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Rejuvenating Spine Corrector

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You will feel rejuvenated and lengthened after taking this Spine Corrector workout with Monica Wilson. She challenges you to find the connection of your body to the equipment so you can create space between your ribs and your pelvis. She also adds movements to challenge your balance and stability so you get a well-rounded workout.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Hand Weights

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Sep 03, 2016
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Okay. Today we are going to do a spine corrector workout. It is one of my favorite apparatuses and it really helps to correct your back. That's why it's called the spine corrector. So it does. So by really understanding where your lower back is on the mat and then helping you to create a lot of space between your ribs and your pelvis. So we're gonna take this advanced client here to really challenge her and feel that connection, feel that length, and we're going to warm up the hardest way possible.

When you start off in piles, you have this big mat, big open wide mat where you can feel like you're not gonna fall off. But then later on when you do a warmup, you could do it on the very small top of a one two chair. Or in this case we're going to do it on the very small part of the top of a spine corrector. So I'm gonna start off with our hundred drawing your knees into your chest, tailbone off of the front edge, a little bit more good. Bottom of the shoulder blades. You're on the mat.

Hug the knees in and make sure you feel nice and grounded. Keep your knees there with your powerhouse. Reach your arms long and now make sure your legs extend down the nose belly button. That's it. Keep bullying it to your yes and pump. That's it. And exhale, eyes on your belly. Never letting the rectus abdominis form a ridge.

It's never a loaf of bread rising in the oven. It's always scooped into the mat. Beautiful. I want you to keep feeling this length in the legs. I'm going to let go and let you feel it on your own. Keep pulling your lower belly in a wave from your hip flexors and pulling them towards the back of your rib cage. Let's do four more here into three, four, five. Exhaling, your weight is a little more over your pelvis.

Make sure your powerhouse is pulling equally into here, filling up this part of your back. Really Nice, good and exhaling. After this, we're going to go into the series of five so we've got one more deep inhale. Make sure you're feeling the reach of the arch, inner thigh and powerhouse and draw the right knee into your chest and go into left pulling in. Right? So she has to stay very square, very balanced on here. Otherwise should fall off. Right? So this is the epitome of staying nice and advanced. Platas here, staying squared. Let's do two more sets, right and scooping in and last one and grab both ankles. Good. I want a little more energy over here, so I'm going to hold you right.

There we go. Yes, you're right. Good. She had just a little more dominant. One side. We're gonna do double leg stretch. Reach your legs forward and we're going to scoop, scoop, pull your powerhouse all the way. Thank you. That's the scoop I want. And Poland. So I want her powerhouse. Inhale, reach to reach all the way to her fingertips and then exhale and inhale. Reach all the way and exhale and reach.

Good. And exhale and less knees and more seat and exhale and two and exhale and last one. Great. And now, right leg up to the ceiling. Left leg forward. Good. And switch. And this is really challenging because one leg moving and the other sends you off balance. If you're not rooted into the mat, that's it. Nice. Because we're on kind of a hump, not even a flat area.

And I want her to stay there, warming up, feeling her powerhouse back of the thigh and seat right and left and one more and left and both legs up. Hands go behind the head. Good. No loaf of bread rising. Let's reach. Keep pulling it up. Keep pulling in and up and exhale and without me so I don't throw you off balance and, but let's really pull that powerhouse up. Pretend you have leg springs on and you're using those legs to reach him. Pull down on those springs, give me one more and then we'll go into crisscross and scooping up and bend the right knee and get up to a tool. Whizzed up to it. Bull back.

Be a straight line and twist to your left. Pulling up all the way, all the way, all the way and come up with those shoulders that sit, stretch, stretch, stretch. Come up with those shoulders and stretch, stretch, stretch. And hug those knees into your chest. Excellent. Great. Go ahead. As you sit up, slide your bottom back so you're nice and square and stand up and we'll turn your spine corrector around. So if you have the grots mat, it's lovely to use because then you can use our strap here, but if you don't, that is okay. You can put your feet under a couch or under a big chair, big club chair, and you want to have it where your legs are about hip with the part. Move forward a little [inaudible] and it the strap is over your ankles. Okay, so hip width apart and then your sake grumpy or your tailbone should be right about into the, the little crease right there. That's a nicer word for it. Okay.

