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Challenge yourself to move forward in your practice with this Mat workout with Monica Wilson. This is part 8 in her Beginner series and she focuses on precision for the exercises you already know. She also adds a few new movements as well as quicker transitions so you can begin to flow through the class.
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All right. So today is the Mat, uh, beginner series and we are going to work on precision on the exercises that we know already. So we're going to start off with our Palati stance, which is t hose two to three inches apart. Heels together weigh on the ball of your foot as well as the side of your foot and on your heels we're from, we have a straight line from one hip to the other and from each hipbone I want you to imagine those barbershop pulls spiraling all the way down to your ankles. All right, this should all be reviewed from the first six classes. So we've got those barbershops poles spiraling out and I want you to feel the outer thighs and your bottom squeezing and pushing your hips slightly forward. And that's what brings your weight forward onto the ball of your foot from your belly.

I want you to try to increase that distance from the bottom of your ribs and the top of your hip bones. I don't want that compacted. We worked on that. So you want to really lift up, lifting up your chest bone or sternum from your powerhouse, but not by dislocating your ribs. Straight line from one shoulder to the other. All right, we're gonna stay here and we're going to practice renovating, making sure we actually have all those muscles working so the heel stay together. As you slowly rise up onto the ball of your foot, your stomach pulls in deeper, your inner thighs squeeze more. Hold it up here. Perfectly balanced for five counts, no boggling, no tilting, no heel separating and slowly come down as if you're coming down on an eggshell and you don't want to crack it. So really lightweight, but contact on those heels. Let's try that again. You want to zip up those inner thighs, pull that belly in and up.

Hold the way up for five counts. If your heels are separating, that's your calf's working, not your from your knee up slowly coming down to the Ri. Four. We'll do that one more time. Pulling in an up, leaning your weight forward, having the lower back long so that the tailbone is not lifting up towards your bra strap. Good and now slowly come down. Keep lifting your weight a little forward. There you go, Juliana. Awesome. Staying like this. Put one arm over the other like I dream of Jeannie.

Put One foot in front of the other. Good and I want you to really use your belly and we're not going to sit down completely. I want you to just try to think of lengthening your tailbone, lifting up your chest, come down as far as you think you're going to lose control and then use your belly to an outer thighs to pull up again and do it two more times. Keep your gaze up, pulling in, keep your bottom lengthening and pull up with your belly and find those back of the legs. One more. Lengthening your tailbone down, keeping your energy up, and then pulling up in your belly. All right, now we're going to lower yourself all the way down. Good. Try to keep your bottom lengthening to the floor. Good. Pull it under. There you go. [inaudible] and down.

Nice. I wanted to just give you that real good feeling. Okay. Lower yourself pro and now you're going to lengthen. All the way out. So you're long on the mat. Good. That's it. Good. And we're going to start off with the hundred. So we're going to bend your knees into your chest. Good.

Your back should be nice and long and flat, and I want you to use your belly to lift your head up and reach your hands past your hips. They should be reaching past your hips. Start here as we pump. Inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Great. And exhale. Then extend the legs a little lower than 45 degrees. I mean little, little lower than the ceiling, but not quite 45 degrees. Good scoop in it. You have your box you want to inhale fluidly for five counts.

Exhale. Try to have the weight of your head a little more into your stomach. Yeah, as if it's right over your bra strap. Good in with the air. Exhale, open those collarbones a little bit. Good. Your goal is to have your feet just an Angelo off the floor. So work towards that goal with all the precision. No low for bread rising, haven't really scooping and I love it. Juliana. Great.

Got Two more good. I'm just going to have you right here and pulling away from me. Yes, and come up just a little higher with a yes. One more for me. Big Breath, big exhale and hug those knees into your chest. Nice job. All right, straighten your legs on the floor. We're going to start right into from the roll up. We've been doing roll back a million times. What? We're going to anchor each vertebra on the mat nice and long so the lower back, be aware of, it's like pulling up towards you. Try to lengthen that lower back.

Imagine those barbershop Poles like you have a mermaid's tail. Reach that lower body away from use. Keep in mind that opposite equal and opposite reaction that we've gone over. Reach the arms up to the ceiling. Press the shoulder bones into the mat and make sure they're in joint, not up by your ears and with the back of your shoulder blade, staying on the Mat. Reach your arms back behind. You.

Don't lose any bones off that mat. No Vertebra. Really Nice and long and then reach them up to the ceiling. Bring the head only up as far as you can between those arms, just your heads even get your ears between your arms and then almost press down with your arms as you curl up. One bone at a curl and up. Beautiful reaching reach and keeping a nice c curve and roll back. Pretend your arms are pulling a heavyweight a really heavily as you roll back.

