Class #2695

Mat Workout

40 min - Class


After receiving a special request from Sook Wern Chua, Meredith Rogers teaches a 40-minute Mat workout using the Theraband. She focuses on creating your own resistance so you can use the band to challenge you when needed. She includes creative variations to Criss Cross, Saw, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

About This Video


So, it's come to my attention that there are not any 40 minute band classes of mine on Pilates Anytime. So we're gonna do a 40 minute band class today. Ready? So what I want you to do first is just re...


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Ohhh! Fınally a class from Meredıth.
Miss you Miss Sook! Hope that the studying is going well xxx
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YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! I'm so excited Meri!!
And Megan.. all is going sorta well. I hope things are great for you! Miss my BML classes so much
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Whats the length of the band?
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Beginning my day with a mat class taught by Meredith....perfect! Fun having Amy as classmate too. :)
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Wow, Meredith your classes are consistently fantastic! I'm adding this one to my playlist. I'm using your ball workout, chair workout and now this one consistently. I like the variety of props you use in your classes too. It keeps it all very fresh and new. Thanks for your excellence!
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Thank you Meredith, another excellent class. More please, I love your classes.
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You definitely are miss America Meri!!!
Thank you for the class
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Just what I needed on a Sunday afternoon after a weekend of traveling and wedding festivities! Fabulous as always Meredith! thank you!
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I agree with everyone, your classes are always great! Your cueing, the flow and the interesting and challenging moves , you never disappoint!
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