Class #2261

Reformer Workout

45 min - Class


Continue building your Reformer skills and "reform" the way you move in this second of two Reformer classes with Benjamin Degenhardt. To get the full benefit of this workout, watch this class first. Then, let Benjamin's dynamic energy help you on your journey into the more advanced traditional Reformer work with added exercises such as Overhead, Breatstroke prep, Swan, Front Splits, and more.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Aug 05, 2015
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Second class in the series just as juicy! I love the clean, precise instruction that gives the exercises the room to show just how brilliant they are. There's even a small chance I might end up liking swan after a few more run throughs!
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love your class. great overall body workout.
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thanks for the great class Benjamin!
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I really enjoy your class,thanks!!
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very nice class, loved the flow

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Please may I also say how great it is to see the exercises performed so well.
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Love this! Great class precise, succinct cues. I found so much space in my spine it felt like the internal shower!:))
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I too loved the flow of the class and the description of the exercises. Well done.
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I'm so sorry...but Benjamin Degenhardt you are the best! great can feel everything deeply! LOVE IT! THANK YOU
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THEE best. Benjamin knows exactly how and what to cue to make the magic happen. Thank you. More please :)
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