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Rib Cage Placement

50 min - Class


Focus on the placement of your rib cage in this Reformer workout with Niedra Gabriel. She works on finding a lift in the spine and cleaning up transitions to improve your technique. This is a very detailed class, but it is still sure to make you work hard!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Good afternoon everybody. I'm here with my friend and fellow pilates teacher and ex dancer. So we have a lot in common, Jennifer beamer and we're going to do a reformer workout. She is basically advanced but she has some hip problems going on so we may have to tweak a few things as we go along and she's not familiar with grads piece of equipment, so if there will be some interesting adjustments we'll be doing as we go along. But I intend to kick her butt. So Cross your hands.

Let's have you sit down. I wanted to place this up right close to the front of the on a dime. Okay, very good. And now swing around and so I'd like you to stand back up again because you want it with the most simple, simple transition. You were wiggle, wiggle, wiggle into place. You aim one butt cheek on one butt, cheek off. That's your goal. And then you undo your hands so you can swivel yourself around and lie down hopefully right in the middle. No adjustments. Okay, so lift the navel up. I want you to bring the ribs in and sit down.

And now with the help of your hands to adjust you, you swing around, lie down, and very good. Now lift your head up and double check your own body alignment to make sure you're in the middle of the machine. Yes. And the feet are in the middle and then lower yourself back down. And I would like you to lift up one more time. This time, stretch your arms towards the wall. And as you do this, I want you to lay yourself down and think of your backwards elongating that it's you traction your whole back spine. And then don't, don't overextend the neck. Lift the Chin so you don't force a cervical spine back.

Now feel very broad in the back ribs. Yes. When you inhale, you inhale sideways and into the back. Now contract your calves to your hamstrings, narrow the sit bones very slightly and send your tail in my direction and extend the legs out and bring the carriage back in and presale again and bring the carriage back in and Prius out again and come back in. I'm going to just you, Jennifer, just a bit more to the middle and again, press and bring the character now three prices fast and pressing in. And don't snap the knees, but we liquid steel and one more time like this and come back in and bird on a perch or chose, let's have you lift the toes for a minute. Spread them. Why they want you to extend the toes out towards me and think of pushing the metatarsal. Ah, so we really open them up. Press your heels down. Yes.

So you really like, imagine wrapping around a branch and now you go and pressing, come back. Keep the hamstrings engaged together every time you go out. I don't want you to snap better. So you control the carriage. You are not snap snapping the knees two more times and come back in on your heels. Spread all five toes. I want the little toe going up towards your outer knee.

And I want the big toe touching and yes, and I want the flection from the middle of the arch and press and Paul and too a little faster. Now I'm three. And keep your right hip down as you do this or your right hip stays long and extended seven. Keep the toes pulling up, especially the right toes and 10 and tendon. Stretch for me. Slight Pilati stance. I want this little toe on and press the legs all the way out and lower the heels down for three. Up for one, down, down, down, and two and slow going down. Lift up three slow going down.

Lift up four and keep the heels together. And Five. Now reverse it down fast. He'll stay together and lift up. One down. Lift, lift. Two down. Lift, lift three down. Lip, lip. Four. Kick those heels together. You go down. Don't let them come apart. Yes, just a few more. Just imagine a car in between the heels. Very good. Bend your knees to come back in. Hundred so each back, all the handles. Do you know how to transition the foot bar?

Yes. Oh, okay. Arms along. Now. Feel those ribs lift up. And don't keep your legs down just for a minute. Lift up and curve. Go back down again. And when you lift up, I'd like you to allow the shoulders to broaden around your back and come into the side body. So let the shoulders come forward to reach the hands to the ceiling.

Lift your head up to the ceiling, lift the arms even more up. I think that that's what I want. And now extend your arm to there, Bob. Your size. Float the legs up and start your pump a little higher with the arms. Curl your head up a little bit more so you really and try to soften in the chest. That literally for you, imagine a weight on the front ribs and spreading the shoulder blade apart. And three more exhalations reaching long through the fingers and long and out. And one more time.

