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Continue building your Reformer skills and "reform" the way you move in this second of two Reformer classes with Benjamin Degenhardt. To get the full benefit of this workout, watch this class first. Then, let Benjamin's dynamic energy help you on your journey into the more advanced traditional Reformer work with added exercises such as Overhead, Breatstroke prep, Swan, Front Splits, and more!
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Aug 05, 2015
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Hi, I'm Benjamin Dagenhard. Welcome back. We are here for a second reformer lesson with Kristen and Nicole is joining us here today. Um, hopefully at this point you've seen the first lesson. Familiarize yourself with those simple movements that we explored there. Um, we're going to repeat them today and also add on to them. So we start to layer skills on top of that as well as introduce a few new exercises that are in line with those. So go ahead and lie down on your back. Um, remember we're working with grads equipment here.

We start the footwork on either three or four springs based on how well you can press out against them without feeling your shoulders taking most of the work. All right. Remind yourself that this is about making space for your spine to start so that your toes can really reach against the football without your hips being curled under. And then from there, we just want to expand the body. You start getting into your practice by stretching your legs out and then coming all the way back in. We press out nine more times. 10 total is usually a good number of repetitions who really start waking up the nerve endings in your toes. Building a strong connection brain to muscle, pushing, ouch and coming back in each time.

Try to find a little bit more stretch through your legs, through your spine, through the neck, letting the shoulder blocks press against your shoulders, letting you stretch the neck out even further. Couple of more, I'm all the way home. And the last one, change to the arches. Heels and toes together. Press out 10 times and in the heels drop underneath the bars, which changing the position of the third so that the weight of the spring pushes against different nerve endings here, stimulating different parts of the body as well as starting to wake up different muscles in the leg, pressing ouch and coming in and pushing out and coming in against all that and keep the spine as long as possible so that the springs don't load your spine up. After 10 come to your heels, pull the toes back. Strongly stent evenly weighted on both. It's to take the last one, a little Quaker, press out 10 and come back and press that night and come back in and press l eight and come Megan. Good. Yeah.

Remind yourself that if you let go of your control, the springs are just going to pull the carriage and going to make a loud noise so you try to avoid that as much as possible. Keeping the length in your spine on top, ouch and back in and out. Return all the way home. Come back to your toes. First position. It's our tendon. Stretch shields. Touch, toes apart. Extend your legs out. Find extra length through your spine. They get a lot of them. Make it longer.

Make it longer. Keep the length, lower the heels down, down, down, and lift back and lowering down, down, down air. Lift back up. The heels drop. I'd never come apart and you good. As you lift the heels up, you can see that we've passed that position of the legs where we want them in the a hundred in just a little bit, right? That's in your near future. So you start building that strength from here. Let it come out of your hips. You progress through the feet. Your legs are fully engaged.

Remind yourself of that as we progress you. Take one more down into up. Bend your knees all the way in. Lower your foot bar down, one foot under the foot, bar one against the kickstand. Move it away from you. Lower everything down. Stretch your legs out over the bar. Wrap your straps, move yourself slightly away from your blocks. Bring your heels together and your toes apart in the same position you adjusted your tendon stretching. Again, just reminding yourself of what you've just done 10 seconds ago. Can you just reach your feet so far away from you that your legs are fully engaged and then lift your feet to the height of the foot bar where they were just a little bit ago, and stay there like you're in your tendon.

Stretch for three, for two, for one. Lower the legs down. Just that simple motion should get you really shake around the middle. Let's do that two more times. Stretch the legs out of your body. Lift up, pull attention into your straps at the same time, lift your head, neck and shoulders are pulled. The straps down. See if he can stretch. The springs are just a little bit more of a moving your handles away from you and yourself away from your handles. Nice. And then release everything back down.

Now we take it into the 101 hundred lovely little pumps that lift yourself up. Take a deep breath in. Start pumping the arms in how far and Xcel in how fast and excel. And we've done this before. The body has been here before. This exercise never gets any easier, but it gets a little simpler for your mind to process, right? So the second time around, see if you can already warm up the shoulders a little bit more by letting the crease in the front of your shoulders. Move up and down, breathing in and breathing out. Breathing in and breathing out.

Really the key to success here is to reinvigorate the shape you're in with each pump you make with each, each breath as you take so that you don't feel static or robotic. You keep bringing new life into the shape. Let's do one more deep breath. Inhale and exhale. Your last pumping the strongest hold and rest the legs down. Head down, arms go up. Ah, smiles on your face. That means you're alive.

Take the handles into one hand. Sit on up. We're going to change the springs down to two, so take off as many as you need to to get down to to make your head piece flab. Remember we did the overhead prep last time where your legs just go up to a 90 degree angle. Your arms come all the way down by your sides. We're going to start with that again and see how that feels on your body today and then perhaps progress from there. So continue where you left off in your hundred.

