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Therapeutic Mat Workout

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Restore hydration in the tissue of your body with this therapeutic Mat workout with Niedra Gabriel. She starts with a fascia release that will release your hips and lower back so that it will be easier to use full range of motion in the Pilates exercises. With a diverse group of ages and bodies in the class, it is easy to see how great this work is for everyone!
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Block, Small Tennis Ball

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Good afternoon everybody. Uh, we are going to be Amerigroup here. These are all my friends. We have a lot of different age groups. Our youngest person is Laila who is Alison's daughter. When Alison did he teach a training with me, she wasn't even in her belly yet but she's turned out to be an athlete no matter what. She does circus arts. So she is a novice for Palazzos I think. Um, but you know, plot is good for everybody at all ages and today's class is very much geared as a therapeutic program which includes Fascia release, a ways to re to restore the hydration and the free flowing movement of tissue moving one on top of the other so that when we go into the movement of [inaudible] it's easy for us to do full range of movement.

Definitely. By the way, for those of us, if you feel out of shape and you want to get into shape fast, do this kind of work and then train and you will catapult yourself back into higher level of ability very quickly. I know because I do it all the time cause we don't always work out every day. So today's session will be um, working on the hips and the lower back. We're going to loosen up the hip joints, some of the hamstrings, the lower back, and then we're going to do mat work. Just to finish, Alison is an old time pilates teacher and student of mine and peer. Heidi owns a studio down in orange, Huntington beach.

Sandy teachers in thousand oaks. Candice Teachers in Carpentaria and to read is going through teacher training in a grower hill. So we have a very eclectic, wonderful, enthusiastic group here. So before you actually start, I would like you to stand with your feet together. There's just a test run to see what your range of movement is. Please bend down towards the floor.

Just relax down here and hang out and just test and see and observe. How do your hamstrings feel? How do your hips feel? This is not a test and it's not an exercise. We have a very athletic group here. Everybody touches the floor. A lot of people don't. So this is even more profound when people are very, very stiff and then come back up to an upright position.

Very good. Everybody in this group has got some balls now without getting too significant. These are tennis balls, some of the, some of these are these cheap little balls I've gotten in the supermarket and there's Yoga Tula Powells and there's tennis balls. So don't get too stuck on what kind of values in, just find a ball, two balls and get going. I like you all lying on your backs and another test to see range of movement in the hip. So please bring the soles of your feet together and let the knees drop out and just check to see how the feel and how the joints are feeling in there.

And as you're back easily on the floor, is it very arched and curve? This is just a self test to see what it feels like. Now you ladies are all gonna take the balls and place them right in the center of the glutes. So you lift your bottom up, put the balls down and let the knees drop out to lay lights to high up, a little bit lower down. So it's kind of sitting right into the fatty tissue. I shouldn't say fatty tissue, but muscular tissue of the glutes and see how much you can relax.

And for some people this can start to be pretty painful because we have a lot of muscles in there that have a tendency to get tightened up. And a take a deep breath in here and as you breathe out, see if you can relax a little bit deeper into the ball. And one more time. Deep breath in and then breathing out. Sink into the balls. And now with your hands on the floor, see if you can start to basically move your bottom from side to side. The balls are going to go towards a sacrament towards a greater troll cantor and in the opposite direction. So you, if you are doing this on your own, take your time so you don't want to rush too fast.

So you can notice the different layers of the glutes and various muscles around there and how they're affecting you. If you find spots that are really painful, that's your gold mine to stay there for a little bit and do smaller movements to start to release up in that area. If it's too hard to do it with your feet, with the soles of the feet together, you bring the knees up. So let's have all of you ladies bring the feet flat on the floor and keep on going. So this is just the way you can adjust cause sometimes the pool can be pretty extreme that right now take the balls out and again bring the soles of the feet together, let the knees drop out and just see if it feels any different.

Sometimes yes, sometimes even that much of releasing and digging into spasm, muscles can flop. Even Laila is smiling, which means even young people get benefits from doing this now. Hip socket joint, you web, the greater truck candor coming into the hip socket and often the joint gets really stuck in solder together. So what we will be doing is moving this ball around the joint down. I will quickly demonstrate for you ladies and then we'll do it together. You will be on your side with the ball right above the greater trocanter.

You can have your foot in front of behind. And then you go into lift and lower the leg two or three times. And then you roll an inch or two further back. And you'll repeat this. So you're going to be rolling around your own socket and you may find areas so that are really holding. So let's have all of you facing me.

