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Reformer Workout

60 min - Class


Empower yourself to feel strong and capable with this prenatal Reformer workout by Courtney Miller. She focuses on finding the power inside of you so that you are physically and mentally prepared for labor. She includes different progressions which allow you to build as you go so you feel strong and mobile.

This class is great for all bodies, whether you are pregnant or not.
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video


Hi, I'm Courtney Miller and I am here on Pilates Anytime to film my third trimester pregnancy reformer workout for you. I'm 34 weeks, got a great experience so far. I'm preparing for giving birth, and...

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Fantastic creative sequencing for any body. I loved how you used the box for the first 20 mins of the workout. I also love how few spring changes there were. So much flow. I will use these box variations for my older clients. Thank you!
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As always, an awesome and fun creative class:) You're looking so strong, healthy and happy! Congrats and hope you'll have (or had) an easy breezy birth:)
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Congratulations! I enjoyed watching. I will use the box variations for myself and my clients. Thank you! Great workout.
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I'm not pregnant and almost didn't take this class thinking I might not get as tough a workout as I wanted. I was wrong! Great, strong class. Thank you and best to you and baby (and partner!)
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Perfect sequence, and selection exercises. Congratulations💋💋
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Congratulations! Ditto Paula as well as Jeanne....there is nothing else I need to add :)
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Congratulations! I m not pregnant but it was good work for me :)) ??
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Covey workout for all bodies. Challenging and creative. Thank you. Best of luck as you enter mommyhood.
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Creative class thanks :)
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So creative and fun workout!
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