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Tie everything together from the Beginner Mat Series in this workout with Monica Wilson. This is part 10, and she uses all of the principles from the previous classes to create a nice flow. After completing this class, you should be familiar with the exercises and able to do other intermediate level classes on the site. If you find that you have areas that need work, you can always refer to Monica's Mat Class Breakdown for detailed explanations of each exercise.
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Okay. Today we are here. We're going to have do class number 10 of the beginners series. So it's going to be the complete intermediate mat. And from this point on you should be able to take any level two class on platas anytime cause you should be familiar with all the exercises and what you want to do and feel in each one. If you feel like you need a little more help in some of them before you move on, I have broken down each exercise and you can find them under the breakdowns.

And so you, that's like five minutes concentrating on just one exercise. So that's very detailed and thorough information if you need a little more help on some of them. But we're going to try to tie in all the principles that we've been talking about. All the lengthening and all the opposition. Most important is always your powerhouse. So let's start off with that in our good posture.

Let's come forward a bit and that's probably pretty good and we're going to stand with our heels together and toes two to three inches apart. Weigh on the ball of every toe weight on the side of our foot and weight on the heel. Good. We're going to draw a straight line from one hip bone to the other, and I always like to do with my hands because then it reminds me to pull my belly in behind that alarm, that laser beam that we've used as an image before, and you want your shoulders a straight line right over those hips. Then use your glutes and your bottom to just lean your weight a little forward. Engaging the outer thighs like barbershop poles spiraling down from each hipbone. Very nice. Good. Use your belly to lift the bottom of your ribs from the top of your pelvis.

Lifting up your chest bone, lifting up your head, feeling like a puppet with your head being pulled up to the ceiling. Good. We're going to try to keep that in. Let's take five counts to Relevate or lift up your heels so you're going to scoop in, squeeze, or we're going to come up for one, two, three, four, five. Hold it up for five counts. Feeling your belly pull in more. Make sure your lower back is lengthening and not tightening, and let's lower down those hills.

Thinking about making our tailbone go long down to the floor rather than tightening up that lower back, hopefully there was an eggshell under your heels. Let's try that one more time. Slowly wrapping and squeezing those legs and your seat and you're drawing your belly in an uphold it here. Perfect balance for five counts. Again, long, lower back, nice and square body, and we're going to slowly come back down on that egg shell. Scoop it in your belly, always holding your weight up, lengthening down. Since you're a perfectly light this, we're going to put one arm over the other, one foot in front of the other and I want you to lower yourself down.

I know you have bad knees, so or that hips and we're going to pull in and pull against me. Pull your belly. Yes. Excellent. How's that? Good. Now lift bottom back, so you're in the center of your mat and your bottoms in the center of your mat. There we go and lie all the way down. If you tend to look behind, you might want to grab a towel at this point and put it underneath your head. Okay. And Go ahead and bend your knees ladies. Good. All right, and so we have our box on the mat and we're just going to review tilting your pelvis towards you. Good like a bowl of soup dumping into your chest and then dump it away from you.

Good. You have a little tunnel under your waistband. We don't want to do our mat today with that tunnel. Dry your belly in like a big suction cup muscle and tilt your pelvis towards you. See if you can engage the seat a little bit, squeezing it towards you and then go ahead and release those muscles and stretch your lower back. As you do the bowl of soup away from you, try to think about your inner thighs and hugging a midline and use your inner thighs, your pelvic floor, your lower belly and your glutes to tilt your pelvis back towards you. Nice job and then tilt away from you. One more time just to feel what you don't want to do with your pelvis.

And then draw your belly in. Good job. Great. Now find somewhere halfway there right now so that you're not over clenching in those hip flexor muscles. And I want you to draw the right knee into your chest and hug it. Good, great job using your stomach and draw the left knee into your chest. Good. And use your belly again to pull in and lift up your head. Good.

And now reach your arms long past your hips strong, and we're going to pump them up and down. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Now two, three, four, five. Inhale. There we go. And exhaling. On the next exhale, we're going to lengthen those legs in with the air and exhaling, pulling the belly deep away from those legs. Keep those like spiraling and reaching good. And just keep pulling your belly.

Relax the legs a little bit more and pull the belly into. Ooh, that's so good. Nicole. Now squeeze your seat to keep the heels there. Yes, that is beautiful. Keep it like that. Yes. Wrap this right leg a little more. Squeeze those inner thighs to draw the pelvic floor in. Lower belly pulling in towards you. Nice job working the seat.

