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See how everything threads together in the fourth installment of Benjamin Degenhardt's progressive Mat series. He pieces together all of the skills from the previous classes and then he starts to introduce the concept of inversion. You will move through this class with more of a flow, and he sneaks in a few surprises like Neck Pull, Teasers, and more!
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Sep 05, 2015
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Hi, my name is Benjamin Degenhart. Welcome back to you guys. We're in our fourth installment of making our way through some of the traditional map work. Um, decoding it somewhat, breaking it down somewhat. This is our final installment for now. So we're trying to just piece together everything we've been working on, which means that we're going to move through. It's somewhat faster, not fast, but somewhat faster because simply you've learned it at this point and probably your body will recognize a lot of these patterns and the way that they logically build onto one another. All right, we'll start with a standing warm up again. So come to the middle of your mat, your heels out together, and your toes are apart. Your hands go behind your head to create traction. It's a great length, right?

And a little reminder here that a lot of this work is all about creating space and support for your vital organs, right? Everything that lives between hips and ribs for your spine that lives between your hips and your head and all your joints in your body. So take a moment to really traction yourself. You press your head gently back, you stretch your heels down into the floor. You find your enormous length through the body. You take a deep breath in allowing your ribs to why and as much as you elbows.

That's how wide your ribs become. And then on the XL, draw your rib cage in. Feel the front of it will lax down from your tail. Relax down as well. Do that one more time. Stamp your heels down. Stand up tall, deep breath in. Exhale all the air apps. Keep the legs. Just lift your arms up over your head. Grab on to your left wrist with your right hand and first help yourself up like you're trying to touch the ceiling right above your head.

Please help a little longer on the left side of you. Take an inhale here. As you exhale, add a mini little side bend to the right. Small enough that it doesn't take wade out of your left heel. Stay there for another breath and then come all the way back through center. We'll take the other side. You take your right wrist with your left hand first.

You pull yourself up so much. You don't even need to bend so much to the side to feel that stretch and then you just add that little bit. Keeping your right heel nice and heavy. Keeping your hips on top of your ankles and your shoulders level. Come back to center. Take your hands behind your head. Take a deep inhale. Exhale, bring your Chin over. Yeah.

Chess without jamming the front of your neck. HSA. Just linkedin, the back of your neck. Still pushing your head up into your hands and still you feel your shoulders pull forward, your lower back. Lengthen. Then lift yourself all the way back up. Take a deep breath in here on the Xcel. Lift your heart away from your heels. Add a little back bend without creating wrinkles in your lower back. And then inhale, lift yourself back to center.

Push the ground away with all 10 toes. Keep that strong central line connection between your heels. It's your military stance. Remember big to Pinky toes all the way pressing down into the floor, adding off footwork here. Bend your knees. Sit down as far as you can. Keep your heels together and your hips over your heels, press back up.

You'll get six more chances at this. Take it down and the backup. Each one takes you just a hair down deeper. That's all I want. Take it down and lift back up. As you go down, you think up, right? So you pull your head up towards the ceiling and as you go up, you press down, you press down for your to come back to standing. Lost my count already. Take it down two and press back up.

Let's just do one more hips forward as you come down and then push the ground away to come back to standing. Find your balance, lower the heels down, lower your arms down by your sides, and then go ahead and take a seat on your matter of fact. Come all the way down to lying down. Find a very efficient way to get to the ground. We've been working on that quite a bit, right? So we'll see how that goes. Lay down on your back and place your feet flat down on the mattress.

Start bring them nice and close to you. One concept that we haven't quite explored yet is the concept of inversion. Right? Later on, as we progress further, we go into exercises like the rollover and the corkscrew. We're not going overhead yet today, but we're starting to learn to be longer. In an inversion. Bring your heels as close to your seat as you comfortably can. Get them.

Reach your fingertips so far away from your shoulders. It feels like you could touch the sides of your heels and then just open your feet about hip distance apart. Really a good way to practice in version and live and breathe in that position is to take a shoulder bridge, so that's what we're going to start with. To bring a few on, just a little closer to your seat. If you can. Perfect. Press your heels down, lift your hips up. Start with that.