Your arms pull tension into the straps. Your legs lift up. They go all the way up to 90 degrees. At this time your head stays down. Hold that shape, make space between your ribs and your head. Stretch your legs up and press down into your handles like you're a gymnast in the rings. Stretch your legs up and away from you. Lift your arms back up, and then we'll try one more little inbetween step before we tackle the full expression of this, you press your arms down, your legs go up. Same exact thing. Now try from here without tilting your legs too far towards you to unweight your hips ever so slightly, maybe a millimeter off the ground.

By curling your hips under things start to get shaky again. Only for a second. Lower the hips, lower the legs, lift the arms up. If all of that went well, if and only if we're going to try the next expression, arms go down. Legs go up, legs go towards your hips. Lift up, roll yourself over. Stay here for a second. Push the mat away with your arms to lift your hips up nice and high. There's space between ribs and hips here than Jackknife your legs up towards the ceiling. Still holding your arms down and making sure there's space in the front of your throat. Slowly roll the spine down until your hips land between your hands, maybe on the springs because you're getting that long.

Then lower your legs down, lift your arms up, and if that goes well, we take it one more time. Just like that. Arms down legs are pass each step. Roll over. Stretch your legs up towards the ceiling. Again, make space by reaching your legs continually up towards the ceiling. Even as you roll down, you're not just falling towards the carriage. You're still stretching your toes up and back over your head. Lower the legs down there was amazing control. You guys lift the arms up. Ah, it's so torturous to do it. Slow to right.

Bend your elbows and knees and by your side. Remember coordination from last time. We're going to add a movement in here. Lift your forehead up towards your knees. Those two knees, knees to nose. On an inhale, press your arms and legs out. We'll do it like last time first. Just stay right here. Push out, hold the breath. Then exhale.

Bend your knees in towards your chest, back to your nose. Bend your elbows at the end. Do that one more time in her press. Apt. Try to push the carriage on more and more and more and more. Exhale, knees, come in, keep pushing into the handles. Elbows bend. Here's a movement through the legs. We add in. Inhale, press at as you hold your breath open. Close your legs one time. Exhale, knees come in. Elbows, Ben. We'll do two more like that. Presad ouch. Imagine there's resistance all around you. Push me apart.

Pull me back together and pull me into you. There we go. And Elvis. Ben, here's your last one. Progressive Up. Curl up. Just a little high. Your hair and open-close knees come into wards. Your nose, elbows, bend. Rest your head, Huh? And you're done with that. Again, this concludes a warmup on our back. You can get rid of your handles. Step off to the side. Remember our swan preparation from last time. We're going to take that up a notch as well.

Get your boxes and your little black pads. We stay on two springs on this one, so the springs didn't change between the last one and this one. Remember that we have two options as to how to set our feet up. The pad goes right around the edge here. The boxes edge will go just a couple of inches down your hip crease and your feet will stand either inside the frame, which is my preference as you're learning this exercise because it's nice and sturdy there or up on the foot bar, which is however a movable parts.

So keep that in mind. Set yourself up your need. Stay inside the frame and remember it's essentially your foot work done on your stomach, right? So you're on all 10 toes and just like that very first exercise you've done so many times already, you stretch all 10 toes back into the frame. You press the carriage out, you reach your arms forward in our position. You lift yourself up into your highest back bend possible without bending your knees. Keep pushing your feet back. Just like last time. Hold that for a second. Reverse the actions. Lower the torso crease behind your knees.

Come back in just a little. We're to add up. Press your legs back out, lift yourself back up. Really Max out the effort and your back. Once you're there, see if you can bend your knees and continue lifting up. Lifting your heart up and away from your hips, and then reverse the actions. From here. You straighten out the legs, you dive forward, and then you release your torso. You soften behind your knees. Let's do that two more times.

Stretch your legs out and then lift yourself up at the top. Bend your knees, lift your heart, lift your chest, reach your arms up and back behind you. See your fingertips and reverse it so that you are as forward feedback and release down. Soften the knees. Last one, so it's great you guys. Push them back through the toes. Lift yourself up, kneel down like your thighs stretched from last time, and then reverse said, stretch your arms forward. Feedback. Release on down. Remember the dismount. You take your hands to the top of the box. You lift your hips up. Careful, two springs.

We'll pull that box away underneath you. Bring it in with control. Get rid of your pads. I'll pick them up from you actually, and you get rid of one spring here. All right, so on one spring only you're going to lay down on your stomach again. Make sure that part of your thighs are supported by the box and your chest is slightly forward over the shoulder blocks here. Grab your straps on the outside of the frame. We'll repeat pulling steps, adding a little bit of that backend we just worked on in here. Remind your legs to work just as hard as they just did standing inside the frame so they're not just hanging off the box as super strong and active.

