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Get ready to move in this standing class with Amy Havens! It's an express class that doesn't go to the floor at all. She teaches a full body workout, so this is a great class to quickly energize you as you start your day!
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Hi everyone. I have a standing mat class for us today. It's actually not even any mat work. We're not going down to the ground at all. A magic circle is what you'll need. And if you on a sticky mat, you don't even need that best is going to be on a hardwood floor or even carpet is fine. There'll be a few little movements that we do where we want to brush the foot against the floor. So having something smooth surface is best.

So non-slip socks, you don't even need those. Those little nubbies will probably hinder your work. So barefoot is best. Let's go ahead and get started. I want you to start with your magic circle right in the palms of your hands and your legs are in parallel. And just take a quick scan, a quick inventory from your feet all the way up to the top of your head and beyond. And just think of yourself a growing taller, a sense of lifting your arches up, uh, your femurs up into your hip sockets, your spine nice and tall and maybe even that the head is floating right on the atlas. And the axis of your spine. So let's begin with breathing and raising the arms up, shoulder level, taking an inhale and exhale, lowering the arms down.

So this class really is going to be a lot of upper body shoulder work. You'll get into your legs as well, and just a nice kind of express workout. Inhale, lift and exhale lower. I'm doing eight of these just to warm up our shoulders. There's a slight inward press of the upper arm.

[inaudible] big inhale into the ribs and down. Don't forget to breathe back into the rib cage and lower. Let stay up on the next one. Inhale and exhale. Hold bringing their ring to your chest eight times and exhale. Ah, so again, I want you to think each time that you're reading in that you're growing taller so that we're pulling the ring in towards your chest is also encouraging a pull upward of your bones of your abdominals energy.

Inhale and exhale. Let's do four more elbows pointing out, trying to stabilize the neck and collar bone, not shrugging up. It's really getting into your shoulders and your shoulder girdle. Rotator cuff. One more time. All right. Now I'm going to have you hold your arms right out in front and Relevate four times in parallel and lower your heels.

Slight inward press with your upper arms and a slight in wordpress with your inner thighs and lower and inhale and lower. Now externally rotate the legs and rolled a parallel. Roll. The external rotation in parallel so that work is coming right from the top of your thigh in your hip socket. Not necessarily knees and feet. It's the femur and when going into your turnout, you should definitely feel the glute muscles contract in that motion there and parallel and hold. All right. Relevate is four times here. I want you to keep your heels touching so these aren't as high as you may think.

You need to go hold your inner thighs together more than anything else and feel the heels together. You may feel more work in your rear end. Let's do four more. Actually inhale, lift, exhale, lower. Doesn't mean you can endeavor to go higher, but I don't need you to go popping those heels up and down. They stable shoulders, strong body, and lower and last one, lift and lower. Lower your arms.

And we're just going to move on to the next sequence, which is a brush of your foot out to the side. So let's just kind of warm up with that. I'm going to brush my right leg on the floor, lunge out and pull it back in. Let's do it again. So brush, do the toes, lay them on a bent knee, push off the floor, come back in. Let's practice two more. Okay, we'll do four practices on each side. There's our fourth one. Try your left side, brush your foot, land in a bent leg, brush, close brush and land.

Actually you're pushing off the ground on the return rush land rush in end brush. Okay, so it's kind of a brushed on. Do let's add arm work, brush to the chest out, same direction. Rush, pull to the chest reach. And this is definitely getting upper body coordination balance and four to the other side. So we brush lunge and I want you to think of using your legs strongly there to push off. [inaudible] strong push off. So I'm going to have this do the whole thing again, just four of these, each side lift so that you're kind of getting the hang of it here.

Lift, lunge, push and brush. Lunge. Push. Last one on this side. Get Ready, change to the left. Breathe as you need to. I'm just finding myself wanting to do an inhale. Exhale each time.

[inaudible] and down. And last one, brush, land and rest. Okay, so let's close into a smaller, uh, position of parallel. Actually raise your arms up, but I'm going to have you tuck your thumb inside the ring. Raise the arms up overhead and just pull out for a moment. Pull the thumbs out. Feel as though when you pull out on the ring that your rib cage can actually expand. And just take a few breaths. Sinking your shoulders.

If this is too much strain on your shoulders or if you feel like you're kind of getting caught up here, you may want to modify to bring your arm slightly forward so you can stabilize and control your shoulders a little bit better. So what we're moving into next is pulsing our hips. So I'm going to keep the arms up and lean my hips to the side and center. We're going to alternate sides. So if the hip, hip, left hip and it might feel a little strange and a little off center. So let's change the feet. Try it with turnout. I bet you'll feel better. Yep.