See if we can get even more softness into here. And Bend your knees to come back down. No your head down. Grab the straps with one hand. Sit Up and release two springs lower back down. Put your feet in the straps and put your head. Okay, very good. Now when you do your shorts, fine, I really want you to focus on broadening the rib cage and imagining a chest. Because right here you're a little tight, you beautifully open, but there's a tightness and a lack of mobility.

So I'd like you to really use this exercise for that. Extend the legs out and before you go up, I want you just to lift the hips, lift more, more with the hips, and then lower back down. So we'll do this three times. I get you. Lift your hips and lower back down. Now push down into my hands just to get even more power in the pelvis and come back down. Now you don't have that.

Bend your knees back in when you go out this time. I want you to power that much from the pelvis, so use that to motivate you up and over. So extend out with the legs. Hips come up right away. Hips now use that to get you to go on hips, hips, hips, very different on this type of equipment and from balance, body, different energetics. Bend the knees. Now. I'd like the knees, shoulder width, and shoulder height. So little higher up, right. Pull your feet two inches towards your bottom, so have that traction roll just down there. Pull the feet in a bit more, roll a little bit further, pull your feet in more rural a little bit further.

Pull your feet in more row and we'll finish the role. So again, extend the legs out. Keeps up right away, up, up, up, up, up, up, up. I'd like to get more up next time. Bend halfway. Pull the feet in and roll and feet and roll and feet and roll. One more time like this, Jennifer. Now Extend Upright away, up, up more. Make those hips. Get you up. Bend the knees halfway. Now I want you to imagine you're a magician's assistant.

You have to get into a little tiny box, so pull in and roll down and try to make that trunk very, very, very small. You have to let that chest get completely softened and flattened out. And one more time. Row, row, row, row down. Very, very good. Feet out of here for coordination, elbows by your ribs. Now just for change.

I'd like the shoulders a bit more forward. Lift the Chin ups, the Chin's not so, but I want more. That broadened the shoulder blades. Yes. Did you see that? That's what we want. Now extend the arms and legs out. Wrong. Open and close the legs. Soften the knees, soften the arms. Inhale, hold your breath. Exhale. Exhale. I want to see the sit bones working from the sit bones.

Exhale, XLE. Inhale and whole right leg goes out and back. Hips steady, left leg goes out and back. Bend the knees in a bend the arms. One more time. I want much more stable pelvis. No movement at all in the pelvis. Better really float. Bend your knees, Bend your arms and rest. Swing around for rowing. Very nice work.

So in this next exercise, just like you found it, I want to see this real softening. Don't be afraid to let the shoulders come a little forward for right now because extremely, this is your kind of pattern. So roll halfway back to 45 degrees. I want a chest more. Chest, more chest. Now take the arms out, thumbs down. Stay there and only the arms push.

Now come forward without the machine moving and the sumps touch behind you. Now extend the arms out, lift them up. I want much more lift through here. Circle around, circle around, grab your feet, flex your feet, elbows to the ceiling. So you have a huge cro we want list opened. Come back up again and spread. Roll back.

And I want this to go forward and I want you to open up into there. Back, back, more back, more back, more back. Pull back with the straps more. There's your position. Take those arms out. Push without the machine. Yes. Now come forward without the machine moving some starch. Now from the armpits. Extend back up. Grab your feet, pull the little toe on, big toe back and pull backwards. Backwards, back, yes.

And broaden the shoulders. So this is opening. One more time. Roll up to an upright position, keeping those ribs long and scoop and roll back. Pull back, let the chest go back, back, back, back. Now take those arms out. Press with the arms, scoop the navel. Imagine a big ball that you're lifting off of an extend. The hands-down, I wanted them to reach back to lift up, lift the stomach even more, lifting into those ribs all the way around like a bird. Grab those toes, elbows to the ceiling. Elbows. Nope. Bend them. Then them, then them and come back up to 90 degree angle now.

Exactly. Shoulder width, very good. Lengthen and fill up your back. Ribs even more and hinge back 45 degrees with the hips. Narrow. Come back up and reach the arms out. Pull them down and back. Bend forward lifting the stomach. Thumbs, touch, same movement. From here you lengthen down, you lengthen back. You lengthen up. Lift the stomach away from the size. Grab your feet, lift the stomach up, bend to get that. That's it.