Place the ball right above your greater trocanter. So if you're kind of bulging that bone, it's above it and there is a band of muscle there that really, really tight. So you want to kind of sink into that area. If it hurts, you need it. How are you doing there Layla? She's okay. Now let take the bottom leg. I want you to flex a foot in, extended out and see if you can lift it up. And as you lift it up, lift it a little more, lifted a little more and lower down and let yourself sink into that ball and lift up again. Lift up more and lift up more.

Try to really feel how the leg is separating out from that area and down. Now Rudy yourself a little bit further back. So you've started on the side and you're rolling maybe to the top side of your glutes. So you're going to start to add you mo rolling backwards. You may want to shift your hands so you're a little bit further back. So lift your lay lifted more and as you lifting it more, really sink into the ball.

Try to let go of that grippy feeling in the muscle and lift again. Now as you lifted up, Paul's with the leg in the air and internally rotate the lake and externally and if you could see their faces, there's some grimaces going on, which means we're getting into where the goal is, the meat and potatoes and back. Lower the leg down. You'll see in a minute on the other side. And now rolls are, here we are. We on this side. Now you're going to roll right towards the middle of your glute.

So the ball is like you're almost on your, you're kind of sitting into the ball. It's above and you're the socket. And again, lift your leg, lifted more and then lower down and try to feel that you're tractioning it out. And as it comes down, relax your bat muscle and then lifted up again and now internally and externally rotated and just see if there's pooling or tightness. Then you have your Fascia, connective tissue all locked in together and that's restricting your range of movement. And this will start to really restore that freedom and then lower it down and roll a little bit further down.

So your ball is now coming just above your sit bone. Yes. Say Finding. It doesn't look very impressive, but it is. We start with suffering and then we go to playing. So lift your leg lifted more, lifted more, and lower the leg down and sink into the ball. Now lift the leg a little bit and internally and externally rotate it.

So you're really unjamming the whole leg from the glute area. And you're restoring range of movement into the hip socket and restoring a healthy vibrancy between the relationships of the different muscle groups. Lower the leg down and very slowly your ball is here. Start Rolling yourself back. So you're just going to retrace your steps back to the side so you'll be rolling back onto your side.

The ball comes all the way above your greater trow canter, so you're really digging into a part that can get really tight and then come off the ball. Ah, stretch your legs out for a minute and just easy legs. We'll be together, Alison, and just bend over and observe if one leg feels different from the other, just to notice how the legs feel. Um, it's very individual, but it's always nice to take note of what has changed and then lie down on your back and again, bring the soles of the feet together and let the knees flop out and see how you feel that way. Sometimes it's quite funny cause one knee, yes, I can see a few left knees or knees closer to me dropping lower down on the floor. So the whole rotation changes. Wonderful work. Okay, let's do the same on the other side. So you're, let's have you all facing this direction so everybody can see their pretty faces. And let's have you with the ball right on top of the greater true cantor, the top leg can be bent.

It's just a balancer for to make you set up and the bottom leg is long and straight and flex. So you don't want a floppy leg. You want tone, like you actually want to traction the muscle in order to give it tonality. And then resiliency, you're kind of striving to build up like a cat. You know, cats on musclebound and tight, they really very flexible, but they have power and speed and force because actually not blocking their own energy. So let's have you lift the leg up, lifted higher, lifted higher. If you can, releasing the tension into the ball and lower down and now flex into the and extend the foot away from you. Lifted, lifted a little bit more. Just try and rotate the leg in the socket a bit and lower the leg down. Very nice. Now from here you will roll a little bit. You may want to take the top arm and bring it behind you, but you start to roll the ball. So again, you're taking a journey where you'll be rolling all the way down to kind of on the side of your glute now and again, lift your leg.

Yeah, lifted more, lifted more and lower down. And as it comes down, relax into the juice of the muscle and lift the leg again, extending it out. And now internally rotate externally, rotate internally [inaudible] phase and then lower the leg down. And I say that only to point out that young people have a body and they have challenges too. And the idea that you live in glory and blesses the young person is not true. So you will role further down. I see you right in the middle of your glute.

You're kind of right in the center of the bum and relax into the ball, but extend through the heel and lift the leg, lifted a little more, lifted a little more and down and lifted again and now internally and externally rotated very good. Lower the leg down and now move the ball to wits right above your sit bone. So you're, it's coming right down to the bottom there. And one more time. Lift your leg lifted more, lifted more, and lowered down. Very good and again lifted. And as you lifted, now explore the range of movement internally and externally.