Go ahead and pull down and back. Stay. Pull your chest forward and up against your hands. Continuously pulling back and return with row. Good you guys. Two more times. The more efficient you get at doing the exercises, the more you can decrease the number of repetitions because we want to make space to add in more exercises, right? One more time and nobody has time to work out for three hours, so we'll do less.

We'll do them better. And you're done after three was that the third? All right, thank you. Take your hands back to the start of the leather. When your arms out to the side for your t pole, create your maximum wingspan here and then pull straight back from there. Once your arms are back behind you, lift your heart forward and up. Keep the low back long. Keep the carriage in place. As you return the arms, stretch them away from you. The spring will eventually move again. Nice. Two more times. Pull straight back. Lift your chest forward and up.

Almost think of pressing your legs back and down a little bit towards that frame again. Yes. And then open the arms wide. One more time for your whole back. Get on fire. He as you pull your arm straight back. Let's attraction your lower back a little bit. Yes. Good. That's great. And slowly we turn the arms, release your head down, release your legs down. Ah, and step off to the side. Nice work you guys. All right. So the intensity is definitely up from last time. Once you agree. Um, remember last time we did the seated roll down on the bar, I'm sorry, on the box with your feet on the bar. This time, we're going to actually use the handles as well and translate that into our backstroke exercise. We're going to add a spring here, so we're going to, you take your handles, you organize them behind you, making sure the sprouts are not crossed, that always wants to happen, right?

You have a seat on the very front edge of your box with your feet right on the foot bar. You're in fact, so dangerously close to the edge in danger of falling down on the springs. All right, and then from here, just taking a little quick excursion to our map work, right? Think of your rolling like a ball for a second or your stomach massage. You pull your knees into your chest, you lift your feet off the bar, you hold a little bit of tension on the straps, but you don't hold your breath and then you slowly roll yourself down until you're back keeping your knees towards your chest and you make a ring with your arms and that's your beginning position and yes, you're already working. Your arms and legs will do the same here. It's like a backstroke in water.

Your arms and legs go straight up. You open them, you circle everything forward, pulling the carriage back as you push the arms away from you and then you bend everything back in. Let's take an inhale as the arms reach up and around. Take an x out and push the carriage back and remember to push yourself away from your handles and come back in. One more time. Arms go up open. Circle everything forward. Climb up a little high or because this gets us ready for the next exercise. Come all the way in. Now reverse that pattern.

Stretch everything forward to start, open arms and legs. Lift everything up and bend it back in towards you two more times. Legs forward and down. Chest lifts up open and reach around. Pull everything back into the center. Just one more time. Press Open and lift everything up.

Bend your knees and elbows back in. Very good work. You guys take the straps into one hand. Just sit yourself up and take a quarter turn so you can use your free arm to take off one of your springs and yeah, she's doing a beautiful teaser already. That's great too. Ah, let this be a moment of rest. In fact, right? It's kind of relaxing to be here. Your head is just hanging back. Your arms are reaching out to either side, see if he can make it feel like that back bend from your swan a little bit ago.

So your chest is actually surely actively reaching away from your toes and vice versa. Take tension into your straps from here. It's your support for the next exercise. All right, bring your chin over your chest. It's called a teaser. You reach your arms forward, you lift your legs up and you try to use that same articulation to your back that we worked on last time. Seated on the box. We're just holding this position. We're not doing anything crazy or just work on your breath, making your legs a little lighter, lifting the spine a little higher, maybe lifting your arms a little higher.

Let's see what happens and slowly come back down. I think that was your spring saying yes to you. Slowly come all the way back with the spring. Carry your down resistance till you're back in. Your relaxation is not going to last long, so enjoy it. Come right back up.

Chin over. Chest. Reach the legs out of your body the same way you did in your hundred. See if you can curl the hips under more to get the legs higher in space and I bet you can lift the arms two inches high without anything bad happened to you. Nice. I knew it slowly. Come all the way down from there. Keep reaching your legs away from utility, the very end.

Release your head there. One more time. Deep breath in. If and only if all of that goes well, we can add some stuff on top. You lift yourself back into the same position. You're welcome to stay here and just work on finding your breath or lower. Lift the arms down, three and back up.

The key here is to keep tension on the straps all throughout. Not just let your arms fall down by your side because that spring is going to catch up with you. Last one lifted up so high this time you have no other way but to come down and then resisted. Resisted, resisted, resisted. Look at her smiling while she's doing bad. This is crazy hard. Release your head all the way back. Nice work. You guys take a break. Step off to the side.

You can get rid of your straps and then we flipped the body around yet again to start working into a little bit of a deeper backbend cause the body craves that right about now it's the breaststroke preparation. It's also really serves as a nice way to just stretch out into the opposite direction. Your foot bar goes up for this one breast brokers and exercise that usually involves the handles and the straps. We're going to use the football, which was a more static place to start setting up for it. You want to be on your stomach facing the foot bar with your hands right on it and your shoulders on top of your hands. So we pretty far forward here. We're still in one spring. If you have options between heavier, lighter springs, who would probably want to choose the lighter spring you have?