And come back up. Lift up in this time. Go all the way to your power off to the floor. Hinge back, back, back, back, back. Sit Up. Nice and tall. Lift. Stretch the arms up. Reach them forward. Pull them down, touch the floor, pull back some touch just to get their extend back. Extend up. See if you can do the movement without hyper extending the elbows, but working fine. That's better. And come back up and last one and hinge back parallel to the mat.

Extend the arms by your ears. Rich up in one piece. Up, up. Touch the ceiling. Extend out. And from here I now feel those ribs as you pull the hands down together. Now from the shoulders without locking the elbows. Lift them up all the way around. Grab your feet, broaden and open your back. As you pull back and end, come back up.

Swing him out to the front. So reaching from the arm pit, the thumbs of hooked. So without allowing the ribs to be too open. I want them so your diaphragm is flat, but the elbows go back anyway. Yes. Now tighten your buttocks and lift up through the crown of the head.

Bottom. That's it. Reach out with the arms long. Press down and get even taller. Lift up. Pause here. Get even taller out of the yes. Take the arms out, out, out, relax, and again, extend and reach ribs or back. Back is full. Press down to lift. Lift up, lift out of those hips, higher, higher, higher, and down. One more time and stretch.

Bring the hands down and lift yourself up. Think of those heels and press out getting taller. Nice, tight hips. Take tape, tape, tape, tape relaxed. Reaching from the hips. Scoop the naval and reach beyond your heels. Pull back with the stomach and roll up. Lift the arms up. Keep those backwards full. Yes, nice work. And again, drop your head and slide yourself forward. Roll, roll, roll and lift.

The shoulders are down and all the way down, little toes pulling up to the side, knees. And one more time. Press and open those feet and lift yourself up all the way out and down and sitting. Cross legged for shaving. Okay, now I want the some right behind the occipital bone at the base of the skull. Little bit lower down and the face more lifted. So that's it.

So you're looking forward and can you get the palm flat on your head, on the head, and now the elbows wide and slide your hands up on a long diagonal and bend them back. Now keep those back ribs full and extend. Get even longer through the side, ribs and back and lift a little further and back and from the sacred and back. And now see if you can stretch from the tail length and traction the whole spine. Lift up the ribs, lift up the waist, lift up the spine, and take the arms out to the side. Cross your feet the other way. Take a breath in and close. Inhale and close.

Inhale and close. Inhale and exhale. Inhale as you come in, exhale as you go out. Inhale as you come in, we have to catch up with the breathing. Yes. Okay. Hope the handles behind you. And let's have you put the long box on for pulling on the straps.

All right, so let's have you actually, let's have you do a nice one. Variation. I'd like you to be with your hands on either side of the bar facing facing. This way your head is quite close to the bar on your stomach. [inaudible] does to warm up a little bit further back with your body a little bit further back. Very good. Now can you be a little bit lower? So the elbows will be [inaudible]. That's it. So we get this beautiful breadth, narrow with your hips and just press out in in three times with the RMC worked from the lads and you keep this soft, that's it.

And one more time like this. And come back in now per sound. Again, lift your head and bring yourself back in. Broadening the collarbones machine comes in. Good. And Bend your elbows and press out again. Pressing out. Press. Lift your head and open the chest. Lifting out of your lower back as well.

Bend your elbows to come back down and press out again and lift your head. Broadening the shoulders, lifting up, seeing if you can get even more openness. That's it. And Bend your elbows. Now press out again. Lift your head and come back up and in. And now your press out with straight arms lengthening through the stomach.

Bend the elbows to come back and press out again. Lift your head, lift up. See if you can get the lift. That's it. All the way from the stomach. Press out again and lengthen. Fill these ribs. That's it. Bend your elbows to come back one more time.

So you want to think more breadth in the back body up. You come lifting up out of that lower back and lengthen out. Now really feel the back ribs and feel the front ribs rounding a bit. Your elbows to come back. Very good. Jennifer. Step off and step back on for pulling on the straps.