We're going to start off with the short box series and we're going to wrap your arms around your waist. Gimme an icy curve. Let's see. Good. I want, she's doing a nice job. She's really trying to round her back, but I want to see more rounding in this lower back. So I want her lower belly to pull in and up. That's much better calling and I want you to pull away from that strap to roll back and articulate all the way out. And then inhale, lift the head to your chest and draw that in. That's it. And lifting in and up because she is advanced.

I want to see a lot more lift here. I don't want to see just coming forward and we're going to do two more. So a little more leg lift in that lower back. Thank you. And back. Yes. And on the way up, I want to continue seeing that lift. So we're going to pull in and keep lifting the upper vertebra away from the lower one. That's nice. Give yourself a little break and then do one more.

Let me see that. Nice lift, good and unfolding. Good in with the air and then scooping in and up. Lifting up from that strap. Nice job. So we're going to do the flat back and that is going to be just like neck pull, where your hands are under the bones in your school a little bit lower. I want you to feel those. Do you feel now? Good.

Open your elbows a little wider. Push the back of your head into your hands more. Do it from your powerhouse. That's it. Push your heels away. Pull your baby toes back with you. A little shit. Good. So pull those baby toes back with you from your powerhouse.

Head into your hands and let's see that nice tall, long back and forward and up. Good. Pull into your pool against that strap. Let's do two more. So I want, I want you, I think you can pull back just a hair with your powerhouse. Nope, a little more towards this barrel with your lower belly. ADDS it. And one more polling. That's what I wanted to see. Nice. Good job. And reach forward and stretch. Good.

And now we're going to do side reach with your hands in the same place. Hands up. Good. Let me see a nice long lift. Good stretch. Lean forward in front of your hip bones. And I want to see an inch in between each verta rib as you stretch to the right can be stretched. Both sit bones, stay down and center at up the sit bones down, stretch, stretch, stretch. And in. So let me see, pull in first, keep it in and then stretch those ribs and lift up. That was really nice. Pull in, keep it in and stretch the right side and am pulling in one more set.

Make sure your, that was really nice. Use Your obliques and not your hip flexor. Last one. The right side likes to use that hip flux or use your beautiful. And now rest down your arms for a second and then we're going to go into the twist. And I like to add fishing and uh, round the world with that one. All right, hand over, hand behind your head. Good and scoop it in Nice and twist to your right.

Good. Now pull back from your lower belly and pull back up. Good on twist. As you come up, I want to see this part on the mat. As you reach out, pull it away from your heel. Thank you. And Scoop back in. And now we're going to go fishing. So pull in scoop, scoop, scoop, get this good, reach out [inaudible] and then pull back.

Hands back on behind your head as you come up. Good job, man. Reach out, make a frame. Good. And then pull back up. Good. And now we're going to do around the world and pulling back. I want to see your whole lower back acred into that mat and at very nice.

A little more rotation in the spine if you can, and pulling back. So completely rotate all the way over and then come back up. Nice. Stretch forward. Good job. How'd that feel? Good. It feels good. I love this spine corrector and we're going to do tree. So we're going to take out the right leg. Good. And extend the leg up.

And Ben, that's a pretty nice position. I liked that even better though. Shoulders right over those hipbones walking up. Keep the leg there and I want as much more distance between your belly. [inaudible] stretch over chest too. That knee, head lengthening to that foot and now keeping that space, draw the waistband back until that legs up to the ceiling. Good. And walk down that leg rolling out the upper back, rolling out the neck. Good in with the and exhaling.

We're gonna make sure that right hip doesn't come up with us. Sending our alignment off and pull that left lower belly into the barrel as you walked down. So whatever foot's under the strap, that's the side of your abdominal that works the most. So since her left foot under the strap, just a really pulled back with her left abdominals. Last one and the opposite. The right hip has to work to reach out.

So we're gonna not let the right hip flexor work. Going to keep working the outside of your hip. [inaudible] lifting all the way up to it. Grab those toes and pull them. Grab all the way up to here like your little toes. Lift up your head, lift up your sternum away from your ribs. Shoulders down, up. Try to touch the crown of your head to your foot.

