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Prenatal Theraband Flow

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Leah Stewart returns to Pilates Anytime with the third set of classes in a four-part prenatal series that follows Leah throughout her pregnancy. Leah, 29 weeks pregnant herself, utilizes a Theraband to work the whole body in a manner that will challenge anyone yet still be appropriate for one who is pregnant. Leah offers many nice variations of traditional exercises. This class is also great for those who have difficulty doing abdominal work without neck tension, and for those newer to Pilates.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Hi there and welcome back. My name is Leah Stuarts and I'm here with Pele's anytime doing a series on holidays for pregnancy. Today we're going to do a Sarah bound class. So you need to have a therapy on handy, whichever tension you prefer, whether it's medium or heavy. And of course if you want a variety of the two for the arm work versus a leg work, you can have a variety of the two tensions as well. Um, today I'm actually 29 weeks pregnant, so I'm um, just the weekend to my third trimester.

So getting toward the end here and just having a lot of fun working with the different variations of the exercises that can be done for pregnancy. So we're going to start today in a seated position facing front, very comfortable, cross your legs, whichever way that you feel comfortable with. And we're of course gonna start with some deep breathing today instead of just our normal in and out through the nose, we're going to breathe with a little bit of that, some beats and some counts. Today's with a little bit more of a breathing technique. So just place your hands gently on the size of your knees and you can keep your eyes closed or open or you can just downcast them, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

So making sure you're sitting in a nice comfortable position. We're going to breathe in through the nose for four counts. Hold it for a moment, and then breathe out through the mouth for eight counts in through the nose. Pause and out through the mouth in through the nose. Pause and out through the mouth for eight and continue as you feel this breathing in, bring all the air into the lungs as possible in four accounts.

Inflating the lungs absolutely to their maximum, holding it for a moment, and then press out the same amount of air over eight counts a little bit slower, letting the air just seep out of your mouth until you feel the air is completely drained. Or excuse me, the lungs are completely drained of air and three more times. Inhale, focusing on breathing into your belly and into your ribs. Last one. Great. So a great breathing techniques that you can use throughout your pregnancy. And certainly if it's one that resonates with you, you can use during your delivery like Sydney, your labor and delivery. Now we're going to grab our therabands depending on the tension that you like, you can fold it in half or you can keep it long.

I'm going to triple mine and half. We're gonna start with just a little shoulder mobilization. We're going to inhale all the way up and exhale down. Yeah, inhaling up using the back of the shoulders. Just starting to feel the abdominal wall. Draw back towards your spine to maintain the chunk stability.

Exhale down and inhale up. Be Mindful that you're not shrugging your shoulders up towards your ears, but yet you're just moving your arms back toward the wall behind you or up towards your head and inhale that and Xcel. And as you do this, you'll feel a little bit of upper back work is excellent and inhale up. You don't have to pull the theraband apart. Just keep a nice amount of tension on it. And one more time. Inhale up and just pause with the exhale.

Keeping the ribs John in as best as you can. Just a little side bend. Inhale over and decks still draw your waist back up to center. Inhale over and Xcel. So notice how my head stays right in the middle of my arms and I'm moving from my waist and my shoulders, arms, head, and neck are just following the line of the waist that I'm creating with my side. Bend the sideburns coming from primarily the oblique musculature. Inhale over and be mindful that you maintain the stability of your pelvis down on your mat.

Inhale over so the pelvis doesn't rock with you yet. You're just doing your side bends at the waist. Just getting a little mobilization in your trunk. Xcel over and just make it as big as you feel comfortable with. Inhale and exhale and bring your arms down.

Now from here we're going to take the arms up to shoulder height. We're going to Tuck the pelvis round the back and we're going to take the arms thrilled. You know I'm going to reverse the arms, so let's go. Xcel round the back. Bring the elbows out to the side of the theraband towards your chest and inhale forward. Exhale round the lower backs. You're doing a little pelvic tilt, a little posterior tilt, and bring it forward and exhale round in the back. And Annie, how forests, so you're mobilizing that lower back, utilizing the abdominal work here, getting in touch with that pelvic floor musculature.

