down. Weights, down, arms out to the side. Lift the heels. Circle the opposite direction.

Ten nine feel the length of the spine. Feel the glutes squeezing to help you stabilize. Three, two, one. Arms down, weights, down, arms up the front of the body. Lift the heels. Circle the opposite way. 10 push through space. Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Arms down. Waits down. Take a big step out. Take the weights down in front of the body. Field at the pelvis, sits right underneath the head so we're not sticking our butt back behind us. We're going to take the arms up and plea A. Open the arms out to the side.

Press uptake the arms down. Inhale, lift the weights up, sink down, low. Open and press and bend. Open and press. Erin, lean back a little. When you go into your Ben, better open, press and bend. Open and push the floor away. Squeeze the arms in. Two more out.

Press one. Open at press. Now we go the opposite direction. We're going straight out to the side. We bend deadly and back a little. Arms forward and stretcher and bend. Arms and push. Go as low as you can.

As you bend arms and push and bend. Arms and push. We'll do four more and stretch up. Zipping through the center of the body. Three forward stretch, two forward stretch one forward and stretch up.

I'm going to take the legs down again. Bending in arms for Adriana, Paul and press go a little lower. Pull and press go. A little lower. Pull and press go. A little lower. Pull and press pause. Go up a little pool and brush up a little pull and push up.

A little pull. I'm pushing now full range. We pull and re pull. I'm trying not to stick the chest out then and stretch then and stretch for more. Inhale and exhale three, two and one. Center.

The body step in, taking the weights down the sides of the body. Let's inhale and let the weight in the left hand. Pull us over into lateral flection. Lift the opposite arm up. Bring it right over the shoulder. Look down at the floor, let the weight in your hand. Bend the weight, the elbow that the weight. Both hands have weights, the upper elbow bends and presses, so we hold that lateral flection.

Ben and press holding the upper arm still and press. Keep letting the bottom arm slide down that bottom Ley and five stretch up and four stretch up and three lift and two lift. And with this one we're going to lift. Oh all the way up. Letting that arm come down to our side. That was fun. Go the other way. Reaching over. So find your stretch. Then lift.

The Arma comes just up over the shoulder. It bends. We looked down and stretches Ben's and stretches holding the body nice and still, and bend and stretch and five and three and five. For theory, I think I'm counting right, but it's impossible that I'm not. So if, excuse me, if I'm not last one, we go up. We wish to do that way. We lift the spine up, we take the arms up, the front of the body, all the way overhead. We press the arms out to the side, go slow, decelerate that movement and, and take the arms up the front of the body in here and excise the arms. Reach out. They stretch out the spine. Elan Gates, the arms come all the way. One more.

Reach out. Oh, open. And thank you.


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Great work out especially for challenging balance and coordination for my Older Adults - thank you Meredith :)
Thank YOU Carolyn!
great five minute class Meredith!
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As long as there are sleeveless tops and dresses there will ALWAYS be a need for 5 minutes of armwork! As long as there are babies/children to carry there will ALWAYS be a need for 5 minutes of armwork! As long as there are groceries and laundry and suitcases to lift there will ALWAYS be a need for 5 minutes of armwork! Thanks sweetheart.
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Loved it, quick but effective, thanks Meredith
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This one's a keeper! I love it... really for only 5 minutes, no excuses now! ...As well you get the added benefit of some footwork too! I Slipped it into my class last night for extra emphasis on Arm Work and my students loved it!! Thank you Meredith!
Thanks everyone! I love a quick arm challenge when time is short but movement is necessary.
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I sometimes struggle to intergrate arm work creatively into my mat teaching! Some great ideas here with balance and core stability benefits too!
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I should do this everyday!!!! Thank you, Meredith
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Thank you Meredith. Great arm and shoulder class, quick and challanging.
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