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Try something new with Amy Havens in her Reformer Workout. She uses the AeroPilates Reformer and discusses the differences in the equipment and how it feels on her body. In addition to this feedback, she also includes creative exercises that get your heart rate up while working on coordination and control. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board, Hand Weights

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Hi everyone. I'm here for jump board, but it's not a board. It's the Arrow reformer that we're on and this is the kind of a new element for is anytime it's actually Christie's reformer, she let me borrow it for the workout. But I'm, I'm finding kind of interesting. Um, a lot of you know that I like to change up the equipment that I work on. I think it's pretty important to try to do that as well. Um, this being the trampoline like surface is not the hard surface like the normal jump board. So the foot strengthening the foot, uh, the point of contact, the feel of it is completely different. And um, try it out if you can. For those of you at home who have this one and you don't know what the flat surface of the jump board feels like or the traditional jump board. Um, I'm trying to play around with this with you guys. Okay.

So what you're going to need for the class is a set of hand weights. You can do one or two. Um, let's get started. I'm on. This particular reformer also has the Bungee cord system rather than springs. So I'm on three to start with and I'll be doing really soft jumps, Kinda some easy small jumps and that'd be equivalent probably to be about two red if I started on the balance. Body reformer. Okay, so three chords here, two cords, uh, two springs on their balance body. Let's lie down. Oh, you won't need these right away.

Just set those on the floor. Let's begin. Supine is get yourself centered. I like to start with my body long. Whenever I'm getting ready to do some jump poured, go ahead and take a peek. Look at your feet. So right away you can already see a lot of you who've seen me on the jump or before. Um, this already has so much more play, so I have a feeling your leg muscles, if you have an opportunity to feel this, are going to feel some different things and your feet as well.

Let's just do some knee bends and extend. I'm going for eight to 10 trying to track the hip, knee, ankle parallel. Start connecting to your seat muscles. Give a squeeze back here, low contraction, and open up those hip flexors. That's exhale in inhale, stretch, exhale in. Inhale, stretch going for long muscles, long body.

Yeah, I like playing on the different equipment. It feels completely different. It's the turning to feel kind of like, I want to start jumping in with wanting to make me balance a little bit. So let's extend the legs out long and I want you to lift your heels now. Okay, so you're on a little Relevate. Let's come in. I know, and exhale in and inhale out. Can you spread your toes? Can you try to spread those metatarsal joints? Inhale, exhale, tracking parallel.

You may feel like you need to put a little more attention on connecting your glute muscles and hamstrings right here, back of your leg to somewhat slow down the return coming into the front of the reformer. Let's stay on the Relevate and then do our Pele's v. Take a peak if you need to. Here we go. Exhaling in and exhaling in. Okay, couple more. Stretch in and lengthen out and folding in. And let's go all the way out where we're going to stay.

And then just lower your heels, pivot back into parallel. And then I want you to start bending the knees. Let's do a little jump and land. So on these three chords, again, it's kind of equivalent. What am I, what I'm sensing is the two red springs on a balanced body. I'm not able to really jump my highest jump, but that's fine. Just try almost focusing the feet being sticky, pulling up off of the trampoline surface and left and press and press [inaudible] little jump, little jump and four and three when it stay on this same tension and pause and stretch all the way long. Okay, let's do those little jumps in the polities v take a peak.

I can see that my feet are starting to creep up. The the um, trampoline surface. I'm going to step back down so my heels are more underneath my pelvis this way than feed in front of me here. Okay. Same thing. Let's do a little knee bend and jump and jump. Can almost imagine a whole back line of your body lengthening up to your head. Pull up, pull up.

Let's see if we can keep our heels touching here. That's going to be the adductors going to work. Okay, Dan up. So feedback Ma. Right. I'm just telling you what I'm feeling in my body on this different landing surface. My ankles getting a lot more fatigued, especially the front of my ankle because it's allowing me to go a little deeper in my flection. Not a bad thing to take.

One more endless. Everybody just paused by straightening the legs up along. All right. How'd that feel? Let's go into hip with parallel, so got a little more space. Let's do the same thing. Bend and jump. Peel the toes, push and jump. You can inhale or exhale on your jump. I'm going to let you choose.

