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Reformer Workout

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Focus on inner strength and inner passion in this prenatal Reformer workout with Courtney Miller. She is almost six months pregnant, and is working on growing throughout her journey - physically and emotionally. She connects every movement to her goals, in her life and her pregnancy, so she can stay committed and see them come to fruition.

Even though this is a prenatal workout, it is great for anyone. She does offer modifications for pregnancy if they are needed. If you are pregnant, we recommend consulting with your physician before starting a Pilates program.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Triadball

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Hi I'm Courtney Miller and I am so excited to be here with you today on Pilates Anytime. I have a special workout and I've got some special news. I'm pregnant and I'm almost six months pregnant. I hav...


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What a great way to honor your precious child a your body! I love your focus on inner strength!
Great ideas and modifications for many situations. Thanks for staying true to yourself!
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Awesome class for everyone....Great job as always Courtney.
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Once again an awesome workout! Thank you Courtney.
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Maravillosa!! Muchas gracias
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Congratulations, Courtney! Love the modifications. The workout is challenging and empowering.
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You are so cute w/your little tummy. Every pregnancy is as unique as the mommy! The female body is so amazing! Enjoyed every minute, thanks for your commitment. Enjoy your beautiful baby and give push for us all! Hope to see you back after some mommy time!
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Congratulations ????Courtney.Thank you so much????
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That was great even if your not pregnant! I joined you in Chicago for your reformer training and here again on Pilates anytime you are just as excellent as ever and just as beautiful as could be with that pregnant belly. Keep up the strength and the great motivation and you will be all set for delivery!FAB class as always!!!
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Fantastic job Courtney! congratulations on your pregnancy!!
I have four children that I am IN LOVE with!! You'll be a great
mom :)!! Pregnancy was always a magical time for me !
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I loved this class from start to end! and as always Courtney shows so many different exercises, I always learn a lot, Thank you!!
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