The foot bar has to come down. So actually come back in. Lift your bottom up so you come back to standing because, so let's have you back on the foot bar. Standing on the football plate. No, no, you're fine. Stand there and put your hands here. You're, I just want you to set yourself up a little bit differently. Your legs along. Push the carriage out to the shoulders. A ride over the here. Now Bend your elbows to lower down. So you see, I want the shoulders you carry.

It has to be further out. I want the sh your shoulders flush with the edge of the box. So let's have you come back in one more time. Lift your bottom up right now. Push the carriage out a little bit further, more, more, more and more. As you bend your elbows come down, you need your shoulders right at the edge.

Yes. Keep your feet there. Whole the leather straps. These are the fun transitions in the ground system too. Your arms will be nice and long outside the frame. Now lift your feet and let this the the strap slide in and you are ready to start. Very good. So pull the arms down and back and open those collarbones and back down.

Now come back up again and pull next various, I want to show the blades much. [inaudible] squeezing. Yes. So we want this cuff up and release the arms back down wrong. And again, squeeze your shoulder blades, open the chest and come back down. Have you done this with a little back then in the upper back, which is with pulling the strap. So I want to see the backbend as well.

So lift your head and let's have you pull back and little back then and come back down. You know what, Jennifer, I would like you for the back on this box. So we will use that even further back even more, even more. So your trunk is almost all to, it's little bit different interpretation. I would have you another half inch to an inch. Yes. So we're your, your trunk is supported here. Now my hands, I want your backbend to be in this part of the back so you'd have to pull the shoulder blade strongly inwards and then see if you can get this upper part to start to move. This stays locked. I'm keeping my hand here. Here. I don't want anything to get shorter. So start pulling back, squeeze your shoulder blades and keep the chest moving forward and the tail moving along and really see on sound more lift.

And again pull back better and come back down. That was better. One was starting to warm up. Pull those ribs in. And one more time. Just the upper back. So think of this coming forward and come back down. Back was better. Arms to the side for t shape.

Arms out and pull back towards your hips. Keep the ribs in and open them out. I want this more. Think of the ribs coming towards your hips more now. Shoulder blades more together. We lack that. Now pull back and open the chest and think of it coming forward better and open up till we get this opening in here. Knocked down there. One more time.

Hard to do even more and open out. Okay on your back backstroke. Still a little bit of a different understanding of how to do the exercise at a spring. Little tricky. That one's a hard one. Backstroke. So lift your chest up even a little further. That's it. I really want to see this bend coming.

Think of it from the middle of your shoulder blade to arms and legs to the ceiling. Lift open and pull and reach and come back in. And again, arms and legs up open and reach long. Can you have your legs lower? Lift your chest, lift your chest, push into those straps and bend your knees to come back in and arms and legs lift, open and scope. Reach, reach and come back and let your head fall back for a minute just to release everything. Come back up. Now when you reach up, you're going to do another three. I want you to work the shoulders way forward rather than keep them only in the side body.

And I'd like you to use it to lift the chest up a little bit further to literally try and touch the ceiling. So I'm Xin legs up and lift to the ceiling. Lift. That's it. Open out now lift even more. As you reach towards your knees, lift more, more, more, more, more. And Bend your knees and come back. And again, arms and legs up and open and lift. Curve up more and come back in.

My teacher always used to want us to try and touch our knees, lift open as school and come back in. Very good teaser. So at releases spring, so she's on one spring now and bring the arms forward to your size and roll yourself up, down and up with the arms three times with soft elbows and one better work with the chest too. Three and roll down rounding's for the spine. Roll, roll, roll. Release everything out and come forward again. Scoop your naval, curl yourself up and circle the arms three times and one and two and three. Now lift up a little bit more in the inner body.

And now roll down without the arms moving through each towards me. Arms towards me as you release in opposition. Good. Good, good. Open. Nice. Open everything out. And one more time. Rolling up. Scoop the navel. Good. And reverse the circles and one and two and three. Reach up towards my hand and roll back away from it.

