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Find your own body in space with this Mat workout by Niedra Gabriel. She teaches a group of students with different levels and backgrounds. She also shows how you can modify some of the Rolling exercises for people who have pain from bulging tailbones and other similar conditions.
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Good afternoon everybody. I'm here with my good friends, crystal and Heidi and Sally and Theresa. They're all to our teachers and to our teachers and training. So there are pros and we're going to have a really fun mat class together. Now one thing I wanted to point out before we start is it Sally has a condition that about 130 people have, which means she's got a building tailbone. And that means that anytime she does any rolling motion, this bone is sticking out more than the average person and it can bruise or be very painful and makes rolling almost impossible.

And the amount of misinformation about this is really sad. Tally, how many years have you been teaching? 20 and she never really knew what to do about this before she taught you how to work her abs extra hard. But what you really need to do is do what she's done. Now we've created a pad.

I basically laid the bat pads out on the map with a space in the middle. She's going to line your whole spinal column up in the center, which means the tail has room to float. So when she is actually lying down her spinal columns in the middle and then the tail is just there and it's not being bruised or bloody or twisting and making a person wrote one side, it's, it's really uh, a situation. Those people that have it, they often don't last and [inaudible] because it's so painful and they think they're just not doing the exercise right? And that's one time, vital, vital, vital to pad. Take care of your students. I'm saying this because I'm on a mission.

The one in 30 PE person who has a condition really have a hard time and Kudos to you for lasting 20 years without sticking it out. So with that in mind, let's have all of you at the front. You will aim yourself. You know what, Sally, I'm going to move this because your legs need space. You want your trunk here more or less. Okay, everybody come to the front of your maps cross. Don't cross your feet, but cross your hands and press one arm down, one arm up. Get the elbows a little lower than your shoulders.

Lift your stomach up. Flip the hands. Now keep yourself in your Pilati stance and keeping the heels tight together. Bend your knees and see if you can lower yourself to the mat. Undo your hands. Keep your feet here and roll back an inch and pull your stomach in.

Bring the hands down. Bring the hands up. Bring the hands down. Bring the hands up, bring the hands down. Bring the hands up long, another inch down. Scoop the tail tally can do it down and up and down. This kind of stuff you would not have been to do and roll down even further. You can get your whole sake room down, down and up, down and up, down and up.

Roll down to your waist, down and up. For better for worse. Down and up. Now roll down and see if you can get to the tips of your shoulder blades down and up, down and up, down and up and roll all the way down on the mat. You feel nice and long. Knees into the chest. Sh legs out. Head Up. 400 start breathing in and exhale.

Squeeze those heels into three foot. Five. Exhale, three into three, four, five. Exhale. Take your right leg down. Two, three, four, five. Exhale into three, four, five. Lift the leg right down, up, left leg down. Four, five. Exhale for five into three. Exhale three, four, five. Bend the knees. Exhale. Three, four, five into three, four, five. Exhale. Three, four, five into four. Five. Exhale, three, four, five, three, four, five. Exhale, float the legs all the way to the mat. Lengthen your head down. Arms over your head.

Now lift the hands an inch or two off the mat to the hands online with your ears. Narrow your hips. Lengthen the spine. Scoop up and Giep the hands by your ears. Dive your head down and roll back. And I have to say adjust and modify at your level and keep bed there as you roll up if you can, and stretch and back, keeping your hands by your ears if you can, and back and roll up and dive. Roll back.

Place your hands on the mat by your side for roll over. Nice long legs. If you can float the legs up or bend the knees into, lift the legs. Up so the feet are right over the hips. Hands to the mat, lift your bottom up, take your feet towards the mat and press open the legs and press and roll down. Lengthening through the spine, lakes together. Bottom up over and press open and press roll down.

One more time like this. Up over. Press Open, press row down, and reverse. Open up and press and press roll down. And again, up over. Press together. Press roll through the spine. Last one up over. Press together. Press. Reach your hands back, grab your ankles and slowly roll down. Keep the knees softy. Open up your spine.

See Roll down until your bottom hits the mat. Take your right leg with both hands, hold it and stretch it as a left leg goes down. Now hands on the mat. Have a look at where your shoulders are. That will be the width of your circles across, over to your left shoulder, down to the right shoulder, and up. Cross down, around, up, down, round up, cross. So you're really just doing a circle, round your own trunk with reverse it out, down, across, up. So it's more of an oval, but you're trying to get the leg down towards the opposite ankle. If you can.