Always drawing that line from one hip to the other and your belly. Two more in with the air. Exhale. We're not going to hold the legs on your left hip. There we go. And Hug those knees back into your chest. Nice job everyone. Let's sit up and we're going to start with our roll back. So sit up, not Ben.

Lift your bottom forward maybe a little bit and bend your knees. Hands under your knees, sitting up tall and now round your back by pulling your belly. Make member that pelvic tilt that you just did so nicely. You want to do it by squeezing your inner thighs together, drawing your pelvic floor. Let's really round that lower back, tilting that pelvis towards you more and more and more and more and more. There you go. Good.

And now we're going to really tilt it to go down with our waistband. There we go. Take a breath and then exhale. Keep your way span down on the mat as long as you can and pull in and up to come home. Good. And one more like that. Take a breath and exhale. Draw on your belly, lengthening the back towards your feet. Take a breath and exhale. Pull in to come home. Round, round. There you go. Good.

And now we're going to go all the way down. Taking a breath. The start. Exhale all the way down, scooping in, belly in and up. Hatches the head. Inhale, lift, and come right up. Exhaling all the way. One more like that. Inhale to start rolling back, squeezing your legs.

So you're sending your legs that way. Exhaling all the way down. Inhale, lift the head Xcel drawing in your belly to round up one bone at a time. Let's go ahead and reach those legs straight and grab onto your ankles for a nice stretch. And now arms up at shoulder height. And let's roll down from here. So we're gonna roll back like, like there's a hook around her waist and it's pulling us back. Or you're pulling down something really heavy. Your head touches lift. Lengthen the arms more and keep your back on the mat as you reach back right here.

See if you can pull your belly deeper into the mat and reach with your waist through your fingertips. Try to length in your arms, arms. Really feel the length in your waist. And we're going to inhale, bring your arms up and your head. Exhale the rest up slightly, pushing down as you curl up. Good stretch forward. Don't lie your belly on your thighs and we're going to pull back a heavy weight with your powerhouse, pulling someone home. That's it. Lower back, middle length in the arms. And again, let me see that nice long body stretch, really working on our posture.

Three mark, arms head, exhaling, scooping and an up. Good. Stretching forward and then rolling back in with the air to roll back. Pull me down with your lower belly more. Yeah. And then exhale, reaching back here through your waist. Pull into the mat. Yes. And GMR. Arms head and exhale, pushing down a little bit. Yeah.

Fantastic. Stretch. And then rolling back. Inhaling to start and excelling the rest of the way down. Great. Keep pulling me with the lower belly a little more. Yeah, it Nicole, last time. Inhale, arms head and exhale, scooping in and up, keeping everything else lengthening. Beautiful. Diving the head through the arms and inhale, pulling back.

Good. Get the lower back down. Yes. And then stretching the arms up and get that waist to lengthen back here. Beautiful. All right. If you're flexible enough, you can keep your legs there, but otherwise you need to bend your knees for the next exercise. It's single legs circles. You're going to Ben, keep your box perfectly square.

Draw your belly in and hugging that right knee to your chest. Straighten your right leg up to the ceiling and it should be a little turned out so that your hip is not lifting up so that it's straight across. Can't emphasize that enough. If it's easy to stretch with your hands behind your thigh, then go up behind your calf. Okay? If it's still easy, you should stretch that left leg nice and long on the math. And I want you to point and flex a few times. This right foot.

Good. All right. And you're gonna keep that leg reaching up to the ceiling and press your straw arms into the mat. Stabilize and I want you to reach that right leg down the middle of your body so that you feel your long waist. Pull it up, pull up, up, up with your stomach, up to your nose. Now Cross your left shoulder down, around, up, chorus, around, up, cross around, up to around, up. One more around hold. We're going to go the other way. Don't open too far. Go down, crossing up. Good for more. Good.

Reaching down around you. Good down scooping it up and stub. That's the aesthetic one more and say pull and yes, and hug in that knee. Good. Let's do the left leg. Left leg down next to the right. If it's bent her straight, right, I'm sorry. Right leg down.