Rotating it very, very good. Lower your leg down and then rolled back. Retrace your steps. He going to roll onto your side again and just kind of roll your massaging through the muscle. And when you get to the side, come off the ball and come up to a sitting position. Have your legs nice and long. Flex your feet and try to relax your muscles there, Heidi. Yes.

And just bend over, kind of more of a natural stretch. I want you to see if you can notice how heavy your bones are. As you start to release the bones actually drop deeper in the tissue. So if there's less resistance in the tissue, the bones can float more and have a buoyancy to them that uh, gets blocked when everything is too harsh. And then lie down on your backs and bend the feet, drop the knees to the side and again, just take note. As I said, sometimes this can be quite spectacular as to everybody looks to my mind a little bit more open, but you just want to check to the hips.

Feel open is more of your back naturally down, not because you're forcing it, but because actually parts of your body have relaxed and are no longer holding the same tension. Excellent work. Now bring yourselves up to a sitting position. This last one before we start to move our bodies is to release the QL, the quadratus lumborum which kind of like the PSOAS can get really tight. It connects a rib cage and the hips together. It's very involved with side bending.

Very often if you have someone who has one hip higher than the other or one hip joint that really locked that muscle can be a major factor in it. Not a beginners stretch or release point because it can be quite when you really find it can be extreme, but this is what you are going to do. Heidi, I'm going to use you as a demo person. Grab your yoga block behind you. Lie down on your back. We're all going to have a look at you and bend your feet up on the mat and lift your bottom up and place the block under your sacrum. So you're just elevating.

Yes, that I would pull it a little bit higher up. There we go. Now what you are going to do is take one of your balls and just where your pelvis ends, the bony part of the structure. You want to take the ball not close to the spine but a little bit further out lift and I would bring the block even a little bit higher because you're going to want to drape your bottom down in opposition. What's that? Nope, not tucking. Sticking this way. You want, you want that ball digging in? Yes, yes. So it's really stick you bottom out.

So it's sinking that look. Now you will drop both knees away for in the same direction and what you're looking to do is really get the pelvis dropping down. It can be create quite extreme. The relief that can come out of this as profound. She's going, yes, yes, yes. So let's have everybody join Heidi. So lying on your backs, you lift your bottom up in the air and get your uh, the block under your sacrum in the direction of your waist.

Because what you're trying to do is you will want the pelvis draping over the ball. Some people, this can be so extreme that you do it flat on the floor. So if any of you find this excruciating you, you lower the height, then lift your bottom up and place the ball out of everybody with the ball under you. You guys will be on the right side. You guys on the left side to the ball, not on the right next to the spine, but further out, this is a band that affects this side, bending areas. He wants to get into that area. Once you have the ball place, you let your bottom drop down. It's like you're falling over the edge.

And once you have that, you'll start to let the feet drop. No, the knees, they bent and you dropped the knee. So you're rolling into the ball, you're taking all this pressure into the ball to release the lower back. Yeah. And you tried to keep the hips down to research? Yeah. Just let them fall.

Don't move. No. Get your knees, feet apart. Let the Negro out. Let this neat row. There we go. So the knees are just, it's a very natural placement and you keep checking that you're not tucking your tail. You're not blocking anything. You completely draping yourself on top of this ball. So yes, you drive any kind of place. My ball world would still be on the back. Mike told us, I think if you're say from that, do you want it?

No, I want it in the waist area. The question was does she have the ball on the sacred Mary? You don't want it on the bony structure. It's kind of above. If you had jeans or pants, it came up to your waist. It's just in the waist here. It's above the bony area. And yes, for that. Yeah.

And keep checking that you're letting your back arch so it can quite, it can be quite painful because we have, we tend to sit so much and we tend to lock the curve of the spine so it gets blocked at natural fluidity and mobility. So people's backs get much more flexible when they do this. And again, imbalances in the hips can sometimes with this one, um, release work can really make the ability to get the spine even assisted and move forward quickly. Bring yourselves to the other side and have to bring your feet up, lift the bar the ball out and put it on the other side. Make sure that your bottom is almost draped draped over the age. Heidi, that's very good what you're doing. So you almost see the pelvis draping over and then what's that?