You lift your hips up towards the ceiling. The way that comes out of the ground, the weight of your hips, it has to go somewhere, right? It goes one of two ways that either falls back into our neck and shoulders or we lifted out of our neck and shoulders. By pressing the knees towards the toes. That's the one I want you stretch your knees up and away from you to take weight out of your neck and shoulders. Maybe walk your fingertips a little closer to the sides of your feet while you're adding to make that neck even longer. Still stay here for a little bit. Last time we talked a little bit about the friends of our hips, getting shorts and press your heels down more to get your hips just a little closer to the ceiling and are you breathing while you add it to your breath in?

Slowly melt the spine down. Almost feel like you're trying to sit down on your heels while you come down. Yes, get even longer through your spine. As you release your seed back to the floor. We'll do the same thing one more time. Press your hips up, heels down, arms long. And since you have all that open space underneath your back, behind your rib cage, can you breathe into that? Can you fill it up?

Have more weight in your heels then in your toes, and if you want an extra way to fire up the backs of your legs, imagine that you're dragging your heels towards you, towards your shoulders without actually moving your feet. Take one more deep breath here. Hips up nice and high. You got it. And then soften the space behind your heart. Roll yourself down. Hips as close to your heels as you can. So we'll come back to that quite a bit to get that inversion in right.

We'll use that in our rolling like a ball or open leg rocker and all of the exercise where you seat is above the heart. Stretch your legs out long. Let's get started. You're a hundred bring your arms up over your head. Heels touch, toes apart. It's he'll say military stance. He just stood in which your fingertips away from your toes. Pull your body apart. Just once. Unweight your body.

Lift your arms up and forward. Bring Your Chin over your chest, back of the neck long, and then reach your toe so far across the room, your feet get, maybe they lift an inch. Maybe that makes you shake like crazy. That just means you're alive and doing it well. Open the chest wide. Reach the fingers, release the legs, your head and your arms. Reach back over your head. Good. We have modifications. Remember one leg, maybe the feet. Stay down today. Maybe the feet come up higher. Choose your position for today.

We are going to pump on the next one up your lift, arms up in forward. Chin over your chest. Unweight your legs or not as they're pumping the arms. Breathing in two, three, four, five x or two or three, four, five. Ian With the air and out with all the air. Each inhale lifts you up. Each XM makes you a little bit longer.

Good breathing and breathing out. Good, and I love how you're working on the quality of your breath here, right? It's not a super audible breath yet. Xcel are the ouch, but it's a full breath. It's a full breath in over the count of five. It's a full breath out. Over the count of five you've got two more deep breaths and a full exhale.

So good you guys. 10 more. 10 not eight, seven, six, five, four, three. Stay there own one. Can you make yourself stay here just a second? Longer and release all the way down. Heels down, head down, arms reach back over your head. Bend your knees into your chest, rock yourself up to a seated position and just one last time we prep your body with a half roll back before we take that out of your movement Diet and turn it into full roll up. Take your hands behind your legs if that's where you want to support yourself. In fact, all of you do it for a moment just to pull yourself up and then it's your option to reach your arms out in front of you and no longer.

Hold on if you have the strength, you know this by now, right? Take a deep breath and feel your hip bones. Press down the crown of your head. Lift up x around yourself back until the back of your belt line touches the ground, and then just stay stretch evenly through each part of your back. Feel like you're pushing your stomach away from your fingertips. Take another breath. Keep the chest open, the neck long and free, and then lift yourself all the way back up to sit up tall at the top.

Do it again. Roll yourself down. Feed Nice and heavy. Mostly the heels. If the toes have to lift a little bit, that just means your ankles are not as flexible. No problem. Hold it though. Not the breath, just the shape. Read open through the chest and lift yourself all the way back up. One more time. Inhale at the top, XL, roll it down.

And again, the idea of pulling your stomach away from your fingertips. Just another way of saying hollow out the front of you. Puff out the back of you. Stay easy. Shoulders Long. Next, lift yourself all the way back up. And then this time you roll yourself all the way down. Over slow count of 10 and nine and eight and seven and six.

Breathe as you go. You're halfway and four and three and two and one. Reach your arms over your head, stretch your legs out long in front of you and then bring your arms down by your sides. It's a rollover prep again. So the legs don't go over ahead. We just lift our leg straight up to 90 degrees. Press your arms into the matter, open the chest. Uh, if you're like straight up to 92 wheeze and pass, see if you can make your hips just a tiny little bit lighter on the Mat without lifting them up fully yet. Stretch the knees instead. Lower the hips down.