So start from the sternum. Yes, yes, yes. Float the legs down. Open everything out and release. Good work. Jennifer. Take the straps and drop them into the well. You can just drop them right there and bring yourself up. Take the box, place it behind. Um, let me get a sticky pad for you. Put the foot bar back on. And here we are.

I would like you on four. Very good. And I'd like you lying down on your back. This is going to be a fun way to get into stomach massage. So get your feet on the foot point of [inaudible] stance and now roll yourself up to sitting so your bottom won't move. You're going to hold the carriage or use your hands to see if you can bring yourself up or, or, and there's your position.

You don't move your bottom back. What's that? You're up for your hips. Okay. Move your body back and I need it. Oh, you know I have an idea back you go. I'm going to put you in second gear. So get your feet on the foot bar GAM and lift your head and chest. Roll yourself up, up, up. How is that material? Okay, I want that really deep scoop for you. And now this is a thing, the scoop.

That's it. I want more. Now can you lift up inside any way so the waist is still long. You're tractioning up, but you're opening up. Can you pull this ribbon a little? That's better. Okay. Precise with both legs. Lower the heels down, lift the heels up, bend the knees and come back. Good.

And press and lower and lift. And 2:00 AM pressing, lower end lifting three and lower. And lifting four, so keep softening through the sternum and six and seven even more. I want to see more in this eventually, yes, but lifting at the same time and 10 very good releases. Spring the deep pantsers stripe. So again, okay, let's have your feet a little bit more to your left. Yes. So you're right in the middle. Good.

Now see if you can get the lift in the center of the body without the ribs flying too far open and bring the re the right. Yes, yes, yes. Okay. Here we go. And press and lower and one and press and 2:00 AM press and 3:00 AM press and forth and press even more flex with those heels and seven and eight and nine and 10. Okay. Released another spring. Now lift up even more, but don't throw the ribs up.

Fill up the back ribs and hands a little bit wider. Priests out, lifting up to the head and come back in. Now I want to see the lift, making the movement and the lift, making the movement and the lift. Making the movement arms to the ceiling and lift up and twist to the right to your hands will come out and come back and press out and come back and press out and come back and press out and come back. One more time. Precept, twist a little bit further. Reach those arms apart. Lift the left rib up. Don't lean back there and come back in.

And last one lifting. Stay right on top of the rib so your shoulders make a cross and come back. Hold the foot bar with both hands. Knees will be on the outside now. So your hand, nope. Feet stay the same. Just [inaudible] give yourself a nice stretch. So press out.

Are you losing it? Press lower your heels. I want to see yes. Press back up on the toes. Bend your knees, the knees will go wide. And one more time. Pressing out, lower the heels, lift the heels, filling this right rib a little bit more and come back in. Now hold the football, not the football, but the front of the carriage with both hands. Press out with both legs.

And let's take your right leg straight underneath the bar eight times. Now watch this knee, that's it. And press out one and see if you can hold this hip in the socket as you're doing this. And four and five and six, two more times like this. Seven very good and eight other lake and one. So you want to make sure that you keep taking the femur bone into the socket.

Can You keep the knee from going too far out? Look more towards the armpit. Good. And keep the left hip back right hip forward. You're having a twist happening in here and that's better and come back in. Good. And let's have the foot bar down. Semicircles so let's get rid of the little pad lying down. And actually you're going to hold a shoulder rest.

Lift your hips up and press subtly arms a straight to your bottoms coming up. You slide out till the arms are straight. I prefer the risks facing each other, right? Bring this a little bit further forward and lengthen all the way to here. How much can you soft? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Okay. Now drop this as the first year. I want to drop as you roll your hips down towards the springs, right? Press out and you hip to go further out. Halfway.

Lift the hips up, tucking the tail to lift up. Can you rotate internally and bring the carriage and think of the knees coming in my direction. Knees, knees, knees, and drop your sternum. Sternum moves away from the Chin and this hip has to lengthen. Good. And drop the hips down. Press out with both legs. Good.

Scoop the tail tail first, lifting up. So you want these nice and law and lengthen. Lengthen those sides way over. Now reverse that hips. Come up and press out. Drop the sternum first sternum roll, roll left hip drops.