Now the left leg up and again behind your thigh. Otherwise your calf. Let's turn it out a little more. Maybe hold right here and drop length on that. I want space in that hip and pull it up like that. Yeah, point, flex point. And if you can keep your hip like that, you can crawl up higher, but I want it to be really long like that.

And now press your arms down into the mat really strong and reach that leg down the middle of your body and make your belly pull in. Double up that leg, pulling with your belly more than your hip and we're going to pull all the way to your nose. Then cross around up, cross around, up, cross around, up to around up last one and at reverse. It really linked in from there. That's getting better down around, up. Good. Cross this thigh around him, man to around up. One more. I like that. There we go. Hugging that knee. Nice job. Okay, we're gonna put that leg down and see wherever you are.

If you can still roll up using your powerhouse. Inhale, head up. Exhale, scooping in. You're going to put your hands by your bottom. Use Your triceps and bring your bottom forward. Stay right here if you can.

I like seeing you really have your stomach scooped and balanced with one foot, knee and foot up and then the other, and then let's add our hands underneath our knees and we're going to do rolling like a ball. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, rock up. All right, holding it here. So you want to get really familiar that you're not arching your back at all, that you're staying scooped when you balance. Let's try that again. Scoop your belly into inhale and exhale, scoop, scoop, and hold. If that's really easy, we move on to putting your hands right here on your ankles and tucking your head between your knees. Relax those shoulders. And again, inhale, roll back. Exhale, Rola. I'm liking it. Inhale, roll back and exhale, roll up.

I love to see your back round a little more here so you can pull away from your thighs and push your thighs into your hands. Boom. Forward. Push your thighs into your hands so that you pull an opposition. That's nice. Three more in with the air and exhaling up. Very good. Brianna. Inhaling back, Xcel right up. Always have some pep on the way up. One more time in with deer.

Exhaling up and hold and we're going to rest down your feet. Put your arms back behind you and then you're going to use your belly and your strong arms always get those arms in there to here. So speaking of always getting those arms in, let's make sure you work your arms and single leg stretch. So we're going to bend the right knee to your chest, right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knees, and I don't want to see the elbows go down and stop working. They're going to stay up. Okay.

Now I want you to try to draw your belly. Use that inner thigh. Use your belly and slowly kind of pull your pelvis back a little bit. Reach your left leg like a sharp knife away from you and see if you can control. Keep pulling the knee. Two, you lie down. Stopping at your shoulder blades. That's a fancy transition. Let's switch left hold.

He should really be reaching that right. Long legs scooping and your [inaudible] belly and switch and switch. Elbows are up. Switch strong, switch, reach, switch. Good switch. Double Time. That right left right. Squeeze the bottom right. We'll have two more sets right, left, right and left. Grab both angles and double leg stretch. Inhale longingly.

Make your waist reach all the way to your fingertips and exhale, pull in. Inhale, squeeze your seat long and exhale double time that. Inhale, reach and exhale. Inhale, reach and exhale. Good. And now reach and exhale and inhale, reach and exhale and rest down your head for a second. Good. All right, we're going to bring both legs up to the ceiling and grab behind you.

Lift your head and grab behind your right calf or even your ankle and lower your left leg down the middle of your body. It's rapping, it's squeezing, it's reaching, it's working and switch. Your stomach should look like there's this band, a belt. Stapling it to the mat and switch and switch. Good. And now double time. That right and left and right and left. Keep going. All right, looking good, right and left and right and left and right and left.

Good. Bend the knees. Rest your head for a second, but your hands one over the other, behind your head. Good. Inhale into the mat. Exhale, draw your head and shoulders forward and up. Length in those legs, up to the ceiling. Turn them out, wrapping in, squeezing, and we're going to do double, straight leg. As you inhale, go down. Exhale, pull them up with your belly. Good. Don't put your feet together. Try to work on your outer thighs and see it work and to help.

Good in with the air. And exhale. Beautiful squeezing from here. Exhale up to more. Try to come up a little higher. One more. Stay up there man and no movement. The upper body. Good and pulling back in. Good. Bend the right knee, twist to it. Twist, twist, twist and switched. Left knee, twist, twist, twist and switched. So take that this knee in. There we go. On switch. Come up, up, up and hugging both knees.

That was really good ladies. Very, very nice. Let's sit on up. We're going to do spine stretch forward. Sometimes our back gets tired so because our stomach gets fatigued. So we're going to have your arms up at shoulder height straight forward on this one and I want your toes directly over your heels. I your hipbones directly over your sit bones and squeeze up off those sit bones.