So pull me down with your lower belly is on the Mat, Huh? Beautiful. Stretching that lower back, the middle belly, the upper region, the arms up and back and arms up. Ears between impresses down as you curl up. Yeah, and reach forward and rolling back. Outer thighs, lower back, middle back, one more at that tempo. So you're trying to be really precise of curling up one bone at a time and when you're coming down, you're trying to roll back down one bone at a time and in a straight line I want you to pretend like the ceiling just dropped down to here and do five more. Double timing. That tempo. Come on up, stink under my ceiling and rolling down. Lower back, middle, upper reaching up and back and arms.

Head under and exhaling forward and rolling back. Lower back, middle, upper and three more. Work on that precision. Articulating one bone at a time. Head stays between your arms, your ears in between your arms entire time and two more arms heads scooping and feel the difference in your powerhouse when you have to pick up the tempo. Lower back, middle, upper, and last one, reaching head, stank under pooling in beautiful. Have you lost those thighs? They should be wrapping and squeezing. Lengthening. Again, we're staying down on this one. Good job. We're going to hug in your right knee to your chest.

If you have a hard time straightening your right leg up to the ceiling right now, go ahead and straighten it up. If that's challenging like Nicole, we're going to bend the other leg, the left leg, but make sure it is not working so your quad is not working on that leg. It's still your stomach. Stretch your right leg. Be Hands Behind your thigh. Make sure that legs a little turned out and I want you to really be precise on this. Don't let your knee go ahead right now. Yes, do it the only let your knee roll in when you're doing this. Okay? We don't want the side of our thighs to get larger and to spread out.

We want to really work them, so keep him a little turned out so that the toe and knee points towards your right shoulder arms. Press down by your side and with that stomach, pulling the leg up towards your nose. Cross around, pull it up and cross around up. Good. Now I need you to keep your hips square and cross. Only. Take the range where you can do that too around last time. Beautiful. And Go the other way. Reach. Now, have a nice reach from your lower back scoop and into here. Good. Up and around.

Pull it up. One more around, up and so right there. That's what you're going to want to work on, right? Hug that knee to your chest and put the right foot down next to the left, whether it's bent or straight. And then hug the left knee into your chest. Good. All right. Straighten that left leg up, turning it out and stretch it towards your hands behind your thigh. If it's too easy all the way up behind your calf, but always a little turned out shoulders in joint.

We're saying that we can keep our box square while bringing that leg and I love the flexibility I'm seeing right now. I'm going to want to see that in our single leg circle or our sidekicks series. Arms press down by your side. Okay. This other leg by the way is down the middle of your body. Beautiful. Collect good and we're going to cross around up the other way.

Cla Cross to Brianna. There we go. And keeping your back nice and flat and cross around. Dep. Brianna, I want to see a lot more reach. No quad one more and reverse. Try to reach out to me. Yes. From that lower belly. From that back. Yes. Shoulders saying in joint two more around up last one.

Cross all the way up to that shoulder instead. Yes, and hugging that knee better. Good. Put that leg down on the mat. Good. And you're using precision. You're gonna roll up one vertebra at a time. Right? Rolling up. Put your hands by your side. Okay. Here's your time to make sure you're remembering how to tone your arms. So we're going to engage the back of your arms, your triceps, and use your shoulders to come up to your heels.

Have your pelvis slightly tilted towards you so your weight's more in your lower back, pulling, rounding your lower back rather than supporting with your lower back. Yeah. And then we're gonna balance with one foot up off the mat. Good. And really find it in your core and your powerhouse to bring up your left. And then you could do one hand if you want, holding that and then the other hand. Good. This is a really wide, I'm rolling like a ball right now.

Let's drop the heels a little bit, but use your belly to round your back more now. And let's do rolling like a ball. You're going to roll back your lower back first. Roll on back in with the air. Exhale up. Good massage each further. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, round up. Good.

Stay there, Lee. Okay. Hip bones are right here. We're staying straight across. Okay. All right. Make sure your head is to your chest. Make sure your upper stomach is trying to round your shoulders all the way over your hip bones. Okay, so really rounding that lower back. There we go, Collette. Love it. We want as much distance between your hip bones in your thighs as possible.

So pull back even more into your stomach. Good. Eyes Down, chin to your chest, all the way on your rounding forward. That's what I needed. Good. Okay, now roll back that lower back and exhale up. Good in with the air. One more time. Exhale. Let's make it a little more challenging working on our precision and put your hands on your ankles, fingers, all pointing towards each other. Good. And Hug those heels to your seat. Okay, so everyone find how far. If the first one was hard enough, then stay there, but otherwise try to keep your heels to your c.