Come forward. Tuck the tail and long lift and press out again. Roll the sternum down, sternum down, sternum down. Come forward and lengthen long. Just think that's it. And one more time. Pressing out. Start with the chest. So it's like a snaky. Tuck the tail, Tuck the tail, Tuck the tail. There we go.

Come forward and stretch those size, way out. Reach both hands forward towards the foot bar. Lengthen your size. And now flex your feet. So there yes, for an extra stretch. Wiggle yourself back for chest expansion. So step up, uh, two springs. Just expansion.

Yes. Three toes curled over the edge. Knees. Let's have your knees hip with the part and can you have your feet a little there? Are you okay with that? Okay, so I want to see more of these muscles really pulling together. Good. So when you pull back, I want you to literally imagine yourself with a walnut here and you're cracking the walnut with your shoulder blades. So start pulling the arms back. Squeeze the shoulder blades. Ooh, that's it. Head to the right, head to the left. Look straight. Release the arms and again, squeeze you better.

Head to the left, had to the right look straight. Release the arms and again, Paul, head to the right, head to the left. Look straight. Really see arms and squeeze again. Head to the left. Had to the right look straight, release the arms, one more set and get even taller. Head to the right, had to the left straight. Release the arms and last one pull open that chest, head to the left, head to the right, look straight, release the arms and bring the knees forward for thigh stretch.

And I want you to sit back and add a spring. Good. Come back up the arms a long and um, spread all five toes on the carriage. I really want. Nope, no, no. On the floor. It's like you're doing this and I want the little toe pressing. Yeah, your little toes are not quite as sophisticated as the rest of you is. So let's have you slightly turned in, spread the toes apart and try and think of that. So you're taking this whole outer part of the foot and you're starting to press it down into the mat. Yes, that's it. That's it.

I want that pressure down and this rebel little bat that's better. Drop your head down and allow the upper chest curve a little bit more. Little bit more. So you're even more rounded over. Lift the arms a little higher and hinge backwards. Keeping this front hip plane go as as you can and lift the arms to bring you back up. Very, very good. Can you drape yourself even further over?

So from here I want you to be draping over a ball. So you literally look down at your navel and lift the ribs up. That's better. So you really elongating this whole area and you feel that you're closing your ribs up and hinge back again. Hinge, hinge, hinge, hinge, hinge, lift the arms to bring you back up. One more time like that. Lift the stomach even further.

Look down at your naval and keep your head there. Keep this right hip forward and back you go. That is much better Jennifer and Lyft to come back up. Okay. Hook the straps back and let's have you put the box back on for short docs.

Okay, so actually on this machine we want the box back here and you will be with three springs and let's give you the stick. So you want to be sitting with your bottom one hands with from the edge. You want a good flex with the feet. Let's have the feet slightly apart. Exactly. And let's have your hands on your navel. So big lift in the waist and now bend over your neighbor like you have a belly ache. I want you to, that's it.

So you get this lifting of the ribs away from the pelvis and allowing this to soften. Now Roll yourself back, articulating through your pelvis. Go as far back. Open up into back bend. If you do that, very good. Crawl your head and chest. Close those ribs, good girl, and come back up and roll back again. Feel the ribs being very broad in the back and out, and lift your head and close the ribs. Close them and forward. And last one.

Okay, I want much more upper body curve. Now this time as you go back, take the arms under the frame of the machine, meaning reach over here. That's it. Flex your feet and press the legs away from you. And imagine pulling yourself towards your hands so you're giving yourself a full traction. Very good. Bring your hands back to your waist. Press your hips into the carriage curl up and row up, roll up arou mass to get this upper body to do more work.

Good work. Okay. Flat back. Yeah. So you're very powerful in the pelvis. Hold the stick for me. Stretch the arms up. So, so here we go again. That's better. That's better. So it's like you're lifting this Barnum, tighten your hips and get you. That's that. Don't talk, don't talk. Just sit. That's it. And now tight bottom without tucking.

And now hinge back from that place and come back up and lift a little higher from the hips without talking and lengthen out and come back up. So it's like right under the sit bones. You contracting to press the pelvis even higher and come back up and bend forward and relax down rounding. So you never let the pelvis hinge too tight. That's it. So you're making space.