Lift like you could slide a card under your bottom. Use your stomach to lift up tall, tall. Can you grow any taller? Push your arms almost down a little bit, like you're pushing you a little pressure down and lift up taller yet and take a big breath. And then exhale, head curling down, down. Exhale all your air and then inhale all the way up. And we're going to stay here and take a breath. Exhale, pull your belly and lift up each bone away from the next.

Stretch the crown of your head down to the mat. Inhaling up, I'm still lifting off your seat. Take another breath. Make sure you are lifting off your seat. Push your heels away and exhale. Curl into yourself, Dan. Dan Down. And Inhale, rolling up. Good modification there. Nicole, roll up that you have your knees bent if you can't sit up tall. Good. And again, exhaling down. Branas see if you can touch the crown of your head down to the net closer to you rather than out. So between your thighs, if you can, and inhale, rolling up tall. Swear as GI that one more time. Then stand right here and see if you can go forward. Yes, go forward more than back. Yes, go and down, down.

Beautiful. That's the difference I wanted to see in rolling back up. Standing Tall, sitting tall. And I want to see again, you working hard to lift off that seat, pushing with those arms to lift up that waist and then relax. And you're going to bring your legs together and Nicole come all the way to the front of your mat. Perfect. Good. And we're going to get ready for open like rocker. So we're going to pretend arm.

There's a string connecting our feet to our belly. So as our stomach pulls back, our feet slowly start coming towards us. And we're going to stop here. If you're not very flexible, put your hands under your knees, otherwise they should be on top of your ankles like the ladies. Good. All right, and we're going to keep the left foot down. Feel your body really square, supporting yourself with your powerhouse and extend just the left leg. Your belly should be deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, and put it down. And now just the left leg, pulling in the right leg, staying down.

Did I confuse you guys? Did I say Rog? Very possible and pull in. Here's what I don't want to see though. I don't want to see it super round. I want your head up. I don't want your back arched by doing your chest a little more up. And we're going to do the right leg again. So the left foot stays on the mat, perfectly squared body and put it down.

And now the left scoop in your belly. Almost stretch your spine taller and down. And now both legs go up scooping in both go up. Okay. And bring them down. And again, stomach in. You almost lift your legs up from your belly. I know that sounds hard and or odd, but that's where your legs start right from your lower waist and pull it up again.

Can you can hold behind your knees and you're gonna bring your legs together while we're up here. That's our preview for our teaser and we're going to open and we're going to bring it down more. Gonna try it one more time. Lift up, head up together. Very good. Bring the legs together apart and bring the feet down. Now we're going to add some row rocking for our open leg rocker. Bring them up. Make sure you focus on something.

So is what are you going to focus on the bench over there, the window, your the car, something focused on something. Try to keep it there and you're going to rock back in with the air and right back up. Exhale right back up. Yes. Add five more in with the air and then exhale and exhale should be a massage for your back. It shouldn't be so strenuous or hard. It should be just balanced with your stomach. And two more.

Very nice going at your own tempo here. And one more. Making sure you nail where you're looking at. Hold it there. We're going to stay there. So we're up wherever we are and we're going to bring your legs together and now we're going to get less dependent on our hands and we're going to walk them down while our legs stay where they are and now you can bring them. This would be corkscrew, but I'm going to allow you to bend your knees for a moment as you get stronger.

And use the right muscles. Your quads won't feel that as much. So press those strong arms into the mat. Dive your belly into the mat and lengthen your legs up a stance. We're gonna circle to the right circle down, keeping your belly in. Circle to the left, and then pull them center. Circle to the left, squeezing those inner thighs together so you can draw your belly in.

Pause here and use your lower belly to lift just your tailbone towards you. Come back down with it. Go to the right circle around. Go to the left and just your tailbone comes up, left around circling and pooling. Just your tailbone again. Two more sets right around pulling left and center. Really stretch. Go left as far right as you can and draw your belly in.

And one more set to the right around to the left and center. Good. And now to the left around pooling center. Good job and hug in those knees. Whew. Good work. Hug them in. Very good. All right, we're going to do sawn now. So sit on up. And then Nicole, if you could move to the back of your mat.