Hip and some tears and pelvis to this side and center and stretch your hips to the side. Just keep going. You'd probably get a little bit more used to it. Let's go. Eight more hips, hips center. If your shoulders are getting tired, feel free to do it here. Hip, hip and center and hip, hip. We've got four more. Don't forget to lift the abdominals up and lower your shoulders down. And so with this position, your s your spine is relatively steady and straight. It's just the hips moving. Okay, lower your arms for a break.

The next one is moving the spine but not the pelvis. So lifting up. So now you'll see that the pelvis stays steady, endless lift and side bend all the way over. Little pulse, pulse and center, other direction and reach, reach center. So hopefully you're feeling the difference between the pelvis was moving in the first round and this is your side bend with your body. Four more here and up and over and left. You're definitely going to feel your waistline contracting and lengthening and office. Just take one more and side bend, side bend and down.

Lower your arms. Now something just to kind of move the arms. Do a big circle four times. Move them up the other way. And four, three. So we're going to do one more little pattern. One each direction. Circle around. Stop. Circle around, stop. Circle around. Stop. Let's try it. And relevant. Let's see what happens down around. Stop down around heels, squeezed down around. I'm going to give us another shot.

Heels down for four down around lift. Feel your stomach work in and up. Let's do four with the yields off the floor. One and two. Oh boy. Three and four, and lower your arms and lower your feet and harassed. So moving onto the next pattern or sequencing, we've done everything to do the next layer and it's the brushed do again.

Arms. You're gonna Brush with the, uh, leg going outside. Bend, push and down. Let's do the same side four times to kind of get it in our system. Arms Up, brush side, bend, lunge, push, same side. So I lift brush, side bend, tried this and talking. It's very challenging and Seidman. Push off the floor. Okay, lift sidemen we'll get another chance.

Let's do the left four times. So where it's up, where? Side bending, we're pushing off the ground center. Lift yourself. Bend, lift, return, brush, reach. So we'll go to each side again, but we're gonna alternate eight times. So your brain has to work. Lift and bend. Push. Let's go left and then you might fall off balance. It's okay. Brush, bend, push off the floor, lift, get into those legs. Let's do four more guys.

Up Bend up and center. Feel the breath. Last one here and last one here. Up and bend. Center and down. Okay. Hope you're getting a little breathy like I am. I want you to put the magic circle on the side of your femur head on this side. So we've talked about this before in other classes.

If you follow the line of your leg up, there's a bump, the greater trocanter. Other teachers have talked about that place on the body as well, so you want to put the ring right there and then plates the hand on the pad. Other arm for me, I want you out with like this so your arms are somewhat in the same shape. Okay, now it's the upper arm bone that I want you to externally rotate. It's not the shoulder girdle that moves. It's the arm bone inward rotation and external rotation.

Inward and external. It's kind of tiny. You could maybe think of referencing your elbow pointing towards your hip, elbow away from your hip. That might do it. Let's rotate. Rotate out externally, rotate internally, rotate to more. It's a really nice way to get some movement in the joint and then staying here, which is external rotation of your humerus. Pulse the ring. Press it in. I'm thinking my inner arm, skin and triceps pulling into my lat four and three and two and one other side, but we'll come back to that. Our movement with some other work.

Follow the line of your thigh, put the pad on the greater choke, Kantor hand on the other side, organize the second arm, feel tall, and here we go. Externally, rotate your humerus arm bone internally, rotate externally internally, and of course you're going to feel different on either side of your body. By nature, we're nev. No one's really truly completely balanced. We're endeavoring to become more balanced, endeavoring to keep the torso steady as we isolate these arm movements. Let's do one more of each and then stay. Oops. Slipping on my pants in. External and pulse the arm, so inner arm toward lat, triceps toward lat, triceps and again four and three and two and one.

So hope you're feeling your upper arms and your upper body. Let's go out to second position and fairly wide. Same thing with the ring on the side, but this time instead of on the tro canter, which is going to be too low, find your hip bone, the front of your pelvis and then put the ring on the side of that hipbones. It's quite a bit higher. Okay. And same thing, squeezed with the other arm on the hand. Other arm is out to the side. Now I want you to lift the heel of this foot and down just to four or five so you can feel you don't have to bend your knee yet to lift your heel. Okay, but now hold it up. Now Bend it.

