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Add back extension to your practice in this Mat workout with Monica Wilson. This is Part 9 of the Beginner Series, and Monica adds the exercises where you are lying prone. She breaks down the transitions needed to get to this new position, and she shows how you can support your lower back during these exercises.
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Okay. Today we are going to do class number nine out of our beginner series. So we're almost there. And we're going to add the final exercises today, which are the exercises on your belly. They can be quite hard on the back and as, because we're usually tight in our lower back and they're very hard to support with your powerhouse. So we're going to go over those things. So again, we always start with our palladia stance. Toes two to three inches apart. Heels together weighed on the, on the ball of every toe, weight on the side of your foot and wait on your heels to quick check about your knees. Are they pushing back and holding you? Make sure they're just soft. Do you want a straight leg but not a hyperextending joint there?

Straight line from one hip bone to the other from each of those hipbones, the spiraling barbershop poles. Watch those knees a little bit. Collect, soften the right one [inaudible] and really pressed with the back of your thighs and your seat. Press your weight forward onto the ball of your foot. Okay, so that is what's holding you there. Now pull your belly in so deep to your lower back that you could almost feel a stretch in these lower back vertebra. Make sure that your tailbone is hanging towards the floor. In fact, I want you to take your hands right now and put them right over that triangle bone, your sacrum, and then slide them down towards the floor until your arms are straight. So you want to really feel like that tailbone is reaching down, that it's not coming up in your fingers pointing behind you.

Your finger should be pointing down. Again, squeeze that whole area forwards. The weights on the ball of your foot. There you go. This right here we're going to do again when we're on our belly, so make sure you understand that feeling and that alignment. Then go ahead and rest your arms down by your side and have your belly lift the bottom of your ribs away from your pelvis. Lifting your sternum up to the ceiling, having your head lifted like a Marionette, like you're being pulled up by a string, one arm over the other, one foot in front of the other. Good.

And let's warm up just a little bit again, like last time where we're going to pull in and just bend the knees a little bit. If your feet come up, that's fine. And then use the back of your thighs and your feet to push into the earth to stand up. And again, good correction, Nicole. Lengthening your lower back and then scoop in, lifting up. Nice. Let's go for it. Now. Try to keep your energy up and lengthening down as you lower yourself all the way down to the mat. Just keep pulling in your powerhouse and come and down.

Good. And Go ahead and straighten. Your legs are so graceful. Yeah, go ahead and lie down onto your back. Must be the Palladia. Zinnia. Yeah. All right, so take your shoulders just a little bit over that way. Good. Nice job. Okay, so we're going to start off right with a hundred but before we do that, I want you to bend your knees and put your feet flat on the Mat. This is the only exercise you get to warm up your powerhouse and warm up. It's the only warm up exercise in the whole mat series, whether you're a beginner or advanced.

So I want you to be super aware of your back. Is it flat on the Mat right now? I want you to use your belly to pull in like a big suction cup muscle and bring in your right knee to your chest and be aware of your back square and is it flat on the Mat? Hug in that right knee with your arms. Stretch it in. Should feel a good stretch? No question that your waistbands on the mat and now pull in the left knee.

Great. Hugging it in. Good. Alright, so nice and flat on the Mat. Let's go ahead and put your feet back down on the mat. Good one at a time if you want. And we're going to tilt your pelvis towards you. We've done this a lot so it's like a bullet's up soup tilting towards you.

No question at all that your lower back is flat and there's no tunnel under your lower back. Now go ahead and dump that bowl of soup out towards your feet and allow a little tunnel to form. So right now what happened is those hip bones have gone away from your chest, kind of like towards your thighs and your pubic bone or tailbone have gone deep down into the mat. Can you guys all feel that? And everyone feel that? So when we're on our stomach, this is kind of what we tend to do, dump our bull soup away from us. Okay? And that would really hurt the lower back when we do any of our legwork.

So when we come up from a back bend or if you're doing leg work on your belly and you're like, oh my lower back hurts, it's probably because you're in this position. So dump that bowl of soup back towards you using your belly. And it's like your hipbones are now tilted towards you and your pubic bone and tailbone of calm a little bit towards you. Now, you're not really going to be like this on your belly, but again, you want to be more like this than the other way. So we're going to focus on that while we do our a hundred pull your belly and bring in the right knee, hugging the left. Make sure your tailbones not down too much into the floor.

Bring the weight of your head up and look at your belly. Lengthen those strong arms past your hips, and start pumping. Inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale. So with each exhale especially, you want to pool into that map in with the air on this next exhale, length in the legs scooping into the mat. So this is your only warmup exercise, right?