You see like pretend you have a little ball that you're holding between your heels and your seat. And use your lower stomach to roll back. Don't lose that ball. Exhale right up. What happens is you have to really use your bottom now to lift your bottom up over your shoulders. Inhale, roll back. Use that bottom to lift and exhale up. One more like that in with the air. And exhale.

Good. Now if you can separate your knees a little bit and try to get your head good. How's going demonstrate? But we're doing real good here. Your ears are trying to stay between your knees. Good, good, good, good. And inhale, roll back. Get your ears between your knees on the way up. Inhale. Don't forget to breathe.

Exhale years between those knees. Yes. One more in with the air. These are all really hard. Exhale. Exhale. Good. Now I just want a lot more distance right here. Now use your stomach to get your ears forward instead. Oh yeah, that was great. Rest your feet down, ladies. Really good. Okay, so there's one more little thing that you do to make it even more advanced, but this is what we're working on. It's great.

So we're going to put your hands back behind you, so we're going to not let our shoulders come up so that we can work those shoulder muscles and have them nice and shapely and use your triceps as you lift your bottom back. Great. Okay. Hug the right knee into your chest. Put your right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee. Good. Now can we pull our weight back a little bit so that we're pulled into your lower back? Yeah. Really rounding here, my Mike's here, but you're really rounding your lower back and see if you can lengthen your left leg away from you so it's not gripping in the quad. It's lengthening from your lower back heads asleep like rolling like a ball. And imagine someone's pulling your right leg away from you as you gently, slowly roll down your back, pausing with the bottom of your shoulder.

Heads are up and switch. Someone's your left leg down the middle of your body. Someone's pulling it, reach it, reach it and switch. Someone's pulling the right leg. Your is pulling in and switch. Right leg is being pulled out left knee. To your chest now to tempo, right, left, right, left. Still all of that precision. No droopy elbows. Yeah. Good. Keep it going.

Two more sets in an n last set. Hug both ankles into your chest on hands on the ankles. Yes. Inhale, reach your arms back and your legs forward and pull back in. Inhale, reach and exhale. Someone's pulling both legs. Inhale, stretch, Belize Church. And exhale.

Keep your gaze on your navel. Inhale, reach, reach, exhale. Arms are not YMC. Inhale, reach there. Right by your ears. Yeah, and then pull back in. Keep your shoulders up for me. Two more. And last time. Inhale long and exhale. Good. Rest your neck for just a second and we're going to come back up for single, straight leg. Head up and crawl up behind your right leg.

There we go. Left leg goes down. Good. All right. Get those shoulders back in joint. They're there and now let that left leg fly up and grab it and switch and switch and switch. Good. Keep your box. Keep it going. There's straight legs, so don't let abandon switch and switch and switch and flying through the air. There we go. Now you've got it. Good. In fact, give me your like each time it's here and here and here and in one more and right and left and bend the knees and rest for a second hand over. Hand behind your head. All right.

Pull your belly into the mat. Press your head into the mat. Take a big breath into the mat. Remember we went over breathing and exhale into it to round up your head and shoulders coming up. Up, up. Great. Extend those legs like a Mermaid's tail. They're spiraling and wrapping and squeezing. Can they come up here? All right, good. Can you curl up more? So the way is yes, and now the legs reach long and you scoop them back up and they reach long and pulling it it.

The hips are working to stretch and you pull up with your belly and it's long and I need to see more inner thighs. Less than that. Yes. Curl up more. One more. Reachable everything and bend the right knee and twist to it. Twist, twist, and switch. Pull in your belly to pull in that left knee and pull in your belly to pull up to that right one more pool in and hug the knees in and take a little moment. It might've seemed a little cruel to keep going through them really quickly, but there is a huge difference in what muscles you recruit.

When you go quickly to when you go really slow and we're trying to target a lot smaller muscle groups and we are always searching for, let's sit up and work on spine stretch forward. That's the good news. Sitting up tall, the legs go straight and open up a little wider than the mat. Okay, we want to stack really be aware of that pelvis. We've done this before so make sure the hip bones are directly over your sit bones. Those are the two bones that you feel if you, we will wobble. A lot of us might be here so you have to bend your knees, can't him flex the feet so that you can sit up tall.

If you can sit up tall with legs straight, great. The next step is to flex as well as sitting up tall and make sure it's every toe straight up. Nothing's turned out. Now really imagine your spine, one bone on top of the next, on top of the next with your head being supported by that strong Greek column. Reach your arms here. I loved how we in one class earlier on, we used our belly to reach up to the ceiling. So from your waist, lift up, reach from the ceiling. Send your tailbone to the floor, but lift your belly button up through your fingertips. Stay that tall on your back, and then bring your arms here. Take a breath and exhale. Head and curling.

