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Upper Body Spine Corrector

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Enjoy this beautiful day with a Spine Corrector workout with Monica Wilson. She chooses exercises that will open up the shoulders as well as strengthen the upper body. She also uses this piece of apparatus to help engage her powerhouse to control the sway in her back.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Hand Weights

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It's another beautiful day here at the studio at Padera for [inaudible]. Any time today I'm going to be doing an intermediate to advanced workout on the spine corrector. The spine corrector is my best friend because I love to sway in my back and it really strengthens my powerhouse. I'm also going to be choosing exercises specifically to help with opening up my shoulders and strengthening my upper body so that I can avoid getting tennis elbow in my tennis game that I love doing so much. So hope you will join me. We're going to start off with the a hundred and the series of five on top.

So you want to, you're going to be lying lengthwise. Some of you are going to be tall, you want to get yourself situated and obviously balanced. Okay? And we're going to reach your arms and start pumping in with the air and exhale and I'm going to add my legs, really drawing my navel in thinking about stretching my hip flexors by anchoring the back of my ribs and really stretching this area, pulling away using the back of my thighs and seat and exhaling. You can lower a little if you want, you can have them higher and you can draw them in and then reground yourself. We're about at 70 I'm going to work on my shoulders one more and I'm going to draw my right Nan to go for the series of five. Again, working on the back of my signed seat like a laser.

I'm going to make my leg go down the middle of my body man, right and left drawing it. Really pulling into the barrel, using the back of my side to extend, not my knee joint. Let's do one more set and double leg stretch. Draw your belly in and out. Reach through your fingertips, pull yourself together and reach and exhale back the thighs and seed extent and exhale three more in with the air and exhale and belly in and up. And exhale, stretch the hip flexor instead of gripping and give me one more and right leg, single straight like one, two, switch. When to switch. If you're really centered where they start flying through. Here we go right, left, right, left, back in. If I go and down, belly in and up. One more set, right, left both legs, up, hand over him, behind the head and roots. Pull it together.

Keep your belt, your weight over your upper belly back of the thighs. Now let's go for three big end up [inaudible] two and one more and write me into crisscross twist and switch a and switch and up and had those knees and sit on them. I'm going to turn the barrel around for a better view. While I do that, you might want to grab your two pound weights for some rowing series. All right, so I turned my barrel around and I grabbed my two pound weights and I'm going to start off with breathing now. So I'm going to take my tailbone to off the very front edge and then roll back. So you want your legs hanging off, just have your pelvis tailbone off the front edge and then roll back your upper body and your neck and we're going to end with the air.

Very important. Sink your navel and your ribs and exhale in with the air. This is your warm up here. Just really getting a good stretch in with the air so you can feel your connection of your body trying to have a long neck. Exhale. One more time and we're going to go into the rollback. So in with the air, I'm feeling my lower belly pulled into my lower back stretch all the way up to the crown of my head through my fingertips. Long neck in with the air, and exhale. You can also do this with a stray bar or a towel. Now I'm going to draw my head to my chest using my belly and to put my weights down for a second and roll up, sliding back into the well, right here.

Okay, I'm going to do the roll backs. I'm going to squeeze my legs together, feeling my sacred nice and firm against the barrel. Squeeze with the back of my thighs, scoop my belly in, try to keep my upper body over my hipbones, actively keeping my upper body there so I can use my lower body, my lower powerhouse, and then exhaling forward one more and we'll really get into it squeezing just to feel that waistband. Nice. And into the barrel and scooping in. Now I'm going to go for it. So I'm going to squeeze, draw in, go to my bras strap or the bottom of your shoulder blades pulling into the barrel to come forward. One more squeezing shoulder blades in with the air. Exhaling going all the way down to my head. This is warming me up for good rowing in with the air and exhale.

It also feels delicious on my spine. Squeezing, lengthening, drawing in and up. Exhale, head in with the air, curling it up. Now I'm actively keeping my waistband as my upper body comes forward. One more head. Inhale and exhale. All right, I'm going to stretch forward and I'm going to bend my knees again and we're going to grab our weights for the first rowing. So we're going to be here and we're going to scoop our belly nice and tall, right over your sit bones and scoop in. Remember I said I'm going to strengthen my upper body.