So is the only to really get that stomach to feel it and your bottom to feel it. Keep pumping, beautiful. And if you aren't feeling it, this is a great place for you. Then you should challenge yourself by bringing your legs down lower. But this is a beginner series, so I'm, you should be about right here. Good. And just always having that traction could keep going and keep pumping.

Very nice. Two more ladies. Inhale, nice and quick pumps. Get those fast twitch muscles going. Last exhale is your belly disappears and hug the knees into your chest. Good. Straighten your legs on the Mat. Good arms reach back for the roll-up.

Very nice arms. Reach up, head to your chest and roll up one vertebrae at a time. Excellent. Stretch forward, and you're going to roll back lower back. Good. Remember it's as if the ceiling has dropped and up again. Arms head scooping in. Beautiful. Stay under that low ceiling. Excellent. And then roll back as if you're pulling back a heavyweight belly first. Ooh, that was beautiful. Engagement.

And then keep your back flat as you stretch and arms up. Head and scoop in reach. Good. Yes. And then rolling down, sending your hips to your feet, willing down. Good. And everyone's going to come up together. Two more arms, head and up. Reach for those feet and rolling down. Lower back, middle, upper.

One more arms had between the arms roll in, up under that wall. Reach forward and rolling back. Lower back, sending your hips, middle back and upper and reach. Hug your right knee into your chest again. If it's hard to straight, go ahead and straighten that right leg up for Brianna. It's easy for her right leg to be up. I do need this hip to stretch away though. It's hiking a little bit.

There you go. How does that feel? If it's easy to stretch with your hands behind your thigh, you can move up your hands behind your calf, but don't let your shoulders come up. If it's hard to do that, then do it. Nicole did and all I want you to do is to have your bottom relaxed [inaudible]. Now make sure that hip is also turned out beautiful. I want to start off, um, and that leg that's down the left leg down the middle of your body.

Great. Now I want you to press your arms down by your side and we're not going in circles. We're going to reach that leg down the middle of your body. Reach it down, down, down, and pull it up from your belly bullet and in one more. Reach it down and feel your stomach. Pull it back up. Your stomachs can makes contact with the floor.

Now cross around up circles. Cross around up. Keep pulling it from your belly. Beautiful crusts around, up to more crusts around upkeep that turnout last time and reverse and down around up and beautiful powerhouse here Collette. Keep it up. Pull it in and up. Good and turn and out and up. Nice to around it. Up longer. Shoulders and hug in that knee. Nice job. Bring that leg down. Let's do the left leg.

So we're going to hug in the left and straighten it up. Hands behind your thigh. If that's too easy, go behind your calf. Make sure this other leg, the right legs down the middle of your body, not sliding out to the side. And I want you to press your arms down and pull your belly in and reach that leg down the middle of your body and feel your stomach scoop in to bring it up. Up, up. Do it one more time. Super important connection. So when we're on our belly, we feel the stomach pulling in. Now Cross surround up, cross around up three around upkeep, the turnout and one more and reverse down, crossing up. Good down. Crossing a reach past member of the image. We want to reach longer than the other leg like we did last class and one more longer. And Hug it in. Good.

Both legs down. We're gonna lift our head to our chest and roll up one vertebra at a time. Scooping in strong arms, hands by your hips. Lift up our bottom forward. Really strong. Powerhouse holds good.

So we're very aware of our pelvis cause that's gonna help us home on our belly. Is it tip towards us? Is it tipped away? Tip it towards you. Bring up one foot and then the other and then do one hand and then the other good. And Start Your rolling linkable. Not Quite so straight. They should still be an angle. A little angle there. And with your hipbones where they are, see if you can pull your belly in and scoop your shoulders over and let's roll back and exhale to come up and in with the air.

Exhales should be a massage for your back rolling through each vertebra. Very nice. One more like this in with the air round. That backup should be a letter c. Good. Nicole, I want you to stay with your hands there, but work on that. Okay. And Julianne, I want your hands on top of your ankles. You want to, I might have you stay like that to, to work on the middle. Backgrounding a little more. Ooh, that's what I wanted. That middle back. Okay.

And in with the air roll back. Exhale. If you've grabbed onto your ankles than have your ears between your knees in with the air to roll back. Exhale, head between those knees. Work that upper belly. Yeah. And with the air had between those knees. Beautiful. One more time. Good.

So we're in our ruling like a ball position. We're gonna rest down your feet. Put your hands behind you. Use those strong arms and beautiful shoulders to lift your bottom back. We added this transition. We're going to put the right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee and from your belly. We're going to reach that left leg up and fuzzy. If someone's pulling on it.