One bone at a time and stretch, stretch, stretch, and roll. Back Up. One bone at a time. Four more head first. Then your shoulders. Look at the line of your hips. Is it straight? Is it staying where it is or is it lying on your thighs?

You want to keep it off and rolling up? Always Lift Jack your shoulders before your neck and head lift off your bottom a little light. Keep the distance between the bottom of your ribs and the top of your hips and exhale down head next Vertebra. Good. Great stretching forward. Wonderful Line of your hips. Love it. Colette. Stretching, stretching and rolling. Back Up. Stacking your spine, shoulders before the neck and head. Fantastic.

Two more in with the air and exhale all the way down, down. Trying to touch the crown of your head down to the mat, down to the mat. Good. Stay here and let's enjoy it a little bit by bending your knees, bringing your feet closer to you, not not towards each other, but Khloe. Let's see, like bend your knees. There you go. And now grab onto your arches. Perfect. Good. Bend the knees, Juliana. Yes. What I want you to do to straighten the legs, I want you to really round your lower back, so pull into it. That is fantastic. Bend them again as you inhale and pull into that round.

Lower back as you straighten your legs. Good to have the toes right over your heels. Good. Let go of those arches and stack up your spine. Rolling up one bone at a time. We're going to do one more. I want you to think because we're doing precision. Here are your knees, right? Everyone. See where their knees are?

You want to touch the crown of your head down to the mat? Yes, but actually between your knees and your hips, not between your knees and your feet. So try that right now. Last time. Big Breath. Exhale. Try to touch the crown of your head down to the mat. Really close to you. Try to get closer to you. Walk in here a little bit. Get closer to your pool. Yeah, there you go.

And roll back up. Stacking your spine. Love it. Very good. Good. We're ready for open leg rocker. From here, we're going to bring your legs together and I would actually come forward a little bit. I want you to have all the mat behind you. Yeah, so your legs are together and you're going to really round the lower backs. You're going to draw your belly in and you're going to lengthen your tailbone. That way you're going to pull your belly in so those legs come to you. Hands under your knees. If you're not too flexible on top of your ankles, if you feel really up for it. And we're going to extend just the right leg.

So the left leg is going to stay on the mat and down. We're being very precise, so nothing moves in our Pilati Xbox, the left, in fact, our belly pulls in tighter. Good. And we also want to bring it down. You want to stay within a certain range so it's not opening wider than your mat. Okay. Pull it in, right.

Keep your right up and see if you can add the left [inaudible] hold. See if you can use your belly to come forward a little bit onto your sit bones and bring the feet down. We're going to start with your left this time. So again, the hip bones are really far from the thighs, not lying on your thighs here. We're going to pull in and extend the left. Yeah, stay there and try to add the right. And if you've gotten too comfortable in your lower back, then use your belly to lift the bottom of your ribs away from your pelvis and bring the feet down. And scooping in.

We're gonna extend both at the same time. No shoulders lifting, no change. Bring the legs together, low choreography apart and down. Good against in. Make sure your back is really rounding. If you're arching, then put your hands behind your, give yourself more ability to round and together and apart. Good. Now stay here and again, cold behind your knees if you need to or your calves before our open leg rocker. So we're rocking.

We're going to rock back and rock right back up and five more in with the air. Always exhale. Scooping in. Watch that lower back. Good. You're doing great in with the air. Try to stay a little narrower. Yeah, just within the Mat. Little awesome. That's it. Great job. Great control. Two more.

He knew I wanted you to go up a little higher. Good job in with the air. Add. Exhale. Good. Squeeze your legs together. Show me that preview to our teaser. Leave the legs there and roll down your lower back, your middle back, your upper good and bend the knees into your chest. Wonderful Hug and make sure you're in the center of your mat. When we roll.

Sometimes if we're right hand do, we might roll a little more to our right side. Those are things that you're going to want to pay attention at home. Look at your mat. Did you roll off to one side more? Make sure you're in the center so that your box is in the center. Okay, so now we're going to do corkscrew. Let's keep working those arms. Press the back of your arms into the mat.

Really feel like you have a paper piece of paper, business card underneath your tricep and you're not going to lose it. Extend those legs like a mermaid tail barbershop, Poles spiraling out. Zip up the back of those inner thighs and we're going to circle to the right around. Draw your belly in and to the left and left around. Scoop it in and to the right. Really feel your belly.

Pull your back into the mat. We have one more set. Go as far right all the way around left and center, but make sure your backseats flat left. Feel those obliques, this side of your abdominals, and hug the knees into your chest. Good. Sit Up and we're going to see some more arm work. We're going to do this saw. So in the saw you want to make sure that I see the shoulder blades separating and the shoulders and every muscle in your arm as you reach your fingertips to each corner. The size of the room. Thank you. Perfect. Good job. So you guys don't hit each other. Alright. Do you feel your sit bones?