Oh XL. Inhale up three more XL. Draw the theraband towards you. Scoop out through the belly and inhale, rise your backup and index cell Gerad in. You should feel that deep connection. Feel like you're threading your belly button in, hugging the musculature around your belly and bring it up. Good.

Now from here you're going to take your arms up to the front. Again, you can do real gentle rotation. Exhale in health center, x cell in health center. Now imagine that your rib cage is just floating around your spine. Again, your pelvis is remaining as steady as you can. Keep it. If your shoulders are starting work a little too much for you. Just take your arms down and twist and center and twist and center. Keep the same distance between your arms.

No need to pull the theraband at this point and one more set. Rotate from those obliques as you rotate, get a little bit taller, rotate back to center. Good. Now we're going to rotate here. We're going to bring the theraband in. We're going to curve the pelvis on the rotation. We're going to circle around to the other side and bring it up. Exhale, curve the pelvis underneath you on the rotation.

Rotate around to the other side and bring it up. Xcel twist the rib cage around the spine and bring it up. XL. Scoop the arms down and underneath you to the other side and bring it up. Let's do one more set. Xcel scoop underneath you rotate and bring it up and XL. Draw the belly button in Nice and tight.

Rotate and bring it up. Back to center. Let's do one more exercise here. I want you to open your theraband for me. Keep your elbows out to the sides. We're going to do a little bit of rotation with an arm, so we're going to twist to the right. We're going to extend the right arm out behind us. Keep your eyes on the arm, bring it back to center, and then bring your body back to center. So inhale, exhale, extend. Inhale, bend the arms XL center and inhale XL extends.

Bring the arm back and center. Now you have to be mindful throughout the whole sitting series here that you're keeping the abdominal wall intact back to your spine. So basically pull your abs in and maintain that control back to center and rotate and twist. Extend that arm, bring it back and center. Now this one, a little variation. We twist and we hold it. Now we're going to do five arms here. We're going to bend the elbow and we're going to squeeze one in. Helen Xcel out in Hellen and twist back to center and to the left, rotate. Get Nice and tall.

Make sure you're securing your center body and extending on five times. [inaudible] um, five. Bring it back to the middle and rest. Now we're going to take our butt selves and we're going to turn to the side. Sitting here. We're going to keep this air band just handy, but we're not gonna quite use it yet. I'm going to place your hands behind your size. Now, depending on where you are in your pregnancy, depending how large your belly is, you're going to be more comfortable sitting with your legs a little bit wider or you might be able to keep them a little bit more narrow. Really, whatever's more comfortable for you, but I do want you to be mindful of is trying to walk your bottom underneath you so that you're sitting, propped up on your sits bones as best as you can.

If you're having a really difficult time doing that. For instance, if you're kind of sitting back into your hips or sitting back onto your buttocks, go ahead and take a pillow or a little box or you can fold your mat something essentially that's going to give you a little bit of height and that way you can sit on top of that and that will allow you to get your back. Extension is what we want here, so keeping our hands behind the thighs. Very simple. Here you might find a little bit hard to roll a slide your leg on your map. Just do the best you can.

You're going to slide your leg out and you're going to bring it back in with an exhale. Slide the leg out and Xcel. So notice how my spine stays really steady and exhale and slide it out and exhale, three more. Very simple. You'll feel this deep in the hips. But what I want to challenge here is your postural control and draw it in, keeping the abdominals intact and draw it in. Go the other side and inhale and exhale. If you want a little bit more challenged, you can take your arms out to the side.

Otherwise allow your arm to guide that leg out and then inhale and bring your leg and get a little bit taller through your body. In inhale and exhale. Two more. Inhale, exhale. Last one, inhale and Gerad in. Now we're going to add onto this. I want you to take your theraband, place it underneath you and that like you to sit on your theraband and try to make sure that the two sides of the theraband, or even on your hips or on either side of your hips. So now we're going to take the right leg. We're going to take it out as we lift the leg up, very small. We're going to lift the arms up, very small Xcel up.