Just getting a little more stretch. Love it. Switched legs. Good. I'm always going to be watching her alignment when her left knee comes up. The opposite side is gonna want to push forward and support. So remember the foot that's in the strap, that's the side that has to work harder on your abdominal.

So stay there for me Colleen, and really pull in those right abdominals and then set. Let this left hip. Relax a little more. There we go. And that's looking very even and head to chest and scoop. Scoop those right up. Dhamma very nice. Yes. And two more. Let's see if we can keep the leg right here even as you come up.

Keep it there Paul, out of your lower back to get to it. And one more. That's more of an advanced position but because she is advanced, that's what I'm gonna want to see. Holding the leg. They're lifting up out of the lower back all the way up. Get more, a little more forward. I would say even if the leg goes down, up on the sit bones and now lift your ribs up away from your pelvis. Good and relax. Nice job. Got a big stretch. Yeah. Side sit-ups.

So we're going to have the front leg bend and hook kind of in front of you. Want to move this? I can help you out with that. Is that too far? Okay. So you might want to pull a little bit away so your strap is more taut or pull a little away from your big club chair or couch, whatever you're hooking your foot under for security. Or if you're super advanced, you don't even need anything.

So we're gonna put your hands like neck pull again. Good lifting up. We're gonna always. Let's start with your arms up to the ceiling for me. [inaudible] and I love to imagine that you're on the Cadillac and there's the bar right here and you're holding onto and you're hanging from that top bar and that really lifts your waist up, lifts everything up, and then you have to work to hold that there. Okay. So whenever you're in these positions, lift up and then put your hands behind your head. Cause the lift is just as important. And we're gonna pull out, she has her box, nice and square and using those obliques, we're going to pull back.

Good and out. We're happening ahead and scoop. We're just coming to here right now because we're going to do mermaid after this and give me one more long. I am pulling in and up. Good. All right, let's go ahead and go into mermaid. Nice. So she's going to bend that knee, but same thing. Bring both arms up for me because I want to see this side of your waist work a little more to lift. Yes. Now put that right hand down. Good.

I like how your feet are stacked. Good. And we're going to stretch over [inaudible]. Good, good, good. We're really stretching and we're going to lay out good arm next to your head. Nice reaching. And then from your powerhouse bowl up and sitting, working that hip and up and over. Try not to arch the back or stick the ribs out, but really stretch and up and arm next to your head.

Stretching out. So we're going to try to keep the hips stacked, the feet, stack the knees stack, and then pull up from there. Good. And one more up. Always reaching out. Wrap that arm around your head for a little extra stretch and then lifting. I like that energy now up to the ceiling. Beautiful. One more time. Reaching right on out. Good.

And then pull back up, up to the ceiling with that other arm. There we go. Good. Other side. Nice. So we'll get our strap for the side. Sit ups again. Good. I'm going to come around this side to see her. Good. Alright.

Maybe bring this hip just a little more forward. They you. All right. And this one back. Just a hair. All right. You comfortable? Yeah. Okay. Good. Same thing. But ginger hanging from that Cadillac and get that nice scoop. Lift, lift, lift, and then hands behind your head and reach on out. So we're always using our stomach, not just to pull in, but to laying thin and to have an inch between each vertebra because we're always trying to keep the fluid between our two more.

Our Vertebra lubricating our back and staying really young and a supple spine and polling it. Good. And now let's do mermaid. So bend the knees, feet, stack, knees, stacked, hip, stacked. Good and stretch. Good. Good, good. All right, lifting up. Don't let this hip come up with you when you're lifting up tall. Good. And then reach it down so her left hip likes to work a little bit here and lifting up. Dropping it, stretch. There we go.

I think you're getting more of a stretch now too. What do you think? And uh, and we're gonna keep that hip anchored as you reach away from it and pull in to really come up. So that is your goal. And one last one. Fill up this space here. Thank you. And this time, wrap that arm around your head. Create some space between each rib. Nice. And then lengthen and pulling up and stretch out. One more time I think. Or was that an extra little bonus? One good and scoop. Scoop. Scoop.

So I let you have a little extra stretch there and pull into that left rib, back of the rib as you stretch over. One more time. Yeah, there we go. Oh good. All right. Nice job. Okay. And we are onto teasers. Teaser one, two and three. So we're going to, you can do it in many different positions. I'm going to want her to do it like this because I want her to do one, two, and three. So go ahead and I want you to start by hugging your knees for me.