Keep them there on the mat. Twist to your right, twisting to your right. Beautiful and exhale head and reach for your baby toe reach, reach, reach and inhaling up and twist to your left and exhaling down. Good. So we know the mechanics of the exercise in how you want to be like a roll up where you stack up one vertebra at a time. Hold for one second. Do you feel things Nicole, do you feel each sit bone down cake cause we're losing them just a little bit.

Keep them there as we twist to the left. Reach your right to the right. Sorry. Hi, just getting and reach your left hand for your right foot. Exhale down. Stay here. Take a breath and look at your belly. Exhale, pull it in more and go lower. Really make it a stomach contraction to go lower. Lower, lower. Inhale, all the way up. Rolling up, stacking your spine, arms, reaching to the side, twist to the left, and exhale down for your baby Joe.

There's a lot of room between your stomach and your thigh. Roll up, stacking your spine. Keep both cheeks down. One more set. Twist to the right. Don't switch those feet. Who that was better. And exhale, this is pulling in to go down. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Inhaling up, twist to your other side and no shifting in the feet. Exhale. So one leg should not get shorter than the other.

So this one is the one that, yes, Nicole, where you want to really work on keeping that right hip down and inhaling up. Untwisting good and relax. Nice job. We're going to go into neck pull, so bring your feet all the way to the front of the Mat and they're hip width apart. So here are my hips, not the silhouette, but this the hip bones. That's how wide you want your feet. So a little narrow or too is good. All right, so we're, I want you to sit up really tall.

How tall can you really find your stomach into your lower back? Stack up those vertebra. Lift the crown of your head to the ceiling like you're a puppet. Good. Squeeze up off your seat. Pretend you're skidding on your heels and push your heels away.

And now just your pelvis is going to pull back and roll down. Good. Keep pushing your heels away. Keeps rounding down. Lower back. First, middle back. Lengthen that lower back. That's it. Until your head goes down. Inhale, lift up your head and that ceiling has dropped again. Exhale, stay under it. As you roll up, curl up, scooping in, curling into yourself.

Beautiful. All the way forward to kiss your knees while you're down there. And then starting with your tailbone. Stack up your spine. One bone, the next bone. Just like short spy, massage stack. 'Em Up. Stack 'em up. Get your shoulders before the head and now round down. But really be active with it. Squeeze your bottom, push your heels away. Use your belly to pull in the equal and opposite direction. Excellent.

Lengthening. Good. Now if you can do any more, let's place the hands one over the other, behind the head. All right, and let your elbows kiss each other. But we're going to keep progressing with this like we did the last two classes. But make sure you stay where it's strengthening you and not hurting you. So we're gonna inhale, lift your head up and exhale. Curl it on up. So if all of a sudden you can't round up, put your hands back by your side.

And now inhale, sit up tall, rolling up, elbows wide, and just for here, and then they kiss again as you roll down. But again, your bottoms working to push your heels away, your bellies working to pull in and up. Let's do one more in with the air. Elbows kissing. Exhale, round up. You don't want to hang up. Hang out down there and inhale. Roll up one bone at a time. Squeeze that bottom. Push your heels away, scoop your belly in your elbows.

Can Kiss as you round down now, widen your elbows if you can, and come up with wide oboes wide scooping. Exhale, kiss your knees. Inhale, stack up your spine. And with wide elbows, here's the neck pull part. Push your head into your hands. Push your bottom away from you. Now curl the rest down. And once you're down, right up ladies, that's it. Kiss your knees. Inhale, stack up your spine. We're going to two.

One more after this one. We're rolling back. That's it. Last time. As soon as you down, you're right back up. Curl it in. Good job Nicole. Kiss your knees. Stack your spine up, lifting off your hips, pushing your head into your hands. Little more. Belly, belly, belly. Yes. And now roll the rest down. Good job staying down. All right, so now I want you to all lie on. Um, let's lie on this, the backside of the map. Here's, we're all going to be facing this way. Good, good, good, good. Okay, then we'll switch. Nice.

So you guys are going to have to ignore rights and lefts here, but lie down onto your side with your arm and elbow. We're going to do our sidekicks. Bring your feet forward to the front edge. Good. And bring your shoulder back just a little bit. And your elbow. Yes. Excellent. And the legs are leaving a little more forward for me, Colette. Nice. Alright, good.

So you want to still be like single leg circles. Imagining you're lying on your back and your whole back is nice and flat on the Mat. I want you to take this left hand or whichever is your top arm and put it right on your hip bone. And let's be aware is the top hip over the bottom one. That's what's important here. I want your feet a little more forward.