You stay right where you are. Canvas good. And we're going to open your legs all the way to the edge of your mat. Same like spine. Stretch forward. Good. First saw. Wonderful. Now I want to see every muscle in your arm starting from your shoulder blades, spread them out. Reach strong fingertip to fingertip reaching. Push your heels away, a lot of energy to have your hipbones over your sip phones, tiny waist so that you twist to the right with the tiny waist.

And then exhale, reach your baby. Reach for your baby toe. Blow out all your air breathing exercises. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale, lifting up tall, long fingers. Let me see all those muscles twist to your left and exhale, reach past your baby toe here. Reach, reach, reach. Your stomach should be contracting, pulling and like a stomach crunch. Inhaling up. In fact, put your hands one over the other, behind your head, twist to your right, and now exhale down like a stomach crutch. Exhale, exhale, squeeze.

Now reach your arms. Once you're there, drop your left hip away from you even more. Reach your arms in the opposite directions. Inhale, roll up. Bring your hands behind your head again. Push your heels away. Tiny ways. Twist to your left. Exhale. Use Your abdominals, your powerhouse to contract down. Exhale, exhale, exhale. And then reach your arms. Drop your right hip away from you more.

Make sure it's on the mat. Exhale, and now keep your arms like that for the last set. Inhale up, twist to your right and exhale down. Use Your abdominals. Really reaching one arm in one direction, leather arm, the other. Inhaling up, one last one to the left. Don't move those hips. Long, strong arms. Let me see every muscle and exhale down. Relaxing that shoulder. Good. And keep weight on that right hip. Yes.

Inhaling up and bring your arms together. Nice job, ladies. This is one of those nice sharp transitions where we bring our arms down, legs together, and we're gonna turn onto our belly for neck rule. You're going to have to slide forward a lot. Awesome. And we're going to flip over with our hands under our shoulders.

We're going to flip over. Hands under your shoulders, forehead on the mat. Okay, so on this one, if you have a really tight back, you should or just bothers you or talks to you, make sure that your hands are not directly under your shoulders. Take them a couple inches forward and then even a couple inches out to the side is fine. So if you have a really, again, flexible back, go for it, but otherwise make that modification. A lot of work here. Squeeze your seat. I'm going to bring your legs just a little over this way and your hips just a little over this way too. Excellent. All right, so you want to have that opposition here rapping that mermaid tail.

It's lengthening in one direction. You're pulling your belly up off the mat, behind the line of your hip bones, and you're lifting up your belly to all the way to the crown of your head. So it's as if you have as much space between the bottom of your ribs and the top of your pelvis. Right? We keep using that cue. Keep that length like you have an inch in between each vertebra and start coming up with your head and your chest. And then when you need to use your hands to push into the mat and you're going to come up as high as you can. Keep your belly supporting your back. Shoulders drop blades, drop away from the ears. Keep them there.

Look over your right shoulder. Circle the head down to your chest over to your left and look forward. Circle the head to your left. Keep your shoulder blades down, down to your chest, all the way to the left and look forward. And now you're going to come down as if you can pull that map behind you, lengthening the crown of your head and front. And let's do one more set. Pull your belly in, squeeze your seat, and we're gonna pull up head and chest and then come up with your arms pushing in your arms when you need to. Again, shoulders stay away from the ears.

So I want your hands actually a lot more forward and out and now come up a little higher for me. Good. And lifting with your belly a little more. Excellent. Look over your left shoulder, down around to your right and look forward. Look right, circle down around your left. You're doing great. And look forward and now come down as if you can pull the mat behind you. Lengthening out your spine. Good. All right, now come up onto your elbows like a sphinx. They're going to be right under your shoulders and fists into the Mat.

Pull your belly and chest up mermaid tail out. Now I want you to slightly bend the elbows out to the side and bring your knuckles together. So just a little bit, almost a little circle and I want you to use those nice under our muscles, okay. To lift up your chest, strengthen those good. And we're going to squeeze both legs up off the mat, pull your belly in to support your bag. Never lift those legs up too high when it's going to tilt your pelvis towards you. Keep your pelvis long. Okay, we're going to take the right heel in for two counts. It's going to squeeze one, two and we'll switch left two and its right one two. So you're working the hamstring and the glute. The higher you can lift the knee, the more work you'll get. But don't take it in your back.