Because right now we just want something that gives in underneath us, but not something that resistant all that much. Make length through your lower back. Again, first thing you want to do from here is push your arms about halfway out so that your head is away from the bar util that's your start position right there. Elbows bend out to the side, shoulders on your back from your head to your feet. You're in one long line. From here, the choreography goes sort of like a breaststroke underwater where you start moving your arms and legs simultaneously to create propulsion, right? You press your hip bones down so that your legs become a little light on the box.

You kick your heels to your seat once and twice now simultaneously stretch your legs back and your arms out against the bar. Still keeping your body in one flat line so you stretch yourself into one long line. Just start. Keep that and then bend your elbows halfway. Kick again. Kick once kicked twice, which your legs back and your arms forward. Press out. Try and make yourself longer. Think of your long stretch from last time. Come halfway in with your arms. Kick your heels to your seat once and twice.

Stretch you feedback you arms forward. We're going to add on from here. Keep your arms straight and your legs straight. Lift your eyes forward and up and start your back. Bend yourself back forward so your heart lifts up so much. The spring pulls in underneath you.

Go to the place where your low back and still feel lifted, where your breath doesn't get stuck in your reds. Push the carriage back out. Bend you out was have way. Let's do two more sets. Cake twice. One, two arms, legs, stretch, chest lifts forward and up. Float yourself in. Press your feet almost back and down so that it lifts your abdominal wall up and in nicely. Then press it back out. We'll just do one more here. Ah, when the, I was halfway kick one's gig twice. Arms and leg stretch, heart lifts forward and up away from your toes. Find that link through the body. Find your breath on top feedback and down, chest forward and up. Take it all the way down. Very important.

Watch your heads as you bend your elbows. I've seen it all. And then you step off to the side. Nice work you guys, Huh? Good. So we've taken all those basic movement ranges of the spine going forward and back. And then just two lessons. We've really made much more space there and created a lot more intense movement in both directions. The football is going to come down for the next series.

You take the m box and bring it behind the reformer. Okay. And then just stand right on the inside of your reformer by the foot. End Away from the foot bar facing in towards the middle. So you both face towards me. So just stand all the way they are on the side.

Before we go into a long stretch, see what's today. I just want to do a little bit of a plank on the outside. So just stand a little further away from me. Bring your heels together and your toes apart, your military stance. All right. Bring your arms up by your ears to give yourself a nice little moment outside the reformer. Stamp your heels downs, but your fingertips up towards the ceiling.

Nod Your Chin over your chest and start rolling yourself all the way down. Take your hands flat down in front of your big toes. If that means you need to bend your knees, allow that to happen as well. Then start to walk your hands out in front of you. We've all done a plank, right, and we've done a long stretch last time today. We're going to take a longer series here, so I want you to take a moment and check in with your risks here against the ground.

Press through your fingers like you're trying to grab the floor with your fingers. Press through the heels of your hands, and then think about your pulling straps for a second. Can you feel as though you're trying to pull your arms back behind you and can you use that to pull your chest through your arms a little bit? Nice. That changed your shoulders right there. Nope. Keep pressing the heels together and push them back behind you all at the same time to pull more length out of your spine. That's the sensation you want in your long stretch. You're down.

Stretch your stretch and all of those exercises. Lift your hips back up. Walk your hands back towards your feet, release your head, soften your knees and roll yourself all the way up. Keep that in mind as we take a long strips series. Arms come out to the side and down and I completely lied to you. The foot bar is actually up for that one.

So coming back out to lift your foot bars back up. Bring your black pads, put it into the headrest. We're going to change our springs back to two. Alright, thank you. I got it. Remember to bring the head piece off so your feet have something to push against. Sticky pad on top so you don't slip off. Near hand goes on first. Remember the transition far footsteps into the crease of the head. Rest.

Take the other hand, the other foot, and you are there. Now remind yourself of what you just did against the flat surface. Your hands are elevated now relative to your feet, so it's a different position. But try to use the grip strength of your hands and that idea of pulling straps to pull your chest through your arms. When your neck in line with your spine. Good you guys three times. Only press it out one long piece. Head two heels, except hold the chest, the arms to come all the way in. Two more times.

You allow yourself to go a little quicker this time, which might give you a little bit more range. One more time breathing and as you push and then we'll come all the way home. Continue the exercise on your knees, down, stretch, knees down, feet against the blocks, hips forward, chest up. Remember the four directions of move in, the heels up, pressing back as well in how to press at etc. Come all the way back in and see if you can pick one spot in front of you or slightly up and keep looking at it as you press out so you maintain that sense of a back bend through your spine. You've done so many of them already, right?