Lengthen your legs away from you. God. Keep pushing your shoulders open into the mat. Legs come all the way to rest on the ground and we'll do the same thing again. Press your mat away. We'll lift your leg straight up. Press them together so tightly without tilting the legs any closer towards you.

Can you unweight your hips, air resorts lightly opening the Chesil, lengthening through the back of the neck. Beautiful. Hips down, legs down. Good. If the hip lift happen happens for you today, use it. If not, I'll keep the hip steady. We add the circles legs lift up straight up to the ceiling. Open the legs as wide as your mat. Circle him away from you. Close them together. Do it twice. More open and lower.

Squeeze in a lift once more. Open and lower. Squeeze and the lift. Reverse it three times. We've done this before, so now we start to move a little faster. See if the body can make good decisions a little quicker. Four to down, around and up. And one more time. Down, around and up. Bring your legs together. One leg circle. Lower both legs down to start. Lift your right leg straight up to the ceiling.

Using the same technique to lift. Flex the left foot, the one that's on the ground. Take your hip up to take the leg across. Circle the leg down around it up three times. Start to move a little quicker than you would one to Mimi faster than your brain can process so that you don't get into your own way of moving. Then reverse it. Three types. See if your body's primed enough to now withstand that. Where's that happens? As you lift the hip hop, you take one more down around it.

Up so good. You guys lower the right leg down, left leg up. Let's take the other side just three times each way over, down, around and up. Remember, it's a spinal twist before it is a stirring action of the legs who really get to roll through your whole spine. After three reverse it. Your arms are still pushing the floor away to keep the stability through your chest and your shoulder girdle, and of course you breathing right in case I haven't mentioned that yet. One more time. Take the leg up and then lowered away from you and down.

Reach your arms over your head. We'll transition into our rolling like a bar position with long legs, long arms. Float yourself above the ground. Arms, head, neck, shoulders, legs. Lift up. Bend your knees up into your chest. Make a ball at the top right. It's your rolling like a ball. Start position. Hold it here. Heels to seat. Nice to the ceiling. Shoulders to the nice. Find your breath.

Puff out your back more and reverse the action. Stretch your arms and legs forward. Slowly roll yourself all the way down. I know you can hardly wait to roll like a ball. You'll have to wait a little longer. Roll yourself down again, lower your feet, your head and reach your arms over your head like it never happened. Let's try it one more time. Arms up and forward. Chin over chest.

I know I can never wait to roll like a bottle and mal cost come all the way up. Heels to see knees and shoulders close together. Now you get to roll like a ball. Have some fun. Roll yourself back. Lift your bottoms up and come back to center. Keep on going. Don't wait for me to you to roll back and forth. Instead, think about your shorter bridge prep we did earlier on how high your hips were up there relative to your shoulders.

Can you get to that same place so they're both shoulder blades, land on the mat and your hips can be suspended up towards the ceiling for a moment longer than you would one to take a deep breath in and roll it up. Cause here's your next inversion, right? We're rolling back. Lifting up. Two more. Rolling back and lifting up. You are so perfectly synchronized. I needed to see another one. The last one. Roll it back. Lifted all the way up, right knee to chest, left leg long. That was perfect. Roll yourself onto your lower back. It's your one leg stretch. We the left leg.

I'm focused on. Stretch it away from you, away from you, away from you. Then switch right leg. Switch it away from you, away from you, away from you and go switch and switch and switch and switch. Breathing and breathing. Ouch. Really, when it pleases you, make sure that your breath doesn't get stuck and find that our position of one knee coming in, one leg stretching out and Paul switch and Paul and Paul massaging the stomach, confessing through the hib with a nice strong pull of the arms each time that knee might just come a little closer to your ear. Paul's switch, Paul, you've got three, you've got two, you've got one. Both knees come in, the head stays up, but curl it up a little bit higher north by bringing your chin to your chest, but by lengthening the back of your neck. Inhale, stretch your legs forward towards the person in front of you. Press your plans into the size of your thighs. It's your double leg stretch. Exhale, bend your knees back in. Squeeze them in so much.

