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Continuous Flow Wunda Chair

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Amy Havens wastes no time in this quick, full-body Wunda Chair workout. She jumps right into the class, using no spring changes so you can maintain a continuous flow. She includes fun variations like Going Up Front with Rotation and much more!
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Dec 08, 2015
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Hi Guys. Let's do a little cheer workout, so set yourself up for double leg pumps, amount of growths, tier. Today I'm going to start with PyLadies v. I want you to bring the pedal all the way down to the bottom. Sit as close to the front as you can so you're right up on top of your sitting bones and let's just thread our thumb into the elbow. Fold on both sides and just give yourself a little bit of a push into your arms.

You can kind of set your shoulders, lift up through your spine, Miss Double Check your placement for a moment. Take a deep breath in and let's go ahead. Exhale, pull the pedal up. Inhale lower and pull. I'm going for 10 of these. Here's four. Really work at the hip joint, six and seven and eight and nine and 10. Push it all the way back down.

Extend your arms for a minute and then just change your position to heels. Let's go ahead and do the same elbow fold. Inhale and exhale, pull up, pull up, really working to squeeze the legs together. Get the pedal as high as you can without losing your upright posture. Seven and eight and nine last one and 10. Push it all the way down. Again, extend.

Just open things up and let's fold again. I'm going to go no up onto the balls of the feet. Ankles, knees together. Inhale and exhale. Pull up, pull up. Really work to keep the ankles and knees squeezed. Zipping up the abdominals, lengthen up through the top of the head, keeps setting your shoulders and eight and nine 10 and press down. Let's open the arms. I'm going to go into single leg here, right heel on left leg extended.

Same thing with the arms and pull up. Pull up, work a little more here and keeping stable in the pelvis. Things tend to shift and six, seven and eight. Whenever possible. Sit Taller and sit taller. Let's not do any arm transition to step down. Change legs and pull up and up.

Maybe you feel like you need to sh lean your body weight forward. Single leg again, you start to Kinda lean back, so lean forward toward your legs. Eight nine and 10 we'll do the same thing, ball of foot, but this time I'm going to put my hands behind so I can start opening up my shoulders. Exhale, pull up, pull up again. You may have to lean forward. Open the collarbone. Five six check that the Pinky toe stays on that pedal and nine as best as it can. 10 change sides. Here we go.

If you can keep your leg hip height, that's ideal. Feel free to keep it a little lower if you need to and lift up, pull up, pull up and eight and nine and 10 okay, I'm going to s lift the pedal. Whoops. Sit Sideways and get into some abdominals. So get your sit bones near the base here. Bring your knees in tight. Let's go for the 100 extend your legs. Here we go.

[inaudible] did it really feel those legs pressed together? Not such a strong point in the toes. Feel a little more extension at the ankle. Start to lower the legs. Added Challenge. We're halfway there. There should be energy up the crown of the head, the legs across the chest. Yeah.

Nine always hard to count. 10 double leg stretch and inhale really stretch. How far can you reach in both directions without losing your chest lift position? Oh, without coming any higher up off your shoulder blades or lower? One more. We'll do single leg stretch and pull. Oh Oh, elbows out. Chest is up. Belly flat.

Really stretched. The like from the hip, from the hip. Four, three, two. I'm going to go into scissors. Pull, pull, pull, pull. Take a moment to set the sit bone. Reach at toward this foot. Really get the squaring. Take a moment. Here we go. Paul Paul, keep dropping the shoulders. They love to creep up. I'm going to go for four more polls. One, two, three. Straight leg, lower lift. Getting a little pooped.

Inhale. Ah, lift. Two more. Lower, lower. I've got a little crisscross in me. Twist a little boy and twist, twist and pulling back. I can feel it. Shoot, twist and twist. I'm going to give into it how let it fall. Okay, I'm sitting up. Here we go. I'm going to turn the chair sideways here for a Little Swan.

So just go ahead and step on hands on the pedal. Establish your alignment as shoulders above the wrists, legs together, but not lifted too high. Bring the abdominals up and the shoulders back. Breathing in. Yeah, so I'm going to look through my eyes, my nose, my chin, and lift my chest. That's what's pulling the pedal up. I'm gonna press it down. Eyes, nose, chin, chest is what pulls the puddle up and down.

Three more. Pulling the shoulders back toward the feet. Little less than the neck, more in the chest. One more time. So I'm going to push down. Now I'm going to start pumping the pedal. Elbows narrow and I'm going to pump. Before I pump again, I want to lift my stomach. So Push, lift your stomach, lift your stomach before you push it down. If somehow drops out, almost always.

Let's go for three, two and one. Okay, stepping down. I'm going to walk around the other side of the chair for pull up or front forward, pull up, hike. You can create the name that you like. Take a breath. Parallel legs. Let's shift over the arms slightly. You are pushing down in the arms. Deep breath in. Exhale, pull that pedal up. Hold her moment. Can you shift your weight back over your feet a little and slowly lower?

