Class #2347

Mixed Equipment Workout

40 min - Class


Experience a circuit session in this Mixed Equipment workout with Karen Sanzo. She starts with a dynamic flexibility segment on the Mat and moves on to challenging exercises on the Reformer and Wunda Chair. She includes many creative variations like a Single Arm Knee Stretch, Going Up Front with a Lunge, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Reformer, Mat, Mixed Equipment

About This Video


Hi. In this session we're going to experience a little bit like a circuit session. Do a warm up on the mat, followed by reformer, followed by the chair. Nothing really fancy but very connected. I'll s...


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Great workout and variations , thanks so much for your teaching!
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Love the back bend over the chair, great idea!!
You go girl!!
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the first comments. AHH...Thank you Anna and Brenda.
Enjoy. have fun. Stay strong.
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Nice clear instruction that I could follow along with. Great variations! And a perfect, flowing pace. You are a delightful instructor!
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you Rock! absolutely amazing and inspiring to watch you in action Karen. Thanks for sharing!
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That was an amazing very dynamic class. Loved the variations specially the back bend over the chair. My inner gynast is very happy!
Lovin' the combo:)
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Loved this, Karen! Wonderful variety, pacing, and cueing. Can't believe how much you fit into a 40-minute class.
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Fantastic Karen. Loved the dynamic warm up- so fun! Keep em coming,!
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What a fantastic class! Really creative, clear cuing, good flow. I love Karen Sanzo!
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