Take the leg down and draw it in. Inhale leg goes out, Xcel up. Inhale down and draw it in. Inhale out, Xcel up. Inhale down, draw it into more. Take it out, lift the leg, bring it down, draw it in. One more time. Inhale, hold your body strong. Take it down and pull it in. So for somebody that might be really tough on your quads, it might be really tough for you to feel like you can keep your back straight and extended. And if that's the case in this uncomfortable for you, don't do the leg lifts. Simply take the leg out to the arm, raise, take the arms down and bring the laid back in. So that's a nice modification for you. Let's do the other side. Inhale out XL. Inhale, bring it in.

So notice how my spine stays absolutely steady throughout each repetition and it's a lot of work. So make sure you're very mindful of keeping that control. So we're getting leg, we're getting shoulders, and we're also getting a lot of trunk stabilization. So back work, abdominal work, and bring it in. Again, the modification without the leg is just the arms. Bring the arms down, slide it in. One more time for the modification out, lift the arms, bring them down, slide it in one more time. And without the modification, the leg lifts. Bring it down and slide it in. So from here, take your theraband just to your side and we're going to come back onto our hands. Elbows are going to be straight behind you. If you feel more comfortable all the way down to your elbows, you can do that. But I want you to do is put your weight on your hands and find a little bit of a scoop through your belly and bring your feet in close to your bottom.

As much as as close to your bottom as you can, maintaining your comfort here. We're going to do a real little spine twists here, so we're going to take her legs over to the right, keeping the left foot on top of the right foot. Then Xcel drawback to center other side. Inhale, and then draw the abdominal wall in. Inhale over Xcel, scoop the belly, draw it, and so it's a real gentle exercise just to get a little bit of spinal rotation. And as you're scooping or drawing your pelvis into the posterior tilt, you might feel a little bit of a stretch or relief on the lower back and draw it back to center. Go to more one each way. Inhale XL, draw back to center one more time and inhale. Exhale, draw back to center. And now take your right leg out, scoop out the belly. Nice and deep. Real easy.

Here we're going to XL up point down XL flex point down XL. Next leg, and bring the right leg in. Take the left leg out, scoop out the belly. Nice and deep flexes you kick up. Inhale, point down. Xcel. Inhale down. Exhale, inhale down three more and and uh, good and rotten night. So when you're doing that, you should have felt your arms working, whether you were a, you made the choice to stay in your hands or if you were all the way down in your shoulders and throughout the series you should maintain, maintain that hollowing of your abdomen, that posterior tilt, the pelvis, not necessarily allowing yourself to sit into your shoulders. You still want to press out of your shoulders. They want to get that kind of pool of your pelvis underneath you. So let's go ahead and move on to the next series. We're going to sit again.

If you cannot sit up right, go ahead and place a pillow or a little box or fold your mat underneath you so that you can sit maintaining your elevated vertical position with your legs right out front in front of you. We're going to take the theraband and wrap it around the feet. Now for here, little bit of a grip. We are work on your heart, your hands in your face or arms. Who's just going to have to kind of, you know, I guess I'll say deal with that. During the series here, we're gonna sit up nice and tall. We're going to bend the elbows in toward the chest. We're going to Tuck the pelvis back, allowing the theraband to help support our body way here.

We're going to bring it up with an inhale and exhale, extend the arms in, help draw the arms back. Excellent. The notice that I come from my lower back and I do not put the curve in my upper back. I maintain the curb in that lower back. I come back up with an inhale and exhale. So this, this is about a little bit of spinal articulation, a little bit of abdominal work. Inhale, come back up, articulate to the spine and extend. Let's go three more. Focus on that deep belly work. Squeeze those thighs together. Inhale and exhale.

[inaudible]. Inhale that and exhale. Inhale and inhale up. And now we add rotations. So inhale, exhale down. Inhale, pause. We go, XL, twist and center, twist and center. And inhale. Exhale. [inaudible] can we do the five sets of these? Inhale, so remember ladies, to let your breath guide you throughout each movement here. You want to keep that deep breathing down into the belly, into the rib cage so you can feel that connection with the body.