Last one, and up. Scissor. Your legs. Give the leg a little stretch. Heel. It should be opposite your nose. Again, think of the distance and width of your own shoulders crossed to the right, down, around, up, down, around two, down around, three down around four. Five reverse it. One, two, three, four, five. Float the legs down, heels tight together.

Arms over your head. Peel yourself up off the mat. Pop your bottom forward and hold your ankles for rolling like a ball to get your feet as close to your bottom as you can. And pull your shoulders as close to your knees. As you can see. Want to be very rounded. Keep your stomach in, roll back to your shoulders and roll up the balance and roll back to your shoulders and up too. And Roll back and up. Three.

One more time like this. Roll back and up. Four, put your feet down. Sally, how is that? It works. I'm so glad. Hands behind your head. Lift your feet up. So again, crystal for you. Imagine someone really that's a girl. Now, elbows closer together. Can you get your knees and your elbows to touch maybes so you're really, oh good, good, good. Now see if you can stay touching and roll back and roll up. Roll back, roll up. For better or for worse. Rollback isn't good that we've got the worst part and rollback and up. And one more time.

Very rounded and up. Now when you're here, I want you to think of where your shoulder blades are and pull them forward. Think of your chest. It's not the collapse, but you're actually moving the rib cage back between the shoulder blades. Hold your right knee and stretch yourself out. For single leg stretches, elbows are wide. The left leg is long and switch and switch and two and switch and three and switch Chen four and switch five and switch both legs in, deepen into the powerhouse. Stretch and hole one hole to hold three big circle and exhale, stretch and hold one.

Hold to hold three and exhale and one and two and three. Exhale, scissors, pulse, pulse and pulse. Paulsen two, two, two, two, three, three, three, three, four, four, four, five, five and five. Five hands behind your head, legs to the sitting. Fuhs float the legs down. Lift them up. Float the legs down. Lift them up and down and up. One more time and down and up. Criss-Cross.

Left elbow to right knee, right elbow, way, way, way back. Switch and elbow to knee and get that elbow back and switch and switch and switch and switch. Ring both knees and feet on the mat with the knees bent. Arms over your head. Lift up and grab your thighs. Lengthen your sacrum on the mat. Press your waist into the mat.

Tighten your tailbone. Peel yourself up and use your hands to round in. Stretch your spine. Set up tall and spine. Stretch forward. Flex your feet. Lift the arms up. Big Breath in, and drop your head.

Now imagine the shoulders wrapping around your rib cage and someone's pulling you backwards as he curling down. Roll back up and round and roll. Push the heels away from you and come back up. And one more time round. Now pause here. Take a deep breath in and breathing out deep in the air out.

Get lower it lower, get lower, get lower, come back up. Everybody curl back a little bit. Lift your legs up. Whole the ankles. If you need to bend your knees, you can scoop the tail under UTM. Sally. Even more rounded. Yes. Get that tail. There you go. That's your work. I'd rather you bend your knees then and roll back and roll up and balance and roll back again.

Try to imagine yourself like rolling like a ball and you want to be round. That's it. Crystal. Good. Work with what your spine is ready for right now. Roll back. Roll Up. Now let go of your ankles. Reach your hands towards your shins. Roll back again.

Try to keep the distance between the hands and the feet the same and roll back and roll up and roll back and roll up. Bring the legs together. Sandwich in a little bit. Walk down your legs, four corkscrew so your hands will be on the mat and scoop the tail. Roll up on your shoulders. Press your hands into the mat. Roll to the right, down to the left and up.

Roll to the left, down to the right and up to the right, down to the left, enough to the left, down to the right and up to the right, down to the left and up to the left. Down to the right and up. Roll everything down and float your feet to the mat. Arms over your head. Peel yourself up and saw. Flex your feet.

Arms to the side. Make sure you have a really good flex of the feet. Everybody lift up your spine. Arm pits to the waist. Very elegant upper body. Everybody twists to the right left-hand too little toe stretch. Take that left hip and stretch and stretch and come back up and lift.