Your pelvis is to under right now. I want your sacred nice and square against where the hump of the barrel meets that part. All right, now hold underneath your legs cause I know you're flexible and extend the legs up up, up. Now try that again. So they, I want you to hold onto them as go up because I want your belly to be able to pull in. That's the stomach I want. Okay. And then we're going to lower them to the correct angle without losing your belly. Good. Reach your arms forward. Belly powerhouse, powerhouse. Pull into the barrel. Thank you. Yes. Good. Alright, now we're going to reach your arms. Does keep them there and we're going to roll back pulling into the barrel. Yes, yes, yes. Reach them up and back. We'll get a little more challenging each time.

Arms forward. Head and pull into the barrel to come up and touch my shoulders. That's it. Reach, reach, reach. Good. Now, arms from your waist, pull into your lower back. Lift your arms up from your waist. Yes, keep pulling into your lower back and go back, back, back and come right back up. Scoop, scoop, scoop. Keep pulling in your views, your powerhouse to lift your ribs away from your pelvis. To touch my shoulders.

Now hold on you're own scoop, scoop, scoop. I'm going to let go. Reaching behind you ant arms and now scoop, scoop. And then keep using this to go forward. Lift those legs up. Goodbye. Hug your knees into your chest. Awesome. Good. Now we're going to do teaser too. So again, scooping in. Good. So that's the position I want to see. You're using your Paris pull in and up to come and touch my shoulders.

Pulling into the barrel. Uh Huh. And I'm going to let go. You're going to hold it there and lower the legs and scoop back up and two more and skip that. That's really wonderful. And up now teaser three arms, reaching everything back and pulling into the barrel to pull everything back up. Scoop. You got to pull in from here. Now I touch those dad, go in back. Good. And so you want to get nice and comfortable and getting those legs all the way up, up, up, up.

Then one more time reaching long everything and then curling up, scooping in, in, and touch those doughs and hugs, hugging those knees to your chest. Good, good, good. Why don't we go into hip circles from here. So we're going to grab onto those handles. Good. So I want you to straighten your arms as much as you can. [inaudible] and you're going to hug the knees and pull the knees into your chest. There you go. Your arms are going to need a band and that's okay.

What I want you to do, finding your comfortable, I think the does that feel good? Either way. Scoop and and bring those. Really use your powerhouse to bring those knees into your chest. Then extend the legs right on up. Pull them right on it. I'm going to help spot you right here and we're going to enjoy this stretch.

Yeah, it's fun. And we're going to swing your legs to the right and then pull right back up. This is really good to help you work on your range. One. Uh, we're going to do a left for leg. Pull up one more second. Right. Scooping. Really understanding how much your stomach and your hips work together.

Who that was your best one. Good job. Nice. Alright. Doesn't that feel great? Straighten your legs forward and go ahead and reach forward and stretch. Nice. Good. Okay, so now we're going to do swan. Go ahead and turn over onto your belly.

These three next exercises. Swan, actually for a swan. Grasshopper, Swan, swimming and rocking. We kind of have to go back and forth. Each exercise has a little bit different of a center point for you. Okay. So I want you to just bend your elbows to start and have a nice straight line. Good. Don't go down yet though with your head or shoulders. Nice.

I think you need to come back so that your belly is more towards the middle. Yes. Good. And see if you can wrap and squeeze and lift those legs high up to the ceiling. You can lower down a little bit if you need to. You still feel like you have to go forward a little to do that and, okay, so we're going to squeeze good.

But then can you scoop in and come up into a backbend there? Okay. That is beautiful. However you're going to have to do that without hands. So you might be coming back a little bit on the barrel. All right, so let's start off like if you were gonna do swimming, I want you to reach your arms straight out in front of you. Good. Long, lower back. Good. And now pull your powerhouse and lift your sternum up to the ceiling. Up. Up, up, up, up, up. So we're going to go back a little bit. There we go. I'm pretty confident. And you can do this though. Yes.

And then pull your sternum up and rock back and pull your sternum up. And now without me, you've got it. And back of those legs and seat and powerhouse and yes, back and tidy. Bit more. Third. Gy. Here you go. That's what I was saying. I think now the important part here is the reach. Okay. So as soon as we start getting more too much into our center and it pulls us back, that's it. Reach out those fingertips. Reach out those toes. Yes.