The the box. The ball is just extra but you, you want this like arched position. And then so when you lay to get into doing swan and swan dive, you may be quite surprised how much more mobility there is in the lower spine because the inner muscles aren't in spasm fundamentally. And you let the knees fall down. Some people can let them, the knees will fall all the way to the focus. Again, it affects the hips quite extensively. All right? Then bring yourselves back, lift your bottom up, get the ball out, get the block out. [inaudible] let the backdrop down and just for a minute, lengthen your legs out and see what your pelvis feels like. Again, try not to kind of organize yourself too much.

You just want kind of a natural inspection. And then bring the soles of the feet together and let the knees drop out again and see if you notice any additional change. So sometimes this can be a nice release, so allows the back to relax more, the natural curves to be restored. Again, it can change how the hips, the pelvis is in relation to the spine, to the hips, hang more naturally and organically correct way. So this all looks very good. So let's move the balls to one side.

Why don't you put the balls in the blocks above your head? Okay, so we just cleared our balls and blocks away so that we look camera friendly. And now we're going to do math. Now that we've opened up the hips, increase the range of movement, restored the potential of the spine to move more easily. Let's have all of you on your backs lying down and just for a minute, lengthen the legs out and bring the arms to the ceiling and stretch the arms back over your head. And please flex your feet and press the heels away from you. And Sally seeping can take your hands all the way back and just press the heel the way we're actually going to start with roll up.

Bring the arms to the ceiling, armpits to your waist. Lift your head and look at your navel and feel the length in the waist. And then roll yourself up and stretch beyond your toes and bring your head to your knees. So you don't want a long spine. You want around spine as though, and someone is grabbing your ribs. So just pause here for a minute. Imagine someone like me lifting these ribs away from the spine. The shoulders are drape, but the hands are shoulder height. Broad knees show.

Yes. So big. Lift in the waist and then roll back down. Roll down, rounding the spine and arms over your head. Bring the arms to the ceiling. Feel that, look at that square of the arms and lift your head up and then peel off the mat and stretch long so the hands are going above your toes, but the ribs are pulling back. I want to see these ribs pulling back and then roll down. Rounding the spine head drops down between your arms and arms over your head.

One more time like this, rolling up round the spine. Hands are shoulder height. Come back up so the shoulders are right above the hips. And just pause here. Take the armpits to your ways. So pull the armpits down and pull the ribs back and reach forward with the arms.

Flex the feet. Lift away. Stop. Yes, I want more height in the waist. Lean back a little bit to just the tail is down. Lift up the waist, roll a little bit further. Lift up the waist and now roll all the way down to the mat. Place your hands on the mat. Very good. Bring your knees into your chest, give the Nisa hug and then hands on the mat. But lift your leg straight up to the ceiling.

You want your feet right above your hips. Now reach the hands towards the shins. Fetal Bobby bottom. Sallie. A little bit more away for feet, just straight. So I'm looking at this plum line of the heels of right above. That's it. Now everybody roll yourself up and try and touch your shinbones that is spread the shoulders apart and reaching. Imagine a weight in your sternum, pushing down into the mat. Lower the legs as far away from you as you can without losing this placement.

Reaching those legs out when they you reach your own limit. Low the hands above your stomach and start your pumps. Breathing in and exhale into three, four, five. Exhale. Three, four, five, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, four, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three by five, two, three, four, five. Exhale, take your right leg lower towards the mat. Exhale, three four, five, six two oh five lift the leg back up. Lower the other leg. Four, five into three, four, five.

Lift the leg in our lower the legs and the head to the mat. Long stretch your arms over your head and five fast roll-ups. Roll Up. Reach long roll back and down and up. Reach long and roll and down and up and long and spread your shoulders and down. Last one up and long and roll back and down.

Very good. Bend your right knee to the mat and let's have you all back on your mans cause you move down a little bit and lift your right leg to the ceiling. And just for a minute, get that heel right above your sit bone and your hands are grounded into the mat. Strongly right hip is long towards your left heel. Now don't let your right hip leave the mat and just take the leg to as far to the left as you can cross your body. And I want to see that right. No circles yet. I want to see that right waist pulling down in our position.

Bring the leg up again. Now take the leg as far out as you can. Left waist in opposition, pulling down and up. One more time. Crossover to the first side worked that right. Waste the more interest in the waist than the leg and up and other side opposition. Waist and up. Now three circles. That range of movement cross down, around and up. Cross down, around and up. Cross down around, reverse, out, down, across and up, out, down across in. Two out, down across and three holds the leg with both hands. Give it the stretch.