Twist to the opposite side. Before you go down. Anchor your right hip, down and back. And as you go forward, pull that right hip down. More back, more back, more back and up. First side again, twist left hip, goes down and back. Imagine someone pulling your left hip to the wall behind you and up other side, right hip goes down to the wall behind you. And lift first side again, twist and stretch one. Stretch to stretch three and lift other side twists and stretch one.

Stretch to stretch three lift legs together. Arms long peel very slowly down onto the mat and roll onto your stomachs. So your heels will be together. Let's have you place your hands on the outside of your blue mat with the hands in line with your ears and the elbows are slightly up just slightly up. Now lift your head, narrow your hips.

Do Not Tuck your tail. Just narrow them. Lift a little bit more. See if you can feel your back muscles lifting you up. Then the hands give you more lift. But you want the back muscles to work and down again. Yes, and again, lift your head.

Now take your hands off the floor. Just lift the hand off the floor for a minute. Those are the muscles that should get you to go higher. Put the hands back, make the back muscles contract and lift up even further. So you want your back to work. Yes. And down.

And last time in preparation with Swan die before you start stretch your knees. The knee should be so straight that they come off the mat. Feel how the feet can be on the mat. Feet. Touch, Butt, knees off the Mat. Feel your glutes engaging. Lift up a little bit. Take your hands off the mat. Put your hands back, lift a little bit further up. Keep the legs working.

We're going to fall forward and come catch ourselves right here. Here we go. And Fall and push and fall and push and fall and push and fall and push. Lower yourself down and stretch your arms out in front of you. Karate, karate. Chop means little finger touches the Mac. Live floor. Lift your head and chest. Look at your hands. Look between your hands. Glide the hands into the elbows. Come under your armpits.

You're coming up to sphinx pose. So the elbows are on the mat, the elbows underneath your shoulders. Make fists with the hands and lift your chest up. Feet are tied together. Bend your right foot, kick, kick and kick. Kick. And do two, two, two and three, three and three, three, four, four, four, four, five, five and five. Five legs down, double leg kicks. Your left ear will be on the Mac hand behind your back. Kick three times. Kick, kick, kick and stretch other side kick two, three and open that chest.

First side kick Q three and lift and other side kick two, three and lift more and more and more and more and more. Ha. Birth to three and Ooh, last one. Kick to three. And lift. Lie Dow. Sit into your heels. Stretch your back out. Walk your hands to the right.

Walk your hands to the left. Bring your hands to your feet with the palms up and peel yourself up to a sitting position where you're sitting nice and tall. Turn around to face the other way with your feet flexed. Hands Behind your head for neck pool. Sit Up nice and tall. Really flex the feet. Lift the spine up.

Drop your head and curl your head down towards your knees. Roll yourselves back up. Lift your back. Lean back long, long, long, long, long. Roll yourself down. Curl your head and chest up. Teal up if you need to. Bring your hands forward. Dive in, head down. Sit Up nice and tall. Lean out, lean out. Push the heels away from you. Roll down.

Curl yourselves up. Head to knees. Sit Up nice and tall and take your arms at the side. Push down with the hands. Flex your feet a lot. Squeeze your legs together. Everybody twist to the right without the hips moving, twist, twist and center. Twist, twist and center. Twist, twist and center. Twist, twist and center.

Twist, twist and center. Twist, twist and center. Arms up over your head. Palms face each other. Roll down with your arms here articulating, reaching those arms behind you. We're going to move down. Keep your hands here for bridge. It just the pumps will now face the ceiling. Bend the feet up. Have the knees and the feet together.

Press the backs of the hands into the mat. Roll your bottom up. Roll your bottom down. Roll your bottom up. Roll your bottom down. Roll your bottom up. Lift your right leg to the ceiling.

Flex the foot lower. See if you can take it all the way to the mat. Kick it up, lower down. Reach the arms and opposition and up. Lower down and up. Bended. Lift your hips. Bend the other leg up.

Lowered down. Lift it up. Lower down. Lift it up. Lower down, lifted up. Bend. Lift your hips a little bit more. Again, really tighten the glutes lower down into nice articulation. Bring your hands, the mat by your hips. For Jack Knife.

Bring the knees in. Jack Knife. I'd like to take quite fast. You'll take the legs to 45 degrees, so go slow the first time. Bring the legs over towards you. 45 degrees. Keep this angle and roll up under your shoulders. Roll up and straighten. Roll down in this long diagonal.