Your Swan dive, your breaststroke, Pratt. Let's do one more pressing out as far as you can. Keep the low back, long and strong. And then we add our up stretch today situated back towards the heels. You stand up on tippy-toes. Try to fold yourself in half of this one. Relax the head.

Press your hands and toes down to lift your hips up as high as possible. You want to essentially pull your thighs and your stomach away from each other so the stomach lifts the feet. Push the carriage back and the hip start to lower down. Pause in that position for a second. Make the spine feel like your teaser spine like your stomach massage spine, and then reverse it. Lift the hips right back up from here.

Just that first motion again. You'll stomach the lift. You feed, push the carriage back, the hips come down, you feel puffed up through your spine. How on the front head is relaxed and then you lift your hips back up. Adding the second step, you press the feedback, lowering the hip step, and of course you're welcome to stay with the first step. Second step is to pull the carriage all the way forward, keeping the round spine until the shoulders go over the hands and then you roll yourself back into your start position. Let's do it two more times. Feedback, hips down. Pull the carriage all the way in. Keep that space behind your heart left dead and head is dropped.

Roll out back up. One more time. It should almost feel like you're lifting yourself into a handstand. The hands up, pressing down the space behind the heart lifts first, hips last. Make your feet flat. Remember you're elephant from last time. It almost feels like a relief after this one, right?

Take the weight forward and lift your middle back up and push out sucks and push that back and in heels. Press down the back of your rib cage up to the ceiling guards. Two more push and Paul last one out and in and step off to the side. We're going to add one more exercise in here. It's called the long back stretch. Last time we used the bar to start warming those muscles up and to get the chest nice and open. Now we're going to narrow that space somewhat.

By bringing the exercise to the reformer, you're going to set yourself up with your hands right against the corners of the foot bar and your feet pressing against the corners of your shoulder blocks. You try to do that without sitting on the foot bar. All right, so holding the bar with your knuckle sliding down so that your risks are wrinkle free. And the first version of doing this is getting your heels all the way against those blocks so your toes can pull back. And then you press your hands back and your feet forward and you try to get your hips as far away from the football possible, right? So remember that stretch with the bar last time.

How you moved your arms back behind you and rounded your spine. Try to do the same thing here. You push through your heels and back to the heels of your hands to get your hips forward and up, creating more length through your back. And you slide back in. Let's do three more pressing. Ouch. And this eventually becomes a pretty elaborate movement. This gets the job done.

On your first time, you press back through the arms, out to the heels, slide yourself back in, make space in your back. Let's do one more. Press it out. Press it out. Can you get a little further, a little further, a little further, and go all the way in. Step off to the side. Ooh. Nicely done. Yeah. It's getting a little hot in here, isn't it? I don't think so too. So to short box, you have a moment of rest, but you have to use it to set up your short box. You can take your pad away. Football goes down. Same setup as last time.

Remember the short box always goes in between the shoulder blocks and something that holds it in place for safety reasons. Okay, good. And I always like to use the outset springs again just so that the heels have space to be under the strap. So I have a seat on top. Take the straps that you feet up right underneath. Yeah.

Last time we worked with traction, right, using our arms against the back of the box to give our little back chances stretch. Um, this time we're going to try to go into a full Backman, right? If you've mastered the first version of it, let's see if we can take it a step further. This time you bring your arms around your waist, you press your feet out in front of you, push outward into the strap and almost be like you're trying to lift yourself off your box, round your spine back, and start to unfold yourself into a full back bend. If that feels all right for your chest, release your head back. Stay. Bring Your Chin back over your chest and roll yourself all the way back up when the going gets tough.

Remind yourself that your feet are under the strap for a reason. All right, go right back down, curled back to roll into a backbend. Open your chest, pull your toes back, bring your chin over your chest and roll yourself back up. Feet, feet, feet, feet. Vts. Good. Come all the way back to the top. Take it one more time. All the way down and back. If none of this is an issue to you, which looks very much like it's the case of at least two, you bring your arms over your head. You can hold on to either the ground or the frame somewhere to give yourself more traction. Perhaps a pole or a Highbridge like feeling my pushing the floor away.

That's another option as well. Yes. Beautiful. Nice. Bring your arms back around your waist. Janovia chest roll back up and remember that with one leg up in the air, you get more chances at that later on. For right now, take your hands behind your head or the flat back. Press your head back into your hands. Feel like you're lifting the roof of your head up towards the ceiling.

You get taller before you go anywhere else, taller, taller, taller. You go back a little bit because there's no more up. That's it. And then you lift yourself back to center or your feet still working. I think they are right up and back just by virtue of them shaking quite crazy. Lead up and go back and back. Backup. So yeah, what?