Just gentle rocking. That's fantastic. That's it. And one more up, back, and then just melt. Wonderful. Really, really good. That's hard, Huh? And it takes everything you can to bounce on that. So next thing we're gonna do is grasshopper, which you're almost in the right position. Your head is actually not going to touch the map, but your hands are going to be down like that. And you're going to have your head a little bit down, but it won't press into like on the reformer how you do it. Okay?

So I want you to want to really challenge how much your legs can move here. So we're gonna lift them straight up to the ceiling. I want you to make a writing over with your body. Go up with the legs up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up. Yes. Now keep the knees there and squeeze the heels to your seat. Good. Now extend long and 10 beats down. One, two, three.

Lowering the leg as you're actually going to stay down with your body on this. Yeah. All the way down where you were. Thank you. And now legs up. Good. All the way up. Where's the up? Get up, up, up, up, up. And then heels to your seat. Good. Extend and clap down to three. Clap the legs down. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.

One more set like that pool. You'll see your seat working the hamstrings and glutes extend. Keeping the legs up. And this time you can come up. There's the legs go down. Nice job. Very good. But long in here, this is a bit arched. We're gonna bend the elbows and just keep the length. Okay. All right.

So now we're going to carefully grab onto your ankles for rocking you. She slid back, she's like, I think I agree on this one. Perfect. So this is going to take flexibility in your quads. It's also going to take good knees for sure. And, but we were thinking more about how the stomach lifts the sternum up. Okay. And we're going to gently rock forward and back.

So now we're a little too far back, I think. So we had to slide forward a tiny bit, just literally teetering on that edge of whether we can do this. So I want those hamstrings and glutes to lift those knees up towards you and pull the sternum up and hamstrings and glutes. That's what we're talking about. And Use your power powerhouse. Lift even your head. If your head starts going down, then you go down. So that's it.

Up and two more. Nice and up. Pushing the foot into your hand as well. Here as you come up, push the foot into your hand as you come up. And now stretch out for swimming for me. This he might pardon me. Good. You can slide back just a hair. All right. And reach along the spine. I want to give, I want you to give me your hands for a second. Lower your head, pull long your spine. That's it. Good.

Now use the hamstrings and glutes to lift up. Head out of the water. Good. And now swim on your out. There we go. [inaudible] keep lifting the head up. Keep lifting the sternum up. Yup. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, lift, two, three, four, add, melt. Just melt. You did really well. Really well. And I want you to take the knees down to the mat behind you into a child's pose over it. And it feels delicious. Really, really good.

Stuff like it. Good. And are going to do leg, spring, leg series, or traditional leg series. So turn around, sit on the top of the Hump, and then slide your sacrum a little bit down on the front edge part of it. Put One foot up. Good. Grab onto your handles and dry your belly. And good is that leg lengthens up? Keep drawing in. Good, good, good. And I want you to push back until you're almost have straight arms. And I want the back of the shoulder blades a little more down into the mat.

You can still go back a little bit more. [inaudible] good. And draw both knees into your chest. So this is the traditional leg series and super important to correct your spine so you can feel that your waistbands glued there, right? So you're going to try to challenge your powerhouse to get stronger, to support that back. So it's not going to come off no tunnel under your waistband and you're going to try to stretch your back by having the legs go down.

So we're going to start with the leg circles. Legs Up. Good. Straight up to the ceiling. Good working. I'm reaching him up long, long, long. Open the legs and reach out. Circling down. Squeeze them up. Good. Four more in that direction. Good. So really working the legs to reach out of a solid powerhouse that's pulling into the barrel. One more, then we'll reverse good reach and reverse going down as low as you can.

You should feel a stretch on your quad, a stretch on your hip flexor because you're really challenging that range of motion. One more reach and then bend the knees. Good. We're gonna do scissors. So both legs up. So one leg will stay the other. We'll go down. So instead of this one coming closer to her, I want this one to not just go down, but down the middle of your body. Down the middle, middle, middle, middle, middle, and goes low as you get in. Switch down the middle.