Take the legs out, 45 degrees, so 45 degrees. Roll up and straighten. Roll down. Roll out over, up. Roll down and out. One more time. Over. Lift up, roll down and out.

Bend the knees in. Bring your feet hip width apart. Now quite close to your bottom. And again, Tuck the tail this time without the legs lifting. Just lift up, open the hip flexors and roll down. And again, Tuck the tail and roll up and roll down. And one more time, narrow the hip. See if you can feel the connection of the hamstrings into the glutes and roll down. Stretch your legs out. Everybody roll on to your right side. So two of you will be facing away from me, two of you towards me.

Bring the legs to the front of your mats, [inaudible] and take your top leg and lengthen it away from you. So it's long and we'll do the forward and back swing and forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back. Forward, forward, back, back. Take your top hand and place it behind your head. Make sure your elbow is not going back. So Heidi, a little bit. Move forward and again, forward, forward, back, back. Your trunk should not move it all back. Back. Forward, forward, back, back. Bring the legs together.

Kick it up and down and up and down and up and down. When your top like uplift your inner leg up and down. So Sally, we're just doing the inside leg. That's it. Down and up and down. Both legs extended out. Lift both legs up here still with your hands behind your head. Down.

Lift the legs and down. Lift the legs and down. Now lift up and roll onto your stomach, onto your stomach. Legs in the air. And 16 little beats. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Pause. Now you roll to the other side. Raw. Without pants I couldn't. So take your top hand now and bring it into the mat in front of you.

First of all, some lift your leg, the top like hip height, and we'll go again. Forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back. Take your top hand and place it behind your head in another three. Forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back. Bring the legs together. Swing it up to the ceiling and down, up to the ceiling and down, up to the ceiling and down in one more time. Up to the ceiling and down. Oh, can you lift both legs up? I'm sorry, I forgot.

You bend your top leg up in front of you. Inside leg, bottom leg lifts and down lifts and down and lifts and down. Now the hard part, both legs are straight. Lift both legs and down. Lift both legs and down. Lift both legs and down.

Now lift both legs up and can you roll onto your backs? My excuses or roll off my bed. But the truth is that no, now you're going to roll onto your backs. So from the side we roll onto the back and down. Four teasers. Yay. Everybody's favorite. Bend your knees into your chest.

Extend the legs to 45 degrees. Lift your head. Roll yourselves up. Roll yourselves down. Rule yourselves up. Roll yourselves down. Roll yourselves up.

Roll yourselves down. Row Up and pause. Take your hands to the ceiling. Lower the legs, lift the legs, lower the legs, lift the legs, lower the legs, lift everything goes to the mat. Feet and hands touch and up. You come touch your toes. Hence the V low yourselves down and up. You come hands to be low yourselves.

Down. Up You come. Hence the V. Bend your elbows and you can either be on your elbows or higher. Here I'm going to go onto the elbows for hip circles so the legs are up. Legs to the right, down to the left and up. Left down.

Try to keep your chest open and up right down. Left and up. Left down right and up. One more time and up and other side and up and bend the knees. Bring the knees quite closely into the lower back lengthens and bring your feet to the floor for canned cancer. We are going to be up with the shoulders. Wide. Toes are touching. Knees to the right, knees to the left, knees to the right.

Flip your dress, knees to the left. These are the right knees to the left. Flick that skirt. That's why it can can we don't teach like that anymore. We go pull this muscle in. Lengthen this joint out. Yeah, so much more fun.

Laugh and kick and kick and kick up down. Now the legs are out. Roll down onto your back. Now. Now that we've done this horrible teaser and Ken, Ken, which was more fun, we roll onto our stomachs to swim away from the drama. This is how I memorize the math word. Screw everybody up on your elbows. I'm terrible at memorizing so I have to have nice stories. So, so nice.

Lift of the chest. Everybody feel actually place yourself in such a way that the floating ribs and your pelvic bones are touching. See, not too high. So lower down Sally, you want the floating ribs touching. Now the trunk does not move the right arm and the left leg move away. Bend the hand back, left arm and right leg and back, right arm and left leg and back. Left arm and right leg and back.

