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Pilates at Home

Playlist 2

Reformer at Home

This playlist features classes that incorporate the AeroPilates Reformer or similar Reformers meant for home use.


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Maybe you could make more reformer videos without the box for at home use
Hi Leelee, Any of the Reformer classes we have that don't use a box can be used on a Reformer at home. They don't require a specific reformer, but it is a good idea for us to make a play list highlighting those classes. Thank you!
Leelee ~ Kevin Bowen has a new class that will be coming out Saturday that uses the Reformer without a box. Amy Havens also filmed a class like this recently and we hope to have it on the site soon. We hope you enjoy both of these videos!
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Awesome! I love all of both Kevin and Amy's classes I have done so far. 😀
I own the same reformer as Kristi and would love more videos with that reformer. With or without the box!
Do you have Reformer at home series for level 1/2.  

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