As we slowly roll down your lower back, we're not gonna lie our head down. We're going right into single leg stretch switch. Hold really. Feel this leg lengthen down the middle and switch and switch. Six more. Good. So really being aware of your pelvis, your back is AA, anchored into the mat. You're not tipping that pelvis out. You're really pulling in with your belly. It's your belly, not just manipulating your pelvis and in and right and left.

Give me one more set. Squeezing that seat. Bring both knees in. Good. Grab both ankles, hands-on. Heads up. Good. And now reach your legs forward with your arms back. Good. And keep up. Stay off me and pull back in. That's why I'm here. Good. No, you're perfect. Air, knees into your chest. Inhale, reach.

Stay right where you are right here. And exhale. Nothing changes in your box. Inhale, reach, yes. And exhale. Inhale, reach and exhale. Two more. Inhale, just pull the middle back. Yes, it's the middle back. That could work. One more time. Beautiful. And rest your head just for a second and now bring it back up and crawl up your just your heads up. Oh good. And right leg. Both legs are up.

Crawl up behind your right leg and lower your left down the middle of your body and switch and switch. Good and switch. Make them fly through the air, right and left and right. Anchoring, really feeling solid center switch. You want to make it a little quicker and higher. I'm going to have you start here and then switch. Ooh, there we go. And switch and switch and switch and switch. And that's enough. Bend the knees and rest your head down. Make sure your heads are on the mat.

So let's get back on the mads. We've slid up. Keep your feet down and hip with the part on this one for a second. So I want you to put your hands hand over hand behind your head and let's revisit our pelvis. Tilted away from you. Dumping the bowl of soup towards your legs and now dry your naval and use your powerhouse and tilt the pelvis towards you. Can you feel how your back is flat? Keep it that way and bring the right knee into your chest.

Use your belly to bring the left now as if your stomach needed had two hands that needed a shake. You're going to bring the top hand to the lower hand and really lift your head up. So it's as if you have two hands shaking right here. So we're gonna really pull up. Now bring the legs up and you're gonna keep your pelvis where it is as you reach those legs long and then pull them back up and in with the IR and Exhale, keep going. My bad example is this, so you don't let go of that pelvis. Okay, good example is keeping it two more in with the air. Scoop it in one more squeezing and reaching a little higher with the shoulders.

Now bend the right knee and twist right to it. Beautiful and twisty left. Stay onto the left for me. Bend this one. It. Stay here and twist more and more. Yes. And switch to the right. The extra is more on continuing the twist and last time good to the left.

Yeah, that's what it is. Hug both knees into your chest. Nice, Nice. Nice. So that crisscross isn't about getting going faster. It's more about getting that rotation so that we can become that straight line. We've once talked out, sit up for spine, stretch forward. Good awareness of your back against, super important for when we flip onto your belly. Okay.

You're able to keep your back flat when you're lying on your mat. Easy. But can you do it when you're sitting up? Do you have an idea of what your back is doing now? Arms up at shoulder height. Pull your belly and give me the tiniest waist you can give me. It's a lot of work.

This exercise that comes more from your mind than from anything else. So give a me like Corset, take a breath and exhale. Crown of the head goes down and it's as if you're trying to touch your head over that course that you can just keep pulling in, in, in and in. How? Roll Up. Always your shoulders before your neck and head. Beautiful Brianna, Good Colette. And take a breath and exhale head, shoulders, good one bone at a time and puling up with your inhale. Make sure you're squeezing off your seat. Lift should be active.

And taking a breath and exhale down. We're gonna try to advance the breathing from now on as you're exhaling, exhaling. And now inhale, roll it up. Good and take a little break. Rest your arms for a second. So when we do the hundred, we're very able to do inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, right? Three, four, five. So that's right. So that's the tempo. So as the same with this exercise, it should be taking a big breath for five counts. Exhale, two, three, four years low as you can. Inhale, two, three, four years high as you can. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Again, low as you can and an inhaling on the way up so we don't, hi, relax and take another breath and started again. You want it to be fluid, which is a major principle and politeness.

So sitting up tall, arms up at shoulder height. Take a big breath, flex those toes back, lift off your seat. And now exhale down to three. Get there four, five, and inhale up to three, four, one more time. Exhale it. Blow out all the air, squeeze it out, contract that air and inhaling, ah, and relax. Relax your arms down. Squeeze your legs together. I think you have enough room, all of you behind you and you're going to pull back in your pelvis.

Use your belly to bring those legs to you. Hands on those ankles, behind your knees if you aren't as flexible. And we're going to extend just the right leg and bring it down right. And the left leg and down and the right leg. And Dan and you can leave one foot down on the mat. And now the left. That helps when you're starting it. And Dan, now head up for me. Pull back in here. More.