Like it's a back exercise or stomach exercise always involves the full body, right? That's how the reformer really translates tension and load into our body. One more time. Go up to go back. Make yourself longer, longer, longer. Lift back up. Take your arms over your head, Hook your thumbs, lean your spine forward for your side stretch. Take it to the right. Keep the left in nice and heavy. Get that stretch down the left side, some of your shirt and come back to center. Forward and left. He pressing your feet outwardly. I know your legs do not want to work right now and let them work a little bit so you get a better stretch up and over to the right and back to center.

Here's your last one. Forward and left stretching. Stretch it. Get One more millimeter down the right side. Yes, and come back to center. Take your hands behind your right thigh. You might want to adjust your position somewhat so that the strap is taught. Maybe bring your left foot a little bit closer to the middle of the reform as well. Right?

One of the things that happens as we pull one is things fall out of whack by over crossing the midline ever so slightly with your legs. To start, you set yourself up a little better left for taught. Kick the leg out a few times and stretch and bend. There should almost be a moment of rest. That means the leg doesn't have to stretch out to the place where it starts shaking and brings tension to your hips. You just bring it out where it's can straighten comfortably. Dude. Once more, stretch the leg out where you ankle is, your hands will go where your knees, your head will go around yourself forward.

Take that whole shape back and you know the way from here, same as your round back. You walk down the back of your leg. We only do a twice today. Take it all the way into a backbend. Good. And then come all the way back up. So here's one thing that happens. Of course, as we take our arms away and we get excited about the back bend, his leg starts to fall down like a dead tree, right? We try to keep that tree alive. Take it down one more time. Roll yourself back.

Now the legs stays as you release your head back. As you take your hands to the ground, even as you push the floor away from you. Perfect. Now it's bring your hands back around the leg. Chin over, chest, all the way up. Give your spine a little lift. Stretch the leg away from you. Lift your heart forward and up. And then change your legs. Right foot under the strap. Left leg comes in, and again, twice on the side. First, kick the leg out that this be a moment of rest.

Remind yourself of your stomach massage and it stretch. And in last one, stretch the leg out. Walk your hands up the back of your leg, roll yourself in, pull hard on your strap, take the whole shape back and then walk on down just twice. Release your head. Open the chest, hands to the ground. If you choose, push against the floor to lift your heart forward and up and then come all the way back. Of course, it's the same shape as your swan dive and as your breaststroke prep ride. Whenever you're in a backbend from here. Now see if you can find that same traction length to the front of your body.

Again, walk on down, roll on back. As you push the ground away, let the space in the front of your hearts. Nice, very good. And release hands to the back of the leg. Chin over, chest. You come all the way back up and with the leg in your hand. Can you lift your spine? Can you lift yourself on top of your hits? And Willie S, nice work. You guys stepped off to the side.

Let's get rid of our boxes. And then we take all black paths and we put it right on the front edge of the carriage. I turned the two around a little bit by accident today, but it's not gonna hurt the order, but he doesn't care as long as you get your stomach massage in, right? We're going to stay on true springs again, just because I don't want too much compression on your back. Actually, what's great is that you've just done all those back so there's more space in your back. We're going to add something in here, which is your tendon stretch. I wanted you to take a seat on the front edge with your feet up against the bar facing the foot bar, and I'm like, yes, I'm making the sash. You're on all 10 toes. He'll touch toes apart like your foot work.

Remember your arms pole. I want you to think that the distance you're trying to create, the opposition you're trying to create as between your toes and your belly button. Can you move those to a spa away from each other as possible? Push the bar away from you. Make more distance. Keep that distance, lower the heels down and back up. So that's your tendon stretch, and then you soften behind your knees to float all the way back and do it again. Stretch out, keep your back round, but not slouch. There's still a sense of lift the muscles in the back of your body that just backbends you are still working. Lower. Lift and come all the way home.

Take one more slow stretch, lower lift, come back, intake three little quicker. Press out, three down. Come in and two down. Come in one more. See how the whole back of your body switching from your head right into your feet. Take your hands behind you for the second variation. Again, if it's available to your shoulders, your fingers cup around the back, you elbows as soft, the lift comes from your back strength, not from your arms pushing and then three, slow stretch out. Get a little taller as the heels drop under the bar, keep the lift as the heels go up. Soften behind the knees.

Two more slow like that. See what the tendance stretch adds into this, right? It's not just a choreography detail. Hopefully it serves a better purpose of getting more rolling through the body somewhere. Take three a little quicker. Stretch lower lift, bend in and to lower lift. Come in one more down, up and in. You no longer need the help of the reformers that you reach your arms up and then you stretch your legs out until you can stretch them any further. Then you lift your spine up and up and up. You keep the lift, you bend your knees. Two more time. Stretch. Ouch. And lift the spider up. Up, up the puck. Keep the lift and come back in. One more time.

Stretch and then lift. Bend your knees. We're going to add a twist because this is so much fun, right? You stretch out your legs, you reach your right arm behind you, but more importantly, your left arm reaches forward and you come all the way back in. Take it to the other side. You go up to go around your spine. Nice and come all the way back in. One more time. Each side, right. I'm back.