Now both arms and both legs and swimming. One, two three, four, (567) 820-5678 lower down. Curl the toes under you. Place your hands under your shoulders. Stretch your knees so the knees are off the mat. Hug the elbows in towards your ribs. See if you can lift off the floor and hover. Hold, hover, hover, hover, hover, hover, hover. Hover hun down Sally. So strong, two inches off the floor only.

And lift Lyft. Hold, hold and down. Okay. The strong ones of you full push. The weak ones come into plank and your weight. You can. So hips should be aligned with the shoulders at crystal. If you bottom up a little higher, the neck should be in line with your spine.

Press your heels back, bring your heels forward, press cereals back, heels forward. Heels back, heels forward. Now lift your right leg up. Push your left heel back. As the heel comes forward, put the foot down and back. We'll opposite leg and forward first like push back and forward. Other side back.

And for now take your right arm hand to the left. Sweep to the side. We're going into the two to back plank. So you're going to flip around. The hips are high. Get your hips. Actually let's have everybody come down.

Make sure your fingers are going back and the shoulders are wide. And just for a minute, that's how everyone bend the knees. Narrow the hips, lift your hips up. So crystal, let's have the feet together in the knees together. Can you get your hips higher? Lower your bottom back and straighten your legs. So no, no, no.

You need to move your bottom back to your hand. You see you're swinging forward and swinging back. Okay. So the knees will come over the heels and you lift up into a bridge here and back down. And one more time. Lifting up, lifting up, lift those hips and come back down. Let's have everybody swing your feet to the right for mermaid. So y'all all face each other just face the same direction.

You'll be to the right. Your right hand will hold your right. The amazing how the right changes you. I want your feet on the right. You know, stay as you are. Yeah, it doesn't matter cause Sandy Sally's doing the same thing. Yes. So we are synchronized mirror image. So no, we're going to hold the ankle. The opposite hand comes up.

So you're all going to have the hand facing the ocean lift way up and bend way over to the side, stretching out and opening up the ribs and come back. And now the arm stays straight. As you lean out, you use this hand to push the hip down and you stretch the arm and opposition. So opening up your side ribs you want around shape. That's it. Lift up again. Can you bring this arm to the ceiling? Right up Heidi, right by your ear. Lift a little bit further. Now everybody wrapped the hand round your head tried to hold your ear.

Now this hand is gonna Paul. Yes. Poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor. Now stay here. Stretch the arm out towards the ocean. Try to keep it as close to your ear as you can. Come back up. Lean out. Use the hand on the floor to push your hips in the opposite direction. Wrap your hand round your head. Bend the elbow on. Use a hand on the floor is a lever to open up your right, the opposite ribs.

So you pushing those ribs to the ceiling. Stretch the arm out. Come back up one more time. Lift this arm up to the ceiling. Wrap it around. Curl. Curl your head and chest down. Curl your head and chest out to the side, stretch and come up.

Wrap this hand round your head as you come down. Now use the hand on the floor to push the hips that sit Heidi. Yet now curl the elbow down towards the floor. Open yourself back out again. Stretch the arm and come up, but stay leaning into this hand. Stretch the legs.

Swivel him around and bend your knees for the opposite side days. Your fancy schmancy transition. So lift this arm up and been towards the bent legs. That's a Theresa switch out. If it's too much, you allow the knees to come to the floor. This hand will stay straight the first time and you push your ribs away.

You push your ribs, the top ribs are being stretched, and then you come up again. This arm comes to the ceiling. Wrap your hand around your head. Pull with the leg. This holding the ankle. Stay there and stretch the arm out as best you can up you come leaning out. Now this hand will come up and wrap it around your head.

Bend the elbow. Use the arm that's on the fruit to open the ribs. Now stretch the arm out and fly up. One more time. Wrap your hand, round your head. Bend to the side. Curl your head and chest down. Head and chest out. Open the arm and up. And last one, stretch out. Wrap your hand.

Curl your head and chest down. Head and chest open. Stretch and come up. Keep this arm long. Stretch the legs out and all you're going to do with swivel too. For Boomerang. Your legs are in front of you. So now let's cross one leg on top of the other. Your choice for boomerang spider fingers.

See if you can lean forward and take a little bit of weight into the fingers. And can you actually lift the leg? Just let's try this lifted and lifted. Now we're going lift and go fly back onto our shoulders. So lift the legs, fly back, open and close your legs. Cross the other way. Row Up to your teaser.