Tie back to me. Yeah. And now extend both legs pulling into me. Yeah. And then bend them down. Perfect. Open the knees a little wider. Let them open and pulling in. Extend up. Awesome. And down. Now adding choreography. Open them up. [inaudible].

Bring 'em together. Open and Ben dumbed down, looking good and up together. Open and down again, pulling in. We're going to go open now. Stay here. Every time you come up. I want you to work on not being here and your lower back, but not arching either.

You gotta use your belly to lift your ribs away from your pelvis, lifting your chest, but to rule back, you're going to drop your head round your back and go ahead and roll back, roll up, and then once you're up, regained that lift up onto your sit bones. Five more in with the air roll back, adding a little more difficulty to this exercise coming up, up, up and in with the air roll back. Exhale, rolling up, up. Beautiful and in with the Arrow back. I love that you're keeping your hands where you need to roll through that middle back and up, up, up and two more in with the air and exhale, scoop. Lifting. Good. One more. Great. Powerhouse up, up, up. Now we are going to bring your legs together and roll down your back. Leaving your legs there. Yeah.

Then they go up to the ceiling and they're ready for corkscrew, but I want you to hug your knees into your chest for a moment. Give them a break. We're going to advance the corkscrew just a tad. I want you to again be very aware of your pelvis, so I'm going to have you lift it up. Each time you come center, it's very challenging. On the lower belly. We'd like to overlay lift. We like to lift our whole back. Okay? I want you to just curl your tailbone towards you as if your thighs were going to lie on your chest and you're lifting up just towards your waistband and then you're going to come down smaller movement than you think and much more challenging. Okay? So Legs Up, Mermaid tail wrapping and squeezing scoopin and from the beginning see if you can bring your thighs towards you, curling up your tail bone and just your waistband. Then rolled down.

Swing the legs to your rights, circle to your left come center and pulling right up like a nice fluid motion. Roll down to your tailbone, left around as you come. Set a ride on up with that pelvis. Beautiful to the right around as you come center pulled just the pelvis down to your left, around and scoop and center and to your right around and scoop and center. Beautiful and down and to your left around and scoop.

Good job. Very good. Hug your knees into your chest. Nice. Could you feel the difference on us? Yeah. Let's sit up and we're going to do saw. I'd love for you to feel your obliques significantly in this exercise. Okay. And we're going to keep both cheeks down, long arms out to the side. Here we go.

Get and we're gonna twist. Let's all of us twist away from the ocean. Okay, go on that way. And then exhale past your baby toe. Exhale, head down and inhale, Rola. No, open your legs. A little wider than that. Good and twist and exhale.

So low right side for you is going to really feel as you go down, down, head down to your knee, touch your knee. Good. This stays right here though. And inhaling up and you have a tight corset on and twist and exhale. That's it. Oh that's nice. And roll up your spine.

And you've got the tight corset on twist and now it's the right oblique that's really going to stay here and go forward. Engaging these muscles. Use it to go down, down, down. That's it. And inhaling up, one more set at twist and exhale. Makes sure when you roll up that you roll up like spine. Stretch forward one bone at a time. Shoulders before the head, not just shaking out your ponytail and twist and exhale and it call. You can always do this with bent legs. You don't need to, I want you to rather roll up tall and feel good.

Then your quads taking over and relax. Good job ladies. Okay, so now this is our time when we turn onto your belly. Now all the transitions are important. So when you turn onto your belly, it can look really sloppy. But we've just finished this and I'll just demonstrate what it should look. But that'll be a goal for you guys.

So you should be bringing everything together cause you're like, I'm working out. I'm going to keep moving it from a to B as quickly as possible. So this would go to this and everything's like Sh. And then you would think I'm going to immediately flip over onto my belly and have my hands right under my shoulders. Ready to go. Long, long, long. So are you guys ladies comfortable like that? Okay. So what I want to see is this, your lower back, you don't want it like this crunching almost like your pubic mon is up off the Mat, your tailbones towards you. You want to have a long back and your belly is taking those ribs.

Wave from your pelvis to make your crown of your head long. Is, is our goal really long back? Not Short. Does that make sense? On that? A little bit. Kay. So we're gonna flip over onto your belly, squeeze everything together, zip it all together. Flip over, love it. And eventually our hands will be underneath our shoulders.

But right now I want them long by your side. Good. And I want the forehead down on the mat. Good. Excellent. And I want you to think about that pelvis and I want you to dump that bowl of soup towards you. So you're going to create a tunnel under your waistband, under your belly button, because you're dumping the bowl of soup towards you. There we go, Brianna.

So you're really trying to lift the belly and keep it long. Good. Really, really good everybody. And now dump it away from you and feel how that lower back titans and feel how that pubic bone kind of lifts up. So when people say, I can't go on my belly or it hurts my lower back, this is what happens. Now do the opposite where you're going to support your back with your lower belly. You should feel your bottom working in squeezing down into the mat and your pubic bones. Definitely down. Can all of you ladies feel that?

