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Dynamic Standing Ending

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Move with dynamic action in this standing Mat workout with Kathryn Ross-Nash. She teaches an intermediate class that is a great ending after a traditional Mat or Reformer workout. She focuses on breaking apart the equipment exercises using props so you can prepare for the next level of the work.
What You'll Need: Hand Weights, Pilates Pole, Magic Circle

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Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash here for [inaudible] anytime and we're just going to do a little core or intermediate level ending for your mat work and or your reformer work. Okay? If you need to draw towards the mid line, you're going to use a magic circle. If you need to work on your connection between your arms and your back, as well as if you're working evenly, we will use the long pole. So I'm going to do the exercises first without anything, and then I will add toys because toys always make it more fun. So we're going to begin with the standing twist. Okay? So there's a couple of ways that I was taught this. First, we're going to do Joe's way.

Where are you going to have the arms down and you lift up and you twist? Just like your spine twist center on the axis, you lower the one heel and as if you're doing a snake in a twist, you pull yourself down towards the leg. From there. You reach open, open the arms, press up from there, drawing your inner thighs together and come to the other side, right to lower. Lift up again, long waist twist. The feet are very active during this. Bend the leg. Reach down. Grab the ankle deep in.

Reach to the side for that twist. Open the arms. Press down to lift up. Pull the stomach in and come lower down. Now we're manas lift up. [inaudible]. [inaudible] tall. Reach down, deepen. Lengthen to the side. Lift up.

Stretch right to the other side. Bend. Reach. [inaudible]. Open Center. Lift up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, and press down. Let's go with the poll. Hopefully I don't take out windows. We're going to face this way. Lift up. Lengthen.

Keep the pole parallel to the ground. Reach underneath flat. See around the world. Lengthen. Lift. Keep it parallel. Keep it parallel and lower down. Lift. Hold this bar. No pinkies. Hold it with your hands.

Twist, deepen, or each down. Flat around the world. Lift up. Lengthen. Lengthen and lower. Draw towards the midline with the magic circle. So many toys, so little time. Good.

Lift up lymph in turn, reach flat over lift center. Lower lift, lengthen, stretch, worry. Each lift lengthen, stretch up and lower. Good. From there we're going to pick it up a bit cause we're going to be progressing towards moving towards across the floor.

You're going to take your hands like this so that you can see your box without shifting. Side to side. This is like the grownup version of running. You're going to bring one leg up, nothing moves. Your box doesn't move. This is your single leg pull. Standing up and up and up and up and up and up and up. And uh, now front with it. Straight lift. Don't let that hip up.

Two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight to the side up. Nothing moves up, up, up. Oh, grow taller. Up. Draw midline up, up, up and up. Straight up. Lit Up. Lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up and good. Let's get our weights. We've worked our lower half.

We did a little twisting, which is at this level. Let's go get our weights to work. Our upper body. Remember when we're working the method, we don't change the exercises, we break them apart using the apparatus. Little weights in all of these exercises are apparatus. We're going to first pew the hug and I'm actually gonna face the other way cause I want you to see what my scapular is doing.

You press the weights together and you squeeze the shoulder plates, not my elbows here. I open my back, I open my chest, I open my back, I open my chest, I open my back, I opened my chest, I open my back, I open my chest, forward and down. Okay. That is an isolation of the shoulder against the rib cage. Right from there, we're going to do a little zip up. Pull this demic up in, in and down. Do you see rowing? Pull the stomach up in, in all these core intermediate exercises. Prepare you for the next level of the work and down and zip up and down and zip up and down. Make it a little more difficult. We're going to turn parallel. We're going to bend our knees deeply in that squat that we worked at the wall before.

We're going to hinge forward like our flat back on the reformer length in the neck is if we're leaning against that wall, draw the weights together and just like the hug, squeeze the shoulder blades, the elbows. Don't go past the shoulders and press your weights together. Press, press, press like you're doing a single leg. Pull back in. You're pressing the arms and working the little poochy pooches and squeeze the shoulder blades. Bend those knees. Oh, let's suffer more. Bend further. Pull the stomach off of the thighs, porous in, in, and lengthen the head forward. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Press in in, in and squeeze. Squeeze, squeeze.