Keep that fresh oxygen flowing through the blood, down through the muscles. And let's go. Last one. [inaudible] inhale, pause and twist and center. Great. Now we're going to hold the arms here and we're going to do some biceps, we XL and two and three [inaudible] and eight keeping that vertical hold of your trunk, nine and 10. Now we've crossed the theraband and let me just remind you, if you're a have a little too big in your belly to sit comfortably with your life together, you can always sit with your legs a little bit open.

There's no problem with that. Take the arms or excuse me, take the theraband and cross them and now we're going to do a little shoulder and upper back work. We pulled the arms back, Xcel to now make sure that you do not pop your ribs out like this. As you do the work, you want to maintain that trunk stability. And utilize the back of the shoulders and the muscles in the upper back, including the Rhomboids, the mid traps, and the posterior shoulders. Five more and three keeping everything steady. Two and one back to the biceps.

We're going to do two sets of each. Thumbs are facing up toward the ceiling so the theraband kind of comes and falls over your hands. We change our grip, we hold nice and vertical. The upper arm stays steady as we bicep curl one XL, so stay mindful of your postural control. Use your breath to more. Take the theraband, cross one side over the other.

Palms face down now and for the upper back rowing back. Okay. Almost there. Seven keeping everything steady. Eight [inaudible]. Now hold here. Lift the chest up into a nice back extension and bring it back.

Keep your arms nice and steady. Think of lifting up through your surname as if a string is telling your sternum up toward the ceiling, holding everything steady and bring it back. Give me two more and lift up is if your sternum and your heart are arising toward the ceiling, don't throw your head back. Keep your head in line with your spine and draw it back one more time and little lifting up with an inhale, letting the ribs expand on that inhale and exhale, bring it back. Nice. So there we had some arms and some nice abdominal work. We're gonna go onto a little bit of side lateral work and to take your theraband and loosely tie it around your ankles.

Now don't tie a big heavy, not or else it's going to be hard to undo. So you just want a nice loose knot here. And then we're going to go ahead and lie on one side. So lying on your side, you want to make sure that your two shoulder points in your two hip points are stacked, one on top of the other. Your bottom arm is right aligned with your ear.

You can rest your head on that bottom arm. Then from there for a little bit more stability. Take your legs and slightly bring them to the front corner of your mat and then take your top hand down and just place it down for a little bit of balance here. We're going to lift both legs up. We're going to open them with the next sale. We're going to close them with an inhale XL down and bring it up in how close and down and lift up [inaudible] and how close and down. Lift up.

[inaudible] close and down. No. As you're doing this, be mindful of your shoulders. Sing nice and controlled. Try not to roll them forward or back and lift. Keeping the abdominal wall drawn in so you have nice stabilization back. One more and up and open.

Now from here we're going to open both legs. XL [inaudible] keep going. [inaudible] five more. I'm doing 15 and hold. Now we're going to scissor the legs back and forth. We scissor, bottom leg comes forward. Top leg goes back, scissor with the Nextel. [inaudible] now as we're doing this, we have stability in the trunk. So my pelvis is not moving forward or back, it's just my legs and I'm always constantly joined the abdominal energy in and back in order to maintain that nice control and switch switch XL every time you switch [inaudible] last two [inaudible] and bring the legs back to center and rest. So you should feel your waistline here and you should feel your glutes here.

Okay. Take your body up and simply go around to the other side to make sure that their advanced stays secure. And when you lie down, you want to line yourself up correctly. Let's fix this here. Okay, so two shoulder points and two hip points stats, lot of working your upper back. Think of your chest remaining nice and open your abdominal wall drawn in top, arm down just for a little balance and bring your legs slightly forward to the front corner of your mat. Here we go. So we lift up. Exhale, pull the band apart, bring them together and down. We lift up, pull them apart, bring it together and down.

Now ask yourself if you have any tension in your shoulders. And if you do, go ahead and try to release it. There's no need to try to hold your head up. Just keep your head soft and down onto your bottom arm. Lift and open. Bring it together and down. Now make sure that you had the idea of the abdominal wall drawing in back toward the spine. So our abdominals, our transverse abdominis and our deep back extensors are all working together to create what we call a co contraction. To keep this fine, nice and steady as we focus on the oblique work, lift up and open. Close this, go. Two more.