So if you don't work your outer thigh and switch, then the leg will go really wide and switch. Good and switch. Drawing it and switch reached for me. When you do that, good power has reached for me. One more. And one more left and bend both knees in. Good. Good. So we're going to do walking now. Legs up an eight counts down. One, two, back of the thighs. Glutes more. Thank you. Seven, eight and up to three. Four, five, six, seven, eight, three more sets back of the thighs and glutes.

Really reaching. Good. Up to three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Again, two more. No space between your inner thighs. Try to really squeeze them together while you're doing it to just like as if you are doing coordination. I want you to be like squeezing one more set. No light between your inner thighs. Try to work on stretching down. Good. Six, seven and eight. Nice job. Bend the knees. Alright, good. Now we're going to do bicycle. Good. Alright.

So Ben, this knee into your chest to start for me. Good cause I want your stomach to pool that thyroid really deep into your chest. And yet this one's straight. And really that's such a wonderful, delicious stretch. Why would you not want to do it?

And we're going to stretch that leg up to Celia when that one bends and go, that's it. And yes, but don't lose that stretch. Bending the left knee and hold it there for a second. So really work the belly to bring it in as far as you can. Really work this down the middle of your body. And then one more set. Here we go. Right up.

Left knee, comes in, keep moving, left knee, bends it and then left. [inaudible] and good. Now reverse it. That's it. Yes. And here you want to start challenging yourself and picturing, you know, barrel underneath you holding with your hands, right? And you have to lift your hips up out of your hands. Otherwise you would really be doing a different exercise.

So don't be so heavy in your bottom on that barrel. Pretend like you have to lift it off that barrel. Last one and left and one more. Right. And bend the knees in cause we started the reverse on that. The left. Nice. Nice job. Good. How'd that feel? Good. Good.

Let's do beets forward. Nice and 10 beats. One. Two. I love her scoop. I love how connected she is after 10 hold lower and linkedin more. Yes. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 last one down the middle. Not just to the right over here. That there we go. And 10 more. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Good. Bend the knees and rest for a second.

Good. All right, so we're going to rolling in and out. So I want you to hold a card between your inner thighs in between your knees. Good. I want your heels to stay as close to your seat as you can and use your lower belly to really pull towards you, keeping your pelvis where it is, but try to touch your nose. Good. And then you're going to take your knees to your right ear. Good.

And then over to your left ear, pulling into the barrel to do so. Then over to the right shoulder so it's a little bit further away and the left shoulder. And now we're going to take her knees over the right hip and pulling into the barrel. We're going to go as far to the left hip as we can. Good. And now we're going to start back at your nose and I want to do two sets of a full strip circle. Let's go to the right shoulder, right hip down your heels, close to your seat. [inaudible] knees over that hip, left shoulder, left ear and nose reverse. So cues the hamstring, use the glutes.

Might even cramp up a little bit here as you're going over to the other side. Really working the back of the legs to keep those heels on your seat. One more set over to the ear, shoulder, hip, other hip, shoulder, ear. Nice. One more challenge that range of motion cause you're warming up for corkscrew. Okay. Scoop and edge of the barrel.

Waistband into the barrel and come in and center. Nice job. Good. All right. So now let's straighten your legs. Good. And pull them towards you, keeping the waistband down and get them as close to you as you can. There Ya go. Nice. Keep the waistband there on the mat and circle to the right reach. Challenge you that range of motion all the way to the left and center. A little more energy here. Go left all the way around.

Scoop it in center and right all the way around. Pull it into the barrel. No loaf of bread rising in the oven length and try to go all the way to the other side. One more set and always pulling into the barrel. Use your seat a little bit more. Little more pizazz. Your last one. Scoop. Reap. Sweep around. Add hold center. Nice job. Good. I want you to bend the knee. Yes.

And we're going to put your feet on the crease here and we're going to do shoulder bridge. Good. A little bit wider here. Nice. Good. And we're going to, how's it going? Good. Got a little hair there. Okay. And I want you to straighten the right leg on and kick it up and lengthen it down the middle of your body. So this is a warmup for our next exercise and down and one more.

And reach it out long, long, long, and return it. Good and left. Good. So she's allowing the barrel to help her a little bit. In a moment we're going to do a big back bend and develop a and reaching long down the middle and return the foot. Okay, so now I want your hands by your ears. Good. And we're gonna squeeze the hips and we're going to go up into a nice back bend.