I feel the bottom of my shoulder blades. I push back. I'm going to come forward with my powerhouse and straighten my legs as I reach forward. And now shoulders are nice and open. Big Circle to my ankles, scooping in and rolling back, feeling the body secure against the spine corrector, pushing back, going forward. Lengthen into legs simultaneously. Big Circle around. One more time. So I'm concentrating a lot on my shoulders, making sure they're opening the back of my arms are working, I'm making sure I'm pushing open my shoulders and my arms could touch, but then it would mess up my alignment right now and all around so you have to take it where you can, right and go. Make sure that sacred me, you're sitting up tall and squeeze.

I likes together and we're going to go back tall in with the air and then exhale, stretching the legs, stretching the arms, bring the hands back, opening those shoulders. Big Scoop in your belly all the way around Tim. We're bending the knees simultaneously as the arms tall. Lifting off your seat, forward reaching slide. Always trying to keep your powerhouse in and lifted around. One more writing tall and with the air exhaling and with the air lift. Lift, lift and exhaling. Okay.

Now we're going to do from the chest. So we're going to have our arms here. I think I'll have my legs bent and I'm going to sit up nice and tall and in with the air pushing forward. It's almost like your chest pressing. Exhale, draw the belly and grow taller. Open those collarbones in with the air. Leaning a little bit forward and now open as if you're hanging between two buildings. Lifting yourself up and relax. Two more in with you and I go ahead and lengthen my legs. Exhale, challenging myself just that much more in with the year and opening.

Shoulders, opening, shoulders, opening and relax. One more time. Squeezing from the back of my thighs. Exhale, opening my collarbones, pushing open in with their bellies, lifting in and up, lifting taller up the crown of my head and relax now from your hips. So right from here, and I'm going to flex my feet and I'm going to slide my hands down, curling into myself in with the air XL. Watch as a roll up one vertebra at a time. Stopping with my hands at shoulder height in with the Arab higher lifting.

A little forward in front of my sip phones, opening, opening, opening, hand relaxed. Two more from your hips. Slide to your heels. Roll it up in with the fear. Really feeling the connection of my rib and my shoulder for strength from the upper powerhouse. One more time. Exhale. Roll it up in with the era and pressing down.

Lifting, lifting, lifting and relaxing. Cross your legs. And we're going to do shaving. So I'm going to draw in and up and I've been having a hard time with this lately. I'm not going to lie. We're going to bend our elbows behind your ears and straighten. My goal is to get my weights behind my head, but I want to do it right.

So I want to make sure that my elbows are not pointing forward to get there. So I'm really opening my collarbones really opening my chest and getting a little deeper each time. Cause I'm tight in my upper body from teaching, from playing tennis, from kids, you name it. So I'm working, working, working to get there. And then up. One more. Bending those elbows back, keeping the ribs and shoulder connected. Straighten those arms, and now I'm going to open them as I switch my legs and arms are why I should be able to trickle water down, not catch it in my elbow. Here we go in with the air, and Exhale, I'm going to feel the back of my arms pushing away.

Feel my collar bones open in with the ear. Exhale, pushing open and in with [inaudible] and watching my elbow, my shoulder here, take a breath. Exhale. So three going this breathing EQ. Inhale, inhale, inhale, and exhale, and in with the air. One more. Really working on the alignment and where it starting and finally relaxing. Okay, so now I get to do Mermaid, which is super enjoyable.

I'll put a weight here in a weight here and I'm going to get right in the well with my feet stacked and I want to be nice and tall, holding onto your ankles, and I'm going to lift up and reach over and stretch, lift up, and we're going to switch straightening the leg, stretching out from my powerhouse. I'm gonna lift and again, trying to get my right arm as close to my head as I can and switch straightening this leg, keeping my hips stacked from my powerhouse and up. Last one up through my body, up, up, up, up. I'll let my head arm rapper on my head this time. Straighten it. Lift up through my body. Switching, straightening out, stretching over the barrel, so lovely and everything up. All right, I'm going to switch to the other sides now you'll see it from the back.

All right, so sorry to have my back to you, but you're going to grab your right ankle with your right hand. Reach the left arm, really reach it up. This is like short box and we're going to scoop in and reach over your sides. Stretching and now switch and scoop in and retreat. Reach out. Woo.

