Prenatal Theraband Flow
Leah Stewart
Class 265

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Yes as a teacher of prenatal classes i always get scared more so on the right hand side in side lying? is this perfectly fine to do?
Catherine - Please read my response to Heidi's question above in regards to side lying positions. I believe with choosing and teaching appropriate, smart, effective and safe side lying modifications, listening and watching your pregnant clients physical response to side lying positions and exercises, side lying for shorter periods of time and trusting your intuition will allow us and our clients to reap the benefits of practicing these great exercises.
Thank you for such a great class. It feels so good to do! When will you do another prenatal series?

Thank you,
muy linda clase
Deceptively challenging!! Thank you Leah, my shoulders are going to feel that tomorrow ;)
Great class, my upper body feels stronger and my thoracic spine more mobile. Thank you!
it was fab. Thank you.
My absolute favorite class thus far!!! Love love love. Thank you. I am 6 months along with baby #3. Was feeling bad about not being as fit and strong this time around. My legs & arms were feeling so weak. But, after this workout I feel like superwoman again! This is going to be one of my regulars. Thank you so much!
Great class, challenging on upper body, pregnant or not! Thank you
Anne Ahhh....I love this class, too! This was during my first pregnancy, so much fun! Thank you for the feedback.
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