That's it. Good. So here we're going to try to use your powerhouse. I bring the right knee into your chest as your right knee. Yup. Extend the like up to the ceiling. Good. Reach it long down the middle of your body. Kick it back up. Bend the knee and return home. Beautiful. Use those hips. Nice and square.

Pulling in. Left long. Reach it down, pull it back up. Bend the knee. Really great power, hurt, housework. Bring the chin to your chest. And Melt that chin to your chest all the way. Good. Be careful with that sliding back. Yeah. All right. Good. Grab back onto your handles. How did that feel? Good. I want those arms long because we're going to do legs circles onto the head.

Okay. And I want you to really get the feeling of the powerhouse because after leg circles onto head, I'm going to expect you to be able to do the teaser up onto the hump of the barrel. Yeah. Just prepping you. So pull back a little bit more. I want to seem a little more grounding in the shoulder blades here. Good knees into your chest. Nice. Good. Legs up to the ceiling. [inaudible] when the legs are circling, then the arms will go straight. Okay?

Yeah, yeah. Okay. [inaudible] push. No, no. You're going to [inaudible] use your powerhouse to lift your sternum and the bottom of your ribs away from your pelvis. And that's what lifts you onto the crown of your head. Open the legs circle and right up onto the head. Bring the arms directly over pulling with the Perez legs. Go up the middle.

Two more. In this direction. Open up, arms lifting. Good. Circling leg straight together. Yes. Open and lift. I like that one up and circle. Good around. Let's reverse it. So the legs go down, up onto the head. Open the arms, circling back over. Yes, and they come down. This is really tough to keep it to the barrel and down.

Up. That's it. Circling good at really gives you that feeling that you're going to need right now to go into the teaser, circle the arms, they come up the middle and the legs circle back. Good for you. Pull yourself up as high as you can onto that barrel. Check you out. Nice job. And that same exact feeling, but instead of pulling back, you're going to come back up onto the barrel. Okay, so we're going to break. Use the back of your legs and see to bring your legs down and you're thinking of a roll and push down and then pull back up. Curling. Yeah, to go further forward. Okay, let's try that one more time and legs down and scoop. Scoop.

That's it. Now I'm going to let go. You're doing really good. Can you then the right hip, cause I'm your [inaudible] teacher and I need you to be even good. Good, good. Really Nice. Hug your knees into your chest. Beautiful. It feels good to be up there. I like it. All right, so we're gonna do, we're gonna do our pushups. I'm going to move the barrel a little bit. Okay. We're going to do our finish here. Let's slide it back. Oops. Wrong way.

Give her plenty of room to do some pushups, some star, some fun stuff. All right. That looks pretty good. Yeah, why don't we start here and we will walk your legs out. So arms reach up to the ceiling. Good. And roll off and imaginary wall. Hands on top of the hump. And then keep your shoulders over those risks and walk yourself out into a pushup position. Good. Okay.

Get your hips down. So you're a straight piece of steel from your head to your heel. Good and elbow straight back down. Have one. Let's do five. Take your hips down with you to there. A little bit higher than the rest of your torso. There you go.

Two more long. Neck and then pull up. God, that's nice. Let's do one more. Okay. Nice stretch. I like that. Here's, we'll use your hips down again. Three more inches to we go down one and two and three. Pressing your hips down, pulling up with your powerhouse.

One more good and scoop. Go ahead. Just do that. Nice stretch right here. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Let's do star. So we're going to turn, put your right hand in the middle. Good. And your left arm stretching right over here. So I need your hips to go forward quite a bit more. Nice. Not your ribs though. That's it. And scooping in. Good.

Now we're going to take the top arm and leg and kick forward. Huh? And together and take it back. The leg and together. Good. One more forward. Good. One more back. Good. And together now full range of motion. We're going to go forward. And then all the way around. Nope.

Take this leg up and around and good. And you the back of your tie. Wrap this leg around me. Good, good, good, good. Nice. And then down, let's do the other side. Good hands on top. [inaudible] so you really want to have that nice back Accenture. That looks really good. I liked this side and we're gonna be nice and fluid. Kick forward and back and kick. That's it.

