Class #2673

Wall Workout

20 min - Class


Work on simple movements that get to the root of everything in this wall workout with Kathryn Ross-Nash. She teaches an intermediate level "happy ending" for a Reformer or Mat workout. She focuses on opening up your chest while strengthening your arms, legs, and glutes.
What You'll Need: Wall, Towel, Hand Weights


Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash and I'm here for [inaudible]. Anytime today we're doing happy endings. Always leave them with a smile on their face and yours. You always want to pick an ending...


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This is a very useful combination for practitioners as well as teachers to emulate in class. I taught a mat class of millennials and thought I would try this before class. They liked it and felt it helped open them. Many were tight in shoulders and hamstrings. I bookended the leg lift to see the difference in leg straightness and overall posture, after the class...all were improved. Thank you so much, great piece.
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Thank the 'lift, don't shift'!!!
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thank you for the work simple bat many many intense.
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Thank you!!! AMAZING ??
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"Lift not shift"--excellent!
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love it!!! woderful!!
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I appreciated the explanations. It helps to feel the move and the rationale behind exercices. The "lift not shift" is a revelation!
Thank you!
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wow! love it . Thank you !
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This wall series is brilliant!!
A true work, thanks for sharing. ✨
Always learn so much from you thank you

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