Now straighten it and put your heel down. Let's do that eight times as you bend your knee, squeeze the ring in, open and down. Let's breathe. Now if you have a little issue with a knee, you just don't need to lunge that deeply to the side. That's all you need to do. Just don't go so far. Okay, let's do four more so we have a heel and a lunge. Lift down, lift the heel, lunge, last tune. We'll stay out there on the second one, which is the last one right here and hold of course, pulse and pulse. And let's not forget our leg.

We're going to add some pulses of the leg. Little bit more lunge, little bit more line. Pulse. I'm going for eight more guys and we've won. And to push off the floor. Three, you're gonna feel your quads, good muscles to work, keeping your turnout from your hip and seven and eight. Okay, other side, just swing that over. Hip Bone on the side hand is ready. Lift your heel, lower your heel. We did five up. Feel your whole upper leg lift as well.

So you want to feel the work even up in your inner thigh. Lift and hold, adding the lunch, adding no rings, squeeze and press. Heel and knee and heel. And Neal, let's go for more. Try to turn out more from the top of your leg and lift and lift. We're gonna stay whole on the ring or press it in. Press and press. Adding the lunge. Go a little deeper and lunch and good.

We're like eight more here and one the pumping the muscles in the upper body. Three and four, just four and lunch. Push off the ground. Three and four. Okay. Swing your ring down. Bring it again. Up overhead. I'm going to Tuck my thumb inside again. Lift now. Really give a sense of for a moment anyway, lift your shoulders.

Get the whole sides of you from your hipbones to your fingers elongated, and then just settle the shoulders. Okay? Now I want you to bend your elbows, extend your elbows. My thumb came out of there. I want to put my thumb up with my fingers straight. And so trying to stretch the triceps and work the triceps. Bend. Lift up your stomach, pull your inner thighs toward one another, hand straighten, bend and straighten last two and straight and keep it behind and whole. Let's squeeze. That's hard release eight times.

Squeeze really so you can actually feel that effort of squeezing your last two and maybe your abdominals, maybe your glutes. Make it full body and six blast to seven and eight. Okay, reach it up. Now I want you to bend your knees. I'm going to look away from you for a minute and just pulse your knees down, drop your body and then ring goes all the way above our head. It comes down and we pulse posts all the way up.

Eight of these. Let's count one here. One and left. Now I want you just to kind of release the energy and then Elongate, tried to turn out from your hips and up and down. So four more. Here we go. And release, release, lift, release, release and lift. Last to just let it go. And last time and center, Tuck your thumb in again.

Last piece here, everybody lift yourself and side bend generously. How far can you go? I'm thinking about my top side, getting long, but my bottom side getting along as well. And Center, we'll do eight of these and then we'll add that little PA bouncing bit and up and over. Really feel your body move. Open it up. Okay. And the center. So again, a little express workout.

Feel free to add this to the beginning or end of other classes or just do it by itself. Up and over and up. Last one and our last piece of this class, go over to the side bend again. Now keep going. Make a circle and do the bounce. Bounce arms come all the way up other sides. So as Simon said, I had been released, bounce, bounce, all the way up. Six more. Oh, over and drop and bounce.

Bounce all the way up to the left. Stand over and wrap it and bounce. Send, bounce, the lifted. Go. Here we go. Bigger movement and catch, bounce and bounce and rise over. Plead a bounce, bounce and bounce. Last one each direction. Let it feel good. [inaudible] and up.

Last one for this class and over on bounce, bounce, rise. What we'll do to finish is just lower the arms. Pull yourself tall toe heel. Thanks everyone. Hope you had a brisk workout like I did. Let me know what you think. I'll see you next time.


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Wonderful, brisk and effective workout!
Thank you Amy!
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Lots of nice ideas that can be used for Pre and Post Natal classes too! Thank you, Amy.
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Thank you, Amy, love the standing work, it gets you nicely warmed up (for mat work after, if you have time). Your dance background shows beautifully in you work. Love your arms holds. They never look droopy, you work them all the time.
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Effective way to warm up the shoulder girdle at the beginning of a class. Thanks Amy !
Thanks so much gals! :) Very happy that you like it and felt some good work in your bodies!
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Really enjoyed this. Always looking for inspiring new ways to begin a class. I'd like to see more of these openers.
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Fun! This will be a great precursor to my barre class. Definitely felt the shoulder work.
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Thanks Amy it was exactly what I needed this morning
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Great class, Amy! Thank you! I watched it for the first time tonight to make certain my knees can handle it, so I'll give the class an actual try this weekend. Thank you for remembering about 'sensitive knees' and encouraging slight modifications, if necessary. I miss you every single time practice! XOXO
Eimear G
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I always love Amy's classes, good one!
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