Press in heels together. Head down, roll up through the spine. Lift, lift, lift. Inhale. Bring it up. All the way up to shave. Let's begin with the salute and press and scoop. And now I like for this to come from the back body. As it expands, I open my back up and in, open the back and bend. Open the back, go to the mid point of the head. Let's build the shoulder opening. Press the weights together and in progress to the middle of their head. And in now, right where my Tiara goes to my crown. Yes, I have a Tiara. I have several. And Scoop and press.

I swear I do scoop. My daughter keeps stealing them and back and scoop. Legs draw together. This is a whole body workout. I'm working from the floor. Oh, through the top of my hands. Slide down, slide reach, back, slide scoop up.

Open my spine. Lengthen, reach, lengthen, scoop. Bend all the way down, all the way down, all the way down, all the way up, all the way up and open to boxing and table. Bend your knees down. Hinge from the hips. Let's have the weights here and we're going to stretch one and two and three. Don't move the box. No shifting and four and five and six and seven and eight.

Let's do a weight change. Have your weights like this. One, two, three. We need to work both those arm positions. Five, six, seven and eight. Arms down, heels together. Rural yourself up for the full and lovely curls. Curl the wrists in. Curl them all the way in. Lift the elbows up, up, up, bring. There's that stretch for your Highbridge. Bring the elbows down.

Bring the elbows back. There's your long back stretch curling in the wrist curls. Pull it in, slide the elbows by for your pushup. Go into the Highbridge. Stretch the back of that arm. We don't let it go out like this that stretches. Nothing. Just hurts your shoulder. Bring it in.

Keep that risk curled. Reach it back and then stretch the wrist. You guys see my control position? My hands are on the mat. Stretching back. Kerlin deepen. Lengthen. Reach up, up, up, up, up, elbows, glide back. Reach back lymph and back and down.

Good. We're going to do a lunge front with the arms. Taking a semicircle heels together. Pull the stomach in. You're going to do that same lunch. Don't collapse on here. It's that very first exercise that we did in our foundation where you're pulling the stomach off the thigh and you're going to reach the arms by the ears and you're going to stretch them back, back, back, and reach the arms. We do this with the arm springs too, and stretch back, back, back.

Reach forward deep and feel the feet alive. Left hip comes forward right outside of the foot. Reach forward two, three, four back two, three, four. Now reach here, scoop to come up and lunge out. Feel the hip, square, box, square, stomach in and reached back. Deepen. Reach and up, arms to the ear, stretch, stretch, stretch and back. Reach, reach, reach and up or reach, reach, reach and back. Reach, reach, reach and up or reach. One more time.

Grow from the head to the heel. Press through the heel, press with the arms, open the chest, keep that chest open. Scoop and up. Very good. Now we have our fencing side. Design heel is here. Hands are here and get up and in and in. Now we start act adding dynamic action into the work to get ready for the next level and [inaudible] and let's look at a little back view and Andy deepen and lunge to Shane and all round good.

Now that we've got our top warm, our bottom arm, we put it all together. We get to get a little jump, a little jumping jacks. Everybody leaves out the fun stuff in place. So let's get ready and one, see those arm weights? Three, four, five, seven, eight, taller, nine. 10. Excellent. Great Way to end your intermediate or core mat reformer.

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Love it! Love this dynamic movements! Love your work Kathryn!!
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I'm all about this lively compact workout!!
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KRN...always entertaining and inspiring! Thanks for another great workout....
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Really enjoying all your short videos .....delicious movement snacks....thanks!
Niedra Gabriel
Great workout Kathi - you are such an inspiration. Amazing technique, knowledge and joy of the work. Thank you!
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KRN your energy is inspiring! I love your work!
Dawn Noel
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So fun! Thank you for your amazing energy and enthusiasim!

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Love this!! So fun!
Merve K
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Melissa C
Ms. Kathy love you, love your work! xoxo

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