Opening your shoulders. I've got a little work going on in the back of my arms, pressing down against the mat, starting to warm up my triceps and stretch and to stay in parallel. Keeping your back down against the board or back on the carriage press. Really articulate the joints of the feet and jump. Let's just take two more. Okay. All right, so with the three chords felt fairly supportive. I want to start challenging my abdominals now, so just like it would on any of the other equipment when I start taking some tension down. So I'm removing one of those chords.

Rolling back down onto your back and let's see what happens now. All right, so again, start stretched out, going back into the narrow parallel and I want to play with jumping a little higher now. Exactly. So you've got that air time. All right, let's start thinking of the legs. Pull the quads up, pull the calves up, squeeze the seat. It feels natural for me today to exhale on my jump and eight let's go for two more. Nine 10 without stopping. Go into your PyLadies v first position. Jump for 10 concentrating holding your heels together or squeeze them a little more.

Pull the quads up and seven and a jump off and nine. Let's do that hip with parallel without stopping. 10 more here. One from the seat, pull your quads up. Four seven and eight and nine and 10. Land in the middle and pause. Okay, let's go to one foot.

So align one leg parallel. The other leg is going to be in tabletop and let's just start hopping. Let's do four, three, and after four, change land on the other foot and do four one and two. I'm trying to hold that alignment. Hip, knee, foot. Let's do this pattern a few more times. Four on each side one.

So when you jump off that surface, can you squeeze your glutes? So what I mean here, squeeze contract. Your quads. Want to work our legs? Okay, let's do one more round of fours. One, two. Don't forget to articulate those feet. Three and four for the re, let's head down two sets of three. Okay.

And so three jumps. We'll do four sets. There is our third and one, two, three over to the first leg and one feel free to start jumping a little higher. Pull those quads up. Contract your glutes. All right, two more sets of threes. One, two, three, one, two other side. Last one for three. Now I'm going to bypass the twos and just go to singles. Let's do 20 jumps. Send to lift your arms out to the sides.

So taking some space next to you here. Make sure your back though is still flat. Your ribs are on your mat and eight, nine and 10. I'm going to move my arms just while I'm jumping at a little bit of coordination and three and four. Don't forget to contract those glutes and quads and six and seven and eight and nine and 10. Okay, pause. Let's move on and do some different variations of single leg.

So to everybody to take their legs into an external rotation and uh, take one leg out to the side. Doesn't have to be a real high leg unless you have that skill in Ya. I think aiming low and long out is better anyway, keeping your hips square. Let's see what happens if we just hold it there and jump off that single leg so you really have to articulate through the feet. Ankles, knees and hips. Okay. Four is going to be plenty. Let's change sides.

The straight leg is just reaching in the distance. I've got those quads working three and four. Let's try it again for four. Okay. And then in a minute we'll add a pattern to opening from the hips and for one working some turnout, three and four. How about one more set of fours? You can kind of feel it. What will happen in a minute is this leg is gonna Cross behind the other one for a little beat.

One, two, sorry. I'll go to my first side. So in the air that leg is gonna go cross behind the the jumping leg, cross behind reach, back out. Cross. I'm going to stay with four. No I want there was five and cross. So the fifth jump is a little transition jump three for just transition.

Let's keep that going and cross behind. Lots of squeeze in the legs. Bring them together for little transition, jump and cross and cross and cross. Now let's try just to keep going side to side. Cross land, cross, cross and cross. Just for, that'll be enough. Three and two and one. Okay.

Let's close those legs in a parallel and extend your legs. Let's do a bit of jumping with the straps. Okay, so this made me some new fun stuff. Definitely some coordination. So pick up your straps. I'm actually gonna hold right into the kind of the rope above the cords there. Okay, now arms are straight up, knees are bent. Let's just try this slowly. Jump off the uh, the springboard and extend your arms down and hold the lot of abdominal work.

Bend your knees and just land. Try this slowly again. So simultaneous and pulling the arms down, jumping off. But it's really more on lifting my legs off of the springboard and land, maybe picking up the pace. Great opportunity for pulling those abdominals down on the spine in against the spine. If that's not working for you with straight legs, pull them in like this. Let's maybe try a few with the knees in. Yeah, good.