To finish this and up. Open, close and down. We go up XL. Inhale and down. One more time and we hold, we open those legs 15 times with x straight knees. Keep everything steady and hold scissoring the legs. We go switch XL. Now I'm choosing to keep my legs in parallel as I scissor my legs.

You can always do it in external rotation. Yeah, make sure it comes from the hip, but you're still keeping your mindfulness about your stabilization of your trunk. Yeah, almost there. Okay. Both legs in, hold it, lift a little bit higher through your waistline and bring it down and go ahead and sit yourself up. So a nice hip works series there.

So take the theraband out. Let's go ahead and and do our not real quick. I'm going to do a quick little hip stretch and I'm going to go into a little bit of a different type of arm series. Now what did I say? I warned you about tightening these too much. Okay, so now we're going to go into our hips stretched.

So take your right leg and simply cross it over your left here. So this is actually the stretch out those that hip abductors and the rotators that we just use for that last series arms. And to come up above the head, slowly lower the arms down, touching the mat where you feel comfortable trying to keep your back extended as best as you can, allowing your hips to sink down into your mat so you'll feel the stretch most likely across both hips. You may feel one hip more than the other, which is fine. And I want you to breathe deeply for three breaths here and come on up and let's do the other side. So crossing the other leg, left leg over the right, take the arms up and bring them down. Yeah, where you feel comfortable and breathe in. Depending on how big the belly is, you might not be able to go very far forward, which is fine or how tight your hips are. We'll will limit you and how far you can go forward. Last breath.

All right, fantastic. Let's get a little bit more arm work and we're going to do a line, side, arm series when you get a little rotator cuff, posterior shoulder and a little bit of lab work. So again, it's like a self down. Bend your knees as close as you can to a 90 degree angle. Now I'm going to keep my head down on the mat, but if that sounds quite comfortable for you, you can always prop your head up onto a pillow or a box or your mat, whatever you feel more comfortable with. I want you to hold one end of your theraband with your bottom elbow bent in the 90 degree angle with the palm facing up and the other one, your elbow to 90 degree go right into your waistline and you're gonna hold it with your fist facing down and you can hold the theraband appropriately for how much tension that you want. Now from here we're going to do a little of rotator cuff XL one.

Now notice how my elbow stays down and I don't lift it up. I'm just rotating from the shoulder [inaudible] and as I'm doing this, I'm being mindful of joy, my abdominal wall energy in four more [inaudible] last one. Now simply take your arm out, extended out in front of you, but keep the fist facing down on that top arm and you're going to lift the arm straight up behind you. [inaudible] if it feels too much tension, go ahead and just losing your theraband a little bit. XL [inaudible] and be careful that you don't get too close to your face here. [inaudible] the last thing you to do is to have a therapy on snap right in your face. Are you going to think the back of the shoulder?

If you need to take a break at any time, go ahead and do so and that three more for me and last one hold. Squeeze the arm down to the waist and bring it up XL. Bring it up, XL, bring it up. You'll feel a lot of work in that bottom arm as well. Helping to keep that bottom shoulder steady XL.

Even though you're here on the mat and your mat is supporting your body, you're still maintaining a sense of control. Drawing the center body in, keeping the shoulders control. Draw down under that arm, lift up, draw it out under the arm and up and holds and go ahead and pick yourself up and take yourself to the other side. She should feel a lot of nights and deep. I'm work here. Set pretty intense little arm series here for the rotators. So we go down on our side, knees bent fairly close to 90 degree angle. You're gonna grab the theraband, palm faces up at a 90 degree angle here. Head rest your head onto the mat. As much tension as you want.

You can grab your theraband, making it short and making it a little bit longer. Top Elbow is bent at 90 degree and go right into the nook of your waist, drawing the abdominal wall in and you rotate and trying to be mindful of rotating from your shoulder. One more time, arm goes out nice and straight and when to do the posterior shoulder. Keeping the shoulders nice and level so there's no rounding your back and you're going to press back. Yeah, little less tension if you need it.