Just two more. Pull up hold and slowly lower and pull up and hold and slowly lower. I'm going to turn toward you so you turn sideways on your chair, but your inside foot forward, outside leg to the side. Get into your arms a little bit, but then try to pull your hips away from the pedal. Here we go. Pull yourself up. Pause for a moment. Get established.

Reach your hips over your standing leg or in other words, reach out toward your feet. Two more. Pull up hold. Reach your pelvis towards your feet and lower. One more time. Pull yourself up. Reach your hips towards your feet and lower other side, inside foot toward the front square. Lean into the arms. Pull yourself up. There's always that side.

Reach your pelvis towards your feet and then take the pedal down. Do more. Pull yourself up. Reach towards your feet and down. Last time, pull up. Reach and lower. Okay. I'm going to go for piano player. Face your pedal, you and your Polonius v. Arms forward set things. Take a deep breath.

I need to exhale and pull yourself down. Keep those heels together so you notice I haven't changed the spring yet. I won't change it at all in this class. So that's a little heavy for my arms with okay, two more times. Breaching down. There's energy off her head down, out the tail and pull and pull.

One more time. Lower and press. Bring your Troy subs towards your chest. Three and left going up front. Then to go into the same arm position as they did in leg pumps. Take a deep breath and rise.

So I am leaning forward a little bit. If I were climbing up a mountain, I lean forward and three, let's add the arms out to the side for now. Add a little rotation just cause it feels good to move a little bit. If I were walking, my torso would be moving in a slight rotation last to last one. Okay. It's changing side. Step down. Don't put your hands down and step up. Keep breathing. Four Times. Arms folded, press. How can you pull yourself in in every direction?

It's something my hips in my spine, in my navel, in my nose, and a little bit that some rotation toward your front leg. [inaudible] changes your balance for sure. So your visual field is a little compromise, but it's good for you. One more [inaudible] step down without holding on. All right, one more. That's it. Today we're going to do a side stretch. I'm gonna face the ocean.

I'm gonna hold on to the inside edge here with my arm so I can pull myself up. Take a deep breath, and then reach to the pedal. Can just enjoy stretching. Anger your phone on the floor. Reach a little further as you breathe in unless exhale, twist, inhale, return.

Let's do the counter stretch up and over. Two more there. [inaudible] reach a little further. Spiral around your supporting arm this time. Allow your head to drop. Reach out and bring yourself up. Counter stretch.

Let me go one more. How much further can you go this time and have you been to your elbow and drape it over your head. And let's do the mermaid format and turn yourself, turn in our region a little further through your fingertips. Really stretch that lateral line. Come all the way up and seem to encounter, stretch. Go a little further, a little further, a little further.

Last thing on the other side. Okay, so setting yourself whole, your arm here, lift yourself tall, deep breaths, and side bend. So you finding the opposition from your foot all the way up to your hands. Deep breath, easy rotation, trying to relax that neck and shoulder area and he'll reach out of the head a little bit further. Come on up, counter stretch. Remember to go up first and over [inaudible] and the second line and breathing in. So sometimes people say [inaudible] isn't cardiovascular and I think that's wrong. So I wanted to do something kind of shorter, little more brisk so you could feel it to breath a little further.

But I feel so good a little further and last time and over. So we're going for that Mermaids to bend your elbow, let the forum kind of be heavy. It may stretch your upper side a little bit round forward. Oh Wow. Turn things or adjusting inside me. Reach out through the fingertips. Lift up, counter stretch and same thing as far as you can. Well, I'm gonna Finish actually with washerwoman facing the paddle.

I did say there was one more, but here it is. Make yourself in and round forward. No pumps. Just finish with a nice sense of head to tail, tail to head, and very slowly. Take your tailbone towards your fruit. Take your sacrum towards your chair, leaning forward and just restack each vertebral nice and tall. Thanks guys. See you next time.


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perfect the way you move and work
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Great short but complete workout Amy. Always up for compromises that give us more thoracic rotation.
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That was what I needed! My back thanks you and so do I. Pilates keeps the body young! Said the 60 year old! You are awesome Amy!
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I enjoyed the short workout.
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think you covered all planes....and spinal directions...and heartrate!!! thank you! p.s. love that we didn't have to adjust any springs...move move move
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Thanks Amy! I just watched this class on my iPad prior to going to bed and will do actual class tomorrow. What are your spring recommendations for your old EXO chair?
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Thanks so much everyone! Glad you're enjoying this short but thorough class. Summer Turner.....for the Exo I'd use one on the bottom and one just one hook up, maybe two up. Let me know if that makes sense! :)
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Very effective workout for days when I'm short on time and tempted to skip it altogether :) Thanks Amy! Great cueing.
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Love it - will' do it every day??
Thanks gals! Sometimes....short and sweet is where it's at, I agree! Better to do that than nothing, right? :)
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