Thank you. Sorry to have my back to you, Nicole. You're doing good. Okay. And now that line, hip to hip, draw the belly and behind that line. All right, so we're going to add the legs swinging this time. Last time we had the magic circle for our sidekicks. Good. I like what I'm seeing here. But now we're going to have a lot more freer movement. Go ahead.

We're going to have your hips back a little bit more. Perfect. And now your legs good. So right there on, okay, pull it into the mat. Imaginary Mat behind you. Okay. Put your top arm back down. [inaudible] good in front of your stomach. So we want to really use imagination here.

So I'm going to imagine that my let top leg is going to be longer than my bottom leg and that it's touching the walls. You really want to reach all the walls and corners of the room. So I'm gonna, we're gonna lift the top leg, turn it out a little bit so your nene toes are looking up at the ceiling, the hips stay stacked, and now lengthen that leg out of your hip and make it longer than your bottom one. You don't want to have it lifting as it goes forward or back. So let's use our belly to pull into our back and bring that leg all the way forward to your nose. Pull it forward, forward, forward. Good, Clint, all the way. And now bring it back. Pause for second, where the legs parallel or together almost a little more forward. Juliana, thank you. Make that leg check. Is it turned out? Oh, okay. Is it longer than your bottom leg? Good with tr. Relax the foot a little bit, not Brianna, and just make it coming out from your outer thigh and your seat. Now I want you to take that leg behind you as far as you can without lifting it or lying on your stomach.

Keep your belly in and you should feel the back of your thigh and your glute really working. Let's try one more slow. Pull your belly and make that leg touch the walls. As you come all the way up towards your nose, how is the legs that turned out or is it facing the ceiling floor and then take it back. Reach past your leg without lying on your belly. It's still turned out. It's working the fight and now we're going to take it to tempo.

Swing it forward and back and forward and back and eat more forward and back. Keep that turnout and reach longer. Really reach for each other in this case. And God, stay with her for me, dads, it and that. We don't kick each other under EEG and longer than your bottom leg. And too, I always lose count one more.

It sounds good. And now legs together and give it a little bit of a break. I like really working on the precision of this one by putting again your hand on top of your hip bones with the top hand making sure. Okay. And push that hip bone away from you. Okay, so you've got a lot of length now. Really pushing it away. It's beautiful. Collette and Kay. And I want you maybe, so your hips right here and I want you to push it away. Oh yeah. And then we're going to lift this leg all the way up to your ear, but this doesn't get to come up towards you lifted as high as you can.

Keep your hip there. Beautiful. And now squeeze down a million pounds. My hands a million pounds. Work, work, work, work. Yeah. One more slow, slow. Push it up without lifting that hip. You should feel that outer thigh like crazy. And then squeeze the inner thighs to come down. I lied.

One more slow cause my favorite part is push up now on the way down, really pull your belly in and up out the crown of your head as you linkedin, linkedin. That's my favorite part. And now to tempo, it's up and squeeze down and up and squeeze. Hold it here. Put your right hand back down on the mat and do three more without moving that hip up and squeeze down. Don't forget to lengthen and up and pulling your belly in and up. Making that leg longer. One more.

Make sure that top heel is almost at the bottom arch. Hold it there. Rotate your leg a little bit. Turning it up. Good. And we're going to do five little circles, but we'll do them slow right now a little bit forward, a little bit up, a little bit back down. It should graze the ankle of your other one more slow like that. The legs circling in that joint. Now five quick ones, one and two and three and four and reverse and one and longer than your bottom leg and turning it out and no movement in that torso and rest.

Excellent job. Ladies. Lie on your stomach and make a small pillow for your forehead. So your hands are gonna be one over the other hand over hand. Nice. I want you to pull your belly in. It's unto your back so it's not on the mat, it's pulled up. K not up in your chest, but just your belly button. I want you to squeeze your bottom and kind of push it down because you don't want your, you don't want to be taking it in your lower back.

So you want to keep this lower back really, really long. Use the back of your inner thighs in your seat to lift your legs up as high as you can without taking it into your back. Reach them longer out of your lower back. Get those legs longer, cla long, long instead of a higher, longer. Yeah, open them as wide as your mat. Hold now, think about your inner thighs and squeeze all the light away between your inner thighs all the way. No light, no light. Squeeze them all the way together. Open the width of the mat and then squeeze them all the way together.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Now double time that really fast, 20 times one, two, three, four, faster, faster, faster, faster, faster, even faster. Come on Clinton really quick. Quick, quick, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and go to your other size. To your wire to just roll over. Line yourself up on that back edge of the mat. Great. And bring your feet forward to the front hatch. So we're going to start with your top hand on top of that hip again.