Come back up, lift the arms up. Here we go. So I like to the fo, the reason the ribs go down is not because you're tightening as much as you're taking the ribs back and then lifting up and make sure that the lift comes all the way through the whole head. Yes. Okay. And hinged towards the ocean, keeping this hip down. Come back up and way keeping this hip down and up. So don't let the hips come apart.

That's better. And lift out of the waist as you go both sides. And now lift out of the right. Raced and bend forward and down again. Lift the ribs away from that. It's your lifting up.

Come back up for your twist arms. Come up to the ceiling, lengthen up out of the sit bones. Rotate to the right and hinge out towards the back of the machine and come back up. Twist to the other side and hinge out and back. And now bring your feet together. Wiggle a little bit back so you have traction on the strap. And this time when you twist to the right, you're going to roll onto your right hips.

You actually going to go out on the side. So lift up, twist and roll, go all the way to there. And then as you come up, bring the hip back, twist to the other side so and come back up. So first you get the twist and then as you go over the hip comes with you. Now over, over, over, over. And now this brings you back, not your arms that pull you back and twisted the outset. All in the pelvis, the pelvis extends, you are better. Bring this hip over and now the pelvis brings you back and bend forward and down. Oh, okay.

Come back up and tree. And let's have a look at what's happening with this tree. Okay, so I'm just going to check, you know what Jennifer, what I would like you to do is see if you can bend your tail a little bit more. [inaudible] mourn a seeker. Now once you have your tail, I'd like to see the secret of extending into the ribs. Without collapsing, you still have that inner lift. Okay, so you want to feel the whole body pulling away from here all the way to here. And now extend the, like not close, but just lift it up and down and lift it up and down and lifted up and down. Can you do it with the knee? A little bit more central? Yes. I'm seeing, I don't care if it goes all the way up and down and too.

And this time when you go up, walk your hands up towards your ankle and not too much external rotation. You'll have a lot in the lower leg. Erm and flex and 0.3 times. Now bring that right hip much closer in towards me. Just literally hike your bottom up and bring it in my direction. Yes.

So as you start to walk back, I want you to feel yourself stabilizing. Is that going to be okay? But I like this more more cause it has a tendency to get really short. Can you bring your hip even more forward? Yes. So the first thing you do is get that sacrum nice and grounded. Okay.

So start walking down your leg, get this sacred steady, lift your head, keep the sacred steady and come out and down again and curl up. One more time. And come. Oh, can you cross the leg over for front hips stretch. Now I want you to feel both hips even so you have it.

See if you can get the weight on both without lifting, cause you need to lengthen something inside there. Now come forward. This looks more and see if you can stay even in that pelvis as you go over. Keep awaited and come back up. Let's have a go on the other side. So yes, let's get both legs back in the strap for a minute.

Get yourself in the middle of the apparatus. Good. Slightly scoped before you lift the leg up. Scoot back a little bit. You feel both sit bones curving under you. Now bend the knee in. Okay. Up and down. Three times, making sure that right hip is as grounded as the left hip. Good.

Okay. Walk your hands up. Flexing 0.3 times. Can you bring your left Cape a little bit further forward so as you go back you stay even. So, hey buddy, there we go. So you want to really stabilize this pelvis curl and curl and again and curl. Good. Okay. Then the knee, watch that you don't over weight, that's better. Okay. And bend over. Actually keep that left hip moving back and the right little bit better.

Okay. Come back up and let's take the box off and go right into running. So let's have you on four springs and head rest. We'll be up and feet are parallel in the middle. So want you to lift your head up and double check that everything's in the middle. I want all five toes on. You have? Yeah. Aha. We want these big toes going straight.

So pressure in the big toe as well as the little yes, that's better. So you really using both sides of the arch. First of all, press all the way out and just keep both toes right down. Now bend one knee and flex the other foot and soften this knee just a little bit. So we get this ankle going a lot further. Good. Come back up and other side, soften this knee so then that's better. So we get the knee and the ankle joint opening evenly and come back up and on your own.