Looks really good. Now I want you to imagine a pencil between your shoulder blades and I want you to not lose the pelvis, keep all of that working, but squeeze that pencil between your shoulder blades so your collarbones open and those shoulders open and you're really squeezing. And now with the help of your powerhouse, I want you to lift up your head and slowly lift up your chest. Again, not engaging your lower back, but your belly and your seat to lift up as high as you can. Axialent ladies, visually, don't change your vision right now, but just out of the corner of your eyes. Can you see all high?

You lifted your shoulders. You're not even using your hands and come on down. That looks so excellent. I want to really make sure you're lengthening though. Feel like your barbershop pulls are stretching out of your lower back, really reaching. Feel your belly really pull into your back and your pull your ribs away from your pelvis and stretch out the crown of your head. So there's an inch in between each vertebra and let's do that again.

Squeeze that Pencil with the help of your powerhouse and your bottom. Lift up. Good. Opening those collarbones more. Watch that lower back and then come down. Keeping that length. That was fantastic. I want you to bend the elbows and just place them underneath your shoulders.

Now, not, not everyone's super flexible in their back. If you are, this is great for you hands right here. If you're not, bring them three inches forward and three inches out to the side. And Collette, I still want your hands a little more like if you're super flexible, that's where I want you. And if you feel in your back, I want to appear it out to the side. So, but here, there we go. Alright, now relax. 'Em Down for me. Juliana, your chest. Yeah, there we go. Good. Those shoulders are having there they, they were having a mind of their own. They were totally disconnected, but now they are back. Okay, so you've got that powerhouse. You're squeezing your, see, there's almost a tunnel under your belly. Now I want you to think about your hands as if they are suction cups and they like Spiderman have just attached to the floor. And I want you to imagine that you can pull that mat behind you and you can stretch your spine in front of it. And now pretend you have that pencil.

Start squeezing that pencil coming up with your belly. And your bottom working. And now when you come up you can start pushing your hands into the mat and come up as high as it feels okay on your back to as straight arms as it feels. Okay. Then look over your right shoulder, circle the head down over your left shoulder and look forward. Look over your left shoulder, circle the head down over your right and look forward and come down.

Great. We'll do one more of those and now I would love to see that a lot cleaner. What does that mean? Everything looked good at set for when we were our head movement and our shoulder placement. So your shoulders right now ladies, they are excellent. They are in joint, not up by your ears, but when you came up into your back bend, you allowed them to come up by your ears. All right, so we're going to do a little check. Once we're up there, squeeze your seat down, scoop that belly and almost like you're tilting your pelvis towards you.

Pull that map behind you and we're going to come up good. Keep the shoulders, press into the mat and come up as high as you can. Keep the shoulders like that. That looks good. Excellent, Collette. Get them. Bend the elbow a little bit for me and drop these and lift in your belly more.

Woo. Thank you. Now don't move those shoulders at all. As you look over your left shoulder, they stay square. Bring the chin to your chest all the way. Look over your right shoulder. Look forward, reversing it. Look over your right shoulder, down to your chest. Look all the way over your left shoulder. Look forward and now come down lengthening your spine, out the crown of your head who that looked a lot better. Ladies, we get to take a break by rounding our back and sitting onto your heels so you're going to scoop up in your belly. Sit back if you had bad knees.

Don't sit all the way back. Sit where it feels comfortable and try not to lie your belly onto your thighs right now. Try to have a good scoop. Good. I was going to demonstrate it, but again, really nice examples here. Really good. Round back. I think we can just pull those hip bones back. Just a half an inch more. Come back with me and now I get to stretch you better. That's great. How are your knees before I press the heck out of you? All right. Okay, so the next exercises are going to be single leg kick and double like kick.

Oh yeah. We are going to work the back of the thigh on your seat to go back onto your stomach. Pretty Nice ladies. What I loved is you just went there. You didn't add 10 other movements. Now I want you to think of a sphinx and I want you to be up on your elbows or right going to be right underneath your shoulders. Good. That's it. Okay. On this side, ladies, your elbows will be right under your shoulders in that Sphinx position.

So right there. Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to scrappy. Scratch you. Good. A little narrower. All right. Now I want you to really press those four arms into the mat and lift your belly. How about those shoulders? Are they, oh, you're going to keep the elbow down. Voila. [inaudible] but push that down to lift your stomach and chest.