It looks pretty good, Nicole right there. Good. Imagine you're lying on your back. You're doing your single legs circles and your back is flat on the Mat. It's the same thing, but we are now on our side, so we're going to have one hip bone on top of the other and our legs are forward at that angle. Let's lift that top leg and make sure it's reaching out of your hip.

And it's turned out not turned in, not hiking, but really long, okay? And we're gonna use our belly to pull it up to our nose hold and now come back. So they're at the same level. But let's be aware as we take it back, that we're not lying down on our stomach, that our bellies pulling in and you're using the back of your leg and your seat. Make sure you don't look like a, like a dog went on a fire hydrant. Lifting the leg up behind you. Okay?

It's really important to right here and one more Ricci longer than your bottom, like to take it up, up, up, and then reach it longer to the walls. As you go back, back, back, and now to tempo, it's forward and back and forward and back. Go ahead and put that top hand as a kickstand by your belly. Have some freedom in the movement, but really use those muscles. Keep going for four more good and back and keep the hips stacked and forward and longer. One more and bring those legs together again.

That top hand, good goes there. Use that outer thigh to go up to the ceiling. Beautiful. Not Moving that hip. And then squeeze those inner thighs together and up and squeeze those inner thighs. One more slow up. Really feel your belly pull into your back as you lengthen. So pull your belly in. Reach it. Oh, look how many inches I got there.

And up and down. Now it's a tempo for up and squeeze and up. And someone's like pulling on your leg and up. It's like traction. One more time. Up and squeezing. Hold. We're going to go a little forward. A little find.

No one likes to go behind and then forward a little bit up and a little high. Now to tempo, it's one and two, three, four, five. Reverse. Keep it turned out and from the hip, not knee down from the yes. Three to one. And rest. Nice job. Lie On your back ladies.

Bend your knees into your chest and shake them out. We're gonna go into our teasers. Yes. Legs up to the ceiling. Good and shake. Shake, shake, shake, shake. Yeah. Like literally shake. Sometimes our, if we're athletic, our quads might be still trying to do the work for us. So you want to shake those quads. Okay.

Hugging the knees and sit up any way you can. And we're going to do the roll back here so our hands are underneath your knees. Squeeze those legs together, pull your navel away from your thighs and roll back into your arms. Straighten, take a breath and then exhale coming forward. Scoop, scoop, scoop. Good. Now we'll go all the way down. Lower back first before the next bone, before the next head touches only to come up. And then exhale.

Good one more like that. And with the air to start the movement. Exhale the whole way down til your head touches. Inhale, lift the head. Exhale, scoop. And see right there. Juliana right there. Collect. Beautiful. Pull back a little bit. Brianna. Yes. Good job Nicole. And effortlessly. The right leg is going gonna extend, but you want to keep, so it's up to the ceiling.

You want to keep the thighs together, knees together, and roll down the lower backs. You're just doing it with one leg, middle back. This is the head touches. We'd come right back up. Inhale, head and scoop and one more beautiful and down. Little minute more stretched in that lower back. Always like someone's bulling that leg. Head Up. Ooh, where'd you go? Almost took a nap down there. We're going to switch legs, not you and even out those hips. Yes. Squeezes likes together. Gorgeous and right back up.

Good. One more time. Very good initiation. Love it. Head and coming right back up. And now easy as pie. Both legs go up but not from our lower back. Right? And roll down. If it's easier, you can take your arms up and reach back and then they can help swing forward to come up and again and scoop and coming up. Head and scoop. Gorgeous. One more time. Lower back, middle. No movement those legs. Head Up.

Scoop it in you duffle and roll down. Stay down for me. Hug your knees into your chest. Good hug, Gannon. All right, everyone sit up. Now we're going to go into the seal and we're going to do six seals and then stand up after the last, once you guys did a great job, sit working on this and like feeling these muscles to pull up and your stomach, so that's what you're to want to work on. We talked last time that we tried standing up that if you keep your weight back, there's no way you can divorce.

You really need to think of bringing your head and shoulders forward almost in front of your feet so that you have a chance as well as mentally you really, there's a huge mind and body connection. If you think I'm not going to be able to do this, you won't be able to do this, but if you think I'm going to get up and I'm going to end your thinking up, then it really, really helps. But let's enjoy six seals first. So we're a go ahead from where you guys are. Open the knees and then let your arms fall, palms up, um, in between the legs, but pull back in your belly and your pelvis and let those ankles float up to you and see if you can hold it here. Nice and square in your frame. And Clap two, three. When we clap, it's because we're not tightening all the legs and going around.