Left forward. Keep both hubs heavy, both feed heavy on the bar. Come all the way back in is your last one. Go up to go around yourself. Come all the way back in and here's your monkey stretch. Hands next to your feet. Ha breasts, your legs out.

Take a breath here. Easy head dropped the heels. If your legs are straight, if not, not worth it, Huh? As you lift your heels back up, almost puff back out and war and then soften behind your knees. Come all the way back home and step off to your side after that. Don't you feel like you want to do this right now? Well, guess what? We're doing chest expansion. Next you get rid of your paths. The foot bars come down. Grab your straps, set yourself up on your knees. I'm going to add something into this as well.

Last time we just pull the arms back behind us. Now we add a next stretch on child, right? We've just done the twist in the stomach massage. We're going to basically put that back in here. I personally prefer holding onto the handles so that your arms already started to look closer to your thighs and you get your arms behind you for that chest opening. We're looking for pull your toes against the edge.

Press your hips forward, lift your chest up, take an inhale, and then start to pull your arms behind you. As you hold the shape and your breast, turn your head as far to the right as you can. Turn your head to the left as far as you can. Look straight ahead. Now you Xcel and come all the way back in. That's a lot of breath holding, isn't it? Pull your arms back again. Get Taller. Turn your head left, right straight. Exhale, come back in just two more times. Pull your toes forward. Push your hips away from you.

Turn the head one and two and straight. Exhale, come back in and one more time. If anything happens to your spine, it just gets taller. All right, pull, look, look straight. Come all the way in. Good work you guys. We're going to add a spring for a thigh stretch. Nothing new about this one sense of relief, right? Bring your knees against the blogs. Hold on strongly to your straps.

You walk your hands out far and enjoy this one. Your tail is lengthening down. Your Chin gently comes in to lengthen the back of your neck. And then you take your whole body back again. The first one, just be gentle. Be Diagnostic. How far can you take this with no king in your knees with no strain in your back. And then the second one you already take a little bit deeper.

Take the body back. You can keep your eyes sort of on one horizontal line in front of you so that your neck doesn't pick up any of that strain. You lift yourself back up. And one more time. I always think of curling the hips ever source. They'd be under two so that the stretch ends up sooner in my thighs. Nice work.

And then you come all the way up from there and then we turn around on one spring, step after the side. That's the easiest way to set yourself up. Take the handles with you. Take two springs off. So we changed from three to one and then we kneel on the carriage facing the other way for a reverse chest expansion and perhaps circles perhaps. Let's see. All right, remember that your idea is not to lift your straps up in front of you, but to stretch them in down and forward to maintain this openness here. So let's start with that.

Like last time you press your arms down and forward you stay. You can almost lean into that tension a little bit. You can pull yourself away from it and why necros the chest and then you slowly let that bring you back on top of your knees. Do that again. Just one more time. You pull down and forward, you lift your chest up against that and then you come all the way in. We do it again. We go a little quicker because these are hard to do. Slow.

You'll lift your arms all the way up. If you have that in you, you circle your arms out to the side and down. You take a deep breath in because you now have that space with your arms up over your head. XL. Circle Yams around, come back in and move your chin up and away from your deep breath in. Lift up and come around and down just because if you look down, chances are you might end up there, right? One more time. Lift your arms up, arms come around and down. Nice. Now I'm going to reverse the direction, which feels like it should be exactly the same amount of effort, but we know that's not true, right? When you actually pull your arms out to the side first, there are less supported. Um, it's a little harder. So make sure that your arms are already somewhat in front of you and go a little faster. Bring your arms out to the side and up. Bring the arms forward and down.

And again, inhale to lift. Arms come down on the next two more. Inhale up. Just come down. Here's your last one. Circle the arms around biggest radius possible arms come down, sit back on your heels. Get rid of your straps. Lift your foot bars up. Add a spring. So we have two springs for our Tiger stretches, right?

Also known as knee stretches. You have your hands on the bar. We start with our round back, our angry tiger hands. Press into the bar, nice round spine, head to tail. Push your legs back and forth five times and in four times in, in the [inaudible] in. So at this point, your first two variations for sweetie. Become a reminder of how your spine works against the legs. Arch your back. Now into the second variation, you're happy tiger and push back and forth.

Five and in spread your seed. One way your heart, the other three in two in one in head and tail. Pull towards one another. Sole much your knees get a little lighter on the carriage. There we go. Push out 10 times out in, out, out in, in, and I know what you're thinking. Why didn't he give us 10 of the others and five of this one? Well, that's not how it works. Out in, out, in, out, out, in, in.