Excellent. Make sure your belly is still feeling it. Good for you. Good shoulders. Enjoy it. Now I want you to make two fists with those hands and we're going to just rotate them in. Elbows are going to go out a little bit and push the knuckles into each other a little further out with the elbows, but almost perfect. Good. Really feel those shoulders and joint. Nice. Alright, little stomach check.

Did you dump that bowl of soup out or are you supporting now? Really reach those mermaid legs long and when we're going to lift those legs up, you cannot shorten your back. All right, so it's long. When we lift, we keep that lower back log. Go ahead and rest him down. A bad example is here. I sink as I lift. Okay, you're going to keep pushing the forearms down, stomach support and it's the hamstrings and glutes that lift. Now we're going to take the right heel and kick it towards your bottom two times one hold. Feel the back of the thigh and your bottom squeeze to bring the heel to your seat to really try to touch your seat.

Then reach at long out of your hip so it doesn't go on the floor and the other leg works back the [inaudible] seat one. Hold for a second. How's the pelvis? Did it lose it? How about the knee? Are you digging it into the mat or can you keep it up a little bit and then squeeze it in? Reach that left leg long now to tempo. It's what? Two. One, two, one, two, one, two. They've passed each other in the air. The hamstring and glute are working, not the lower back. We got three more sets. Good. Push your forums down.

Lift that chest a high. Want all of it? One more set back. The thigh and seat. Whew. All right, nice work, right facial cheek on the mat. Here's where I want you to feel member. In the very beginning we put your hands together on your sacred, on your triangle bone back there, and then we slid. So put your hands lock here and then we slid them straight to be really aware of that. Long lower. Remember that? How's that feel? Good.

So now I want you to lift your arms up and straight arms for me. Good. And with them straight in the hands, just like that. Lift up an inch off the mat. Good. So the hands, you can keep your shoulders down. Sorry. Groat ladies over there. Good. I just was giving a little example of, this is our in between stretch for right now. Now I want you to bend your elbows and bring your hands as high up between your shoulder blades as feels comfortable.

And then try to get your elbows down on your mat. So the arms are going to go from here to straighten them again, reach them long, a little bit off the bottom. Good. And then bend them back. Good. As high as you can and down. So there's a lot going on in this exercise. So I wanted to just break it down with what are the arms doing. So now let's keep them up by your shoulder blades, up and down.

With those elbows and without taking in your lower back, we're going to tilt your pelvis a little towards you. Scoop in, use the hamstrings and the glutes. We're going to lift both legs up as high as you don't take it in your back with light staying under your knees. Both legs are going to contract three times into your seat. One, two, three. Now they go down into the mat and your lift up, up, up, and switched cheeks. Hands go up, elbows down. Before you bend in, I want to see that lift rebbe up with the and then kick-in one, two, three and stretch those legs down and lift two, three, lower down and hold for a second. Bend your elbows back into place. This last set, I just want to give you a little extra bit.

Be aware if your sliding when you're kicking, so when you lift up, if you're kicking your cheek, I can't. I'm trying to, there we go. Forward, forward, forward. Then there's usually a lot of light under here and not much work here and underneath in your seat. So you want to make sure that you're pressing your hips down, squeezing that seat, lifting in your belly so that when you kick, you're pressing your bottom down, down, down, rather than sliding your whole body forward. Forward, forward. So one more set. Lift those legs, Kay. Squeeze that bottom into the mat.

Tailbone is almost a little towards you and kicking. One, two, three. Stretch those legs long lifting up, up, up. And one more time. Switching cheeks and kick kick kit. That looks better. And legs down and lift. Lift, lift and relax. Round your back and sit on your heels. One more time. Excellent job. A good stretching. Nice. All right, go ahead and turn around onto your back.

Next is neck pool, so we're going to have our legs [inaudible] hip with the part sitting up tall. Yeah. Okay. Little bit closer. There you go. So Huh. Okay. Yeah. Well you have a wider image, my dear. You're very narrow toe. You just got to work with the body image. Very, very narrow.

Scoop it in, lifting up tall. We're going to start off your neck pool like this and you're going to scoop in. Reach your legs away from you while your pelvis pulls in and back. Head touches in with the air. Exhale under a low ceiling. You're going to curl. Kiss your knees. Inhale, roll up tall and exhale back rounding, pushing those heels away. Good. One more in with the ear.

Exhale again, if this is challenging, a roll up without your legs flying off the air. Keep it here, but if you can advance hand over, hand behind your head. Kiss those elbows together in with year. Exhale forward, rule up, opening those elbows tall, tall, tall. Bring them together as you roll on down, pushing those heels away and kiss those elbows and in with the air and exhale, scoop it in, pushing those heels away. Inhale, roll up your spine, opening those elbows and the kisses you roll down. Push your heels away with your bottom. Keep them wide. If you can on the way up this time in with the air.

