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Mat Workout

25 min - Class


Kick off the new year with an invigorating Mat workout by Meredith Rogers! She uses the theme of threes to teach challenging combinations that will target your entire body. She also adds in fun surprises that allow you to open yourself up to a brand new you! Happy New Year!

This year we are offering two classes to start your New Year feeling strong! Try our Standing New Year's Mat Workout today!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Okay, we're kicking off another Happy New Year class, Kristi and me. Ready, Kristi? Ready? Let's go. So we've got, we're sitting.
I hope that's ...

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Happy New Year, Meredith and Kristi!
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Grrrrreat way to start a new year ! Nice challenge and rythm, and perfect flow, as always... Happy 2016 to you two and to the whole PA team :))
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Great afternoon new years treat after a full morning of taking down Christmas! Happy New Year!
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Great add on workout! I needed this addition to my new years workout and loved the variation on the series of five. Also loving the Athelta gear ladies! Thanks and Happy New Year :)
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Just what I needed after too much partying Thank you Happy New Year!
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Very very Great Workout!!! Mans thanks and happy Newton year metredith and kristi!!
Clan you please Tell me which Brand of your Outfits is???
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You girls are amazing. I absolutely love pilates anytime. I am addicted to it. Wishing you a happy new year ahead and thank you
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Nice wake up workout. Happy New Year to everyone at Pilates Anytime!
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Awesome as usual. Great seeing you two!!! Happy New Year!
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