And also keep your knees as close, squeezing those inner thighs together right to left to now. Double Time. It's right to left to one legs. Reaching one leg, squeezing. One more set right to left to. Okay. We're going to put rest the legs down right facial cheek on the mat. Hands Clasp behind your back. Great job, Candace. Good. All right, good on this one.

We really worked last week on not sliding or last class or not sliding on the mat forward. So you want to be squeezing. How are your shoulders? Can you bring your hands up any higher? Awesome. And then bring your elbows down. Great. So I don't want any light between your hip bones and that mat. Squeeze your hipbones down into the mat and lift both legs up.

Good. Bring both heels into your bomb. Three times. One, two, three. The legs. Go Down, lift your head and gesture and switched cheeks and lifting one, two, three and stem again. And I'm going to excess stretcher and switch and you're going to kick two, three and legs down and stretch. And we have one more elbows on the mat. One, two, three legs down and stretch. Nice little treats every now and then. All right, round your back and sit on your heels.

Really try to work on your scoop here. Don't lie your stomach onto your thigh. That is nice, Brianna. I love how she's really rounded. Nice space there. Great, Nicole. Good stretching. Good. All right, so the next exercise is neck pull. So we're gonna flip around onto your bottom and let's start sitting up.

So legs are not together, not wide. They're in line with your hipbones and now pull your toes back if you can to sip off. You can't. Then just let them relax. But the goal is to have them straight up and just start here for right now. So use your belly. Use your tiny ways to sit up and stack your spine, one on top of the other. And now curl down. So head to chest and I want to see your bottom.

Reach towards your heels, lengthening your lower back while your belly is pulling the other way. That's called opposition and we want to see the head touches. Inhale, lift your head. Exhale, round up. Same thing though. You want to see this lengthening this way while your stomach touch your head, your knees roll, stacking your spine up and go down. Exhaling, rounding down, lengthening good, pushing your bottom to your heels. Nice job and say here, put your hands behind your head, one over the other. Now your elbows can kiss if that. The last thing was really hard for you. Stay there if you can advance it.

Go for inhale, head to chest. Exhale, rolling up to kiss your knees. It's a lot harder when your hands go behind your head. Inhale, roll up, stacking up spine, one bone over the other. Good. And now round down. Send your bottom to your heels, scoop your belly, and then the opposite direction. But sure, heels pushed your heels away. One more with your elbows like that. Elvis can touch and exhale all the way forward after you. Of course. Inhale.

Inhale. Sit Up Tall, stacking up your spine. Exhale. Push those heels away and round down. Okay. The next two of you can keep your elbows wide. We're gonna keep them wide as you inhale up. Exhale all the way forward.

Beautiful. Inhale, sit up tall. Getting quite good here. And exhale. Round down. One more time. Adding the full neck pull. Inhale, head. Exhale all the way forward. Kissing your knees. Inhale, sit up tall, stacking your spine. And this time lift off your seat. Pull your Bellion and stay tall. As you hinge back a few inches, pull your belly into here though. Yes, yes. And now curl the rest down.

That is your goal for that neck pole. Excellent. And that's when you're pulling on your neck. Let's lie on your, um, if you don't mind, ladies or Brianna, if you don't mind, sit on up. Everyone's gonna sit up here and we're gonna lie on your left side. So turn your legs that way. Nope. Uh, Candace, you're good. So we're just gonna lie on your left side. Excellent. Yes.

With your back lining up on the back edge of the mat from elbow to your tailbone back edge. Then bring your feet forward just a little bit. Good. That line from one hip to the other is still there. You don't want the top hip hiking and the top leg getting short. In fact, we're always going to be reaching out. So scoop your Balyan. Put your right hand as a kickstand. Lift the right leg up, just a hair good. So it's at the level of your hip bone and you're going to kick it forward, swing it forward, and then take it back, keeping it that same level.

Reach past the bottom legs. He's swinging it forward and back. And here we go to temple, forward and back. Good. And for really reach that leg long. Try to work the spiral up and take it back and six more forward and reaching and nothing moves in your box of one day. You can have your hand behind your head while you do this right now.

I want you to keep it balanced. Three more forward, but really pull out of the hip and forward and squeeze hamstring and glute and think this is your last one. Take it back, back, back, legs together. Take your right hand and put it on top of your hips so you can really feel your outer thigh work. When we kick it up to our ear, we're going to take it up to your ear all the way up. Good. And then squeeze your inner thighs all the way together. Keep that in hand there and kick it up. Feel the outer thigh and squeeze. Now you can put your hand back down.