Hold the carriage in, lower the knees down. Add a spring. Ah, to get back to the same setting of your footwork. Spring settings. So if you use three there, use three. Now if you used four in footwork, use for now, lie down on your back when your head pieces up so that your head is supported, your neck is supported, your spine can lengthen out. Ah, heart beating. Yes, yes, alive. Good. Stretch your legs out. This has nothing much to think about for you.

You just take a run on your bar and run and run and run and run. Ah, let the breath come into your body is literally a cool. Just allow yourself to neutralize your efforts, your breath. Maybe the heartbeat has a chance to come down a little bit as well. Can come all the way back home. Bring your feet to the corners of your foot bar, feet. Curl around, curly hips under to lift them up ever so slightly.

It's just about a fist with away from the ground about the height of your headpiece, right? Remember, can you make more length between your bottom rib and the top of your hips? Can you create more space there and then press your legs all the way out without losing that space and come all the way back and press back out again. It's like you knee stretches, flipped upside down. This definitely feels much gentler on the body, right? But it's the same shape you're supporting.

It's the same pattern you moving into out and in your just float up in space. The springs carry you home. Let's take one more, stretch it all the way out. Come all the way. Lower the hips down and step off to the side. Nice work you guys.

We've done our front splits standing outside the reformer last time. If that went well for you and you want to bring it on top of the reformer, let's do it. We'll change to two springs. We have just enough support to hold us in displayed. Um, but not so much that it feels like we have to push with our arms. Right? Right. You come to a kneeling position, sort of like your knee stretch set up to start and then you take your right toes on top of the bar between your hands. Your feet are about hip distance apart in space rights.

We'll make sure that you're not overcrossing your midline. Let your right hip sink down as well so that your hips are level and just like last time, use your hands around the bar, like pulling straps, like you're pulling your arms back and you pull your chest forward and up against that. All right, from here three times, try to straighten out your friend leg, pushing the carriage out. Your arms are still pulling as your front leg is stretching and it's not about the full split. You go towards a full split and towards is really the most important word here is soft new knee and you come back in two more times. You can use your arms somewhat to push against the spring to give yourself more space and to unload your hip and your knee and then you soften the knee to come back in one more time. You stretch it out.

Stay this time. See if you can give your back leg some attention as well and push it away from the foot bar as well. Float yourself all the way back in when alumina that, but add one tiny little thing here. You keep pulling with both arms to lift your chest forward and up. And then I'll try to push the carriage back just like a millimeter. With your left knee, everything else stays forward.

Did that feel like a massive stretch on the front of your thigh? Okay, good. Alright, so you have may not have seen any movement or curve, but there's something going on. If you just press out a little bit, you keep pulling with your arms. Take your right hand to the outside of your knee, push those two into one another. That'll give you stability and then lift your left arm up straight up to the ceiling and can touching the roof right above your head and then add a little segment over to your rights just enough so that you feel something inside your left side rib cage starting to stretch upwards and you stay with that without holding your breath right? That's always the most important thing. You come back through center, you take both hands down, you step that right foot away from the bar and then we'll do the other side.

Of course, take your left toes on chapter. Very deep switch. All right, so first hip, square, hands pulling, chest lifting, all the good stuff and impress it out three times. Stretch through your front leg. Okay. And then coming all the way back and think about length through your spine as you come home, your heart lifting away from that bottom knee to more pressing out. Sure.

Push that left hip away from the Yes to keep them square and come all the way back in. And one more time, it might feel like you want to push that right up, forward a little bit in space and switch that left to back because the spring is going to do the opposite to your hips, right? So you want to anticipate that somewhat nice. And then you come all the way home and here's your deep stretch at the end. You keep yourself pulled forward. Like you try to bring your left seat to your left heel but you push the carriage back like a millimeter or less. You hold that, you keep that lift through your chest left-hand to knee for stability.

Push those two into one another, right arm lifts. Try to touch the ceiling of right above your head. So much up there is no more up unless you went a little to the left and then you get more stretch right through that right side of your rib cage. Hold it, but not the breath. And slowly lift yourself back up through center, both hands on the bar. Ooh, take that foot away and step off to your side and that'll conclude our second lesson on the reformer. Great work you guys.

Thank you so much.

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Second class in the series just as juicy! I love the clean, precise instruction that gives the exercises the room to show just how brilliant they are. There's even a small chance I might end up liking swan after a few more run throughs!
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love your class. great overall body workout.
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thanks for the great class Benjamin!
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I really enjoy your class,thanks!!
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very nice class, loved the flow

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Please may I also say how great it is to see the exercises performed so well.
Love this! Great class precise, succinct cues. I found so much space in my spine it felt like the internal shower!:))
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I too loved the flow of the class and the description of the exercises. Well done.
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I'm so sorry...but Benjamin Degenhardt you are the best! great can feel everything deeply! LOVE IT! THANK YOU
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THEE best. Benjamin knows exactly how and what to cue to make the magic happen. Thank you. More please :)
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