So choose yours and maybe do a couple of each hold. I've got the best idea coming and some of you probably know the layer of them about to frost on here and three and four. So let's hold the legs out and now we'll do knees in, knees out and land and that one in jump knees in out land. A little bit of coordination can absolutely do this on a regular jump board as well. For more in, out, in, out, in and out. Let's hold the legs in and hold there. Okay. Set your feet down.

You can bend your elbows and then just put the straps back on your shoulder posts. I'm going to come up and just grab my hand weights now and roll back down. So I'm still on just those two chords. I think that's plenty roll-on down. Okay. Arms. Just reach up to the sky and feel how the weights allow the shoulders to just settle onto those mats and then begin those jumps again.

I'm just in parallel. Okay. Work your ad doctor's work, your inner thighs and your uh, uh, glutes here. Okay. Turn your hands so your hands face your knees. What I'll add is a little bend of the elbows pulling down, pulling down this.

Huh? Making sure not to thrust the ribs, but really elbows down, reaching elbows wide. Okay. We can keep this going with the arms with single leg. Just jump from one foot to one foot.

Okay. Some coordination because the arms are moving faster than the legs and jump and jump. Eight more to go. I'm gonna switch it in. Going into scissor with the legs, holding the arms out to a t position. Here we go. Arms out to scissor and who slide? External rotation of the thighs. Arms aren't resting on the mat.

Elbows slightly bent to hold your biceps engaged. And seven let's add lifting the weights and lift and open and lift and open. Lift and open and lift. I'm going to add the arms going just a little bit faster. Lift and lift and lift up their going twice as fast, seemingly as my leg movements.

Okay, stay with me for eight more of these easy scissor jumps. Three and four, four, three and two last one everybody and then just end here. Okay, let's put the weights down. Feel free to continue if you'd like to, but I'm just going to put those weights down and come on up to seated and take one of my chords away. Want to do a little bit more arm work. I feel like I've done quite a bit of leg. Let's come on up. Neil, close to the pads. Probably put your hands above the cord or right up on the nod or above the brackets and just settle into a site, hip hinge and extension of the spine and pull your elbows back.

Okay, look straight at that cross bar. It's like a perfect bullseye to stare at and extend your elbows. It flex your elbows. Extend. Let's do 10 of does the chest stays open. Can I keep those ribs from flaring? Five elbows, nice and high six.

It's fun working on different equipment. Things feel different but you use all your potty skills and fundamentals and knowledge to just adapt to the different sensation here. Things are feeling kind of cool, a little harder in some ways. Have to be honest. Okay, excellent. Last little exercise now is just a seated side bin I'm going to face you.

Just cross your legs. Nothing fancy. Put one hand up on the uh, board and side bend. So my inside elbow is bending down and just open and flex to the side, keeping the opposite hip down and lift and Uber. Okay. And three to the other side. And I'll be busy planning some other classes perhaps on this, where more jump board choreography soon. Side Bend and lift, side Bend and, and last time.

All right. Thanks everyone for joining me. I'll see you next time.

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4 people like this.
Nice choreography Amy. Looking forward to more videos.
18 people like this.
Please do more Pilates classes using this reformer,.
5 people like this.
Thank you so much for doing a class on this reformer Amy! I love the jumping with leg out and crossing behind. Absolutely can feel that working! I love your classes and look forward to more to come.
10 people like this.
The new camera angles are really helpful! Another great class Amy.
4 people like this.
Really enjoyed this class! looking forward to doing more like it.
4 people like this.
Agree with above comment the new camera angles make such a difference! thank you so much Amy I enjoyed this and look forward to more jumpboard classes. I work on a Stott reformer and have a cardio tramp which I love! have you tried that? I would be interested to see how they compare. Stott reformers do not seem to feature on PA?
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Nice variation!
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I have a Stott Pilates reformer with the cardio tramp and I'm so happy to see you starting to do workouts with the trampoline. I've been doing jump board classes with my tramp, but I always wondered with those if I should be doing something different to adjust for the equipment I have. I really hope you will do more classes with the trampoline. Agree that the camera angles really help!
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Thanks, Amy, for a fun, short class! As always, great cues and variations. Like DJ and Oranjegirl, I have the Stott cardio tramp and my clients love it! More, please!
Thanks gals...well, looks like I'll need to plan a few more classes using this Reformer eh?! Happy to do so! :)
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