It's really soft. It's called the CEO cause it should be like light flipper clapping. And let's massage that lower back and inhale back and exhale up and hold. Clap two, three, one more time like that in with the air. Exhale and hold.

Let's advance it and clap an inch off the floor or clap as you're here and clap as you're back. So we're in a clap. Two, three. Inhale, clap, two, three. Exhale forward, clap, two, three, rolling back, clap two, three and forward. Clap two, three, two more in with the air and four light flippers. So you could let go home if you want. Roll back and roll forward. And here's our last one. We're going to roll back. Let go of your feet, cross your ankles and roll all the way up. Use your belly and you don't even need me. No, you did it maybe. And the rest just got up magically. That was beautiful. I want to add the beginning of the pushup.

So we're gonna all turn your backs to each other. Actually, no, I don't like that. Turn back towards each other and walk to the back edge of your mat. It's much more polite. Okay. So polato stance, heels together, toes apart. So I want you to just get used to a plank in here. Okay. So is our weight forward? Remember we're not here. Okay.

So this is just a view of what's gonna happen once we're on our hands. So I want you to have the you're frame. You're squeezing your seat in the back of your legs. Do you feel how much work you have in the back of the seat and the legs right now? I need that. When you're in a plank position, we kind of forget about it. And we're like this when we were in a plank.

So squeeze your bottom of that much forward. Use your belly to pull into your back fat much. Reach your arms up to the ceiling. Use your waist to really lift up the waist, longer space between the bottom of your ribs and lengthen that tailbone. Make sure it's not coming up with you, and then roll off an imaginary wall. Do you remember those wallets or sizes? We did roll off an imaginary wall.

Hands down to the floor. Walk out into a pushup position so your hands are going to be under your shoulders and you're just going to hold it, which is pretty miserable when you're learning to begin with. So you're really squeezing your seat. Open those collarbones more from you. Yes. Hold it there with your hips right there on your stomach and some people's wrists hurt. Make sure you make two fists. Squeeze. Come on. Let me find that squeeze member, how it felt just a second ago scooping it and love it.

Beautiful, Collette. I like it. Nice job. Now I want the first thing to come up is your hips as if there's a sling around your belly. And we're going to pull up from your belly. And now hold for a second. All right. Be aware of your hips. Are you going to swing them from side to side as you walk back to your feet?

No, we're going to keep them nice and straight. And even as you walk back to your feet, that takes powerhouse and hold there with your hands as flat on the mat as close to your feet. Go ahead and grab behind your ankles and exhale and bring your chest as close to enjoy a stretch. We're not all miserable. We can enjoy stretching here and now roll up one vertebra at a time. Your lower back's gonna come up first, then your middle back, then your shoulders and your head. Continue that lifting by, lengthening your arms up to the ceiling.

Exhale for me. Turn your palms out. So you just blew out all your air. Inhale and pushed down as if you're hanging between two buildings. Lived in your center and exhale here. Good job, ladies. Good work. Yay.


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Some good technique tips but why not back extensions or lateral flexion/side stretch?? No criticism but I am curious. Thanks
2 people like this.
Love the instruction and queuing...makes me truly miss my regular Pilates routine and it is a great class to get back into it..thank you
Monica Wilson
Thank you for the wonderful comments! This class is part of a 10 class beginner series where we are building up to an intermediate level with back extensions and lateral flexion. Good catch! You will find these being introduced in class 8, 9 and 10. Thanks again! Monica
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Thank you a great class so refreshing , to much yoga creeping into a lot of other classes on Pilates anytime, don't get me wrong I love yoga (I am a Hatha teacher as well as Pilates) but I want to practice Pilates on P-anytime,so thank you Monika great queuing and pace.
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I love this so much!
1 person likes this.
Thanks Monica. Can feel myself getting stronger and my teaser getting better. A personal goal of mine!
Monica Wilson
Super glad you are all enjoying this class! You'll really see the benefit of you keep going through the series! Monica:)
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Hi Monica I love your beginners series. Your attention to detail is superb. In class no.7 , from doing the side bend exercises, my lower right hand back has become very tight. I only did the class once. I thought my alignment was ok but maybe not? Or could it be unused muscles now being used? Many thanks Eimear
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I am loving this series. I am a pilates newbie but a BarreAmped instructor and while some body alignment is different there is a ton of verbal ques that have been helpful in my teaching. I am seeing my ladies gain mobility and strength in their core. I would love to add pilates to my teaching repertoire but I don't have any local options for a mentor. Any suggestions? Thanks Monica Wilson !
Monica Wilson
Hi Abbie, So glad you are loving this series:) You can either go to the website to find an instructor in your area or I would be happy to help find a great instructor for you. Just need to know what city. Glad your barre class is getting to enjoy the benefits too:) Monica
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