Initiate with that outer thigh as you kick up and squeeze, really reached long when you come down and two up and squeeze and reach. And one more time and squeeze and reach and hold the leg. Working and reaching. Turning it out, wrapping, squeezing. Make it longer. Pull your belly in more. Here we go. Five little circles. One, two, three, four, five. Reverse. One, two, three, four. Nice. Okay, we're gonna lie onto your belly.

Make a small pillow for your forehead with your hands, one over the other. Good. I want you to lift your legs up so that they're your belly supporting your back. You feel the hamstrings and glutes squeezing the seat. Open the legs with the Mac and then squeeze them together until your inner thighs are all the way squeezing. Just squeeze them, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and then open. And then squeeze your inner thighs together.

Make sure your belly supporting your back. And now we're going to double time that tempo. Open. Squeeze. One, two, three, four by six, seven, eight, nine, 10 inner thighs. Get them all the way together by six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Nice job ladies. Let's roll onto your other side. Good. So we are now on our right side. Okay, your back, your spine is all the way on the back edge of the mat from your elbow to your tailbone. And then bring your hand, your feet a little forward. All right, left hands in front of your belly. Stack your hips up.

Pull your stomach in top leg lifts a little bit. Turn it out, wrap, squeeze length in it. Try to touch the wall and you're going to kick it forward and take it back and stomach. Don't roll forward as that leg goes back. Okay. You stay here so that remember you could have your hand behind your head and we're going to go forward and you're not moving your box at all. Stomach, hamstring and glute, stomach, hamstring and glute and make that leg longer and back and it's three and squeeze and push your head into your hand as your leg goes back to one more. Don't let your head go forward. And now legs together. Left hand on the top. Hip. Can't do that because of my mic.

And we're going to push up with the outer thigh and squeeze the inner side again. So really work this outer thigh to go up inner thigh to squeeze together. Three more up and squeeze. Make it longer. Make your belly pull in and up to mark up. Reach, squeezing opposition. Work in here. One more and long and hold five little circles.

One to watch your foot, watch the turnout for five, correct that Nikola, and turn it out to three, reversing it. Sorry. Four, five and rest. Good job. Ladies. Lie on your back. Flip onto your back. We're going to bend your knees into your chest and we're going to shake out the legs. Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. And now rock up to a seated position. Knees are bent, feet are flat, and you're gonna squeeze those inner thighs together. And we're gonna work into our teaser.

So we're going to scoop in and roll down your lower back until your head touches. Inhale, lift and exhale all the way up. Okay, good one more. So this is how we keep learning how to do our teasers correctly, lengthening the legs this way, scooping your belly this way and with the air and exhale. And if this proves to be difficult, then you're going to stay here. We're going to extend the right leg.

Notice that my thighs and knees are exact same level and you're working at that cause in the teaser. You don't work this leg, it just stays there. So we're going to scoop away from that leg that stays exactly there. Inhale, head up. Exhale. Again, keeping that leg one more with that leg saying exactly there. Wrap and squeeze in with the air to start. Exhale all the way down. Inhale, head up. Exhale, squeeze those legs. Yes, and now they switch left legs up. Go ahead and go and down, scooping in head touches. Inhale, head up.

Exhale all the way up. One more here and inhale to start an exhale all the way down. Inhale up. Exhale all the way and now both legs float up. Awesome. And Go and down and head touches it. Inhale, head up and exhale all the way up.

Beautiful. And one more in with the air. Pull your waist away from me. Yes. Exhale. Do the same on the way up. Inhale and exhale. Pull your waist to it. Yes. Good one more. And rolling down this one. You're gonna reach your arms back overhead. Inhale to start them coming forward.

Exhale all the way up as if you're touching my shoulders. Beautiful. Inhale to start. Rolling away. Taking your waist back first. Exhale, reach your arms all the way back and hug those knees into your chest. Candace was ready for more. I love it. All right, let's go ahead and sit up and we're going to do seal and here's where we're going to do six seals and we're going to stand up. So you're gonna Scoop your belly and again, feeling like your feet and your belly are attached and your hands go underneath your ankles. Your goal is to hold your balance and clap an inch off the floor in front of you and an inch off the floor behind you. Again, I've detailed this on a breakdown of the CLC can check that out if you need to, but clap two, three. Inhale, clap two, three.

