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Mini Theraband Flow

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Stay centered in your body by adding this mini Mat workout by Cara Reeser to your routine. It is designed to make you feel good in a short amount of time. She uses the Theraband and Wall to help create awareness while you are doing these simple movements.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Block, Wall, Theraband

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Okay. Hi, I'm Carrie sir. And I'm here to take you through a mini mat workout. So get up, get ready. Here you go. It's designed to make you feel better. Get you back to work on time. So you're going to take a theraband. You could use a yellow, a green, red, you know, something not too heavy in a folded in half. And then you're going to open it up.

This is your set up and you're going to set a yoga block. Or you could use a stack of towels, anything you want on top of that band. And here we go. [inaudible] if you can't sit comfortably, you want to get up higher. So two yoga blocks is going to be fine. More towels, you're gonna sit down. We're going to start with some breathing. So this wall is back here to remind you to stay centered in your body. Cause what we want to do is lift up our posture, get ourselves out of slumping.

So you're gonna use that wall as a guideline. You don't want to lean against it. If you find yourself pushing into the wall, you know you fallen over again. The theraband is here for a few reasons. One, sometimes you're going to be using it for resistance. Sometimes you're going to use it to help assist you and sometimes it's just there for awareness to help you figure out where you are, how to keep your breath going. Okay, you're ready. We're going to begin. So we're going to start.

I want you to take your hands around your rib cage and you're going to breathe wide into your ribs for four one, two, three for now. Hold the breath at the top for a second and exhale for four, three, two, one and again, inhale, one, two, three. Really let your ribs expand. Four, hold your breath at the top and exhale for four, three, two, one. Now you're going to take the sides of your band and we're going to continue. You're going to breathe in, pulling the band up for four counts.

Really lift your posture and back down. Okay, we're going to do that three more times. Breathing deeply, lift through the crown of your head. Shoulders are soft and down and notice that my palms are facing out so my upper arms are turned out. Big Breath in. Hold your breath at the top. Lengthen she, you're using your stomach muscles to help you sit up tall and come back down. We're gonna drop the head and round your spine as if you're rolling off the wall. Jess, for a moment to let the back of your neck stretch, you can make some little movements with the back of your neck.

Just getting the kinks up and we're going to come back up to the full length of our slime. We are going to side bend left arms first. We're going to go up to three. Now I'm really pushing into the band to stretch the side of my body. And again, inhale one, two, three. Really reach up, pull the stomach muscles up the spine and back and again up. Good.

And each time you want to go a little further with the stretch is your body starts to loosen up. You want to let yourself completely lift and rest. You're going to round down one more time. Just get your slump on and then you're gonna roll back up. Okay. We're going to go to some twisting actions so your arm does straight out again, you're really reaching through the strap, the band.

We're going to go towards the right. Bring your left rib cage around. Look over your right thumb. Take a second to stretch out. Exhale home. Go around again, move your right rib cage. Oh, that can be sticky. And then come back around. So one side might feel tighter. Just breathe, breathe. That's your inhale.

This is your exhale. This is your inhale and your reaching up and back. All round. Bring your arms down, straighten your legs out. Get a chance to stretch your knees out, to shake them out for a second. [inaudible] all right, we're going to come forward into it, into a hamstring.

Stretch back in the legs. Reach your band out, lengthen through your head. And then we're gonna come all the way up and open. So again, I'm reaching forward. I'm trying not to round my back. I'm pushing the band and then I'm lifting it up and around. Really getting a good stretch in my legs here and hips all the way up and all around. All right, let's do some abdominals. We're going to turn around.

This is a really simple way to use your stomach muscles and get your back stretched out. Okay, so you're sitting upright. I'm using the band so again, the band can both help me or I can use it for resistance. Pulling the band up. I'm going to start to move down through my spine. I have my feet pushing into the wall and pushing into the band. Pull the arms down, open the chest, lift your head, neck and shoulders. Use the band and move up through your spine.

Now you'll notice I, I need to get a little closer to the wall. You're going to adjust for yourself just like I did and you're going to go back again curly. I like to pull my stomach muscles towards my spine to help me pull the arms back. Lift and you can see I'm pulling up on the band and that helps me not slouch in my sit up. I'm really not into slouching. Super not into slouching and up.

You are never just going to do a few chest openers, pulling the shoulder blades together, exhale and inhale through. My blades are coming together in the back. My hands are reaching out to the side. One more time. Big Breath and exhale. Good. I was like, you know, I want to lift my shoulders up so you got to keep thinking about bringing those shoulders down but not pulling them down. Just letting them be. We're going to take the band around the back of our upper back, under our armpits now, so we're going to take that pan under our armpits now like this and I have the band sitting between my thumb, my four finger. We're going to come on to all fours. Okay.

The goal of this is to open the chest to this band is helping me. I'm going to arch my back and I'm going to pull my sits bones back towards my heels as I breathe and I am stretching my chest like crazy, keeping my eyes for it and come back up. Exhale as you push back. I'm keeping my bud out. That's all. So stretching my hamstrings and hips. Inhale. Last one, pushing.

My hands are really spread long. Okay, we're coming all the way down onto our bellies. Tighten up on your band. Put your hands under your forehead. I'm holding this band between my thumbs and this band is going to help me arch my upper back. So I'm using it to assist me. First, I'm going to lift my legs, lift my head, neck, shoulders, and hands.

Pull the band and then slightly lengthen your eyes, your gaze out. Lift your chest, hold breathing. Come back. Then try to keep your abdominal muscles active and up again. Ax Hill down. No, really let your shoulder blades be free. They don't have to squish down and pull yourself through. Bring your collarbones towards your hands and your breathing down. Pull back onto your knees. Take that band, make it nice and tight. Bring it around. I'm changing my grip, bringing the round, bring it around and you're gonna come up on your feet and stand on your band.

You're about two feet or a foot and a half away from the wall. Plop your butt onto the wall and we are going to roll up that wall. Circle your shoulders a couple times, big shoulder shots and back down. Just nice and quickly. Stretching the back of the legs. Rolling back up the wall and circling the shoulder.

Yes. Okay, last stretch. Best stretch. Keep your foot on your band, on your left, but take your right foot behind you and your arm on the wall. So basically I'm gonna pull a little bit on this strap to help twist me towards the front as I bend this knee and stretch my chest. So you're breathing, you're twisting, and you're getting a big, big stretch in that right chest.

Turn around. Once you've read, take about three breasts there. We'll do it again. Other side. I'm on the band, I bend the knee and I twist a little big breath in. Exhale, reach your fingers. Long, big breath. In. Exhale, you can let the band go up and down if you want. It's up to you.

And there you go. Have a great day.

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Love these quick workouts, especially this time of year. Seasons greetings and thank you Cara!
Thank you! Happy holidays Cara!
Cara, love your teaching personality and loved this simple, yummy class for any time of the day !
Enjoyed this class. Thank you
That is something I can do during my lunch hour! thank you Cara.
Fantastic workout, thank you Cara!
So lovely like always! Thank you!
Happy new year Cara.
And hi Heikki, happy new year to you, too.
Beautiful!!!! Thank you
Such a great workout… !
Jamie H
I love using these bands and find them to be great for resistance. This is an excellent video and Cara demonstrates simple yet efficient exercises that could be done anywhere.
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