There's no space for your air to stay inside of you. Do it again. Reach your legs across the room. Reach your arms into your legs. Exhale, bend your knees into your chest. Have them in a little tighter. Inhale, go out again as your knees come in and as you pull him in harder do that. Can you feel your low back? Stretch a little deeper. Do that two more times. Inhale, reach, exhale, come back in and remember our little rocking we did into our double leg stretch last one. Bend Unis in rock back and forth like a ball three times and then try to bring yourself up to seated all the way up. You guys are amazing.

Bring your legs out in front of you. Flex your feet, legs as wide apart as your mat. It's your spine. Stretch forward. Press your fingertips down to lift your spine up again. Try to push your whole body back towards the back of your sitz walls just a little bit. Take a deep inhale, exhale on the chest, round yourself down. You get the three repetitions of this to warm up for the open leg Rocklin. Inhale, lift yourself back up. Flex your toes back harder. Go again.

Rounding down. Pull the head down right between your knees, but not at the cost of pointing your toes away from you. Keep pulling them back in here. Lift up just one more time. Push out through the heels, toes back, and rounding down. Nice. Try to create space between your hips and your ribs like you're lifting your stomach or away from the floor. Inhale, lift your spine back up. Stretch your arms forward. Soften your toes away from you.

Now sit up nice and tall. It's our transition into the open leg rocker. We'll it once like last time and then I'll give you a more advanced version. Roll yourself back about halfway. It's really until you meet that point where your legs and your torso weigh about the same and you can just hover your legs up. At that point, drag your knees in towards you. Grab Ahold of your ankles and try to extend your legs out.

You go towards straight towards being the most important word here, right? They don't have to be straight. If you can support that, if things could start to go crazy, shaky, right? Bend your knees back in. Slide your feet out along the ground in front of you and then sit back up. If you're saying, no problem, I got this. You might want to try this. Next one. Roll yourself back again to that same spot.

Feel free to do what you just did or lift two straight legs up into your hands. Hold that. Try to pull on your legs to lift yourself up without straightening out your spine and again, just explore your balance here. Are you breathing? Just checking, lower the legs down and sit back up. Now pick which is the right transition for you.

I want to see six different versions right row. He's held back. Lift your legs up. Are you ready to roll like a ball yet again? This is your time. Roll back and forth. Think about that same inversion that we wound up for earlier.

Rolling back and forth. Take it back and lift it. Good. Can You keep your legs in the same exact configuration that you set yourself up in? Because otherwise you're just creating momentum from a different place in your body. Find lengthen your spine and this looks great. A couple of more rolling back, lifting back up. Here's your last one. Give me a picture. Perfect balance at the end. If you can, no pressure, then try one more time. Roll it back and lifted up and try harder.

Lift yourself back up and hold again. No pressure. Okay, I'll take it. I'll take it. Let go over your legs. Let them come down on the ground and shake out your legs against the floor. Nice work. See how these start to thread together so easily. Well, again, easy being a relative term. Bring your arms out to the side for the saw. Flex your feet, hug your shoulder weights together.

Lift your chest tall and proud. At no point do you want to feel your spine. Get any shorter than this. All right. Keep that in mind. Your twist to the right you round forward. It looks like it gets shorter, but it doesn't feel that way in her. Come back to the center. Reach the fingertips apart. Biggest wingspan possible. Take a left. Exhale rolling down.

Stretch your arms away from each other as you pass through center. Remember you need that in your swan dive. Next, take it to the ride. Roll down. Exhale the air. Come back to center. Take it to the left and exhale. Roll over the other leg. Easy head. One more time each way. Stretch the chest open. Take it right XL, roll down.

Flex the toes back strong as you keep your hips in place. God you guys, and take it through the center to the left. Final one, I promise. Roll on down, down, down, down, down until there's no more down. Lift back up and release the arms. We're going to be on our stomach with our heads in towards the middle, so make that happen efficiently if you can, into our swan dive, so be prepared to bring your arms out into that t position. Left and rights. You might have to stagger with your neighbor here for a moment. Legs together strongly. Again, find our military stance and your legs.

If it's served you heels touched, toes apart, arms left and right head forward. Press your hip bones down the last part that'll remain on the ground. Lift your chest forward and up away from your hips, pressing down your feedback behind from your hips, pressing down and then your arms left and right from your chest opening up. Let it have you hover off the ground and stay with that. Can you find more length between the crown of your head and your toes?