Exhale forward. Collap two, three in with the air. Exhale four more, and then we'll stand up in with the air. Exhale, rolling forward and with the air. Exhale. Rolling forward as cheer more, I think in with here. Exhale coming forward on this last one, you're going to inhale back, let go of your feet, cross the ankles and push into the earth.

Good hips on that one. Good job. Good. Walk back to the back edge of our mat. All right, we're gonna rethink about how we started our class heals together all of the every toe on the mat side of the foot. Heels squeeze the seat forward cause we have a straight line from one hip to the other. Our bellies behind good stomach in and we're gonna bring up our arms up to the ceiling, but really feel like it came from right here. Reached Taller, longer, grow as much as you can. Send your legs down through the earth and your fingertips to the ceiling.

And now roll off an imaginary wall. We're gonna do pushups. But if the plank position is enough for you, that is good for me. Walk on out without swinging your hips from side to side. Keep control over him. Put your hands directly under your shoulders and your feet and piles remain in the plotty stance. Squeeze your bottom down so you're in a perfect plank. It gets, get that seat working. It's not engaged yet. Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Open those shoulders. Good. Again, if this is all you can do, fine. Otherwise let's do three pushups. Elbow straight, back, straight, back, one straight back. Two. Sometimes your risk might hurt. You can make fists instead. Two and one more. Sorry. You can keep them going. Squeeze a seat and draw the belly in. Good. And now pool your belly into. Lift your hips up and no swaying as you walk back to your feet.

Good. Stay there. See if you can keep your weight more forward over the ball of your foot than over your heels and roll up against an imaginary wall on your wall. Nicole scooping in beautiful keeps squeezing your bottom forward. As you come up, lift your arms up to the ceiling. This time we're going to do five and then I promise we'll be done scooping in.

Reach to the ceiling and round off an imaginary wall. Good. Once your heads, even with your spine this time, walk your hands out to a pushup position. Good. Squeeze your body into that. Your bottom into a plank position better Briana. Beautiful. That's at length. Lift up the head for me. Good blower. Openness up. Yes, and five down. Up. One. Head Up, dad. Up to beautiful.

Keep that head up down up three. I love it. Head up down. Up Four. You got an Nicole one more, and pull up in the hips with your powerhouse. Walk back to your feet. Good Scoop. And then pretend your heels aren't even touching them at your so much on the ball of your foot and round up one vertebra at a time. Reach your arms up to the ceiling.

And this is a beautiful way to end all of your Palladio's workouts. I want you to exhale and turn your palms out for me. And now pretend you're hanging between two buildings and inhale, push those buildings to lift yourself through. Lift your waist, lift taller, touch each other, and exhale here. And you are all finished with your intermediate class and your end of the beginner series. Nice job, ladies. Good work. Thank you.


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excellent class, nice cues and flow. Your teaching style is enjoyable.
To me, this class is a moderate pace, which I prefer. I'm glad I found your class since I usually don't enjoy the deliberate pace. Some of Meredith Rogers classes are marked "moderate" and (to me) they are painfully deliberate and slow. Who makes the decision what pace a class is?
Thanks for helping me be a better teacher.
Anne ~ Thank you for your forum post. Deciding the pace and the level of the class can be very subjective, and we try to choose the best one for each video. We will try to make sure the pace we choose for each class is consistent. We are glad to hear that you enjoyed Monica's class!
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I have noticed that there are not many other teachers on here who talk about Pilates stance. Is that an old school way to teach?
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love it ! thank you
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another way to end your day, thank you
Monica Wilson
I'm so glad you enjoyed it Julia:)
Monica Wilson
Anne, Ash, Sheida! I'm so sorry I never touched base. I hope you continue to enjoy Pilates Anytime and please let me know if you'd like to see more of something in the future. In regards to "Pilates stance", this is a term Romana used to explain the exact position of the feet where they are heels together, toes about 2-3 inches apart. We adjust this accordingly when working individually with our clients for their body structure and the exercise. Thank you for your questions and feedback! Monica
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Excellent cues and very nice flow to this class. Thank you!
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Great class. I enjoy your teaching style. I said "ouch!" a few times as I've not been faithful in my Pilates workouts. Thx so much.
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