And kick forward and return and kick back. Good. And now we're going to go all the way are lifting that leg. Lifting this hip. Yes. Pushing your hips forward. Wrap this like, Ooh, we got a little body adjustment there. That's lovely. Extending and return. Nice. Good. Now you're going to have your back to the barrel. Yes.

And we're going to deg do like pull up. I love it. Just lift your hips up considerably more. Yes. Beautiful. Straight line. And the right leg goes up and flexes down the left. Up and down and from the right and down and left and down. One more set, right? Really getting up to your nose and that's enough.

Lower your seat. [inaudible] on the mat all the way down. Stretch forward onto your ankles. Good. At this point, you might want to press pause. We're going to use two two pound weights. So if you haven't grabbed them or I didn't mention it earlier, go ahead and grab yourself to two pound weights. Or You could just use your imagination or two soup cans or beans at something that has the same weight to it. All right? So we're gonna bring your bottom of few inches forward. Good.

And then here's your weights. I want you to have your knees bent a little more good and round your back. I feel like that's too far. Good. And then roll over the barrel. All right. Keep your arms down by your side to start long fingers.

How's the neck? You might also need a roll. If you find yourself that you don't have the um, states it's tensing in your neck, then you're to want to add a pillow or just fold up a towel and put it under. She is fine, but she is, um, an advanced instructor. So we're going to keep pulling the back of the ribs into the barrel and why aren't we to be working first on that? And then we're going to add more to it. So inhale arms up to the ceiling. Good.

And next fell straight back to your hips. Really getting more range of motion in these rips is okay on you in with the air. Good long fingers. If you can exhale back down. Yes. Good, good, good, good. And that's, there we go in with the or this time. Stay in grittier and reach long back. Exhale. Exhale, exhale. Inhaling up and exhaling back down.

Beautiful. And one more [inaudible]. Good. Exhale stank. Anchored in here to get another way that's correcting her spine and then inhaling up and exhaling back down. Now we're going to go into circles, which if you have any shoulder issue, I want you to correct here. So we're gonna open and feel the back of the shoulder on the barrel and then come back down to your hips. Keep them above the shoulder though.

Don't go low or, yeah, that's better range of motion. One more. I'd love to see the back of the ribs sink down a lot more here. Thank you. And Go the other way. So sometimes our shoulders start to round forward and this is really great for working and developing beautiful shoulders as to one more pull into the barrel with the back of those ribs as you come down, head lifts to your chest and straighten the legs and stretch forward. Good. All right, good.

Go ahead and stand up bringing your weights with you. And we're going to just move it back and finish with breathing cause it's a little longer when we do it this way. So I want you to sit with your tailbone off the front edge, long legs in front of you. It's a little more challenging than the other one. Good is you're telling them that's it. Nice. Yes. And enjoy. So in with the air.

And now let's exhale back one XL back to XL, back three in the air. You always want to end with something that gives you length and feels rejuvenating. Inhale to the ceiling, exhaling back, relax in the back of those ribs, especially on the left side and inhaling up and exhaling down. And one more time and back at the ribs and exhaling. One, exhaling two and three. How's that length feel? And inhale up. Exhale, lean back down and you know you've done well. If you can lift your head to your chest, still from your pal, slide your tailbone back into that crease and straight in the legs and finished by reaching forward again. Good.

And we are all set. Excellent job. You're welcome. Beautiful work. Beautiful.


Such a lovely workout!
Come on! ... awesome teaching and gorgeous work by Coleen! So exciting to see advance movement. Love it! Great Job. Thank you.
Monica Wilson
Thank you Safiah! Thank you Dj! Yes, Colleen is a great mover and a lovely representative of Pilates. She just added a Romana's Pilates Certification to her Pilates training. Congratulations Colleen!!! Monica:)
You girls were absolutely amazing! I am so inspired. Coleen, your form is beautiful. Monica, I have always loved your teaching, you get every extra inch out of me. I cannot wait to be home with my fresh new Gratz Spine Corrector. I have done this workout on the Foam Pilates arch and no strap on the mat, so I was a bit jealous of Collen;) I will be playing this one over and over again. Thank you so much to you both!
Amazing advanced moves done so well! 
Monica Wilson
Glad you enjoyed it Noelle!

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