That's really all I'm interested in. Not Height but length. Slowly come all the way back down. Did that bring your legs apart? Can you bring them back together? Try it again. Lift yourself back up. If your legs come apart, that just means you're unlocking some mobility in your lower back that maybe you don't want to use right now. See if you can keep the legs together instead and maybe not come up quite as high. Press the hipbones down streets.

You feed back with your arms out left and right and then lower everything back down. One more time. Deep breath in. We're going to transition this right into our one leg kicks, or once you're up, try to maintain the height of your chest. Make a pillow under your forehead with both hands on top of one another. Rest your forehead down onto your hands, but keep your legs up. Kick the right heel to your seat twice, once, twice.

And then switch to the other side. Heel to seat one, two and switch should get more. One, two and switch again. Or One, two, bending the knee. Heel two, seed one and two. Stretch it back and kick other side too. And stretch should back. Keep on going with that. Remember that we try to keep our thighs lifted off the ground and if you start to notice that you're rocking forward and back on your mat, see if you can find a way to not rock forward and back. Maybe by pressing your hipbones further down, finding more length through your spine. Kick kick.

One more set right in left kick, right kick, right and last time, left and left. Stretch it back. Lower the legs down. Turn your head to the right. Take your hands to your lower back. Remember our devil like HIG is next. Use Your hands this time not to stretch out your shoulders. Here's a different idea. Take your hands down against your sacred, which is that big bony played in the back of your pelvis and then traction your sacrum away from you.

It's like you're pushing your hands down towards the end of your spine to give yourself more length in your lower back and then let your elbows fall down from there. Keep that length in your low back. Lift both legs up. Kick both here through your seat. Once, twice. Stretch your feedback and up. Hands back in, up. Chest forward and up. Smile at the person across from you and take your head the other way. Come down, kick once, kicked twice, feet up and back. Hands up and back. Chest forward and up. It's hard away from toes. Remember, take it down, stretch it up. Take a deep breath at the top. Turn the head to the other side.

Kick, kick. Lift yourself back up a little high. Each time you get one more set. Head to the right cake kick. Stretch the feedback with the chest forward and up. Here's your last one. Kick one, two, lift. Hold yourself there. Try to sustain your breath. Let your fingers come apart. Circle your arms out to the side until you're t-shaped.

Reach your arms all the way out in front of you now without letting your chest coming down so that your fingertips and your toes away from each other. For three, are you still breathing? Two and one. Lower everything down. Sit back over your heels. Nice work you guys. Give yourself a good little counter stretch. Remember that this position is very reminiscent of your rolling back.

You're rolling like a ball, right? It's kind of your double leg stretch so that you hit really fold in, push through your hands, and sit back far. All right. That was the first time that I have some bad news for you. I'm going to do the neck pole next. No one's favorite, right? Or maybe, maybe I'm wrong in someone's favorite exercise. No, didn't think so. Come on up. We'll make it a little better today. I promise.

So that your legs out long in front of you this time only have distance apart, right? So not like in the spine stretch or the SAR where we have the legs wider. There are about hip distance apart. Take your hands behind your head. Here's the good news. We're just gonna work the up portion. Take your hands behind your head like you did standing in the beginning. You're never going to pull your head down, right?

So the neck pole idea is not to pull your neck down or forward the ideas up so you push your head back into your hands so that your hands can then pull and traction your neck up and up and up. In fact, not just away from your hips, but all the way away from your heels. See if you can make sense of that. Press your head back and stretch your neck up away from your heels. Now start to round your spine forward, but still your head is not being pulls down. You're still pushing your head up into your hands. Go as deeply as you can and then inhale, lift yourself back up. In fact, you want to feel the muscles in your upper back work. Start to finish.

Push your head back as you round yourself forward. If you were to let go of your head any place along the way, your head will just fling all the way back behind you, right? That's how hard you're pushing your head back or lifted all the way up like you can and ball. That's it. One more time. Lift up Paul, the toes back. Exhale, round forward. His stomach is lifting away from the thighs. This massive space between hips and ribs and your head is traction.

Lift yourself all the way back up. Good. If you're not all the way at the end of your mat with your feet, come forward a little bit. We're going to approach the direction backwards now so we need some space behind us. Flex your feet, same exact start position. Hands behind your head. This is true again prepares for inversion and that we're going to bear weight into our head once we are doing our scissors and our bicycle and our shoulder bridge. So think of it as that your bearing weighed in to your head and Jerry, your neck muscles by pushing your head back into your hands. Round yourself forward. One more time, the same way you did before going inhale, lift yourself back up and then take the same motion.