His hip down and up. And the other side and up and a little faster. Now press and press. I want those hips very stable so that they are not moving at all. It's only the bones in the sockets and press and press and press and press and press. Bend the knees and come back in. And let's have you do front splits.

So two springs have you standing up in the carriage and a right foot is in front. That's fine. Good. Okay. Now back foot. That's have you had to over, first of all, hands are over. Can you lift up the back arch a little bit? That's a two. You're pressing much more to the outer side of the foot.

You're not collapsing in there. That's have you a little bit further back with the hips. Can you square hips more even more? So this right hip will go way back, right? So I don't mind what happens to the knee right now and I'd like that.

So we're getting this pelvis. You have so much movement in the pelvis. Now can you narrow these bones into the socket without changing and you go back without the pelvis changing shape? I don't care if you don't go to straight, keep this right hip, back, left hip forward and again, write it back so it doesn't matter what the range of movement is cause I know you have lots of it, but we need to find what's going on that's causing the problem. Right? This is better. One more time, just like that. And back. Now lift up and hold your elbows. Jeanie position. Right? Can you pull this right hip back, left hip. Forward right.

Lift the hips a little bit more and narrow the hip. It's like right in there. So even if you only go out a few inches, I want you to go back a bit and come back. I'm less interested in this knee being straight. Can You keep this knee to the front more and can you bend the knee a little more before you start? So it's [inaudible] now go straight back, not up and then come back. Bend the knee more.

They stepped forward and out a bit and back a bit. One more time. Just like that. Press out and back. Oh, okay. Bring the hands down and take that back knee to the floor or bend it to the carriage for thigh stretch. Now here we go again.

I want you to take your bottom back first of all in space. Drop the right hip down and pull the right hip back. So we, we need to get these bones. Yeah, I don't care what happens in that knee. I want these two bones and trunk even, right, right now. Narrow those hips together. Now as you start out, push the back leg backwards, but don't let the pelvis shift and now keep going with the front leg and keep that right hip back and then come back in again. So I would rather you don't go to full stretch because I know that you've got it in you, but you only go halfway. But keep that right.

Keep going back and down, right hip. Sit Bone back and down. Better just to there and come back and keep focusing on the hips. Narrowing into the socket. One more time like that. Hips into the socket and back. Okay. Other side.

So other leg. So you start with your hands down so you can kind of stabilize your shape. Can you get your right hip more back? I'm sorry, your left hip. What am I saying? I meant this one length on the right side. Good.

Now narrow those hips together. Can you bend your front knee a little bit more to get a 90 degree angle, but only if this doesn't fly back. Now press back just like that and come back in and press out keeping this hip long and come back and press out again and come back. Now bend the left knee a little bit further. See if you can come up to a 90 degree angle, right? Can you bend this knee more?

These two bone chips face the front if you can, if you can, if you can drop this hip. Okay. Straight back and N and back and n and back and okay. Hands down. Step. Pop the carriage. Do One wall. Roll down. Two heels together. I want you to lift toes apart. I want you to lift all five toes so the inner arch and up. When you put the toes down, don't let your arch drop and scoop the naval to roll down. Keeping those arches lifted. Three circles with the arms.

Circle one circle to circle three, reverse to three. And I want you to open this as you roll back, cop, keeping those hips over the heels. That's a girl. Stretch the arms up to the ceiling. Take them out and down. Take a deep breath in and good. Well good.


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Lovely class. Clear, detailed instruction and great executing.
Love your work
Loved watching to see what you choose to focus on! Great class.
Niedra Gabriel
Thankyou all for sharing your comments. I love Jennifer and she is a joy to work with, I am glad you enjoyed the session as well.
so informative-- watching a two Pilates teachers play. Would be nice to see a real client.
Thank You very much for your class!
Love your haircut Niedra... and of course love your teaching xx but you should know that by now ?? great work ladies
Niedra Gabriel
I am having a good laugh here Anita - it is really all about " the hair" right? thanks for the post.
great class Niedra, I really enjoy your teaching style
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Daniel - I just looked at your bio - 20 plus years with pilates and daily practice - you are one professional ! good work.
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