The more you pull it toward your trunk, the more the left hip moves away from you. Is your tail still on the Mat? If it's curled up, you're giving yourself more stretch than you want. Get that tail down. Get the right hip. Lengthen. Flex your foot here. Point your foot. Flex point. Lower your head to the mat if it's off the mat and low the leg down.

Then your other knee into your chest for me to give it a little squeeze, hence the Mat. Lift your leg to the ceiling. Check that the left hip is long. Now we'll do the same thing. You Cross over your body and left. Waist goes way down. Bring the leg up again. Take the leg in the opposite direction and right waist is down and up. Cross first side and up and other side and up.

Now we'll do three circles. Cross down, around and up. Cross down around in two. Cross down, around, reverse out, down across it, up, out, down, across in two, out, down across in three holding leg with both hands. Don't lift your head up. Check that the left hip is lengthening down so you don't want shortness in me or like linkedin. This hip down. Yes. So don't lose length on the side. It's a much deeper stretch.

When you keep the waist long and you get into your hamstring this way, flex your foot. Point your foot, flex your foot, point your foot, lower the lake all the way down to the mat. Stretch your arms over your head. Rote yourselves up to sitting. Position for rolling like a ball. Pop your bottom forward. Grab your ankles with your feet and lift your feet up off the mat. How close can you get your heels to your bottom?

Flex your feet for me today and let's have the knees apart. Heels together. Knees apart to have a little v. Can you get lower? Heidi with your hands would know with it. Hold your ankles and get the yields to try to touch your bottom right. Okay, now roll back and roll right back up and balance. Roll back to here. Roll up and balance hold. Squeeze the fate tight together again.

Roll back, roll up. Squeeze your feet now almost to the top of your shoulders. Roll back and almost pause a second. Up and balance up and balance and up and balanced. Roll back to balance. Roll up to balance.

Roll back to balance. Row up the balance. Roll back to balance. Roll up to balance. Put your feet down. Now we work to loosen up the hips. So I would like you all to be holding behind your knees. Lift your feet up and when you roll back now you will extend your leg and touch the floor and then roll back up to here. So head is down.

Roll back to your shoulders. Take your feet over your head, touch and bring themselves back and balance and roll back again. Keep the feet together if you can, and up to balance. That's it. Roll back. Roll up to balance. And one more time. Roll back. Okay.

I roll up the balance. Feet on the mat. Arms Nice and long. Roll down onto your backs. Row, row, row, row down bridge. Bring your feet a little closer to your bottom. Have your feet hip width apart. Articulate your spine. Roll your tail under and Peel yourself off the mat. Laila. Get your feet going. Straight forward, toes. That's it.

And then roll yourself down. Broaden your shoulders and roll up again. And as you roll up, think of the knees going above your toes so you're lengthening the feet slightly away from you and roll yourselves down. Last, have all of you bring your feet a little closer to your bottom. Don't have your feet turned out straight feet. That's it. And again, roll yourselves up. Lengthen through the knees. Stay in your lift your hips a little bit higher.

Now drop down one vertebra on your upper back. Drop down another vertebra so you have to Hammock your body. Now keep rolling down. Want to see yourself dropping the ribs in between the shoulder blade so you kind of come rounding your back to come all the way down. Nice Alison. Very good everybody. Excellent.

Single leg stretches both knees into your chest. Hold your ankles, ankles, ankles, ankles, ankle. Just like rolling like a ball. Paul, your feet to your bottom. Bring your knees as close to the chest as you can without losing this strong grip. Elbows are wide. Curl your head and chest up. Left hand to right knee. Stretch your left leg long. Try to touch your neighbor across from me. Stretch it out. Switch and stretch it out. Switch, stretch, switch, stretch, switch, stretch, switch, stretch, stretch, stretch, switch, stretch. Double leg stretches. Hold your ankles. Get yourselves into a tight little ball.

Inhale your arms and legs away. Hold and hold and hold. Big Circle, tiny little ball and stretch. Hold, hold, hold and in and stretch. Reach to me. Pull the feet away from you. Big Circle and in and stretch. Reach yourself away and in. And last one, stretch. Lengthen those hips. Give them to me. Give them to me given there we go. And in, drop your head down just for a minute to relax. Roll your head to the right.

Look to the left, to the right, to the left. Lift your leg straight up to the ceiling. 90 degree angle for scissors. Get your stomach from narrow those hips. Lift your head and chest up. Grab your right leg. Extend the left leg four inches from the mat. Pull the right leg towards you twice. Pull, pull, scissor, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. Flex your feet. Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. Pull both legs up. Hands behind your head.