But instead of going forward, you go back, exhale, round your spine back and down only to the place where you feel like you're going to get stuck and you wouldn't be able to come back up if you went down any further. Lift yourself back up from there. Lift the spine, exhale around forward again, lift yourself back up so each one of you is going to hit a different point in space. Sit your spine up and then go the opposite direction. Where's the point of return for you, right? So not the point of no return of push through the heels. Lift yourself back up and round up and forward. We'll do one more like that. See if you can take it a millimeter further or two or three.

What is it now for you? Now that you've done this a couple of times, does your body have more space, more strength, more facility? And can it come up from there? Yes. And yourself all the way up. She's smiling. Rounding forward. Pull the toes back strongly and then lift yourself all the way back up. And this time you're only gonna roll yourself all the way down.

So go all the way. Pull your hips under. Start to roll yourself back. He pressing your head into your hands to keep the front of your throat open. Roll yourself all the way down, and once your head is down, you no longer have to come back up. Ah, bringing your arms down by your sides. Make sure your head is supported on the mat. Bend your knees into your chest. Give yourself a quick little hug.

I'm gonna go back into our shoulder bridge from here. So make sure that you make space in your lower back here. Take your feet down right in front of your hips. Same as in the very beginning, feet, hip distance apart waiters and your heels. Arms are long by your sides. Lift your hips right back up to the ceiling like you did in the start. See if now there's more space in the front of your hips.

Try to unfold the front crease of your hips by pushing your heels down more. It might just get you see to work a little harder. And remember, we want the neck to be long, so walk your fingertips away from your shoulders while you added. Once you have that position, it's challenging. Can you take your right leg straight up to the ceiling with no big massive change in the rest of your body, right? Obviously your left leg has to work a little harder to support you here.

Maybe the breath is starting to go away. Don't let it keep pushing your arms back to they're there for you to be supported right now. Bend that knee back in. We place the third left leg goes up. How much really has to change? Check in with that right knee of yours to that cave in rollout. See if you can find a more supportive position.

Then take that foot back to the ground. Roll yourself onto your mat against space behind your heart. Comes down first. Sit your hips towards the heels and once you release Tuck of your pelvis, we'll go one more time. Lift your hips up, up, up. Remember to stretch your knees forward so the weight of your hips pulls away from your neck. Once you're there, take your right leg up and stay. Is there still weighed in your left heel more than the left toes and grip the floor. Change legs, right leg down, left leg up. Hold that.

Push so much through your right heel that your hips are really up nice and high. Feel the support of your shoulders and your head. Take your foot back to the ground. Slowly roll your spine back down. Down. Yeah. Nicely done. You guys stretch your legs up long in front of you. Lift your arms up and back over your head.

Are you ready for your first wheel roll up? Maybe you don't know. I don't know. Can we try to like see your feet? Press your heels into the ground, squeeze your legs together in a supportive way. Inhale, lift your arms up and forward. Chin over your chest. Make space in the back of your neck and see if you can roll yourself all the way up to seated. I think you can. Yes. Take a big step forward over your legs. Release your head. So good you guys, and then lift yourself all the way back up.

Shake out your legs for a second. Ah, all right, I think we're ready for our teasers. Yup, it's time. It's time. Here's the good news. Here he goes again with his good news, right? Um, you've already done it so many times, right? That a hundred lifts that we worked on in every single lesson so far. It's a mini teaser. Now you just go a little higher up. That's all right. You've already tested that position and you're open lake rocker.

Remember how your legs were up and your spine was rounded against that? The only thing that's different is now your legs are together. Easy peasy. You've already done it. Bring your legs out in front of you. Press your legs together, stretch your arms up in away from you. The transition is going to be exactly the same as our open leg rocker because it's the same shape. Curl yourself back without slouching, right?

You keep that lift to your spine as you roll yourself back, get light enough so that your heels can slide slightly off the ground and bend your knees in towards your chest. Keep the knees in space unfold. Fold your legs up in the air and see if you can hold that position without losing your breath. Can you breathe yourself? Tyler, can you make more space in your back? Bend your knees back in. Slide your legs back out. Sit yourself back up, right. Not that hard. Roll yourself back. We'll try it again and I know that's a lie. Then your knees in knee stay. Just unfold your legs up in the air.

