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Pilates at Home

Reformer at Home

This playlist features classes that incorporate the AeroPilates Reformer or similar Reformers meant for home use.

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Maybe you could make more reformer videos without the box for at home use
Hi Leelee, Any of the Reformer classes we have that don't use a box can be used on a Reformer at home. They don't require a specific reformer, but it is a good idea for us to make a play list highlighting those classes. Thank you!
Leelee ~ Kevin Bowen has a new class that will be coming out Saturday that uses the Reformer without a box. Amy Havens also filmed a class like this recently and we hope to have it on the site soon. We hope you enjoy both of these videos!
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Awesome! I love all of both Kevin and Amy's classes I have done so far. 😀
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I own the same reformer as Kristi and would love more videos with that reformer. With or without the box!
Do you have Reformer at home series for level 1/2.  
Finished this playlist today :) .  I have a balanced body studio reformer  so had to make the adjustment but really enjoyed the classes. Kevin’s instructive Portion was good too.  I’m still not totally clear on the green vs red spring as they both seem to be referred to as full a lot in classes . Is green roughly double the red?   Silly question maybe but I’m only one year into my Pilates journey and that’s been mostly pandemic so learning ‘alone’ (thank heavens for Pilates anytime!)   

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