I'm going to have to use my right side here to pull myself up and lift to my ceiling to actually, there's no ceiling. It's the sky. It's beautiful and switch and scooping in. I'm still stretching my right hip away, not letting it go with me and up pool. Squeezing the legs together. Everything from the waist down. Last one up through my body. Stretching over what? My left arm Aurora up around my head.

Stretching, draw in and up and switch. Scoop, sliding all the way out. Enjoying and now squeezing my lower half together. Alright. Okay. And now I'm going to do my favorite part of the spine corrector, which is the leg circle series. So I'm going to stand, just sit just a little bit up here, but my left foot right on the edge. Reach my right leg long as I hold the handles and use my powerhouse to roll back, sliding, keeping my focus always on my belly. All right, leg should be straight up, not to forward towards you or lower, but try to have it pretty much at a 90 degree angle. And we're gonna scoop in.

So my waistband is glued onto the barrel and that's why it's called the spine corrector, cause it's gonna fix that part of my spine and I'm gonna open my legs, sees the back of my legs to go down. It's going to stretch the front of my thighs if I keep my waistband glued. Okay, and then squeeze the inner thighs together and draw it all back up now to temple. Let's do six more reaching five more. Trying to keep in mind my shoulders that I've been talking about. I don't want them to roll forward with trying to help me. I lost camp.

Let's do two more. Last one and the reverse. Squeeze the inner thighs. Reach out. Reach as low as you can go without losing your waistband. Then open it up so I get taller also, and pretend that I'm not five foot two on a good day. People think I'm taller but not so. Three more really reaching and getting that length. One more and bend the knees for a small break. We're going to do scissors, so both legs up rightly, goes down the middle, right down the middle, not out to the side, down the middle, as low as you can and switch simultaneously and switch.

Watching my shoulders scooping in and up, working, trying to not lift my rib cage to have more effort. I like to take the effort in my upper body instead of my powerhouse. One more set after this one. So you should even be able to just hold on, right and bend the knees. Good. So now I'm going to do walking.

He might need to pull the barrel into again. That's fine. And we're going to take eight counts to walk down and reaching to the sky. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and down, down. Always the middle of your body, making sure your legs, the low alignment is not going out to the side. Your knees aren't rolling in. You want to make sure it's a nice hip, knee, foot alignment. Here's your last one. Keeping scooped into the barrel, right? All right, we're going to bend the knees and now take it to bicycle.

So it's almost like scissors where you drop one leg down the middle as far as you can, stretching that thigh and quadricep, but then bend and pull it into here. So this is the really good stretch. One leg going down, one leg scooping in. That's what you want. Reaching, reaching. Yeah. Always from the hip, not from the knee joint. I'm going to do five on each leg cause it's really good for me. You can do three to five.

This is number five and then left and let's reverse down. The middle. Knee comes into my chest, down the middle, always scooping into the barrel, reaching down the middle stretch. We've got two more last set cause we started on our left and bend those knees. All Right, last thing is beats. So I'm going to go pulling in my connecting all my powerhouse and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 super easy inner thighs. Squeeze, lower end. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Great.

Now let's even go a little lower with the belly in and one, two are reaching for five, six really work in the back of the size in the seat and the thinner size nine 10 and draw it in. All right, great work. We're going to do leg circles onto head, so we're going to make sure the barrel is into us. We're going to extend the legs and I want you to open the legs circling as they squeeze together and down. You're gonna reach your arms overhead, letting go of the barrel. All right, here we go. Open scoop and it come up onto the head. Reach the arms pool. And as the arms come here, you scoop the legs up again.

Two more open and left arms. Feels like an amazing stretch and head one more at up arms. Really using the back of my thighs and seat the hold and draw my billion. My ponytail gets in the way. Let's see if I can go for the reverse and up. And now I'm going to circle my arms and as my arms come back, my legs circle and come up and open here.

Long forward the leg circle and one more time like straight down. So I'm here and really feeling the scoop arms and as my arms come forward, the legs reverse right and here. Great. I'm going to push the barrel away, pull my ponytail out and you want to do the rest position? Super important in the spine corrector. Oh this flat. The back gets to get a little rest.

S Joe supplies used to put a towel over your head and you are done after this, but we're going to keep going and keep working. All right, I'm going to get up and go for a teaser. One, two and three. Okay. So I've gone ahead and come on this side of the barrel now and we're going to do my teaser one, two and three. So I'm going to get into my well and I like to think about the roll back again. So I'm going to squeeze the back of my legs, draw in and get that waistband and then scoop in and I'm gonna try that one more time just to really feel it. Oh yeah, there we go. Okay, so teaser one's gonna have the legs staying in place and the upper body moving.