Reach for your toes like one day in the future. You might be able to touch them and then bend your knees back in. Slide your legs out and set yourself back up. Remember the other transition into open leg Rockaway, two straight legs lifted. I think you do. If that was easy to you, we'll try the other one.

If not, you just keep doing that. All right, we'll have two more. Roll yourself back. I'm going to demonstrate the more advanced progression. Lift your straight legs up towards your arms, parallel to each other. Keep reaching through your thing as keep reaching through your toes. Keep lifting through your spine, lower the straight legs down if that's how you went up.

And then sit yourself back up. Alright, we're going to have one more and there's a little surprise at the end. All right? So make sure you don't lose your breath. Take yourself back, whichever variation you like going into it. Lift your legs up. Find your teaser. It might have been nice, but it has a lifted spine. It has tons of breasts. Your legs stay. Roll yourself down to your point of return because I want you to come back up.

Do that twice more. Roll yourself down. Don't panic or lift yourself all the way back up. One more time. You can do it. Roll it down. Lifted all the way up. All right, lower the legs down. Take a stretch over your legs, phenomenal. Release your head fully. Give yourself a pat on the back while you're here, flip over to your stomachs. Let's forget about our teaser right away and do the antedote, which is a back bend heads towards the middle enough space in front of you so that you can switch your arms towards one another. Remember, we've been there before, earlier on when we were in the back.

Then we finished with that big arm circle. Now we're going to reverse that. First we'll do swimming, which is new to you guys. To you press your hipbones down into the mat. You'll lift all four limbs off the mat. You arms your legs, you lift your head up too and you peak just towards the front edge of your mat. Or if your back man is good enough, maybe even at the person in front of you, your hips are down, your arms and legs extending away from each other.

Find maximum space. Now lift your right arm and your left leg as high as you can, but stretch them away from each other while you added, switched that through the other side. Hold that now. Lift everything up as high as you can and lower everything down. Oh, let's do that again. Hips down, arms forward, legs, back and weight. Lift up. Lift your left arm a little high. Lift your right leg a little high while you added.

Pull them away from each other. Switch to the other side. Then lift everything up. Are you breathing? Lower? Everything back down. If that went all right for you, you alternate very quickly between the two. And then you have your full swimming. Otherwise do what you just did. Hips down, chest forward and up. Feedback and up. Arms lift. Off you go. 10, eight, seven, six. Fuck poor. Keep pulling yourself longer too.

And once day and lift everything up for three, for two. Let me hear you. Breathe a little good and release on down. Sit back over your heels. Give yourself another counter stretch. Excellent work. You guys feel worked out? I would say so, right? So we really put it all together at this point.

We found all that control over our head, weighed in the start, control over the length of our spine. We organized in so many different ways throughout these movements, which is really what the plot is. Math work is, right? There's a full sequence of 34 exercises. There's tons of more of these lessons that we will do in the future to get to that full expression of it. But this is a great place to start. Very nice work you guys. We still have our planks to do so.

Come back onto your stomach. I know part of you was like, oh wait, we're done. No, no, no, no, no. I was just giving you a break. That was the real teaser. That's right. Come back onto your stomach. Reach your arms up, log in front of you. Go right back to where you just left off. Somebody. Some quote I've found recently said that good teaching is one fourth preparation and three fours pure theater, and I find that to be very true.

Sometimes you press your headphones down, you sweat your arms fall, which was the person across from you. You lift your arms and your legs off the ground. You lift your chin away from your chest. You try to look at the person in front of you. Remember how to get into your plan. From here, you slide your hands under your shoulders and you tuck your toes under behind.

You keep the strength you just built in your back and try to push yourself up into a full on plank position. Once you're up there, make length between your head and your heels. Yes, try to lift your hips up. If you need to drop to the knees to sustain the position. Be My guests. You have 10 seconds here. You're already halfway through. Press your heels and hips back. Row The hip slightly under. Pull your chest through your arms all at the same time.

Check in with your wrists. Hold it for five, four, three, two. Lift your hips up. Drop the head and walk your hands back towards two flat feet. Soften your knees as much as you need to to get your hands and feet flat. Release the head and enroll yourself all the way up to standing. Take a deep breath at the top. I'm going to go right back into that plank.