I tried to maintain a neutral wrist as you do this. Keeping the head relaxed on the mat. Breathing every time you lift the arm. Last three here and last one and hold. Squeeze the theraband down to the waist.

Make it a little bit looser if you need it. And bring it up. Squeeze it. Yeah. Down and bring it up. Are you using underneath the shoulder, drawing down. You'll fill the back of the shoulder, you'll feel the lack control XL. Try keep that bottom hand down. Using your breath consistently. Staying calm.

One more and take a rest. Nice. Come on up onto your knees. We're gonna finish up the class here with the kneeling series for a little bit of back extension and for a little bit of tricep work. So your shoulders should be worked here. You should feel nice and controlling a center and you should feel that residual effect of the hips from our hip series. Okay, so next we're going to come up to the kneeling position.

We're going to do a little back extension exercises here. So we're going to do a series of three different exercises, about five to six reps of each, so we can take the arms up with an inhale. We're going to exhale, extend the back, inhale, bring it forward and exhale down. Now as you're doing this, you want to try to maintain what we call hip extension. So if I was to do it from the side, you want to use your glutes and your hamstrings to gently push your hips forward so that we don't sit back onto the heels with our bottom. So we want to try to maintain that pressing forward of your hips.

So we're going to go up with an inhale. Exhale, lift the chest step, press those hips forward so you get the upper back extension. Inhale, bring it back and exhale down. Inhale up. Exhale. [inaudible] in hell, two more in hell. Think of going up and back. [inaudible] inhale should feel really good. If you find yourself smiling a little bit, that's okay. And at [inaudible] inhale now throughout, I'm just keeping appropriate amount of tension on the theraband. Next one.

Inhale, exhale, bend. The elbows, pull the theraband apart. In her. Lift the chest up XL, pull the arms and body back to center, and same exhale to bring the arms down. Inhale, come up. Exhale, bend, right. Inhale, keep the arms nice and tight. Use Your upper back. Press those hips forward. XL Up and down. Three more of these. Inhale.

[inaudible] excuse me. Got Ahead of myself in hell. Up into the extension. Xcel and down last one. And inhale. [inaudible] why? Back lifting up, pulling those elbows apart. Exhale, same exhale. Last exercise, kind of a fun one.

We bring it up, pull the theraband a little bit more apart. Now you're gonna lift your chest up a little bit, just a little bit. You're going go one arm back than the other. So the right arm, left arm, right arm, left arm. [inaudible] bring it back to center. Bring the body back and down. One more of those. So what we're mimicking there is the swimming that we do on the mat work.

But obviously we can't lie prone here as we are. Pregnant valleys are growing. So we're going to do this in the kneeling position. So you still getting that posterior shoulder work. You're still getting that cross lateral pool on the back, but we're just in a little bit more of a position that's conducive to pregnancy. So we're going to come up, we're going to extend here and right on back.

[inaudible] pressing those hips forward. [inaudible] bring them both back to centers sent to yourself. Drop Your Chin Down, head forward and slowly bring the arms down. Great. Now we're gonna move on our next series, which is a side tricep series. Now hold it here. Take your side all the way side bent. Place your hand down onto your mat, tighten the theraband appropriately and take your out leg out to the side.

You're going to bend that elbow, look down at the bottom hand, and you're going to squeeze it up one and now you're trying to keep your upper arm as steady as possible, being mindful of your position. Two more [inaudible] and 10 take your hand down your top barn down and just rotate to release that back for just a moment. Dropping your head down. Now for a little bit of balance, a little bit of coordination. If you don't want to do your leg, you don't have to, but now we're going to continue and we're going to lift the leg as we do our tricep. Nice long energy through the body [inaudible] and bring everything down and rest. So a lot of body stabilization. Again, if you don't feel like you have the balance, you can choose one of two things.

You can just take the leg out and repeat the arm again. Or a second option is just to hold the arm straight, not do the arm bend and just do the leg lifts. So we come up to the top, arms are wide, we start to go over sight tilting from the waist, place the hand down and bend the top elbow. Now make sure your bottom toe all the way up through your ears in a nice straight line looking down at your hand and we squeeze. Making sure your top arm is nice and steady.