Lower your head to the mat for a minute. Lower down. Feel the elbows on the mat. Really open them up. Narrow the hips. See if you can curl from your sternum and ribcage. Lifting up. Neck is soft. Lower the legs away from you and lift them up.

Lower them down, lift them up and lower them down almost to the mat. Down, down, down, down, down. Lift them up, going into crisscross to the right. Twist to the right and twist to the other side. It doesn't matter where you're going. Just twist and twist and tourist and twist. Bring both knees in, elbows to knees, elbows to knees, tiny, tiny, tiny crunch.

Lower down with your head and chest. Feet Long. Roll up with spine. Stretch forward so your feet will be wider than the mat. We are going to start with the hands to the ceiling. Everybody have your feet flexed. Laila, have your feet a little less wide. There we go. Everybody pull those toes up as much as you can.

Even Sallie heels down though. Good. Now how much can you lift in the waist? How much can you lift in the upper back and think of your armpits? I want you to think of the armpits moving towards each other, which means you're actually wrapping and widening in the shoulder blades. There we go. Now lift straight up. Hand right above your shoulders.

Lift up even more. Drop your head down. Look at your navel between your arms. Now start curling down. Think of your nose coming in toward your navel. Down. You Go, down, you go. The arms will lower reluctantly good and roll back up and lift up and try to touch the ceiling. Lift. And again, drop your head and open up that back. Try to get your nose to touch your navel. Very tiny little round shape.

Roll back up and lift one more time and curl in. Curl in, curl in, curl in, and come back up and lift. Bring these arms down. Bring your feet together, flex your feet. So in spine, switch forward, lots of different interpretations and focus points. I want you to think of just literally opening up. You're stretching your spine by bending them into a flection as deeply as you can.

So let's do an experiment and have the hands behind the head so your fingertips are just touching. Sit up tall to begin with. Now let the elbows float in towards each other. Bring your chin down towards your chest so your, your your back, you're stretching the back of your neck. Now start curling in. And your goal is to get your nose to your navel and the top of your head to your thighs, not your knees, not your calves. And keep pulling with those elbows down.

It can almost make you nauseous and pull your stomach in so much that you open up the lowest. Fine and then roll back up again. Roll back up, roll back up and lift and open the chest. One more time. Elbows forward, Chin in and start pulling down. So you really stretching your spine deeply. And the lower you get into your legs, the deeper a stretch it's going to be down into the sacred and the naval.

Very good. Roll back up. Roll back up. Elbows wide. Nice work. Everybody. Open your legs a little wider than the mat for variation on the saw. So lift up, have your elbows wide. Everybody twist to the right. Now think of your left elbow. Your left elbow is going to your left knee. Not that's it.

So take that left elbow to the left knee and half the room goes to the right knee and stay here and open up the chest. So you bring your left rib cage forward and your right elbow to the ceiling. Come back up. Nice work. So it's opening up your side. Ribs, lift, twist to the other side, and right elbow to right knee open and look up towards the ceiling. That's it. Come back up. So the whole side, ribs first side again, twist and bring that elbow down and rotate that chest open as much as you can better Sally and come back up. Flex your feet Laila. Really pull the toes back. Other side twist and down. You Go.

Opening up the ribs as much as you can to really get the whole trunk to breathe. Come back up. Now take your arms to the side. So Theresa, move back a little bit. Um, no, you stay forward, you go back. So we just have room, flex your feet, stretch your arms. And now we do normal traditional saw. Everybody twists the right reach towards your toe and start off three times. Reach, reach, reach our pause here. Feel the twist.

I want you to come up in the twist so you roll back up, still twisting and then come to the center. Lift, twist to the other side and reach one reached to reach three come up, stay twisting back to the center for aside again, twist and reach one reached to reach three and come back up and center and other side twists. Then go forward. Reach one, reach to reach three, come back up and lift center. Bring your legs together, roll down on your backs and onto your stomach's for single leg kicks up on your elbows. Now in this position, let's have you all let the stomach drop down different placement from if you were lifting the stomach and tucking the tail. In fact, lower yourself till you feel the floating ribs on the Mat. So let the stomach almost drop. Notice what's happened in your lower back. Can you bring your legs together and just for a minute, traction yourself. So you pull the floating ribs away from your bone.