Exhale all the way forward under that low ceiling. Inhale, roll up your spine, elbows out wide and ruled down. Roll down, scoop, scoop, scoop, and keeping them wide up. We go in with the or under that low ceiling. Good. Exhaling. Inhale. Roll up tall. Good. Right there. And now push me away as you round down. Huh? We're gonna do two more with you hinting and round up and with the air.

Exhale. Good, good, good. Inhale. Sit Up. Tall. Excellent. Collette. Now this time you're gonna use your belly to push into your hands. Don't arch. Pull your belly with you. And now roll the rest down. One more time. And with the air. Exhale. Good effort, Nicole. Inhale. Sit up tall and now pull your belly in and push into your hands.

You're arching in your upper back. Don't do that. Straight. Yes. And then down. All right, it's time for sidekicks. Let's all lie on this side of the mat facing that way. Go ahead. That's it. And bring your legs forward.

So the harder part should have been lying on your belly. You should still have good awareness right now. I want you to be really of your ribs. Okay? When you bring that leg back, make sure you're not lying down with your ribs on the mat and Kay, this hip comes back just a hair. Lift your top leg a little bit, turn it out, spiraling, fielding engagement, and then length in it so your belly really zips into your back and we're going to go to tempo, kicking it forward and taking it back and forward and back. You can have the top hand on the mat, good and back. All right, we're gonna all go forward and take it all back.

Good and forward and back. Try to have no energy in that foot on those swan, Juliana and back. Good. I like the awareness and back, but make it a little more free. This is strong and just swing that leg and swing it back and swing it and swing it back. Try to have it turned out for this last time and back. Good and legs together. All right. Put that top hand on that top pit and we're going to turn it out a little bit and we're going to kick it up to your ear and then score moves down and up without moving it. Yes, and then squeeze down.

You can put that hand back on the mat if you want and up and really reach it long pulling your belly in. That's the turnout I want. And up and scooping in and long and too, and reaching one more time and reach it long and hold it working. It should really be working. Everything from the need of the hip or the hip to the knee and circle one, two, three, four, five, reverse it. One, two, three, four, five. Great job ladies. Legs are together and I want you to try to lift them up off the mat as you roll onto your belly and make a small pillow for your forehead with your hands.

Good. Let's review that pelvis. Nicole, I'm just going to bring your legs over here a little bit to straighten you out. Fantastic. So stomach's in and I want you to dump that bull soup out. Okay. If you're dumping it out, your lower back is going to tighten. Do the opposite. Pull your belly in and lengthen. That is so fantastic. Collect.

Keep it like that. Lift both legs up by pressing your bottom down. Squeeze your inner thighs together. And now we're going to go really fast this time. 20 Times one, two, three, yes, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 more. Two, three inner thighs. Squeeze it all together. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and roll to your other side. Fantastic ladies. Good. I like that alignment. Nice. Bringing the leg forward. Beautiful.

I want your legs to get even longer. I know you have long, beautiful legs, but I want them even longer. Really use those images. Raise the top, turn it out a little bit, reaching it longer so each time you're trying to make this, he'll almost be where the arch of your bottom leg is at. Using your belly. Kick it forward and take it back. Don't lie on your chest forward. Use the back of the thigh and Seton stet and forward and squeeze. Good and forward and schoolies and forward and schoolies.

And I'm coming to and good. And one more actually, give me one more forward and squeeze and legs together. I think that's more 10 than the other one was. Okay. And pushing it up to your ear and Dan. So keep this hip right here and up. Now we're using outer thigh.

Squeeze your inner thigh and outer thigh and then inner thigh. Press me down longer. Fantastic. Up and score is, and one more. Good idea. Good, good, good. Pull your belly away from me. Look how much more length I got. And now it's five circles, but bring that hip back a little. One, two, turning it out. Four, five, reverse two, three. Longer, longer. Yeah. And rest. I like it. Lie onto your backs, then the knees into your chest and you're going to shake them out.

Like up. Shake them out. We're not really shaking them out. I mean like shake 'em out. Oh, Alrighty. Good. Because now we are going to add the full teaser. So we're going to sit up first and two are a rollback. So sit up. These are bent, round your back into a nice c.

Let's warm up that lower back by only going to straight arms and then scoop in and come forward. Yeah, good. And then scoop in and go down all the way to your head. Easy. Inhale, head up. Exhale, rounding. Now extend the right leg. Now this angle is what we're working towards for teaser.

So don't let that leg lift or lower while you're doing it. Stays right there and lower this legs reaching head up and he's scoop one more like that. And rolling down. Try to find some inner thigh. Keep that leg right there and it go. You can do it and scooping in. That's it. And then we're gonna switch Fala and try not to see already.