[inaudible] when you're finished with the first set of just the arm, rotate your body places a hand down. Stretch out that back for a moment. Coming back. Take the arm up. Bend the elbow. Now we do the leg with it XL. Make sure you're drawing the abdominal wall and pushing down to that bottom arm so you're not seeking into your shoulder. Hold it and bring everything in.

Nice. Good. Now let's go ahead and finish our class with a little bit of breathing and a little bit of spinal mobility to just kind of bring us down into our cool down. So what'd you sit here? Be Aware of where you feel the working your body. For instance, I feel a lot through my upper body right now. I don't know a lot through my center. Feel good. I feel challenged.

I'm a little sweaty, so it's all good and nice and worked here. So we're going to go ahead and take our therabands and I'm going to choose two fold in half. You can do whatever you feel comfortable with. I'm going to take the arms up above. Oops. Excuse me. We'll take the arms up above the head. Now you're going to side bend over. You know, drop your head and circle around all the way to the other side and bring it up.

So think very graceful movement here. A lot of flow through your body full circle. You want to do what feels good and take it back and over XL, round your back, drop your shoulders. So all of that stabilize a Siebel is a stabilization that we did. I just want you to go ahead and mobilize through it now and center and just be aware of how your trunk moves and enjoy that beautiful movement through your body, that joy of movement and over and x around in the back.

Letting the heads Rupp. I'll try not to get carried away into too many cause I could do a lot of these and finish and bring the therabands all the way down. That's a little bit of our cool-down. Go ahead and place your hands gently on your knees again and again just to a nice center body scan. As you sit here, drawing yourself awareness in your body. Awareness is deeper and deeper. Realizing how you feel now as opposed to what you did at the beginning of the class. And again, we're going to do the breathing technique, four breaths in, a little pause and eight breath out about five times and that will wrap this up for the day. So keep your eyes open, downcast or close, whichever you choose and take your breath in, pause and to help or count. Then eight cans, hell, why accounts then and out two more. Again, going through your body, minus four accounts in and Kevin last one.

And just sit there feeling that calmness that the breath provides you, that deep body awareness and you're going to need this body awareness, this intuitive sense to know where you're moving, how this, what the sensation is on your body as you go through your labor and through your delivery. And certainly as you go through your recovery period, postpartum. So when you have a moment, just take your time to use your breath, realizing how you feel, realizing what you feel in your body and that will carry you very far and just opening your eyes slowly. And thank you again for joining me on another [inaudible] and pregnancy class.


Great Arm, leg and (amazing) back work. Your class was so great for me. A novice,not pregnant, beginner. I found your class the best I've had so far. Thank you!

Thank you so much! I am glad that you enjoyed the class. I also love this particular class for the arm and back work. I did the class a few days ago and really enjoyed the lying arm series. Take care!
Is it ok to do sideline work for 30 week plus ?
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Yes, side lying work is considered safe to do through out the entire pregnancy. Of course, the type of side work that can be performed, some which is more difficult than others, strictly depends on the individual woman. Can she do the exercise with control, integrity, breath and lastly, does SHE feel safe and confident in the position. This goes for any exercise not just side lying when working with prenatal clients (well...any client for that matter .

Side lying work is very effective and helpful for prenatal clients. Depending on the exercise, pregnant women will be achieving an opening stretch, strength, control, pelvic stability, hip strength and control, balance, confidence, etc - all of which are so important for a healthy pregnancy, labor and postpartum healing.

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.....Pregnant women are made to move their bodies; it's a vital part of a healthy pregnancy. Yes, there are some things we avoid in Pilates, but there are so many things that we can continue to do in full or modified form.

I hope that this helps a bit, Heidi! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Take care,

Thank you
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Grazie molto bello!
Fantastic class for 3rd trimester:)
Amazing, love the arm work & breathing. I'm 17 weeks pregnant. Another great class from you!
Thank you Leah !!!

This is one of my favorite classes! I am so happy to hear that you feel great doing this class!
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