Bring the hands behind you class. Float the legs down, stretch the arms up, all the way around. Grab your feet now spine stretch forward. Open up your back and curl your head down. Start again. Spider fingers, roll back. Open-Close, row up and rebalance. Hands behind you.

Class position. Stretch up and over. Wrap your head down and again, spider fingers roll up and back. Open and close. Roll yourselves up. Bring the hands behind, float and exert as your hands come up all the way over and again, lift up, open and close. Row Up, hands behind you. Stretch all the way over and down and last one, roll up. Open and close. Roll up and balance. Hands behind you.

Stretch all the way over and down and come up. Now I think some of you may or may not have done crab before. Fun One because you actually get to work into the upper, the the neck and the shoulders with a little bit of a stretch. Bring yourselves into cross-legged position and hold onto your big toe. If you can bring your weight onto your knees and put the top of your head on the mat and literally the more you can take your bottom up, you rock a little bit forward into the top of the head and open up the shoulders and neck from here. Bring your bottom down.

Stay into your stomach. So you come back to sitting all the way down with your bottom Sally, all the way down. Now your rolled back onto your shoulders, opening close and roll up again till you change your feet. Bottom comes up and stretch the trapezius and the neck muscles and again, roll back, opening close, roll up and stretch. Roll back, opening close. Roll up and stretch and come back down to a sitting position.

By the way, how is the pads doing for you? Okay. Yeah, so I just asked Sally how she's doing. Um, and she says sliding a little bit. You can always use these sticky mat, but she first time in her life that she's actually being able to actually figure out how to do things straight rather than around your tailbone. So that's great. Seal is the last one on the floor. Hands in prayer pose. Bring your hands underneath. Hold your ankles, pull the shoulders down in. Scoop your neighbor. Clap three times. Clap, clap, clap, roll back, clap, clap, clap, roll up, clap, clap, clap, roll back, clap, clap, clap, roll up, clap, clap, clap. Roll back and see if you can stand up and up.

For better or for worse. Okay, let's everybody swivel around. You'll be back to back four. So you were going to do pushups to finish. So the arms are up to the ceiling. There you go. Scoop your naval and roll down towards the floor. Walk your hands all the way out to a good long plank and hold your body in a straight line. I don't care how small or big the pushups are, but three of them with the trunk moving as a unit.

Walk back with the hands. Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk. Roll yourselves up to an upright position. Stretch your arms up. One more time. Scoop the navel. Wound yourself as you go down. Walk all the way out to your plank. Three pushups. One, two strong women here. Walk back, not me. Push up set. Never been my strong point. Roll Up. Roll up, roll up. Now everybody just stretch just for a minute.

Lift your heels off the mat. Just feel the weight more in. And as you float the heels down, see if you can find that place in the middle of your foot. So the heels come down, but you're not heavy into the heels. You're not heavy into the toes. Lengthen the body up. Relax your fingers or shoulders are wide, and then float the arms out and relax the arms down.

Just find your own body in space. Take a deep, deep breath in and breathing out. Let everything go. So ladies, you did a fantastic job. Thank you so much.


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Seamless transitions. Not very hard but the transitions from movement to the next was perfect
1 person likes this.
Really fun workout. Love Niedra's sense of humor! I've been waiting on more work-outs in this level. Thanks!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you for sharing your comments Yvonne and Laura - so pleased to know you enjoyed the workout, and my sense of humor - I am smiling. Pilates should be fun , right?
Roxanne Chappell Gray
LOL! "swim away!" I loved your mermaid series. Great job covering all of those exercises in a short amount of time :)
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Roxanne, so glad you enjoyed the workout.
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The idea with the small mats is great! Love it! Thank you!
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This is the best pilates vid I have done on this site yet! It is exactly the sort of pacing etc. I am used to in the actual classes I attend at the gym. Perfect workout! I hope you do more!!!
Niedra Gabriel
THANK YOU ashley, so glad you enjoyed the workout.
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As usual, another great workout with you, Nedra! Loved the extra challenge on the side work with both arms behind the head. I can always count on you for those extra challenges! :)
Niedra Gabriel
So glad you enjoyed the challenges Maggie - I know you are a workout "glutton" ( this is a compliment).
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