So really use the back of your legs to hold stomach scoops in, reaches back and come on up. I'm really focusing on pulling into the barrel one more and not moving my legs. And now let me do cheese or two arm stay here. Pull into the barrel. One, two. Let's do three arms and reach both out.

Stretch, pull yourself together, arms reach, pull yourself together. One more from your power house reaching scoop and go ahead and slide back. Lower your feet and stretch forward. Now I'm going to do grasshopper. Gonna flip onto my belly and I'm going to put my hands right here. You can also hug whatever you want.

Lying over my forehead is going to be on the barrel and they use the back of my thighs to lift. Okay, here we go. Back to the size and seats and good back in the firework. Get in the right position, pull the yields to your seat, working the hamstrings and glutes. Lengthen to the sky. A club's down, three, four, seven, eight watching my shoulders. Make sure and work from the right place. It counts down. One more son. Squeeze.

Lengthen. Six, seven, eight. Now I'm going to slide back a little and find my balance for swimming. So you want to be able to reach your arms and legs maybe a little forward and still, here we go, right arm up, left and in with the air and exhale and inhale and exhale. I want one more. I don't know why. And now I'm going to grab my ankles again.

Finding the right balance for rocking, squeezing my pelvis down, lifting my just and rock, trying to use the back of my thighs, my powerhouse. One more reach and rest. I'm going to come down with my knees and I'm going to stretch. Alright, we're going to go onto the side for court screw. So going to flip over. Actually I'm need you bridge first just to warm myself up for the pull-up.

All right, so I'm going to slide down just like I did first single leg circles and I'm going to put zip get a little higher so that I can put my feet flat here and I'm going to really work the back of my thighs and seat as if I don't have support under my bottom and I'm going to reach that right leg down the middle of my body. Kick it up and flex it down. Really using the left leg to lift off of the barrel. One more. Flexing on the way down. Returning that like, I'm going to try not to lift my ribs so much, but really keep them anchored. Shoulders reaching the left leg down the middle of my body and up. Yeah, flex and up. Flex. One more. Returning it down now for Cork, screw new slide a little bit more down and I'm going to pull the knees into my chest, extend the legs and I'm going to, maybe I think this is a good position for me.

I'm going to pull into the barrel, drop the legs to my right, reaching away back to the Fi's and seat all the way to the left and pull them center and reverse. Really wonderful stretching my body. Loving it. And again, this is kind of the basic way to do it. We'll add another lift, so let that make it more advanced here. Drop to the right, try to lift just your hips and pull the barrel too so that you're up above. Let me slide down to the left. Lift, just the hips rolling down. One more step to the left. Lifting, reaching to the sky and left and rolling. Damn. Oh right. So now I'm going to go into my hip circles in my cancan up here.

I'm going to get my sacrum Nice, my triangle bone. Nice and anchored. Hold it in. I'm going to use my powerhouse. Keep those shoulders open as much as you can to draw your knees into your chest. Extending up and to the right. So similar to corkscrew, to the left and again, right reaching and left. Great waist work. One more sec and left leg staying squeezing together.

And now draw the knees in and drop to the right to the left, to the right. End. Kick to the left to the right to the left and kick and right, left right n kick and left, right left and kick. Go ahead and stretch forward and we're going to do our short box series, so I want you to have your legs nice and long. On the first one is the hug, which is similar to the roll back. Let's start here and we're going to squeeze, draw the belly and notice how many back extensions I get to do with this barrel and Curlin lifting into a c curve. And again, two more in with the air drawing into the barrel and maybe one more like this, reaching my arms overhead and with the air plugging it in and I'll start reaching forward. Now the flat backs, I'm going to put my hands, you can use a bar. I'm going to go ahead and put one arm over the other behind my head and I'm going to keep my feet parallel and pushing away.