So you're lengthening the front trunk and you're allowing the lower back to be softly bending and you're not trying to Tuck your tail. Now just tighten the hip bones towards each other. Keep the shoulders broad. This is looking good and without changing the shape. Take your right foot, kick your bottom twice. Kick, kick and back. Left foot kick, kick and back. Kick, kick and back. Kick, kick and back. Kick, kick and back. Kick, kick and back. For double leg kicks, I want you, when you lift up, your feet are going to come into the air too. You want your weight between your hips and your ribs. Everybody come down, hands behind your waist. Turn your nose to the right or left ear on the mat.

Fee tied together. Narrow the hips would do not tuck them. Let the waist be long in the front feet together. Kick three times. Kick, kick, kick the leg. Stay in the air. As you lift up, lift the legs up, lift the legs up, lift the legs up other side and kick to three. Pull back and lift the legs. Lift the legs. The legs will go straight, but they stay in the air. That's it. First side, kick two, three, pull back and lift the legs. Extend them away and lift them up to like a bow. Other side kick. Two, three legs high and open. Chest. Nice. Sally. First side. Again, kick to three and lift an open and other side.

Kick to three and lift and open. Sit into your heels, stretch your back out. Nice long stretch, pulling your stomach muscles in. And let's have everybody on your right side. So half of you will be facing me. Half of you will have your back to me for sidekick. So you'll want to be on your right side. Support your head with your hands and bring your legs to the front of your mat.

Make sure you feel stability in the center of your body. Lift your top like up. So with hip height and you will do the swinging forward and back. Double pounds to the front and double pulse to the back. Double pulse to the front. Double pulse to the back. Double pulse to the front. Double pulse to the back.

Double pulse to the front. Double pulse to the back. Bring the legs together. We will repeat this. Now I want you all to imagine that you have your a wall. That's the height of your hip and your leg cannot go higher than the wall. So I don't want the leg higher than the hip. Exactly in line, which means especially to the back, it's going to be in line, especially to the front. So you are going way up. You don't want it there.

So what? Lift the leg up. One more time. Lengthen a wain slightly externally rotate. Let's have the leg a little more forward and here we go again. Forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back. Forward, forward, back, back, leg on leg. Kick the leg to the ceiling.

Kick it up and down and up and down and up and down. Last one up. Very good and down. Roll onto the other side. Same thing on the other side. Okay, so the legs are nice and long. Make sure your hips are stacked. One right on top of the other. No, you're falling back. There's side.

Good waist is nice and long. And lift your leg. Hip Height only. And here we go. Forward, forward, Sallie, back, back. Don't let that better back back. Just aim for Candace's glute back, back. Forward, forward, back, back. Last one. Forward forward, back, back, heel to heel. Kick the leg up and down and up and down and up and down. Last one, up and down. Very good.

Everybody on your backs again. Okay. Bring your knees and your feet together for bridge so that you want your feet together on the mat. Move the legs just a little bit further out now. Good. And everybody lift your toes up. Knees and feet together, Sally.

So I want the legs tightly together. So press into your heels before you even start. Feel the pressure in the legs. You want to ask the legs to work. Tuck your tail and roll ups. You narrow the hips. Contract the glutes right around your tail and see if you can press down to lift. Role your bottom down.

So once it Laila, can you get the toes together? There you go. And now you can have your feet down, but you want the pressure into the toe, into the heels. Roll up again. Narrow the hips. Lift them a little further. Pause here. Take your right leg. Try to keep the hips long and extended on the floor. Try to slide the leg on the floor. Now kick the leg up, flex it down to the floor.

If you can lift it up to the floor, lifted up to the floor, bend the foot back, lift your hips up, narrow, then dig into the yields and slide the other leg out. You may or may not be able to have it on the floor, but you try. Lift it up and down and up and down and up and down. Bring it back. Roll your bottom down. Stretch your legs out.

Place your hands behind your head for neck pull. Flex your feet and lift your head up and see if you can peel yourself off the mat up. You can for better for worse. Now dive your head to your knees. Just like spine stretch forward. Try to be a small little round shape. Roll up to a long flat back with your elbows wide. Lean back nice and long, long, long, long, long, long, and reluctantly.

Roll yourself down with your feet. Flex and again, curl yourself up. Bring your head to your knees. Sit up tall and roll down. Lengthening out, lengthening out, lengthening out and down. Stretch your arms over your head. Open your fingers wide, flex your feet and just pull. Just give yourself the good stretch. Let everything open. Try to pull yourself apart. Forget about technique. Point your feet here. Flex your feet. Point your feet, flex your feet, point your feet in a roll yourselves up to sitting for seal.