You bring your Chin over your chest, you roll yourself down again. Get your hands flat down in front of your big toes. If you need to bend your knees. That's cool. Walk your hands out into that playing position. Good. I remember how we liked the wooden floor for your risk. Stress.

You got it. Do that here. Remember our side playing from last time? I do. Take your right hand down right under the center of your chest. Lift your left arm up to the ceiling. Yes. Open your chest towards the left side of the room as well.

Where your inner thighs meet. Press them together. Can you press your heels and your head away from each other? Find more length across the chest and then gently transition to the other side. We're only getting to do it once this time. Open across the chest. Maximum Wingspan. Think of your saw arms. You'll swan dive arms, stretch them away from each other for three Yazzie gardens.

Any dread to lift that arm up for just a second one. Take that arm back down. Come into a full arm plank. Lift your hips, drop your head and walk your hands back towards your flat feet. Second time around, maybe your knees don't have to bend as much anymore to get your hands flat down in front of your feet. Check in with that, right? Does it feel different? Slowly roll yourself all the way up. All right, and just so we don't get into each other's way, sandy and Tim, can you take a big step forward to the middle of your mat?

Everybody else stay where you are. We're going to finish with arm circles, right? I always like to finish with a good, strong breath because again, our everyday life doesn't give us many moments where we get to focus on just that. And you just me, yourself, all the space inside your body, right? So close your eyes for a second. Bring your heels together, your toes apart. Find that very supportive military stance underneath you acted legs active, Hibbs, and then even make fists with your hands to give some energy to your arms as well. Let your shoulders be loose, but your hands are strong. Take a deep inhale, lift your arms up towards the ceiling like you're pushing the roof of the studio on the XL. Circle the arms out to the site and down like you're pulling springs or rubber bands from the ceiling. Do that again. Stamp your heels down. Inhale, lift the arms up and then exhale. Press the arms out to the side and down.

Do that a couple of more times. Inhale up. Exhale as the arms come down. Can you spine get taller? One more time. Inhale, arms lift. Exhale, arms come down. Now reverse that. If it serves you better. Stretch the fingers out and Xcel. Bring the arms forward and down. Two more times, the movement and the breath be one. Exhale, arms come down. Here's your last one. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, arms come forward and down and just stay here for a second.

Remind yourself what all this work was about to create space and support for your joints. Check in with that. You feel loose, more open, more heated on the inside. What about your spine? Is there a sense of ease through that? Lift through the central central axis of you and then your organs? Is there more space between your hips and your ribs? Take one more breath here. Exited. All ouch, and then all you have to do is keep practicing.

Very nice work you guys. Thank you so much.


This class was so good that I now want to do a class with you every day Benjamin.

You are so precise in your language - even your humour and asides are economical and entirely to the point. What I particularly like is the way that you layer direct, indirect and sound cues throughout. I did not have to look at the screen once.

Other than that this series of 4 lessons is so rich and full of your energy and passion.
Benjamin Degenhardt
Such a sweet comment Megan, thank you so much for your feedback! More to come, let's see if we can grow this series for you to take class everyday ;)
2 people like this.
It is refreshing to see mixed levels in a class, and more guys! Great job Benjamin, keep up the awesome work!
1 person likes this.
Keep 'em coming, Benjamin! I am re-inspired every day by the authenticity and care in your approach.
1 person likes this.
Really enjoyed this series. Such precise and deep cueing (didn't have to even look at the screen...!). Body feels so good ... Wonderful! Benjamin is a truly gifted teacher.
1 person likes this.
I've just started Pilates. Your classes are great for me, lots of clear instruction and reminders about how to get the best out of each exercise. The level is just right. More more more please,
1 person likes this.
Marvellous! fabulous! Brilliant!- so enjoyable as well as being hard work! What a great gifted teacher- thank you so much
1 person likes this.
I am loving this series of classes. I have enjoyed doing them for myself and going back to basics. I have also taken bits into my classes and have great feedback from my clients. Your cueing is so easy to understand and its good to have new ways of saying things as I am sure my clients switch off as soon as I mention the exercise we are doing!! They are differently concentrating again! Cant wait to see the rest of the series.
1 person likes this.
Yes, again! Loving the whole series! Beautiful progressions! Thank you Benjamin!
Karen M
1 person likes this.
Perfect progressive pace and the alternative way to get into teaser. I will look for more of your classes. Thank you!
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