Sitting up nice and tall and scooping in and going back. Tall, tall, tall. And coming forward. And again in with the to go back. My belly is lifting in and up, squeezing off my seat and exhale and lifting my navel in and up, stretching my spine, not giving into gravity at all. One more good. And now I'm going to extend my alarms, slide back a little bit, lean a little forward, but I'm going to take my right hand and grab onto my left. Drank in and out, trying to keep both sides of my body stretching as I reached to the right rather than collapsing on one side and come set or switch. Hands drawn in and up and over and pull center. So a chance dry and get it up.

Reach both sides, working the left to hold your balance and center. Reaching up both sides. Right side holds your balance. One more set, reach, stretch and center. Keep those shoulders away from the ears if you can. Most important thing is use your powerhouse. Great.

Now we're going to put your hands again behind your head for the twist legs are parallel, scooping in and up. Twist to the right and reach out from your hips and come back up and pull in, twist on reaching out and again and reach and up and again, I guess if you have a strap on your grads mat, you can keep your feet under. I'm not doing that today. One more time. I'm just using my powerhouse and going where I can control it. And now reaching forward. Same thing I'm going to do with the tree. You could use the strap again, but I'm just going to take it like a teaser.

So I'm going to draw in my right knee. Sit up tall. Stretch one more. Walk Up. Okay. Squaring off my hips and stretching forward. I'm going to pull back inker my waistband and walk down in with the air and exhale, lifting up and over out of my lower back in again. Reach my upper body. I would like it to get a little looser. So my last one, I'm going to reach with my arms. That's a lot nicer reach, not gripping in anything. It's up my powerhouse and up. Flex the toe.

Bend my knees so I can sit up right on up and get that nice kind of sciatic stretch. Even Cross your ankle lifting up and stretch forward. Switching legs both legs, hips, or even. Feel that anchoring in your lower back. And let's draw in the right knee up to you.

And we're gonna stretch. Stretch one more. Walk on up my right legs trying to help me out right now. Stub it and scooping and stretch. Trisha's draw the inner thigh towards you and your pelvic floor and walk down. I did the first two like this, so I'll keep it that way. On this like reaching, keeping your hips square and against the barrel. Most important thing.

Hood. Alright, one more reaching. This time my arms will come with me, keeping my pelvis square against the barrel and up bend, sitting up, taller stretch and then crossing over. Really sitting up tall and stretch. Okay, so now we're done with those and now I'm going to do my arm circles to finish off. Okay. So I'm going to go onto this side of the barrel and grab my two pound weights.

So take a moment while I adjust my barrel to grab your weights as well. All right, so now we're going to just end with our arm circles trying to work on opening my shoulders like I was saying and just enjoy that. So we're going to turn our back to the hump part of your barrel. If ever notice I've turned the hump towards me. For me, long legs in front, I might still just push my barrel away from me. Just a bit more.

Okay? Because I want to have some [inaudible] space between me and my barrel and I can do a roll back. So I'm going to rule that. Okay? That feels about right and I'm going to roll over the barrel in with the air and draw my belly in and up. And exhale. Similar to breathing, but now I'm going to come around opening my shoulders onto the barrel, working on my scoop. Two more in this direction in our thighs, pelvic floor, scooping up all the way to your fingertips and empty your long with the shoulders open. One more. I'd like to see my neck slide long on the barrel with my shoulder blades.

Angered, reversing, and exhale. Two more, Eh, exhale. So don't let yourself collapse here. Challenge your cow collar bones to open while keeping your ribs back on the barrel. One more big arms as back as you can. It feels good to you. And now exhale, growing taller through the spine, shoulders opening onto the barrel. Clavicles opening. Dry your belly to bring your head notice. It's like a seesaw.

It's not like I'm pulling up like this, but it's from my powerhouse, pulls up my head and now I'm going to slide my weights using my [inaudible] to roll forward and grab my ankles. Maybe be aware of whether you took tension in your neck or not and roll it up and you're all set for the day. Hope you enjoyed it.


Susan B
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I always enjoy Monica's classes. This one looks great, but I'll have to work up to it. Something to strive towards. Thank you !!
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I love the Spine Corrector such a great way to get feedback and improve form. Great class!
Monica Wilson
Thank you ladies! Enjoy! Monica:)
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Great class..hundred and series of 5 on top got me quivering !
I feel awesome now!
I love this. I would have never thought to use the spine corrector for the rowing back exercises.What a great way to teach the alignments of these exercises!
Hi Monica 
In Rowing 1 I cannot fully straighten my legs. If I do my pelvis tips forward is that ok?

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