Class #2597

Standing Workout

30 min - Class


Move to the music and have fun in this standing workout with Portia Page! She uses the Fitness Ball to challenge your balance, stamina, and coordination. You will experience a continuous flow of movement as she encourages you to fill every beat of music with movement.
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball

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That was nicely done. I really love the music that accompanied.
Portia , loved seeing your personality shine through in this class ! Also it was great to see the ball being used in creative and challenging ways ..Thank you :))
I really enjoyed this workout for an early morning warm up prior to going to work!
Good workout! Thank you
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Good work and fun! Where is the music from?
Love this!
What a joy to be able to work out with you from my living room; love it!
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So fun and funny! I love humor in my classes...I consider it an extra ab workout. ;) The flow was so seamless I couldn't believe 30 minutes was already up. Thank you Portia for a great class to start my day!
Wow you are great! I like your flow. It was very interesting.
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Thanks Portia, I LOVED the workout! Would like to have more dynamic and creative classes like this:).
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