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Mat Workout

30 min - Class


It's all about having fun and letting go of fear in this fun Mat workout with Erika Quest! She teaches a class for the active aging population using the BOSU® to train balance in different body positions. She includes games like Banana Split and Bubble Wrap to challenge the brain, balance, and movement, and to improve neuroplasticity.

If you don't have a BOSU®, many of these games can be done with other balancing props or nothing at all.
What You'll Need: Mat, BOSU®

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Hey everyone, welcome. You are so in for a treat today. I am here with two beautiful young ladies, one of which is my 74 year young mom and 78 year young Helen and we are going to do a class for the a...

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very nice work with elder people - beautiful
Thanks for watching, Katja! So fun having my Mom in class with me!
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awesome class!
Thanks so much, Salpi!
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Terrific, Erika. A wonderful change of pace to have something to offer to older clients.
Oh thanks so much for watching, Holly! This a subject very near and dear to my heart and protocols which are so needed in our line of work. All my best, Erika
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Super Creative! Thanks for your energy and creative approach to working with seniors using a BOSU! Love this.
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Thank you so much!!! Cant wait to see my Grammas (clients) doing this in the class her at indonisia.
Thanks, David and Diogo for watching and commenting. I hope you'll be able to use some of these strategies with success with your Active Agers :)
What a great workout!! Thank you!
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