It's lower. So soften the knee a little bit. [inaudible] good. And pull your belly in to go down. Excellent. Really good. And Inhale, head up and exhale. You've got it. And one more and inhale, head and up. Both legs are up. We've done this and rolling down. Be aware that those legs are where they are.

Head up and exhale and rolling down. And we're going to stay down and hug the knees into your chest. So that is a way to really sneak in the teaser. But you do want to get strong enough to start it from down here, not from the rollback. So some things you could do is you can extend the legs. Well first you're going to reach your arms back over your head. Okay.

And then with your belly pooled in, that doesn't mean your back's going to be able to stay flat. You're going to extend the legs to 45 now when you're doing that at home, you could put them on the wall and that's really challenging on the 45 degree angle, we're gonna try to roll up and reach for our toes, bringing the arms and head and exhale and roll up. And then you're going to keep the legs there and roll away. Reach the arms back to more in with your exhale all the way up and then [inaudible] all the way. Cause if they're against the wall one more time. Inhale the start. Exhale all the way up. Beautiful. Stay here. Bend the knees towards you, letting your quads take a little break. I like that transition.

And to seal needs a little narrow original. Leanna. That's it. Clap two, three in with the air. Clap two, three. Exhale, clap two, three, five more. And we'll stand up coming forward. Looking good in with the air. This is a massage. Check your shoulders. Every tense is our neck tense. It's just breathing. Rolling out your spine. Two or three more ladies. No one's talking. Anyone counting? Good.

Two more in with the air. Two, three and forward. So this is our last one. We're going to let go. We're going to cross our ankles. Roll through. I told you you didn't need me. UNCROSS your ankles. Nice. Very good. Good. And Walk to the back edge of your mat.

So we learned the basic plank in a polo in the pushup. Yes, last time. But what I want you to do now is think about your ribs. And in [inaudible] we don't bend our elbows out to the side for a pushup. We bend them straight by our ribs. When we look like when we go down in our shoulders, come, we bend our elbows all the way past.

This is what our back should look like. Okay? It should not look like this, right? And it shouldn't be like this. So I would rather you keep this incredible posture that you know how to do and bend just to where you can do that. And then straighten that beautiful posture. Don't let anything go to do it.

So reach your arms up to the ceiling, your weight. Pull a little more Pilati stance for me. Good hips are pushing forward, almost tilting the bowl soup towards you and roll off an imaginary wall. Keep your long, lower back belly lifting in and up. Freeze. Once your hands are on the mat, you can always bend your knees if your legs are too tight, but no Mambo in the hips as you walk out to a pushup position. Beautiful. We corrected that on the way up last time.

So hands are right under the shoulders in fist. If it's hard on the wrist and just hold it while I check your amazing seat that's squeezing down, scooping in open collar bones. A little more seat. That's fantastic. A little more seat to Brianna. Yes. Gorgeous. Much more open in here for me. Thank you. And squeezing. Woo. Now we're talking and if you can bend the elbows a little bit and then straighten form our, lift your head up a little more.

Dats and Nicole and just three. It doesn't have to be big, but I want it more precise. Elbow straight back. Brianna. Oh yeah. Last one. Head up again. Nicole, as you're here, you're really lifting in your belly lifted so much. It's like a sling has pulled your hips up to the ceiling. No. Mambos you walk back to your feet. Hands go as flat on the mat as they can.

Okay. Enjoy putting your hands behind your ankles. Stretch to them, and then try to squeeze your bottom forward as you roll up so that your weight stays on the bottom, on the ball of your toes. Lift your arms up all the way. Then I want you to keep supporting with your stomach and your seat. Let your arms drop in front of you and lift your head up and back and lift the bottom of your ribs away from your pelvis and then come back up. Exhale as you turn your palms up. Inhale as you lift up through your spine, even taller, and you are all finished. Nice job, ladies. Good work. Thank you.


Your way of explaining things are great Monica, thank you x
Beautiful taught class , learning a great deal from your teaching Monica , thank you .
Monica Wilson
Thank you ladies!!!
Beautiful class Monica. Great learning details
I am Mexican and It´s so easy to understand you, thank you!
Monica Wilson
What a wonderful teacher you are! Thank you for an excellent class, great detailed explanation, and such clear instructions. I also like the pace and the energy you bring.
Thank you so much Monica for sharing all your knowledge, ideas and tips. I really enjoy your classes and love you lay everything out so clearly! Any chance you are planning some workshops over in UK?
Monica Wilson
Shoot I was just there and the reason for my delayed response. Love your country! Will have to plan for next time!
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This is my best class in the series until now... I love it and I love ur teaching as always ❤️♥️❤️♥️

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