Now this is what I'd like you to focus on in Sia. Remember I'm rolling like a ball. We tried to get all the way up and pause when we close our shoulders and back down. More advanced version. You really are supposed to pivot. Your bottoms should be above the shoulders. The shoulders should be above the bottom. So we when we do seal, clap, clap, clap. See if you can roll all the way up there. Pause, clap, clap.

So we just seesaw ourselves back and forth. For better or for worse, collapsing is allowed. And lift your feet up. Scoop your neighbor. Clap three times. Clap, clap, clap, roll back. Balance, clap, clap, clap. Roll Up. Balance, clap, clap, tap, roll back, clap, clap, clap, roll up, clap, clap, clap, roll back, clap, clap, clap. And come back up. Put your feet down. Pretty good bud. If I was to say, if we, here is when you're rolling up onto your shoulders, your bottoms were not over your shoulders away very far away from it. So let's revisit the rolling like a ball you did with your hands behind your knees. Our head go down. Are you still on our head? Off your head can go down. Good question.

Can the head go down? Is it okay to take weight on the neck? I may be ostracized for saying this, but yes, you can take weight on your neck. Yes, you can take waking on your head. Nobody in this room is a beginner and our bodies are very, very durable. So I actually believe weight and pressure and movement is very, very therapeutic. Once a body's ready to take it. So go for it. Unless you feel very vulnerable.

We want the weight here. So the first one you're going to do is you're going to hold behind your knees and you will take your feet over your head to help get you into that feeling and place where to find her. Yes, yes. So you're going to do rolling like abolish, extending your feet to the floor, trying to get your bottom over your shoulders. So let's have a few tries just rolling back so you roll back, extend your feet, get your bottom right over and come back up and pause. So roll back again and let's take Sally.

She wants to be here and come back up and again rolling back and get that bottom. There it is and back up. Now keep going girls. And think of what's happening in your rib cage. The secret is actually getting the rib cage to move up from the armpits. Better. Yes, Heidi. And one more time. You, here you go. That was good. Okay, now we're back to seal. See if you can get that much range of movement. It's a lot. It's just mental, not realizing we can go all that far. So clap three times. Clap, clap, clap back. You Go. Better clap, clap, clap and up.

Clap, clap, clap back, clap, clap, clap up, clap, clap, clap back, clap, clap, clap and come back up. Let's have you all come up to standing. Stretch your arms up, lengthen through the spine just for a minute. Lift heels up, lower the yields down. Try to keep that height and roll down towards the floor like you're doing wall.

Same very, very round shape. When you get all the way to the floor, curl up until the fingertips are just off the floor. And three circles with the arms. Check that your head is very relaxed. Reverse your circles are your weight on your heels. Get your weight forward towards the toes. Stay there and roll yourself up. Staying over the toes, over the toes, over the toes, over the toes.

Lift your arms up again and just for fun. You should be in a Pilati. Starts to the heels are touching. Can you lift your heels off the floor and keep pressing the heels toward each other and go down again. So stay with your heels up. They have to shift all the weight into the toes. And I don't care if the heels are high or low, depending upon your choice of style, but that's right.

Now can you roll up again in this position to a whole other set of muscles happen when you're on your toes, lifting up, lower the heels down, float the arms out with grace and beauty. Take a breath in and breathing out. And ladies, you did wonderfully well. Thank you very much.

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I am very happy to see this class and cant wait to try it. Thanlk you very much Niedra.
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Niedra I just love your teaching and your whole approach. Thank you for such delightful sessions.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Za and Kate for sharing your comments on this forum, I am so glad you are enjoying these classes. ZA I see you live in Turkey, I will be in Spain hosting 2 retreats in septmber where we include yoga and pilates daily practice> if you wanted to know more about this please email me directly
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I loved the release I got using the balls! A life changer and look forward to sharing it with my clients. You're awesome Niedra! Thank you...
Niedra Gabriel
wonderful to read this comment Lissa, so glad you are benefitting from this work - I know! it can make a difference!
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I love your classes.
I live in the Netherlands.will email yto get infp over your classes in Spain.
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Wonderful Class! I just performed the first 20 minutes before work and noticed a substantial opening of my low back during my forward bend! I can't wait to complete the whole class! Thank you.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Diane and Judith, so glad to read your comments and that you found this class effective. More coming soon.
Charlotte H
brilliant! love your opening section for hips and lower back and your brilliant instruction for rolling like a ball and seal!!!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Charlotte, so glad you enjoyed this class.
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